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									                                            CELIAC CIRCULAR
A bimonthly publication of
                                                          May/June 2008
ASSOCIATION                           ISSN 1481-1898                         Vol. 27 No. 3
212 Capilano Mall
5004 98 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6A 0A1
Phone (780) 485-2949
                                                  SPRING DINNER
Fax (780) 485-2940
                                                          JUNE 8
Monday to Friday
11 a.m. to 3:30 pm
                                           Spring Dinner at Louisiana Purchase
                                               10320 111 Street, Edmonton
The Canadian Celiac
Association is a national
                                            (registration & menu on page 27)
organization dedicated to
providing service and sup-
port to persons with celiac                              *****************
disease and dermatitis
herpetiformis through

programs of awareness,
advocacy, education and

People Page                  2
                                                   JULY 19
2008 Events                  4

President’s Report           5
                                                 See page 16
Restaurant Re-               6

Product Info                 9, 11,

This & That

                             13, 15
                                               RESEARCH PROJECT at U of A
Recipes                      15              Volunteers still needed
Pancake Breakfast            16

GF in NZ                     17
                                                If you are between
Research Project             18, 19
                                               the ages of 18 and 72
Travelling in US             21

Convenience                  25            please read pages 18 and 19
Spring Dinner                27
    2008                                        COMMITTEE                                      2008
BOARD MEMBERS                                     CHAIRS                                    VOLUNTEERS
PRESIDENT                                ADVERTISING                                  OFFICE STAFF—
  Dave Cooper—780.481.2169                Michelle Dormody—780.417.4100                Kath Beck      Sybil Dickson
  fax 780.483.2171 cell 780.231.5169                             Sandra Spak    Susan Freeland
                                         ANTI PANIC                                   Substitute Office Staff: Dorothy
PAST PRESIDENT                            Linda Arnold—780.466.7113                   Beckwith, Don Briggs, Melba Kent, Kenn
  Lynne Bigam—780.487.2561                      Tuckey
  work 780.424.2900 ext. 232
  fax 780.421.0456                       CASINO                                       MEDICAL ADVISOR                   Jeff Wilson—780.637.3380                    Dr. Justine Turner,
                                                       Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  Rhonda Hoffman—780.449.4847            CYCLING FOR CELIACS                          DIETARY ADVISOR                       Leticia Aloisio—780.482.2708                 Linda Theodore, R.D.
SECRETARY                                  (note: there is an underscore between      SUPPORT GROUPS
  Pat Congdon—780.487.7664                 cycling and celiac1)                         Dawson Creek—250.782.7469                                                                       Debbie Smolik—
                                         CYCLING FOR CELIACS MINI-RIDE                  Lorraine Sumners—
TREASURER                                  Christine Gourley                              
  Adriana Strikwerda—780.466.6304                                                                     Fort McMurray
                                         DINING CLUB (18-35 yrs)                        Susan Russell—
DIRECTORS AT LARGE                         Carolyn Barber                                 
  Carolyn Barber                                                                                 Lloydminster
                                         MEMBERSHIP                                     Bob Pannenbecker &
  Sally Candido—780.467.5199              Kath Beck—780.437.2317                        Heather Bootsman—780.875.8701                                         

  Larry Diduch—780.434.0967              NEWSLETTER/WEB PAGE                            Red Deer/Viking                        Joan Tuckey—780.440.3420                      Donna MacPherson—
                                          cell 780.554.9138 fax 780.463.3986               
  Michelle Dormody—780.417.4100                                                                       St. Albert
                                         PARENTS GROUP                                  Germaine Dechant—780.459.3435
  Ralph Hammermaster—780.434.9065          Christine Gourley                                

                                         PHONING COMMITTEE                            PROGRAM CO-ORDINATOR
  Laurie de Grace—780.637.3673
                                          Sally Candido—780.467.5199                    Leticia Aloisio—780.482.2708
                                                                                        (note: there is an underscore
  Joan Tuckey—780.440.3420
                                         PRODUCT INFORMATION                            between cycling and celiac1)
  cell 780.554.9138 fax 780.463.3986                           Sally Candido—780.467.5199
  Kenn Tuckey—780.440.3420                                                            ALBERTA REGIONAL DIRECTOR
  fax 780.463.3986                       SATELLITE LIAISON                             Larry Diduch—780.434.0967                      Ralph Hammermaster—780.434.9065    
  Donna Wall—780.464.7604               DISCLAIMER AND EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY:
                                       The contents of this publication, provided in good faith for information purposes only
  Tina Yonge—780.701.8447              and using the most current information available subject to amendment, should not be               used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified health professional. The Professional
                                       Advisory Board of the Canadian Celiac Association (the “CCA”) has not reviewed this
                                       publication. Use of the information in this publication is at your own risk. The CCA
BOARD MEMBER RESIGNS                   does not endorse any product referenced in this publication. To the fullest extent per-
                                       mitted by law, the CCA, its local Chapters and all persons involved in compiling this
Natalia Uscinowicz has resigned        publication disclaim any responsibility for, and make no representations or warranties
from the board for personal rea-       regarding, the information provided in this publication. In no event will the CCA, its
sons. We wish her well in her          Chapters or those persons involved in compiling this publication be liable for any dam-
                                       ages of any kind resulting from the use of the information in this publication. Please
future endeavours.
                                       review the CCA’s disclaimer policy on its website at

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                                 Page 2
Anti-panic sessions are an opportu-          May 14, 2008                            For a six month trial period there
nity for those newly diagnosed,              June 11, 2008                           will be follow-up session on the 3rd
their family members and inter-              July—no meeting                         Wed of the month, 7 to 8:30 p.m.,
ested individuals to learn all the           August 13, 2008                         at the Edmonton Chapter office in
do’s and don’ts about living with            September 10, 2008                      Capilano Mall (room 212). It will
                                             October 8, 2008
celiac disease. Together with your                                                   take the form of an open discussion
                                             November 12, 2008
family and friends you can learn             December—no meeting                     group dealing with common prob-
how to adapt to the gluten- free                                                     lems such as cross-contamination
diet.                                      Pre-registration is required.             and we will try to answer all ques-
                                           Please call 485-2949 and leave a          tions brought forth. Pre-
Linda Arnold and her helpers will
                                           message with your phone number.           registration is necessary for
take you on an imaginary trip to
                                                                                     these sessions as well.
the store. You will be shown the           There is no charge for this evening
large variety of foods that are            of valuable information, but we             May 21, 2008
available, and how to check labels         require pre-registration as these           June 18, 2008
and to use your kitchen wisely. This       sessions are very popular and we
is a fantastic way to learn how to         want to have enough materials on          THANK YOU
eat well and be healthy on a glu-          hand for everyone. If you have pre-       MARTY
ten-free diet. So, bring along your        registered and are unable to attend       A big thank you
family, friends and, of course, your       please phone the office                   to Marty Larson
questions.                                 (780.485.2949) to let them know.          for his years of
WHERE: Hope Lutheran Church,                                     It would be a       office volunteer-
5104 - 106 Ave. (south side of                                   good idea to        ing. Marty is retir-
river—next door to Gold Bar shop-                                bring a digital     ing from his regu-
ping centre) - use the side door on                              camera, if you      lar Wednesday at
the east side of the building.             have one, to photograph the won-          the office. He will still be helping
WHEN:                                      derful assortment of food labels          out by doing awareness work at
(2nd Wed) 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.                that is displayed—much easier than        special events.
                                           writing all the info.

