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									                  A MAgAzine of

People and
                                         An inspirational
Now 13 years online ...                  self help, holistic
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                    Issue 2008

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2 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
                                                ...Simple Success
                                                cell phone, nor has a computer on his         and go out. The amount of time we
                                                desk.                                         save is mind boggling. The question is:
                                                           His advice to young people:        What do you do with the time you have
                                                Stay away from credit cards, invest in        saved? The answer for most people
                                                yourself and remember: Money doesn't          is: work more. So while amazing tech-
                                                create man, but it is man who created         nology saves us time, if you use your
                                                money. Live your life as simple as you        newfound free time to work, you are no
                                                are. Don't do what others say. Just lis-      closer to happiness. Maybe even far-
                                                ten to them, but do what makes you feel       ther from it.
                                                good. Don't go on brand names. Wear                       In light of the changes we have
                                                those things in which you feel comfort-       seen over the last half-century, two
                                                able. Don't waste your money on unnec-        noble quotes come to mind: Mahatma
                                                essary things. Spend on those who really      Gandhi noted, “There must be more to
                                                are in need. After all, it's your life. Why   life than increasing its speed.” Abra-
                                                give others the chance to rule your life?     ham Lincoln declared, “Most people are
                                                           As I consider Mr. Buffet’s life-   about as happy as they make up their
                                                style and advice, I am most impressed         mind to be.”
                      by Alan Cohen             by his simplicity. No cell phone? No                      Warren Buffet is my new hero.
                                                computer on his desk? One letter a year       Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived
                   Business mogul Warren        to each of his CEOs? No fence around          without a cell phone or email. Some-
Buffet, the second richest man in the           his house? You mean all the gadgets,          times I wonder how we will all survive
world, recently donated $31 billion to          busyness, and complexity that we have         with it. I’m sure we will, but wouldn’t it be
charity. In a CNBC interview, Mr. Buffet        been taught are so crucial to success,        cool if we connected with ourselves and
talked about his life and revealed his se-      may not be necessary? How liberating!         each other through the original wire-
crets for success. Here are some of the                   Take a few moments now to con-      less? I think they call that God.
shocking facts:                                 sider if you could do your business more                  Alan Cohen is author of many
           He still lives in the same, small    simply. What about your work do you love      popular inspirational books, including
3-bedroom house in midtown Omaha that           to do? What do you detest? What do you        best-selling, The Dragon Doesn’t Live
he bought after he got married 50 years         do because you think you must, or be-         Here Anymore and Mr. Everit’s Secret:
ago. He says that he has everything he          cause others have placed their values and     What I Learned from the World’s Richest
needs in that house. His house does not         expectations on you? What would you be        Man. To receive information about Alan’s
have a wall or a fence.                         doing differently if you let yourself have    six-month Personal Coaching Program
           He drives his own car every-         more ease, free time, creativity, and fun?    beginning in January, or to receive Alan’s
where and does not have a driver or se-                    I know of a man who is the CEO     free daily inspirational quote and monthly
curity people around him.                       of a large company. He was working five       newsletter, visit,
           He never travels by private jet,     very long days a week and the company         email, or write
although he owns the world's largest pri-       was not growing. He was also highly           P.O. Box 835, Haiku, HI 96708.
vate jet company.                               stressed. His personal coach suggested
           His company, Berkshire Hatha-        that he take one day off a week and just
way, owns 63 companies. He writes only          nurture his spirit. The CEO agreed and        Take Control of Your Life
one letter each year to the CEOs of these       took one day weekly for recreation and                      you can control:
companies, giving them goals for the            relaxation. Afterward, he reported that
                                                                                                stress • weight problems • smoking
year. He never holds meetings or calls          his time of refreshment created space for          pain • insomnia • depression
them on a regular basis. He has given           him to think clearly and find more inner       poor memory • self-esteem • phobias
his CEO's only two rules: Rule number           peace. As a result, the other four days          anxiety • bad habits • headaches
1: Do not lose any of your shareholder's        he worked became more enjoyable and
money. Rule number 2: Do not forget rule                                                                          Dr. Hall believes that his role as a
                                                more productive than when he was work-                            hypnotherapist is to empower his
number 1.                                       ing five stressed days. Your strongest in-                        clients - that is, to assist them in
           He does not socialize with the       vestment in success is inner peace.                               developing tools which will
high society crowd. His pastime after he                   We have more time - and labor-                         enhance their lives. You can learn
                                                                                                                  the technique of self-hypnosis and,
gets home is to make himself some pop-          saving devices at our disposal today than                         with the assistance of Dr. Hall's
corn and watch television.                      at any time in history. You can commu-                            solution-oriented therapy, guide
           Bill Gates, the world's richest      nicate with anyone anywhere via email         Dr. Tim Hall
                                                                                                                  your life toward greater
man, met Warren Buffet for the first time                                                                         enrichment, health and fulfillment.
                                                instantly at the press of one button; shop               .A.,
                                                                                              D.S.W., M.P R.S.W

only five years ago. Bill Gates did not think   on the Internet without ever having to              Call now for a free 30 minute
he had anything in common with Mr. Buf-         leave your home; get directions to your                  phone consultation
fet. So he scheduled his meeting for only       meeting via wireless GPS to your PDA;                    403-289-2651
a half hour. But when Gates met him, the        download music, movies, and podcasts                     Email:
meeting lasted for ten hours and Bill Gates     without having to go to a theater or store;
became a devotee of Warren Buffet.              meet people, date, and have cyber-rela-            Tim Hall 2950 Toronto Crescent NW
                                                                                               Dr.Dr. Tim Hall2950 TorontoCrescent NW
                                                                                                   w w w . . c o m
           Warren Buffet does not carry a       tionships without having to get dressed
                                                                                                             d r t i m h a l l

                                                                          Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 3
       DIRECTORY LISTING of Products & Services
    Dear Readers: The next several pages are filled with all kinds of wonderful opportunities for you to nourish your body, mind
and spirit. Please browse through these listings and if you find something that intrigues you, feel free to call any of the advertisers
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      Hold onto this Directory Listing for future reference. Think of it as the “yellow pages” of what is available for you in the
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one of our advertisers, you are supporting this FREE magazine. We thank you sincerely for that. The purpose of publishing this
magazine has always been to help you become more of who you really are. The articles are meant to inspire you to what is pos-
sible and the products and services are there to support you on your journey. Love & Blessings, Veronica Hay, Author/Publisher
ACUPRESSURE                                       ANGELS                                         AROMATHERAPY / ESSENTIAL OILS
Susanne Downing                                   Mark Starmer                                   Forever Fragrant
Inner Heart Wellness                              P.O. Box 965, Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0          1563 Snake Road, Burlington, ON L7P 4Y9
#120 - 14 Mission Avenue                          Telephone: 1-403-949-2845                      Telephone: 905-667-4440 Fax:416-946-1422
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada T8N 1H4               Fax: 1-403-949-2845                            Email:
Telephone: 780-990-7946                           Email:                  Website:
Email:               Website:               We specialize in Aromatherapy essentials,
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____________________________________              anchoring                                      Sarasota, Florida
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Treatments are offered in acupuncture, tui        ANGELS / INTEGRATED THERAPIES                  Website:
na [massage, acupressure and stretching],         Joette Lees                                    We offer an Aromatherapy Certification
herbal medicine, reiki and facial rejuvenation.   Angel Stardust Journey                         Program approved by the National Associa-
Your interest and choice determines your          Calgary, Alberta                               tion of Holistic Aromatherapy. We also provide
treatment mode. For your benefit, come            Telephone: 1-403-660-8468                      a high quality line of essential oils, imported
experience treatment with one of the most         Email:            from essential oils distillers worldwide.
compassionate practitioners.                      Website:              ___________________________________
Ken Corbett                                       Integrating therapies with information from    Joy Watson
D.T.C.M. Registered Acupuncturist                 your angels, you are empowered to fulfill      Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Inc.
Telephone: 403-228-4745                           your goals toward abundance of confidence,     Telephone: 519-821-7504
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Email:                      Attract everything in life you want            Website:
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Cross Currents Clinic                             ANGER & STRESS MANAGEMENT                      and on site aroma-massage bodywork
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NW Calgary, AB T3A 0X9                            Anger & Stress Management Providers Inc.       international training centre recognized by
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Fax: 403-450-3973                                 Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 5K4               ___________________________________
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acupuncture care. Acupuncture is provided         is a global anger management/executive         cell : 916 -420-2120
in a quiet, respectful community setting.         coaching training provider. All our programs   Email : LCASEY@MACNEXUS.ORG
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4 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
                                              The Meaning of

                                                                                                          Gwen Randall Young

                                              make our own meaning. We decide                private practice. She is the recipient
                                              the part we want to play in this lifetime,     of the Psychologist's Association of
                                              whether we are conscious of deciding           Alberta John G. Paterson award (2003)
                                              or not. We decide how we will to use           for excellence in portraying psychological
                                              ourselves in relation to others, and what      knowledge to the public. Visit her website
                                              our priorities will be.               or contact her directly:
                                                         In our culture, it is not always Books and CDs avail-
                                              easy to talk about these bigger ques-          able online. See website for retail outlets.
                                              tions. Some are intimidated by such            See advertisement on page 8.
                                              topics, fearing that their lives may have
                                              no meaning. It can be easier to tread
           Throughout time writers and        the waters of superficiality than to take a
philosophers have grappled with the           deep dive to explore the unknown.
                                                                                                stress release, relaxation
question of the meaning of life. Most of                  Perhaps it is our evolutionary
us have reflected upon the mystery that       obligation to search the depth of our own
is life. We look around at all that has       souls, and bring the buried treasure we               MANIFESTATIONS
happened throughout history, and what         find there to the surface, to add to the               create, visualize, image
is unfolding in the world now, and try to     collective wealth. Sure, we can still build
grasp some idea of what it is all about.      financial empires, have babies and play                      MUTUAL SUPPORT
           Of course, no one can state        golf if we want, but we need to know                           attitudes, beliefs
definitively why we are here, or how we       who it is that is doing these things.
emerged from whatever was here before                    Those things are temporal but          Join us Sundays at 11 a.m.
we were. We can only ponder the mir-          who we really are at our depth is eternal.        Divine Science

