Letter Of Intent Office or Retail Gross Lease by ltedprosser


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(Month Day, Year)

(City, State Zip)

Re: Proposal for (Name of Tenant) at (Name of Landlord)

Dear (Name):

Thank you for your interest in (Name of Landlord). This proposal sets forth a summary of the
basic business terms of a proposed lease between (Name of Landlord), as Landlord, and (Name of
Tenant) as Tenant, covering space in the office tower known as (Name of Landlord), located at
(Address, City, State Zip).

The basic terms are as follows:

TERM:                               (Length of term) or
                                    (Length of term)

LEASE PREMISES:                     (Location) Approximately ________ rentable square feet

COMMENCEMENT DATE:                  (Month Day, Year)

BASE RENTAL RATE:                   (___ Year Term):
                                    Months 01-04: Abated
                                    Months 05-12: $____
                                    Months 13-24: $____
                                    Months 25-36: $____
                                    Months 37-48: $____
                                    Months 49-60: $____
                                    Months 61-64: $____
                      (____ Year Term:)
                      Months 01-06: Abated
                      Months 07-12: $____
                      Months 13-24: $____
                      Months 25-36: $____
                      Months 37-48: $____
                      Months 49-60: $____
                      Months 61-72: $____
                      Months 73-84: $____
                      Months 85-90: $____

ESCALATION:           Tenant will share in any increases in the actual operating
                      costs, including ad valorem taxes and insurance premiums
                      on the Project, on a pro rata basis, over and above the
                      (20___). Operating costs for the base year of (20___) and
                      subsequent years shall be equal to the actual operating costs
                      for that calendar year adjusted upward if necessary to reflect
                      the costs of operating the Building at an occupancy level of
                             percent       %.

PARKING:              Landlord will provide Tenant with the use of twenty-four
                      (24) parking spaces, six (6) of which shall be reserved at a
                      monthly cost of $50.00 per month plus tax.

SECURITY DEPOSIT:     Landlord will consider a reduced Security Deposit subject to
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