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					                                       Name ______________________
          Directions: There are 9 optional activities listed below. You must choose 1 of the “7
        Habits” activities AND 3 other activities to complete. Each activity must come from a different
        subject area. When you finish the activity in the square, have your parent sign that square.

                                      This packet is due Thursday, September 22th
                                        Spelling Test Week 3 is September 22th

          Reading                                 Spelling                             Writing
                                                                                Two Tickets to Freedom writing
 Complete 3 activities on Compass             Choose 1 activity from the          response. Write a summary
  Odyssey. Make sure your parent            spelling contract on the back of    paragraph and imagine how you
sees your bookbag on compass, and                      this page.              would feel if you were denied your
       then signs this square.                                                 freedom. Complete the attached

      The 7 Habits                                Reading                         The 7 Habits
Make a “Wish Poster”. Start by drawing       Write a letter to the author of     Participate in MBI’s Beach
  a line down the middle. On one side          your book. Include your           Sweep, Saturday Sept. 17th.
 write, draw, or paste pictures of things   reaction to the book, as well as       Meet MBI at 8:30 at Sea
that you want. Discuss what things your                                          Captain’s Restaurant. Make
                                             questions or suggestions you
parents want, and put them on the other                                          sure a parent signs this box,
   side. Together look at your “wish                   may have.
                                                                                  showing you participated.
poster”. See how you can work together
to make both of your wishes come true.
     Social Studies                                   Math                            Science
Create a Native American Cultural
diorama or poster using the information                                           Complete the attached My
in your notebook about the different          Complete Study Link 2.2,
                                                                                    Habitat activity sheet
Native American Cultural Regions.             Many Names for Numbers.
Include the name of the region, the type
of environment, resources, homes and
food found there.
                                                Must complete:
Read at least 20 minutes for 4 days this week and record them on this chart with parent signature.
       Date                  Book Title                         Author               Minutes       Pages
                                                                                      Read         Read

        Minutes read for the week __________________Parent Signature ______________________
1. Create groups to classify your spelling words
  and write the words in the correct set.

2. Play a game or take a test on,
   record your score and have your parent sign the
   box on the homework menu.

3. Write a poem or a story using the patterned

4. Illustrate ten of your spelling words.

5. Create a “build-a-word” spelling pyramid with
   your pattern words.
    ex:    a

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