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           BY CANDACE WELLMAN, APRIL 2005.

Note: I did nothing about William Randolph Yeldell, half brother of J.W.
because he never lived in SC.

I also did not visit the courthouse, because most of what we needed at
this point was at Tompkins Library. The most important item needed
to be traced is the purchase of the plantation/farm from the
Longmires. The deed for this piece has not been excerpted, altho’
others have been. Another item for research would be chattel
mortgages and bills of sale that would give more information on slave
purchases or sales by the family.

Affiliated families are Quarles, White, Adams, Cheatham, Sheppard,
and of course, the Shibleys and Steiffels. I have included materials as
found about them if they shed light on what happened to J.W.’s
siblings. Most important is the Shibley and Steifel material and
contacts for further research.

“Plantation” equals 100 slaves or 1000 acres. Family seems to have
had slightly under 20 slaves most of the time. Without the deed to the
Longmire home piece, I can’t add up all the acreages.

Liberty Hill, where the Longmire Store/Wm. Yeldell house is, is today
in McCormick County. McCormick did not come into existence until the
20th century, as I recall. The terms that apply to the Yeldell period we
are interested in are “Old District 96” and Edgefield County.

Church of the early Yeldells at Liberty Hill, Gilgal Baptist Church
records no longer exist. The Yeldells became members of Bethany at a
date after J.W. left SC.


1. [Imp.] Answer sheet to the critical research questions

2. Postcards and local newspaper for each of you will be sent.

3. Articles and genealogy on Alabama Yeldells from Sam Morgan taken
from papers and books from there. [cousins who moved there]
4. Photos taken by CW of Edgefield and the William Yeldell home
[making copies for you]

5. [imp.] Notes on the Wm. and Mary Abalone Yeldell house, and
progression of ownership that keeps it family-associated.

6. List of deeds from index, not yet copied or examined.

7. Location of Robert Yeldell’s land from book on plats, etc. [William’s
father or uncle; don’t have that genealogy handy]

8. Book: “The Hard Labor Section” by H.T. Cook. Available from
Tompkins. [Yeldell, Shibley, Steifel, Perrin, White, Quarles, etc.]
      Also have Xeroxed section of this about relevant area. @20
pages. Has enlarged map of the area, including Liberty Hill’s relation to
the rest.

9. Book: 1820 Edgefield District Census, complete transcription

10. Book: Early Edgefield District census of 1790, 1800, 1810
including all the later counties

11. Book: U.S. Migration Patterns. [my own, can copy the maps of the
Great Wagon Road to the South which ran in front of the home]

12. Map: 1871 Edgefield County. [large, available from Tompkins,
$4.00] Shows families and positions near each other at Liberty Hill
area. Very good.

13. Map: Abbeville District 1820. [large, available from Tompkins
$4.00. Shows all the area of first settlement by the Yeldells, with
names of everything. Very good.

14. Map: Edgefield District 1825. [Shows Yeldell house, etc. ] also
available from Tompkins for $4.00.

15. 1816 Guardianship record for James and Jacob Shibley, sons of
Mary Steifel Shibley Yeldell.

16. Probate bond and administration letter for estate of Wm. Yeldell.

17. Record from 1870 of petition to sell land for partition from
Reynolds trustees.
18. List of probate cases for Yeldell family that are available. Not all
were retrieved and examined. 22 of them. They are paper and

19. Notes on Shibley half-brothers and their probates re J.W. absence

20. Notes on Edgefield County’s passion for politics, shoot-outs

21. Anthony Yeldell: 1810 census owned land in Abbeville District [this
is the entire notation]

22. [Imp.] “More Old Families of McCormick County, SC v. II. Section
on Yeldells, Perrins, Quarles with Births, Deaths, Marriages. Most
county records did not exist until 1911, and these are drawn from
many sources, church, family, etc.

