ALDERMASTON PARISH COUNCIL

              Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th May 2006

    Present           Mr D Shirt                        Chairman
                      Mr R Brown
                      Mrs C Clemson
                      Mr D Moore
                      Mr C Vare
                      Mrs I Neill                       District Councillor
                      Mr B Scott                        Clerk

                      There were no members of the public present.

1   Open Forum                                                                Action
    Nothing was raised.

2   Apologies                                                                 Action
    Mrs Dadswell and Mr O’Brien.

3   Minutes of the meeting held on 11th April                                 Action
    The minutes were agreed as a true record and were duly signed by the

4   Matters arising                                                           Action

    Minute 67 (2002-03) – Minerals Plan/Gravel extraction
    Carried forward to next meeting.

    Minute 25 (2004-05) – Aldermaston relief road
    A meeting had taken place with T Slaney (WBC) and Mr Shirt tabled
    his notes of the meeting. There was no support from WBC for
    inclusion of the relief road in the LDF as the LDF is too general and
    focuses on strategic issues. WBC feel that the case for the relief road
    is not yet proven, even if the funding could be delivered. The
    technical information informing WBC Freight Strategy would be
    helpful in developing the case for a relief road. Developments in south
    Aldermaston are not needed until the 2010 timeframe, so we should
    focus attention on having the relief road included in LPT3.
    Meanwhile we had written to WBC submitting our comments on the
    LDF core strategy, stating that Aldermaston Parish Council does not
    oppose developments in south Aldermaston in the longer term,
    provided the necessary infrastructure, including a relief road, is
    addressed. Mr Brown had written to T Slaney restating our policy that
    the Council will continue to oppose any significant developments in
    the Parish until the relief road is agreed.
    It was still unclear whether or not S106 money could be earmarked
    against a future relief road.
    There were two actions outstanding from the meeting:
     The loan of the technical documents supporting the Freight
     Whether funds from a First Great Western initiative could be
        applied to improvements in security at the station car park.
    The Clerk will progress these actions.                                  Clerk

Minute 89 (2004-05) – Planning Enforcements
The meeting held on 12th April was largely unsatisfactory, mainly
because N Carter had had to leave the meeting. The minutes had not
yet been received nor had the date been fixed for the next meeting.
The Clerk will progress this.                                              Clerk

Minute 14 (2005-06) – Skateboard Park
The Clerk is trying to ascertain the likely timescale of the proposed      Clerk
development at the Wharf, and it was agreed to await an answer
before giving further consideration to alternative sites.

Minute 25 (2005-06) – Recreation ground
The Clerk confirmed that the land was now registered with the Land
registry and a copy of the Register entry will be appended to the          Clerk
Mr Vare reported that Mr A Woodley had been selected for the
position of part-time park-keeper. The Clerk had checked the
insurance policy and a self-employed person contracted to provide
labour only is covered by our employer’s liability cover. In view of
this it was agreed not to employ Mr Woodley but simply to contract
with him for the provision of a service. It was agreed that this be
subject to adherence to the Council’s Health and Safety policy, and
that Mr Vare would prepare supplementary safety procedures to cover        Mr Vare
the work. Mr Vare and the Clerk would liaise to produce the                Clerk/Mr Vare
paperwork required for this contract.

Minute 25 (2005-06) – Youth Council
Hilary Manser had offered to pick up this project and it was agreed
that she should do so, and would be asked to present specific              Mr Shirt
proposals to a future meeting.

Minute 130 (2004-05) – Post Office
The negotiations with G Simmons (Post Office) were dragging on
despite the assistance of S Smyth (WBC). The Clerk will confirm to         Clerk
G Simmons that the Parish Council’s preference is for a temporary
post office in the Parish Hall to test its viability, and should that be
proven it would then seek a permanent location. Mrs Neill will             Mrs Neill
investigate the possibility of the hairdressers as a permanent location.

Minute 112 (2005-06) – Drainage in The Street
The work had now been completed.

Minute 138 (2005-06) – Policing
Mrs Clemson will check whether Insp Cartwright can attend the June         Mrs Clemson
meeting. It was agreed to give him prior notice that we feel
Aldermaston should be in the same grouping as Brimpton, Wasing
and Woolhampton, and not in the Burghfield group. Mr Vare will             Mr Vare
invite PC Barry Walker also to attend.

