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					Faculty workload/projects

Faculty name                Projects
Karen Cooley (1.0 FTE)          1. Advise approx 160 UG licensure students
                                    a. Initial appt. to cover degree and checklist
                                    b. Update appointments
                                    c. Pre- student teaching file reviews
                                    d. Graduation verification
                                    e. Final paper work and appt
                                    f. Phone calls
                                    g. Emails
                                2. Faculty Chair
                                3. Student problems at UG level – emails/phone calls
                                4. Affiliate Faculty phone calls and emails
                                5. Community College transfer agreements
                                6. Wyoming
                                        a. Trips
                                             1. WWCC – Rock Springs and Evanston
                                             2. LCCC – Cheyenne
                                        b. Professional Teaching Standards Board
                                        c. Working with Cheyenne for methods and student teaching
                                7. Math cohort program
                                8. Bulletin Handbook revisions
                                9. Las Vegas
                                    a. Transfer agreement with CSN
                                    b. Advising help for Chris Kelly
                                    c. State review preparation
                                    d. Travel
                                10. Ateam/Gates work
                                11. SEC Academic Committee
                                12. Curriculum Committee
                                13. Teaching – fall and spring Professionalism in Fort Collins
                                14. Assign affiliate faculty to FC STEP program
                                15. Create/maintain UG TE course schedule
                                16. Revision/Creation of UG courses
                                17. Attend Fort Collins Open Houses/Info Meetings
                                18. Attend Saturday seminars
                                19. Attend 2 commencements
                                20. Pursue Professional Development
                                    a. Academic Leadership course (2010-2011)
                                    b. PEAK Inclusive Education conference
                                    c. Presented at WY Para-Professional conference – Aug 2010
                                21. Attend faculty meetings twice a month
                                22. Attend university faculty meetings
                                23. Rural/Urban Justice Center committee member
                                24. Travel, travel, travel ---need much more time in the office!
Sondra Hochhalter (1.0     As of 10/29/10. CPS Licensure Handbook revision. Just completed S
FTE)                       Handbook revision. Beginning to contract supervising teachers for 2011.
                           Ongoing support via newsletters/phone, etc., for student teachers, coops
                           and supervising teachers. Advising undergraduate students.
                           Professionalism—2 sections.

Don Joiner (.5 FTE)

Kay Uchiyama (.75 FTE)

Paula Humphrey (1.0 FTE)        *Advise approx 160-170 UG licensure students, including community
                                college students not yet at Regis-
                                      Initial appt. to cover degree and checklist
                                      Update appointments
                                      Pre- student teaching file reviews
                                      Graduation verification
                                      Final paper work and appt
                                      Phone calls
                                * TEC/Singlularity/Degree Audit/SSR-Communications Contact
                                * Unofficial transcript analysis-Marketing (on call)
                                * Admissions Reader/Coordinator- UG program has grown exponentially
                                * Scheduling Coordinator/Affiliate faculty assignments for Metro area
                           (DTC, Lowell, Aurora & Broomfield)
                                * McLoraine Scholarship Lead and Committee member- Yearly report
                           due every December
                                * New Student Enrollment/Marketing Committee Member
                                * Seminar Committee Member
                                * Communities of Excellence Committee Member
                                * SSR Committee Member
                                * Faculty Evaluation Task Force Member/coordinator
                                * Boston K-8 Liaison
                                * Student Teaching Supervisor- 4 students/semester for past 2 years-
                           (I also view this as Professional Development)
                                * Revision for UG Courses- had 6 last fall/Currently EDFD
                                * Teaching- 8 week 1 EDFD 441 8 week 2 EDFD 431 ONLINE
                                * Mentoring- Judy St. Martin- EDFD 441 online
                                * Mentoring- Shawna Lyons- EDFD 497 classroom
                                *Professional Development
                                  1) Peak Parent Conference
                                  2) Presenter at Wyoming Paraprofessional Conference 8/2010
                                * Seminars- 3/ year
                                * Commencement – 2/year
                                * Attend Faculty & Professional Development days (twice monthly)
Keelee Burtch (.5 FTE)

Sandy Foster (1.0 FTE)

Carole Hruskocy (1.0 FTE)   Advise IT, CIA, and Professional Leader

                            Oversee online programs relative to placing faculty; following up with
                            faculty/student complaints; creating schedules; liaison to Learning
                            Design/DL for prioritization, faculty issues, course issues, etc.

