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NEWS FEP – N° 1 _16th-30th November 2007_


									                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers



At the request of the FEP members during our last General Assembly in Sofia, we have created a section on
the members‟ only part of our website dedicated to Anti-piracy activities.
The aim of is to post regularly new information and to share ideas and strategy on questions of fighting
As we cannot use RSS flux (otherwise this part would be publicly accessible), we recommend you to either
check regularly the section or to contact Céline: who can notify you when new
information has been posted.
If you have anything to upload, please send it to Céline as well.
It is an on-going process, so don‟t hesitate to send us documents or remarks to improve this page.
Many thanks in advance.


News to be read in the members’ only part

Sweden/ Publishers win anti- piracy law test case
In the first case tried since the passage of Sweden‟s anti-file sharing law in April, an ISP has been told by a
Swedish court it must hand over information about its customers to five publishers looking into copyright
violations. The Swedish Publishers Association has run this case on behalf of five members who publish
audio books. Kjell Bohlund, their Chairman said „It has been a very public process, partly because the
authors involved are very well known, partly because it was the first application of IPRED in Sweden. „
We initiated it about 12 hours after the IPRED law went into force, after quite intense "intelligence work". We
believe the ISP industry in Sweden has supported the small operator (ePhone) financially, but that has not
been said publically.
For more information, contact

Sweden/ Pirate Bay Cash for Pirate Bay file-sharers (1/07)

Germany/ Rapidshare Sued Successfully (29/06)

US/Hachette Signs with Attributor to Fight Online Piracy (17/06)

    FEP asked for more coherent rules in case of defamation
FEP wrote to European Commission Vice-President Jacques Barrot to ask that when the EC revise the
Brussels Convention on jurisdiction, it takes into account the dangers for the EU publishing industry of „forum
Copy of the letter is available upon request
More information:

    Presentation of the Google settlement in Amsterdam (29/06)
FEP presented the Google settlement to Dutch publishers at the invitation of NUV.
The presentation is available on request
For more information, please contact or

                                      31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
               FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers

     VAT/Success for the Lithuanian Publishers Association
Amidst a tendency to increase VAT rates in the Baltic countries, involving in general the abolition of reduced
rates – including on books – good news come from Lithuania. This week the Government raised the standard
VAT rate from 19 to 21%, but at the same time dropped the plan to extend the increase to books, which will
retain the reduced rate of 9% (already increased from 5% last January) at least until December 2010. Books
are now basically the only product enjoying a reduced rate, besides prescription drugs.

FEP, which in the past months has constantly supported the efforts of the Lithuanian Publishers Association
with several statements and letters addressed to the country‟s public authorities – also jointly with the
European Booksellers Federation and the European Writers‟ Council – would like to congratulate with its
Lithuanian colleagues for the very positive and well deserved outcome of their efforts.
For more information, please contact

     Swedish Presidency of the Council
26-27 November – Audiovisual and Culture Council with at the agenda – promoting a creative generation and
possibly Council conclusions on 1. the EC Communication on European digital library Europeana and 2.
content online
24 September and 3rd December – Competitiveness Council - possibly policy debate on a Proposal for a
Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Consumer Rights as well as some issues on
European research Area.
Link to Consilium

     Toy Safety Directive published on Official Journal
On 30 June, 2009, the new Toy Safety Directive was published on the Official Journal of the EU as “Directive
2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys”. It will enter
into force 20 days after its publication.
As the one it repealed, the new Directive does not mention children‟s books in any way. FEP and some of its
member associations are liaising with CEN, the European Standardisation Body, in order to ensure the
process of revision of the standards applicable to children‟s books takes into account the publishers‟
Link to the new Directive:
For more information, please contact

     EC/New Microfinance initiative: a valuable tool to stimulate entrepreneurship and create jobs
EUROCHAMBRES warmly welcomes the „Progress Microfinance Facility‟ presented by the European
Commission on 2nd July as a sound initiative to encourage and support entrepreneurship.
Thanks to this new EUR 100 million fund, people who have lost or are at risk of losing their job and want to
start their own micro-enterprise will be able to obtain loans up to EUR 25,000, and be assisted with
mentoring, training, coaching and capacity building.