acle of each generation emerging from         Our soul is on a journey, and all the stuff       Spiritual Awareness Fellowship
the one prior, carrying the evolutionary      of life we take so seriously may simply           (we are a home-based study group)
process a little further along each time.     be props we are to work with, and in
           It is fascinating that the prog-   relation to which we choose our level of
ress is the result of what transpires in      awareness and consciousness.
the minds of individuals. There is no                   That is why it is important to          Phone: 246-5762
external blueprint we are following. If       keep in conscious contact with our own
there is an internal blueprint, then we       souls. We need to occasionally sit back,
each carry a part of it. Always, there are    and be the observer of our own lives. A
individuals who have brilliant insights       good relationship with the soul serves
that allow our species to take great          one well both in times of crisis, and later
leaps. But those insights have little         on in life when many aspects of our
power until they are understood by and        lives, inevitably, change. The meaning
integrated into the minds of others. As       we give to our lives must be something
in a three-legged race, it seems to take      deeper than our present circumstances,
individuals grouping together coopera-        for those will change.
tively to have any forward movement.                    First, we learn to connect with
           So also, as with flowers, it       our souls. Then, we can work on learn-
seems the collective consciousness blos-      ing to speak from that level. In a world
soms with some good cross-pollination         so filled with things to do, at an often
as we make our way along the evolution-       dizzying pace, it is easy to get wrapped
ary path. That is why it is so important to   up with our friends and families with ego-
utilize our powers of independent think-      level functioning and communicating.
ing. It is easy to get hypnotized into just              To do so is to miss out on the
following the common culture, like lem-       precious opportunity to truly assist one
mings all running in the same direction.      another on our evolutionary journey.
We know what happens to lemmings. We          We are here for a reason, we are all
cannot afford to put our consciousness in     connected, and the people in our lives
neutral and just drift along.                 are not there by chance or accident. Be
            We can avoid this by allocat-     curious about the meaning. Ask your
ing some of our awareness to regular          ancient soul to tell you. If you listen very
reflection on the meaning of our own          carefully, it will.
lives. That meaning, by the way, is                     Gwen Randall-Young is an
whatever we choose it to be. We must          author and Registered Psychologist in
                                                                        Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 5
David Lai feng shui master                       BED AND BREAKFAST                               Helena Canfield
Specialized in: Chinese Feng Shui                Arlene Roberge                                  Traditional Hawaiian Healing
consultation for business and residential -      City Centre Riverpath B & B                     Website:
Palm and face reading - Chinese Astrology        1011 Maggie Street SE                           North Calgary Clinic & Training Centre
reading for current year or whole life -         Calgary, Alberta T2G 4L6                        Telephone: (403) 230-5370
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403-660-9699 Email:        Email:                      SAFE, GENTLE, EFFECTIVE.
___________________________________              Website:                           Hawaiian Lomilomi 'Body Alignment'
Michael O'Connor                                 Bed and Breakfast Beside the Bow River          massage, Aromatherapy, Body Talk,
Professional Astrologer / Life Coach             in Downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.           CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic
Website:                Comfortable, Convenient, Calm, Affordable.      Drainage, Intuitive Counselling.
Email:                       ___________________________________             Also available: Hawaiian Lomilomi Course,
Telephone: 1-888-352-2936                        Mike Copes                                      Goddess Workshops, Certified Essential
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Consultations by Phone/in-Person:                1484 Wilkinson Rd, Comox, BC V9M 4B3            Bath Mud.
Career * Relationships * Family * Business       Telephone: 250-339-1038                         ___________________________________
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and the nature of consciousness. Vaishali is     Email:            give toys to sick children in the hospital on
also a radio host       Website:              Christmas day. I have been blessed with a
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6 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
                                                              Lifestyle                                Seems obvious doesn’t it? Yet
                                                                                            think for a moment about what keeps
                                                                                            you from Being, Doing and Having what

                                                                                            you want in your life. It is usually some
                                                                                            derivative of 'I don’t have enough money
                                      by                                                    or I don’t have enough time.'
                                                                                                       Which brings us back to lifestyle
                                Jay Fiset                                                   design. The first and most important step
                                                                                            to experiencing freedom is to become
          As I write this, I am on my first    many mini retirements along the way.         perfectly clear about your ideal life. In
annual two month summer holiday, or as         Enjoy your life NOW, don’t wait.             other words, design your lifestyle.
Wyatt, my 2 1/2 year old says “holday                     This clearly flies in the face               I have been facilitating per-
venture.” That is a holiday adventure for      of conventional wisdom, yet it makes         sonal development programs for almost
those of you that don’t speak toddler.         sense, much more sense than trading          20 years and I can tell you that the vast
          This trip is a milestone for my-     your life now for supposed freedom           majority of people do not have a com-
self and my family. It is the result of a      later. In fact, as society moves further     pelling vision of what their life could be.
commitment I made at the beginning             away from the conditioning of the indus-     Most people are focused on fixing what
of this year to create 120 family days         trial age and embraces the possibilities     is not working and/or making the pain go
in 2008, to spend more time and have           of the information age, we will live our     away. These are seemingly important
more fun with my family. That may not          lives in much more creative ways. In         goals, yet they are focused on moving
seem like much to you, however from a          the not too distant future people will be    away from something in life, not moving
recovering workaholic, it is a huge step.      cutting the tethers of traditional work to   towards a compelling vision of a mean-
          As I bask in the glory of two        create income from literally anywhere in     ingful life. This cannot create freedom.
months away from work, I’m reminded            the world. A relatively new idea but one         What do you want to move towards?
of a phrase I first came across in Chris       that is catching on.                                    Consider what would be an in-
Ferriss’ The Four Hour Work Week. That                    So how does one go about          teresting, meaningful and inspiring life
phrase is ‘lifestyle design’ and it is go-     designing a life to experience freedom       for you, your family and your kids? Do
ing to become more and more significant        NOW?                                         not be encumbered by old limiting be-
in the next few years. One key premise                    Experiencing Freedom re-          liefs of ‘I can’t afford it,’ or ‘I don’t have
of The Four Hour Work Week is; don’t           quires striking the balance between          the time or other required resources,’
wait until the end of your life to “retire.”   creating enough time and resources to        simply become clear about what defines
Design your life such that you can take        live the life you desire.                    your ideal life. Who do you want to be,

                                                                        Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 7
what do you want to do and what do
you want to have?
           How will your relationships
be? How will you earn your income?
If you work, how much time do you
work? What parts of the world do you
want to see and experience? Where do
you want to live? Why? What hobbies
would you pursue? What sorts of physi-
cal activities would you do? What kinds
of support would you have from family,
staff, friends? What charities would you
support? What education would you
have or engage in?
           Once you are perfectly clear
about what you want your life to look
like, the next step is to focus your en-
ergy to create and accumulate the
resources to manifest your ideal life.
Remember it can be done. You can be
free. Take the risk to design and live
your unique lifestyle.
           “The man who trades freedom
for security does not deserve nor will
he ever receive either.”
                       Benjamin Franklin
 Jay Fiset is the President of Personal
 Best Seminars. He can be reached at
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Stephen Speilberg was once asked what God would say to him when he arrived at               through
the pearly gates? He said he believed God would say, “thank you.”                           ___________________________________
             An answer free of doubt, guilt or remorse. A confident yet humble satis-       CLINICS / WELLNESS CENTRES
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camera in his hand and had a mother who encouraged his creativity. Not everyone   
                                                                                            Janet L. Rowe- Holistic Practitioner comes
is so lucky. But do you think it’s been an easy path for him? I wonder how it felt
                                                                                            from her heart offering integrity, honesty,
to be shunned by his peers and the movie industry for years. I wonder how many              and experience in all that she does. Blood
doubts and fears he has wrestled with while tackling difficult and sensitive subjects.      Analysis -Live, Dried and Darkfield - Aro-
I wonder how much he likes the public appearances that come with marketing a                matherapy/Essential Oil Therapy -Iridology -
major theater release.                                                                      Nutritional counseling, therapeutic herbs and
            Have you ever walked away from a project or shut the door on an oppor-          vitamins - Make sure you know what you are
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ain’t for sissies.”                                                                         ___________________________________
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            In every challenge of your life learn to look beyond disturbances, through      DetoxHerbs, Cancer Care, Immune Support,
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problems and out to the farthest vision you can imagine. Hold on to that vision no
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matter what. Next take steps in accord with it. This will allow your current circum-        (see display advertisement on page 24.)
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practices to assist you in defining what you     Website:                               Canadian Callanetics body sculpting class is
want now and how to attain it with ease!         (under ‘Clinic / Practitioners’)               unique ... combining Ballet and Yoga this
___________________________________              Weight Management, Smoking Cessation,          program will transform you and your body. Suit-
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Believe 2 Succeed                                Control, Family Issues, Sexual Dysfunctions,   ___________________________________
Teal Spring, Main Street, Coveney, Ely,          Fears & Phobias, Sports & Sales                DISTANCE LEARNING
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Live the life you want and deserve.              WHEN AWARENESS ISN'T ENOUGH.                   Website:
Take control and be inspired.                    RAPID: Dramatically reduces time required.      Distance Learning Bachelor's, Master's,
Stop walking the tread mill of daily routine.    GENTLE: No need to re-experience original      Doctorate. Counseling Psychology,
Live your dreams.                                trauma. LASTING: Positive changes last and     Hypnotherapy, Holistic fields, Wellness,
Be the change, make a difference today.          accumulate.                                    Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Spirituality,
Believe-2-succeed,                               CALL: Laara K. Bracken 250-763-6265            Music, Independent Studies. Research
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schedule a Breakthrough Strategy Session         spirituality and healing, counselling and      Website:
to gain clarity and get unstuck.                 mentoring for individuals and couples,         We are a non-profit-educational
Take action & call 604-523-6268 or email me      art therapy, art and spirituality groups and   organization dedicated to assisting people                   training in various healing arts including     reach their highest potential as Beloved
to schedule an appointment.                      art therapy.                                   Children of God.
12 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
The Laws Of Attraction Create Abundance..... Jewel Best Learning Library
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                                                                                             We are a clearinghouse for quality education
                                                                                             and personal development programming. We
                                                                                             produced The Anger Toolbox, a healthy alter-
                                                                                             native to Anger Management, by acclaimed
                                                                                             facilitator Dr. Joann Peterson. This DVD
                                                                                             comes in a 90 minute educational version
                                                                                             and a 13 Part Series with Facilitator's Guide.
                                                               by Saleem Rana                Henri van Amerongen - Dare2bU Academy
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                                                                                             Telephone: 250-751-1637
All abundance arises from the Laws of Attraction.                                            Email:
           Abundance is for everyone, not just the limited few that life appears to          Website:
have smiled on.                                                                              Affordable Courses to become Life Coach,
           We are surrounded by abundance. Nature is lavish, even wasteful in its            Systemic Coach/Counsellor and Facilitator
                                                                                             Family- and organizations Constellations.
abundance. Anyone caring to look will find an abundance of love, joy, money, and
                                                                                             Also individual coaching/counselling.
health is readily available to everyone willing to accept them. If there is any lack in      Business coaching.
our lives it's not because there is not enough, but rather, because we are limiting our      ___________________________________
intake. What we receive in life is controlled by the limits we place on our emotions,        EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
behaviors, thoughts and actions.                                                             Andy Bryce, EFT Master
           There are many factors involved in why it is so hard for us to open the valve     SpiritCoach Training and Coaching
controlling the flow of abundance in our lives. By the time we become aware of the           3320 Ullsmore Avenue, Richmond, BC
fact that we create our own limits, the beliefs and habits we've developed that pro-         Canada V7C 1S1 Telephone: 604-277-6650
duce these limits are so ingrained they are very difficult to change.
           Society also has its role to play. Since most of the world's governments          I do one on one sessions for health or per-
have become capitalistic societies, it's in their best interest to promote conditions        formance, and ongoing coaching and Level
and belief systems that produce large numbers of have-nots. Simple economics                 1, 2 & 3 EFT workshops as well as a two day
tells us that in order for capitalism to thrive, there must be a large supply meeting a      workshop called the Art of Receiving, which
large demand and you must have people who are in debt to create a large enough               combines the Law of Attraction and EFT.
demand to consume that large supply.                                                         I am one of two EFT Masters in Canada.
           The simple reality is that the governments of the world make their money          I use visualization, humour, energy and
                                                                                             insight as well as EFT.
from our poor health, debt, and our struggle to "just get by." Their abundance is de-
pendant on our lack.                                                                         ENERGY HEALING
           But this does not mean we have to accept these limits. While it's true that       Pam Booth CEM - Energy Healing By Pam
most people will never take advantage of it, information about attracting wealth and         Telephone: 949-525-2870
prosperity is freely available to anyone caring to look. And the law of attraction says      Email:
that the more you look, the more information you will attract. What fills your life is       Website:
what you focus on.                                                                           Pam Booth is a certified Chinese Energetic
           Learning to create abundance in your life is about much more than simply          Medicine practitioner. She uses energy
                                                                                             healing to release subconscious blocks and
creating material wealth, it is about enriching your Self as a whole. When you begin
                                                                                             improve any area of your life, such as:
to understand the principles and laws that govern Abundance, you begin to under-             prosperity, health, relationships, and career.
stand that you are not constrained by the conditions of the economy or the amount            Sessions available by phone.
of your present income.                                                                      ___________________________________
           Your ability to increase your wealth, live in abundance, and have financial       ENERGY HEALING / SPIRITUALITY /
freedom is all based on your understanding of the universal laws that govern the flow        SCHOOLS
of energy controlling your ability to turn potential into reality.                           Ataana
           Yet there is more to creating abundance than simply placing an order and          Telephone: 615-202-6950
then sitting back to wait for its delivery. You have to be giving something of value,
adding to the flow, in order to make this work. When this is the case people are more        School to learn Energy-work, energy healing.
than willing to pay for your contribution.                                                   Mentoring, Online and group classes.
           Wealth, money, success, love, and health are all forms of energy. Being           Distant healing work.
part of the flow means that you are a participating member. Once you understand              ___________________________________
how to operate in the flow of that energy, you learn to work with the Source of energy       Sheila Wright
and actively create your reality instead of simply letting random thoughts create a          Sheila Wright Consulting Services
chaotic existence for you.                                                                   Telephone: 888-689-2378
           Abundance is about living a healthy, vibrant life with a purpose and experienc-
ing the joy that comes from possessing a strong sense of Self. If you want to change your    Sheila Wright is an EFT, TAT and
life, and enjoy much more abundance, you should study and use the Laws of Attraction.        PSYCH-K™ Facilitator and a Feng Shui and
                         Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas with you.       Energy Balancing Specialist. She offers her
                          You can review these classics on the Law Of Attraction here:       services to residential and commercial clients
                                       throughout Canada and the USA.