Minute 40 (2005-06) – Wharf Toilets
No further progress since last meeting. Mrs Clemson will progress          Mrs Clemson
this provided there is no significant increase in time or cost to
Aldermaston Parish Council.

Minute 148 (2005-06) – District/Parish Conference
Mr Shirt reported that there was not much that was noteworthy.

    Minute 148 (2005-06) – Speed limit review
    Mr Vare attended this. All the proposals from Aldermaston were
    approved except for Church Road and Silchester Road (the latter has
    been referred by WBC to Hampshire CC). The new speed limits will
    be advertised on 23rd May.

    Minute 148 (2005-06) – Glade Festival
    WBC have granted the licence with two conditions, one of which is
    that sound advisors must be present all the time. Regarding free
    tickets it was agreed to advise residents via the Newsletter to contact   Mr Vare
    Wasing Estate.

    Minute 151 (2005-06) – Mudflow from 4 x 4 site
    S Awberry has replied that silt ditches have been made to stop the

    Minute 151 (2005-06) – AWE Liaison Committee
    Mr Shirt tabled a report of the 16th March meeting and this will be
    appended to the minutes.                                                  Clerk

    Minute 151 (2005-06) – Manor House stream retaining wall
    Spring 4 have replied that rectification is included in the programme
    of work to be undertaken this summer.

    Minute 160 (2005-06) – Area Forum
    The surgery session was poorly attended. On the Highways update
    sheet the entry relating to Paice’s Hill is to be amended from
    “completed” to “pending”.

    Minute 160 (2005-06) – South East Plan
    Carried forward to next meeting.

    Minute 164 (2005-06) – Speed Indicator Device
    Mrs Dadswell and Mr Shirt had operated this on 24 th April, and Mrs
    Dadswell’s summary report was tabled. A full analysis is awaited
    from WBC.

    Arising since last meeting – Paice’s Wood
    Mr Shirt and Mr Vare had attended a meeting convened by R Craggs
    (WBC). Youngs wish to improve security on their site and have
    proposed an alternative access to Paice’s Wood Country Park. WBC
    Highways Department are to undertake an assessment of this.

5   Planning Matters                                                          Action

    Applications pending

    05/01159/FUL        Aldermaston Quarry (Padworth Parish)
    Continued extraction of sand and gravel without complying with
    Condition 4 of I.D.O. Determination of Conditions no. 143901, dated
    January 1996.
    Pending consideration of case officer.

    05/01395/FULD       Froud’s House, Froud’s Lane, RG7 4LG
    Conversion of out building to form ancillary living accommodation.
    Pending consideration of case officer.

05/02513/CERTE         Woodstock, Paice’s Hill
Forestry contractor's business, woodyard and saw mill, including
ancillary log sales.
Pending consideration of case officer.

06/00004/FUL          Land to North of Old Stocks Farm
Temporary storage of plant and equipment for a maximum period of
two years.
Pending consideration of case officer.

06/00030/OUTD        The Chalet, Station Road, RG7 4LE (Padworth)
4 Terraced town houses.
Pending consideration of case officer.

06/00624/FUL         Young’s Industrial Estate, RG7 4PW
Erection of 2.4 metre high steel palisade security fence to southern
flank and south-eastern corner of industrial area to join existing fence
at road frontage.
Pending consideration of case officer.

06/00710/AGRIC        Padworth Trout Farm Ltd, RG7 4JX (Padworth
Extension of outlet channel for trout production.
Pending consideration of case officer.

Decision reports from planning authority

04/00677/RELAX          Berkshire Business Park
Relaxation of condition to provide an extension of time for the
submission of reserved matters.
Approved under delegated powers with 23 conditions. This
incorporates all conditions from previous permissions in order to
provide a single reference point for the future.

06/00107/FULMAJ Barlow’s Plantation, Silchester Road
Section 73 application for an extension of time under Condition 1 of
planning application 04/02907/FULMAJ, to extend the time limit for
implementation of the approved scheme by one year.
Approved under delegated powers.

