QLB-06 - QLZ-87B semi-automatic grenade launcher - China

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					QLB-06 - QLZ-87B semi-automatic grenade launcher - China

WEAPON                    ROF       DAM             PEN               BLK              MAG               SS/BRST          RNG
HE                        SA        C:3 B:12        Nil               7                4/6               4/-              125m
HEDP                      SA        C:3 B:12        4c                7                4/6               4/-              125m
HEI                       SA        C:1 B:20        nil               7                4/6               4/-              125m
ROUND          35x32mm SR
MAG            drum magazine, 4     or 6 rounds
WEIGHT         9,1 kg unloaded
OTHER          gas operated, magazine fed semi-automatic grenade launcher
               Overall length: 1046 mm
Singleshot Recoil is 3 when bipod is used IFR:1750m

The QLB-06 / QLZ-87B grenade launcher is a further evolution of Chinese QLZ-87 automatic grenade launcher. It was first unveiled
to general public in 2006. The double designation (QLB-06 or QLZ-87B) stems from the fact that internal Chinese sources (press)
call this weapon as QLB-06, while Poly Technologies Inc, an export corporation of PLA, calls it QLZ-87B in its advertising literature.
Either way, this weapon is a further step in direction of a lightweight, one-man portable infantry support weapon which can be
used on squad or platoon level. Because this weapon is even lighter than its predecessor, the QLZ-87, an automatic fire mode was
abandoned, and the design was changed to better suit "rifle-type" shooting positions using integral bipod. Magazine capacity also
was decreased. Nevertheless, it appears that basic action of the gun remained more or less the same. It is yet to be seen if this
weapon will prove itself any good, but on paper it seems as a formidable squad- or platoon-support weapon against both enemy
personnel or light armor.
The QLB-06 / QLZ-87B grenade launcher is gas operated weapon that uses direct gas impingement system. Barrel is locking by
rotary bolt. Unlike its precursor, QLB-06 / QLZ-87B grenade launcher uses separate cocking handle on the right side of a newly
designed aluminum alloy receiver. Cocking handle is of folding type. Barrel is fitted with prominent muzzle brake, and action
employs an additional recoil buffer for moving parts in attempt to decrease the felt recoil. Gun is fitted with standard pistol grip
with trigger and manual safety. Folding bipod is attached to the barrel. Adjustable open sights are installed on the top of the
integral carrying handle, and a Picatinny rail is provided on the left side of receiver for installation of the telescope or night sight.
3X fixed magnification telescope sight appears to be a standard issue accessory for this weapon.
Ammunition range (DF 35mm) includes HE, HE-DP, HE-I and practice (marking) rounds, with maximum range of about 1750 meters.
Muzzle velocity is about 190 m/s, complete round weights about 250 gram. For HE ammunition, lethal radius of fragments against
infantry is listed as 10-11 meters. For HE-DP ammunition, armor penetration is listed as 80mm RHA (probably at 90 o).

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