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Engagement Letter - Download as DOC


Engagement Letter useful agreement when providing consulting, banking, brokerage services. Grants authorization to you as a consultant to work on behalf of another party. Pages: 1

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September 18, 2011

L. Ted Prosser
XYZ Investments, LLC
22 Pack Square 304
Asheville, NC 28801

RE:    Superior Pointe North & South
       Superior, Colorado

Dear Ted:

This letter confirms that ABC Commercial Mortgage (“ABCCM”) has the exclusive authorization
to present the subject properties to various investors excluding the ones listed below. Should
ownership of the properties accept a loan application from investors who were presented with
information by ABCCM, ABCCM shall have earned and will be paid a fee equal to one percent
(1%) of the total amount of the transaction(s) upon loan closing. The ter
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