     EPC Sixty-Minute Briefing with Commissioner Kuneva
On 29 June, 2009, FEP attended a Sixty-Minute Briefing on “Enforcing consumer protection across Europe”;
the guest speaker was Meglena Kuneva, European Commissioner for Consumer Protection.
Link to the report on the event on the EPC site:
For more information, please contact

                                      31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
               FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                            Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                            Federation of European Publishers

FEP Newsletter 70 (12/07/2009)


 EC/ Culture programme – Funding opportunities 2009
 On 3rd July, the European Commission published the call of proposals of Culture programme.
 This call covers the support for cultural projects (strand 1) of the Culture programme.
 The strand 1 gives cultural organisations support for projects to work together across borders and to create
 and implement cultural and artistic activities. The purpose of this strand is to help organisations, such as
 theatres, museums, professional associations, research centres, universities, cultural institutes and public
 authorities from different countries participating in the Culture programme to cooperate so that different
 sectors can work together and extend their cultural and artistic reach across borders.
 This strand is divided into four categories:
 Strand 1.1: Multiannual Cooperation Projects (lasting from three to five years)
 Strand 1.2.1: Cooperation Projects (lasting up to 24 months)
 Strand 1.2.2: Literary Translation Projects (lasting up to 24 months)
 The third category concerns support for translation projects. EU support for literary translation is aimed at
 enhancing knowledge of the literature and literary heritage of fellow Europeans by way of promoting the
 circulation of literary works between countries. Publishing houses can be awarded grants for translations
 and publication of works of fiction from one European language into another European language. Funds of
 between EUR 2 000 and EUR 60 000 are available, but EU support is limited to a maximum of 50 % of the
 total eligible cost
 Deadline for application 10 February 2010
 More information :

 For more information, please contact


 EC/ DG IM organises a stakeholders meeting to discuss online piracy (6/07)
  The European Commission, DG Internal Market (IM) organised a meeting to explore the willingness of
 stakeholders to work on voluntary inter-industry agreements to fight against illegal up and downloading of
 content in the internet. FEP stressed during the meeting that books, both as ebooks and audio books, are
 increasingly affected by online piracy and solutions to facilitate the fight against piracy were also demanded
 from the book sector.
 More information, please contact

 EC/ EU - Independent experts for the safer internet programme (OJ)
 Call for expressions of interest. The Commission hereby invites applications from individuals wishing to
 provide expert assistance relating to the Safer Internet programme. The objective of the Safer Internet
 programme is to promote safer use of the internet and other communication technologies, particularly for
 children, and to fight against illegal content and harmful conduct online. Applications must be submitted by
 means          of        the         online        expert       registration        tool.     The        list
 of         experts         will         be        valid       until        31         December         2013.

                                     31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
              FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                           Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                           Federation of European Publishers

EC/ 2008 statistics on customs activities and IPR infringements
On 9 July 2009, the European Commission published statistics on customs activities, on the rise for the
sixth consecutive year. In 2008, cases of goods suspected of IPR infringements detained at the EU's
external border were 49,000, up from 43,000 in 2007; this was also due to a further strengthening in
cooperation between customs and industry, with 80% of interventions prompted by applications filled by the

The number of IPR infringing articles detained more than doubled in 2008 to 178 million, of which about 20
million were potentially dangerous to the health and safety of European consumers. The largest category of
articles detained was DVDs/CDs, followed by cigarettes and clothing/accessories; DVDs also saw the
largest increase in terms of articles detained, followed by medicines and cigarettes, while the largest
increases in the number of cases involved toys, electrical equipment and medicines. With over half of the
total, China was the main country of origin of IPR infringing articles.

Link to the Commission‟s press release:

EC/New tool launched by the EU and China to improve IP protection.
“China IP Law Search” is a platform to help businesses and users in general interested in accessing legal
resources in the area of intellectual property protection and enforcement in China. This is an initiative of the
EU-China IPR2 Project in co-operation with of China‟s primary IP information platform. The EU-China IPR2
Project is a partnership initiative launched in 2007 between the European Union and China on the
protection of intellectual property rights (IPR).

    GOOGLE settlement

U.S. /Justice department inquiry into Google books deal
The US Justice Department confirmed that it was conducting an antitrust investigation into the Google -
AAP – Authors ‟ Guild settlement. In a letter last week to the federal judge charged with reviewing the
settlement, the Justice Department said it was reviewing concerns that the agreement could violate the
Sherman Antitrust Act. "At this preliminary stage, the United States has reached no conclusions as to the
merit of those concerns or more broadly what impact this settlement may have on competition," William
Cavanaugh, a deputy assistant attorney general, said in the letter. "However, we have determined that the
issues raised by the proposed settlement warrant further inquiry." In a response, U.S. District Judge Denny
Chin of the Southern District of New York in Manhattan, who is charged with reviewing the settlement, set a
deadline of Sept. 18 for the government to present its views in writing.


EC/Commission updates rules publicly-funded new media services
The European Commission has adopted a new Communication on state aid for the funding of public service
broadcasters. The Communication provides a clear framework for the development of public broadcasting
services and enhances legal certainty for investment by public and private media alike. The new
Communication replaces the Commission‟s 2001 Broadcasting Communication. The main changes include
an increased focus on accountability and effective control at the national level, including a transparent
evaluation of the overall impact of publicly-funded new media services.