                                                                        Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 13
Moira Hutchison DHP Acc. Hyp                    ESSENTIAL OILS / HEALTH PRODUCTS                   FOUNDATIONS
Wholistic Practitioner                          Vicki-Lynne Jost - Young Living                    Telos Worldwide Foundation Inc.
HUTCHISON HEALING TOUCH                         Telephone: 403-612-2074                            7400 St-Laurent, Montreal, PQ H2R 2Y1
Telephone: 613-281-0611                         Fax: 403-220-9116                                  514-940-7746 Email:
Website:          Email:                       Website:
Email:           "Our mission: awaken humanity to Christ
Hypnotherapy • Craniosacral Therapy                       Counsciousness, to one's divinity under the
Somatic Emotional Release * Thai Yoga           Essential Oils & Health Products.                  guidance of the Masters channeled by
Therapy • Reiki • Bodywork                      Experience the Ningxia Red Juice.                  Aurelia Louise Jones. Activities:
___________________________________             Matchless, Age-Defying Antioxidant Activity.       conferences, initiatic journeys,
ENERGY MEDICINE                                 With the highest levels of naturally               live channelings, Ascension ceremonies,
Marlaina Eykelbeysh                             occurings-orac and orac activity.                  study groups, workshops."
10708-78 Ave.                                   ___________________________________                ___________________________________
Edmonton, AB T6E 1P6                            FENG SHUI                                          GERMAN NEW MEDICINE
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all stepping stones to wellness.                Traditional Chinese Feng Shui with interior        Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.. Check out her
Appointments can be in person or very           design on commercial & residential projects.       website for details and upcoming events.
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Website:             environments and into the flow of life!            for your business communication, marketing
Source Co-Creations is a partnership of         Offering energy clearing, Feng Shui                or customer follow-up. Visit my website and
committed professionals helping people to       consulting and design, workshops, and              SEND A FREE CARD and see how easy it is.
work through their individual, group,           speaking engagements.                              ___________________________________
organizational life challenges; facilitating    ___________________________________                GUIDED MEDITATION CD'S
individuals awakening into their meaning,       Feng Shui Breeze                                   New Age Kids, Inc.
love and soul purpose. Books, CDs,              Telephone: 403-238-3066                            Guided Meditation CD's for adults and
Workshops.                                      E-Mail:                        children - helping to create a generation of
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Jen Connors                                     greater success, abundant prosperity, better       or call 310-712-5437 or
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5 pointed star & heart protected by a circle,   Palm and face reading - Chinese Astrology          Website:
channeling universal LOVE /ONENESS!             reading for current year or whole life             Natural Hair Regrowth: We work with men,
Testimonials available, great on pets....       I -Ching reading                                   women and children worldwide that are suffer-
remarkable healing naturally!!                  Phone number: 403-660-9699                         ing from hair loss. We help them regrow their
Email or phone 780-702-7541/                    Email:                       hair, giving them confidence, self-esteem, an                        ___________________________________                improved 'first impression' appearance, and
(see display advertisement on page 17.)         Simply Feng Shui                                   the start of a new life. Home training kit.
___________________________________             Holly Fairchild                                    ___________________________________
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Creating healthier homes and environment.       Email:                     90809-2903 Telephone: (800) 813-5888
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Website:                        Environmental influences affect the                Website:
Cleaning and personal care products             quality of our relationships, career,              Creative Life Sciences is a community that is
without chemicals.                              wealth, well being, and more.                      dedicated to helping individuals understand
Microfiber cleaning using just WATER!           At essence, Feng Shui is                           and advance their life path. We have helped
Leaves a 99% microorganism-free surface.        environmental healing that clears blocked          people uncover their own personal truth and
Reduce exposure to chemicals for your           energy. This allows beneficial Ch'i to flow        purpose. By harnessing the ancient universal
family and our environment.                     effortlessly, improving our quality of life.       energies our consultants help you find clarity
Live healthier, safer.                          Visit our website today.                           within your current circumstances.
14 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
by Keith Varnum                                                                                 NEW to CALGARY
                                                                                                Healing in the Hologram
                                                                 The Tao of                     Renate Jung - Healing Facilitator & Catalyst
                                                                                                North West, Calgary, Alberta

                                                                  Positive                      Telephone: 403-284-2955

Be realistic. Expect a miracle! - Rajneesh
                                                                 Expectations                   In a holographic universe we can use the
                                                                                                divine matrix and access endless
                                                                                                possibilities for transformation,
          How much do our expectations have to do with what happens in our life?                reconstruction and healing on all levels.
Everything! Way more than most people give themselves credit for!                               A place where we allow miracles to happen.
          The "Tao" means the Way of Nature, the Way of the Universe-the way things             ___________________________________
                                                                                                HEALTH CENTERS
work. The Tao of Positive Expectations is the way positive expectation works in our lives.
                                                                                                Shakil A.Khan MD, ND., HD.
          Positive expectation begets positive experience. It's that simple. Any man-           AAA Hospital & Health Centers
ner in which your mind complicates this truth is a trick of your mind! A trick to keep          Telephone: Toll Free in USA. 888-262-6052
you from using your natural power to attract whatever you choose in life.                       In Canada: 416-238-0992
          A Prophetic Tale - Average people can perform at genius level. Anyone can             Fax: 809-532-7899
accomplish whatever they expect to accomplish. Dr. Robert Rosenthal of Harvard                  Email:
University conducted this experiment in a San Francisco Bay area school: At the                 Website:
beginning of the school year, the principal called three teachers into his office. He           We are a fully accredited hospital, offering
                                                                                                both traditional & non-traditional, holistic
said to the teachers, "As a result of your teaching excellence over past years, we've
                                                                                                healthcare. Our CALL-THE-DOCTOR
come to the conclusion that you are the best teachers in this school. As a special              24-hour program costs only $10 per month
reward to you, we've identified three classes each with 30 of the brightest students            and allows you unlimited medical
in this school-the students with the highest IQ's. We're going to assign them to you            consultation by phone or email.
to teach for the entire year.                                                                   ___________________________________
          "Now, we don't want to be accused of discrimination, so it's very important           HEALTH-ENHANCING PRODUCTS &
that you don't tell these children in any way that you know they've been selected for           SERVICES
a screened class. And second of all, we're not going to tell their parents, because we          Carol James -
                                                                                                PO Box 388, Dundee, OR 97115
don't want to cause any complications there. I expect you to teach exactly the same
                                                                                                Telephone: 866-875-4386 toll free
way you normally do, using exactly the same curriculum. And I expect you to get very            Fax: 503-554-0840
good results with these students."                                                              Email:
          The results: At the end of the school year, these students led not only the           Website:
school, but the entire school district in academic accomplishment. Calling the three            wellness-center
teachers into his office, the principal said, "Well, you've had a very good year." "Yes,        Health-enhancing products: Organic
we have. It was so easy!" replied the teachers. "These children were so easy to                 cosmetics, skin care and grooming products,
teach. They were so eager to learn. It was such a pleasure to teach them." "Well,               relaxation tools, air purifiers, water filters,
                                                                                                full body pillows, supplements,
maybe I'd better tell you the truth," said the school principal. "This has been an ex-
                                                                                                vita-mixers, sports bottles, portable, reusable
periment. These 90 children were chosen out of the school population at random.                 heat packs, gift ideas and more
When I assigned them to your class at the beginning of the year, I had no idea what             ___________________________________
their IQ's were at all." "That's incredible!" exclaimed the teachers. "But how could it         Cynthia Sebry
be that they scored so high? They did so well. They got such good grades. Ah hah!               Essential Energy and Laser
Yes! It must be because we are such excellent teachers." At which the principal said,           5258-49 Street, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1H6
"And I think I should also tell you the other side of the experiment. At the beginning          Telephone: 403-391-4117
of the school year, we put all the teachers' names in a hat, and yours were the first           Email:
three names that were drawn."
          You can understand why these average students did so well if you under-               Your Laser Hair Removal Specialist in
stand the Tao of Positive Expectations: you achieve what you expect to achieve and              Lacombe, Alberta. Detox Therapy- Chi
what others expect you to achieve.                                                              Machine & Ion Cleanse with Reflexology
          Like Vibration Attracts Like Vibration - By the Tao of Attraction, like vibration     Reiki Master/Teacher. Raindrop and Indian
attracts only like vibration. If you're in the vibration-energy, spirit, state, frequency-of    Head Massage. Ongoing Reiki Classes,
high expectations, you'll attract like energy-high expectation- to you. In other words,         Courses. Your local Alberta Chi Machine
at a particular frequency of vibration, one can only encounter people and events                Distributor. Detox Foot Patches.
vibrating at that same frequency. All that exists at that frequency are people and
events that are vibrating at that frequency. All other people and outcomes exist on a                    Drawing from the wisdom of na-
different frequency, on a different level of vibration.                                        tive and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith
          Of course, to authentically get to that high vibration, you may need to release-     Varnum shares his 30 years of practical
or transform-some unconscious lower vibration beliefs and feelings. What attracts our          success as an author, personal coach,
experiences in life is the sum total of our conscious and unconscious beliefs and feel-        acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, res-
ings. Since the principal expected a lot, so did the teachers. And, sensing that the           taurateur, vision quest guide and interna-
teachers expected a lot, the students did too. Dr. Rosenthal repeated this experiment          tional seminar leader with "The Dream
300 times. Each time he got identical results! Obviously, the conscious heightened             Workshops".
expectations were stronger than any unconscious lower beliefs and feelings. Thank                          Keith helps people get the love,
God! That's the good news! The not-so-good news is that, of course, the opposite is             money, and health they want with his Free
also true. If you consciously, or unconsciously, expect low achievement from yourself              Prosperity Ezine, Free Abundance Tape
or others, that's what you will attract - low achievement. So, here's to the Great news!                              and Free Coaching at
We all achieve what we expect to achieve. Go for it! You deserve it!                                  
                                                                          Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 15
                                        Insight and Healing with Emjai, RMT
                                                                             At Mystic Moon, intuitive guide Emjai merges
             Ayurveda Education, Products
                                                                   her intuitive gifts with a philosophy of healing that runs
                and Services available                             much deeper than simply forecasting futures. Emjai's
                Ayurveda Spa Specialist
                                                                   purpose is finding healing for both today and tomorrow.
                Training now in Calgary!                           Through gentle empowerment, clients are guided by her
                      Ayurveda Skincare and Perfumes
                                                                   sensitivity through the channels of the universe and the
                                                                   wisdom of her higher guides. Using palmistry, tarot and
                                                                   astrology Emjai searches for the individual truths that
                                                                   lead to each client’s unique path to happiness and a better
                                                                   understanding of the self.
                                                                             Through her adept use of Reiki, Massage and
                                  Aromatherapy all who enter her serene 17th Avenue
                           retreat gain a sense of balance, peace and wellness in the
                                                                   body, mind & spirit. "through spiritual awareness i
                                                                   will help you to resolve your past, understand your
                  Planning a career in                             present and tune into your future. together we can
                 MASSAGE THERAPY?                                  empower you to address your life in its challenges and
                                                                   mysteries." Emjai
                                                                           Aura and Chakra Balancing
  MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy offers its
   professional massage program by distance                                  Aromatherapy Massage
     learning. Monthly or weekly tutorials in                                     Reiki Master
      Calgary and Edmonton. Small classes,                                Palmistry, Tarot and Astrology
   great instructors and surprisingly affordable.
  Now interviewing for September classes.                           For more information on Emjai's various
            Student financing available.                           healing approaches visit
                                                                       or call Emjai now at 403-249-7717
                                                                   gift certificates • home parties • phone readings
 For free info package, call 780-491-0574                              Download this magazine online at:
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                                                                                       in the body
       More efficient than some expensive models!!
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                                                                                  Sharon Stopforth, MSW, RSW     403-259-3427
              for MAIL ORDERS contact Erwin                                       Counsellor         
  Phone/Fax: 780-456-6134 • Email:                   Book now & receive your first session free!
16 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
                       Tradeshows: Building
                       Your Thirty-Second                                                Carollyne B. Rayner*
                       Business                                                         Alberta Marriage Commissioner
                                                                                            Commissioner for Oaths
                       By Donna Dahl                                                              Weddings, Christenings, Renewals

