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					                                        The Scroll
                 The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

                             HAPPY HOLIDAYS!                                                 Eric Capers, Editor
                                                                                       Junious Stanton, Reporter

December, 2009

                    POLEMARCH’S PERSPECTIVE
My Brothers of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter:

I want to wish every Brother and your families an enjoyable and safe Holiday Season!

The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Football team lost again in the Turkey Bowl tournament. But I would like to
thank Brothers: Stephen Mack, Anthony Patterson, Sr., Charles D. McKinney, Jr., Sam Jordan, Camaron Milton,
John Kirby, DeAndre Jones, Jared Carroll, Dominique Starling, Kern Hayes, Charles Duncan, Esq., William
Farmer, Larheem Brown, Stephen Whitaker, Russ Sanders and Olumide Adeyemowas for representing Philadel-
phia Alumni Chapter. I’m glad our chapter participation has grown. Special Shout outs: to Brother Parris “Baby
Andy Reid” Sandlin for serving as coach (even though you promised me a trophy), to Brother Louis Williams
for attempting to provide his coaching knowledge and Brother James VanWright for serving as equipment man-
ager. Great Fellowship Activity!

We began the Intake process with Monday Night Football Fellowship Meet and Greet. If you have a prospective
candidate, please forward his name and contact information to Brother Tyrone Bynum.

The Black and White is coming this JUNE!! Are you ready?? Have checked your tuxedo? Does it fit? Does
your Silhouette or significant other need a new gown?? We’re going back to original format, Black and/or White
ONLY!! Please share with guests, more information will follow! Contact Brother Stan Simpkins our chairman,
if you have any questions.

Seriously, Brothers with the Holiday Season approaching it is time for us to do for those less fortunate. Please
call and/or send a card to our home bound Brothers and our Widowed Silhouettes. Brother Anthony Jackson
shared the very sad and unfortunate story of Silhouette Aprille Wickerson. Her address is 1121 Madison Street
in Chester PA and her contact number is 484-402-1071, she is again in need of assistance this Holiday Season. If
you are able, to provide toys or clothing, please contact her for specific items and sizes.

Mark your calendars, March 26th is the date for the 2010 Kappa Kabaret or Old School Kappa Party!
Ticket cost will not exceed $25!

If you need end of the year deductions, please consider our Achievement Academy!

