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					Visual Arts Alberta Association
           Promoting the advancement of visual arts in Alberta
                                                                 Winter 2007

                   the Paint        ed Chair
The M ystery of
        2006 Annu al Silent Auction
                     N ovember 18th, 20
                                VAAA Gallery                                                                        Visual Arts Alberta Association
                          2007 Exhibition Schedule
                 January 11 - Febuary 17, 2007           July 26 - August 25, 2007                                         3rd Floor, 10215 112 Street,
                                                         ACACA                                                             Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M7
           Doreen Mason & Ansgard Thomson                Members of the ACACA
                                                                                                                  Gallery and Office Hours:
                                                                                                                           Monday - Fri day 10am - 4pm
                   Febuary 22 - March 31, 2007           August 30 - Sept. 29, 2007
                                                                                                                           Saturdays 12 - 4pm
                                 Characters              HWSDA
Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic & Renee van der Putten          Members of the HWSDA                                     Staff:
                                                                                                                      Allison Argy-Burgess, Executive Director
                          April 5 - May 12, 2007         October 4 to November 3, 2007                              Sharon Moore-Foster, Gallery Coordinator
                                  Thresholds             Terrain                                                      Dawn Campbell, Graphic Arts Director
              Emanuelle Bara & Teresa Halkow             Gary Langman & Judith Martin
                                                                                                                  Natasha Andrusky, Programming Coordinator
                        May 17 - June 16, 2007           November 8 - Nov. 17, 2007                                            Linda Russell, Bookkeeper
        MacBeth’s Horrible Imaginings                    Annual Art Auction
                                    Wade Stout           6th Annual Art Auction                                   Board of Directors

                                                         November 22 - Dec. 22, 2007                              We would like to welcome the following new
                         June 21 - July 21, 2007
                                                                                                                  and returning Board Members:
                         The Works Festival              Passages
             Diversity VAAA Membership Show              Leona Olausen & Audra Schoblocher                        President:          Margaret Witschl, Individual
                                                                                                                  Past President:     Dr. Jetske Sybesma,

                                What’s Inside...
                                                                                                                                      (advisory/ non-voting),
                                                                                                                                      Individual Member
 Big Thanks to our                                                                                                Vice-President:     Lyndal Osborne, Individual
      Donors:                  1 - VAAA Gallery
                                                                                                                  Treasurer:          Dr. Paul Messinger,
                                 • Exhibition Schedule                                         •2                                     Individual Member
                                 • Recent Exhibitions                                          • 3-4
                                                                                               • 5-7              Secretary:          Amy Loewan, Individual
     Fran Olynyk                 • Mystery of the Painted Chair Fundraising Event
                               2 - Artifacts                                                                      Directors:          Bertha Pisarchuk,
   Lillian Carleton                                                                                                                   (Representing HWSDA)
 Art Beat Gallery &              • Interesting arts stories from Canada & the World            • 9-11                                 Barbara Rivers,
                                                                                                                                      (Representing ACACA)
        Framing                3 - Guest Columnists                                                                                   Linda Willard, (Representing
                                • Message from the President by Margaret Witschl               •8                                     APA)
  Delta Art Supply              • On Drawing by Robert Sinclair                                • 17                                   Melinda Pinfold , (Director at
                                • Submittin to Juries for Competitive Exhibitions, projects,   • 14                                   Large)
 Robert Langston,               Grants, and Artwork Purchases by Barbara Johnston
                                                                                                                                      Brenda Kim Christiansen,
          C.A.                 4 - Articles on the Arts                                                                               (Director at Large)

Printing Impressions             • Idea of West by Melissa Hande                               •   12
                                 • Artist Wins $50,000 Award for Dicpiction of Inuit Life      •   12             Contacting the VAAA Office:
  Lyndal Osborne                 • The Art Gallery of Calgary Appoints new Chief Curator       •   12
                                 • Calgary City Council Commits to Arts Funding                •   12
                                                                                                                  For more information on membership or
                                 • Alberta at the Smithsonian                                  •   13
                                 • The New Gallery Lives On                                    •   13
                                 • Mendel Reopens with Renews Vision                           •   13             Call:    780.421.1731
                                 • Unlike Quebec, Alberta is not a Nation                      •   13                      Toll free 1.866.421.1731
                                 * Craft Year 2007                                             •   19
Brought to you                   • Where do the Arts fit in Alberta? by Todd Babiak            •   19             Fax:     780.421.1857
with the generous              5 - Calls & Opportunities
support from our                                                                                                  Email:
                                 • Calls for Submission & Residencies                          • 22-25
membership and:
                               6 - Membership Information                                                         Website:

                                 • VAAA Members News                                           • 18               About the Cover
                                 • New & Renewing Members                                      • 26
                                 • Membership application                                      • 26               Three art chairs created by St. Albert artists
                                                                                                                  for Visual Arts Alberta Association’s fundraiser,
                               7 - Insert                                                                         Mystery of the Painted Chair. From left to right,
                                 • The Works Festival Call for Submissions                                        Musical Chair, carved by Al Henderson and
                                 • Summerscapes Scholarships                                                      painted by Donna Reigl, Bareback by Sharon
                                                                                                                  Moore-Foster and Rock Chair by Candace
                               8 - Other Calls                                                 • 15, 16, 18- 21   L.Smith. The event took place on November
                                                                                                                  18th, 2006 at the Hellenic Center in Edmonton,

        The VA A A Gallery Recent Exhibitions...
                                                                                                        contemplate a reality which is filled with
Threads of Unity:                                    Harmonies                                          peace, hope and gentleness, then he can
                                                                                                        consider his efforts a success.
A Multicultural Weaving Show                         Candace L. Smith & Greg Pyra
September 7th - October 7th, 2006                    October 12th - Nov. 9th, 2006
                                                     Visual Arts Alberta was pleased to
                                                     present Harmonies featuring the work
                                                     of photographer Candace L. Smith and
                                                     painter Greg Pyra.

                                                     Candace L. Smith enjoys the seemingly
                                                     random patterns in nature, whether
                                                     macro or micro, textures or colours.
                                                     She attempts to capture the moment, a
                                                     mood -- someone elses’s or her own -- in
                                                     her photographs. With her camera she
                                                     is never alone with it she explores and
                                                     learns about the world. Smith knows that
                                                     life is fleeting and each photogaph

                                                                                                        Opening Reception of Harmonies at VAAA Gallery

Photograph from Opening Reception at VAAA Gallery                                                       The opening reception was held October
                                                                                                        12th from 7-9:30pm
Visual Arts Alberta was pleased to present
THREADS OF UNITY, a multicultural weaving
show that presents woven works from the                                                                 Spectrum
personal collections of members of The
Handweavers, Dyers and Spinners of Alberta.                                                             Lundy Dale, Thaneah
These textile pieces have been gathered                                                                 Krohn & Pam Weber
from many countries and showcase the
                                                                                                        November 23 - Dec. 22, 2006
historical diversity of weaving throughout
the world.                                                                                              Mosaic artist Lundy Dale, Painter Pam
                                                                                                        Weber and Mixed Media artist Thaneah
Threads of Unity was the fifth annual weaving
                                                                                                        Krohn come together in an exploration of
exhibition; there is a focus on this ancient
                                                     Candace L. Smith at Opening Reception at VAAA      colour and form.
creative form that has endured through the
centuries, the creativity and technical skills
                                                     is an effort at seizing time, and freezing         Lundy Dale’s love of mosaics and tile
required to spin, dye and weave fibre has
                                                     the moment for all eternity.                       began as a little girl who would visit her
continually challenged the conventions of
                                                                                                        mother, a mosaic mural designer and
                                                     Greg Pyra’s paintings explore the                  installer, at work. She would sit with her
                                                     intuitive levels with conviction and               and help fill in handcoloured graph
                                                     purpose. His paintings are indebted to             designs with the matching coloured glass
                                                     historic representations of ‘the universe,’        tiles. These memorable experiences
                                                     particularly as found in the Kabbalah,
                                                     and ancient text rooted         in Eastern
                                                     mysticism. Pyra has set himself the
                                                     task as an artist, to tap into universal
                                                     energies - with a connection to the spirit
                                                     world. He feels that if viewers are able to

 Photograph from Opening Reception at VAAA Gallery

the fine art. This exhibition showcased the
diverse beauty and intricacy of woven/fibre                                                             Thaneah Krohn at Opening Reception at VAAA Gallery
works collected on their personal travels by                                                            were her ‘formal’ training in the mosaic
the members of the Hand Weavers, Spinners                                                               techniques. Dale has worked in several
and Dyers of Alberta.                                                                                   mediums, including sculpture, ceramics,
                                                     Greg Pyra and Guest at Opening Reception at VAAA   printmaking, painting and textiles, but

             The VA A A Gallery Recent Exhibitions...
recent trips to Mexico and Italy provided           of wood, fabric, wire, foil, hardware,       of geometrical types. The final
her final inspiration to pursue mosaicking          foam, etc., creating a new compelling        contrast between opposing units is
as her medium of choice.                            picture, form or structure with the          emphasized through the contrast of
                                                    aesthetic foremost in mind.                  lights and dark and is developed
                                                                                                 further with the introduction of
                                                                                                 distortion into the surface planes,

                                                    Patterns                                     giving scope for freer and more
                                                                                                 spontaneous images infused with
                                                    Doreen Mason / Ansgard                       traces of intuition.
                                                    Thomson                                      Ansgard Thomson was raised in
                                                    Jan 11 to Feb 17, 2007                       Silesia, Germany and grew up
                                                                                                 surrounded by a family of artists.
                                                    Visual Arts Alberta was pleased              She uses the computer to create
                                                    to present PATTERNS, an exhibition           original abstract digital works, taking
                                                    featuring the works of artist Doreen         joy in exploring the technique and
                                                    Mason and Ansgard Thomson.                   brushwork made possible with her
                                                                                                 computer. Abstract composition and
                                                                                                 design, geometric symmetries and
Lundy Dale at Opening Reception in VAAA Gallery.                                                 asymmetries all combine to express
Painter Pam Weber has been a graphic                                                             a metaphysical meaning in her work
artist and animator, but gradually Weber                                                         that goes far beyond simple abstract
changed her medium from printer’s ink                                                            colour compositions.
to acrylic paint. The vibrancy, versatility,
non-toxicity and easy clean-up suited
her bold, colourful images and hectic
life. Weber’s subject matter has evolved
considerably over the years, from
                                                                                                 Upcoming Show...
                                                   Ansgard Thomson & Doreen Mason at Opening .   Character
                                                    Doreen Mason studied in England              Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic
                                                    at the Surrey College of Art and
                                                    Design and the Central School of Art
                                                                                                 /Renee van der Putten
                                                    and Design in London. Her images             Feb 22 - March 31, 2007
                                                    originate by are not limited by

Pam Weber at Opening Reception in VAAA Gallery
aboriginal influenced images of
people and animals, to old world
architecture, to unique still life scenes
and more recently, as in this series,
urban landscapes.
                                                                                                 Opening Reception
Thaneah Krohn’s vibrant mixed media
                                                                                                 Feb 22, 2007, 7 - 9:30pm
creations come from the artist seeing
beauty and new purpose in found
                                                                                                 - Artists in attendance -
objects, old scraps and odds and                    Opening Reception at VAAA Gallery.
                                                                                                 Fibre Sculptor Renee van der Putten
ends. Krohn breathes new life into
                                                                                                 and painter/milliner Michelle Leavitt-
these forgotten things. Guided by the
                                                    an involvement with the structural           Djonlic each bring the elements of
old adage ‘the whole is greater then
                                                    potentials of geometry. Doreen               three dimensional fibre work into this
the sum of parts’, she assembles bits
                                                    manipulates the physical structures          special exhibit.

          The VA A A Gallery Recent Exhibitions...
                      Mystery of the Painted Chair
                         5th Annual VAAA Fundraiser November 18th, 2006

            What’s the Mystery?                                                                  Mystery of the Painted
                                                                                                 Chairs: Top row (left to
                                                                                                 right): Here’s Looking
This year’s fundraiser for the Visual Arts Alberta Association saw a change in it’s theme. In        at you, Natasha
addition to over 60 donated pieces of fine art, 17 Alberta artists were invted to create one- Andrusky, Sunbeams
of-a-kind “art chairs’ using identical Ikea pine chairs. The only proviso to each artist was         & Moonbeams,
                                                                                                    Robert Sinclair, 3
that the creation still be usable as a chair. The results were extraordinary!!! Some artists       Happy Cats, Pam
created a chair themed on another famous artist, some were inspired to carve, paint,                Weber, Fourteen
collage and applique absolutely incredible chairs.                                                 Dimensions, Teresa
                                                                                                    Halkow, Art Chair,
Mystery of the Painted Chair auction was held with Harcourt House Gallery’s Off Yer Head:           Lyndal Osborne.
Ware’s the Art Fundraiser? The event took place on Saturday, November 18, 2006 at the              Bottom row (left to
                                                                                                   right): Rock Chair,
Hellenic Centre (10450 - 116 Street).                                                              Candace L. Smith,
From the success of this year’s event, we are planning on continuing with the chairs and Stuff n’ Such, Brenda
                                                                                                    Inglis, Bareback,
have already had several more artists volunteer to create chairs for next year’s event.              Sharon Moore-
These amazing, useable works of art in addition to the high quality of the donated                  Foster, Mystery of
paintings, photographs & sculptures made this the art event to attend for many of                  the Painted Chair,
                                                                                                    Margaret Witschl,
Edmonton’s artlovers. The proceeds go towards programming and promoting the visual Untitled, Bertha & Bill
arts in Alberta. Thank you to all who participated in the event and it looks like next year will        Pisarchuk.
be even bigger & better thanks to you!!!

          The VA A A Gallery Recent Exhibitions...
                        Mystery of the Painted Chair
                                 5th Annual Fundraiser November 18th, 2006

   his year’s event was held off-site in the    Sybesma, Akiko Taniyuchi, Ansgard Thomson, Pamela Thurston, Bob Todrick, Renee
   unique setting of the Hellenic Centre        van der Putten, Tadeuse Warszynski, Pam Weber, Astrid Baxter, Linda Willard, Margaret
   in Edmonton. Special guest, CBC              Witschl.
announcer, Peter Brown was once again
                                                Our incredible VAAA Volunteers were: Mia Atienza, Jonahs Corey, Kelly Bashuk, Ken
the Master of Ceremonies for this very
                                                Burgress, Keira Burgress, Kevin Burgress, Niall Burgress, Rose Cassis, Michelle Cassavant,
exciting evening that saw more donations
                                                Sherry Dawson, Jackie Dobbe, Julie Duczynski, Max Foster, Linda Frena, Silke Gilgen,
than ever from our amazing members and
                                                April Griffin, Edmund Haakoonson, Linda Hamilton, Christine and John Hornung,
                                                Danielle Johnson, Lacey McNally, Dawn Mathews, Sharon Moore-Foster, Jackie M.,

                                                Sarah Polkinghorne, ChristalPshyk, Nicole Reeves, Tammy Salzl, Keith Turnbull, Erik Visser,
         ystery of the Painted Chair created
         quite stir in the Edmonton arts                                                                 If we missed
                                                Tang Tang, Michael Welchmen, Archie Campbell, and Roger Carl.
         community...and it is rapidly          anyone our apologies! Your efforts made this an evening to remember!!
becoming the art event of the year. With
excellent music, beautiful art, a witty MC,
good food and beverages...great fun             Thank you all!!
was had by all in attendance. Pieces
by well-known artists Lyndal Osborne, Liz
Ingram and Sharon Moore-Foster were live
auctioned mid-way through the evening, in
a rousing bidding event -- all in fun -- with
these three pieces alone bringing in over
$2,000 for Visual Arts Alberta!!!

       verall the evening was a huge
       success, with VAAA achieving
       the most astounding art auction
revenues ever!! This will assist VAAA in
continuing to provide programming and
support for Alberta’s visual artists.

