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									              WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 20, 2008

TOPIC       1 POINT          2 POINTS           3 POINTS         4 POINTS
WORLD     T/F               Pirate attacks     The Foreign      With few
          During 2008,      on ships off the   Minister of      exceptions,
          there were        coast of           Saudi Arabia     ship owners in
          about 20 ship     Somalia have       has said that    recent piracy
          hijackings by     surged             “piracy like     cases have
          pirates in the    recently           t_____ is a      gotten their
          Red Sea and       despite the        d_____ which     ships and
          Gulf of Aden      presence of:       is against       crews back by
          area.                                everybody and    doing what?
                            A. NATO            everybody
                            ships              must address
                            B. U.S.            it together.”
                            C. An armed
                            Russian frigate
ANSWERS        False        A., B., and C.       Terrorism          Paying
          As of 11/18/08,                            *             ransoms
          there had been                          Disease
SPORTS    T/F               Which of the       For the first    In what city
          With his          following          time since his   did Jimmie
          winning of the    racers did not     r_____ year in   Johnson earn
          2008 NASCAR       finish in the      1993, Jeff       enough points
          Sprint Cup        top 3 for the      G_____           to win the 2008
          Series            2008 NASCAR        finished the     NASCAR
          Champion-         Sprint Cup         NASCAR           Sprint Cup
          ship, Jimmie      Series             racing season    Series
          Johnson tied      Champion-          with no wins.    Champion-
          Cale              ship?                               ship?
          record of 3       A. Dale
          championships     Earnhardt, Jr.
          in 3              B. Carl
          consecutive       Edwards
          years.            C. Greg Biffle
ANSWERS         True        A. Dale               Rookie         Homestead,
                            Earnhardt, Jr.          *             Florida
                            (He came in           Gordon

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