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									              Amendment of Lease
        This Amendment of Lease dated this (Date) day of (Month), by and between (Name of
Landlord), a (State of incorporation), having a place of business at (Location of business)
(hereinafter Landlord) and (Name of Tenant), a (State of incorporation), having its principal
office at (Location of business) (hereinafter Tenant).


        WHEREAS, Landlord entered into a Lease (hereinafter Lease) with Tenant as of the
(Date) day of (Month) demising unto Tenant all that certain premises located in the City of
(City), County of (County), State of (State), containing approximately (No. of Square feet)
square feet, as more particularly described on Exhibit (Exhibit #) attached to the Lease and
hereto, together with the building constructed thereon and the other easements, rights and
appurtenances stated therein; and a Memorandum of Lease has previously been recorded dated
(Date of Memorandum) in Book (Book number), page (Page number) in the Public Records of
(Name of County) County, and as the provisions of said Lease have been amended by a certain
Lease Amendment dated by and among Tenant and Landlord; and

       WHEREAS, Landlord and Tenant wish to amend the Lease:

       NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the sum of $10.00 receipt of which is
hereby acknowledged by Landlord and other good and valuable consideration it is mutually
covenanted and agreed as follows:

       A. The provisions of Sections   through      inclusive of Article   are hereby
           deleted and are replaced by the following provisions from and after
           (hereinafter defined):

           Section 1: Rent. From and after (Date) Tenant agrees to pay 
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