                                    31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
             FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                              Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                              Federation of European Publishers

  For our sector, the main changes in the new Communication concern:
   -the ex ante control of significant new services launched by public service broadcasters (balancing the
  market impact of such new services with their public value)

  The adoption of the Communication follows extensive public consultation to which FEP participated and
  builds on the fundamental principles of the financing of public service broadcasting in the Amsterdam
  Protocol (see below, background). In particular, the Communication recognises the Member States'
  discretion to define the mission of public service broadcasters and focuses on the Commission's task of
  preserving                                         fair                                    competition.
  The text of the Communication

  More information, please contact

       OTHERS
  CMBA meeting (2/07)
  Margot Fröhlinger, Director at DG Internal Market, in charge of the copyright files, met with members of the
  CMBA (Creative and Media Business Alliance) on 2nd July 2009.
  More information, please contact

Margot Fröhlinger, Director at DG Internal Market, in charge of the copyright files, met with members of the
CMBA (Creative and Media Business Alliance) on 2nd July 2009.

Margot Fröhlinger said that while studying the briefing prepared by her services, she was reminded how horribly
complicated copyright is and therefore, it should be dealt by experts. She also insisted that the composition of
the Legal Committee of the European Parliament where MEP Christian Engström from the Swedish Party
(member of the Green Group) will certainly demand to be a member , might be problematic if too many copyleft
MEPs are members .

Concerning the work of the European Commission, it is now actively encouraging self-regulation and
stakeholder s‟ initiatives rather than legislation, due to the long time-lines involved for EU legislation and the
fast-moving nature of the sectors concerned. These voluntary arrangements could ideally also be extended to
the global level . In particular, the Commission is not keen to revise the 2001 Copyright Directive at present .
She was particularly concerned that there was a need to better coordinate the policies of the EC concerning
IPR and she suggested a Commissioners ‟ group chaired by one of the Commission ‟ s Vice-President.

On the Green Paper on Knowledge Economy : she insisted that if DG Internal market does not address these
issues now, others will (she certainly meant DG information Society and DG Consumers). She reminded us of
the discussions within the EC to move copyright to another DG (most often mentioned DG Information
Society). She said that the issues dealt with by the Green Paper (GP) needed to be addressed 1. in a very
balanced approach, 2. cautiously .

- Access for the visually impaired – also on the WIPO agenda. This would be done via a Stakeholders Forum
encouraging voluntary agreements rather than a full revision of the Copyright Directive (which she insisted
would amount to opening a Pandora box) .

- Digitisation of Archives – a voluntary stakeholder-led approach to find voluntary contractual arrangements. We
understand that the Communication on the follow-up to the Green Paper (not yet in inter-services consultation)
would task a Stakeholders ‟ Forum to look at the legal implications of mass digitisation of works by cultural
institutions . It would also be tasked to provide for recommendations including on transaction costs and explore

                                       31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
                FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                              Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                              Federation of European Publishers

solutions for rights clearance including collective licensing supplemented by extended collective licensing . If the
Stakeholders ‟ Forum does not achieve a positive result, the EC might envisage various solutions including
possibility to have statutory exception together with a provision for fair compensation. FEP will stress that it is
unlikely that librarians and other cultural institutions strive to find acceptable solutions if the failure of the
discussions means that they get what they want that is exceptions ! )

- Orphan Works : She insisted that rights clearance here was complex, especially for cross-border services.
She said that the EC would envisage several options including a self standing instrument harmonising due
diligence standards and mutual recognition , and will work on an impact assessment .

- UGC : She mentioned that the EC was not foreseeing immediate action on Users Generated Content , but
would further examine and study the issue.

On collective Management, FEP and other rights holders insisted that the issue was mainly a music one. DG
Internal Market will continue to push for multi -territorial licensing for online services . She did not rule out
legislation at some stage. But for now, stakeholder-led solutions were again preferred. A formal dialogue had
been launched with C ollecting Societies (initially intended only for smaller societies, but now with the larger
ones also involved) and “parallel, informal” consultations would also be held with “other interests” – unclear
whether this means rightsholders alone, or a separate forum for users.

On the Enforcement Directive, she explained that DG Internal Market will assess the quality of national
implementation , especially of Article 8 which she thought could be clarified. She requested input from the trade
organisation on flaws of the Directive which would need to be addressed . She also explained why she was
organising a meeting on illegal downloading on 6 th July to encourage voluntary cooperation and if this failed to
consider legislation (see report on that meeting in separate news).