A big thank you to our extraordinary
sponsors -- Printing Impressions, Art Beat
Gallery & Frame, CKUA, See Magazine,
Delta Art Supply, Sharon Moore-Foster,
Liz Ingram, Lyndal Osborne, and Robert
Langston, CA. We couldn’t have done it
without you!!!

This year’s very generous donating artists
included: Tibor Adam, Stuart Adams,
Natasha Andrusky, Donna Argy, Allison
Argy-Burgress,     Karen   Arnett,   Dawn
Campbell, Karen Cantine, Gary Carroll,
Sean Caufield, Sherri Chaba, Brenda
Christiansen, Verna Code, Jim Corrigan,
Patricia Coulter, Linda Daoust, Lundy Dale,
Steven Dixon, Brenda Doris, John Freeman,
James Gaa, Marianne Garrah, Helen
Gerritzen, Carol Goretzky, Teresa Halkow,
Judy Hause, Donna Reigl and Al Henderson,
Anna Hergert, Bernie Hippel, Dawna Dey
Harrish, Brenda Inglis, Liz Ingram, Kelly
Johner, Fern Jordan, Sharon Karst, Kevin
Law, Brent Laycok, Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic,
Amy Loewan, Sharon Moore-Foster, Holly
Newman, Leona Olausen, Lyndal Osborne,
Seka Owen, Bertha and Bill Pisarchuk, Greg
Pyra, Anne Marie Resta, Tammy Salzl, Judy       Continued Mystery of the Painted Chair: Top (left to right): The Other Side, Natasha Andrusky, Olivia Sits on my
Schafers, Britta Seward, Robert Sinclair,       Blue Chair, Amy Loewan, Hot Seat, Jetske Sybesma. Bottom (left to right): Graphics, Dawn Campbell, Musical
Candace L. Smith, Chris Stroemich, Jetske       Chair, Donna Reigl and Al Henderson, Me and Amedeo, Allison Argy-Burgess. Missing Chair: Homage to Mark
                                                Rothko, Seka Owen.

The VA A A Gallery Recent Exhibitions...
    Mystery of the Painted Chair
       5th Annual Fundraiser November 18th, 2006

                     Message from the        teaches at the Faculty of Extension,                                       Lake Superior. She attended the Banff
                                             University of Alberta in Edmonton. Since the                               School of Fine Arts and a desire for formal
                     VAAA President          90s, Amy has been engaged in a number                                      training was considered, and in 1974,
                                             of community projects which address                                        she attended the Alberta College of Art,

                   t is my pleasure to environmental and social concerns.                                               graduated in 1978 with a major in Painting.
                   introduce the members Her most recent work on rice paper                                             Barbara moved to the Sundre area in 1992,
                   of the Board of Visual weavings titled Mandala 2 was awarded                                         and currently works out of her home studio
                Arts Alberta who were the 1998 Canadian Artists and Producers                                           using watercolours, pen and ink, gouache
                elected at the fall 2006 Professional Relations Tribunal Award for                                      and acrylics. She also instructs classes in
                Annual General Meeting.      Excellence in the Arts commemorating                                       drawing to children as well as adults. Her
                                             the 50th Anniversary of the Universal                                      paintings have hung in Ferntree Gallery,
President / Margaret Witschl, BFA, PDAD,
                                             Declaration of Human Rights.                                               Cochrane, Gallery on Ross, Red Deer and
received her education at the University
                                                                                                                        District Museum, Kerry Wood Nature Centre,
of Alberta. During employment with the Director at Large / Brenda Kim Christiansen
                                                                                                                        Gilded Gallery, Leighton Art Centre, Muttart
Alberta Government, she pioneered is presently completing her MFA in painting
                                                                                                                        Gallery, Calgary and has sold nationally
research and production of specialized at the University of Alberta. She has been
                                                                                                                        as well internationally.
business information for artists in Alberta. a practicing artist for over 25 years and
The practical information gathered from has a BFA from Nova Scotia College of                                           Director representing the Hand Weavers,
this work in areas such as copyright, Art and Design. Brenda Kim has received                                           Spinners and Dyers of Alberta/ Bertha
marketing, promotion, and contracting, a number of grants and awards for her                                            Pisarchuk is an active member of the
became the basis for first-of-its-kind recent work and is an active visual arts                                         Edmonton Weavers Guild and the Hand
lectures and courses delivered through volunteer in the City of Edmonton.                                               Weavers, Spinners & Dyers of Alberta.
the University of Alberta’s Faculty of                                                                                       Bertha enjoys the creativity and
Extension and internationally through
educational video. Her experience also                Meet the Board of Directors of VAAA                                    challenge of weaving as well as the
                                                                                                                             many friends she has made since
includes the administration of provincial                                                                                    joining the Hand Weavers, Spinners
and international art purchase and                                                                                           and Dyers of Alberta. She enjoys
art commission programs, corporate                                                                                           creating wearable fibre works, usually
collection    administration,      studio                                                                                    woven from triple ply wool, the hand-
instruction, and adjudication.        She                                                                                    woven yardage designed and sewn
maintains a full time studio practice in                                                                                     into vest, scarves and purses.
painting and photography.
                                                                                                                                           Director / representing the Alberta
Vice President / Lyndal Osborne, BA,                                                                                                       Potters Association, Linda Willard has
MFA, Professor Emeritus, Department                                                                                                        been an active potter in St. Albert for
of Art and Design, University of Alberta                                                                                                   8 years, expressing herself through
is a retired professor (2004) of art                                                                                                       sculptural raku. She has maintained
at the University of Alberta. She was                                                                                                      studio memberships in the St. Albert
nominated and awarded the Alberta Board of Directors: From left to right: Linda Willard (representing APA), Lyndal Osbourne (Vice and Morinville guilds. She is a loyal
                                           -President), Brenda Kim Christiansen (Director at large), Margaret Witschl (President), Melinda
Centennial Medal for her outstanding Pinfold (Director at Large), Barbara Rivers (representing ACACA), Allison Argy-Burgess (Executive student during Series at Red Deer
contributions to the arts in Alberta in Director). Missing: Dr. Jetske Sybesma (past President), Dr. Paul Messinger (Treasure), Amy College and has attended Medalta
                                           Loewan (Secretary), and Bertha Pisarchuk (representing HWSDA)
2005. Lyndal was born in New Castle,                                                                                                       International     Artists  Residence
Australia, her work is influenced by her                                                                                           program in Medicine Hat. Linda is a ‘huge
childhood experiences of Australian Director at Large / Melinda Pinfold is a proponent of life long learning’. She has
Aborigines. Her work is associated with historian of art and design. Since 1994, joined in on many ceramic workshops
cultural traditions of indigenous peoples she has taught a variety of courses in the featuring                                                      contemporary      Canadian
and their connection to the land, spirit History of Art and Design at both Grant ceramic artists, and is pursuing education
and traditions of everyday life. Her most MacEwan and the University of Alberta. in oil, acrylic, and watercolour painting.
recent exhibition, Landscapes Stories, is at Melinda has served on numerous fine
Thames Art Gallery in Chatham, Ontario.            art adjudications committees in the These nine individuals are volunteering
                                                   Edmonton region, and has served on their time and their considerable and
Treasurer / Paul Messinger (PhD) is Director three VAAA board for the past two years. varied expertise to benefit our organization.
of the Canadian Institute of Retailing Additional Board experience includes As well as participating in the business of
and services and Associate Professor her service as Treasurer of the Society of the Board as a whole, they also take on
of Marketing at the University of Alberta Northern Alberta Print Artists (SNAP), and committee leadership, individual research
School of Business. His research concerns an Executive position on a variety of other and development of new and improved
the relations of retailers and manufacturers Boards. She is currently completing her PhD programs and policy, and support of the
in    distribution    channels,    and     his at the University of Alberta in Psychology of association’s activities such as fundraising
teaching concerns marketing and retail Art and Design.                                                                             and exhibitions.
management, with an emphasis on store Director                         representing                   the         Alberta
design, layout, assortment planning and Community                            Art        Clubs            Association/ You can reach any of the directors
location. He currently serves on the editorial Barbara Checkryn-Rivers was born in through the Visual Arts Alberta Association
board of the journal Marketing Science. Terrace Bay, Ontario, Barbara grew up website or by phone in Edmonton at (780)
                                                   amidst the influential beauty of Northern 421.1731
Secretary / Amy Loewan (MFA) presently

                                    ARTifacts                                                     did you know?...

T                                                   J
    his June, after winning two U.S.                    ackson “Pollock at his peak burned his

    prizes, Bruce Kuwabara received the                 past conditioning and present turmoil,                    hile Americans celebrated the
    prestigious Royal Architectural Institute of        his very identity and character as a                      reopening of Washington’s National
Canada gold medal at age 57, becoming               man, and he burned them clean. There’s                        Portrait Gallery, plans for a Canadian
the first of his generation to join the ranks       nobody to recognize. That’s why it can be           portrait gallery have been languishing. “If
of Jack Diamond, Arthur Erickson and                hard at first sight to tell a true Pollock from     the U.S. National Portrait Gallery’s reopening
Moshe Safdie... Kuwabara has made it                a fake. He prepared us to believe that              in Washington is ‘symbolic of the American
his challenge to build harmonies in the             absolutely anything was possible for him.           spirit,’ what does it say about the Canadian
cacophonous cityscape, but his interests are        What determines authenticity for me is a            spirit that Canada Day, 2006, has passed
now moving in new directions. [Lately,] he          hardly scientific, no doubt fallible intuition of   with completion funding for the Portrait
has been reconsidering Toronto’s peculiar           a raging need that found respite only in art.”      Gallery of Canada still in limbo?” The Globe
challenges.” The Globe & Mail (Canada)              The New Yorker 07/24/06                             & Mail (Canada) 07/05/06

                                                    T                                                   A
                                                         he admission hikes at various New York               rchaeologists    are    pressing   for

    he expansion plan for London’s Tate                  museums have sparked a great deal of                 protection of rare ancient Arctic
    Museum unveiled this week is “a                      debate over what, if anything, museums               rock carvings after news they have
    powerful, memorable project, that would         should charge the public to see their               been damaged. “The approximately 170
have seemed inconceivable when the new              treasures. “A museum’s admission policy             petroglyphs are mask-like images and
Tate was first mooted. Without being showy          is charged with meaning. It encodes the             animal shapes carved into a soapstone
for the sake of making a spectacle, it takes        institution’s core values — its sense of itself,    ridge on Qajartalik Island, one hour by
the form of a glass mountain rearing up             its mission and its public — and broadcasts         boat from the village of Kangiqsujuaq.” CBC
behind Giles Gilbert Scott’s brick cliff and        them to that public. It’s like a thumbprint, a      08/29/06
clearly visible from the river and St Paul’s.”      tiny yet accurate key to a whole identity.” The

The Observer (UK) 07/30/06                          New York Times 07/22/06                                 he curator who died as a theft scandal
                                                                                                            was coming to light at the Hermitage

G                                                   W
       roups advocating the return of                         ork on the Portrait Gallery of                Museum sold art to buy insulin, says
       art looted by the Nazis in World                       Canada has been suspended and             her husband. “The husband admitted he
       War II have made great progress                        the government is reviewing the           and his wife had taken 53 objects since the
in recent years, but the battle is far from         project. Said review will take until November.      early 1990s. Another person was arrested a
over. Just identifying looted art is a major        “Sources say the gallery is in limbo partly         few days later. Zavadskaya’s husband said
undertaking: “One thorny issue is just how          because of competing priorities within              they needed the cash to buy insulin for his
many looted items could have made their             Library and Archives Canada (created in             wife, whose meager salary of $125 a month
way to American museums. Under scrutiny             2004 out of the former National Library of          could not cover her medical needs. The
are objects that were created before 1946           Canada and National Archives of Canada,             family lived in a dilapidated apartment in
and obtained by a museum after 1932.                it’s the institution responsible for the Portrait   the historic centre of the city.” CBC 08/13/06
Other criteria are whether the piece was in         Gallery), and partly because the Stephen

Europe at that time and whether ownership           Harper government wants to fulfill its promise           ussian police have detained a man
changed between 1932 and 1946.”                     to increase accountability.” The Gloibe &                they believe may have organized the
Washington Post 07/28/06                            Mail (Canada) 07/19/06                                   theft of artifacts from the Hermitage
                                                                                                        Museum in St. Petersburg, according to news

M                                                   G
          ore than 35 million people made a                reece’s two main ancient theatres            reports on Friday. The suspect is the fourth
          trip to a museum, art gallery, historic          will be closed in August for urgent          person detained since Russia’s famous
          site or zoo in Canada in 2004, a 10.7            repairs, the Greek government                museum announced on July 31 the theft
per cent increase from 2002, according to           has announced. The theatres are used for            of 221 items worth over $5 million. CBC Arts
Statistics Canada. CBC 07/26/06                     performances and the crowds have worn               08/11/06
                                                    down and damaged the ancient sites. CBC

T                                                                                                       T
    he city of Berlin plans to return a 1913        07/13/06                                                 he Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon,
    painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner to the                                                                 Saskatchewan, has some big expansion

    heirs of the Jewish family who lost it to             aris’s new Musée du quai Branly has                plans, and is chomping at the bit to
the Nazis in World War II. The painting, which            been absorbing plenty of body blows           get started. “Two years ago, the city-owned
depicts a Berlin street scene, is valued at               from critics since opening last month,        gallery marked 40 years as the anchor in
$12.5 million, and has hung in Berlin’s Brücke      but Lisa Rochon points out how seldom the           Saskatoon’s cultural life by unveiling plans
Museum since 1980. Los Angeles Times (AP)           city of light has even attempted architectural      to renovate its building on the banks of
07/28/06                                            provocation, and says that the Branly “a            the South Saskatchewan River... Alas, the
                                                    scandalous and necessary aberration                 bulldozers are on hold until next year at

      merican officials have returned an            that drags its jagged edge over the lousy,          least, possibly later — the result of a lack
      important artifact looted from the Iraq       looting history of the French colonial era...       of financial assistance from [provincial and
      National Museum three years ago.              And herein lies the great dilemma of the            federal government sources.]” The Globe &
“The headless stone statue of the Sumerian          museum -- its very existence is an assault on       Mail (Canada) 08/11/06
king Entemena of Lagash was turned                  aboriginal peoples around the world.” The

over to the Iraqi government when Prime             Globe & Mail (Canada) 07/13/06                           ussian authorities are scrutinizing
Minister Nouri al-Maliki visited Washington                                                                  security at the Hermitage Museum after

on Wednesday. The statue, which weighs                    anada Chooses Venice Biennale                      recent thefts. “As authorities announce
hundreds of pounds, was taken by looters                  Representative David Altmejd, 32, a           the return of some of the Hermitage items,
who slid or rolled it down the steps of the               Montrealer who works in New York              attention is turning to the glaring lack of
museum, damaging both the steps and                 and London, was chosen by a Canada                  control at Russian museums since the 1991
other artifacts.” CBC 07/26/06                      Council jury in a nationwide competition.           Soviet collapse. Security and inventory
                                                    CBC 07/11/06                                        systems are antiquated, with curators often

                                  ARTifacts                                                    did you know?...

keeping records by hand in notebooks.”                    n early copy of Leonardo’s Mona
                                                                                                     years of preparation, procrastination and
CBC 08/07/06                                              Lisa is being shown in London for
                                                                                                     acrimonious debate, the building, which
                                                          the first time in more than 100 years.