                       Acclaimed as a “must read”                                     telephone   (403) 283-4770 • 540-6478
                       for those wanting to grow                                                          email
                                                                Carollyne B. Rayner
                       their business...for tradeshow                                                               Publishing
                                                                                                   *A Division of Turtle
                       vendors, for persons in sales                           Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!
                       and for entrepreneurs.
                                                                      63124, 2604 Kensington Rd. NW, Calgary, AB Canada T2N 4S5
Now in its third printing.   Available through     

Free Your Mind with New Beliefs
         Make things Happen NOW!
                                                                                         Carollyne B. Rayner*
Psych-K™ Workshops                                                                      CERTIFIED FUNERAL CELEBRANT©
                                                g Dat
                                        Up comin 0, 2008
Free your mind!                              mber
                                       Septe                                             telephone   (403) 283-4770 • 540-6478
Learn how to change limiting                                                                          email
                                                                                                               $40.00 per session
subconscious beliefs into                                       Carollyne B. Rayner                    *A Division of Turtle   Publishing
                                                                    Commissioner CERtiFiCatEs aVailablE
beliefs that support you                                                                Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!
...quickly and easily.                                             CONtaCt Maia ElaNNa (403) 256-9103
                                                                  of Oaths in Alberta
                                                                      63124, 2604 Kensington Rd. NW, Calgary, AB Canada T2N 4S5

   For details call or visit:

        Psych-K™ private sessions available
Most people don't know there are angels whose only
 job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable
and fall asleep and miss your life." - Brian Andreas

                                                                                              , b.sW., M.Ed., RMt
                                                                 Pursue a Cosmic healing Pathway...Experience:
                                                                 A) Ionic Footbath Detoxification............................$40.00
                                                                 B) Ear Candling Treatment.....................................$50.00
                                                                 C) Psychological Kinesiology: 2 Hours............... $110.00
                                                                 D) Two Hour Full Body Reflexology & Massage..$100.00
                                                                 E) Munay-Ki Initiation Rites-Instructor/Facilitator...........
                                                                            Energize yourself with “Magic” Crystals
                                                                           Revitalize yourself with cellular magnesium
                                                                  Cellular magnesium deficiency is a major cause of most “Dis-ease”
                                                                        Hydrate yourself at a cellular level with “Thin Water”

                                                                      GiFt CERtiFiCatEs aVailablE
                                                                    CONtaCt Maia ElaNNa (403) 256-9103
                                                                  Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 17
Learning to Find Our... True                                 Core Power
                                                                                                  HEALTHY CHOCOLATES / XOCAI
                                                                                                  CHOCOLATES / GUILT-FREE CHOCOLATES
   by Susie Legault                                                                               Eaglesway Ltd.
                                                                                                  Telephone: 403-912-1688
           It is like an epidemic in our time, most especially in North America where             Fax: 403-912-7488
we live: The significant impact of having grown up under the authority of narcissistic            Email:
personalities. They were a parent to us, teachers, bosses and authorities to whom we              Website:
gave our power. We felt trapped and we either rebelled with a great rage detrimental              Ancient medicine at last available through
and heavily miserable to ourselves and to others; or we obeyed, became submissive                 modern technology! Discover incredible
to their demands that we “must align” with their will and control over us, rather than            health benefits while indulging in
with the power we can feel from within our core. Either way, we denied our inner power            GUILT-FREE DELICIOUS, CREAMY,
                                                                                                  Dark Belgian HEALTHY CHOCOLATE,
and allowed them to control us.
                                                                                                  with unprecedented levels of flavonoids.
           We didn’t know and we failed to connect with our own inner-power, surren-              FIRST of its kind to be cold-pressed,
dering it to be used and abused by another person who experienced themselves as                   unfermented, non-alkalized, non-lecithinized
“center of the universe” and who couldn’t sense or respect the separation that naturally          and absolutely free of any fillers, additives,
exists between different beings… although we are also all connected at an energetic               dairy or caffeine. Chock full of Blueberries,
level. The narcissist’s ego is experienced as all powerful, with a grandiose sense of             Acai Berries. EXTREMELY HIGH
“perfect” self. Appearances are much more important to them than substance. They                  ANTIOXODANT levels unseen in regular
crave attention and admiration from everyone around them. They display arrogance                  chocolate (or ANY food – period!!)
                                                                                                  Call 403-912-1688 for your free samples.
and self-centeredness in their inter-relationships. They expect immediate special at-
tention and compliance from others. They won’t receive or accept criticism because                HEALTH PRODUCTS & SERVICES
they do not know their ability to cope with the shame they would experience within.               Sylvea Stevens
Shame is to be avoided at all cost. They project shame outwardly and blame others,                219 Martindale Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 3B8
rationalize and justify all they do or choose to present without any reproach. Only their         Telephone: 403-280-2784
perspective and views can be right. They feel threatened by a different approach,                 Email:
point of view or choice. If you do not experience, feel, think or choose like they do,            Energy clearing, Reiki treatments and
then, in their view, there is something wrong with you and you may come to face their             classes. Reflexology and Hot Stone
                                                                                                  Massage. Full Body Waxing.
narcissistic rage and disdain. Even your memories must be controlled to align with
                                                                                                  Top of the line health and wellness products.
their own, because they cannot cope with the difference. Narcissists cannot cope well             ie Arbonne, Avena, Gano Excel
with anything different from their own limited experience of self. They experience oth-           (healthy coffee) Evening and Weekend
ers as extensions of their will, just like all babies do at their most vulnerable stage of        appts available. For a Relaxing treat call
life. The vulnerability is so great within that it is unbearable. Therefore, to ease their        Sylvea Stevens @ 403-280-2784
great fears and inner despair, their deep sense of powerlessness, they move into the              ________________________________
sense of super power and perfection. In fact, the narcissist is stuck at a very immature          Gladys Brown
developmental stage, with an illusion of super power, grandeur and perfection that they           Kettle Valley Seabuckthorn
                                                                                                  Box 136, Greenwood, B.C, V0H 1J0
project outwardly… and desperately seek in the external world through their relentless
                                                                                                  Telephone: 250-449-2723
acquisition of power, beauty, status, money, things, even people. They like to pos-               Email:
sess people. They actually often do well in all of their acquisitive pursuits. They can           Website:
become great achievers. However, because they can experience no separation, they                  KETTLE VALLEY SEABUCKTHORN IS THE
can never feel connection or even empathy with another person. They often exploit                 ONLY SEABUCKTHORN GROWN AND
and manipulate without guilt; an emotion they do not have the maturity to experience.             PROCESSED IN CANADA. Seabuckthorn is
They do feel a deep sense of being alone, always alone. It is a very lonely existence             the most nutritious, vitamin rich fruit known.
for both the narcissist… and for the person sharing a life with them.                             Seabuckthorn diminishes inflamation, retards
                                                                                                  tumors and heals skin tissues.
           To successfully relate with a narcissist, especially in more intimate relation-
ships, like a marital partnership, as a child or close friend, one can choose to feed him/        Louis Hoolaeff
her constant attention and admiration, always remain focused on the “specialness”                 Leading Edge Health
and immediate needs of the narcissist; always deferring to their rightfulness. They               Telephone: 250-220-1262
must accept to bask in the shadow of the “great one” and provide them with unfailing              Email:
support. Except for the honeymoon phase of many relationships where such treat-                   Website:
ment is considered more normal, it is a very difficult long term existence for anyone   
who cares to have a separate identify and life. Every situation is very much a one way            Help us spread our 'Message of Healing,
                                                                                                  Truth & Health'. Experience 'Miraculous
street affair… all to meet the narcissist’s needs.
                                                                                                  Transformations' in your lives.
           Another approach, if not involved too intimately with the narcissist, is to learn to   Receive FREE colorful newsletter and
set some reasonable and firm boundaries as well as work towards reciprocal agreements             valuable gift certificates. Details on website.
whenever possible. That is, always negotiate some win for yourself if you are going to            __________________________________
give anything to him/her. This helps train the narcissist to better respect you. It is very       HEALTH RETREATS / DETOX / JUICE
demanding, but absolutely necessary to avoid being taken to the cleaners, so to speak.            FASTING
           At a most basic level, narcissists have not yet developed their ability to con-        Vasili Kastashchuk
nect with the inner power at their core; instead, they seek it externally, constantly rob-        Abundant Life Wellness Centre
                                                                                                  Box 83, 5002-50 St. Lavoy, Alberta, T0B 2S0
bing others of their inner experiences, truth and power. They exist through the power
                                                                                                  Telephone: 888-658-3324 Fax: 780-658-3324
they hold over others. Because they do not know their power to really accept responsi-            Email:
bility without getting lost in unbearable shame, they project all responsibility and blame        Website:
outwardly. If we are unaware of the dynamic at play, we may come to believe that                  10 Day Whole Body Cleansing
they are so much more powerful and perfect than we are next to them. We may look                  6 Day Juice Fasting. We are an all inclusive
up to them and come to experience our deepest vulnerability next to them, a sense                 stay in retreat. Your stay is protected by
that something is very wrong, or inferior with ourself. It is easy to see why a child would       100% Money back Guarantee.
18 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
choose to surrender their power to such a parent. A child’s dependence is so great,             HEALTH & WELLNESS
their vulnerability so real. They need to experience a sense that someone is in control,        Hedd Wyn Essentials
can protect and provide for them. Because they present as “all powerful”, as “perfect”          2396 Jemima Road, Denman Island, B.C.,
                                                                                                V0R 1T0 Toll free: 1-866-335-3061
beings and almost “Godlike”, the bond between a child and a narcissistic parent is often
                                                                                                Telephone: 250-335-3061
very strong. That is until a child needs to experience a bit of separation.                     Fax: 250-335-3062
           When a child starts to experience this sense of being a separate entity, and         Email:
takes a slight risk to move away, the narcissistic parent/authority comes back and strong-      Website:
ly imposes their will and control. The child is not allowed to exist separately. The child is   Wild Oil of Oregano - THE BEST, 100%
expected to remain an extension of this narcissist’s will. The control becomes suffocating      CERTIFIED ORGANIC Wild Mediterranean
to the growing and developing child. The child is not allowed to exist for himself/herself.     Oregano oil and Greek extra virgin cold
           From such an experience, the child may submit and becomes controlled                 pressed olive oil. Energetically enhanced
                                                                                                with patented technology : clears infections,
by the external demands. S/he learns to become very attuned and aligned to meet
                                                                                                boosts immunity, speeds healing.
such expectations, and will stop at nothing in his/her desperate efforts to please and          ___________________________________
experience the loving connection with the narcissistic parent/authority figure in their         Kathy Wilson, RMT, CWP
life. This will happen to the point of self-detriment and often a total loss of self, pre-      White Lotus Massage Therapy & Healing
senting us with a child/person who performs very well and is great at meeting external          Arts, Suite 201, #1 Bow Ridge Road
expectations and needs. This child will often be recognized as a model child/person to          Cochrane, AB. T4C 1L7
the uneducated observer. They often develop keen intuitive and empathetic abilities             Telephone: 403-835-1926
which become essential to their survival. They often display great care-giving focus in         Fax: 403-932-1720 Email:
                                                                                                Registered Massage Therapy, Hot Stone
their pursuits, yet will fail to connect with their own needs and limits. It is just a matter
                                                                                                Massage, Body Wraps and Salt Glows,
of time before they fall to “dis-ease” and must learn to face their own true self.              Cranio-Sacral Therapy, REconnective
           Alternatively, a child may learn to keep their distance, avoid to the point of       Healing and The REconnection, Ionic Foot
becoming isolated and feel deeply wounded, rebelling and rejecting such control with            Bath Detox & Rebalancing, Reflexology,
great rage, often feeling lost and abandoned to their own vulnerability that no-one has         Color/Sound Therapy. Located in Shalynda
helped them face. They experience a great sense of fear and inadequacy in the use of            Spa & Wellness Center. Full Menu Spa avail-
their own inner power. They may turn to alcohol, drugs, or other addictions to escape           able in beautiful private setting. Convenient
such painful experiences.                                                                       extended hours. Gift Certificates available.
                                                                                                Visa, Mastercard and Debit accepted.
           Either way, there is a great need to recognize the loss of self, the deep
wounds that pervade the inner experiences of these children who grow up to be                   Julie & Dan McWright
deeply distrusting and fearful of intimacy and will encounter major difficulties in their       Telephone: 321-723-0929
intimate relationships, most especially marriage.                                               Email:
           You can probably start to recognize such narcissists in your life. You may           Website:
see some of them in the highest levels of governments, at the top of organizations,             Marine phytoplankton is nature's oldest &
as judges, engineers, movie stars, sports figures, teachers, religious leaders, maybe           most complete food source on the planet.
even one of your parents, a marital partner or a close friend. You may see how                  It's also been proven to have 400 x's more
                                                                                                energy than any other plant. Now for the 1st
this dynamic is also at play with some sects, religious groups or political affiliations.
                                                                                                time you can get that energy into your daily
Perhaps you recognize yourself as one of these children, still unable to affirm your            diet with FrequenSea liquid whole food with
own separate existence as an adult or unable to establish satisfying intimacy with a            marine phytoplankton. What will you do with
potential partner. The pain is real and it runs deep within your core, so deep. The life        that extra energy every day? Visit http://www.
and love within you are screaming to get out, but they are blocked by fear of disap-   to watch a free
pointing, hurting, or creating conflicts that you can’t see yourself able to manage. You        movie on the impact plankton has on health.
feel “never good enough”, abandoned, powerless, helpless… and naturally anxious                 ___________________________________
and/or depressed. Your self-esteem is low, your confidence just as low. Your life feels         Tracy Moen - Fulla Energy
                                                                                                Calgary, Alberta
like a sacrifice where you are the sad victim. Or maybe, you feel this rage within that
                                                                                                Telephone: 403-248-8846
you can’t let go of and often project on other people without really knowing why? The           Cell - 403-808-8849 Fax: 403-248-8856
guilt weighs heavily upon you and you feel rejected, unheard and disrespected in your           Email:
needs, a sense that there must be something wrong with you, that you must be a bad              Website or
person because you could never satisfy this narcissist in your life and gain the connec-
tion you needed to grow up yourself.                                                            The BioMat delivers the highest vibrational
                                                              continued on the next page
                                                                                                resonance deep into all tissues of the human
                                                                                                body. The combination of far infrared light,
                                                                                                negative ions and amethyst quartz opens the
                                                                                                channels for intelligent cellular communication
                                                                                                leading to DNA repair and total body wellness
                                                                                                Dawn Ward
                                                                                                Beam Therapy™ ADV, EFT-ADV
                                                                                                Oshawa, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area)
                                                                                                Telephone: 905-925-8243
                                                                                                Website: and
                                                                                                These are gentle, non invasive techniques
                                                                                                that can be done in person or by dis-
                                                                                                tance. These techniques address a wide
                                                                                                range of concerns and issues. Effective for
                                                                                                children and adults! For more information
                                                                                                contact Dawn or visit the websites.

