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					                                  MasTec Limited         Catalog 12
                           The Ingenious Devices and Smartworks Company

                                PDAs - PALM CE Computing
PDAs and PALMs are becoming increasingly used in
                                                                             Diagnostic Instruments

Measurement and Logging systems.                                           Vibration-Loggers-Assets
               National Instruments                                                       D.I. (Diagnostic Instruments Ltd)

                                                                                                                               w w w . m a s t e c . c o . n
                                                                                          rugged hand held Windows CE
            LabVIEW DAQ and Control                                                       mobile computers are fully
NIs LabVIEW 7 PDA Module extends LabVIEW develop-                                         customisable, offering OEM’s,
ment to applications for PDA hand-held devices. Develop                                   VAR’s and Integrators a range of
                                        in LabVIEW and                                    platforms for mobile computing
                                        easily download                                   and instrumentation applica-
                                        applications to                                   tions.
                                        small, portable
                                        PDA targets. The                                  Including those in hazardous ar-
                                        LabVIEW 7 PDA                                     eas requiring intrinsically safe
                                        Module automati-                                  (EEx) handheld solutions.
                                        cally compiles VIs
                                        to run on selected     Fully     ruggedized,
                                        PDA targets and        sealed to IP65, and
                                        downloads the          drop tested to a full 2
                                        completed appli-       metres (6.5 ft).
cation to the PDA. The LabVIEW PDA Module also sup-
ports the NI DAQCard-6062E and the NI DAQCard-6024E            OEM platforms includ-
data acquisition devices so that you can use your existing     ing barcode, RFID, web
NI hardware to build your new portable data acquisition        pad, and an I-safe range
systems.                                                       certified to Zone 0 and
Communicate with external devices using 802.11b, IrDA,         Class 1 Div 1.
and RS232 Serial protocols.                                    Now you can use and
                                                               embed electronics and
Build applications for Palm OS or Pocket PC 2002 OS            leading edge technolo-
                                                                                                    gies, expanding your
                                                                                                    possibilities and hori-
                    PCMCIA DAQ                                                                      zons beyond traditional
MELD is an analog data acquisition system for PalmOS                                                handheld          PC’s
handheld computers. It is                                                                           (HPC’s), Pocket PC’s,
intended for hobbyists, education, and research. The                                                and PDA’s. Providing

                                                                                                                                      a t
MELD package includes a data                                                                        fast track solutions for
acquisition hardware module, PalmOS support software,                                               vertical market and in-
and a simple temperature                                                                            strumentation solution
                                                                                                                                      S i t e
sensor. It is an “open” system, with extensive design                                               providers.
information and source code
available for free at this site.                               Some examples of where these DI Instruments may be
Hardware Features                                              used other than DAQ and diagnotics:-
• Analog-to-digital converter with 4 inputs and 12-bit
resolution                                                     Asset Management
                                                                                                                                      W e b

• Absolute (built in voltage reference) and ratiometric (the   Logistics & Product Authen-
power supply is the                                            tication
reference) measurement modes                                   Data Collection & Inventory
• Digital counter / frequency input with 1 MHz range           Inspection & Maintenance
• Generous overload protection on all inputs and outputs       Streamline Employee
                                                                                                                                      o u r

• Interface module runs for months on 3 type AAA               Productivity
batteries                                                      Barcode / RFID scanning
• Open system — all updates, hardware design
information, and source code can be                            DI is an SKF Group
downloaded for free                                            company, and is the centre
                                                                                                                                      V i s i t

• Supplied with pre-wired temperature sensor for               of excellence within SKF
functional testing                                             for handheld computing
• Fast data logger program with sampling rates up to 150       and mobile instrumenta-
samples per channel per                                        tion solutions.
                                                  New Zealand Office :
            MasTec Limited      Unit 1 # 7 Torrens Road   East Tamaki   Auckland 1701     New Zealand
       Tel: +64-9-273-4200      Fax: +64-9-273 9500    Email: info@mastec.co.nz   http://www.mastec.co.nz
                                        MasTec Limited           Catalog 11A
                               The Ingenious Devices and Smartworks Company

