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        14 OCTOBER 2010.
Council resolved, at its meeting held on 13 July 1993, that the role of the
Marrickville Access Committee will be as follows:

"The Marrickville Access Committee shall be a committee of Council to
assist Council to identify and remove barriers preventing the participation
of people with disabilities in Council and community services and

The Committee will:

  1. Advise and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to
     access for people with disabilities to Council facilities and services
     and within the community generally; and

  2. Provide a forum for issues relating to people with disabilities to be
     considered and discussed.

The Committee shall be chaired by the Chairperson of the Community
Services Committee, or the Director, Community Services in the event of
their absence, and comprise Council officers, Residents and Support and
Service organisations".

The Committee ordinarily meets on the second Thursday of each second
month of the year at 6.00pm in the Function Room, Marrickville Council, 2-
14 Fisher Street, Petersham 2049.

Enquiries regarding the Committee should be directed to Council's
Community Worker, Disability Services on 9335 2074.

                         ACCESS POLICY
Council adopted, at its meeting held on 16 August 1999, the DDA Access
Action Plan and Access Policy. The Access Policy's aim is to:

"Provide all members of the community with equal opportunity to
participate in all aspects of life in the local area."

                            NOTICE OF MEETING

The next meeting of the Marrickville Access Committee is to be held at 6.00
p.m. on Thursday 14 October 2010, in the Function Room at Level 3
                Marrickville Council Administrative Centre,
                       14 Fisher Street, Petersham.

ITEM 1.      Attendance and Apologies

ITEM 2.      Minutes of the meeting held on 12 August 2010

ITEM 3.      Council Advisory Committees Review - discussion

ITEM 4.      International White Cane Day Campaign - update

ITEM 5.      Access and Inclusion Projects – update
              Marrickville Matters on audio
              Accessible Transport – pre-pay tickets
              Recharge Scheme
              International Day of People with a disAbility

ITEM 6.      General Business

ITEM 7.      Next Meeting

                   10   FEBRUARY                      2011
                   14   APRIL                         2011
                    9   JUNE                          2011
                   11   AUGUST                        2011

This information is available on audio, large print and electronically through
email upon request. For details contact Council's Community Worker,
Disability Services on 9335 2074.

Agenda and minutes are now available in word and PDF formats on Council’s
website at:
For more detailed information on public transport ring the infoline on;
                                     131 500
Or visit the transport jumpstation at; 

For information on CityRail stations visit:

                   Then follow the menus to station facilities.

Note There are no Easy Access stations in Marrickville.

Access Information:

         Mobility Parking is available in the Council carpark (2 spaces), Fisher St
          and adjacent to the Petersham Town Hall in Frederick St (1 spaces).

         For Accessible Taxis: call 8332 0200 or visit
          (approximate cost from Central Station to Petersham is $25)
                    HELD ON THURSDAY, 12 AUGUST 2010.

CHAIR: Cr. Fiona Byrne/Kevin Smith
MINUTE TAKER: Glenn Redmayne

ITEM 1.     Attendance


Cr Fiona Byrne       Councillor
Glenn Redmayne       Strategic Community Project Officer, Access & Inclusion            x2074
Bharat Rai           Ethnic Childcare, Family & Community Services                  9569 1288
Sharon Maher         Inner West Community Transport                                 9745 5800
Ranji Nadarajah      Senior Engineer                                                    x2211
Luigi Signorelli     Community Facilities, Assets Coordinator                           x2035


Joe Di Cesare            Ben Williams      Cheryl Baume           Patrick Bridge
Michael Small            Sarah Wells       John Donoghue
Ann-Mason Furmage        Kerrie Lorimer    Sam French
Jennifer Moon            Lisa Burns        Morna Scott

ITEM 2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Business Arising from the Minutes

The minutes as circulated were adopted.

Moved:          Cr. Fiona Byrne
Seconded:       Bharat Rai

Business arising reported as follows:

    Item 5 – Guide Dogs NSW/ACT 2010 client survey results
   Action underway. A series of articles are under development to encourage the public to
    keep pathways safe and clear. Issues relating to control and behaviour of non guide
    dogs have been raised under the Dogs in Parks Strategy. Further promotional
    opportunities are also being explored.

   The Committee were advised of the resignation of Michael Small who has been a long
    standing and committed member of the Committee for over 10 years. Michael gave
    notice due to his plans to relocate interstate which will preclude his ability to attend.
    The committee received this news with regret and extended an invitation to stay in
    contact along with wishing him the best of luck in his new direction. It was also
    suggested that a letter of appreciation be sent thanking Michael for his generous and
    valuable service over the many years and projects he has been involved with.