Hope to see you at the December Chapter Meeting.
Yours in the Bond,

Page 2                                              The Scroll
                                                                                   was held at the Civic Center. This
    CHAPTER OFFICERS                              KAPPA History                    Ball replaced the Diamond Ball as
        2009-2010                                  Philadelphia                    the Principal Fund raiser of the
                                                                                   Chapter. Brother Jasper Reed
Polemarch                                         Alumni Chapter                   was the Polemarch and Everett
Jeffrey G. Thompkins                                                               Jones was the General Chairman.
1st Vice-Polemarch                                                                 Tickets were $25.00 per person.
Craig Chisholm                                       Philadelphia Alumni
2nd Vice-Polemarch                                        Chapter                       December 2002, Brother Ash-
Tyrone Bynum                                                  Of                   ley Cooke Sr., One of the foun-
Keeper of Records
                                                      Kappa Alpha Psi              ders of the Men of BACA(Bronze
Duane E. Archie
Asst. Keeper of Records                                         By                 Association for Cultural Ad-
Victor T. Wyatt                                     Brother Rodney Whitmire        vancement), an organization
Keeper of Exchequer                                                                launched by a group of Cheyney
Gary A. White                                                                      University alumni and members
Asst. Keeper of Exchequer                     December Memories:                   of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
Lamar Warren                                                                       passed to the Chapter Invisible.
Strategus                                                                               In October of 1965 Brother
Chris Fields                                      In December of 1915, the Ep-
                                                                                   Cooke was assigned to organize
1st Lt. Strategus                             silon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi
                                                                                   and develop the first OIC outside
Robert Hunter                                 Fraternity was established at Lin-
Board Members:                                                                     the City of Philadelphia. This pro-
                                              coln University.
Linwood Green III                                                                  gram located in Menlo Park, Cali-
Damian Jackson Esq.                                                                fornia was one of the most suc-
                                                  In December 0f 1950, stu-
Bruce Rush                                                                         cessful OICs in the country.
Louis A. Williams
                                              dents from Pennsylvania State
                                                                                   Brother Cooke was a power in
Paris Sandlin                                 University, contacted Kappa Al-
                                                                                   OIC and in Kappa. He gave his
Chaplain                                      pha Psi Fraternity in regard to es-
                                                                                   all to what he believed in.
W. Wilson Goode                               tablishment of a chapter on cam-
Reporter                                      pus. This laid the groundwork for
Junious Stanton
                                                                                       In December of 2002, The
                                              the beginning of the Delta Theta
Nominating Committee Chairman                                                     Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of
                                              chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.
Anthony Jackson                                                                   Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, in
Chapter Historian                                                                 cooperation with the Alpha
                                                  On December 27th, 1959, The
Rodney Whitmire                                                                   Kappa Alpha Sorority, Omega
Newsletter Editor                             Grand Conclave met in our city
                                                                       th         Omega Chapter, hosted a commu-
Eric Capers                                   from Dec. 27 thru the 30 . Phila-
                                                                                  nity Kwanza Celebration at Ca-
From the Editor:                              delphia Alumni, Epsilon,
                                                                                  naan Baptist Church. This was the
All articles are due on the Monday            Lambda, Delta Eta, and Gamma
after the Board meeting.                                                          fifth year that the Philadelphia
                                              Omega Chapters met the chal-
The newsletter will be completed on                                               Alumni Chapter was involved in
Tuesday so that you may receive your
                                              lenge of arranging the entire af-
                                                                                  presenting the annual Kwanza
newsletter on time. If your article arrives   fair. Brother Rollin R. Washing-
                                                                                  celebration. It was just one of the
after Tuesday 1 PM, it will not appear in     ton was the general chairman of
that month’s “The Scroll” or will appear in                                       many service and culturally ori-
                                              the planning committee. The Po-
the following month if appropriate.                                               ented activities that the chapter
Email articles to:                            lemarch of the Philadelphia
                                                                                  sponsors to support the communi-                            Alumni Chapter was Brother Dr.
                                                                                  ties where its members live and
Thanks for your cooperation,                  John N. Williams.
Eric Capers
                                                  On December 23rd, 1984, The
                                                                                            Πεαχε (Peace)
                                              First New Years Extravaganza
Page 3                                       The Scroll
                     KAPPA SENIOR AFFAIRS

 KAPPA SENIOR AFFAIRS COM-              He decided to resign this posi-
 MITTEE                                 tion, August 2009. This was his
                                        third retirement. We thank
 The December Luncheon Meeting          Brother Davis for sharing his
 was attended by approx. 30 broth-      life's story with us.
 ers. We welcomed two visiting          Planning is proceeding for our
 brothers, from Burlington-Camden       February Luncheon at the Afri-
 and Wilmington Alumni Chapters.        can American History Museum,
 We continued our Oral History Pro-     Thursday, February 4, 2010.
 gram by video taping Brother Theo-     Please reserve this date on your
 dore Z. Davis, Lambda 52'. His life    calendar. We plan to have a
 story was very enlightening. We        souvenir booklet and will be
 were disappointed that more broth-     soliciting for Ads and patrons.
 ers were not presence..                Review the flyer in this bulletin.
 Brother Davis was born in Camden,      Please submit your Ads and
 NJ, and had two sisters and three      Registration forms ASAP. This
 brothers. Later, he was transferred    year, the attendance is open to
 to a foster home, due to family        other than Kappas.
 problems, and lived there for 13       All Senior Brothers, who have
 years. He attended Camden High         paid their SKAC dues need only
 School and graduated in 1951. He       pay $25 for the Luncheon. The
 was admitted to Temple University,     new Senior Affairs Polo Shirts,
 where he worked to pay for his tui-    with the new logo, are now
 tion. In 1952, Brother Davis           available. Any Senior brother
 pledged Kappa, where he was quite      who has fully paid his chapter
 influenced by Bro. J.N. Williams       dues, can receive a free shirt.
 and his brothers. He stated how his    We hope that all brothers will
 Kappa brothers shared what they        send a seasonal card to our sick
 had - experiences, books, etc. He      and shut-in brothers. Brother
 then went on to law school and         Stallworth volunteered to send a
 passed the bar in NJ. Racial condi-    card to each brother on our sick
 tions prevented him from receiving     list. These brothers would also
 a position as a law clerk and prac-    appreciate a visit. Tuesday, De-
 ticed tax law with the government      cember 22, the Center in the
 for 17 years. In 1981, Bro. Davis      Park is expecting 5 - 6 senior
 served for 22 years on the Superior    brothers to assist in setup and
 Court of NJ, before retiring, at age   serve Christmas luncheon to
 70. He then joined the Cozen           their seniors. We wish all broth-
 O'Conner Law Firm, until asked by      ers a great holiday and a pros-
 Gov. Corzine to serve as CEO of        perous 2010.
 Camden city and assume other re-
 sponsibilities.                        Brother Irving L. Briddell, Jr.,
Page 4                                      The Scroll