                                                                                                     once seemed like a far-fetched dream, a
    our of five Gustav Klimt paintings            “The reproduction is thought to have been
                                                                                                     last resort of the romantically inclined, is
    returned by Austria to a Los Angeles          traced from the original by a French artist,
                                                                                                     finally nearing completion.” New Statesman
    woman earlier this year, will be sold         who has not been identified, a century after
at Christie’s this fall. “Experts say the four    Leonardo created his masterpiece between

paintings — three landscapes and a portrait       1503 and 1516. Copies of famous paintings                oncordia University has recovered
executed between 1903 and 1916 — are              were made in those days as it was often                  what it hopes will be the first of
worth about $100 million.” The New York           difficult to see originals and required long             many paintings that belonged to
Times 08/07/06                                    trips.” CBC 09/25/06                               a prominent Jewish art collector who fled

R                                                 C
                                                                                                     Germany and moved to Canada.” CBC
      obert      Mapplethorpe        is   best           anadian artists don’t make anything
      remembered for photos that were                    on resale of their work. But some have

      calculated to shock: who can forget                begun demanding licensing fees                        ore than 140 years after they were
the famous bullwhip photo? But there was          from auction houses and dealers reprinting                   given up for God, the most prized
so much more to Mapplethorpe’s work, and          images of art to advertise sales. “For their                 items   from   the   world-famous
a new exhibit in the UK aims to highlight the     part, auction houses and art dealers warn          Dundas Collection of rare northwest native
softer side of the controversial photographer.    that such additional fees could tip some of        art are returning to their ancestral home
“He helped create a look as well as               them out of business or drive them away            in British Columbia. The 19 sacred artifacts
commenting on it. Or perhaps it wasn’t so         from exhibiting certain artists.” The Globe &      of Tsimshian origin purchased at auction
much a look as an atmosphere: cool, dark,         Mail (Canada) 09/06/06                             last week by two members of the Thomson
edgy, dangerously sexy, horrifically hip, hard

                                                                                                     family will be publicly exhibited at an
and brittle.” The Guardian (UK) 08/01/06             he Canadian parliament has been
                                                                                                     undisclosed B.C. museum late this year or
                                                     debating museum funding. “Members

                                                                                                     early next year. The collection’s permanent
         uch was revealed in a new scan              of Parliament debated the plight of
                                                                                                     home is still undecided.” The Globe & Mail
         of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. “More           Canadian museums for more than three
                                                                                                     (Canada) 10/11/06
         generally, the researchers said          hours in the House of Commons Monday. On

they realized that centuries of grime had         Tuesday, they adopted a motion calling for
                                                                                                           lair Kamen says there’s no question that
obscured some elements of the painting.           funding for the Museum Assistance Program
                                                                                                           Daniel Libeskind has designed a gem
‘You’re seeing a lot more fine detail, showing    to be restored to $12 million annually,
                                                                                                           of a building in Denver. But how does
that this remarkable painting is actually         reversing the reduction of $2.3 million
                                                                                                     the new wing do as a showcase for the art
more remarkable than we believed’.” The           scheduled for this year.” CBC 10/25/06
                                                                                                     it was built to house? Well... “It is a startling,
New York Times 09/28/06

                                                       ust how valuable were the paintings           sometimes over-the-top piece of architectural

       anada’s       new       Conservative            Lord Beaverbrook gave to a Canadian           sculpture, a surprisingly sensitive shaper
       government announced this weeks                 gallery back in the 1950s? Testifying         of The Canadian parliament has been
       that it would be making major cuts         at an arbitration hearing in Fredericton           debating museum funding. “Members of
in the Heritage Department, “$4.6-million of      on Tuesday, Sir Maxwell Aitken “suggested          Parliament debated the plight of Canadian
which would be coming from the Museums            that the original Lord Beaverbrook might           museums for more than three hours in the
Assistance Program (MAP) over the next            have bent the truth about giving a series of       House of Commons Monday. On Tuesday,
two years.” The announcement has rocked           valuable paintings to the gallery to persuade      they adopted a motion calling for funding
the country’s regional museums, which are         his rich friends to make similar donations to      for the Museum Assistance Program to be
already underfunded, and will be in danger        his pet cause.” CBC 10/24/06                       restored to $12 million annually, reversing

of closing if new revenue streams can’t be                 hen      Canadian     über-collector      the reduction of $2.3 million scheduled for
found to replace the federal money. The                    Kenneth Thomson died last spring,         this year.” CBC 10/25/06

Globe & Mail (Canada) 09/27/06                             it marked the end of an era for
                                                                                                          ublic art is suddenly the hottest thing on
                                                  Canada. Now, many are wondering who

    o who’s behind the Canadian culture                                                                   Toronto’s cultural scene. “Long forgotten
                                                  will step in to fill Thomson’s considerable
    cuts? That would be finance minister                                                                  are the political battles of the ‘60s that
                                                  void. “Buyers and dealers speculate about
    Jim Flaherty, and Martin Knelman says                                                            confronted the installation of Henry Moore’s
                                                  what will happen to the structure of the
that Flaherty seems to be doubling back on                                                           The Archer in Nathan Phillips Square. In such
                                                  market with the removal of one of its pillars...
his own word. “In the course of slashing $4.6                                                        a media-intense city as we are now, a public
                                                  No dealer is going to risk offending clients
million from the Museum Assistance Program                                                           display of significant contemporary art is
                                                  by naming them or telling them more is
of Ottawa’s heritage ministry — not to avoid                                                         seen as an innovative and necessary way to
                                                  demanded of them. But while big fish prefer
a deficit but to fluff up a surplus — Flaherty                                                       ornament existing urban space. And unlike
                                                  to move under the water, they cannot help
seemed to be grabbing money from one                                                                 the oversized bronze statues of a century
                                                  but leave ripples in their wake.” The Globe &
culture-world pocket while only midway                                                               ago, you don’t necessarily need space on
                                                  Mail (Canada) 10/21/06
through putting money into the other                                                                 the ground, either.” Toronto Star 10/21/06

                                                  G                                                  H
pocket. In effect, he has taken back a large               reece is close to completing its new
                                                                                                            opes are fading that the new Portrait
part (close to 25 per cent) of the increased               Acropolis museum.“After more than 30
                                                                                                            Gallery of Canada is going to be built
funding he promised to the cultural sector                 years of preparation, procrastination
                                                                                                            across from Parliament Hill at the site of
last spring in his first budget — not a dime of   and acrimonious debate, the building, which
                                                                                                     the former U.S. embassy in Ottawa. Yesterday
which has yet made its way to anyone in the       once seemed like a far-fetched dream, a
                                                                                                     a spokesperson for Canadian Heritage
arts.” Toronto Star 09/27/06                      last resort of the romantically inclined, is
                                                                                                     said funding for a portrait gallery remains
                                                  finally nearing completion.” New Statesman
                                                                                                     ‘available,’ but what’s at stake now is ‘where
                                                  10/19/06Greece is close to completing its
                                                                                                     it is going to reside.’ “ The Globe and Mail
                                                  new Acropolis museum. “After more than 30
                                                                                                     (Toronto) 10/03/06

                                   ARTifacts                                                   did you know?...

A                                                  T                                                 T
      fter years of looking for a solution to         he expectation has been that Canada’s               he Tate Museum is mounting a campaign
      the traffic strangling Britain’s Stone          new National Portrait Gallery would be              to raise money to buy a Turner it wants.
      Henge, a radical solution has bee               built in Ottawa, the capital. But it appears        “Nicholas Serota, the Tate’s director,
proposed: do nothing. Instead of building          from internal government documents that           described the painting as an extraordinary
expensive tunnels and the like, why not, asks      the project will be built in Calgary instead.     work of ineffable beauty, which would be of
a expert, find ways to encourage walkers           Why Calgary, home of the Stampede ad              lasting benefit to scholars and visitors if they
and cyclists rather than cars? The Guardian        mythologizer of the cowboy? Prime Minister        could secure it for the gallery. Ian Warrell, a
(UK) 10/07/06                                      Stephen Harper hails from the city. ‘Nuff said.   curator and Turner expert, added: ‘In terms
                                                   The Globe & Mail (Canada) 12/06/06                of the Turners that we would ever want, this

  f things are looking up for architecture in                                                        is right at the very, very top. This has always

  the 21st century, it’s partly because of the          ive Ottawa national museums get $100         been on the list’.” The Independent (UK)
  roof. After decades of neglect, it is once            million from the Canadian government         01/24/07
again becoming the most visible element                 to fix up their buildings. “Many of
of new buildings, let alone whole cities. All      Ottawa’s national cultural institutions have      And no flowers bloomed
those flat-roofed towers constructed since         complained about the decline of their
the 1950s and ‘60s are being reimagined            facilities for years, saying they have had to     by Margaret Atwood
as occasions for greenery, gardens, pools,         defer necessary repairs and upgrades due          ...If these things can be done in a minority
playgrounds and even parks. Then there’s           to lack of funds.” CBC 12/04/06                   governemnt, lo, I say unto you, what things
the advent of Google Earth, a free computer                                                          shall be done in a majority?

program that has people everywhere                          ne of the three Frank Lloyd Wright
looking at buildings — and entire cities                    houses in the Puget Sound area           The banner under which the Conservatives
— from the top down. Suddenly, the whole                    is on the market, a perfect time to      have been ditching stuff that displeases
planet has been turned into a roofscape.”          wander through it and wonder why its ideas        them has been ‘waste’. They’re trashing
Toronto Star 12/02/06                              are being neglected in this century’s thirst      programs that ‘don’t work’. They want
                                                   for reasonably priced, modestly scaled            things that ‘get results’ (They went for the

      27-year-old man who died this month          homes. ... Wright remains conspicuously           environmental plans they once binned,
      is believed to be one of three masked        alone among A-list architects who actually        and have now hastily revivified.) Arts
      gunmen who snatched the Edvard               have tried to improve the state of middle-        promotion is like supporting entrepreneurs,
Munch paintings The Scream and Madonna             class single-family homes.” Seattle Post-         or local hockey teams, or school systems.
from an Oslo museum in August 2004. The            Intelligencer 01/30/07                            But how do we define ‘results’ in relation
same man is reported to have led police                                                              to the arts? And what exactly does ‘work’

to believe the daring daylight heist was                   ontemporary art and art history is        mean? Does it mean that money must
linked to an earlier robbery in which a                    full of misunderstanding between          flow back in the same year it’s invested? If
police officer was shot... The man is reported             creators and viewers about the            so, the Conservatives should get rid of all
to have confessed his role in the Munch            meaning that work itself communicates.            primary education, since no 10-year-old
heist on tape while in conversation with an        Both sides can be responsible for speaking        marches right out of Grade Five and gets
undercover officer.” CBC 11/30/06                  past one another. True, many academics            an executive job.
                                                   or critics exploit art’s “messages” for self-

  n a stunning vote of confidence, the             interested methodological or political ends.      Typically, cultural money is arranged so
  Royal Ontario Museum’s board has                 But many excellent artists leave themselves       that younger artists who need to build their
  extended the contract of its director and        defenseless against such hijacking because        audiences can piggyback on old poops
chief executive officer, William Thorsell, until   they cannot articulate persuasively why           like me who have already done that. that’s
2010, even though the Renaissance ROM              they do what they do.” The Guardian (UK)          how you support the next generation,
expansion is about six months behind               01/26/07                                          and the one after that. Not to do so is
schedule and short by about $37-million.”                                                            truly wasteful. Yes, you might save a lot of

The Globe & Mail (Canada) 11/29/06                     he Italian government said yesterday          money by killing all the children: You’d
                                                       that police investigators had tracked         cancel those pesky education expenses.

     he Italian government has agreed to               down a rare group of first century B.C.       But you wouldn’t survive long as a society.
     loan two valuable antiquities to New          marble panels that had been illegally
     York’s   Metropolitan    Museum      and      excavated and offered to museums and              But maybe the Harper Conservatives don’t
Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, in exchange          private collectors. The 12 panels depict          want a society in which the art and creative
for the museums having returned contested          gladiators in combat and were found about         industries are important. Maybe they
antiquities to Italy. The amicable settlements     two weeks ago in the garden of a private          don’t want the jobs in those fields to exist.
in New York and Boston stand in stark              home 25 miles north of Rome.” The New York        Maybe, as in so many others areas of their
contrast to Italy’s ongoing battle with Los        Times (first item) 01/25/07                       thinking, they want to turn back the clock
Angeles’s J. Paul Getty Museum. The New                                                              to the good old days -- some time back in

York Times 11/29/06                                    he     Paris    landmark         attracted    the golden fifties, when there wasn’t all this
                                                       approximately 8.3 million visitors in 2006,   bilingualsim and multiculturalism, or indeed

        hy is the Louvre buying so much                up from the 7.5 million it saw in 2005, the   any ligualism or culturalism at all, and most
        British art? The answer is that the        museum said in a statement on Sunday.             Canadian artists left the country, and those
        museum is preparing to open a              The attendance of both French citizens and        who remained could be referred to jokingly
permanent gallery dedicated to British art         foreigners has increased steadily over the        in Parliament as a bunch of fruits jumping
in the spring of 2008, for which conversion        past few years, Louvre officials said.” CBC       around in long underwear.
work is under way. The 300â‰sqâ‰m                01/22/07
gallery will display 70 pictures at a time, on                                                       The Globe and Mail
an upper floor with natural light.” Financial                                                        Saturday, January 27, 2007
Times (UK 01/21/07

Idea of West                                    with new ideas, new connections and a

by Melissa Hande
                                                renewed sense of pride in hailing from         Calgary City Council
                                                this part of Canada. Our landscape in
                                                the West (whether environmental, cultural      Commits to Arts Funding
                                                or political) is like no other and it shapes

                                                a kind of person who can stand up to               he City Council in Calgary has
                                                adversity and create something worth               committed $2 million towards an
                                                holding on to and believing in. That is
                                                                                                   expanded Pumphouse Theatre as
                                                what the Idea of West celebrates and
                                                it is something the University of Alberta
                                                                                               well as $502, 500 in increased funding
                                                Bookstores believes worth celebrating!         to the Calgary Arts Development
                                                                                               Authority (CADA) and $236, 000
                                                                                               in increased funding to the Epcor
                                                Artist Wins $50 000 Award
                                                for Depiction of Inuit Life                    Terry Rock, CEO of CADA, says the
                                                                                               funding commitments “indicate a

