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                         2000, 5400 and 4400 SERIES

          Table-top Mills and Lathes
          For Prototyping and Light Production
                                         CNC Mills with

                          Model 2000
                      Prototyping and
                             CNC Mill
2000, 5400 and 4400 Table-top Mills and Lathes
Now you can get an entry-level CNC machine                   exacting tolerances. The 2000, 5400, and 4400 are all
without sacrificing quality, durability, or ease of use.     available in servo and stepper versions.
FlashCut CNC's 2000, 4400, and 5400 table-top                    FlashCut CNC's Windows-based control software is
machine tools combine the power of your personal             behind these machines' quick learning curve, as well
computer with FlashCut's powerful                            as their ability to perform sophisticated tasks. It's just
control software, to give you an                             what you'd expect from FlashCut CNC…a company
extremely economical CNC solution                            with thousands of systems in use by customers
that doesn't cut corners when it                                      including Fortune 500 corporations and
comes to reliability, accuracy, or                                    major universities. And FlashCut CNC gives
versatility. These machines are ideal                                  you unsurpassed technical support—
for lab technicians, jewelry makers,                                       whether you're a novice with a basic
hobbyists, entrepreneurs, schools, or                                          question, or a professional seeking
any light-production manufacturing                                                detailed information.
environment.                                                                             Your FlashCut CNC machine
    The 2000 and the slightly-                                                           tool is also a wise long-
smaller 5400 are CNC mills.                                                                   term investment, with
The 4400 is a CNC lathe. With                                                                    a wide range of
any of these machines, even a novice                                                             available options
can be up-and-running quickly, and produce                                                       and upgrades to
                                                           The FlashCut CNC Table Top Series
virtually any simple, small part, out of aluminum,                                               adapt the machine
                                                           Mills and Lathes are perfect for
brass, plastic, or wood. And in the hands of an            prototyping and light production.     to almost anything
experienced machinist, these CNC machines can              Shown here are the 5400 CNC Mill      your future needs
produce highly-complex 3-dimensional shapes to             and the 4400 CNC Lathe.               might require.

Typical Applications:                                        Components Included:
q   Rapid prototyping                                        q5400 or 2000 CNC Mill:
q   Light production                                          q Tabletop Mill with Integrated Motor Mounts and

q   Jewelry                                                     Jacobs Chuck
q   Moldmaking                                              q 4400 CNC Lathe:

q   Engraving                                                 q Tabletop Lathe with Integrated Motor Mounts

q   Woodworking                                               q Included Accessories: Tailstock, Rocker Tool Post,

q   Lab Work                                                    High-Speed Steel Cutting Tool, 3.1" 3-Jaw Self-
q   Education                                                   Centering Chuck, Jacobs 3/8" Tailstock Drill Chuck,
q   Hobby                                                       #0 Morse Arbor, #1 Morse Arbor with Drawbolt
                                                            q All Mill, Lathe Models and Retrofits:

Important Features:                                           q FlashCut CNC Control Software

                                                              q Signal Generator
q   Reliable, high quality machine tool
                                                              q Stepper Control System:
q   Powerful, intuitive Windows-based control system
                                                                q 2 or 3-Axis, 2 Amp/axis Stepper Motor Driver box
q   Fast and accurate
                                                                q (2 or 3) Size 23, 135 oz-in stepper motors w/cables
q   Wide range of tooling and accessories
                                                              q Servo Control System:
q   Cuts steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, wood, wax
                                                                q 2 or 3-Axis, 8 Amp/axis continuous, 12
    and more
q   Powerful motors and motor drivers                              Amp/axis peak Servo Motor Driver box
                                                                q (2 or 3) Size 23, 151 oz-in servo motors w/cables
q   Direct import from CAD for simple designs
                                                              q All Required Cables
q   CAM Software available for complex 3D models
                                                              q Software and Hardware Manuals
q   Choice of Stepper or Servo control system
                                                              q Free Technical Support
q   Variable spindle speed upgradable to 10,000 RPM
                                                              q Extra Lathe for Mill/Lathe Combo Package
q   Exceptional technical support
                                                                q 4400 CNC Lathe
q   Exceptional value
                                                                q (2) Size 23, 135 oz-in stepper motors w/ cables