Deadline for Articles and Advertising
in the July/August 2008 issue: June 30, 2008

CELIAC-CANADA                           EDMONTON CHAPTER                                   CCA NATIONAL
                                                                                          5170 Dixie Road, Suite 204
E-MAIL LIST                             E-MAIL LIST
                                                                                           Mississauga ON L4W 1E3
•     To subscribe send an e-mail to    For announcements or interest to chap-
      <>          ter members.
•     Leave subject area blank          • Send e-mail to <>                    Fax 1-905-507-4673
•     In the body of the email type     • Put “Edm email list” in the subject               email -
      “subscribe celiac-canada”           line                                      

    The Celiac Circular, newsletter is published every second month beginning January by the Canadian Celiac
    Association, Edmonton Chapter and is distributed to Chapter members.
    Its objective is to support Celiacs by providing news and information.
    Questions about advertising should be sent to: Michelle Dormody - 780.417.4100 -
    Advertising Rates:
    Half page—$60.00        Quarter page—$40.00              Business card size—$20.00
    Advertise in all 6 issues in a calendar year (paid in full by April) and pay for only 5.

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                              Page 3
MAY 2008                            OCTOBER 2008                             *Anti-panic sessions are held in Hope
3—Great Human Race                  4—AGM
9-11— National Conference in                                                 Lutheran Church, 5104 - 106 Ave. (south
                                    8—Anti Panic Session *
      Victoria BC                   25—Mini Conference in Calgary            side of river—next door to Gold Bar
14—Anti Panic Session *                                                      shopping centre) - use the side door on
21—Anti Panic Discussion *          NOVEMBER 2008
                                                                             the east side of the building from 7 to
                                    12—Anti Panic Session *
JUNE 2008                           18—Business Meeting **                   9:30 pm. Pre-registration is required.
8—Spring Banquet                    29—Children’s Party                      Call 780.485.2949 and leave your name
11—Anti Panic Session *
14—Gluten-free Cooking ***                                                   and phone number. Anti-panic discussion
                                    DECEMBER 2008
17—Business Meeting **              4—Dinner at Ernest’s                     sessions are held in the office at 212
18—Anti Panic Discussion *                                                   Capilano Mall.
                                    JANUARY 2009
JULY 2008                           10—Planning Meeting
19—Pancake Breakfast
                                                                             **Business meetings are held in Calvary
AUGUST 2008                                                                  Lutheran Church, 10815 76 Ave. and be-
7—Cycling begins
13—Anti Panic Session *
                                                                             gin at 7 pm. These meetings are open to
17—Mini ride                                                                 all members interested in planning events
19—Business Meeting **                                                       and in the management of the Edmonton
26,27—Casino fund raiser
                                                                             Chapter. We also have fun and food at
SEPTEMBER 2008                                                               every meeting.
10—Anti Panic Session *
16—Business Meeting **

***Gluten-free Cooking Classes
                                                                             CONSIDER CELIAC
are taught by Linda Arnold through
                                                                             Are you a physician, nurse, dietitian
Metro Community College.
                                                                             or other medical practitioner?
                                                                             Check out the website
For more information send email to Linda                           
At <>
                                                                                     a project of the Edmonton Chapter
or go to

Please do not expect the office staff to recommend a doctor, a gastroenterologist or medications.
Our staff is trained to offer help with the gluten-free diet. They are not trained medical practitioners and can-
not offer medical advice. Your pharmacist should be able to help you with advice about medications. To find a
physician go to—

                       CANADA REVENUE AGENCY WEBSITE
                                   where you can find tax information for celiacs:

There is a new, easier way to reach the Edmonton Chapter web site
 Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                        Page 4
I would like to start this report by thanking all those   I would like to congratulate Joan Tuckey for being
who participated in the Great Human Race and the          awarded the Kay Ernst Distinguished Service Award
Open House that was held at the office after the          for her dedicated service. Joan is the webmaster not
walk. Although it was a small turn out, I believe eve-    only for the Edmonton Chapter website but also for
ryone had a great time. If anyone still wishes to do-     the National website. She also publishes the Edmon-
nate they may do so by going to the Great Human           ton Chapter Newsletter.
Race website or send a cheque to the office en-
dorsed to the Great Human Race.                           I would also like to let you know that we now have
                                                          online donation capability on both the Chapter and
I am now back from the National Conference in Vic-        Cycling for Celiac websites. There will be an expla-
toria and I congratulate the Victoria Organizing          nation on how to use it further in this Newsletter.
Committee for putting on an outstanding event. The
keynote speaker, Dr. Alessio Fassano of the Univer-       To wind this up, I hope to be seeing many of you at
sity of Maryland School of Medicine for Celiac Re-        our Spring Banquet on Sunday, June 08th.
search gave a fantastic speech on the Past, Present
and Future of Celiac Disease. Other speakers were                                                 David Cooper
Dr. Mohsin Rashid – Anemia in Celiac Disease, Dr.
Connie Switzer –tTG, what is it good for and PAB
update, Dr. Samuel Godefroy – Labeling, Dr. Lakhani
– Pearls from a Pharmacist. As in past Conferences,        (Continued from page 6)
the exhibits were outstanding, and the food served
at the breaks and meals was great.                         DUTCH WOODEN SHOE CAFÉ
                                                           3292 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC
A new item on display at the Conference was a home         While on my way to the National Conference I was
test kit for Celiac Disease. It is called Biocard Ce-      invited by the Vancouver President to have break-
liac Test coeliaque. For more information and              fast at the above restaurant. It served a variety of
Video Demo you can go online at
                                                           gluten-free pancakes with numerous toppings. I
                                                           would recommend a visit to this restaurant to any-
                                                           body visiting the Vancouver area.
                                                                                                   David Cooper

Your membership fee helps run the
national office, helps pay your re-
gional director’s expenses. Some of the fee is returned
to your local chapter and some is allocated to re-
search. That’s a lot of work for one membership re-
newal fee. New member fee is $45.
  National Office                       $ 27.00
  Regional Director Exp                 $ 3.00
  Local Chapter                           10.00
  TOTAL:                                $40.00
                                                          These snacks are highly recommended by
•   Members receive the Celiac Circular 6 times a year    Laurie de Grace who was one of the long dis-
    plus the national Celiac News 3 times a year. Arti-
                                                          tance riders this past year. You can obtain
    cles from the national newsletter are not re-
    published in the Celiac Circular.                     them at the celiac office. A sleeve containing
•   If you are a subscriber and not a member, con-
                                                          the 4 flavours is $4. Flavours: lemon, choco-
    sider upgrading. It will benefit all of us.           late, BBQ and caramel.

 Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                 Page 5
DISCLAIMER:                                               A TASTY MENU. 105 4202 17th Ave SE, Calgary AB
The Edmonton Chapter of the CCA does not en-              Tele: 403-235-0031
dorse any of the restaurants listed in this col-          Closed Monday and Tuesday. Reservations for week-
umn. We do not have the personnel to check out
                                                          ends recommended as they are getting busy. This
every restaurant. We rely on our readers to sup-
ply us with reviews of restaurants that they              was my first but not last visit. Imagine being able to
have visited. Not everyone will have the same             go out and enjoy a hamburger & fries with poutine.
experience at each restaurant, but we feel that           It is possible at a new SE Calgary restaurant called A
these reviews are helpful to our members.                 Tasty Menu. The premises are totally gluten-free.
                                                          Dairy free/egg free/vegan/ options are available but
HARVEST ROOM, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald                    your request should be made ahead of time. The lo-
10065-100 Street, Edmonton, AB                            cation is not so great and the decor although rather
Tel: 780-424-5181             spartan hasn't hampered its popularity. With the ex-
The Harvest Room menu is pricey. A place to go for        ception of one, the eight tables were full. We were a
a special occasion. The food is excellent. The chef is    table of four and we ordered the homemade soup as
great at adapting menu items to suit the gluten-          a starter. It was well seasoned and tasty. Our
free diet. They also offer gluten-free bread. Inform      friends both celiac had the build your own pizza.
them when making reservations that a gluten-free          My husband (non-celiac) ordered and enjoyed the
meal is required.                                         salmon entree that included yam fries and soup.
                                   Adriana Strikwerda
                                                          I was the only one who indulged in dessert...frozen
WILD FLOWER GRILL, in the newly renovated                 cheesecake lollipops plus 2 fruit skewers. It was a
Matrix Hotel. 10009 -107th St. Edmonton.                  little rich but good. Other dessert choices are pie and
Tele: 780-990-1938                                        chocolate cake. They bake their own buns, and pizza
Chef Yoshi Chubachi can adjust almost any of his          crust daily. The bun they used for the hamburgers
exquisite dishes for the celiac diet and I’m sure it is   honestly was the best I’ve tasted.
going to become your favorite fine dining restaurant
in Edmonton. The food, service, decor and atmos-          Celiac or non-celiac, everyone can enjoy homemade,
phere are outstanding. The whole experience is first      tasty food that does not taste like it is gluten-free.
class. If you call in advance they will even make         You can visit them online at
you a special celiac friendly dessert. After eating                                                  Sally Candido
there last evening (our third time) he shared with
us that he was going to bring in celiac bread to          HIGH LEVEL DINER
serve with dinner. Chef Chubachi has won numer-           10912 88 Ave, Edmonton. Tel: 780-433-0993
ous gold medals in world class competitions so it is      They have a gluten-free menu but you need to ask
a treat to see what he will create next. We were so       for it. Most of their regular items are available in
excited about this place and plan on taking lots of       gluten-free versions. Excellent.
friends there from now on. There are not a lot of                                                  Virginia Sauve
restaurants of this calibre in the city so I urge you
to go and support his restaurant and let him know         PAGOLAC (Vietnamese—south side), 9642 54
how much you appreciate his willingness to accom-         Ave., Edmonton. Tele: 780-433-9988
modate celiacs. Mr. Chubachi is the most humble           This restaurant had English speaking staff when we
and sweet man you will ever meet and we cant say          went. Lots of dishes with rice, rice paper (deep fried
enough about this place. We wish him great suc-           veggie rolls) or rice noodles.
cess!                                                                            A visitor to the Edmonton office
                                        Linda Raymond
                                                                                                    (Continued on page 5)

    Send your restaurant reviews to the office or send email to <> or <>

 Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                      Page 6
We have set up an on-line way to contribute to the Canadian Celiac Associa-
tion, Edmonton Chapter through CANADA HELPS. Go to our web site at and click on the button in the upper left corner. Or
you can go to the Cycling for Celiacs web site at and click on the Canada
Helps button there. You can specify whether the donation should go to the Edmonton Chapter or
Cycling for Celiacs. If you wish your Cycling for Celiacs donation to be credited to a specific rider,
put that information in the message box. Canada Helps issues the receipt as soon as you finish do-
nating. Please call Joan at 780.440.3420 if you wish more information about donating on-line.

CELIAC CIRCULAR BY EMAIL                                     Gluten Free Dinner Club
                                                             If you are 18-35 and enjoy eating out, this is for
                                                             you! The dinner club meets every 2 months (or
                                                             more frequently depending on interest) to inves-
MEMBERS and SUBSCRIBERS                                      tigate gluten-free options at different restau-
                                                             rants in the Edmonton area. For more informa-
 Receive your newsletter in full                             tion please contact Carolyn at
                                                             Also check out Carolyn’s blog at
           You are notified by email when
            the Celiac Circular is ready
         for downloading from our website

              Contact Joan Tuckey
    at <> for your password.
                                                             LABELS FOR ANTI PANIC
                                                             The anti panic people still need labels from glu-
 A high speed internet connection is advisable               ten-free products purchased in the Edmon-
                                                             ton area. If you have purchased new products
      The Edmonton Chapter saves the cost                    recently please save the packages and send or
                                                             bring them to the office on the 2nd floor of Capi-
            of printing and postage                          lano Mall. Please write on the label or on a note
                                                             attached to the label what store it was purchased
                                                             in. Thanks.

CCA National web site:                   Manitoba Chapter:
Calgary Chapter:                 Ottawa Chapter:
Charlottetown Chapter:                Peterborough Chapter:
Edmonton Chapter:                Thunder Bay Chapter:
Halifax Chapter:   Toronto Chapter:
Hamilton Chapter:            Vancouver Chapter:
Moncton Chapter:                 Victoria Chapter:

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                   Page 7
              JUNE 8
      at Louisiana Purchase
                                                                             Every Saturday at Capilano Mall
        registration & menu                                                       9:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

             on page 27

                                           Tue, Wed & Fri

Candies, Chocolates, Dressings, Syrups, GF Kinnikinnick Baking, Pastas,
   Mixes, Dressings, Spreads, Pure Oat Products and much more.

    2 locations in Edmonton
17118 90 Ave        780.484.5400
2874 Calgary Trail 780.432.2200

An Australian steakhouse concept open for
dinner only. Although beef and steak items
make up a good portion of the menu, the
concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, sea-
food, and pasta dishes.