                                       PDAs - PALM CE Computing
                  CEC pdaDAQ                                             The benefits of the TriLog

            LabVIEW DAQ and Control

                                                                                                                                                w w w . m a s t e c . c o . n
CEC’s pdaDAQ product has LabVIEW 7 Palm PDA Module drivers,
extending LabVIEW development to applications for Palm PDA hand-                                                      Data logging with the
held devices.                                                                                                         power of a computer
                                                                                                                      in your hand
Develop in LabVIEW and easily download
applications to small, portable PDA targets.                                                                          Simultaneous
The LabVIEW 7 CEC pdaDAQ software driv-                                                                               collection of up to
ers automatically compiles VIs to run on se-                                                                          four types of data
lected Palm PDA targets and downloads the
completed application to the PDA.                                                                                     Program the logger
                                                                                                                      without connection
The CEC LabVIEW PDA drivers supports                                                                                  to the PC
the CEC pdaDAQ data acquisition module.
                                                                                                                      Sophisticated data
The CEC pdaDAQ module has 4 analog                                                                                    analysis via the
inputs, 50KHZ 12 bit ADCs, also 8 DIO                                                                                 PALM™’s large
and a 32 bit counter.                                                                                                 graphical display

So now you can use your existing LabVIEW skills to build your
new portable data acquisition systems                                    Huge and powerful memory allowing for extended monitoring
Now build those applications for Palm OS
                                                                         High sample rate ensuring real time data measurements
                        The pdaDAQ also comes with 4 execut-
                        able programs.                                   High resolution
                        Meas_SE Makes single ended analog
                        input measurements on any of the four            Aesthetic and compact
                        analog inputs. The range, channel, and
                        scaling factor are selectable allowing           TriLog is the ideal solution for mobile, outdoor simulta-
                        scaling of the incoming data into engi-          neous data logging application in:
                        neering units.
                        Wave_1 This is designed to collect a
                        waveform and display it in graphical             Food transportation
                        format. The range, number of points (up
                        to 2000), and sample rate (1 to 50,000           Storage

                                                                                                                                                       a t
                        Samples/Sec) may be selected with the
                        appropriate controls.                            Air conditioning and Ventilation

                        DigPort The DigPort module reads the             Clean Room

                                                                                                                                                       S i t e
                        state of the DI port, and reports that
                        value in a set of indicators, one for each       Warehouses
                                                                         Art Galleries
                        Counter This module measures the
                        number of counts that have occurred              TriLog brings extra power and sophistication to Fourier’s family of
                                                                         mobile, wireless, low cost solutions. The data logger has fast
                                                                                                                                                       W e b

                        over a given period of time.                     setup and sampling rate, is easy to use and has a huge internal
                                                                         memory. Whilst having the ability to connect to the PC, the data
                                                                         logger can stand-alone with the LCD display enabling the user to
                    Fourier TriLog                                       view on-line data. By slotting onto the PALM•, data can be turned
              Sophisicated Data Logger                                   into graph form, analyzed and even exported to a spreadsheet
                                                                         without ever having to re-connect to the computer.
                                                                                                                                                       o u r

A triple platform data logger, TriLog can stand-alone, slot on to        The new TriLog sensor’s interface enables data collection by mobile
PALM, or even be connected to the PC & MAC.                              and stationary computers and when detached it can be left in a
                                                                         remote location to continue to log data. The TriLog is compatible
The TriLog brings the power of a computer to the palm of your            with all PALM hand-helds, with Universal Connectors and the Dana
hand with a new data logger and computer all rolled into one.            by AlphaSmart.
                                                                                                                                                       V i s i t

                                                                         USB and serial outputs enable connection with additional soft-
TriLog slots behind the PALM turning the data logger into a real         ware to Windows computers. The TriLog features up to eight
hand held computer while still remaining an accessible and afford-       inputs, support for digital, linear and non-linear sensors; and sen-
able triple platform data logger. Ideal for mobility and outdoor moni-   sor auto-identification. The product collects sample rates of up to
toring the TriLog allows data to be analyzed in graph form and           20,000 data samples a second or as slow as one per hour de-
even exported to spreadsheet all in the palm of the hand.                pending on your application’s specific needs.