                            Co-coordinate curriculum work/committee; establish meeting agendas,
                            provide guidance to faculty on course development/course guides; attend
                            kick off meetings for course writing teams; resource for faculty questions on
                            course writing and online course development; trying to lead integration of
                            technology and 21st Century skills into all courses (*This is not on my
                            current addendum.)

                            “Teach” EDRS 643; review and guide student projects

                            Task force for Mentoring

                            Task force for Faculty Evaluation

                            Manage Center for Excellence relative to Technology

                            Partnership with Westminster High School

                            Managing the revision of the complete IT degree

                            Writing the IT capstone

                            Monthly meetings with the online lead faculty

                            In December Christy and I will begin work on reviewing the current CIA
                            degree to plan necessary revisions (Paula – where’s your fork?!) (*This is
                            not on my current addendum.)

                            Presenting at conferences

                            Conducting research with Boulder Schools and Texas Instruments
Mike Camelio (.75 FTE)   Advisee 120 Licensure students in the following areas:
                         Elementary, IT licensure, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math,
                         Foreign Language, Business/Marketing, Communications, Drama, Art,
                         Music, Speech
                                  Initial appt. to cover degree and checklist
                                  Update appointments
                                  Pre- student teaching file reviews
                                  Graduation verification
                                  Final paper work and appt
                                  Phone calls

                         Create pre-req sheets for Marketing/Admissions - 10 – 20 a week

                         Scheduling Technology Lab at DTC and use of all tech equipment

                         Technology and equipment installation in Mac lab 204A and PC lab 204B

                         Installation and maintenance of wireless printers, scanners, Promethean
                         Boards etc in Elementary Classroom, 2 Promethean labs and the Discovery

                         Program and maintain the I-Touch handheld devices (10), three sets of
                         clickers for the Promethean labs and classrooms, scanners, wireless
                         printers, flip cams, doc cameras etc.

                         Chair Seminar Committee which meets 3 x’s a year. This committee meets
                         at least 30 times a year. (10 meetings per session)

                         Member of Communities of Excellence Committee

                         Foreign Language School contact person for Community of Excellence. Site
                         visitations, technology training on White Boards, Grant writing and off-site
                         training at the DTC campus.

                         Wine & Cheese bartender

                         Teach EDRS 643 students

                         Member of Light Works group with Father Steve

                         Designing Cyberwalkie class to go with instructing EDTC 600 in one week
                         intensive format for summer 2011.
Sue Vodehnal (1.0 FTE)   Advise approximately 160 students in initial and added endorsements in
                         sped generalist, ECE sped, reading.
                                  Initial appt. to cover degree and checklist
                                  Update appointments
                                  Pre- student teaching file reviews
                                  Graduation verification
                                  Final paper work and appt
                                  Phone calls

                         Developing application for two reading practicums and possible supervision
                         of one or two practicums in spring 2011.

                         Develop new capstones for added endorsement tracks.

                         Chair of special programs; oversee all sped programs (initial and added in
                         generalist and ECE) and reading programs (3 degree plans). Working on new
                         capstone for non licensure reading. Revising degree plans for sped
                         generalist and ECE sped.

                         Teach/mentor EDRS 643 for some of my students

                         Review resumes and talk to possible affiliates; attend assessments for

                         Oversaw content review for CDE and continue to be major contact for CDE
                         for content reviews that are still under review.

                         Work with marketing and admissions to be sure info is up to date; attend
                         some marketing meetings at Broadway. Belong to CCSETE which is IHE sped
                         faculty who meet with CDE 6-9 times a year.