The Company’s strategy is to differentiate its
restaurants by emphasizing consistently
high-quality food and service, generous por-
tions at moderate prices and a casual at-
mosphere suggestive of the Australian Out-

                                                                          New web site:

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                        Page 8
Do not assume that once a product is gluten-free it      Currently not available in Alberta other than through
will always be gluten-free. We have heard several        mail order.
instances lately of products whose ingredients have      Charge is $5.00 per unit, plus $15.00 flat rate to Al-
changed to include wheat derived ingredients. No         berta.
names will be mentioned as we have not had time to
                                                                                                  Sally Candido
personally check out the products. So, we caution
you to always read the labels on every product that
you buy.                                                 NOTTINGHAM SOBEYS (on Wye road), Sherwood
                                         Joan Tuckey     Park has expanded their gluten-free section. They
                                                         have a gluten-free section in the pasta aisle as well
SAPUTO—GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS                              as gluten-free items in other sections of the store
Rec'd March 20/08                                        (bakery and cereal aisle). I have been talking to
Dairyland & Baxter Milk—all white & flavoured milks      them and requesting items that our family enjoys.
are gluten-free except chocolate milk*                   (we live in the area and I was tired of having to go
*Dairyland & Baxter Chocolate Milk—corn gluten**
                                                         to 5 different stores to buy everything). They just
Dairyland Lactose Free Milk, Dairyland & Baxter Whip
                                                         started with a new supplier who is able to bring in
Cream, Dairyland & Nutrilait plus Microfiltered Milks
(Skim, 1%, 2%), Dairyland Plus Omega Milk, Dairy-        items from more companies then before and they
land Ice Cream Mix/Milkshake Mix—gluten-free             are very happy to take any requests for items and
Dairyland Frosted Malt Mix is NOT gluten-free            will try to bring them in. They now carry many items
(has corn, wheat, oat, rye, barley).                     from Kinnikinnick, Glutino, Pamelas, Gluten-Free
Dairyland California Yogurt Mix, Dairyland Creama fat    Pantry and El Peto, etc. I don't work for them or
free, 10%, 18% & flavoured cream, Pacific & Alpha        have any affiliation with the store or company. I'm
Evaporated Milk—gluten-free                              just a tired mom who doesn't want to drive so much.
Dairyland & Baxter Sour Cream, Dairyland Yogurts,                                              Christine Gourley
International Delight—they have corn gluten**
Dairyland & Baxter Cottage Cheese (Plain & fruit fla-
                                                         SOBEYS, 23rd Ave. at 50th St. Edmonton
voured) - gluten-free except the cottage cheese
combo fruit does have corn gluten**                      At first we thought that they didn't have gluten-free
Dairyland & Fraser Valley Butter—salted & unsalted,      food anymore. After asking a clerk we discovered
Dairyland & Baxter Egg Nog, Dairyland & Baxter But-      that the gluten-free items have been moved to dif-
termilk—gluten-free                                      ferent locations in the store and in the freezer.
Sunny Delight Drinks—gluten-free                                                                    Joan Tuckey
Pacific Skim Milk Powder—gluten-free
Meadowvale Margarine—gluten-free                         SAFEWAY’S Gluten-Free List—updated March 2008
Grana Padano—gluten-free                                 The following products have been confirmed as glu-
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese—gluten-free
                                                         ten free by our suppliers. If you have any questions
Armstrong & Saputo Cheese: Shred, Cheddar,
                                                         on our products that are not listed below, please call
Light Cheddar, Mozz., Feta, Nibblers, Slices
(processed and Provolone), Fat Free Slices,              us at 1-888-SAFEWAY
Parmesan Grated Cheese, Saputo Cheese                    SELECT BRAND
Strings & Saputo Cheese Heads, Saputo Ricotta            Bacon (ALL varieties must have EST 13331), Bacon
Cheese, Bari & Stella Whey Ricotta Cheese NOT            Bites, Cocoa, Egg Nog, European Café-Style Dark
gluten-free (MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF BARLEY                Chocolate Cocoa, Frankfurters (franks) (Beef and
GLUTEN)                                                  Regular), Gourmet Club Eating Right Ginger Chicken,
Saputo Blue Cheese MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF                 Ham Halves, Jazz N Spice Caribbean Jerk Marinade,
                                                         Pasta Sauces (In Glass Jars), Pizza Sauce, Salad
Kingsey Cheese MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF                                                             (Continued on page 11)
**Editor’s Note: corn gluten is gluten-free
                                         Sally Candido
                                                         Please direct product questions and information
                                                         to our product researcher, Sally Candido.

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                     Page 9
Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008   Page 10
(Continued from page 9)                                   Dark Red, Mushrooms, Nutritional Shakes, Soup-
                                                          (only Chicken With Rice), Spaghetti Sauce, Tomato
Dressing (Olive Oil Balsamic, Peppercorn Ranch),          Paste, Tomato Sauce, Tomatoes, Tuna
Sausage (Bavarian Smoked), Signature Soup                 SAFEWAY PURE SPICES
(Fajita Chicken Toasted Corn Chowder & Baked Po-          Allspice, Barbeque Spice, Basil, Bay Leaves, Black
tato), Signature St. Louis Style Ribs, Sherbet (Berry     Pepper (Ground), Chili Powder, Cinnamon, Cloves,
Patch, Key Lime), Soda (All), Soup Mix (Black Bean        Curry Powder, Dill Weed, Dry Mustard, Garlic Pow-
& Rice, Tex Mex Rice & Bean, Tortilla Con Queso),         der, Garlic Salt, Ginger, Ground Cumin, Ground
Vanilla Ice Cream, Yogurt                                 Oregano, Italian Seasoning, Lemon Pepper Spice,
                                                          Marjoram, Minced Onion, Nutmeg, Onion Powder,
SAFEWAY BRAND                                             Onion Salt, Paprika, Poultry Seasoning, Rosemary,
Almond Extract (Artificial), Apple Juice (Cartons         Sesame Seeds, Thyme, Western Steak Spice,
from Concentrate), Applesauce, Baking Powder,             Whole Black Pepper
Beef Jerky (Original & Peppered ONLY), Candied
Cherries, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Frosting, Co-        SAFEWAY FROZEN
conut - Shredded, Cornstarch, Corned Beef, Crab           Chicken Breast - Boneless, Skinless, Seasoned
Meat, Edwards Coffee, Empress Jams (All), Flakes          (Frozen 4kg), Juices, Potatoes (French Fries, Hash
Of Ham, Fruit Cocktail, Fruit Peel, Fruit Snacks (All),   Browns, Tater Treats, Hash Browns-Diced)
Horseradish (Creamy), Hot Cocoa Mix
W/Marshmallows, Instant Mashed Potatoes, Jelly            NON FOOD
Beans, Juice (White Cranberry, Tomato Vegetable           Acetaminophen W/Codeine and Caffeine (bar code
Cocktail, Tomato Clam Cocktail), Lemon Iced Tea           58200 00291), Anti Nausent Travel Sickness Di-
Mix, Lemon Jelly Powder-Light, Lifestyle Margarine        menhydrinate Tablets, Classic Anti Dandruff Sham-
 Marshmallows (White and Fruit), Manzanilla Olives        poo, Coated Aspirin, Docusate Calcium, Docusate
 Mincemeat (Regular and W/Brandy), Mustard                Sodium, Fiber Laxative (Drink Mix), Ibuprofen,
(Dijon), Mustard (Prepared), Nutritional Shake            Regular Strength Acetaminophen, Regular Strength
(Vanilla), Pasta Sauce (Traditional), Peanut Butter,      Sinus Pain/Nasal Congestion Relief Caplets, Senna
Pecan Halves, Pickles (Except Hamburger Relish),          Laxative Tablets
Pie Filling (All EXCEPT Pumpkin), Pink Lemonade
Mix, Potato Chips (Ketchup, Dill, Ripple,                 LUCERNE
Salt/Vinegar, Sour Cream/Onion, Plain), Popcorn           Butter (Unsalted), Cheese Blends - Shredded
(microwave all varieties), Pudding Cups (All Ready        (400g/800g packs), Cheesetime (Regular and
to Serve), Rice Cake (All, but gluten is in present in    Light), Chocolate Milk, Cottage Cheese, Chocolate
the facility), Rice Chips (Mini Cheddar, Sour Cream       Ice Cream, Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream, Egg Nog,
& Onion, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Ranch, and Dill),           Forest Berry Frozen Dessert, Lactose Free Milk, Mint
*Gluten is present in the facility*, Salad Dressing       Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Mocha Almond Ice
(California, Creamy Caesar), Salsa - Southwest,           Cream, Neapolitan Ice Cream, No Sugar Added Va-
Scotch Mints, Sockeye Salmon, Soya Sauce, Span-           nilla Frozen Dessert, Nut N Butter Ice Cream, Par-
ish Peanuts, Sprinkles (all varieties), Swiss Mocha       mesan Cheese (Grated in Canister), Sour Cream
Instant Coffee Beverage, Tartar Sauce, Tortilla           (All), Tiger Tiger Ice Cream, 2% Milk, Whipped Top-
Chips (Yellow Corn, Hint Of Lime Corn), Tuna              ping, Yogurt, Vanilla Ice Cream
(Yellow Fin), Turkish Apricots, Vanilla Extract (Pure
and Artificial), Walnuts (Whole & Pieces), Weight         DELI
Loss Shakes (all Flavours) (NOT run on Dedicated          Bruschetta, Cheese Rice Crackers, Chickens
Line)                                                     (Ready to Serve - Regular and Lemon Herb), Clas-
                                                          sic Potato Salad (Facility produces wheat products),
SAFEWAY CANNED                                            Cole Slaw (Facility produces wheat products), Ham
Chicken Broth, Baked Beans with Pork in Tomato            Slices (Packaged 375g), Lunch Meat (all prepack-
Sauce, Evaporated Milk, Homestyle Soups (Chicken          aged except for sliced Roast Beef), Primo Taglio
Corn Chowder and Clam Chowder), Kidney Beans -                                                  (Continued on page 13)

 Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                 Page 11
Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008   Page 12
PRODUCT INFO—continued                                    THIS AND THAT
(Continued from page 11)                                  SPRING DINNER SPEAKER
                                                          The speaker for the Spring Dinner at Louisiana Pur-
DELI MEATS: Honey Maple Turkey and Ham, Sun-              chase is Mark G Finlay a pharmacist from Maurice
dried Tomato Turkey, Pepper Coated Salami, Black          Pharmacy.
Forest Ham
GOURMET MEAT SHOPPE                                       Our next casino at the Palace Casino in West Edmon-
Cabbage Rolls, Chicken Wings (Honey Garlic, Salt &        ton Mall will be Tuesday and Wednesday, August 26
Pepper), Potato Skins                                     & 27. For more information or to volunteer contact
                                                          Jeff Wilson at 780.637.3380 or
PRODUCE STAND                                   
Raisins (including Currants, Goldens, Sultans, and
Thompsons, Must have S2641 code by the expiration         CYCLING FOR CELIACS
date)                                                     The long ride begins in Victoria BC on August 7th,
                                                          2008. Eleven days later the cyclists arrive in Edmon-
BUTCHER'S CUT                                             ton on August 17th to enthusiastic cheers from the
Beef Burgers, Pork Spare Ribs, Sliced Ham (Facility       crowd that gathers at the Legislature Grounds.
produces other gluten products)
                                          Karl Ashby      CYCLING FOR CELIACS
                                    Corporate Brands      Dave Cooper presented 2 cheques to president Janet
                                    Customer Service      Dalziel at the National Conference in Victoria.
                                                          $24,044.46 was given to the J.A. Campbell Fund for
Thank you to Christine Gourley for sending this list.     research from the long ride, and $484.66 was given
                                                          to the CCA National Assoc. for office expenses from
                                                          the mini-ride. Over the 8 years the Cycling program
                                                          has been running a total of $108,534.46 has been
         OFFICE VOLUNTEERS                                given to the J.A. Campbell Fund and $13,649.66 has
                 ARE                                      been donated to the CCA National Association.

          URGENTLY NEEDED                                 BOOK AND BLOG GF RESOURCES
                                                          I recently received the gift of a great book: Gluten-
           One day a week or one day a month              Free Girl. The author, Shauna James Ahern, shares
              On-the-job training provided                her journey through the life of a typical Gen-X proc-
                      Free parking                        essed-food junkie to a fun-loving foodie who enjoys
                                                          cooking and living gluten-free. Shauna started a food
      Duties include:                                     blog: where she shares stories,
      • Answering the telephone                           recipes, photos and receives thousands of hits a day.
      • Answering questions from drop-in                  Her efforts were recognized and she won Best Food
                                                          Blog with a Theme in 2006. The book is an interest-
                                                          ing read with lots of helpful tips and original recipes
      • Selling books
                                                          to enjoy.
      • Opening the mail
                                                                                                       Isobel Bilyk
      • Receipting any monies received
                                                          BEAR’S PAW BAKERY—JASPER AB
             Call the office at 780.485.2949              While travelling through Jasper we stopped in at
                   For more information                   Bear’s Paw Bakery. Gluten-free bread is available
                                                          only at the outlet on Cedar St. and must be ordered
Successful applicants will need to provide us with con-   a day in advance.
tact information for 2 references. A police record
                                                                                                  Kenn Tuckey
check for which we pay the cost is also required.                                                   (Continued on page 15)

 Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                     Page 13
Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008   Page 14
CORN STARCH BROWNIES                        LUSCIOUS LEMON BARS                            SEND US YOUR RECIPES
1/2 c butter                                1/2 c white rice flour                     Mail them to the office (address on
4 oz    unsweetened baking choco            1/4 c potato starch                       front cover) c/o newsletter editor or
        late, broken up                     1/4 c tapioca flour                            email to <>
                                            1/3 c lemon juice
1 1/3 c sugar
                                            4     large eggs                                  Abbreviations
3       large eggs
                                            3/4 c sugar
1 1/2 t vanilla extract                                                                       c = cup
                                            1/2 c butter
3/4 c corn starch                           1/3 c gluten-free icing sugar                     t = teaspoon
                                                                                              T = tablespoon
Heat oven to 350°F. Line an 8 or 9          Process                                           oz = ounce
inch square baking pan with foil.           1. Mix flours and icing sugar to-                 g = gram
Stir butter & chocolate in sauce pan        gether in a medium sized bowl. Cut                lb = pounds
over low heat until melted & smooth.        in the butter until mixture resem-
                                                                                              GF = gluten-free
Turn heat off and whisk in sugar,           bles small peas. Mixture will be dry
                                            and crumbly. Press into the bottom                pkg = package
eggs & vanilla. Stir corn starch into
                                            of a greased nine-inch square bak-
batter just until blended. Spread in                                                3. Remove from oven, sprinkle with
                                            ing pan - you may wish to line the
lined pan. Bake 25-30 minutes.              bottom of the pan exactly with          icing sugar and allow to cool on a
Check for doneness at 25 minutes by         parchment paper to ease the re-         cooling rack. Once completely
inserting a toothpick near the center       moval of the squares. Bake in pre-      cooled, slide onto a cutting board
of the brownies. It should come out         heated 350°F oven for 10 to 12          and cut into bars.
with little moist crumbs clinging to it.    minutes or until lightly golden.        4. Bars freeze very well. Wrap tightly
Cool completely in pan on wire rack.        2. With a mixer at high speed, beat     and thoroughly before freezing. Best
to remove brownies from pan, lift by        the eggs in a medium sized bowl for     not to cut bars before freezing to
                                            about three minutes or until pale       retain moisture.
ends of foil. Cut into squares.
                                            and thickened. Gradually add sugar
                       Jennifer Henson,                                             Posted at
                                            and continue beating for another
             Celiac Listserv at                                                          Lolly Prinzen Catering
                                            minute. Stir in the lemon juice. Pour
                                            the lemon mixture onto the hot                      Northumberland County
                                            crust and return to oven to bake for               
                                            15 minutes or until lightly golden.                            905-376-5010