                                                       ape      Dorset     artist   Annie      new way of looking at arts in Calgary
                                                       Pootoogook, 37, was named the           as an area we need to invest in.”
                                                       winner of the 2006 Sobey Art Award
Photograph by Jerome Martin                     in a ceremony at the Montral Museum of         Scott McTavish, excutive director
                                                Fine Art on November 7, 2006, an honour        of Pumphouse Theatre, says the $2

    he University of Alberta Bookstores is      for emerging Canadian artists that comes       million commitment from the city will
    dedicated to reaching out and giving        with a $50 000 cheque.                         make it eastier to leverage funding
    back to the community. One of the
                                                                                               from corporate donors and from the
special events created to do that is the Idea   Intrerest in her work has been developing
of West - a symposium in which a select         on both the national and international
                                                                                               two other levels of government.
group of westerners are invited to share        stage for the past few years. This             “We’re really happy with the vision
their ideas on who and where we are now         summer, she was the subject of a well-
and to celebrate what makes us distinctly                                                      and the leadership they’ve shown,”
                                                received solo show at Toronto’s Power
western. This free event was the brain          Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. She            says McTavish. “What city council
child of Bookstore director, Todd Anderson      recently completed the Glenfiddich artist      has said is that arts and culture is
and publisher and photographer, Jerome          residency in Scotland, and just learned        important to them and to the citizens
Martin. They wanted to bring together           this week that she will be included in         of Calgary.”
some of the strong voices we have here          next summer’s pretigious Documenta
in the West and start people talking and        exhibition in Kassel, Germany.                 Pumphouse Theatre is planning a $12
thinking. It’s a celebration of what makes                                                     million renovation and expansion.
westerners unique, but also a chance for        An exhibition of works by the winner           This includes plans for an 150-seat
us to explore why that is and how we can        and the short-listed artists will remain on    and 500 to 600 seat theatre, new
capitalize on it. The speakers talk about       display at the Montreal Museum of Fine
                                                                                               administrative space for arts and
themselves, about what part of the west         Arts until January 7, 2007.
                                                                                               cultural groups, new rehearsal spaces
they come from, how it has shaped them
and their work, and why and how they
                                                The Globe and Mail                             and an expanded lobby with a cafe.
continue to live, dream and work in the                                                        Fast Forward, Calgary
west. The public is also invited to share in    The Art Gallery of Calgary                     Nov 30-Dec 06, 2006.
the exchanging of ideas with questions for
the speakers and with discussion during         Appoints new Chief Curator
the catered lunch.
                                                                                               Alberta at the
                                                   he Art Gallery of Calgary is proud
The inaugural event took place in October
of 2005 and included the guests:novelist
                                                   to announce the appointment of
                                                   Alexandra Keim as Chief Curator.

and short story writer, Sharon Butala;
                                                                                                      lberta at the Smithsonian Folklife
CKUA radio host and artist, Bob Chelmick;          The Art Gallery of Calgary has been
                                                                                                      Festival increases knowledge of
poet, Lorna Crozier; author, food and              making contemporary art part of
                                                                                                      province, sparks visitor interest.
travel writer, Judy Schultz; writer and         everyday life in the City of Calgary
journalist, Sydney Sharpe; and musician,        for nearly 30 years. The Chief Curator,
                                                                                               Edmonton - With the event being deemed
Ian Tyson. 2006 guests were: author, Gail       Alexandra Keim, is an Alberta College of
                                                                                               a tremendous success, Alberta wrapped
Anderson-Dargatz; musician, Roy Forbes;         Art and Design graduate who comes to
                                                                                               up its participation at the Smithsonian
writer, broadcaster, film and television        the AGC from the Confederation Centre
                                                                                               Folklife Festival in Washington, DC.
producer, Fil Fraser; sculptor and artist,      of the Arts in Charlottetown, PEI. Ms. Keim
Sharon Moore-Foster; actor, director and        brings extensiv national and international
                                                                                               “I am extremely proud of the Albertans
educator, Thomas Peacocke; and Judy             curtorial experience, and her expertise
                                                                                               who presented the culture of our
Schultz. After each event, the audience         is an exciting addition to the team of
                                                                                               province to festival visitors, said Denis
and even the speakers, came away                professional gallery staff.
                                                                                               Ducharme, Minister of Alberta Community

Development. “I also extend my thanks               in ‘Alberta Week’ events, said Gary Mar,
to the Smithsonian Institution. This year’s         Minister of Alberta International and            Mendel Reopens with
festival took place against the back drop
of record rainfall and widespread flooding,
                                                    Intergovernmental     Relations. “Alberta
                                                    succeeded in showcasing its cities,
                                                                                                     Renews Vision
and Smithsonian staff still delivered a first-      post secondary institutions and tourism
class event.”                                       opportunities to key US decision-makers.         Afer a fire that broke out on its loading dock
                                                    Our economic forums showed that Alberta          September 18, and two months closed to
Preliminary results from Smithsonian                is a secure and reliable suplier of energy,      the public, Saskatoon’s’ Mendel Gallery
Institution random visito surveys show that:        a key player in North American agriculture       reopened November 17 with exhibitions
77% knew little or nothing about Alberta            and a leading high-tech hub.”                    by Uruguayan artist Ignacio Iturria, and
prior to the festival.                                                                               Saskatoon based installation artist Susan
73% said they knew something or a lot                                                                Shantz. Though no damage was done to
after visiting the Alberta displays.                The New Gallery Live On                          the Gallery’s collection artwork had to
86% of respondents answered yes or                  Fast Forward                                     be moved to temporary storage during
maybe when asked whether they plan to                                                                the closing for cleaning the effects of
visit Alberta in the future.                                                                         smoke and water damage. As the Gallery
97% of festival goers described their                                                                readied for its gala re-opening, Director
experience at the festival as good,                                                                  Terry Graf told the CBC that the two months
excellent, or superior.                                                                              of repair and restoration work gave
58% rated Alberta’s programs as the best                                                             him time to review the Gallery’s vision
at the Folklife Festival. (Survey number from                                                        and direction. He said is renewed plans
Becky Haberacker, Smithsonian Institution,                                                           include increasing acquisitions of work
cell 202.680.2042)                                                                                   by emerging artists, and expanding the
                                                                                                     Gallery’s focus from provincial to national
Over 900, 000 festival goers were treated                                                            and international work.
to stories from the 150 Albertans who
                                                                                                     Galleries West
displayed Alberta’s culture on the National          Photograph from
                                                                                                     Spring 2007
Mall. From cuisine to oral history to crafts,
visitors had a firsthand chance to learn            Nov 30-Dec 6/06
                                                                                                     Unlike Quebec, Alberta
about Alberta and see the wonderful
                                                         ecent reports of The New Gallery’s
                                                         homeless status have struck dread in        is not a nation
                                                         the hearts of Calgary art lovers, but
                                                    fear not.                                        And we will never be unless our
                                                                                                     leaders support and invest in
                                                    What We Have Is This is the final show that
                                                    will take place at the gallery’s current 9th     the local art and culture which
                                                    Avevue SW location in Calgary. After its         define us.
                                                    closure on December 16th, staff will move
                                                                                                     Quebec is a culturally coherent nation for
                                                    operations to a temporary space provided
                                                                                                     a number of reasons. The province has
                                                    by Emmedia Gallery and Production
                                                                                                     the advantages of a long history and
                                                                                                     an official language that few people in
                                                                                                     New York and Los Angeles can speak. But
                                                    TNG’s new digs will be comprised of
                                                                                                     contemporary Quebec, like everywhere
                                                    approximately 1000 square feet of space
                                                                                                     else on the planet, has every reason to
                                                    with clean, white walls. The temporary
                                                                                                     sink in the sea of global culture. Quebec,
Photo taken from The Alberta at the Smithsonian     abode will allow the gallery to continue
                                                                                                     the idea of Quebec, stays afloat beacuse
website. Photograph of Ceramic artist Les Manning   with its planned schedule of shows while
in Washington DC.                                                                                    the province’s political leaders since Rene
                                                    looking for a permanent home.
                                                                                                     Levesque have understood that supporting
economic, investment         and    tourism
                                                                                                     local art and culture is a small by essential
opportunites of the province. Alberta               The New Gallery is Calgary’s oldest artist-
                                                                                                     social and political investment.
artists and performers gained exposure              run centre, and has occupied many
to a broader American and international             different locations in its 32 year history.
                                                                                                     Alberta is not a nation because its
audience with thousands attending                   Despite the challenges of the city’s current
                                                                                                     people are not bound by stories. It’s an
concerts by Alberta artists at the Kennedy          boom, director Sigrid Mahr is confident in
                                                                                                     unknowable place, with leaders who
Center, Woodrow Wilson Plaza and the                the gallery’s future. She states emphatically,
                                                                                                     have set up straw idols (Ottawa, gays
National Zoo.                                       “we’re not going anywhere!”
                                                                                                     and lesbians) to knock down instead
                                                                                                     of building anything. This is easier to
Targeted events in the week leading                 The New Gallery’s next exhibition will
                                                                                                     accomplish than cultural nationhood
up to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival             feature an audio installation by Ken
                                                                                                     but it’s also vulgar and much more
highlighted     Alberta’s    multi-faceted          Friedman opening at 7 pm, January 12,
relationship with the US, of which many             2007 at 351 - 11th Avenue SW., on the
were oversubscribed. “Our partners and              second floor.                                    Todd Babiak, Edmonton Journal
sponsors participated enthusiastically                                                               12/07/06

Here are some points to consider when applying for professional juried opportunities:
1. Are you really ready?
You must be producing work regularly and it should be of a relatively          should submit new work with the next. Although a different jury might
consistent quality. If you have only made one painting since graduating        consider pieces that were previously rejected, chances are high that you
a few years ago you are not functioning at a professional level.               are currently producing stronger work.

2. Don’t leave your application to the last minute. Give yourself plenty       5. Artist statements and resumes:
of time to get slides duped, CD’s burned, forms completed, and support         These documents simply provide some context and help enhance
material collected. It probably takes longer than you think to do properly     the jury’s understanding of your work- like the didactic panel at an
so start early and even leave yourself a little extra for the unforeseen.      exhibition. For these purposes, forget creative stories about how your
(e.g. the photo lab loses your slide film or your computer crashes).           artistic talent became apparent to the world at age two. If you are self-
                                                                               taught without many professional credits or much experience yet, say so.
3. Carefully read and follow all application instructions exactly. If you      Remember, your work is being evaluated not your resume. A jury is aware
don’t understand a requirement, don’t guess. Call for clarification. The       that everyone starts somewhere, just as they have. Chances are their
application asks for exactly what the organization needs from you and          natural inclination will be to encourage someone promising who is just
there are usually no exceptions.                                               starting out and they will have different expectations from an emerging
                                                                               artist than they will from someone with a long-standing career.
4. Submit only good quality visuals that accurately illustrate what your
work looks like. Juries usually don’t have time and don’t care to consider      If you have never written a professional artist resume before, it should
excuses. If you can’t provide good clear images you lower your chances         generally include:
of success. Very poor images waste your time and theirs. Generally             • Any formal art education and training you have (List art courses,
speaking, good images are in focus, shot with adequate light on the right      workshops etc. and any qualifications you have earned.)
film or with the correct white balance for your lighting conditions. They      • Your exhibition history (List the dates and locations of any public
should be centred in the frame, focused in as close as possible with the       displays of your work.)
art filling the frame, and taken against plain neutral backgrounds without     • Recognition from the visual art community (List grants, awards,
any distractions showing. In short, they must give a reasonably accurate       distinctions or any related activities such as teaching, jurying, curating or
impression of the colour, texture, and shape of the artwork.                   membership in professional art organizations.)
                                                                               • A list of any public, corporate, or institutional collecting body that has
5. Submit only your best work. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective about       acquired your work for their collections
your own new work. If possible, give yourself a little time and distance
to evaluate and select your strongest pieces. Maybe even invite some           An artist statement needn’t be a lengthy philosophical treatise but should
critical feedback from knowledgeable friends whose opinion you                 briefly answer questions like: What is my work about? What am I trying to
respect. Above all, don’t submit things that are just hanging around           communicate or express with my work? What are the ideas and concepts
because they didn’t sell or because you wanted to clean out your               that motivated me to produce this particular body of work?
studio. Remember that work in public collections will be representing                     -
your career decades from now and should be a source of pride not               6. Rejection:
embarrassment.                                                                 Don’t let a rejection discourage you. Of course it never feels good but
                                                                               remember that most opportunities are highly competitive and usually
6. Submit the maximum number of visuals allowed. Even if they only intend      only a relatively small percentage of applicants are successful each
to choose one work for the show or purchase, juries want reassurance           time. Use the experience to learn and develop. You can often call for
that you are producing in a committed, serious manner, that your work is       critical feedback and juror comments. The next time you apply, all the
of a consistent quality, and that you are in control of your processes and     variables will be different (new jury, new work, different artists competing
ideas. These are the hallmarks of professional practice. If you only send      against you). Be persistent. It is not unheard of for artists to try four or
one slide, even if the work is very good, it generally doesn’t give the jury   even five or more times before finally getting accepted. Many senior
enough information. What’s worse is it could give the impression that you      artists have had the experience of having the same piece of work both
are not doing much work and maybe just got lucky with that one piece.          rejected somewhere and accepted somewhere else. You increase your
In any case, it makes a jury nervous and if competition is stiff can be        chances of success the more you apply, so do it regularly and often.
enough to tip the balance against you.                                         Think of the application process as “reputation building”. Even if two
                                                                               out of three jurors rejected your work, the third may remember it when
7. Submit from a focused body of work. You usually only have a few             another unrelated opportunity they are involved with comes along.
images to represent what you do and the temptation is to include a
little bit of everything to dazzle juries with your virtuosity. Unless works   Remember that there will always be more deserving applicants than
in more than one medium are related (e.g. figure drawings that led to          available opportunities.. An unsuccessful application is not necessarily
clay sculptures of the human form) it is usually advisable to submit only      a reflection on the quality of your work. Sometimes you may even have
the best examples from one body of work and then wait to submit work           done everything right but, if resources are tight, the jury may decide to
that went in a different direction with your next application. Otherwise,      give a chance to a competing artist of equal merit who has had fewer
you risk giving the impression that your work lacks a consistent direction     recent successes. Occasionally a jury will like your work but can see
and that you are still experimenting widely. While experimentation and         stronger potential and will delay a purchase in anticipation of even
even inconsistency are both normal and healthy in an emerging artist’s         better future work from you. Keep applying.
development, professional practice usually begins when we realize very
few of us can do everything equally well. At that point most artists find      To sum up, a good test of your application is to put yourself in the place
they want to concentrate their efforts more fully on exploring a particular    of the jury and imagine what your honest reaction would be if another
direction that takes advantage of their strengths. This state can’t be         artist submitted something similar to you. Ask yourself, for example, what
rushed or forced and is only reached by making lots of art. If you aren’t      your decision would be if you only had a single poor quality image
there yet, don’t stop exploring and building your skills but consider          from an artist you don’t know anything else about while at the same
delaying your application until you have found your focus.                     time there are lots of other strong applications with good clear visuals
                                                                               to choose from. If you wouldn’t accept something like that from another
8. Submit relatively current work. Unless you are a senior artist proposing    artist, it’s a good bet a jury of your peers won’t consider it from you.
a retrospective, professional artists regularly produce and submit new
artworks. If all the works you offer date back five or more years, a jury is   Good Luck!
going to wonder what you are doing now and why they aren’t seeing it.
If you are going through an unproductive period, delay your application        BarbaraJohnston
until your momentum picks up again. Generally speaking, if you were            Art Acquisition Consultant
unsuccessful with one application, and a lot of time has gone by, you          Alberta Tourism Parks Recreation and Culture

                      The VAAA Gallery
                      June 21 - July 21, 2007

                                          VISUAL ARTS ALBERTA
                             will once again be exhibiting a juried membership show during The Works
                              Art & Design Festival in June 2007. This juried exhibition will focus on
                                     showcasing the talent of Visual Arts Alberta’s membership.
                             Members are invited to submit the following for consideration:

                                    • Artist statement
                                    • Contact Information / Biography
                                    • Up to five (5) slides / photographs / digital images of work available for
                                    • A maximum of two works may be accepted
                                    • Slides are preferred, but photographs & digital will be accepted / please
                                      ensure they are appropriately labelled detailing medium, size, date created
                                      as well name of artist.

                             *The VAAA welcomes submissions in all media.
                             Please note: Transportation of selected artwork is the responsibility of the artist.