                         Supervise 4 faculty: Maureen, Don, Christy, Keelee. Training/mentoring
                         Keelee in sped and Christy in GT and reading. Revising field logs hours and
                         requirements in the reading endorsements to meet the needs of current
                         teachers taking our reading courses. Oversee and review all reading online
                         courses and their changes.

                         Responsible for initiating course schedules for grad classroom courses;
                         select faculty for all metro classroom courses. Help recommend faculty for
                         reading courses for KTA; review all self ID forms for reading and sped.
                         Responsible for revising /editing degree plans for my areas; send schedules,
                         degree plans, revised courses to Yvaine for TE home page posting.

                         “Go to” person for many of our licensure info. Frequently serve as problem
                         solver for various faculty related to advisees and program info.

                         Member of SEC committee.
                           Reviews Licensure handbook for graduate sped info; reviews Regis Bulletin
                           and other documents about programs in TE.

                           Try to set up partner school or literacy center
                           Book club

Maureen Simms (1.0 FTE)    KTA Project Coordinator (systems development, processes, procedures,
                           orientation, document creation and maintenance, affiliate faculty
                           recruitment, supervision, cohort visits every 8 weeks)

                           EDRG 603 Instructor Fall 8W2 2010
                           EDLS 681 Instructor Spring 8W1 2011
                           EDLS 683 Instructor Spring 8W2 2011

                           Coordinate, supervise EDLS course development (12 courses, 36 credit
                           hours to include five new courses, seven course revisions)
                           Meetings: Sloan Grant (monthly), KTA (twice monthly), Faculty and PD
                           (twice monthly), Course Developers Meeting (monthly)

                           Mentoring: Assigned to mentor one (1) new faculty member (meetings
                           Provide informal mentoring (questions, document sharing, etc.) to one (1)
                           new faculty member, as needed

                           Advising: Approximately 130 students (licensure and non-licensure)

Kelli Woodrow (.75 FTE)    TEAC addendum brief and coordination of all aspects (right now time
                           consuming data gathering and coordinating with 5 people working on this);
                           Data management systems for assessment; 127 licensure students for
                           advising (last count); Professionalism (teaching; developing course and
                           associated materials); Capstone in Reflective Teaching (revising, refining,
                           implementing; scheduling; training affiliate faculty and students; working
                           with professionalism to ensure good implementation); GATES committee;
                           ASCD conference presenter (I have not prepared ANYTHING yet); Consulting
                           with distance learning on the integration of new technologies in online
                           courses; OCICU course identification and approvals; 642/643 alternatives;
                           MEETINGS/GRADUATION/SEMINAR (all of which mean NO work on the

Christy Moroye (1.0 FTE)   KTA: Advise cohorts in Arvada, Littleton, Ft. Collins and new cohorts (Jan11)
                           in Boulder/Longmont and Thornton. Cohorts include Principal licensure,
                           GT, Reading, IT, CIA, and Autism. KTA responsibilities (with Maureen) also
                           include recruiting and securing faculty for all cohorts; faculty orientation,
                           evaluation, coaching and development, knowledge of all curricula and
                           capstones/research projects for all degree plans, bi-monthly meetings,
                           weekly conference calls with KTA in Chicago, marketing, securing and
                         overseeing facilities issues, co-coordinating and running orientations in all
                         cohort locations across the Front Range…

                         GT Program Coordinator (all related duties including revising handbook,
                         monthly meetings with faculty, seminars for GT faculty,

                         GT Certificate courses—curriculum revision to put 4 courses on line

                         Curriculum Coordinator

                         Ignatian Scholars

                         Community of Excellence—Work with Pinnacle High School

                         Teach EDRS 641 Introduction to Educational Research

                         CIA—co-designing new framework and degree plan with Carole

                         TEAC—supporting Kelli

                         All other regular duties

Gary Upton (1.0 FTE)

Bob Spagnola (1.0 FTE)