 Letter of appreciation for services to the Committee be drafted to Michael Small.

ITEM 3.   National Disability Strategy

A discussion was had following a briefing on the Federal Governments National Disability
Strategy. Committee members were invited to read through the strategy particularly those
aspects related to their area of work or interest. It was agreed that the members would
benefit from becoming more aware of issues and directions within the six policy areas of
the report. In addition, that consideration is given on possible impacts of these key policy
areas within a local government context.

It was agreed that pending outcomes of the Federal election, the strategy would be
considered further at a future meeting.

See attachment #1 for further details.

    That the Committee note the Federal Governments National Disability Strategy and
     revisit at a future meeting to consider implementation issues for the local government

ITEM 4. Accessible Pathways Planning

The draft 2010/11 program was tabled for the Committee’s consideration. It was noted that
the Committee had been advised of much of the program previously as part of a draft 3
year forward plan.

The Chair indicated preference for the accessible pathways program to be funded as a
percentage of an existing related infrastructure program rather than the annual $60,000
budget that is increasingly limited due to rising costs. This would enable the program to
sustain relative progress with other programs.

The issue of negotiating with other services such as Energy Australia was also raised. It
was noted that Council is not able to have a contract with public energy (for street lighting
etc) providers and therefore capacity to broker better outcomes including provision of kerb
ramps in certain locations was limited.

The 2010/11 program was endorsed by the Committee with implementation to commence
in 2010.

Moved:          Glenn Redmayne
Seconded:       Cr. Fiona Byrne

ITEM 5.    Annual Management Plan 2010/14

The Committee was advised of Key Council (Access) Priorities for 2010/1, these include;

      Coordinate Council’s Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan priorities

      Complete upgrade works at Newtown Town Hall including lift and internal

      Provide input into the NSW Government bus reform program and Easy Access
       railway station upgrades

      Implement a staged program of bus stop modifications to meet accessibility

ITEM 6.    Access Aware Project

A meeting was held on 5 August 2010 with Access Aware staff to discuss the program and
future promotion opportunities following a successful visit by the Access Aware team to
Wagga. Discussions have also commenced to identify potential for involvement with
Council’s Sustainable Business Network.

The Committee will be kept informed on progress of the program.

ITEM 7.    General Business

a) It was advised that a review of Council’s Consultative committee’s is to be undertaken.
It was noted that this has been largely covered with the Access Committee prior and
through the development of the Inclusion Action Plan. More details will be provided at the
next meeting.

b) It was noted that pending Council endorsement the new Marrickville LEP/DCP will be
put on public exhibition.

ITEM 8.    Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 14 October 2010

                                MEETING CLOSED 7.22pm

                                                                           Attachment #1

                                                         MARRICKVILLE ACCESS COMMITTEE
                                                                           AGENDA ITEM: 3
                                                      Function Room Thursday 12 August 2010

Subject/Topic: National Disability Strategy – summary of key points


The Strategy covers six policy areas:

• Inclusive and accessible communities

       - the physical environment including public transport; parks, buildings and housing; digital
      information and communications technologies; civic life including social, sporting,
      recreational and cultural life.

• Rights protection, justice and legislation

       - statutory protections such as anti-discrimination measures, complaints mechanisms,
      advocacy, the electoral and justice systems.

• Economic security

       - jobs, business opportunities, financial independence, adequate income support for those not
      able to work, and housing.

• Personal and community support

       - inclusion and participation in the community, person-centred care and support provided by
      specialist disability services and mainstream services; informal care and support.

• Learning and skills

       - early childhood education and care, schools, further education, vocational education;
      transitions from education to employment; life-long learning.

• Health and wellbeing

       - health services, health promotion and the interaction between health and disability systems;
      wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Key Issues for Marrickville Access Committee:

                                      The six outcomes

Outcome: People with disability live in accessible and well designed communities with opportunity
for full inclusion in social, economic, sporting and cultural life.

2. Rights protection, justice and legislation

Outcome: People with disability have their rights promoted, upheld and protected.

3. Economic security

Outcome: People with disability, their families and carers have economic security, enabling them
to plan for the future and exercise choice and control over their lives.

4. Personal and community support

Outcome: People with disability, their families and carers have access to a range of supports to
assist them live independently and actively engage in their communities.

5. Learning and skills

Outcome: People with disability achieve their full potential through their participation in an
inclusive high quality education system that is responsive to their needs. People with disability have
opportunities to continue learning throughout their lives.

6. Health and wellbeing

Outcome: People with disability attain highest possible health and wellbeing outcomes throughout
their lives.

Suggested Position:

That the Committee note the Federal Governments National Disability Strategy and revisit at a
future meeting to consider implementation issues for the local government area.


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