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					                     SSPC – Southern California Chapter

Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting held: Wednesday, February 8, 2005
                                            Elephant Bar, La Mirada, CA

In Attendance:

Jim Graham (Chair)                              Corrosion Control Products
Jim Bossardt (Vice-Chair)                       Blast/Coat Systems
Pat Sweeney (Secretary)                         CSI Services, Inc.
Jim Spaulding                                   E.A. Wilcox
Dick Drisko                                     SSPC
Tony Hobbs                                      Tnemec Coatings
Chuck Benesch                                   D’Angelo’s Industrial Coatings

Next Meeting:           March - date and time to be announced

Jim Graham, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 12:00pm. The January
meeting minutes were accepted. Seven items were listed on the Agenda and
these seven items were combined into 6 separate items discussions. Each item

Item 1 – Finance Report
Jay Kranker was out of town. Jim Graham noted that audit was still in progress
and that the audit committee was in the process of getting copies of past
statements from the various bank accounts. They hope that this will tie up some
loose ends that exist, but he noted that they do not have any concerns at this
time about the past financials of the Chapter. Jay Kranker reported in an e-mail
the following current financial status:
Regular Checking Account (balance as of 2/5/05): $12,208.92
CD Account (balance as of 2/5/05): $10,019.72
Total combined amount (as of 2/5/05) = $22,228.64

Item 2 – Sponsorship
It was noted that there was not a good return from Jon Palo’s sponsorship
request. Jay also e-mailed that he has received sponsor checks from:

Hippwrap @ $150.00                                  Blastcoat Systems @ $150.00
Munters @ $150.00                                   J. Colon Coatings @ $150.00
CSI Services @ $150.00                              AJC Sandblasting@ $150.00
Farwest Corrosion @ $150.00
Total tally of (7) 2005 Company Sponsorships to date with an amount total of: $1,050.00.

Pat Sweeney would send off a notice by e-mail to stir up some results. Pat will
send off the request in one e-mail that will announce our website, make note that
were are awarded “Chapter of the Year” and that we need sponsors.

Prepared by Pat Sweeney                   Page 1 of 2                          February 8, 2005

  d4aec502-3bfc-4745-9e9e-22c637006107.doc Southern Cal Chapter Steering Committee
Item 3 – Vega$ PACE Show
Jim Graham and Pat Sweeney noted that they had what was believed to be the
best Chapter meeting that we have had at National. There were many
compliments that came into the Western SSPC booth. It is believed that the
booth was very successful from what was said from the attendees asking about
membership. All that attended the show felt that it was very successful. NoCal
reported that Hartman-Walsh of Missouri won the auctioned of blast pot that we
donated money towards. We did not give away any SSPC books in the raffle as
we planned.

Item 4 – New Territory and Name
The Northern CA Chapter has stated that they do not consider Vegas their
territory. They only include Reno (Northern NV). A motion was made by Jim
Spaulding to claim Southern NV. Pat Sweeney seconded the motion, which was
passed unanimously. As a result, Jim G will send a letter to SSPC claiming
Vegas. We will designate Highway 46 east to the I-15 and up to the northern NV
stateline (mesquite) as the borders of our area. Arizona and Mexican borders
will also be used. We need a new chapter name that represents all of our new
territory. This will be included in the new updated Charter that has been in draft
form. Jim will make the changes to this draft charter and send it out for
comment. He will then submit it to SSPC. Melissa would send us a list of So
Nevada members.             The new chapter name will be the Southern
California/Southern Nevada Chapter of SSPC. We need an acronym, Southern
Cal/Nev Chapter was offered, but not accepted.

Item 5 – C1/C2 courses
As noted previously, the dates to the C1/C2 classes have been changed to April
18-22. Eric Anderson is the education chairman of the event. It is not clear what
he has accomplished. It is not believed that any education subcommittees have
been formed. Jim spoke with Eric and he has completed some things, but not all.
Pat Sweeney would discuss with Eric the things that he must accomplish. Dr.
Drisko noted that he may have some C2 attendees from his work in Vega$.
There also may be some C1’s from the peers of the Vegas students. A group
discount would be listed on the ad flyer. Pat will get a revised flyer to Eric and
have him request a blast-fax (this is a priority) from SSPC.

Item 6 – Miscellaneous
Jim G will send a picture to Pat Sweeney that depicts the donation that we made
to the Ventura Flood Relief victims. It will be uploaded tio he website. We are
waiting on the picture of our award, Jim would send this in the next few weeks
and after we get it.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm

Prepared by Pat Sweeney             Page 2 of 2                    February 8, 2005

 d4aec502-3bfc-4745-9e9e-22c637006107.doc Southern Cal Chapter Steering Committee