   EC/ Creativity and Innovation conference (09/07)
   FEP attended the presentation of the conclusions of the second flagship conference of the European Year
   of Creativity and Innovation organised by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture on 9 th July.
   The main characteristic of this second conference was its regional and local approach. Mrs Quintin, Director
   General of DG Education and Culture concluded the conference stressing that it was essential to integrate
   creativity and innovation to the education and training systems in order to provide new skills for new jobs.
   Link to the conference:

   REMINDER - StartWithXML: Why&How- Take the survey before 17th July
   The Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) need your help! They got 84 responses so far and your help would
   be most appreciated. They are currently working on project titled StartWithXML: Why&How which was
   initiated in New York last year. The purpose was to ensure that publishers understood the advantages of
   using XML in their production processes. PLS is delighted to be able to work with StartWithXML in bringing
   the project to the UK. The project includes a survey, a comprehensive research paper and a full day Forum
   which will take place at the British Library on the 2 September.
   In the meantime PLS are focusing on gaining feedback. They are asking as many publishers as possible
   take part in a simple survey to help them to understand how practices, methods, and strategies vary among
   publishers. This information will be used to identify the best paths for publishers to overcome potential
   barriers and take advantage of the benefits offered by XML workflows, which include saving time and
   money and enabling increased revenues. To take the survey please click here. For further information on all
   aspects of StartWithXML: Why&How please click here.

                                       31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
                FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                            Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                            Federation of European Publishers

 FEP Newsletter 71 (20/07/2009)

 Welcome package for MEPs
 After the inaugural plenary session in Strasbourg, MEPs return to Brussels for their first Committee week.
 In order to brief MEPs and raise their interest for our issues, FEP, EBF (European Booksellers Federation)
 and EWC (European Writers Council) distributed them a welcoming package, gathering information about
 the 3 associations.

 We also reiterate our proposal to organise meetings with your news MEPs in September, please contact


 Twelve European Authors will receive the European Union Prize for Literature (16/07)

 The names of twelve European authors to receive the first ever European Union Prize for Literature were
 announced today by the European Commission, the European Booksellers Federation (EBF), the European
 Writers' Council (EWC) and the Federation of European Publishers (FEP). The awards will be presented
 during an Award ceremony in Brussels on 28 September. In recognition of his oeuvre and literary success
 Henning Mankell, the well-known and bestselling Swedish author, has accepted the role of Ambassador of
 the European Union Prize for Literature for this year.
 The award ceremony on the 28th of September will be attended by the Commission President Jose Manuel
 Barroso, the Commissioner for Education and Culture Ján Figel' , the prize winning authors, this year‟s
 patron of the European Union Prize for Literature Henning Mankell, and many European writers, artists,
 publishers, editors and other personalities from the European book publishing and cultural scene. It will be
 held in the Flagey Theater in Brussels.

 Commissioner Figel ' said: “This prize spotlights the excellence of literary talents in Europe and all they
 have to offer. It underlines Europe's strength in the quality and creativity of its literary output. The prize is
 aimed at getting the works of new authors off the book shelves and into the hands and hearts of people
 across Europe.''

 EBF President, John Mc Namee, commented: " Today's prize announcements are the culmination of a
 lengthy collaboration between the European Commission, EBF, EWC and FEP. To have such a prize is
 wonderful for authors, publishers and booksellers. It's an opportunity to bridge cultural gaps within Europe
 and create a greater understanding of each other. EBF are delighted to be involved and look forward to
 future years working together. "

 "The creative writer is one of mankind’s best sources of richness. Writers give us the future by creating
 alternative ways of living, or by criticising and envisioning new realities. The European Union Prize for
 Literature is a celebration and acknowledgment of the work by prominent talents who constitute the driving
 force behind the classics of tomorrow," said Pirjo Hiidenmaa , EWC President.

 FEP President, Federico Motta added: “Today's announcements highlight the fundamental role of all
 players in the book value chain: transforming wonderful acts of creativity by individual citizens of different
 European countries, with different languages and cultures, into works that are appealing to people across
 the whole continent and that contribute to increasing the diversified European cultural heritage."

                                     31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
              FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                           Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                           Federation of European Publishers

The Award Ceremony will follow the 'Culture in Motion' Conference – the conference presenting project
results from the EU's Culture programme – and will precede the European Culture Forum on 29 and 30
September and will be bringing together 600 interested parties from the field of culture. The authors and
their works will then be presented during the Frankfurt Book Fair in October and other promotional activities
will be going on throughout the year and in 2010.

The first twelve winners of the European Prize for Literature are:

Winning author: Mr Paulus Hochgatterer
Book awarded: Die Suesse des Lebens (2006) – in English: the Sweetness of Life
Publishing house: Deuticke Verlag

Winning author: Mrs Mila Pavicevic
Book awarded: Djevojčica od leda i druge bajke (2006) – in English: Ice Girl and Other Fairy-tales
Publishing house: Naklada Bošković, Split.