23. [imp.] “the History of SC”, v. 4. 1934. Bio of William H. Yeldell, Sr,
nephew of J.W. [heavily involved in SC history]

24. [imp.] Reprint of newspaper article on the Liberty Hill settlement

25. [imp.] 1931 speech on Liberty Hill history

26. Sections from “Old Abbeville” by Lowry Ware, 1992. [history
during period when Yeldells lived there]

27. “A Brief History of Abbeville, SC 1750-1923” by Rachel H. Minshall,
1923. [sections on early settlers]

28. Letters between Dr. Robert Longmire and Charles Thompson,
1990, on Longmire family history

29. [IMP.] “Yeldell and Hartsfield Families of Colonial Philadelphia, the
Carolinas, and Alabama” 1993 by Oliver Weaver. [first 46 pages were
copied for the library, I don’t know how much more there is. He needs
to be written to for a full copy. I believe that his research is accurate.
It appears to be very thorough and critically done.]

30. [Imp] “The Yeldell Family of Edgefield, SC” compiled by LaMarr
Brooks. [genealogy tree, some inaccuracies, has info on Wm.
Randolph, the Quarles group, etc. ]

31. Obit of Martha Hall, first husband was Jacob Shibley, from
Edgefield Advertiser, 1850
32. “McCormick Memories” 1982. Connection of Cyrus McCormick to
Dorn’s Mines in the area of Liberty Hill

33. Map: Waterways of Edgefield District compiled from early maps.
[shows the layout of the creeks which were used for description of
family lands in deeds]

34. [IMP] “Stiefel Surname in Edgefield and Abbeville Co., SC 1768 to
1860. [35 page history of Mary Yeldell’s family]

35. All pages from the Carol Wells compilation of the deed books which
involve Yeldells, Shibleys, Stiefels. Includes an indenture of a slave girl
and a white boy for 15 years to learn the “art and mystery of a
planter”. Includes deeds for William, James (his father),
Robert(brother of James) Yeldell.

36. Abstract of the Clarke estate, Robert Y. being one of the
purchasers of assets. Shows typical transactions of the times that
involve slaves in an estate.

37. Names and addresses of several researchers of Yeldell, Steifel,

38. Map: Early 18th Century Indian Trading Posts [shows some of the
world that the Yeldells moved into from VA]

39. “The Making of McCormick County” by Bobby Edmonds, 1999.
[about 40 pages + of excerpts re the mid-1700’s to mid-1800’s events
in which the Yeldells were immersed]

40. 1860 census page showing Shibley and Yeldell children with the

36. 1860 Longmires Post Office census page. Jasper Hammond Y. and
Wm. and Susan (Yeldell) Quarles.

37. [IMP] Mary Abalone Yeldell will and estate file. [sizable with the
inventory and sales pages. Shows J.W. absence and how that handled]

38. 1810 census Edgefield District Yeldell pages (transcribed) with
intro to slave/white populations, and map explaining present counties.
39. “Old Families of McCormick Cty, SC” Vol. 1. Long Cane area

40. 1851 obituary of Mary Elizabeth Adams Yeldell, wife of Jasper
Hammond Y., brother of J.W.
41. Article from OEGS newsletter about the Red Shirt Movement,
which was born in Edgefield. Also lists of publications available to order
from Tompkins library and OEGS.

42. Pages of Equity Court Index for Yeldell cases. [cases themselves
not yet examined]

43. Minutes of the Bethany Church, transcription. [some family
members, and gives good idea of what was going on in the
neighborhood of 1809 +]

44. Rosters of Old Edgefield District. [page of Yeldells in Civil War and
their units]

45. [Imp.] Old Yeldell Cemetery with map and directions. [Location
behind the Wm. Yeldell house]

46. [Imp.] 1830 Census, Edgefield District. [pages for Yeldells]

47. Bethany Baptist Church cemetery roster with dates

48. [IMP] William Yeldell Estate file. [includes inventory, etc. J.W. was
the administrator. ]

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