                             Submission Deadline:          Monday, April 9, 2007 by 4:00pm

                                            Submissions may be mailed or dropped off to:

                                                    Visual Arts Alberta Association
                                               Allison Argy-Burgess, Executive Director
                                                      3rd Floor, 10215 - 112 Street
                                                      Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M7
                                            780.421.1731 Toll-Free: 1.866.421.1731


                      City                                                       Postal Code

                      Phone No.                                                  Email

                      *Please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to ensure the return of your slides.
                                                                                                               Profiles Public Art
              Artist Stan Douglas Receives $25, 000
                       Hnatyshyn Foundation Award                                                               2008 Exhibition Program
The recipient of the inaugural Hnatyshyn             internationally recognized contribution to
Foundation Visual Arts Award is Vancouver artist     contemporary art.” Speaking on behalf of              Profiles Public Art Gallery currently seeking
Stan Douglas. The $25,000 prize for excellence       the jury, Scott Watson said, “Stan Douglas            proposals from artists working in all styles
in Canadian visual arts was presented to             has produced a large body of compelling
                                                                                                           and mediums for exhibition during the
Douglas last night by Gerda Hnatyshyn,               photographic works, often in concert with
C.C., President and Chair of the Board of The        his ambitious film and video projects. These          2008 Calendar year.
Hnatyshyn Foundation, at a reception at the          projects, for which he is most celebrated, are
                                                                                                           Submissions must include:
Vancouver Art Gallery.                               small cinematic masterpieces that revolutionize
                                                     the cinematic experience. In his most complex         -CV and Artist Statement
“We are absolutely delighted to be awarding          recombinant films, episodes are continually           -SASE
our first annual prize for a Canadian mid-career     reordered so that no two viewers will have the        -Slides - 10 quality slides (titled, red dot on
artist to Stan Douglas, a groundbreaking artist      same experience. Douglas’s projects engage            bottom left hand corner and artist name
with a remarkable international reputation,”         us in specific historical moments or attach           and numbered
said Mrs. Hnatyshyn. “We look forward to the         themselves to other films but always highlight        -Slide list that corresponds with labelled
outstanding work he will produce in the years        larger questions about identity and power             slides
ahead.”                                              relations. He is an artist who is admired for his
                                                     exquisite mastery of his craft as well as the
The award winner was selected by a jury of           intellectual and emotional depth of his work.”
                                                                                                           Submission deadline:
six curators chosen by the Foundation for their                                                            Saturday March 17, 2007, 4pm
knowledge of the visual arts across Canada:          The Hnatyshyn Foundation Visual Arts Award is                                        For more Info:
Scott Watson of the Morris and Helen Belkin          the first of several grants for mid-career artistic                    Heidi Alther, Director of Arts
Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia;   achievement that the Foundation intends to                        780.460.4310 or fax 780.460.9537
Catherine Crowston of the Art Gallery of             create over the next two to three years. The
Alberta; Darlene Coward Wight of the Winnipeg        Ottawa-based foundation also awards eight
Art Gallery; Kitty Scott, formerly of the National   post-secondary scholarships of $10,000 each
Gallery of Canada and currently with the             year to the most promising young Canadians                                Profiles Public Art Gallery
Serpentine Gallery in London, England; Paulette      undertaking training programs in the                                                 19 Perron Street
Gagnon of the Musée d’art contemporain de            performing arts.                                                                   St. Albert, Alberta
Montréal and Robin Metcalfe of Saint Mary’s                                                                                                         T8N 1E5
University Art Gallery in Halifax.                   Established by the late Right Honourable
                                                     Ramon John Hnatyshyn, Canada’s twenty-
Born in 1960 in Vancouver, Stan Douglas is           fourth Governor General, The Hnatyshyn                      McMullen Gallery
an internationally renowned photographer,            Foundation is a private charity dedicated to the
filmmaker and multimedia installation artist         support of excellence in the arts. Its programs
                                                                                                                 2008-09 Exhibition Year
whose work has been collected and exhibited          are funded by donations from government,
worldwide since his first solo show in 1981. His     foundations, corporations and individuals. The        The McMullen is an exhibition venue and
latest work, Klatsassin, was screened as a World     Department of Canadian Heritage matches               patient comfort zone. The McMullen offers
Premiere at the 2006 Vancouver International         donations received by the Foundation up to a          an opportunity for art, culture, and heritage
Film Festival.                                       maximum of $2.5 million.                              exhibitions - an opportunity to innovate, explore
                                                                                                           and experiment with the interpretation of
In recommending Douglas for the Hnatyshyn            For more info, see the foundation’s website at        objects, exhibition design, display techiniques
Foundation Award, the jury described him                                             and how visitors learn.
as “a pioneering artist who has made an
                                                                                                           Submissions must include:
                                                                                                           -completed application form
The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition                                                             -detailed description of the exhibition or a
                                                                                                           curatorial statemnt (up to 1 pg)
Agora Gallery of New York City is organizing the 22nd annual juried competition.                           - List of artists, CVs and Artist Statements
We would like to present this opportunity to as many artists as possible.                                  -Slides or digital images (no photos) (titled, red
                                                                                                           dot on bottom left hand corner and artist name
Agora Gallery of New York City is pleased to announce its 22nd juried competition.                         and numbered
                                                                                                           -extra exhibition budget expectations
Awards include: exhibition at the Chelsea gallery, cash awards, Internet promotion and review in
ARTisSpectrum magazine.                                                                                    Submission deadline:
The exhibition will take place in Chelsea, New York City. The gallery/artist split will be 30/70 and,
as part of our continued support to social awareness, Agora Gallery will be donating its share
                                                                                                           Saturday March 31, 2007
from all artwork sales to an international children aid foundation.
                                                                                                           For more Info:
Visit to enter online or download the submission form.                   Michelle Casavant,Art Program Supervisor
Deadline: March 8, 2007                                                                                    (780)407.7152
Thank you for your support.
                                                                                                           McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital
Sam Green                                                                                                  8440 - 112 Street
Gallery Assistant                                                                                          Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7


 New fundraiser for the Art                                     Call for Submissions
Gallery of Calgary – Sonoma
         Wine Affair
                                                                   Swerve Living
                                         The Developers of Swerve Living, a new multi-family housing complex, are
  The Sonoma Wine Affair is a
                                         inviting submissions of interest for a large scale public art project. The chosen
fundraising collaboration between
                                         piece will be installed on the SW corner of the building.
the Art Gallery of Calgary and
Sonoma County Vintners.                  Proposed budget of between $150, 000 and $300, 000. The successful piece will
                                         be 26 feet tall, 3-D, interactive and will echo the philosophy of the building.
 February 8, 2007 from 7:00 to 9:30
p.m. at the Art Gallery of Calgary       Swerve Living is about diversity of culture and respect for the earth and its
(117 – 8 Avenue SW).                     citizens. Trying to build a complex that is earth friendly, people friendly and
                                         community friendly and therefore preference will be given to artists who
Guests will intermingle in the elegant   demonstrate a commitment to these three principals.
spaces of the AGC and sample
chardonnays, cabernet sauvignons,        Submission Deadline is March 30, 2007
pinot noirs and other varietals from     Submissions should include:
the premier winegrowing region
of the world, Sonoma County of           Cover letter outlining the artist’s qualifications , related experience and interest
California. Some of the 16 vintners      in the project. Interested artists must include 10-20 images and CV. Submissions
include Chateau St. Jean, Geyser         will be juried through a 2 stage peer jury process.
Peak Winery, Francis Ford Coppola
and Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery.       For more info:
                                         Paul Harris @ 403.341.3455 or
Advance tickets are $55 and can          Terry Warke @ 403.341.3455 or
be purchased by calling 770-1353. If
available, tickets will be sold at the   Submissions may be sent to:
door for $60.                            Sunworks, 4924 Ross Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1A5


                                                      object. It is also important            o the principle from this that
                                                      that the shadow fades or                the majority of artists use is
                                                      diffuses the further it is              this; the further back in space
                                                      from the object. If the           an object is the darker it is. This of
                                                      shadow stays the same value,      course is always relative to the other
                                                      ie: darkness, throughout its      gradations of darks or values used in
                                                      length the resultant drawing      each particular work of art.
                                                      or painting will start to fall

                                                      or be experienced as flat. It          t is possible to create works
                                                      all depends on what sort of            that are absolutely consistent
                                                      space the artist wishes to             and measurable in their value
                                                      create.                           gradations throughout the art work.

                                                                                        But to do so will often result in a
                                                             eturning to our cylinder   sterile feeling work of art. If there is
                                                             sitting on the table,      some inconsistency the work generally
                                                             we will see that the       feels more lively and interesting. If

    On Drawing                                         curved surface of the object
                                                       closest to the light source
                                                                                        consistency is important this latter
                                                                                        approach might not invoke a feeling of
                                                       will be much brighter than       satisfaction but one of criticalness.
       – another drawing spatial clue                  the edges or that part of

                                                       the curved surface furthest             o it is not always an advantage
                            by Robert Sinclair         away from the viewer. There             to be too literal in applying the

       he fourth spatial clue is referred              will be a sense of a very               use of dark and light. However
       to light and dark or light and bright or whitish central area with               some consistency is useful in different
       shadow. The spatial clue is often an increase of shadow or darkening             parts of the picture. It does take a lot
used to reinforce the sensation of toward the edges on either side.                     of drawing in order to work out these

space by size or perspective.                                                           light and dark relationships.
                                                   his darkening of the edges is

S                                                                                       A
        pace by light and dark can                 not necessarily the same on                 nd as if this all weren’t
        be thought of in two slightly              both sides. To draw or paint it             confusing enough, it is possible
        different ways. It is usually the same can cause the work of art                       to reverse this use of light
thought of as light and shadow. The to feel academic, very intellectual or              and dark and still create a believable
most common example used is an illustrative in nature. Often of the                     sense of space. That is, to make the
object, ie: cylinder, set on a table with shadowed edges are similarily very/           objects closest to the viewer darker
a light source shining on it.               extremely dark this can also cause a        and those further away the lightest.

                                            look or experience of flatness. This is     Again some sense of consistency in
      t doesn’t matter the direction of especially so if a number of objects            approach from object to object is
      the light source for this example are rendered with the same values in            useful to make the space convincing.
      as what is essential is that the the same manner.                                 But again it is not necessary to do it
object cuts off some of the light

                                                                                        on every single item.
projected on it. This stopping of the            t is useful, in order to make the

light results in a shadow being cast             subject matter more convincing,               ne of the reasons why this
behind the object. Usually on the                from an art point of view, to                 reversal is convincing, is that
opposite side from the illuminated side make each darkened side of the                         it is referring to the fifth
of the object.                              cylinder a different value or darkness.     and last spatial clue which will be

                                            I find that this sense of change to be      discussed in the next newsletter.
       ecause the object is stopping very useful in adding variety and thus
       some of the light thus creating complexity to each piece.                        Robert Sinclair was born in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
       a cast shadow there is the                                                       and is a practising professional artist who has

sensation of the three dimensional                    hat this darkening of the
                                                                                        exhibited regularly in Canada since 1972. He taught
                                                                                        for over 30 years in the Department of Art and Design
character of the object. It appears                   edges is suggesting is that       at the University of Alberta. His work is represented in
round and real. It appears to occupy                  the further back in space
                                                                                        many corporate and public collections across Canada,
                                                                                        America, Europe and Japan.
a space.                                    the surface of an object is or the

                                            position of each object is the darker       Robert Sinclair is a member of the Royal Canadian
     t is important, in order for this      it is (from the viewer perspective).
                                                                                        Academy of Arts and the Canadian Society of Painters
                                                                                        in Watercolour. Examples of Robert Sinclair’s work can
     illusion to be convincing, that the                                                be viewed at
     shadow be darkest nearest the

                                     VAAA MEMBER NEWS...
The Three Muses                                 Big Head Approved for                                             version of Ceannmor, which translate to
                                                                                                                  Big Head, or Great Head, in Gaelic.
March 10 - 31, 2007                             downtown Big Head                                                 “The massive strength of the mounatins
Ilse Anysas- Salkauskas, Pat Strakowski,                                                                          and the stillness I find is what draws me to
                                                Big Head needs a home in Big,                           the area,” Henderson said.
and Liv       Pedersen, are showing their
recent work of art quilts, papier machee
                                                                                                                  The sculpture was accepted quickly by the
sculptures, and tapestry weavings at The        The $32, 000 piece of public art was
                                                                                                                  town’s politicians, who voted unanimously
Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek from             formally accepted by Canmore Council
                                                                                                                  to accept the recommended sculpture
March 10 -31. 2007. The opening reception       Tuesday, though its location hasn’t been
                                                                                                                  and artist.
with artists in attendance is on March          determined, other than it will be installed
10 from 1-3. Info is at 403-627-5272. The       downtown, likely at one of three locations                        Big Head itself will be about 150 cm wide
group started out at this location 3 years      suggested by its creator, St. Albert artist, Al                   by 114 cm wide, and stick out of the
ago and is still going strong with a busy       Henderson.                                                        ground about 150 cm.
schedule for the next few years to come.
                                                When completed, the grandite sculpture                            The location for the sculpture will be
“We are excited about this. It has been -
                                                of a good portion of a big head will                              confirmed by council after a public input
and is - fun, inspirational, challenging, and
                                                weigh over nine tons and be suitable for                          process taken from the town’s new policy.
a whole new learning experience for all
                                                climbing on by small children.
of us, with lots of interesting feedback”.
                                                Henderson thought is an apporpriate                               Dave Husdal, Canmore Leader
Crowd Turns out for                             piece for Canmore, the Rocky Mountain                             01/17/07

Persons Artist                                      Wood/Soda-fire Workshops
                                                    Cost: $1200 + GST for entire kiln. Fee split equally amongst participants.
Barbara Paterson commissioned to hon-                     Cheques made payable to Urban Forest
our Lois Hole
                                                    Number of Participants: 4 min - 6 max (approx. 5-6 cu.
                                                    ft / person)
Edmonton artist Barbara Paterson - with
her ‘famous’ bronze sculpture in tow - was          Recommended Clay Bodies:
                                                          ** MIN CONE 10 CLAY BODIES ONLY
the star guest at an open house hosted by                 Plainsman Wood-fire
St. Albert Liberal MLA Jack Flherty.                      Columbia White
                                                          B-mix (should have flashing slip)
                                                          Participants may bring pots glazed with Cone 10
“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Paterson,           glaze                  liners only.
who was recently selected to create a                     No slips or glazes will be provided.
sculpture of St.Albert’s beloved Lois Hole.         Schedule:
                                                    Load: Friday (12:00 pm sharp)
While the tribute to Alberta’s late lieuten-        Fire:   Saturday & Sunday (approx. 30 hours)                    Location: Highway 16 West, (Approx.115 km West of
                                                               (If scheduled on long weekend, can be                Edmonton), 9 km West of Wildwood, Turn South RR102
ant governor was certainly a buzzworthy             respectively Sat, Sun, Mon)                                     (250m) First building on left.
topic, so too was the bronze and walnut             Unload: designated date to follow, preferable Weekday
maquette paterson created to honour five            (10:00 am)                                                      Dates available for workshops 2007:
                                                                                                                    ** 2 workshops/month from May – Sept.
other famous women.                                 We host working/teaching workshops. Participants are            May:     FULL
                                                    expected to take an active role in firing their own work.       June: weekend 15 – 17 booked,
Paterson’s next project, the Hole tribute,          Each group must have min. two physically strong people                  one weekend pending...
                                                    for splitting wood and stoking kiln. Participants are           July:    open
will honour another famous woman.                   expected to be there for the loading and firing duration.       Aug:    open
Although hesitant to discuss details until          No outside work other than that of the participants.            Sept:    open
a public launch later this year, Paterson           Apparel required:                                               ** A signed and dated disclaimer is a MUST
enthuses about the project, especially be-                   Leather welding gloves. (It is also recommended        requirement of every participant
cause Hole was a friend for 15 years.               to bring leather work gloves for splitting wood.)               prior to workshop commencing.**
                                                             Long sleeved cotton shirt. Long pants.
                                                             Cotton or leather coat for colder weather.
“I hope it’s the best thing ever,” she said.                 Appropriated closed footwear.
But she understands this tribute comes with                   (No synthetic materials as they will burn very
its share of pressure, considering Hole’s
larger than life reputation. Capturing her          On -site:
                                                    Participants are welcome to camp on site. (Primitive
giving spirit won’t be easy, Paterson said.         Camping facilities)
                                                    Please notify us if you are bringing a large camper.
“If you find out where and how, let me              ** Coordination of meals is the responsibility of the
know,” she laughed, before a reflective             participants.
“I know what I want, I know the place I             As a participant of a wood-fire event at Urban Forest Design Studio & Wildwood Pottery;
want to put her in. I know that it should           I take full responsibility for my person, any other person(s) which I cause to bring to any Urban Forest Design Studio &
                                                    Wildwood Pottery activity, all of my property, and without reservation I promise to hold harmless Urban Forest Design Studio
work... I know it’s going to work.”                 & Wildwood Pottery and all partners of the pottery.

