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									Floral Careers
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 Entry time:      Fall
 Length:          1 Year (2 semesters, 1 summer)
 Award:           Diploma

 The Floral Careers program provides students with advanced training in floral
 design, plant identification and care, retail flower shop operations, advertising,
 visual merchandising, inventory control, and order processing. Within the Floral
 Careers program, there is a major emphasis in wedding and funeral designs,
 purchasing and interior plant maintenance for the retail florist.

 Employment opportunities:
 This diverse career offers a wide variety of challenging and profitable career choices.
     • Floral designer                    • Office management for small businesses
     • Greenhouse specialist              • Production and distribution of floral products
     • Interior plant maintenance         • Retail florist owner/manager
     • Marketing/buying                   • Wedding consultant
     • Merchandising and display artist • Wholesale florist

 Students participate in two, six-week internships in the floral industry. The
 internships are scheduled during peak seasons for the best learning experiences.
 Internships provide hands-on experience in the industry, and allow students to network with industry personnel which
 often leads to employment.
      • The first internship takes place throughout the winter holiday season, including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah
        and Christmas.
      • The second internship is during the florists' busy spring season, and may include Easter, Mother's Day, proms,
        graduation and Memorial Day.

 Current industry statistics show employees with college degrees in the floral/horticulture industry have earning potential
 of $25,000 to $40,000 annually.
     • Wages and salaries vary in different geographic areas within industry segments.
     • For more information on salaries and careers in this field, check out this
       Web site: www.safnow.org/public/careers.cfm

 Characteristics of a successful person in the floral industry:
 This industry attracts outgoing people with artistic abilities. Consider this program if you are a hands-on learner who
 enjoys multi-tasking, thrives on creativity and would like to express yourself through the creative medium of flowers.

 Scientific fact:
 Society of American Florists' research proves that the presence of flowers increases enjoyment and life satisfaction.

Floral Careers
Course               Course                                               Credit
Number               Title                                                Hours

Fall Term I
AGC-932               Internship                                               3
AGF-120               Floral Plant Identification and Care I                   2
AGF-130               Floral Careers Computer Literacy                         2
AGF-140               Floral Design I* (AGF-120)                               3
AGF-150               Retail Flower Shop Operation I                           3
AGF-160               Event Planning I                                         1
BUS-161               Human Relations                                          3

Spring Term II
AGC-932               Internship                                               4
AGF-122               Floral Plant Identification and Care II                  2
AGF-135               Floral Careers Plant Propagation                         2
AGF-142               Floral Design II* (AGF-140)                              3
AGF-152               Retail Flower Shop Operation II* (AGF-150)               4
AGF-162               Event Planning II* (AGF-160)                             1
COM-723               Workplace Communications                                 3

Summer Term III
ADM-133      Business Math                                                     3
AGF-144      Floral Design III* (AGF-142)                                      3
AGF-154      Retail Flower Shop Operation III* (AGF-152)                       2
AGF-164      Event Planning III* (AGF-162)                                     3

Total program credit hours                                                    47
*Prerequisite or corequisite required.

 Iowa average salary............. $21,920
 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
 Tuition ................................... $6,106
 Estimated book cost .............. $2,209
 Median loan debt.......................... $0

Program Coordinator:                                  Office Coordinator:
Lora Dodd-Brosseau, IMF                               Wendy Johnson
118 Horticulture/Floral Careers                       Horticulture/Floral Careers
319-398-5528                                          319-398-5441
lora.dodd-brosseau@kirkwood.edu                       wendy.johnson@kirkwood.edu    9/09 • Effective Fall 2009

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