Winning author: Mrs Emmanuelle Pagano
Book awarded: Les Adolescents troglodytes (2007) ) - in English: The Cave Teenagers
Publishing house: Editions P.O.L, Paris

Winning author: Mrs Szécsi Noémi
Book awarded: Kommunista Monte Cristo (2006) – In English Communist Monte Cristo
Publishing house: Tericum, Budapest

Winning author: Mrs Karen Gillece
Book awarded: Longshore Drift (2006)
Publishing house: Hachette, Dublin

Winning author: Mr Daniele Del Giudice
Book Awarded: Orizzonte mobile (2009) - in English : Movable Horizon
Publishing house: Giulio Einaudi editore

Winning author: Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė
Book Awarded: Kvėpavimas į marmurą ( 2006) - In English Breathing into Marble
Publishing house: Alma Littera

Winning author: Mr Carl Frode Tiller
Book Awarded: - Innsirkling (2007) - in English : Encirclement
Publishing house: Aschehoug

Winning author: Mr Jacek Dukaj
Book Awarded: LÓD ( 2007 ) – In English: ICE

                                    31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
             FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                           Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                           Federation of European Publishers

Publishing house: Wydawnictwo Literackie

Winning author: Mrs Dulce Maria Cardoso .
Book Awarded: Os Meus Sentimentos (2005 )
Publishing house: Asa Editores

Winning author: Pavol Rankov
Book Awarded: Stalo sa prvého septembra (alebo inokedy) (2008) - In English: It Happened on
September the First (or whenever)
Publishing house: Kalligram

Winning author: Mrs Helena Henschen
Book Awarded: I skuggan av ett brott (2004) . In English: The Shadow of a Crime
Publishing house: Brombergs


FEP met with DG Infso unit in charge of Europeana
On 10 July, FEP met with representatives of Directorate General Information Society in charge of the
development of the European Digital Library Europeana to discuss issues of common interest. For more
information contact or

FEP joins Franco-German meeting on orphan works
On 18 July, FEP, the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and the Syndical national de l‟Edition were
invited to join a meeting co-organised by the French national Library and the German national Library.
Collecting societies from both countries were also invited. Libraries, publishers and RROs presented their
respective efforts to solution the issue of orphan works and to facilitate the licensing of both orphan and out
of print works. The issue is crucial for libraries as they have the intention to mass digitise their 20 th century
collections in the coming years. The ARROW project was presented by Piero Attanasio, project leader. For
more information contact or

EC/ Call 6 Information Day
The next call for proposals of digital libraries and digital preservation research projects is ICT Call 6,
expected to be published end November 2009. The European Commission is organising an information day
specifically dedicated to digital libraries and digital preservation on 9 October in Luxembourg. A web page
with more details and a registration form will be online in September.
The work programme for the call is available here:


Europeana recruitement
The Europeana office is currently looking for a Scientific Coordinator (SC_0209.01) to help them develop
Europeana into a fully operational site.

                                    31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
             FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                            Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                            Federation of European Publishers

Link to the full job description

For further information on the role please contact Catherine Lupovici, Operations Director on +31 70 314
If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to, with
the reference no. SC_0209.01 as subject or send it by mail to:
c/o the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
National Library of the Netherlands
PO Box 90407
2509 LK The Hague
The Netherlands

Final acceptance date for application: 31 July 09

EC/ White Paper on Modernising ICT Standardisation in EU - The Way Forward
On 13 July 2009, the European Commission published a “White Paper on Modernising ICT Standardisation
in EU - The Way Forward”. As anticipated during the ePublishing conference co-organised by FEP on 17
June, the Commission is planning a review of legislation in order to bring it closer to the industry‟s needs in
the field of ICT. To this purpose, this White Paper has been issued, not to define the future framework but
to raise questions allowing stakeholders to contribute with their views on the policy and regulatory
Acknowledging the dramatic changes which have taken place in the ICT standardisation landscape over the
last decade, the document points out the risk for the EU to become irrelevant in ICT standard setting which
will take place almost entirely outside Europe, and without regard for European needs. Among others, it
recognises the importance of standardisation and interoperability, highlights the role of intellectual property
rights in ICT standards and suggests integrating fora and consortia in the standardisation process.
Suggestions from all the interested parties should be submitted by 15 September 2009. In the light of the
outcome of the ongoing general policy review and following the public consultation, the Commission
envisages presenting any necessary policy and legislative proposals in 2010.

Link to the consultation page on the Commission‟s website

     Events:

31st International Supply Chain Seminar
Room EUROPA, Hall 4, Frankfurt Book Fair
Tuesday 13th October 2009

Now in its 31st year the International Supply Chain Seminar has become an essential event in the diaries of
all publishers, distributors and booksellers who are interested in improving the effectiveness of their
businesses. This year‟s Seminar will continue to focus on the application of new technology to the supply
chain for both traditional and digital publications.

Presentations at the Seminar will be given by leading industry experts from across the globe who will
examine a variety of themes including: challenges to traditional publishing models, trends in consumption of
digital product, the creative use of rich metadata, the infrastructure for digital publishing and the use of
digital technology to increase the sales and profitability of print products.