Bryan Alary, St. Albert Gazette                     Signature:                                           Date:
01/06/07                                            Print name here:

                                                       Craft Year 2007
The Canadian Crafts Federation is proud to announce that the Year of Craft has arrived. Already in full swing, Craft Year 2007 has
burst into action with a dynamic calendar of events across the country. From exhibitions and formums to new websites and special
publications, Canadians have come together to develop an abundance of events with the sole purpose of exploring our fine craft
culture in all its diversity and creativity.

The variety of media featured in Crat Year 2007 is astounding. Both traditional and contemporary fine craft will be exhibited from
coast to coast in the fields of glasswork, cermamics, furniture, blacksmithing, jewellery, tapestry, rug hooking, wood carving, and so
much more. With almost 200 events planned from Yellowknife to St. John’s, Craft Year 2007 offers something for everyone to enjoy.
Canada’s spectacular contemporary craft culture and long hisotry of craft practices has made it easy for galleries, museums,
art centres and schools to be involved. We are especially pleased to announce that over 120 organizations have joined us in
celebrating fine craft as a unique cultural activity. Craft Year 2007 is already Canada’s largest ever fine craft festival, and we expect
the roster of events will continue to grow throughout the year.
For more information, please visit our newly redesigned website, Here you can see details about all our
events, search for what’s happening in your area, learn how to particpate, and more. It is our intention that all Canadians be
inspired by the events of Craft Year 2007. Through this visual culture we are all able to celebrate the identity, ethnicity, artistic
creativity, and skill found in the fine craft of Canada. For additional info: 506.444.3315     email:

Medalta International                                              The Canadian Conference of the Arts
Artists in Residence Program
May 28 to June 22, Medicine Hat, Alberta                           National Arts Awards
                                                                   are presented annually to members of Canada’s cultural community who have
Medalta International Artists in Residence Program                 made significant contributions to the spirit and vitality of the arts and culture in
attracts ceramic artists, both established and                     this country. The Keith Kelly Award for Cultural Leadership has been awarded
                                                                   annually since 1998, when it was established to recognize the leadership shown
emerging, from all over the world. Invited guest artists
                                                                   by the former National Director of the CCA during his tenure from 1989-98. It
work side by side with particpants in an environment
                                                                   is presented to a Canadian who has made a significant contribution to the
that supports all aspects of the creative process. This            arts through advocacy work or the development of cultural policy, or who
is an opportunity to share studio space, experience,               has otherwise demonstrated leadership in the field. The award is an inscribed
thoughts and ideas while working essentially                       medal designed by artist Susan Taylor. The CCA Awards Committee chooses
independently. It may be time to review past work,                 award recipients from nominations submitted each year by the members of the
establish new directions, enhance a portfolio or                   CCA. The deadline for nominations is April 30.
reinvest energy through uninterrupted time. Each         
ceramic artist who attends takes away from the
experience a better understanding of the legacy of                 Where do the arts fit in Alberta?
clay that the Medalta Potteries and Hycroft China                  Provincial government treats artists like welfare bums
have given us.
                                                                   In an interview with The Journal last week hector Goudreau, the minister of
Our invited artists for 2007: Penny Smith from Hobart,             tourism, parks, recreation and culture, signalled that the foundation’s (AFA)
Tasmania; Canadian Ian Johnston; and David Miller                  wouldn’t be doubled or tripled, a surprise debating point during the leadership
from France.                                                       campaign. He steered the conversation toward a broad definition of culture
                                                                   and away from the arts. Culture for Goudreau, is more about hobbies and sport
For details and application form, please visit our                 and food and ethnicity than music, literature, painting and performance. Its a bit
website or contact the                   spooky to imagine where art will fit into this policy, when the new minister treats it
Medicine Hat Clay Industry National Historic District              as the lowest priority in the already basement-prioirty cultural envelope.
at 713 Medalta Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A
3K9 tel: 403.529.1070                                              The Edmonton Journal / Todd Babiak - 01/18/07

The 25th Filberg Festival (August 3, 4, 5, 6), and this successful annual cultural treasure is one of the reasons the Comox Valley has been
designated a Culture Capital in Canada for 2007 by Heritage Canada. To celebrate these accomplishments, and Craft Year 2007, organizers hope to
have at least one artisan from every province and territory at the 25th Filberg Festival. Travel bursaries will be available to participants travelling great
distances. The Jury Information Letter and Jury Application Form are now available online. Copies can also be mailed upon request.
The deadline for receiving applications is February 25th.
Taking place in Comox, (Vancouver Island in BC), the Filberg Festival is considered to be the best outdoor festival in the Pacific Northwest celebrating
excellence in handmade art, craft, and music. It provides a lucrative opportunity for Canadian artists and craftspeople producing professional quality
work, and attracts over 20,000 enthusiastic visitors each summer.
The Filberg Festival is the main fundraiser for the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association, and given the modest daily admission charged, the
entertainment is truly a bonus: Last year Ian Tyson made a surprise appearance during the Great Canadian Songs concert, and Barney Bentall and
Spirit of the West were the headliners. 2007 will bring the same superb calibre art, craft, and music in the unique setting of Filberg Park in Comox. Tickets
will be available at all Thrifty Foods stores.

For more information: 250 334 9242, webpage:

                                    5th International Sculpture
                                            Competition                                   Allied Arts Council
                                       Organized by Association Une                       Of Spruce Grove, Centre for the Visual Arts
                                           Oeuvre de Faïence                              455 King Street, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3A8

                                    The aim of the non-profit-making Association            Various Art Adult Classes Offered
 Andrusky & Son Ltd.
                                    «Une Oeuvre de Faïence» is to bring together             through the Allied Arts Council.
                                    contemporary artists with faience makers
    Book Binders                    from Quimper. The Association organizes
                                    an international sculpture competition . The
                                                                                            From Painting, Drawing, Sculpture,
      (formerly Colin Bate Books)                                                                carving, Mixed Media
                                    competition is aimed at encouraging the
     Northmount Plaza               creation of faience and at allowing for an              To register or for more information,
                                    original work of art by a contemporary artist           phone or fax 780.962.0664 or email
 #208, 3400 - 14th Street NW        to be commissioned. The sculpture suggested            
      Calgary, Alberta              can be in any material. , it is only required that
            T2K 1H9                       the work can be realised in faience.                  Senior Show and Sale
                                                                                           The Allied Arts Council is calling for all
      ph: 403.282.5595              12 finalists will be selected by a jury. Works
                                    will be exhibited in the Departmental Breton          Artists 55 and over, to participate in the
       fx. 403.282.7191             Museum in Quimper (Brittany, France) from            2007 Senior Art Show and Sale hosted by
                                                 May 19 - August 25, 2007                 the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove
Theses & Commercial Binding         A limited edition of the winning work will be          at the Spruce Grove Art Gallery in the
    Repair & Restoration            created in earthenware with the participation                   Melcor Cultural Centre
                                                of the artist in person.
         Fine Binding               The competition is open to artists, artisans,        The Show will run May 28th to June 9th,
                                    designers working on their own or as a                2007 with the Reception and Awards
                                    group. No theme is prescribed. The sculpture         presentation to be held Saturday, June
                                           suggested can be in any material.
  Look forward                                                                                      2nd, 2007 at 1 p.m.
                                                                                             Deadline for application is
  to Visual Arts                                     *Prizes:*
                                    Grand prix of the Association Une Oeuvre               Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 at 5:00
     Alberta’s                             de Faïence: 4 000 francs
                                    The jury will award The Grand prix of the
                                                                                               For an application and more
   Professional                       Association Une Oeuvre de Faïence.                    information contact the Allied Arts
                                                                                                        Council at
                                    Application Deadline: April
   Development                               10, 2007                                                   962-0664.

   Programs in                      Application/Contact
                                                                                             Please note: WE ARE MOVING!
                                                                                              After Feb 1, please register at
  the upcoming                      Laetitia Faenza
                                    +33 6 10 50 85 31
                                                                                              420 King Street, Spruce Grove
                                                                                                Hrs: Tues to Sat 12 - 5 pm
     months.                                    Subject to change after Feb 1, 2007

Call for Submissions/ Opportunities/Grants/Residencies

Call for Submissions/ Opportunities/Grants/Residencies
Calls for Submissions                                 or proposal, a recent curriculum vitae, slides,       and we operate in a Mac environment,
                                                      VHS (NTSC) format videotapes, CDs or other            please. SASE. Neutral Ground, Programming
ACEartINC – Winnipeg - Regular Programming            appropriate documentation of your work,a              Committee, #203, 1856 Scarth Street, Regina,
submissions are reviewed by a Selection               list of any special equipment required (see our       SK S4P 2G3, Tel: (306) 522-7166, Fax: (306)
Committee of peers within the context of our          equipment list and floorplans), and                   522-5075,
mandate and goals. is dedicated to cultural           sufficient postage for the return of your   
diversity in its programs and to this end             submission. Mail or courier your proposal to:
encourages applications from contemporary             Programming, Open Space, 510 Fort Street, 2nd         Stride Gallery, Calgary - Programming decisions
artists and curators identifying as aboriginal,       Floor, Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1E6            are made by the Board of Directors. We accept
GLBT or from diverse cultures. Proposals must                                                               applications on an ongoing basis for all of our
include: an artist and or curatorial statement        Eastern Edge, St. John’s - As the first artist-run    activities and meet three times a year to review
(1pg), a project proposal and schedule of             centre for visual arts in Newfoundland &              proposals. The Stride Gallery does not book
activities, a CV, an equipment list, a slide list,    Labrador, Eastern Edge remains committed to           exhibitions a year in advance, but maintains
a S.A.S.E. Submission Deadline: August 1, 2007.       exhibiting contemporary Canadian art, as well         a flexible programming structure that allows
Please call (204) 944-9763 or email the gallery       as encouraging dedicated, rigorous activity           us to exhibit projects that may not coincide
if you require a detailed floor plan or other         locally. Through the strong curatorial focus          with timelines at larger institutions. Exhibition
assistance regarding your submission.                 of its programming, Eastern Edge continues            applications should include:• project proposal,
                                                      to facilitate the critical dialogue surrounding       • artist’s statement • CV • up to 20 slides and/
AKA Gallery- Saskatoon - AKA gallery is an artist-    issues in contemporary art and society, acting        or other visual documentation if applicable,
run centre dedicated to growth, dissemination         as analyst and activist within this society.          • SASE. Our goal is to consistently provide
and experimentation in contemporary art.              Eastern Edge offers support, skills development,      artists with positive professional development
AKA prioritizes work that is non-commercial in        a sense of community, information and                 opportunities that are crucial to the ongoing
nature with a focus on work informed by diverse       resource-sharing, and a meaningful context for        development of their practices.
cultural communities. Deadline March 15th.            artistic activity. The gallery’s board of directors
Proposals should include: 10 to 20 numbered           are fully committed to the highest standards of       Harcourt House Gallery - Edmonton - Ongoing
slides and/or video/audio material                    professional treatment of artists, in all aspects     Workshops. Call for listings dates and times. For
An artistís or curatorial statement, CV and           of the centre’s activities. Submission Deadlines:     more information call 426.4180.
detailed project proposal Current support             March 31 annually for exhibition work.                Search Engine fo the Arts - If you are searching
materials, slide list, and SASE. Submit Proposals     Proposals should include: 10-15 slides and or         for government grant programs, learning
to: Cindy Baker, Programme Coordinator, 424           VHS, CD ROM, URL (for net based works), CV,           resources, online services, events, news and
20th St. W., Saskatoon, Sk., S7M 0X4. Phone (306)     Proposal/ Project Statement, Artist statement,        publications:
652-0044.                        Any other additional support material, Self
                                                      Addressed Stamped Envelope                            Quadra Island Vacation Rentals: Whether
Alternator, Kelowna - DEADLINE IS APRIL                                                                     you are a painter, photographer or simply a
15.CARFAC fees are paid in the gallery. Please        The Surrey Art Gallery welcomes proposals             supporter of the arts, you will appreciate the
include all of the following when submitting your     from artists and guest curators for exhibitions       variety of art attractions on Quadra Island.
proposal: A brief description (maximum 250            in any media, and in any subject area. These          Quadra Island has many talented artists,
words), Artist statement - maximum 500 words,         include solo, group exhibitions and touring           working in a wide variety of techniques, from
CV, 10-20 slides with name and title. Video artists   shows as well as exhibitions that include work        pottery, sculpture and painting to carving
may submit a video no longer than 5 minutes,          by, for, or about children, or of work evolving       and glassblowing. See their fine work in local
Slide list detailing medium and size, SASE. The       out of projects or residencies. Proposals for         galleries and at the artists’ studios. Enjoy the
Alternator accepts exhibition proposals from          exhibitions or projects in all of these formats are   Annual Studio Tour or bring your sketchbook,
artists and curators. Submissions from both           welcome. There is no deadline for proposals,          easel or camera and give yourself an art
individual artists and groups will be considered      and your package will be acknowledged                 holiday while enjoying the peace and natural
with an emphasis on an experimental or                when received.                                        beauty of Quadra Island. For information call
exploratory approach.                                 Deadline ongoing.                                     1.800.435.2556 or visit www.quadraislandvacat
Artspeak,     Vancouver-        Submissions     are   ArtScape, Toronto - Artscape is a Toronto -
accepted by mail on an ongoing basis.                 based non-profit enterprise that unlocks the          Classes/Workshops
Exhibitions generally run for five weeks and          creative potential of people and places. Call
CAR/FAC fees are paid to all artists. Submissions     for Submissions, Gibralatr Point International        Learn to Paint the Figure with Tessa Nunn
are reviewed by Melanie O’Brian, Director/            Artist Residency Program, Toronto Island,
                                                                                                            – Awaken and re-connect with your artistic
Curator. Your submission will be acknowledged         Summer 07. Program Dates June 1-30, 2007.
by mail. Submissions should include the               Open to Canadian and international artists.           self with classes and workshops facilitated by
following: a written proposal, a current C.V.         Submission Deadline February 21, 2007, 4pm.           Tessa Nunn. Drop in painting sessions (all Levels
10 - 20 slides with a slide list, a VHS video tape    For full details and application forms visit www.t    welcome). Sessions are held Saturday , Sundays
(if applicable), or a CD-ROM (formatted for                            and Mondays. Call for start dates. In addition,
Mac). Please do not send original works of art.,                                                            Tessa also offers 3-day Figurative painting
an artist statement, a self addressed stamped         NEUTRAL GROUND invites artists to submit              workshops that explore the relationship between
envelope*. Submissions can be sent by mail            proposals     for  exhibitions,   projects   or       self-expression in the formal techniques of
to: Attn: Melanie O’Brian, Director/Curator,          performance in all media. Neutral Ground
                                                                                                            painting. Participants work for 13 hours directly
ARTSPEAK an artist run centre, 233 Carrall Street,    will present visual and interdisciplinary work
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6B 2J2          in exhibition format, performance, or off-site.       from the model. For more information on the
                                                      Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.           drop in workshops and the more structured
Open Space - Victoria - presents solo and group       Submissions should include: An artist statement       3 day workshops, please contact Tessa at
exhibitions produced in-house or through              or statement of intent including technical            780.461.1028 or go to
independent curatorials, performance based            plan, . A current CV. 20 slides of current work       upcomingworkshops.php. To see Tessa’s work
art, readings, concerts and multi-disciplinary        or work intended for exhibition. Slides must be       visit
events. Submissions from artists and curators for     numbered and labelled. Additional support
exhibitions are accepted on an ongoing basis.         material such as reviews or catalogues, are
                                                                                                            Arts and    Cultural Management – Grant
For all submissions, include the following: a one     encouraged, if available.       Video support
page description of your exhibition, project          material should be on 1/2 VHS, CD or DVD              MacEwan     College offers 5 great online