                                                                           Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 19
            The truth is no one can ever sat-      Sharon Hoehner aka The Detox Queen                  HOME PARTIES
isfy the needs of a narcissist. For a while        Waiora Independent Distributor                      Natalie Hjelsvold - Passion Parties by Natalie
maybe, we can come to meet some needs,             Telephone: 250-245-9240                             Telephone: 403-618-9463
but never much more than that. There is            Email:                        Email:
always a point when most of us experi-             Website:                         Website:
                                                   Reversal of symptoms due to removal of              I do in home parties and sales of Adult
ence the wrath of the unsatisfied narcis-
                                                   heavy metals and other toxins and flooding          Sensual Products. Hostess benefits for all
sist. Their control is often experienced like      the body with the proper nutrients to repair        home shows allow women to shop in the
the tentacles of an octopus penetrating            tissue, get rid of candida, clear brain fog, etc.   comfort and confidentiality of home.
and invading our whole being and using             ___________________________________                 ___________________________________
us as little puppets to achieve their own          F.O.M. (FRIEND OF THE MIND)                         HYPNOTHERAPY/ COUNSELLING
ends. Our existence and even our right to          Mary Teresa Telephone: 403-235-4415                 Moira Hutchison DHP Acc. Hyp
exist as separate beings is suffocated by          Hypnosis / Reflexology / Reiki / Shiatsu            Wholistic Practitioner
their desperate lack of inner-connection           Stress • Confidence • Anxiety                       HUTCHISON HEALING TOUCH
                                                   Weight Control                                      Telephone: 613-281-0611
with the power that feeds all of our beings
                                                   Stop Smoking • Depression • Fears • Phobias         Website:
in our separate and individual bodies.             Past Life • Insomnia • Pain Control                 Email:
            Now, it is important to under-         For more information call Mary Teresa at            Hypnotherapy • Craniosacral Therapy
stand that a narcissistic person doesn’t           403-235-4415                                        Somatic Emotional Release * Thai Yoga
consciously choose to operate in this              ___________________________________                 Therapy * Reiki • Bodywork
manner. This is a personality disorder re-         Evelyn Ries - Blueridge Miessence                   ___________________________________
flecting significant blockage in their devel-      Telephone: 336-918-5392                             Connie-Lynn Sullivan CHT,HTP, Counsellor
opment. It is often related to poor parent-        Email:                       933 - 17th avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta
                                                   Website:               Telephone: 403-478-1533
ing influences at a most tender age. It is a
                                                   Offering In-Liven, a certified organic probiotic    Email:
sad situation with very tragic outcomes.           superfood. Also available GLUTEN FREE               As a counsellor and hypnotherapist, I would
            It is also important to realize that   liquid probiotic. Berry Radical, includes 10        like to invite you to join me on a journey of
although you may carry significant wounds          of the worlds most potent antioxidants - over       self empowerment. Through methods of
from your experience with narcissism,              4000 ORACs in each serving.                         counselling and teaching you self hypnosis
you do not have to remain a victim… un-            ___________________________________                 techniques, you will improve your finances,
less you actually choose to be. To accept          Grandpa Wayne Doggett                               health, and relationships.
being a victim is an unconscious choice            Divine Light Reiki and Health                       ___________________________________
                                                   Suite 205, 5831 57St.                               INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE
for you as much as for the narcissist. You
                                                   Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N 2L5                   Debbie Boehlen
need to become aware, face it and accept           Telephone: 403-347-0928                             Canadian Centre of Indian Champissage
responsibility for changing that deep vic-         Email:                P.O. Box 191, Welland, Ontario L3B 5P4
timizing choice in your psyche. As a child,        Website:                                            905-714-0298 Email:
you likely saw no other way to survive and             Website:
there was not much else you could have             Holistic therapy and training in Reiki(s),          Offering a two day weekend course in Indian
done unless an enlightened adult could             Reflexology, Recapitulation, Hypnosis,              Head Massage across Canada.
have guided you. Now, you can open                 Shamballa MD Healing, Meditation,                   Certification if available.
                                                   Massage, Bio Rhythms, I Ching, and more.            Please visit my website for details at
yourself to some new opportunities. As
                                                   (Mobile service is available.)            
an adult with power, you can awaken                Watch for our new website:                          Axiatonal Alignment and various Reiki
and learn some new ways to respond.                         classes are also available.
In fact, your encounter with narcissists           ___________________________________                 ___________________________________
may well become your means to a new                HOLISTIC BUSINESS PLANNING &                        INNER HEALING / INTUITIVE INTEGRATION
path towards reclaiming and learning to            COACHING                                            Brenda Gibbs, B.SC.
become your true self. You could learn to          Liz Garratt - Harmony By Design Inc.                Physical Therapy, Certified Laughter Leader
move beyond your anger and your fears              Box 3504, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2T4            Gifts of Spirit Ministries, Inc.
                                                   Telephone: 780-467-5026 or 877-467-5026             Telephone: 403.239.1333.
– including a fear of anger - to find your
                                                   Fax: 780-467-5098                                   Email:
own core power, your own truth and lov-            Email:                  Intuitive integration; honoring your
ing choices. You could become a mani-              Website:                     multidimensional beingness.
festation and expression of your highest           Harmony by Design offers holistic business          Includes: Inner Child work, Inner Voice
and divine self. That could be the gift, the       planning and coaching for businesses,               Dialogue, Breathwork, Mirror work,
silver lining in your darkest clouds.              organizations and communities. We                   Guided Meditation/Imagery, laughter yoga,
            For an exercise I often use to         specialize in the design of intentional and         emotional awareness, processing
help people start to reclaim and exper             collaborative strategies for sustainable growth     and releasing. Individuals, groups,
                                                   and development. (See display ad page 17.)          workshops, seminars, keynotes.
ience their own inner self, connect with
                                                   ___________________________                         ___________________________________
their internal source of power, allowing           HOLISTIC HEALTH RESEARCH                            INSPIRATIONAL PRODUCTS
them healing and growth again, visit the           Holistic Health Research Foundation                 In a Dream, You Can Do Anything,
following link:           of Canada                                           A Collection of Words" by Veronica Hay
            Susie Legault is a counseling          80 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1L6         An Extraordinary Collection Of Writings
psychologist in private practice. She finds        Telephone: 416-778-4443 Fax: 416-778-5438           That Will Uplift You, Motivate You, Inspire
meaning and fulfillment in her work. She           Email:             You, And Gently Guide You Along The
has a passion for life, conscious creation         Website:              Inner Path Of Your Life.
                                                   Canada's first registered charitable organiza-      An Inspirational CardShop in an E-Book.
and assisting others in their own learn-
                                                   tion dedicated to funding research in natural       This full colour, inspirational e-book is truly
ing and growing journeys. 403-237-9137             health. We provide educational materials and        the gift that keeps on giving.
Email: (See adver-            offer public educational events. Your support       For more information and audio samples
tisement on page 19 for more information.)         is appreciated, please give generously today!       visit:
20 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
Helen Peacock                                      MASSAGE / HEALING                              MASSAGE SCHOOLS
Healings from the Heart Incorporated               Calgary's ONLY Chakra Crystal Light            MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy
1511 Trotwood Ave. Mississauga, ON L5G 3Z8         Therapy plus Hot Towel/Stone Massage.          Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 905-278-5249                            The body heals on an energetic level before    Two-year distance-learning course is
Email:                physical. Try Calgary's only Chakra Crystal    affordable, thorough, and prepares students
Website:                  Light Healing with Hot Towel/Stone             for a professional career. Monthly tutorials in
A great gift for your friends, family and          Massage Therapy.                               Edmonton. Already practicing?
teachers. A 44 Card Deck for children of           $10 from every treatment goes to your          Ask about advanced placement and
all ages. They are called "Little Daily Inspira-   choice charity. "Healing the world together,   continuing education Summer School.
tions ". They are beautifully illustrated with     one person at a time"                          Get the whole story at
colorful animals. The child and or family          Mike Wolff - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
chooses their card to set the intention of the     403-680-0533 For more information visit our    Call 780-491-0574 Fax 780-432-7034
day. Some of the values include Respect,           website at:         Email:
Friendship, Family Playfulness, Wisdom,            (See display advertisement on page 9.)         (See display advertisement on page 16.)
Creativity, Compassion, Sharing and many           ___________________________________            ___________________________________
more. At the end of the day the family or          CELESTIAL WELLNESS                             MASSAGE / THAI MASSAGE
child discusses (dinner time) how they used        SWEDISH MASSAGE                                Jeannine Duperron and George
their card. A great form of communication in       REFLEXOLOGY & REIKI                            Christodoulou
the home. They make a great gift for friends,      BARB FISCHER - North East Calgary              Teachers of Thai Massage
family and Teachers. Retail price is $ 15.95 US    Telephone: 403-280-5257                        The Circle of Life, School of Thai
or $19.95 CDN.                                     Fax: 403-280-5937                              Massage and Health
___________________________________                Email:             #203, 4955 Hot Springs Rd.,
JEWELLERY                                          Website:              Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. V0B 1L1
Tammy - LATASIA                                    Experience the healing power of Swedish        Telephone: 250-270-0368
Telephone: 403-720-3499                            Massage, Reflexology or Reiki!                 Email:
Email:                            Each restores and maintains energy,            Website:
Website:                reduces stress/tension, improves               Thai Massage is an interactive manipulation
LATASIA is Exquisite Fine Fashion TRENDY           circulation and assists the body to become     of the body using passive stretching and
& BRIDAL jewellery. Latasia is a home              calm, balanced and healed.                     gentle pressure along energy lines.
based business and we are NEW to                   Enjoy a balancing effect on your mental,       These movements help to adjust the
Canada. Looking for a great opportunity?           emotional and spiritual bodies.                skeletal structure, increase flexibility,
FantasticGROUND FLOOR opportunity for              ___________________________________            relieve muscular and joint tension,
Independent Reps. Earn GREAT                       Anida Massage & Healing Centre                 stimulate internal organs and balance
commission, 2 trips annually. Beautiful            #3 1603 62 ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C-2C5         the body's energy system.
Catalogs! Call 403-720-3499 or email               Telephone: 403-398-6673                        ___________________________________ Call for more information!        Email:                MASSAGE / THERAPEUTIC MASSAGER
___________________________________                Website:                  Louise Frank
LASER THERAPY / HEALTH SOLUTIONS                   Registered Massage Therapists, Pregnancy       Family Doctor 11
Blaine Skleryk M.Sc, RMT                           Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation       Telephone: 1-866-280-8081
LaserHealth Solutions - Holy Cross Centre          Massage, Infant Massage, Reflexology,          Fax: 1-403-698-0334
#110, 2310 - 2nd Street SW, Calgary, AB            Colour Therapy, Energy Balancing, Reiki,       Email:
T2S 3C4 Telephone: 403-235-2737                    Astrological Guidance, Aromatherapy, Hot       Website:
Email:          Stone Therapy. Hugs are free.                  The Family Doctor is a state of the art
Website:              Open Monday through Friday from 11 am to       low-frequency therapeutic massager (tens)
Gentle and relaxing cold laser therapy for         6 pm. Saturdays by Appointment.                which expands and retracts your muscles,
soft tissue injuries. A curative treatment for     ___________________________________            bringing oxygenated blood to the area thus
low back, shoulder and sports injuries,            Roseanne deBeaudrap, RMT                       creating natural endorphins to break the
tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Long-term        Roseanne's Essential Massage                   pattern of pain and start the healing process
pain management for arthritis.                     Strathmore, Alberta                            to the affected area.
___________________________________                Telephone: 403-901-6046                        ___________________________________
LAW OF ATTRACTION                               MEDIA / MAGAZINES
Cathy Clark - Coaching With Cathy                  Website:                                       Elizabeth Aldrich
Telephone: 1.866.703.0809 Toll Free                  For Her Information Media
North America                                      Roseanne's Essential Massage provides          1817 N. Halsted St. Chicago, Il 60614
Email:                 wholistic Treatments for Women and             Telephone: 312-613-5992
Website:                     Children. Every treatment is customized        Fax: 312-266-1003
Law Of Attraction Focused Coaching for             to the individual's specific needs using       Email:
career or business growth. Intentions and          Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology,              Website:
goal setting to help you live and work on          CranioSacral Therapy and Emotional             For Her Information Online Magazine is a
Purpose, instead of by accident.                   Freedom Technique.                             guide for conscious-minded women offering
Call for a Sample Session.                         ___________________________________            information, ideas and solutions to improve
___________________________________                Irina Bondarev                                 your life and make the world a better place.
MANGOSTEEN / VEMMA NUTRITION                       Wholistic Massage Wellness Centre              ___________________________________
PROGRAM - Lynn Turner                              #2, Medical Centre 506 - 71 Avenue SW          MEDITATION TECHNOLOGY
Website:                  Calgary, Alberta                               The Meditation Solution
Email:                               Telephone: 403-714-6401                        Email:
Phone: 403-259-4817 Calgary                        Email:                    Website:
1-877-730-6829 Free samples available.             Thai Yoga Massage, Myofascial Release,         Our Brainwave Entrainment Technology
Vemma Nutrition Program combines the               Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation,   Offers The Easiest, Most Effective
antioxidant-rich qualities of Mangosteen,          Swedish Therapeutic Massage,                   And Fastest Access To Deep States Of
Aloe and Green Tea with 12 full-spectrum           Hot Stones Massage.                            Meditation Available! Brainwave
vitamins and 67 plant-sourced minerals in a        Also have great Room for Rent - looking for    entrainment represents a revolution in
great tasting liquid supplement.                   another holistic practitioner to join us!!     personal and spiritual growth.