                                      Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
                                           Philadelphia Alumni
                                      Achievement Awards Committee

                        Philadelphia Alumni Achievement Award Form

  This is a nomination for myself for the 2010 Achievement Award ______.
  This is a recommendation for a Brother of Philadelphia Alumni for the 2010 Achievement


  Chapter of Initiation.______________________________Year of Initiation________
  Life time membership(s) Province___________Grand Chapter__________________

  Grand Chapter Offices____________________________________________________
  Grand Chapter Committee Chairmanship(s) and/or Co Chairmanship(s) _________
  Grand Chapter Committee memberships____________________________________
  Province Offices_________________________________________________________
  Province Committee Chairman and/or Co Chairmanship(s)_____________________
  Province Committee memberships__________________________________________
  Philadelphia Alumni Offices _______________________________________________
  Philadelphia Alumni Committee Chairmanships______________________________
Page 5                                  The Scroll

Philadelphia Alumni Committee Co Chairmanships______________________________________________
Philadelphia Alumni Committee memberships__________________________________________________
Other Philadelphia Alumni activities___________________________________________________________
Civic and Social Affiliation___________________________________________________________________
Civic and Social Awards_____________________________________________________________________
Additional information:______________________________________________________________________

Submitted By__________________________________________Date_____________
Page 6         The Scroll

         Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
           Philadelphia Alumni Chapter
         Jeffrey G. Thompkins, Polemarch

                           2009 - Sydney Bell
                                  Brian Schaffer
Page 7                       The Scroll

             December Birthdays
             Ernest             Hayes          December   5
             Graynle    D.      Edwards        December   7
             Brian      T.      Hannon         December   8
             Tarleton   D.      Williams       December   10
             Keith      Anthony Earle          December   13
             Derek      S.      Green          December   14
             Wilson     C.      Anderson       December   15
             Stephen            Kinsey         December   15
             Chauncey   L.      Ellison        December   16
             Byron      L.      McMillan       December   17
             E.         Kenneth Landon         December   18
             Wesley     L.C.    Bush           December   23
             Milton     A.      Robinson       December   23
             J.         Ronald  White          December   25
             Alonzo             Kittrels       December   27
             John       P.      Matthews       December   27
             Anwar      S.      Young          December   29
             Charles    E.      Bradford       December   30
             Michael    G.      Johnson, Sr.   December   30
             Lewis      T.      Berry          December   31
             Herbert    L.      Scott          December   31

         Happy Birthday!

     Fundraising campaign:
            Donate online!
   Go to:
                Or go to our website: and click our Quick link.

Achievement Academy meets every 2nd
        and 4th Wednesday!
The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter
        Kappa Alpha Psi!

        It’s who we are!

        It’s what we do!
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                                SENIOR AFFAIRS
                             KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY, INC.
                              PHILADELPHIA ALUMNI CHAPTER

      Jeffrey G. Thompkins, Polemarch, Irving L. Briddell, Jr., Senior Affairs Chairman

                  •SENIOR AFFAIRS LUNCHEON
                   •THURSDAY, February 4, 2010
               Celebrating African American History Month
               in PHILADELPHIA
                          701 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA
                           TIME: TOUR … 11:30 AM
                             LUNCH … 12: OO NOON
              COST: $35.00 PER PERSON
                         Discount PARKING: Next to AAMP at 7th & Arch Street
                   RSVP WITH PAYMENT REQUIRED BY JANUARY 16, 2010

   Honoring: Larry W. Farmbry                        Dr. Charles W. Blockson

                        SENIOR AFFAIRS FEB 4, 2010 LUNCHEON RSVP

  Print Name____________________________________________________________
  E-mail address____________________________________Phone #_________________
                      Buffet Style - Paid Check___ Cash ______ Amount ________
          Signature _______________________________________________ Date __________
  RSVP: Walter Green, Jr. 6252 Neshaminy Valley Drive, Bensalem,PA 19020,      phone (215) 757-0918
                          MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “SENIOR AFFAIRS K.A.Y.”

                          Brothers with 50 years membership cost is $25.00

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