Call for Submissions/ Opportunities/Grants/Residencies
courses for Arts and Cultural Management.                                                                          ,    Information:
For the next session and more information visit      Can Serrat is located just 45 kilometres outside       w w w. c o v e p a r k . o r g / R e s i d e n c i e s . h t m , or email              Barcelona, within the confines of Montserrat           Applications:            
                                                     Natural Park. We work as an open residency             howtoapply.htm. The Visual Arts Residency
                                                     and whatever your plans, we can accomodate             provides an opportunity for an artist, who is at
Artist Trading Card Sessions - Trading sessions
                                                     you. There is no formal application procedure          a key stage in their development, to spend an
are informal gatherings of traders where             for attending. Booking depends on space                undisturbed period of time in a rural setting; the
everyone is welcome (observe for the first time      availability. We are happy to accommodate              aim is to fully support research, experimentation
if you like, but it is a guarantee that you’ll be    those who wish to accompany you.                       and artistic and professional development
making your own cards soon after!) For more          Masia Can Serrat, 08294 El Bruc, Barcelona,            of the individual. Accommodation, catering
information, visit   SPAIN, (34) 937 710 037,            facilities and a private studio provided.
or Regular trading                                        Cultivating Ideas - The Corn Exchange, Market
sessions are held on the last Saturday of every                                                             Place, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 5BD Contact:
                                                     Artists Access to Art Colleges                         Sally Childs Tel: 01635 817 480 Email: programm
month at the New Gallery from 5-7pm, 516D 9
                                                     Applications: through the college you wish    www.cornexch
Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2p 1L4, 403.233.2399      to apply to work with (see     
                                                     main_pages/coll_list.php         for    full   list)   A fluid, open-ended programme of activities
Kathryn Hines Watercolor and Drawing courses –       Information:            Email:    with the intention of supporting artists to
Edmonton artist, Kathryn Hines studied drawing The AA2A project               explore ideas, forge new partnerships and act
and painting at the U of A and graphic Design        is a national set of schemes, providing visual         as a catalyst for the development of new and
at Grant MacEwan. She shows her students             artists and makers the opportunity to undertake        original creative practices.
the most effective strategies for mastering          a period of research or realise a project, using
                                                     workshop and supporting facilities in fine art         Digital Research Unit The Media Centre, 07
self-expression. Demonstrations, handouts,
                                                     and design departments. As part of the scheme          Northumberland Street, Huddersfield HD1
lectures and exercises ensure understanding          each college organises an event to profile the         1RL Tel: 0870 990 5003 Email:
for both beginning and intermediate students.        work of participating artists. There are currently, The Digital
For info and class dates, contact Kathryn at         18 colleges in England and Northern Ireland            Research Unit is a new nationally significant
780.439.4076, Mon-Sat 9-5 pm. Private lessons        hosting AA2A schemes. Every participating              research and production facility, located
and clinics can be arranged.                         institution offers places to between six and           at The Media Centre, Huddersfield, UK. The
                                                     eight artists. Across the UK over 100 artists          programme consists of three core strands; DRU
                                                     each year are working alongside students               Commissions, DRU Research Programme and
Residencies                                          using workshop equipment and supporting                DRU Residency Programme. The DRU will initiate,
                                                     facilities. Typical supporting facilities include      support and disseminate creative research
Footpaths to Creativity, 8 Rideout Lane,             college lending libraries, access to lecture           and production activities in digital, interactive,
Stoughton, MA 02072. (617) 549-2452. Residency       programmes, life rooms etc. Each artist has up         and network media, linking artists, researchers,
on Flores Island in the Azores Archipelago, from     to 100 hours access which they can use over a          academics, and creative networks.
1 week to 1 year. Private bedroom; shared            period of at least 17 weeks, between October
kitchen and bath. Fees per night charged on          and April. Deadlines change annually.                  Durham Cathedral Artist in Residence - The
sliding scale based on ability to pay. Open                                                                 Administrator, The Artist in Residence, c/o The
to visual artists, writers, composers, musicians,    breathe: Chinese Arts Centre Residencies               Chapter Office, The College, Durham, DH1
visionaries, scientists, and naturalists. (Visual,   Information and applications: SAE with A4              3EH Applications and information details:
literary, performing arts) http://www.terrainco      envelope to Chinese Arts Centre, 39-43 Edge                                       Street, Manchester M4 1HW                              The residency, in the stunning setting of Durham
                                                     Tel: 0161 832 7271, Fax: 0161 832 7513, Email:         Cathedral, aims to provide time and space for
Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, PO Box 56,, www.chinese-          an artist, free of other pressures, to respond to
Skopelos Island, Greece 37003 Tel.: 24240-            As    the Cathedral as a powerful creative statement
24143. Residencies of 2 weeks to 4 months            part of Chinese Arts Centre’s commitment to            in stone, a place for daily public worship, and
from September to May. Fees charged; some            developing artists of Chinese descent, Breathe         the centre of a working community of stone
reductions possible in exchange for creation         is a residency programme for emerging artists.         masons, joiners, gardeners and office workers,
of a community project or donation of work.          The residency aims to give an artist freedom to        as well as vergers, musicians and clergy. It
(visual arts)                 create, to allow time to reflect on their practice,    also aims to provide the opportunity for public
                                                     make new work and benefit from the support             access to an artist at work.
International School of Drawing, Painting &          and guidance of Chinese Arts Centre staff.
Sculpture, via Regina Margherita 6, 06057            There is no pressure on the artist to produce          Florence Trust Studios - St Saviour’s, Aberdeen
Montecastello di Vibio, Perugia, Italy Tel: 39-      a finished exhibition, and the space will reflect      Park, Highbury, London N5 2AR Tel: 020 7354 4771
075-878-0072. US Toll-free voice mail: (866) 449-    this and is malleable to the artist’s ideas.           Fax: 020 7354 4771 Email:,
3604. Located in Umbria, overlooking the lush                                                      The Florence Trust offers
Tiber River valley 2 hours north of Rome, in a       Coed y Brenin Residency - Crichton                     twelve short residency awards (12 months in
medieval hill town. Residencies of 4 weeks for       House, 11-12 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff              duration) with low rents payable by artists. Go
up to 8 artists at a time; fees charged. (visual     CF10 5EE Tel: 029 2048 9543, Fax: 029 2046             to their website to download an application
arts)                           5458,        Email:,        form. With the award of a studio comes
                                           , 8 week             attendant opportunities such as the twice
All year-round the Scuola Internazionale             residency for environmental artists or sculptors       yearly open studios, exhibiting opportunities
di Grafica offers 4 to 8 week independent            based at the Visitors Centre at Coed y Brenin,         and networking and selling opportunities
studio residencies in Printmaking, Painting,         North Wales. Artist will work with local schools       facilitated by art consultants engaged the the
and Drawing. The independent residencies             and public to create an artwork outside the            Trust.
provide accommodation and studio space               visitor centre.
at the Scuola, with access to the extensive                                                                 Glenfiddich AiR Contact: Claudia Zeiske,
facilities in the printshop. Scuola Internazionale   Cove    Park  -   Visual   Arts  Residency,            Curator Email:              Email:
di Grafica, San Marcuola – Cannaregio, Calle         Visual Arts Residency, Cove Park, Peaton      Tel: 01340 821 565.
Seconda del Cristo, 1798, 30121 Venice, Italy,       Hill, Cove, Helensburgh, Argyll & Bute,                                      Scotland G84 0PE, Tel: 01436 850 123, Email:           artists.html/intro.html. Artists in residence at the

Call for Submissions/ Opportunities/Grants/Residencies
famous whiskey distillers. In 2002 Glenfiddich         landscapes. To introduce the Yukon community           Circle. The old and unused dairy building has
established     their  Artists  in   Residence         to new and innovative ideas and practices of           been renovated by the Kemijärvi Sculpture
Programme at its Distillery in Dufftown. The           Canadian and international artists. To provide         and Culture Foundation for an artist guest
Glenfiddich programme gives visual artists of          outreach activities such as talks, workshops and       house. The dairy building is one of the few stone
international acclaim, plus a graduate from            exhibitions, intended to promote interaction           buildings in the centre of Kemijärvi that survived
Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland,            and professional development within the                the world wars. The renovation was done in the
the opportunity to mix and work alongside like         community.                                             years 2002 – 2003. The purpose of the house is to
minded individuals, living on site in cottages                                                                concentrate on international artist exchange.
at The Glenfiddich Distillery and utilising the        Sacatar Foundation                                     The traditional Wood Sculpting Symposium
atmosphere and environment as inspiration              Where: Brazil When: 2007 Deadline: April               held in Kemijärvi is connected to the activities
to explore and develop their work. The artists         10, 2007. The INSTITUTO SACATAR operates a             of the artist guest house. The purpose is also that
spend the summer at Glenfiddich (June                  residency program for creative individuals in all      the visiting artists will participate in developing
- September) and have free reign to create             disciplines at its estate on the Island of Itaparica   local art and cultural life. The residence is
new works. A specially created Gallery at the          in the Bay of All Saints, across from the city of      located in the centre of our beautiful town.
distillery showcases existing and new.                 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. There are some changes        Next to it there is a market place where
                                                       to their website In addition to       manyevents are held annually. The central
Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) is        this edition of the newsletter, we recently posted     location of the residence enables versatile
now accepting applications from visual artists,        a new Tour, under INFORMATION, that shows the          free time activities. In the town there is a movie
media artists, and interdisciplinary artists for its   entire property, including the studios built last      theatre, swimming pool and spa, an adult
2008 Artist in Residence program. The residence        year. There are also new ALUMNI pages with             college, etc. The facilities for the outdoor and
accommodates up to 2 artists concurrently              pictures and comments by the most recent               nature activities are also versatile in our region.
- for research, development and production             Fellows. Check them out. The next postmarked           Kemijärvi artist residence is one of the largest
of ongoing or new bodies of work. Artists may          deadline for residencies will be April 10, 2007.       artist guest houses in Finland. The residence
also have the opportunity to facilitate outreach       Sacatar considers for its Fellowships people in        is managed by the Kemijärvi Sculpture and
programs such as talks, workshops and                  all creative pursuits and from any nation on           Culture Foundation that was established by
exhibitions, intended to promote interaction           earth. All application materials must be sent to       the town of Kemijärvi and Kemijärvi Wood
and professional development within the                the Instituto Sacatar in Brazil. Full details can be   Sculpting Association on the 23rd of June in
community. Deadline for the General Call &             found under APPLICATION at            2003. kemijarven
Specific Calls: April 1, 2007 The Residencies are      We will work once again with the UNESCO/     
from 4 - 12 weeks duration starting from January       Aschberg bursary program in 2007, offering
1, 2008 through to December 31, 2008 - subject         two Fellowships, in music composition and
to availability. Participants are responsible for      visual arts. The UNESCO bursaries to Sacatar
all travel and personal expenses including             are restricted to artists over the age of 25 and            Fine Arts Department of
food and materials related to their work.              from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia or
Specific Calls 2008 Film Festival Residency The        the Pacific Islands. The application deadline                    Grande Prairie
Dawson City International Short Film Festival          for UNESCO will be April 30, 2007. Full details                Regional College
takes place each spring on Easter Weekend.             for these bursaries, and many others
                                                       around the world, will soon be available at
The 2006 Film Festival presented screenings                                                                            7th Annual Prairie North
of over 65 short films and videos from around XHIBITION
                                                       AT A.C.B.E.U. GALLERY During the last two                         Creative Residency
the world to over 1,400 enthusiastic cinema
buffs. The festival weekend includes workshops,        weeks in September, there was an exhibition                     May 18 to June 1, 2007
panel discussions and special presentations            of two of the Fellows’ work at the Gallery of the
                                                       Associação Cultural Brasil – Estados Unidos, in
by participating filmmakers and special                                                                         Opportunity to network with other
guests. Filmmakers working in all media may            Salvador, Brazil. ANINDITA DUTTA from India and
                                                       ERMAN, an American born in Cuba, exhibited                professional artists across the
apply for residency dates to coincide with
the Film Festival and have the opportunity             their work. Also at Sacatar during this residency                 province and
to participate in Festival Programming.                were American playwright LAVONNE MUELLER,                            country.
Please mark your application “Film Festival            Greek novelist ERSI SOTIROPOULOS and
Residency”.lease note that filmmakers may              American composer and violinist HEATHER FIGI.                       Guest Facilitators:
also apply for residency dates other than                                                                                   Laura Vickerson
those connected with the Film Festival. 2008 The       Residency at the Hungarian Multicultural Center
Natural & The Manufactured – An Odd Gallery            Where: Balatonfured/Csopak, Hungary When:                            Harold Klunder
and KIAC Artist in Residence Thematic Project.         throughout 2007 Deadline: Feb. 15th, 2007
The Odd Gallery seeks proposals from visual            A.I.R. International Artists Workshop/Seminar/              Two Week Residency include:
artists working in all media for gallery-based         FilmFest-Balatonfured/Csopak/HUNGARY
                                                       Dates: May 21 - June 13; June 18 - July 11; July
                                                                                                                        14 catered dinners
and temporary off-venue exhibitions such as
outdoor and site-specific installations. Artists       16 - August 8, 2007 Hungarian Multicultural
may propose completed work or new work                 Center, Inc.® (HMC), nonprofit organization,                    14 nights in college
and are encouraged to apply for a concurrent           invites 36 interested visual artists and writers                 student residence
residency with KIAC’s Artist in Residence              to submit application for its program Hungary.
                                                       Exhibition and Artist’s Talk will be arranged at
                                                                                                                Evenings offer artists’presentations,
Program. Please mark your application
“Natural & Manufactured Residency”. Artists            City Gallery, Balatonfured (exhibit and FilmFest                performances and
applying for this thematic project who are             open on August 4th).                                               open critiques.
not offered an exhibition may still have their         Deadline: February 15, 2007 Request entry
application for residency considered under             form on email: Request
                                                       entry form on mail (SASE): HMC P   .O.Box 141374,
                                                                                                                         Contact Tina Martel
the General Call for Submissions.Visit www.natu for more detailedproject           DALLAS, TX 75214 Request entry form on web:                    Prairie North Coordinator
information. Residency Program Objectives: To                                780.539.2814
provide artists with unrestricted time and space                                                              
to research, develop and produce ongoing               Kemijärvi    Artist  Residency Where: The
or new body of works/projects. To introduce            Arctic Circle, Finland What: Now accepting
visiting artists to northern peoples, cultures and     applications An Artist Guest House on the Arctic