                                                                              Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 21
METAPHYSICAL SCHOOL AND                           NATURAL WELLNESS FOR WOMEN                        PARENTING
HEALING CENTRE                                    Debbie Williams                                   Lisa Kathleen - Full Circle Parenting
Rose Sangregorio                                  Alternative Hormone Solutions                     Phone: 403-607-1463 Email:
Metaphysicalcenter of Canada Corporation          Telephone: 604-738-3999 Fax: 604-738-8117 soon!)
Tuscany RPO 27011, Calgary, AB, T3L 2Y1           Email:        Full Circle Parenting: beyond basics,
Telephone: 403-295-7507                         encouraging parents and children to thrive.
Email:                    Registered Nurses who believe in a natural        Intuitive, practical, loving, natural parenting
Website:           approach, work with women who are suffer-         lays foundations for a peaceful soul. Any
Rose Sangregorio as a Healer, Teacher and         ing from symptoms of hormonal imbalances.         parenting topic. Birth through teens. Classes/
Spiritual Counselor coaches people world-         Hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, heavy/pain-       consulting. Website coming soon.
wide on their spiritual journeys to reach their   ful periods, depression, insomnia, loss of        Call now for a mini-consult to determine if
highest potential. Metaphysical Center offers     libido? Telephone consultations available.        our philosophy is right for you!
workshops, pilgrimages, retreats, sessions        ___________________________________               ___________________________________
and products.                                     NLP - NEURO-LINGUISTIC                            PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION /
___________________________________               PROGRAMMING™ Jan Mitchell                         FENG SHUI
MEDITATION CUSHIONS & BUCKWHEAT                   Expanding Minds Call: 403-225-2973                Arlana Tanner - Crystal Vision Insights
HULL PILLOWS                                      Website:                  334 4819C 48th Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 3T2
Pema Design Studio                                NLP Counseling by Phone across Canada             Telephone: 403-348-5831
Toll-free: 1-877-441-3412                         & USA. Eliminate blocks, fears and negative       Fax: 403-348-5831 (same)
Email: Secure online            beliefs! Build Healthy Boundaries, Develop        Email:
ordering at:            Confidence, Enrich Relationships, Improve         Website:
Meditation cushions, yoga bolsters, mats and      Career, Reach Goals.                              Create peace and harmony in your life, by
small supports; organic buckwheat hull and        ___________________________________               honoring your true essence through insight,
millet hull pillows, large buckwheat hull floor   Elizabeth Butler                                  image and inspiration. Workshops and
pillows for dogs (and people), whole grain        NLP Possibilities With DHE                        personal consultations available. Certified
warmers and eye pillows. All hand-made            2 College St., Ste 102, Toronto, ON, M5G 1K3      Image and Fashion Feng Shui Consultant.
using natural materials with loving care in       Telephone: 416-934-9748 Fax: 416-367-5506         ___________________________________
our Fernie, British Columbia studio.              Email:                 PERSONAL & TRANSPERSONAL
___________________________________               Website:                 GROWTH
MUSIC                                             NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner          Kelly Tobey Integrative Transformational
Peace of Mind is in your hands -                  Certification Training and NLP Coaching and       Processing Facilitator
Learn to play Piano. Peter S. Jackson             Sessions for adults and children.                 8624 Athabasca St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1S1
Klavar Music Foundation of GB                     Annual NLP Kids Camp for children.                Telephone: 403-217-5533
 Telephone: (852)-29821177                        ___________________________________               Email:
Email:                   NUTRITIONAL COUNSELLING                           Website:
Website:                      Elizabeth Aldrich - Restoring Essence             Since 1991 Kelly Tobey has provided life
Klavar music notation is a non-traditional,       1817 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, Il 60614         enhancing Retreats, Workshops, Facilitator
easy to read, VISUAL music notation for           Telephone: 312-613-5992 Fax: 312-266-1003         Trainings and Private Sessions for your
piano and organ invented in 1930.                 Email:                       personal and spiritual growth. Inspirations
FREE lessons from the web site. Start             Website:                 and information at
playing immediately. Satisfaction guaranteed!     Restoring Essence offers one-on-one and           ___________________________________
___________________________________               corporate holistic nutritional counseling. We     PET CARE
MUSIC / CD's                                      offer personalized programs that guide you        D. H. Petcare & Service
Richard Berardi - MRB Records Corp.               to health and happiness and make your life        serves Calgary and surrounding area by
PO Box 237, Manasquan, NJ 08736                   extraordinary.                                    providing: PET SITTING - live-in or
Telephone: 561-860-8551                           ___________________________________               overnights, regular pet visits. MEDICATION
Fax: 561-748-2009                                 ORGANIC COSMETICS / SKIN CARE /                   TREATMENTS - diabetic pets & special cases
Email:                     GROOMING / NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS                   PET MASSAGES. DOG WALKING - Private
Website:                       Carol James -                  and Leashed. GROOMING - Cats
Reach Higher CD - Ronnie Kimball -                PO Box 388, Dundee, OR 97115                      Shaving Cats - Nail Trims for both cats and
Throughout our lives we are confronted with       Telephone: 866-875-4386 toll free                 dogs. Includes all species except Tarantulas
many challenges. Encouraging, healing             Fax: 503-554-0840                                 Contact Debra Howe at 403-807-3702
songs about facing life's challenges, and         Email:               Website:
having the faith and strength to overcome         Website:           ___________________________________
them. Listen to the Reach Higher CD "The          wellness-center                                   PSYCHIC / PRACTITIONERS / MEDIUMS
Feel Good Album of The Year" at the following     Health-enhancing products: Organic cos-           Psychic Medium - Tamara Hawk
link:      metics, skin care and grooming products,          Chilliwack, BC Telephone: 604-847-9094
___________________________________               relaxation tools, air purifiers, water filters,   Email:
NATURAL PRODUCTS                                  full body pillows, supplements, vita-mixers,      Website:
Linda Bolton - Natural Calm Canada                sports bottles, portable, reusable heat packs,    Readings worldwide via phone/email, or in
5 Idleswift Dr, Thornhill, ON L4J1K6              gift ideas and more                               person. Non-judgemental guidance on any of
Telephone: 905-762-8910                           ___________________________________               life's issues. Helping to light your path so you
Fax: 905-762-8915                                 Jeanette Addington - An Organic Affair            can better see where you are and where you
Email:                     6032 Dalford RD NW, Calgary, AB T3A 1L2           are going.
Website:                       Telephone: 403-554-5226                           ___________________________________
Natural Calm Canada is the Wholesale              Email:                    Eric Smith - Vancouver, British Columbia
Distributor of Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality   Website:                   ERIC SMITH - THE PHOTO PSYCHIC
Products featuring Natural Calm a highly          The world's first range of certified organic      Eric is an extraordinary medical intuitive /
absorbable powdered magnesium citrate that        personal care and nutritional products to in-     medium who provides very accurate and
helps to alleviate migraines, fibromyalgia,       ternational food grade standards...Miessence.     detailed information by 'reading' an
restless legs syndrome,                           So pure and safe, they are literally edible. We   individual's photograph.
high blood pressure, insomnia.                    also offer MiSpa Home Parties. A great evening    15 years experience. (778) 686-3742.
Proceeds go to Hope For The Nations.              of being pampered with your girlfriends!
22 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
Cardiovascular Disorders
                                                                                              by Dr. Raj Rakhra, ND, GAMS
                                                                                                               Ayurved and
                                                                                                     Naturopathic Physician
           Cardiovascular Disease is a general term that refers                    Hypertension or high blood pressure can damage
to heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure and other disor-     the blood vessels, heart, and kidneys leading to heart attack,
ders of the heart, blood vessels, arteries and veins stemming          stroke, and other problems. High blood pressure is called a "si-
from atherosclerosis. All the cardiovascular diseases have sim-        lent killer'' because it doesn't usually cause symptoms while it
ilar causes, mechanisms and treatments. The main risk factors          is causing this damage. It is often a preliminary cause of heart
that influence heart disease are high LDL cholesterol ( bad cho-       problems and is a common form of cardiovascular disease.
lesterol), low HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), high blood          Sustained hypertension permanently changes the architecture
pressure, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes,            of the blood vessels making them narrow, stiff deformed and
stress: family or work related and a sedentry life style.              uneven making them more vulnerable to fluctuations of blood
           Angina pectoris -The coronary arteries that carry ox-       pressure. Identifying and treating the risk factors for further
ygen and nutrients to the heart can narrow. This can cause the         coronary heart disease is crucial for patients with heart disor-
amount of blood that supplies the heart to be insufficient thus        ders. This means testing for: cholesterol levels and other fats in
reducing the amount of oxygen. An oxygen deficiency is what            the blood, diabetes and hypertension. Other lifestyle changes
causes chest pain due to ischemia (a lack of blood and oxy-            such as weight control and not smoking are also necessary.
gen supply) of the heart muscle, generally due to obstruction or                   Strokes occur when a blood vessel in the brain is
spasm of the coronary arteries (the heart's blood vessels). The        blocked or bursts, interrupting the supply of blood and oxy-
main cause of angina, is due to atherosclerosis of the cardiac         gen. The part of the body controlled by the damaged area of
arteries. If the coronary artery becomes obstructed, the flow          the brain can't work properly. Brain damage can begin within
of the blood and oxygen is cut off causing a heart attack or           minutes and urgent medical intervention is required. Cerebro-
myocardial infarction causing damage to the heart muscle. Ar-          vascular disease is a group of brain dysfunctions related to the
teriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries are common causes          disease of blood vessels that supply the brain. The primary
of obstruction leading to a heart attack. There can be severe          disease stems from the heart or blood vessels, such as hyper-
pain with little or no risk of a heart attack and a heart attack can   tension and or atheromas that can lead to a secondary effect
occur without pain.                                                    on the brain such as stroke.
           Heart attacks can feel as if some one is applying in-                   Oral Hygiene and Cardiovascular Disease - Re-
tense pressure to the chest. Angina pain may last for several          cent research discuss the direct relation between poor oral
minutes, often extending towards the shoulder, arm, neck or            hygiene and cardiovascular disease. Oral bacteria and peri-
jaw. Other signs of heart attack include sweating, nausea, vom-        odontal disease may trigger the inflammation in the coronary
iting, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, feelings of anxi-     arteries and contribute to atherosclerosis, same bacteria may
ety, difficulty swallowing and loss of speech. The amount and          determine the clot formation increasing the risk of heart attack
type of chest pain vary from one person to another.                    or cerebral stroke.
           Congestive heart is a condition when the heart mus-                     Atherosclerosis is a process that develops over
cle is not pumping blood as strongly as it should. The body            decades and is often silent until an acute event develops in
does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients to function               later life. Population based studies in the youth show that the
properly. This poor pumping action by the heart is known as            precursors of heart disease start in adolescence. The process
congestive heart failure. The heart's weakened pumping action          of atherosclerosis evolves over decades, and begins as early
causes body fluid (water) to back-up into the lungs, kidneys,          as childhood. Studies have demonstrated that intimal lesions
arms, legs, ankles, and feet. This congestion, combined with a         appear in all the aortas and more than half of the coronary
poor supply of oxygen, causes tiredness, shortness of breath           arteries of youths aged fifteen to nineteen years.
and swelling. Everyday activities such as walking, household           Prevention
chores, and climbing stairs become difficult. Congestive heart                     Prevention of Cardiovascular disease is more effec-
failure is a common illness among elderly people.                      tive when the main causes are reduced. Some factors such as
                                                                       gender, age, and family history, cannot be modified. Smoking
                                                                       cessation is one of the most effective and easily modifiable
                                                                       factors as well as regular cardiovascular exercises comple-
                                                                       mented by a healthy diet low in salt and saturated/trans fats.
                                                                       Atherosclerosis, the leading cause of cardiovascular disease
                                                                       is due to a build up of plaque on the arteries as a result of
                                                                       high blood cholesterol and a diet high in fats. Millions of North
                                                                       Americans have heart and blood vessel disease. A high per-
                                                                       centage of this population are not aware of these conditions
                                                                       because they have no visible symptoms.
  2333 Triumph St, #104-IT Vancouver, BC V5L 1L4                                   The use of the following natural therapies can reduce
                                                                       the risk of heart disease and also greatly benefit those already
              Telephone: 604-736-5287                                  suffering from heart disease. Dietary changes, Nutritional supple-
                                                                       mentation, Herbal medicine, Chelation therapy, Oxygen therapies,
                                                                       Exercise and stress reduction and Ayurvedic medicine. Dietary
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            Ayurved & Naturopathic Clinic
                                 dr. Raj inder Rakhra, GaMs, Nd                                      special services available:
                                 Naturopathic Physician                                              • Chelation Therapy (EDTA)
                                                                                                     • Ayurvedic Medicine
                                  Dr. Rakhra is a member of the following                            • Homeopathic Medicine
                                  Medical Associations:                                              • Live Cell Analysis
                                  Alberta Association of Naturopathic Physicians                     • Hair Analysis
                                  Canadian Naturopathic Association                                  • Ozone Therapy
                                  Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners                       • Nutritional Counselling
                                  Fellow International Council of Ayurveda                           • Vega Testing (Allergies)