                                                            OR q (2) Size 23, 151 oz-in stepper motors w/ cables
Description                      CNC Mill 5400           CNC Mill 2000                CNC Lathe 4400
X Axis Travel (in)               9                       9                            4.25
Y Axis Travel (in)               5                       7                            -
Z Axis Travel (in)               6.5                     6.5                          -
Distance Between Centers         -                       -                            17
Swing Over Bed (in)              -                       -                            3.5 (6.0 w/ riser block)
Swing Over Carriage (in)         -                       -                            1.75 (4.25 w/ riser block)
Resolution (in)                  0.000125                0.000125                     0.000125
Throat (in)                      3.5                     Adjustable up to 12          -
Spindle Nose Thread              3/4" - 16 T.P.I.        3/4" - 16 T.P.I.             3/4" - 16 T.P.I.
Spindle Nose Taper               #1 Morse                #1 Morse                     #1 Morse
Spindle Speed Range (rpm)
(upgradable to 10,000 RPM)       70-2800                 70-2800                      70-2800
Hole Through Spindle (in)        -                       -                            0.405
Spindle Power (hp)               0.5                     0.5                          0.5
Tailstock Spindle Taper          -                       -                            #0 Morse
Headstock Rotation Left-Right    180                     180                          -
Column Rotation Left-Right       -                       180                          -
Column Pivot Front-Back          -                       180                          -
Column Pivot Left-Right          -                       180                          -
Column Travel In-Out (in)        -                       5.5                          -
Width Overall (in)               28                      28                           37
Depth Overall (in)               18                      26                           17
Height Overall (in)              21                      23                           8
PC Interface                     Serial Port (RS-232)    Serial Port (RS-232)         Serial Port (RS-232)
Stepper Control System
Driver Type                      Bi-Polar Chopper        Bi-Polar Chopper             Bi-Polar Chopper
Driver Current (amps/axis)       2A                      2A                           2A
Motor Torque (oz-in, all axes)   135                     135                          135
Maximum Feedrate (in/min)        25 (XY), 20 (Z)         25 (XY), 20 (Z)              25 (XY), 20 (Z)
Servo Control System
Driver Type                      Closed-Loop Servo       Closed-Loop Servo            Closed-Loop Servo
Driver Current (amps/axis)       8 Continuous, 12 Peak   8 Continuous, 12 Peak        8 Continuous, 12 Peak
Motor Torque (oz-in, all axes)   151                     151                          151
Maximum Feedrate (in/min)        45 (XYZ)                45 (XYZ)                     45 (XYZ)

Order Numbers
Description                                  Part Number—Stepper               Part Number—Servo
Table Top CNC Mills and Lathes (for metric versions use 5410, 2010, or 4410 in the part number)
5400 CNC Mill                                SC-5400-H                         SC-5400-V
2000 CNC Mill                                SC-2000-H                         SC-2000-V
4400 CNC Lathe                               SC-4400-H                         SC-4400-V
Additional CNC Lathes to make Mill-Lathe Combination Package
4400 CNC Mill with Motors Only               SX-4400-H                         SX-4400-V
Table Top/Sherline Retrofit Kits
Table Top Mill Retrofit Kit (3 Axes)         RT-3H                             RT-3V
Table Top Lathe Retrofit Kit (2 Axes)        RT-2H                             RT-2V

Accessories and Upgrades
Description                                                                     Part Number
Spindle On/Off Relay Box (2 Channels, up to 6 Amps per Channel)                 OR-01
Limit/Home Switch Kit - Mill (for 2000 and 5400 Mills Only)                     OS-01
Limit/Home Switch Cable (use FO-SWCH-0001 for 2000 and 5400 Mills)              OS-02
Sherline Mill Accessory Kit                                                     NF-SH-KIT1
CNC Rotary Table w/Motor and 4th Axis 2A Driver (Stepper)                       OF-01PH
Upgrade from 135 oz-in to 264 oz-in stepper motors                              UM-2301P-2302P
Upgrade from 2 Amp 3 axis to 3.5 Amp 3 axis controller                          UD-3020H-3035H
Upgrade from 2 Amp 3 axis to 3.5 Amp 3 axis Microstepping controller            UD-3020H-3035M
                                       A Wide Range of
                                     Accessories Available

      A Wide Range                                                         A Wide Range
     of Applications                                                        of Retrofits

                                     The Spindle On/Off Relay Box can
                                     turn up to two devices on and off
                                     automatically. OR-01

The FlashCut CNC DeskTop systems                                          FlashCut CNC offers stepper
allow you Rapidly Prototype parts                                         and servo retrofit kits for
out of the right materials such as                                        any CNC-ready machine.
these polycarbonate parts.

                                     The FlashCut Rotary Table has full
                                     CNC control for accurately making
                                     contoured 4th axis parts OF-01PH.    We also offer motor mount
                                                                          kits for manual machines.

These injection molded pats were
made from aluminum molds
fabricated by the FlashCut CNC
Desktop system.                                                                 Call Toll Free
                                                                              1-888-88 FLASH

                                                                             West Coast Office
Computer                                                                    1263 El Camino Real
                                     The Limit/Home Switch Kit protects     Menlo Park, CA 94025
Requirements                         your machine and lets you accur-
                                                                               (650) 853-1444
                                     ately set a home position. OS-01
q   IBM compatible,                                                          (650) 853-1405 Fax
    Pentium® or equivalent
                                                                              Midwest Office
q   Windows
                                                                          444 Lake Cook Rd., Ste. 17
                                                                             Deerfield, IL 60015
q   64-256 MB RAM depend-                                                      (847) 940-9305
    ing on part complexity                                                   (847) 940-9315 Fax
q   1 available serial port
                                     The Mill Accessory Kit comes with       East Coast Office
Windows is a registered trademark    a wide range of commonly used          4949 St. Elmo Avenue
of Microsoft Corporation. Pentium
is a registered trademark of Intel
                                     accessories. NF-SH-KIT1                Bethesda, MD 20814
Corporation.                                                                   (301) 718-7300

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