                                     31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
              FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                           Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                           Federation of European Publishers

Pre-registration is essential for this event
Delegate fees (£110 for members of EDItEUR, £150 for non-members) include all sessions, lunch and

The full seminar programme is attached as is a registration form. Both the form and further details are also
available on the EDItEUR website: or to find out more contact

Book now to avoid disappointment

FEP Newsletter 72 (24/07/2009)


Google is not liable for defamatory snippets in search results, rules High Court (17/07)
Google is not the publisher of defamatory words that appear in its search results, ruled the British High
Court ruled. Even when Google had been told that its results contained libellous words, it was not liable as
a publisher.

Link to the press release:


The inaugural meetings of the parliamentary committees were completed on 20th July.

Here is the list of chairs and vice-chairs of the European Parliament's committees for the next two-and-a-
half years:

International Trade
Chair: Vital Moreira (S&D, Portugal)
Cristiana Muscardini (EPP, Italy)
Robert Sturdy (ECR, UK )
Pawel Ksawery Zalewski (EPP, Poland)
Yannick Jadot (Greens/EFA, France)

Economic and Monetary Affairs
Chair: Sharon Bowles (ALDE, United Kingdom)
José Manuel Garcia-Margallo y Marfil (EPP, Spain)
Arlene McCarthy (S&D, United Kingdom)
Theodor Dumitru Stolojan (EPP, Romania)
Edward Scicluna (S&D, Malta)

Industry, Research and Energy
Chair: Herbert Reul (EPP, Germany)
Patrizia Toia (S&D, Italy)
Jens Rohde (ALDE, Denmark)

                                    31 rue Montoyer, box 8 • B-1000 Brussels • TEL. 32 2 770.11.10
             FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers

 Anni Podimata (S&D, Greece)
 Evzen Tosenovsky (ECR, Czech Republic)

 Internal Market and Consumer Protection
 Chair: Malcolm Harbour, ECR, UK)
 Eija-Ritta Korhola (EPP, Finland)
 Bernadette Vergnaud (S&D, France)
 Lara Comi (EPP, Italy)
 Louis Grech (S&D, Malta)

 Culture and Education
 Chair: Doris Pack (EPP, Germany)
 Helga Truepel (Greens/EFA, Germany)
 Timo Soini (EFD, Finland)
 Lothar Bisky (GUE/NGL, Germany)
 Morten Løkkegaard (ALDE, Denmark)

 Legal Affairs
 Chair: Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP, Germany)
 Luigi Berlinguer (S&D, Italy)
 Raffaele Baldassarre (EPP, Italy)
 Evelyn Regner (S&D, Austria)
 Sebastian Valentin Bodu (EPP, Romania)

Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Chair: Fernando Lopez Aguilar (S&D, Spain)
Kinga Gál (EPP, Hungary)
Sophia in't Veld (ALDE, Netherlands)
Salvatore Iacolino (EPP, Italy)
Kinga Göncz (S&D, Hungary)

Full    list  available:


EC/Publication of the final report Investing in the Future of Jobs and Skills. Scenarios, implications
and options in anticipation of future skills and knowledge needs in the Printing and Publishing
Sector. (22/07)

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of emerging competences and economic activities in the
printing and publishing sector in the EU, the main focus being recent trends and the future of jobs and skills.
The aim of the study is to create a platform and stimulate constructive future-oriented thinking about possible
futures and to adapt and anticipate timely to new challenges.

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                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers

The study supports possible future policy actions and should help industry and firms in addressing skills gaps
and identifying new skills needs.
It presents a variety of options and recommendations to address future skills, knowledge needs addressed to
sectors and to education and training institutes, policy-makers and other stakeholders.
FEP attended the skills Experts Panel Worskhop last January. The purpose of the final workshop was to
amend and to complement the results of the study on jobs and skills in the printing and publishing sector.

Link to the executive summary

Mr Hubert, policy officer, DG employment, in charge of the report said that the study is now in the hand of the
sector's stakeholders to develop further actions on the basis of the recommendations laid down in the report.
As regards the Commission, they are analysing the possibility to set up sector councils on employment and
skills at European level. They launched a feasibility study beginning of the year on the possibility to set up
those councils. The results will become available at the end of the year. Some pilot councils could be
launched in the years to come. No other initiatives are foreseen apart from a dissemination conference end of
the year.


EC/Going abroad to learn - participate in the online consultation
The European Commission has launched a public consultation on how to give young people in Europe more
and better opportunities of going abroad for learning, studying or volunteering.
You can now participate in this consultation either by filling in an online questionnaire or by sending the
Commission a written contribution on the issue. The Commission published a Green Paper on 8 July to raise
a number of questions around the issue and to stimulate a Europe-wide debate. Such questions include: How
can we convince more young people to go abroad to acquire new knowledge, skills and experience? What
obstacles to mobility do we have to overcome? How can all relevant players - the Commission, Member
States, regions, education and training institutions, NGOs - join forces in a new partnership for learning
The consultation period ends on 15 December 2009. The Commission will then evaluate the feedback and
prepare a proposal for practical follow-up.