(Continued from page 13)                                         GLUTEN-FREE IN WESTLOCK
                                                                 Heart Smart Bulk & Natural Foods Ltd. in Westlock
PIZZERIA PREGO                                                   carries gluten-free products.
This business has been sold as of April 30. We hope                                                 Jeannette Woods
that the new owner is able to provide gluten-free
pizza.                                                           PANCAKE BREAKFAST—Saturday July 19
                                                                 Volunteers are needed. Leave your name and phone
PLANET ORGANIC TOURS                                             number with the office. 780.485.2949
Once a month you can take a guided tour of Planet
Organic, south side store, conducted by Linda Ar-                DINNER AT ERNEST’S
nold. The next tour is May 22 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.                31 people enjoyed a fabulous 4-course gourmet din-
Check their web page at              ner at Ernest’s prepared by the students of NAIT on
for future dates.                                                April 3rd. The next dinner will be December 4th.

CROSS CONTAMINATION                                              ANTI-PANIC SESSIONS
Be sure to ask questions at businesses that produce              Volunteers are needed at our Anti-panic sessions to
regular baked goods as well as gluten-free baked                 sell books—receiving money and writing receipts.
goods. There could be a problem of cross contamina-              Call the office to volunteer. 780.485.2949

 Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                           Page 15
Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008   Page 16
GF in New Zealand and Australia                                                         by Don Briggs

In preparation for my trip I contacted the celiac as-     gluten-free items on the menu of the hotel where we
sociations of both countries—both have good, infor-       stayed. Close by was a mall with a Woolworth’s with
mative sites. When booking my flight with Air New         a gluten-free section. I phoned the NSW Celiac Asso-
Zealand I was able to order gluten-free meals, which      ciation and they directed me to a place close to
were very good, and I also had the advantage of be-       where I was staying. They recommend The Muffin
ing served first.                                         Break a small shop in most malls. They had some
                                                          delicious gluten-free muffins. By the time we were
I found New Zealand ahead of Alberta in that the          ready to leave Sydney, they would smile at me and
grocery stores Countdown, New World and Wool-             wave when I walked by. I did enjoy several of their
worth’s all had extensive gluten-free sections. There     muffins, a different selection each day.
was a wide range of cookies, biscuits, cereals and
flours. I found Healthier’s cereal the best tasting,      In Katoomba the Celiac Association had 4 restau-
with a good blend of cereal and fruit. I was surprised    rants listed as members of their association. In the
at the number of restaurants that had gluten-free         small touristy town of Leura I found 3 that had glu-
items on their menu and many advertised gluten-           ten-free items advertised on their outside menus. I
free on signs outside their establishments.               found most staff and restaurants knowledgeable
                                                          about gluten-free meals and they were willing to rec-
When I first arrived I was greeted with fresh bread       ommend what meals I could safely have.
and biscuits at relatives in Te Awamtu and again in
Opotiki, with friends. It was difficult to drive on the   When we got to Darwin, at 35 degrees and high hu-
left side of the road and pronounce the names prop-       midity, I was able to find items in the same stores.
erly.                                                     One item I did enjoy was some black licorice, I even
                                                          phoned the manufacturer to make sure it was glu-
The labeling is much better in both countries as they     ten-free. I did manage to bring some home in my
must put gluten along with other allergens on the         suitcase. Woolworth’s and Coles, a grocery store not
label. This made it much easier as all you had to do      a bookstore, had good selections.
was look at the back and gluten was listed.
On arrival in Australia I was pleased to find many        Overall it was a good trip as I was able to find glu-
                                                          ten-free food in most grocery stores as well as items
                                                          on restaurant menus. Just make sure you contact
         CYCLING FOR CELIACS                              the local celiac association before you go and they
    Volunteers are the heart of the Association           will give you a list of where to buy items as well as
                                                          where to eat. All through both countries I met people
   Cycling for Celiacs needs a volunteer to commit
                                                          in the service industry who were aware of celiac dis-
      One day a week to help with office duties.          ease and the need for a gluten-free diet.
                 If you are interested.
          Please call Leticia at 482-2708.
  No experience is required, training will be provided.
                                                          Kenn & Joan Tuckey celebrated their 50th wedding
                                                          anniversary on May 3 at the Empress Hotel in

                                                                             1958                       2008

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                Page 17
Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008   Page 18
New treatment for celiac disease
In every field of medicine there have been dramatic        across Canada and then data will be compiled to de-
advances in treatment options over the past quarter        termine the effectiveness and safety of this treat-
of a century. This has not been the case in celiac dis-    ment for individuals with celiac disease.
ease. The only treatment for celiac disease is a strict
gluten free diet for life. The gluten free diet is mi-     This is the first trial of its kind and represents a new
raculous for individuals with celiac disease but also      phase in our understanding of how to care for indi-
creates many challenges in day to day life. Our world      viduals with celiac disease. Participation is entirely
is complex and most people are pressured by time           voluntary and protocols are in place to ensure safety.
and the frenetic pace of family and working life. En-      Participation in this important research may lead to a
suring that your diet is strictly gluten free can add      new paradigm in the management of celiac disease.
one more burden to your already busy schedule.
                                                           Respectfully submitted
Many researchers have been studying possible ways
to prevent traces of gluten in the diet from causing       Dr. Connie M. Switzer MD, FRCPC, FRCPC
intestinal damage in patients with celiac disease.         Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta,
These possible treatments need to be tested in a sci-      Edmonton, Alberta
entifically valid clinical trial to ensure that they are   Site Leader GI, GNH
safe and effective for individuals with celiac disease.    Chair Canadian Celiac Association Professional Advi-
This research will be conducted at several centers         sory Board

Research Grant Awarded
Dr. Justine Turner and Dr. Diana Mager were awarded the JA
Campbell Award for research in celiac disease in March this year
for their project entitled:

"A Prospective Study of the Effect of Vitamin D and Vitamin K
on Bone Metabolism and Bone Accrual in Children and Adoles-
cents with Celiac Disease"

The purpose of this study is to study the relationships between
bone mineral density and vitamin K and D status in children
with celiac disease before and after starting a gluten free diet.
This study is important because almost half of the children at-
tending the Stollery Children's Hospital Celiac Clinic have been
found to have lower then expected bone density for age even
with treatment. This may be related to suboptimal vitamin K        Gail DeHaan, Pediatric Clinic Nurse, and Dr.
and D status because celiac patients can experience significant Justin Turner
malabsorption of these vitamins with intestinal damage. This
research is very important because childhood is known to be a critical time to monitor and optimize bone
mass in order to reduce lifelong risks of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                    Page 19
                Sugar Free & More
                                3434A 50 Avenue, Red Deer
                                       403 347 1277

                       Catering to the needs of Celiacs, Diabetics,
                               And the health conscious.
                           We can order what Celiacs want.