                                                      New Zealand Office :
           MasTec Limited           Unit 1 # 7 Torrens Road   East Tamaki   Auckland 1701      New Zealand
        Tel: +64-9-273-4200         Fax: +64-9-273 9500     Email: info@mastec.co.nz   http://www.mastec.co.nz
                                        MasTec Limited             Catalog 12
                                The Ingenious Devices and Smartworks Company

                                       PDAs - PALM CE Computing
                                                                         Note :- The Graphic-DMM includes a ready-to-work DMM type
                   Hacker technology                                     application.

               5.5 Digit DMM and Scope
                                        5.5 Digit Multimeter             Contact us for pricing.

                                                                                                                                             w w w . m a s t e c . c o . n
                                      Supports PDAs, Tablet-PCs
                                      and all CF or PCMCIA               Optional are special DMM drivers available for Windows CE, Pocket
                                      equipped Systems                   PC, VB, VC and LabVIEW for PDA.
                                      The Graphic-DMM is a new
                                      concept in test equipment          Special OEM custom applications and OEM hardware modifications
                                      that allows a PDA, Notebook,       are available on request.
                                      Tablet-PC and all Systems
                                      equiped with a CF or PCMCIA        More details available at
                                      slot to be turned into a dual
                                      channel Graphic Digital            http://www.hacker-technology.com/3479/125891.html
                                      Multimeter with sophisticated
                                      analysis capabilities. Smart
                                      Analysis software facilitates
                                      step-by-step             fault
                                      investigation with instant
                                      display of results and an
                                      interactive diagnostic guide.
                                      With the Graphic-DMM it is
possible to integrate multiple measurement functions into a single
hardware and software platform, providing high-level analysis
features and a small, lightweight and portable unit.

The Graphic-DMM contains 2 independent Digital Multimeters,
connected to a Compact Flash type I interface. The DMMs are
Galvanically isolated from the CF interface for saftety and the two
channels also isolated from each other. Each channel has its own
ADC and front-end circuitry.

This means that each channel is floating relative to the other, and
to the host, allowing simultaneous measurement of signals with
widely different ground potentials

The Graphic-DMM adds to the functionallity normally found on
classic DMMs, in particular it allows sample rates from <1S/s up to
40kS/s on each channel and has a 1Mbit internal buffer (16kSamples

                                                                                                                                                    a t
pairs) allowing long data record depths and oscilloscope-like
capabilities. Using host software it is possible to create a versatile
instrument that can perform accurate DC measurements, display
signal waveforms and allow triggering and data logging.
                                                                                                                                                    S i t e
Lots of Applications

Laboratory: Portable (in your PDA), multichannel data capture
systems with high resolution and precision, with high data logging
capacity. Applications include education, automobile industry,
                                                                                                                                                    W e b

petroleum and natural gas industry, manufacturing industry.

Production: Networkable mobile or fixed measuring systems for
Quality Control (QC) and general plant supervision and production.

Service: Portable (in your laptop), universal and special measuring
                                                                                                                                                    o u r

equipment (multimeter, scope) for radio, TV, HVAC, automobile
servicing and repair.

Interface to Laptops and Desktops also.
                                                                                                                                                    V i s i t

In combination with a CF-PCCARD adapter the Graphic-DMM can
be used in every PC-Card slot equiped computer like Notebooks,
Tablet-PCs or PC104 based embedded systems and with an Elan
or Quatech PCI-PCCard adapter it can also be used in every
standard Desktop, Compact PCI and PXI systems.

                                                       New Zealand Office :
             MasTec Limited          Unit 1 # 7 Torrens Road   East Tamaki   Auckland 1701     New Zealand
        Tel: +64-9-273-4200          Fax: +64-9-273 9500    Email: info@mastec.co.nz   http://www.mastec.co.nz

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