                                                                                                     • Candida Testing & Treatment
              Dr. Rakhra’s AYURVEDIC FORMULAS
                                                                                                     • Cancer Care
          Safe Herbal Alternative - Available Made To Order                                          • Weight Loss Program

   ashwaganda........Indian Ginseng, Calming, Tonic, Antioxidant                                     • Colon Irrigation
   boswell................ Anti Inflammatory, Arthritis, Asthma,                                       (disposable speculum)
                               Skin, Inflammatory Bowel Disorders
                                                                                                     • Hydrogen Peroxide Infusions
   Triflax Forte........Colon & Liver Cleanse, Weight Loss
                                                                                                     • IV Vitamins and Minerals
   Guggulu.............. Rheumatism, Arthritis, Cholesterol
   shilajit....................Prostate, Incontinence, Urinary Frequency, Urinary Tract Infection           121 - 14 Street NW
   Pudin hara..........Irritable Bowel, Gas, Bloating, Stomach Gas Pain, Digestion                       Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Z6
   sitopal+...............Cough, Chest-Congestion, Chronic Dry Cough
   There are several single and complex Ayurvedic Formulations available.                                   403-270-7033
  For more information contact our clinic and we will be happy to assist you.                   
  Wholesale prices available for Practitioners & Health Food Stores.                                
         Professional Products available: Genestra/Seroyal, Metagenics, Douglas Labs, Thorne.
management can be highly effective in reversing heart disease.            to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and low energy. Other
           General dietary guidelines would include reducing or           supplements include Coenzyme Q10, Arjuna compound, an
eliminating processed foods, powdered milk, powdered eggs                 ayurvedic supplement used for high blood pressure, choles-
and high sodium foods. Use organic foods free of herbicides,              terol balance and for treating some circulation problems of the
pesticides, steroids and antibiotics. Increase fibre from green           heart. Garlic also has it's benefits. Flax seed oil, primrose oil,
leafy vegetables, fruits, bran, whole grains and psyllium. Reduce         salmon oil, canola oils are all good sources of essential fatty
fat intake from fried foods, animal fats and partially hydrogenated       acids and are needed elements in a healthy diet.
oils. Increase complex carbohydrates from whole grains, beans,                       Recent studies have shown that B6, B12, Folic acid
nuts and seeds. Use monosaturated oils, olive oil, canola oil, flax       can considerably lower homocysteine, a free radical generator.
seed oil, omega 3 from fish oils and borage oil.                          Vitamin E prevents abnormal blood clot formation and prevents
Nutritional supplements                                                   heart disease. Vitamin C, D, Selenium, Magnesium Calcium,
           The amount of supplements varies from one person               Chromium, Potassium are all used for prevention and treat-
to another and remember if supplements can bring favourable               ment of heart disorders.
results then wrongly prescribed supplements can also cause                Herbal Medicine
negative effects. Supplements should be prescribed by qualified                      Hawthorn, Garlic, Ginger, Arjuna, Ashavgandha and
Naturopaths or wholistic practitioners. Treatment of cardiovas-           curcumin are excellent herbs for heart and high blood pres-
cular disease depends on the specific form of the disease in              sure. The entire body benefits from regular exercise resulting in
each patient but effective treatment always includes preventive           improved cardiovascular and respiratory function. It enhances
lifestyle changes. Medications, such as blood pressure reducing           the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes
medications may be necessary.                                             waste and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body. Regular
EDTA Chelation Therapy                                                    exercise makes people look and feel better. It also reduces ten-
           This intravenous therapy has been an effective method          sion, depression, feelings of inadequacy and worries diminish
for the prevention and treatment for heart related problems. I            greatly. Create healthy habits to ensure a healthy, happy and
have used this treatment for the last twenty years and have seen          long life.
many satisfactory results. It has been traditionally used to treat                   Dr. Rakhra is a doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine as well
heavy metal toxicity. It is given intravenously to remove plaque          as a Naturopathic Physician, serving Calgary and Southern
and calcium deposits from the artery and the unwanted material            Alberta for the last eighteen years. He runs a family practice
is excreted through the urine. It is repeated two to three times a        that deals with acute and chronic disorders. He is a Member
week over a period of several months in order to restore com-             of Alberta Association of Naturopathic Doctors. You can reach
plete circulation. Vitamins and minerals along with chelation are         his office at 403-270-7033. See Display Advertisement above
added to support all other functions of the body and are useful           for more information.
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28 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
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                                                                              Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 29
                                                                       the o'deck of cards signals a need for judgment, as the Ace of Spades
                                                                       clearly states that your passionate destiny has arrived. Get on with
                                                                       getting on, as this is a season of exciting change and sexy renewal,
                                                                       that will cause you no regrets ... express yourself, as the future is
                                                                       awaiting your arrival. With dynamic vigor you shall reign supreme.