              Some gluten-free brands that we carry are:
  McCanns, Tinkyada, Schar, Glutina, Pamela’s, Lundberg, Mrs. Leepers,
             EnerG, Celimix, Bob’s Red Mill and lots more!
                 Carole’s Cheesecake available here.

                           Check out water refills for $1.89/8.9L

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                               Page 20
Parents’ Group                                             Gluten-free Travelling
The Parents’ Group met on April 13, 2008 at Salto          People with celiac disease
Gymnastics in Sherwood Park. Seventeen kids and            should not be afraid to travel.
13 parents were in attendance. During the first hour,      We will be initiating a travel
the kids played in the gymnastics area while the par-      section on our web page soon.
ents visited and supervised. The second hour was           Meanwhile here is some infor-
spent having snacks and visiting.                          mation from people who have
                                                           recently travelled to the US.
The parents decided on the frequency and activities
for upcoming meetings. For 2008/2009, the group            Las Vegas
decided to meet 5 times per year:                          The Rainforest Cafe in the MGM, The Casino Cafe in
• January (parents only)                                   Circus Circus and the Outback Steakhouse were so
                                                           kind and helpful that they deserve special mention.
• April (family activity) - the group suggested
                                                           At the Rainforest Cafe the chef brought out a binder
                                                           and we looked through all ingredients together. Also
• August (Edmonton CCA Chapter mini-ride fund-             the Casino Cafe in the Circus Casino—the staff made
    raiser and BBQ)                                        a huge effort to make sure that our son's food was
• October (parent meeting)                                 gluten-free and the chef came out and personally
• November (Edmonton CCA Chapter Christmas                 brought him his own chef hat.
    Party)                                                                                     Christine Gourley

                                                           Areas around Los Angeles
Ideas for the next meeting were to have a parent
                                                           Here is the website ( which
sign-in book and to keep a written record of new ce-
                                                           lists health food stores in towns around Los Angeles.
liac information to share with all group members by        We shopped there when we were on holidays this
email. If you have any ideas or suggestions for up-        spring and they carry a very large amount of gluten-
coming meetings please let us know.                        free food. They even have Kinnikinnick hotdog buns.
                   Christine Gourley:       We didn't need to bring any food from home.
                      Lexy Douglas:                                            Christine Gourley

Aug 17—mini ride                                           Down to Earth Natural Foods and Lifestyles store in
                                                           Hawaii has a lot of gluten-free foods. Their web site
                                                           can be found here They have
Please mark August 17 on your calendar for the mini        locations at Honolulu, Pearlridge, Kailua, Kahului,
ride. This is not only an important fundraiser for the     and Makawao.
Edmonton Celiac Association but also extremely im-                                                  Lexy Douglas
portant to raise awareness about celiac disease. The
more public awareness about celiac disease, the bet-
ter the quality of life for all families impacted by ce-
liac disease.

• A 1.5 km walk/ride around the legislature has                     Please send your travel info to Joan
  been added for those with younger children.                              at or
• Family entertainment has been added including                    to the chapter office at Capilano Mall
  clowns, face painting, inflatable paradise play-
  ground with 2 sides (one for younger kids and
                                                           RESEARCH TOPICS
  the other side for older kids), balloon sculptor,
                                                           Do you have something you would like researched?
  bicycle decorating for kids.
                                                           We have a member who is good at doing research.
                                                           Send your topics to Joan at or phone

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                     Page 21
                                                                     Ben’s Meats & Deli
                                                                 15726 Stony Plain Road
                                                                 Edmonton AB T5P 3Z5
                                                Since 1953             (780) 489-1424

                                                     family owned and operated since 1953…
                                          We have a great selection of gluten-free products
                                          available for our celiac customers. We carry gluten-
                                          free deli meats, sausages, spices and special meat
                                          cuts. We will clean the deli meat slicer to avoid any
                                          contamination between uses. Just let us know you
                                          are celiac, and we will be more than happy to help you!

                                                         CELEBRATING 55 YEARS!!

                                             Visit us on the web at:

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                      Page 22
Visit to Camrose Hospital
On April 8, Marty Larson, Leticia Aloisio and Adri-
ana Strikwerda headed for the St. Mary's Hospi-
tal in Camrose, to further celiac awareness. This
visit, like the visits held in the major hospitals in
Edmonton, sets up an information station in the
lobby area of the hospital to catch the notice of
patients, visitors and medical staff.

While the number of visitors to our display was
lower than comparable statistics for the Edmon-
ton hospitals, we did make a number of interest-
ing connections. At the outset, we had a visit
from a lady who was diagnosed in the last two
years, and she spent some time discussing celiac
disease with our members. As well, her son had
expressed interest in participating in the Cycling
for Celiacs ride. To top things off, she also sug-
gested some interest in beginning a satellite
chapter in the Camrose area.                             It is our recommendation that if we do further visits
                                                        to area hospitals, we should contact local newspa-
A little later, we met with a young mother who was      pers and other media outlets to let them know when
recently diagnosed with CD, and she also was inter-     we will be visiting the hospital in their area.
ested in seeing a chapter started in Camrose.
While we met with other staff, perhaps the most         Overall, while the numbers could have been higher,
gratifying session was with one of the younger doc-     we feel that some very good contacts were made.
tors in the hospital. In discussions with Leticia, he                                          Marty Larson
said that he had just referred a young patient as a
possible celiac. The doctor took along a large amount
of material which we provided, and indicated he
would pass this along to his colleagues.

  Our delegate to the CCA National Conference in
  Victoria BC was Sandra Spak. Look for her report
  in the July/August issue of Celiac Circular.

                             Ellen Hammermaster
                           We extend our heartfelt
                           sympathy to Ralph Ham-
                           mermaster. Ellen, his
                           wife, died on March 16,
                           2008. She was a good
                           friend to the Edmonton
                           Chapter and we shall all
                           miss her smiling face and
                           good baking.

