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					                                                                DaKINO. Bucharest International Film Festival
                                                          17th Edition, Bucharest, November 19th - 24th, 2007

                                   Festival Regulations

1.   No tax fee.
2.   The competition includes two categories: short fiction/ animation and documentary.
3.   Fiction films must not exceed a length of 25 minutes.
4.   Documentaries must not exceed a length of 50 minutes.
5.   Films presented during the Festival must be based on original screenplays. They also must
     have been produced between 2006-2007.
6. A director might submit a maximum 3 (three) films for the Festival's selection.
7. A director cannot participate at more than one edition of the Festival with the same film.
8. On the entry form must be mentionated all the awards in past two years at the
     international competion and at Romanian Festivals.
9. Films cannot be retired from the competition during the Festival.
10. The films with dialogues must be subtitled in English.
11. The selected productions may use print or video support, as it follows:
      □ 35 mm PRINT;
      □ BETA SP.
12. Every production submitted for the Festival’s selection needs the following( on DVD or email,
     except the entry form wich must be signed by the participant!!!)
▪ a fully filled and signed entry form
▪ a VHS/DVD copy of the film – NOT THE ORIGINAL
▪ the director’s bioghraphy and filmography;
▪ the film’s synopsis in English;
▪ a complete list of dialogues in English;
▪ a photo of the director and a film still;
▪ film posters and brochure
▪ an English version of the screenplay.

!!! IMPORTANT : the VHS/DVD copy will be sent with the specification:

10. All entry forms and VHS tapes or DVD’s should arrive untill the submission deadline –
    October 08th , 2007.
11. The Festival doesn’t pay for the rental or screening of the films.
12. Every submitted film will enter the competition’s selection, except for special cases or the
    Festival President’s decision.
13. VHS/DVD copies for preselection will not be returned. They will remain in the FIF DaKINO

The competitors selected for the competition will take into consideration the following:
14. The films’ selection will be made by a specialized jury that will decide which short films and
   documentaries are going to enter the final competition. The competitors will be notified
   about the selection’s result on October 19th, 2007.
15. The Festival reserves the right to announce a number of films which are kept as potential
   replacements for the competition entries by the selection jury. The final decision concerning
   the replacements will be announced on October 25th , 2007, the latest.
   - PRINTS/BETA SP copies must arrive before November 15th, 2007 and will remain at
   the organizer’s disposal untill November 26th, 2007. The sender must inform the organizer
   about the date, type and number of the shipping.

    - A pro forma invoice will be attached to the package, which will be paid in advance. If the
    package will not arrive untill November 15th, 2007, latest, the film is going to be
    substituted with a replacement film.
    - The organizer will pay for the return of the screening copy to the sender.
    - The screening copy will be returned within 4 weeks after the Festival.
The Festival must be notified by any changes in the return address before the beginning of
the Festival.
16. The PRINT or BETA SP copy for the selection may be sent by mail or by express courier:
    DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, but NOT VIA AIR CARGO, due to the difficulties of customs
    procedures. The package will be marked “NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. FOR CULTURAL
17. The value written on the invoice must not exceed 10 euro, due to custom difficulties
18. The Festival’s adress is:
       Fundatia DaKINO
       2, Nicolae Bălcescu Street
       National Theatre of Bucharest
       1st Floor
       Intrarea Laptaria lui Enache,
       Zip Code 010051, 1st District
       In Attn. : DIANA SALCUDEANU
19. DaKINO IFF will provide the storage and insurance for the films during their being in the
    Festival’s possession.
20. The International Jury will offer the following awards:
Fiction Section
Best Award and DaKINO Trophy
Best Director Award
Best Screenplay Award
Best Cinematography Award

Documentary Section
Best Documentary Award
Best Director Award
Best Cinematography Award
Special Awards
21. DaKINO IFF has the right to use fragments from the films that entered the competition for
    promotional purposes (3’ maximum).
22. The winners have the obligation to mention any award obtained under the auspices of
    this Festival in the future screenings of their production.

By submitting to the DaKINO IFF I accept the present regulations.


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