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					Top Products of 2002
Downfeed Spring                                               Two-Axis CNC Wire
Grinder & Lathe Coilers                                       Forming & Welding Machines
The EG-26TT (EG 650-TT) downfeed spring grinder,              The ultimat range of two-axis CNC wire bending ma-
produced by Bennett-Mahler Limited , Redditch,                chines with optional butt welder are fast and competi-
Worcestershire, UK, and offered in North America by           tively priced systems from Ultimation Machines Ltd.,
Nichols International Machinery                               Capel, Surrey, UK. These machines are suitable for manu-
Systems Co. (NIMSCO), Daven-                                  facturing simple parts such as rings and frames for the
port, IA, USA, features a sim-                                display industry as well as more complex forms for the
plified and reliable control                                  home appliance, shopping cart and concrete rebar in-
system. This grinder uses                                     dustries. They are offered in models with up to 16 mm
only three pneumatic                                          (0.630") capacity. The cutting and forming heads fea-
cylinders and one ser-                                        ture a simple, robust design with no special tooling
vomotor in order to                                           required for intricate parts forming. According to Ulti-
move the guards                                               mation, the ultimat system provides a high-quality
and downfeed head.                                            square cut similar to that of a straighten-and-cut ma-
It also uses the me-                                          chine. Modular
chanically reliable me-                                       construction al-
thod of grinding table                                        lows these ma-
engagement. The sys-                                          chines to be con-
tem provides low main-                                        figured to user
tenance requirements                                          requirements.
and provides superior EG 650-TT twin table spring grinder..
uptime, production and operating efficiency for small-
wire and small-diameter springs requiring relatively
short grinding cycles. The EG-26TT downfeed spring
grinder is made with 26" (650 mm) diameter grinding
wheels as well as two 23" (575 mm) diameter work-
tables (standard model).
Bennett-Mahler and NIMSCO also offer the Maxicoil
MC series of low-cost, automatic lathe-type coilers. Ac-
cording to Bennett-Mahler, an MC series machine is                                            ultimat umw-100 wire
                                                                                            forming & welding machine.
very accurate and capable of producing completely fin-
                                   ished compression          The machines also incorporate advanced motion con-
                                   springs automati-          trol and servo technology. They also include an opera-
                                   cally on a unit only a     tor control station and stand-alone programming sta-
                                   fraction the cost of an    tion with a touchscreen PC and easy-to-use Windows®-
                                   automatic coiling          based programming. For more information Circle 242.
                                   machine. And when
                                   used together with a
                                   Bennett Maxigrind
                                   Machines, one opera-       Soft Thin Wire Lacquering Process
                                   tor can coil, heat         N.V. Bekaert SA, Kortrijk, Belgium, offers a process for
                                   treat and grind com-       lacquering very soft and thin steel wires with a color-
                                   pression springs at                                       ful half translucent lacquer.
                                   up to 120 pph. MC                                         The process gives the wire
     MC-14 automatic lathe coiler. series machines have                                      a good metallic color. Ap-
twin-axis servo controls for high-accuracy production                                        plications include wires for
and can be fit with an automatic feed-and-cut assem-                                         weaving and hose rein-
bly. Capacities include up to 3.0 mm (0.120") wire for                                       forcement as well as fine
the MC-3; 3.0 to 8.0 mm (0.120" to 0.320") wire for the                                      wires for hobby applica-
MC-8; 3.0 to 14.0 mm (0.120" to 0.560") wire for the             Samples of lacquered wires. tions. Processed wire pro-
MC-14; and 5.0 to 20.0 mm (0.200" to 0.800") wire for         vides rust protection, particularly against white rust
the MC-20. Maxicoil MC series machines can also pro-          as well as retains a deep and colorful gleam even in
duce accurate torsion and extension springs. For more         moist environments and over long periods of time. For
information Circle 241.                        more information Circle 243.
 22   Wire Forming Technology International/Winter 2003

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