This consultation is a good opportunity to recall the measures n°2-4-5 of the FEP Advocacy report in favour
of European programmes for books which support mobility and training.

Link to the consultation:


StartwithXML, a one-day industry-wide event being held at the British Library, London, on 2nd September
2009. The event will assist publishers in moving forward with using XML in their production workflows. The
use of XML enables you to become more cost-effective in your production processes, and more flexible in
producing the different formats of works that your customers now require. StartwithXML blog.

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                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers

Divided into two sessions, the morning will focus on the business case for XML and how it can economise
your publishing business. The afternoon will then focus on how you implement XML in workflows – i.e. the
tools and processes you need to benefit from XML.
Morning: agenda summary
Introduction: What is XML and why does it matter?
Why Publishers should start with XML: how the „centre‟ of publishing has shifted
Multi-format publishing: case study – new methods to increase revenues
Digital marketing: case study – increasing revenues using digital marketing techniques
Cost Reduction: XML in the production process, and when to outsource

Afternoon agenda: summary
How to implement XML workflows: how to evaluate your company for opportunities/problems
Solutions 1: vendors, vendor taxonomy, and the offerings available
Solutions 2: tools and best practice
Methods 1: chunking, tagging and organising content
Methods 2: the small publisher – working with a limited investment and IT resources
Managing Change: getting started, managing change, and picking the right strategy

Speaker list can be found here:

Publishers Licensing Society is offering a discount for early bookings. So if you book before 31 July 2009,
your delegate place will cost just £138 (inc vat)*. Group discounts are also available if you sign up four or
more people from your organisation.                To register for this event, please click here:
*Prices include a complimentary lunch at the British Library for each delegate.

FEP Newsletter 73 (31/07/2009)


FEP has published its brochure „The Whole World is Here‟ explaining the role of publishers. We have printed
copies available upon request and in annex you can find the pdf file.
PDF FILE _available upon request


Latvia, a significant victory for publishers
After Lithuanian publishers earlier this month obtained that books in their countries kept enjoying a reduced
rate of VAT, another Baltic country witnesses a success for the publishing sector, Latvia. A few days ago, in
fact, the Government decided that starting on 1 August books will be allowed again to be applied the reduced
VAT rate of 10%, rather than the standard rate of 21% that had been imposed since 1 January this year. The
increase had already caused widespread disruption in the publishing industry, both in terms of sales and titles

Faced with a very unfavourable climate, in which budgetary concerns had led Governments to increase VAT
rates and often eliminate reduced rates, publishers associations in the Baltic countries have fought
strenuously and, so far, successfully: in Estonia and Lithuania books have retained a reduced rate, though
higher than before (9% instead of 5%) and in Latvia the application of the reduced rate has been restored.

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                              Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                              Federation of European Publishers

FEP, which in the past months has constantly supported the efforts of the Latvian Publishers Association with
several statements and letters addressed to the country‟s public authorities – also jointly with the European
Booksellers Federation and the European Writers‟ Council – and with the provision of data to substantiate
their pleas, would like to congratulate with its Latvian colleagues for the very positive outcome of their efforts.
We hope that this will convince them to join the FEP family.

For more information, please contact


France/Vote on the French law on “criminal protection of literary and artistic property on the Internet’
(“Hadopi 2”) postponed to the autumn (21st July 2009).
The National Assembly in France has postponed the vote on the law that will create a new state body, the
Higher Authority for the Distribution of Works and the Protection of Copyright on the Internet that will oversee
a system of educational warning letters to those that download illegal content repeatedly.
SACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) representing authors, composers and
publishers in music field has published a public statement regretting the postponement of the vote of this law.
The statement also adds that “At the end of this process, it will be important, in all events, to assess the
scope of the text and engage an essential debate on the funding of music and remuneration for rights
holders, authors, composers and publishers having fully suffered the consequences of this crisis without
having benefited in the least from any measures of support, whether on a national or a European level”. Link

OECD/New book on digital piracy
A new book on digital piracy was published by the OECD this month.
You can browse it for free here:

Sweden/Movie studies to sue Pirate Bay in order to shut it down
A number of Hollywood movie studios, including Disney, Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios, are suing
Pirate Bay in Sweden in order to shut down the website for copyright infringement. In view of the fact that the
filesharing site continues to operate despite a previous conviction earlier this year, the movie studios have
filed a new complaint.
Link to the press release

NL/Dutch Court condemned The Pirate Bay to block traffic
A Dutch court ruled Thursday that three men connected with Web site The Pirate Bay must block traffic
between the site and the Netherlands within 10 days. The written ruling concludes that the men have control
over the site and ordered them "each separately and together, to stop and keep stopped the infringements on
copyright and related rights of Stichting Brein in the Netherlands" or face a charge of euro 30,000 per day.