06/00279/CERTE        Court Farm, Raghill, RG7 4NT
Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use – Parking of commercial
vehicles and storage of plant and agricultural machinery (Zone 3).
Approved under delegated powers.

06/00335/HOUSE       31 The Street, RG7 4LW
Rear two storey extension and single storey link to two storey dining
room and bedroom.
Withdrawn by applicant.

06/00410/HOUSE        Fisherman’s Cottage, RG7 4LJ
Conservatory to rear of property.
Refused under delegated powers.

New planning applications

06/00855/FUL         Allport Packaging, Soke Road, RG7 2PF
Retrospective – New office/conference room.

        It was agreed to return No Objections, with the recommendation that       Clerk
        should this be approved there should be two conditions:
            1. The applicant provides at least as many car parking spaces
                 elsewhere on the site as has been lost due to the erection of
                 the new office/conference room.
            2. The building materials should be of a type more appropriate
                 to a rural location.

        06/00856/FUL           Water Tower, Calleva Park
        Installation of 6 antennas and 2 dishes on the existing water tower and
        6 ground based equipment cabinets.
        It was agreed to record No Objections.                                    Clerk

        06/00886/AGRIC        Wray’s Farm House, Rag Hill, RG7 4NY
        Storage barn for plant/hay.
        It was agreed to confirm No Objections.

        06/00929/OUTD         Land at Bracken House, Red Lane, RG7 4PA
        New two storey detached dwelling.
        It was agreed to record Objections on the grounds that the site is        Clerk
        outside the settlement boundary and the application does not
        constitute an exception to planning policy.

        06/00979/RESMAJ Froud’s Bridge Marina, RG7 4LH
        Landscape only for approved boat basin enlargement.
        It was agreed to record No Objections.                                    Clerk

        Other planning Matters

    a) Ravenswing – Appeal Dismissed.
    b) Banger Racing Track – 237 affordable houses – pending.
6       Highway Matters                                                           Action

        Forster's Verges – Minute 26 (2002-03)
        Carried forward to next meeting.

        Matters referred to Streetcare
           a) Station Road – repair of barrier – completed.
           b) Soke Road – pothole – referred to Highways Inspector
                (reference ELM 41850) - outstanding.
           c) Chapel Lane triangle – HGV damage to grass surface –
           d) Falcon gyratory system - damaged road sign – completed.
           e) Silchester Road/Paice’s Hill – litter pick – completed.

         a) Footpath from village to The Wharf – Mr Shirt and Mr O’Brien
            had walked the proposed route with representatives of Wasing
            estate and Sustrans, and their attitude was very positive.
            Sustrans were now taking the initiative and will present a
            feasibility report before the next meeting, after which a formal
            approach will be made to Wasing Estate.

        The Falcon bus shelter
        The derelict bus shelter was demolished in March but has not been


    Bus Stop on The Street
    Mr Brown had taken this up with WBC and it was now unlikely that
    they would proceed with bus stops, but if they did it would be road
    markings instead.

    Paice’s Hill Study
    Mr Brown had met on site with M Edwards, A Garratt and N Stacey
    (WBC) and they had agreed everything that was requested, ie the
    recommendations of the report plus an advisory speed limit at the
    bends. The request for a high friction surface was not agreed. It was
    agreed to make a formal response confirming this.                        Clerk

7   Parish Plan progress report                                              Action

     1) The bid for £5000 funding from the West Berkshire Parish Plan
        Fund had been approved but the money had not yet been
        received. The Clerk was chasing this.                                Clerk
     2) Mr Brown, Mrs Clemson and Mr Vare gave brief reports on
        behalf of the working groups, and it was concluded that progress
        towards implementation was slow. The Chairman proposed a
        separate quarterly Parish Plan progress meeting to carry forward
        the implementation, and it was agreed that the first meeting be      Chairman
        convened in July, and that P James (WBC) be invited to attend.
     3) It was agreed that Peter Holme be asked to chair the Planning        Chairman
        and Environment Group in place of Mr Brown.