                                                                                  lEO (July 23 - aug. 22)
                                                                                  attracting power and wealth ... It may seem, at least
                                                                                  to you, that it has taken a long time to get here, but the
                                                                                  o'deck of cards, by way of the King of Spades, which
                                                                       speaks of a solid foundation, indicates that a time of exceptional
                                                                       advancement and achievement has already begun, and that you will
                                                                       learn much about financial matters and increased wealth. However,
                                                                       you must look deeply at what is important in your life ... as future
                                                                       endeavours will demand all that you can give. Special projects will
                                                                       not be without intimate rewards. Nonetheless, heavy is the head that
                                                                       wears the crown. An authoritative momentum brings forth a period
                                                                       of courage and adventure. You know what to do, so do it ...

              aRiEs (March 21 - april 19)                                        ViRGO (aug. 23-sept. 22)
              Moving quickly into tomorrow ... It is indeed                       Consider all options ... Spin the globe, as your
              a grande time to celebrate, as the o'deck of cards       new world is awaiting, and the o'deck of cards bristles with
delivers the social sophistication of the Six of Diamonds, indi-       excitement, by way of the 4 of Diamonds, which signals a
cating that this is the season to fall in love! Get ready to enjoy     time of daring ventures, innovative approaches ... and the
plenty of giggles and ticklish thoughts, especially with an enig-      gold rush. Realize that your life is in the process of a confi-
matic, deeply-felt Scorpionic pulse. Your youthful smile will          dent, expectant transition, that will easily attract professional
easily attract social invitation with the potential of so much more.   advancement and romantic enticement. This is indeed a time
Unexpected travel, career advancement and intimate communi-            for action, so get crackin', as you must not wait for tomorrow,
cation combine with zest, gusto and a renewed sense of purpose,        as every day offers opportunity. Achieving the impossible
as the world shall be your oyster. Prepare to embrace true love        will not only motivate, but it will also arouse your appetite
and a lively future. You are guaranteed success in all matters.        and curiosity for more. The rebel within is let loose.

          taURUs (april 20 - May 20)                                               libRa (sept. 23 - Oct. 22)
          at the starting point ... It's okay to be more than                      star Quality ... With bravado and a vibrant mental ener-
          optimistic, for the o'deck of cards, by way of the 7 of      gy, your future is definitely coming up roses, as the promise of for-
Hearts, couldn't agree more, as you are going places and fast.         tune and fame beckons, and the o'deck of cards fully agrees, as the
Run naked with your newly found enthusiasms, be wild at heart          9 of Diamonds eagerly resonates with public recognition, a winning
... and yes, take freedom to new heights. Without a doubt, you         and also signals that many gifts, special invitations are coming your
have sex appeal, for you could charm the birds right out of the        way. You are undergoing a dramatic rise in fortunes, that will have
trees. Take time to cast a few sexy spells. Nevertheless, profes-      you experiencing a sudden acceptance into powerful places. You
sional opportunity will demand quick decision, as you are on the       are full of sexy surprise and hidden potentials, and upcoming events
road to greater expectations. An enchanting magnetism is yours         will demand that you enter the new horizon. Ready or not, prepare
to experience, as a powerful inner circle seeks your participation.    to rediscover a passion for living, with a few new playmates.
A shrewd strategist, that's what you are.
                                                                                   sCORPiO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)
             GEMiNi (May 21 - June 21)                                             a time to explore, to witness ... Dramatic, rewarding
             Completion of the past ... Without a doubt, you                       events will combine luck and adventure, with a mysteri-
             have a great deal of talent, and within the o'deck of     ous sense of destiny, as your emerging fate is to be one of intimate
cards, the 7 of Diamonds demands you expose your star quality.         discovery and excitement, and yes, of deep, personal fulfilment. As
And, with wild applause, once is not enough. The experience of         if wandering mysteriously into a captivating dream, the o'deck of
now will have you living the ordinary life in an extraordinary         cards delivers the message of the 8 of Hearts, which symbolizes that
way. There is not much time, as the stage is set, and you must         a spiritual bond is to be experienced with another. Expect "simply
prepare for your emergence, as you break away from the shad-           the best" of times, and within the strange compellingness of intui-
ows. With intensity and a confident thrust of leadership, you are      tive motivation ... destiny has stimulating plans for you. A future
about to move from a closed, confined state, both mentally and         quest attracts a profound wisdom, "for your eyes only" secrets and
physically. Know no boundaries, as a profound, though some-            a sacred knowledge.
what frightful "awakening" is upon you. Demonstrate your bold
strokes, as you are in control.                                                   saGittaRiUs (Nov. 22 - dec. 21)
                                                                                  Finding home ... This may turn out to be a bizarre
            CaNCER (June 22 - July 22)                                            season of happenings, that will challenge you, as you
            Gallantly forge forward ... A deep and restless            experience the many levels of your personality. Your life is in
            psychic awareness is on the rise, and like a radiant       a strange transition, and the o'deck of cards playfully delivers
morning sun, you will know no fear. Now is the time that bold          the Joker, which symbolizes a need to be open to unexpected
decisions must be made, as your past procrastinations have caught      opportunity and delightful admiration. Be made aware that you
up to the present crossroads. With haunting mystery and intrigue,      really are "one-in-a-million", and that it is okay to makes shifts,
30 People and Possibilities Holiday 2008 Issue
MUNAY-KI                       by Maia Elanna
            Munay-Ki rites and initiations are from the Inca people of South America. These energy activations enter the Lumi-
nous Energy Field (LEF) or Aura and result in our growth and alter the energy fields so that we can live without fear. Function-
ing in our own power, we can “dream” the world into being! For thousands of years, the indigenous people of the Americas
have prophesied that a new type of human would appear on earth prior to 2012. Dr. Alberto Villodo PhD who studied with the
Inca and Amazon Rain Forest People for 25 years as a Shaman, Healer and Sage, has been urged by these elders to bring
these 9 initiations into Western Society before 2012 to facilitate us rapidly into the development of this new “Homo-Luminous
Human”. This new human will understand how to work effectively and efficiently with the light body to create this metamor-
phosis. After we have received these 9 initiations, and as we work with these rites, they change our energy fields and assist
in removal of the “sludge” from our chakras and allow them to shine forth their true and pure rainbow colors. We thus are able
to become who we really are – “Children of God”.
            In the past, the elders only gifted one rite per year. In June of 2006, the “Creator” or 9th rite became available for
the first time ever on this planet. Alberto’s goal is to have enough people receiving and in turn teaching these rites around the
world to gain a critical mass of people who are always “Walking in the Light”! The rites assist you in your own personal heal-
ing and afford each of us tremendous spiritual assistance from a lineage of luminous beings. These energies not only heal
us personally, but work on our karmic and genetic lineage to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors. Some have
referred to these rites as the “Way to Pure Happiness”!
            Many of the Elders worked with Alberto for 25 years to impart their power, love and wisdom so that we, as modern
seekers, could become aware of this ancient wisdom of energy medicine that heals through Spirit and Light. The healing and
transformation of these rites irrevocably changes our D.N.A. and we literally begin to age differently! These energies transform
the body, heal the soul and can change the way we live and the way we die. Our Luminous Energy Field whose source is
located in infinity, is a matrix that maintains the health and vibrancy of the physical body. Through the reception of these initia-
tory rites, the experience of infinity can heal and transform us and it also can free us of the temporal chains that have kept us
fettered to illness, dis-ease, and old age. We are more than flesh and bone, we are fashioned of Spirit and Light! This energy
can reverberate through every cell of our bodies. Commit to developing your Luminous Energy Field, and activate through the
reception of the 9 rites of the Munay-Ki, the template of Light, that determines how our body heals and how we truly function
and live in each and every moment.
            Maia Elanna is a teacher/facilitator of these Munay-Ki Rites      Phone (403) 256-9103

to take a few gambles and to change your mind. Regardless of
the amusing uncertainties that may persist, your future is full
of promise. The trick of this sensual season is to realize that
home is where the heart is. Do as your intimate soul tells you.
You are loved.

             CaPRiCORN (dec. 22 - Jan. 19)
            the times they are a changing ... Realize that
            you are enroute to joyous involvements, and that
romance will soon enter a passionately rewarding cycle, as the
o'deck of cards radiantly delivers the 10 of Cups, or the honey-
moon card. Matchmaker, make me a match. Beyond the obvi-
ous attentions of love, the stars also indicate, much like coming
out of the wilderness, that your professional aspirations are
karmically aligned with prosperity and aplenty. Your financial
cup will soon be running over with riches, wild and wonderful
treasures, and easy circumstances. If that wasn't enough, there
appears to be a "gold mine" within reach. Oh opulent heart, try
to stay humble.

              aQUaRiUs (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
              a chance of a lifetime ... Without a doubt, prosper-
              ity awaits. Let nobody dare to disagree, for you are                   PisCEs (Feb. 19 - March 20)
worthy of the "pot-of-gold", and the o'deck of cards rejoices                        Open your heart ... You have much to do and to get done,
within the financial magic of the Ace of Clubs, as you pos-                          before you set sail ... but a sailing you will go. A wild and
sess the golden touch. Nevertheless, try to maintain a balance                       wanton spirit is more than anxious to explore the possibili-
between passion and ambition, as you are about to experience         ties of "to be continued", with a deeper passion and an even more robust
more than a mere kiss of a lover's lips. A seductive heart is        commitment. An eerie meeting of loving hearts, is the divine message of
about to awaken all the precious beauty you hold inside. An          the o'deck of cards, as the Two of Hearts symbolizes the soulmate or the
unusual karmic connection to the past will bring unexpected          sacred brotherhood of love. With devotion, the future embraces union,
travels. Free your anxious heart from needless past obliga-          completion of the past and the naked truth. Believe in miracles, as fate
tions, as you embark on a personal journey, and you intend to        plays a role. Wondrous things appear to be happening, almost magically.
travel light.                                                        This is indeed a time of great change,

                                                                            Holiday 2008 Issue People and Possibilities 31

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