EC/First meeting of the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy
4 September 2009
More in the members‟ only part - Anti-Piracy section

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                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers


ENCLAVE: Spanish project to include copyrighted works in digital libraries
The Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE) and the Federación de Gremios de Editores de España (FGEE)
have been working since the end of 2008 on a common project to facilitate the inclusion of copyright
protected books in digital libraries. This project, which received partial financial support by the Ministry of
Industry, aims at creating a stable knowledge center dedicated to the analysis, definition, implementation and
diffusion of a model for including copyrighted digital works in digital libraries. The first phase of the project
aims at adding copyrighted works to the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (BDH) website, created by the BNE in
2008. The FGEE, in agreement with the BNE, has commissioned a study to Numilog about the first phase of
the project and more specifically on its technical architecture. Numilog is one of the e-distributors working
with Gallica (website of the Bibliothèque nationale de France for digital works) since 2008.
For more information, please contact

More in the members‟ only part of the website – anti-piracy

The Europeana Plenary Conference Creation, Collaboration & Copyright, and the Europeana v1.0
workgroup meetings, will be held 14-16 September in The Hague.
The keynote speaker, Charles Leadbeater, was dubbed one of the most influential thinkers of the decade by
the New York Times. The Europeana‟s Public Domain Charte will be launched and you will be given updates
on Europeana‟s progress, and hold Master Classes on a range of topics. Read full details.

Venue: The Hague in the Museon, next to the four-star Bel Air hotel (special privilege rate of €135, including
breakfast). There are only a limited number of places at the special rate, so register now.

Europeana recruitement
The Europeana office is currently recruiting for the following positions:
Project Coordinator
Marketing & Communications Manager
For more information, please contact Karin Heijink, Business Development Manager, E:,
T: +31 (0)70 3140773
If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

User Profiles/Personas – EuropeanaConnect
Our colleagues from EuropeanaConnect would like to ask your help:

In subtask 3.2.1 of EuropeanaConnect they are looking for examples of and information on user profiles that
you use for your websites. The goal of this task is to identify and analyse a number of these `personas` for
Europeana to which functionalities and services will be tailored. An example of a persona is for instance
„professional status‟ (novice, expert, professional) or other target groups based on usage, gender, geography,
age etc. If you use personas for your website or know about others who use personas, please let us know.
If you have further questions, please do not hesistate to contact: Gitte Petersen (, Katja Guldbæk
Rasmussen (; Karen Marie Iversen (


US/Publishers Weekly/Google Book Search Settlement Survey
The US trade publication PW is conducting a survey designed to gather a broad view of how the Google
Book Search Settlement is being viewed. US publishers are urged to answer this brief, targeted questionnaire
to help us gauge industry opinion on whether the settlement should be approved, modified or rejected.

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               FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:
                             Fédération des Editeurs Européens
                             Federation of European Publishers

Results of the survey will be shared in the August 24th issue of PW.

Webseminar organised by Publishers Weekly

If you want to listen to the webseminar organised by Publishers Weekly with the participation of AAP (Richard
Sarnoff, John Sargent), AG (Jan Constantine, James Gleick) and Michael Healy (Directorate designate of the
Books Rights Registry), you can connect via url above.

They started by presentation the basic elements of the settlement. Richard Sarnoff used the image of horse
and barn, if they had won the suit, it would have force the horse back into the barn and have the books
eliminated from the services of Google and then with other lawsuit of the services of the libraries, we felt it as
a disservice to both publishers and to academic community, block the horse in the barn for an indeterminate
period, if we had lost the suit, horses would be free and then the limits of fair use would have been tested
again over time, to saddle that horse and ride it somewhere and that is the settlement.

About the 5th January 2009 date and the ability for Google to scan books published after, the answer was that
if they would do this they would be liable for this digitisation and could be sued.

BRR Director designate insisted that it (the BRR) would maintain a very comprehensive dataset not only
those who claimed their rights but also get out there pro-actively and find those who have not claimed. 35
minutes through the seminar, he speaks about the commitment to ensure that non-US rights holders have a
place on the Board of Directors of the Books Rights Registry.

Jane Constantine said that no money -60 $ compensation- will be distributed before at least one year after
approval. She does not foresee that institutional licenses would be at least 24 months after the effective date
and maybe a bit sooner for the individual purchase.

A lot of the discussions were about the share of the revenues between writers and publishers.
For more information, please contact

    European Court of Justice decision

ECJ decision in Case C 5/08, Infopaq International A/S v Danske Dagblades Forening, a reference for
a preliminary ruling from Denmark (16th July 2009)
The European Court of Justice published a Judgement on the interpretation of some articles in Directive
2001/29. In particular it refers to Article 2, reproduction right, and Article 5(1), exemption of temporary acts of
reproduction. The case concerns Infopaq, a Danish press monitoring agency, which was scanning
newspaper articles for commercial purposes without the permission from rightholders.

Link :

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               FAX. 32 2 771.20.71 • e-mail: • e-mail: • website:

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