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                Page 23
Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008   Page 24
Convenience for Celiacs
Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you miss the        mixes, biscuit mixes, pancake and waffle mixes and
convenience your pre gluten-free days when you could        even cream soup mixes, all with variations and all in
whip up a meal in no time using mixes or frozen en-         ‘make-ahead” quantities. There is even a mock rice-a-
trées? Because I was diagnosed later in my life, I had      roni mix. Since that time I have found several other
many years of eating normally and, as a busy, working       cookbooks that offer recipes for convenience mixes that
Mom “quick and easy” was a necessary way of life. I         can save both time and money. Donna Washburn and
quickly became frustrated at having my grocery shop-        Heather Butt have included a number of mixes in their
ping take twice as long because it was necessary to         last two cookbooks, Complete Gluten Free Cookbook
read the labels of the convenience foods I had, in the      and The Best Family Gluten-Free Cookbook and they
past, just picked up and thrown in a grocery cart. It was   provide a number of recipes that utilize them. Another
even worse when the labels revealed that the item was       popular cookbook, Make-A-Mix by Karine Eliason, pro-
no longer an option for me and that if I still wanted to    vides over 300 mix recipes. Although not designed to be
eat it, I would now have make it from scratch at home.      gluten-free recipes, many can be easily adapted to work
                                                            for celiacs by substituting gluten-free flour for the all
At first I did try purchasing a few prepared gluten-free    purpose wheat flour.
meals but I found them to be expensive and, for the
most part not very good compared to their non-gluten-       Make Your Own Mixes
free alternatives. I then looked at trying to spice up      After reading through the instructions for making mix
plain foods to make them more interesting but the hid-      recipes, it occurred to me that it would be fairly simple
den gluten which is often found in spice blends caused      to prepare your own. Any dry ingredients that do not
me problems. I discovered that some manufacturers                                                      (Continued on page 26)
use small amounts of wheat flour to keep mixtures from
clumping together but they are not required to list the
flour as an ingredient on the label because the quanti-     Vic Mitchell’s Report
ties are minimal. To avoid the hazards of ingesting even
this miniscule amount, I began avoiding these blends
unless they had been confirmed to be gluten-free.           I am so proud to announce
                                                            that Dr Turner and Dr Diana
With all these complications and restrictions, it seemed    Mager were awarded the JA
that convenience and variety were luxuries of the past.     Campbell Award for research
My first venture into the gluten-free world of conven-      in celiac disease, "A Prospec-
ience was for flour. I had tried Bette Hagman’s famous      tive Study of the Effect of Vi-
mixture and although it was better than plain rice flour,   tamin D and Vitamin K on
I still found it gritty and crumbly. By chance I found a    Bone Metabolism and Bone
gluten-free mix at a local bulk food store that promised    Accrual in Children and Ado-
to be “just like wheat”. Intrigued, I spent $7.99 for 2     lescents with Celiac Disease".
kilos and found that yes, blending a variety of flours
and starches did make a difference. However, the price
                                                            As Captain and founder of Cy-
just seemed ridiculous compared to the price of a bag of
                                                            cling for Celiacs it is a great honour for the team and
Robin Hood so I decided to try to make my own. The
                                                            me to see the fruit of the Cycling for Celiacs aware-
ingredients for this flour blend were listed on the bag
                                                            ness campaign. This study is supported by funds
but the quantities were not. However, I was sure that
somewhere on the internet someone must have posted          from the J.A. Campbell research Funds to which Cy-
a recipe that would recreate this mix. This was the be-     cling for Celiacs donates all net proceeds each year.
ginning of a whole new world of options for me and has      Once again, thank you very much for your support!
led me to discover a number of websites and cookbooks       You can help by sponsoring a rider or making a do-
that help make food preparation quicker and easier.         nation to Cycling for Celiacs 2008 ride. Or become a
                                                            corporate sponsor to defray the costs of Cycling for
Cookbooks                                                   Celiacs project.
I had already purchased Bette Hagman’s cookbook The
Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy but only         Contact Leticia Aloisio, 780-482-2708
for specific recipes. I had not realized that she had in-
cluded a variety of convenience mixes including cake

Edmonton Celiac Circular, May/June 2008                                                                         Page 25
CCA Kay Ernst Award to Joan Tuckey
As the final event in the Saturday banquet at the CCA Victoria Con-
ference, CCA President Janet Dalziel presented Joan Tuckey with
the Kay Ernst Distinguished Service Award “for extraordinary ser-
vice that benefits the membership across Canada.”

Dalziel noted especially Joan’s dedication to reorganizing the CCA
web site back in 2000 and her maintenance of the
website since that time. She spoke of the importance of the site for
communication within the Association and as a source of accurate
information about celiac disease to all persons.

Dalziel spoke of Joan creating only the second Canadian website
with information about celiac disease for the Edmonton Chapter.
(Preceded only by the Sarnia/Lambton Satellite website). Further
Joan has been editing and producing the Edmonton Chapter Celiac          Joan receiving her award from national
Circular for over ten years and served one year as official delegate     president, Janet Dalziel
for the Edmonton Chapter.

Congratulations Joan.

(Continued from page 25)
                                                            For spice mixes, its best to make smaller quantities that
                                                            can be used within a month or so as spices tend to
react together when they are dry could be combined          loose their potency and flavour over time. The only ex-
and then active ingredients and liquids could be added      ception would be if you were planning to make a batch
at the time of preparation. Another alternative would be    to divide amongst several individuals as gifts. For the
to blend in whatever solid fat is being used (butter,       best flavour, purchase whole spices and grind them
margarine or shortening); however, these mixtures, as       yourself with a coffee grinder. (Clean thoroughly be-
well as any containing perishable flours such as soya,      tween grindings). For even more intense flavour, toast
should be refrigerated.                                     the whole spices lightly in a dry frying pan (until you
                                                            can smell them) and then cool completely before grind-
When preparing mixes, decide on the number of               ing. If this seems like too much work, simply visit your
batches you would like to be able to get from your mix.     local health food store and purchase your spices already
If you would like 4 batches, take the quantities of dry     ground. However, choose a store with a high turnover
ingredients in your recipe (and the fat, if desired) and    so that the spices you purchase are still fresh. Once you
multiply by 4. Then, blend all mix ingredients extremely    have concocted your spice blend, pour it into glass or
well by sifting together and/or using a blender or mixer.   plastic bottles with tight fitting tops and then label, indi-
You can package the mix in one container but you will       cating the contents and the date prepared. Spices
have to calculate how much mix to use for each batch.       should be stored in an air tight container in a cool, dark
A more convenient method would be to divide the mix-        and dry place. Although convenient, storing spices over
ture into 4 equal parts and package each separately.        your stove or in a spice rack on the wall can expose
For storage, there are several options, including freezer   your spices to light and heat, reducing the potency.
bags, disposable plastic containers or more durable con-    Some spices, such as curry, cayenne, paprika, chili
tainer such as Rubbermaid or Tupperware. It is impor-       powder and red pepper, retain their potency longer if
tant to label and date each container so that you know      they are refrigerated.
what it is and how soon you need to use it to avoid
spoilage. The label should also include the remaining                                   Reprinted from Celiac Update
ingredients and the quantities required. When you are
                                                                                       Fredericton Chapter newsletter
ready to use your mix, you simply add the wet ingredi-
ents (water, milk, eggs, vanilla, etc) and proceed as you
would with any purchased mix.

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