Call for Submissions/ Opportunities/Grants/Residencies
Grants                                               intended to support the creation, development,       AROUND ALBERTA
                                                     curation, exhibition or production of work any
Alberta Foundation for the Arts                      art form by an individual artist. Collaborative      VAAA Gallery - Ansgard Thomson and Doreen
The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) is a       projects involving more than one artist will         Mason - Patterns. January 11 to February 17,
crown agency of the Government of Alberta            be considered. Grants may be used to cover           2007
formed in 1991. This year, $22.6 M from lottery      living allowances while carrying out the
revenues will be distributed by the AFA to           project, research, development or material           TRUCK - Kyle Beal (Montreal, QC), Chris Gillespie
individual artists and arts organizations in         costs, workspace rental, costs related to public     (Victoria, BC), Angela Silver (Calgary, AB)
the visual, performing and literary arts, and        presentation or travel costs directly related to     January 12- February 17, 2007
cultural industries, an increase of $2.34M over      the project. Grants cannot be retroactive and
last year. As the result of annual Foundation        cannot be applied to activity undertaken prior       Stride Gallery - Eric Metcalfe, Laura, January
support to more than 1,200 grant applicants,         to the application deadline. To be eligible,         12–February 17, 2007 Opening: Friday, January
Albertans enjoy an enhanced quality of               an individual artist must be an emerging or          12@ 8PM
life through opportunities to participate in         established professional artist who resides in the
the arts. Deadlines: February 1, 2007 http://        City of Edmonton* has completed training, an         The Prairie Art Gallery - Jan 19 - March 4, 2007--            apprenticeship or a recognized body of work          Nicole Bauberger, Susan Menzies
arts index.asp                                       in an arts discipline meets the requirements of
                                                     one or more of the following is dedicated to the     Esplanade Art Gallery – Medicine Hat-
Canada Council for the Arts                          professional practice of the art, as evidenced by    December 9, 2006 – February 4, 2007
The Canada Council for the Arts is a national        a significant investment of time and resources       Myron Campbell: Distant Air - Myron
arm’s length agency created in 1957 to “foster       receives payment for artistic work (i.e. artist      Campbell’s Distant Air is the Esplanade Art
and promote the study and enjoyment of, and          fees)has received public exposure, through           Gallery’s first exhibition of an interactive Flash
the production of works in, the arts.” To fulfil     professional showings, screenings, publication,      animation, which will be shown with mixed
this mandate, the Canada Council provides            or performances where selection was carried          media paintings, ink drawings and digital prints
grants and services to professional Canadian         out by an objective, arm’s length body such          relating to the animation. Myron Campbell
artists and arts organizations in dance, media                                                            lives and works in Banff, Alberta: the interplay
                                                     as a jury or publisher enjoys peer recognition
arts, music, theatre, writing and publishing,                                                             of nature and humans figures frequently in his
                                                     through: critical reviews, participation in
                                                                                                          Flash animation works, which integrate 2D and
interdisciplinary work and performance art,          community activities and membership in
                                                                                                          3D media, resulting in intriguing, darkly beautiful
and visual arts.                                     professional associations. *Applicants must
                                                                                                          visual fables.
Deadline: Travel Grant – March 1, 2007               have lived in Edmonton for at least 12 months
Assistance to contemporary fine craft artists        at the time of application. EAC staff reserve the
                                                                                                          The Walter Phillips Gallery - Simone Jones and
and curators – project grants – March 1, 2007        right to ask for proof of Edmonton residency.
                                                                                                          Lance Winn, Knock. PLAN B, a curatorial space.
Long term grants – March 1, 2007                     Residency is established by having received
                                                                                                          January 18 to March 4, 2007. Curator: Sylvie
Grants to professional Independent Critics and       a personal CCRA Notice of Assessment (the
                                                                                                          Gilbert. Simone Jones and Lance Winn use
Curators – Feb 1, 2007                               statement you are sent after filing an annual        kinetic devices and video projectors to present
International Residencies programs in Visual         income tax return) indicating a residential          theatrical situations that unfold spatially. In their
Arts – feb 1, 2007                                   address in Edmonton or an Alberta driver’s           work Knock, presented in the PLAN B space at                     license with an Edmonton address current to          the Walter Phillips Gallery, the situation involves
                                                     the date of application. Funds available in          a scripted cycle of murder mystery taking place
Edmonton Arts Council                                the Community Investment Program Individual          beyond the camera’s eyes.
Project Grant for Individual Artists                 Artist Project Grant are limited. Grants may be
Application Deadline: July 1st                       awarded, subject to availability of funds to a       Art Gallery of Calgary - January 19 to March 3,
                                                     maximum of $25,000.                                  2007 - Opening Reception January 19, 7 p.m.
Purpose: Project Grants for Individual Artists are
                                                                                                          Catherine Heard: Symmetries
                                                                                                          Aron Hill: Unnatural Response
         The Canada Council for the Arts launches special 50th                                            Mark Mullin: an unfolding sense of order
                                                                                                          Rachelle Viader Knowles: The Future
                       anniversary web site
                                                                                                          Harcourt House - Thursday February 15, 2007,
   2007 is the 50th anniversary of the Canada Council for the Arts. For five                              Opening reception from 7-10pm. Bonnie Baxter:
decades, the Council has given Canadians access to their own stories through                              Rewind. Scheduled artist lectures: Feb 13 at the
            the imagination of artists in every corner of the country.                                    U of A 5:10 - 6pm in FAB 220, Feb 14 at Grant
                                                                                                          MacEwan, 12:30 - 2pm in Room 203. Show runs
                                                                                                          until March 31, 2007
                     Want to know more about Canadian artists?
                   Check out the artists stories and historical timeline.                                 Alberta Craft Council - January 6 – March 31 All
                                                                                                          About Alberta. A collection of contemporary
                                                                                                          fine craft reflecting Alberta’s distinct sense of
                     Looking for arts events in your area?                                                place. April 7 – July 14 Brew-haha A juried
   The Council has up-to-date information on arts events, including over 100                              exhibition open to all ACC members who are
      events across Canada dedicated to the Council’s 50th anniversary.                                   creating fun and fabulous teapots or tea-sets in
                         The 50 for 50 Arts Challenge!                                                    any craft media.

                                                                                                          Triangle Art Gallery - January 5 - February 10,
Seek out 50 special arts experiences this year that will put you in closer touch                          2007 HIT OR MISS: An Exhibition of Contemporary
  with the artistic life of your community. Tell us about your experiences at                             Drawing An exhibition examining new trends in
                                                                                                          contemporary drawing. Featured in conjunction You may see your contribution on the web!                                       with the ‘Walking on a Thin Line’ Winter Art Stroll.
                                                                                                          Opening: Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 7:30 pm
  Enjoy our 50th anniversary web site. Share this information with friends and
                                                                                                          Profiles Public Art Gallery - Chaos Theory
                                colleagues.                                                               January 11 to March 2, 2007 John Noestheden,
                                                                         JoAnne Schachtel, Clint Wilson

Visual Arts Alberta Gallery and Office hours                                          WHY DO WE NEED YOU?
Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm                                                     Individual members                     of the APA, ACACA or HWSDA who wish to
Saturdays 12 pm to 4 pm                                                            receive the VAAA Newsletter and full membership benefits on Visual Arts Alberta
                                                                                   Association programs (ArtCards, etc..) should purchase an associate non-voting
Location:                                                                          membership. As each of the founding groups nominate a representative to the
                                                                                   VAAA Board annually, members of these groups cannot vote. Your membership
                                                                                   allows VAAA to defray rising costs of mailing and administration to members of
                                                                                   the founding member groups.
3rd floor, 10215 112 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M7
ph. 780.421.1731                                                                   ArtCards          - The 23rd run is being booked and VAAA has printed over
toll free. 1.866.421.1731                                                          160,000 artcards todate! Cost includes layout of the images and text and 500 full
                                                                                   colour postcards. Please call us at 780.421.1731 or toll-free at 1.866.421.1731 for
Fx. 780.421.1857                                                                   more info concerning current pricing and availability.

email.                                                    Guest Columnists Wanted
website.                                                 Guest columnists are encouraged to send in articles concerning current,
                                                                                   historical, whimsical, educational or informative subjects. Send a review of a
                                                                                   local exhibit or happening concerning the arts. Please note that we cannot
                                                                                   guarantee that every article submitted will be used. Who can submit? ANYONE!
                                                                                   Call us - or - just drop it in the mail (or email

Membership Application
                                      ( )Associate non-voting*               $30                                           Renew your VAAA Membership!
                                      ( )Individual                          $30   Renew today! We hope you continue to support us! The support we receive
                                                                                   through your renewal means that Visual Arts Alberta can continue to operate
                                      ( )Student/Senior                      $20   and develop programs that serve you, the artist, better.
                                      ( )Group Members**                     $60
                                      ( )Gallery***                          $60   Tibor Adam, Calgary                        Dorothy Lockwood, Meadow
                                                                                   Shirley Allan, Edmonton                    Lake SK
       Renewal ( )                    ( )Related Affiliates****              $80   Deirdre & Russ Allen, St. Albert           Amy Loewan, Edmonton
       New     ()                                                                  Beverley Benham, Perryvale                 Maria Madacky, Coaldale
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Name of Affiliate-Organizations/School/Library/Association/Institution:            Dennis J.A.Brown, Ladysmith BC             Edmonton
                                                                                   Edna Cabalo, Sherwood Park                 Andrea Mann, Calgary
__________________________________________________________________________         Dawn Campbell, St.Albert                   Ruby Marles, Edmonton
                                                                                   David Capelazo, Edmonton                   Fred Marlett, Edmonton
*An Associate non-voting Membership entitles Associate Members (members of
                                                                                   Roger Carl, Edmonton                       Pamela Marriott, Swan Hills
the ACACA, APA & HWSDA) to participate in all programs and communications of
he Visual Arts Alberta Association at member’s prices.
                                                                                   Lillian O. Carleton, St. Albert            Florence Mayled, Ponoka
**Any non-profit group(s) or associations wishing direct involvement with the      Dorothy Chisholm, Calgary                  Anima McKertcher, Edmonton
society                                                                            Kelly Clemmer, Wainwright                  Laureen McMullen, Calgary
***Any public or artist-run gallery wishing direct involvement with the Society    Pamela Copeland, Edson                     Marg Metcalf, Sylvan Lake
****Groups or institutions (commercial gallery, art supply store, PASO,            Shirley Cordes-Rogozinsky, St.             Laurie Mireau, Halifax, NS
educational or government institution(s) wishing direct involvement with the       Albert                                     Vickie Newington, Calgary
Society in a non-voting capacity.                                                  Linda Daoust, Edmonton                     Leona Olausen, Edmonton
                                                                                   Charalene Denton, Fort                     Dixie Orriss St. Albert
( ) Please send me the Visual Artist Database form.                                Saskatchewan                               Lyndal Osborne, Edmonton
                                                                                   Charalene Denton, Fort                     Bertha Pisarchuk, Edmonton
Name _______________________________________________________                       Saskatchewan                               Sophia Podryhula-Shaw,
Address_______________________________________________________                     Patricia Di Marcello, Wildwood             Edmonton
City _________________________________________________________                     Horst Doll, Sherwood Park                  Janet I. Rasmussen, Fort
                                                                                   Svala Dunn, Cold Lake                      Saskatchewan
Province _____________________________________________________                     James Gaa, Edmonton                        Anne Marie Resta, Edmonton
Phone __________________________ PCode______________________                       Carol Goretzky, St. Albert                 Ron Robinson, Calgary
Fax __________________________________________________________                     Ann Haessel, Calgary                       Helen Rogers, St. Albert
                                                                                   Judith Hall, Calgary                       Dawn Saunders Dahl, Calgary
e-mail ______________________________________________________
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Payment ( ) Cash ( ) Cheque               ( ) VISA ( ) MC ( ) AmEx                 Hilary Haseltine, Vancouver BC             Yolande Valiquette, Bow Island
Credit Card no._______________________________________Exp._____________            Judy Hause, Edmonton                       Renee Van der Putten, Edmonton
Name as it appears on card __________________________________________              K. Marjorie Henn, Beaverlodge              Laura Vickerson, Calgary
                                                                                   Anna Hergert, Calgary                      Linda Wadley, Hinton
Please make cheques out to Visual Arts Alberta Association                         Betty June Hesson, Calgary                 Shirley Watson, Calgary
                                                                                   Corey Hochachka, St. Albert                Louise Williamson, Calgary
Newsletter distribution preference: ( ) email ( ) surface                          Brenda Inglis, St. Albert                  Jane Willoughby-Scott, Edmonton
                                                                                   Jane Jefferies, Calgary                    Margaret Witschl, Edmonton
  Membership are renewed annually from the original date of joining.               Kelly Johner, Gibbons                      Betty Lou and Bill Wyatt, Stony
        Send your completed application and payment to:                            Lorna Kemp, Spruce Grove                   Plain
                                                                                   Ronald Kostyniuk, Calgary                  Alberta Potters’ Association,
                      Visual Arts Alberta Association                              Bradley Krause, Calgary                    Medicine Hat
                        3rd Floor, 10215 - 112 Street                              Paddy Lamb, Sherwood Park                  Hand Weavers, Spinners & Dyers
                          Edmonton, AB T5K 1M7                                     Sylvia Lange, Edmonton                     of Alberta, Botha
              Telephone: (780) 421-1731 Fax: (780) 421-1857                        Dr. John Lipinski, Edmonton                The Leighton Foundation, Calgary
                     e-mail:                              With the support of:
                         Toll Free: 1.866.421.1731
                                   Application for Summerscapes
                                         2007 High School
                                                          VISUAL ARTS ALBERTA

                                         Presents Three (3) scholarships annually to talented and entusiastic High
                                           School students from Alberta’s rural areas and communities to attend

                                                                   Summerscapes 2007
                                                           Visual Arts Summer School for Teens
                                                            at Red Deer College in August 2007

                                          Interested High School level art students are invited to submit
                                              the following for consideration by the scholarship jury:

                                                           Students Statement of 1 to 2 paragraphs on why you would like to
                                                           attend visual arts summerschool
                                                           A letter of support from your teacher
                                                           3 to 5 slides/photographs of recent work

                                        Deadline for Application: May 8, 2007 (postmarked)
                                        Completed applications may be mailed or dropped off to:

                                                             Visual Arts Alberta Association
                                                        Allison Argy-Burgess, Executive Director
                                                               3rd Floor, 10215 - 112 Street
                                                 Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1M7 Toll-Free: 1.866.421.1731

                                    PLEASE INCLUDE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION
                                    Student’s Name

                                    Student’s Address

                                    Student’s Phone No.                                       Student Date of Birth:

                                    Grade:                                           Teacher’s Name

                                    Teacher’s Phone No.                                      School Phone No.

                                    School Name & Address:

                                    Summerscapes 2007 -                 Week 1             Week 2
                                    Week 1 - August 5-10, 2007                    Week 2 - August 13-18, 2007
                                    *Please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to ensure the return of your slides.

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