8   Report from District Councillor                                          Action

    Mrs Neill gave a brief update on the following:
    1) Brian Bedwell is the new Chairman of WBC.
    2) Culture and Youth Leisure in the Parishes Scheme – Mrs Neill
       tabled details of this and it was agreed to refer this to H Manser.   Clerk
    3) Banger racing site – a proposed application from Bovis Homes
       for 500 houses is going forward to pre-application talks with
       WBC officers. It raised the question of whether or not it was a
       good idea to trade off 500 new homes for a relief road.
    4) Vehicle Activated Signs – Mrs Neill had a letter from A Garratt
       (WBC) outlining proposals for Aldermaston and requesting a
       financial contribution. It was agreed to carry this forward until
       the Parish Council had received a copy of the letter.

9   Correspondence                                                           Action

    The correspondence was scrutinised and relevant items circulated.
    The following actions were agreed:

    CPRE – AGM – 18th May, Woolley Park, 7.00 pm. This will be
    attended by Mr Vare.                                                     Mr Vare

    West Berkshire CAB – request for funding. It was agreed to reply that    Clerk
    as we already funded Tadley CAB we did not feel it appropriate to
    agree to the request.

10   Finance                                                                  Action

     Clerk’s salary
     It was agreed to increase the Clerk’s salary from £207.75 per month
     to £218.06 per month with effect from the payment due on 4 th June.
     This represents a movement from SCP17 to SCP18 on the NJC scale
     LC1, based on 6 hours per week as before.
     It was also agreed to authorise an increase in the bank standing order   Clerk
     to W Scott from £207.75 per month to £218.06 per month, with effect
     from the payment due on 4th June.

     Lloyds TSB             Interest                April          £31.88
     WBC                    Precept                 Apr-Sept    £5,500.00

     Payments by standing order
     W Scott               Clerk’s salary           March         £207.75

     Payments made since last meeting
     All payments authorised and minuted at the previous meeting.

     Payments authorised at the meeting                                       Clerk

     W Scott                  Salary               May              £218.06
     (by standing order)
     Allianz Cornhill         Insurance            2006-07        £605.26
     Jean Chapman             APM catering         April           £30.00
     Triangle Landscape
     Services                Grass-cutting         April          £170.38
     CPRE                    Subscription          2006-07         £26.00
     Playsafety Ltd          RoSPA inspection      May            £195.05
     Aldermaston Parish
     Hall                     Hall hire             Jan-April       £57.00

     Bank Balance
     Bank balance as of 30th April was £22,202.12 the balance available to
     the Parish Council was £22,070.76 and that was made up as follows:
           General fund                    £20,888.02
           Ring-fenced for Parish Plan      £1,182.74

11   Audit and risk analysis
     Carried forward to next meeting. The accounts will be available for
     public inspection from 7th to 29th June and the public notice to this    Clerk
     effect will be displayed on notice boards from 16 th May.

12   Health & Safety
     The Health & Safety Policy statement was reviewed and it was agreed
     that no changes were needed. The Chairman duly signed the
     statement for 2006-07 and a copy will be appended to the minutes.        Clerk

13   Any other business                                                       Action

     Mr Brown tendered his resignation due to his impending relocation
     to Cheltenham. The Clerk will advertise the vacancy on the notice
     boards and on the website on 16th May. Electors have 14 days from
     16h May to write to WBC to request a by-election and if ten or more
     request this then a by-election will be held. Failing that WBC will

        confirm that we may proceed to a co-option. The Clerk will contact          Clerk
        all those who previously expressed interest to see if they are willing to
        be considered for co-option, and will aim to have a list of candidates
        by the next meeting. Short-listed candidates may then be invited for
        interview at the July meeting.

            Village Voices – this is being broadcast on 23rd May and a
               DVD copy will be made available after the broadcast.
            Dog-fouling – a resident had complained of dog-fouling at
               the bottom end of The Street. This will be reported in the
               Newsletter and the Parish Magazine.                                  Mr Vare/Chairman
            Paice’s Wood Country Park posters – these were given to
               Councillors for distribution.
            Mr Brown – on behalf of the Parish Council the Chairman
               thanked Mr Brown for his 20 years of service to the Parish
               and wished him success for the future.

14      Next Meeting
        Tuesday 20th June, 7.30 pm in Aldermaston Parish Hall.
        Please note change of date.

The meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

Signed: _________________________                     Date: _________________________

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