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Environmental Response
Management Application
       Continuum of “Response” for the OR&R

                                                        Restoration -
Response                                                Recovery
(24 hours)                                              (Years to
                Emergency        Assessment and
             Response Division   Restoration Division
                  (ERD)               (ARD)
ERMA Schematic View

               ERMA Background:
• Pilot project began spring 2007 for Portsmouth Harbor NH
and ERMA Portsmouth used in industry PREP drill in June 2008

• Presented ERMA to National Responses Team in Spring 08,
which lead EPA Region 2 to fund development of Caribbean
ERMA in 2009

• Spill of National Significance (SONS) drill in was in Maine March
23-25th 2010. The Portsmouth pilot project was expanded with
assistance from regional stakeholders (ME- DEP, NH- DES, MA-

• NOAA was asked to stand up an ERMA on April 22nd and data
was operational within command posts within 48 hours.
   •Over 70 Data layers may be incorporated daily basis depending on the
   response needs

• ADM Allen designated ERMA as the Common Operational Picture (COP)
for the Deepwater Horizon Incident
       ERMA GOMEX: Deployment Timeline
              GOMEX ERMA                  ERMA integrated        MMSI zoom
            Available for ICP              With FWS IPAC       To ship function                    Animations,
            Data upload 4/22                 query tool            created                         Slide show, Find
                             Deployed                                     BP database     Supporting
SONS Exercise
                            ERMA staff                                    replication     Simple KML
March 23-25th
                      To ICPs data ingestion

       April                May           June                   July               August         September
          DWH Blowout       NOAA sFTP      NAIS feed                            Ingest of custom
                                                            Creation of
           April 20th       site deployed Filtered for                          data feeds
                                                            Ship track tool
                ERMA Populated                              webpage
               With base GRP, ESI,                                     Getfeature info
                    Etc. 4/24                     ERMA down 2.5             support
                                                  hours power

                     Key to development timeline was ERMA Adaptability in
                     • Open Source freeware software that was customizable

                     • Ability to code for non OGC and customized vendor feeds
Primary      Response Daily Data            Source               Display         Deep Water
 BP/ ICPs           Task Force            Location
                                          SFTP/ Replicate       Location
                                                                ERMA Responder   Horizon Data

                                                                                 pushed into ERMA
 BP/ ICPs      Decon locations/ Waste
                                         Replicate feed         ERMA Responder
 BP/ ICPs    Emergency Response Teams    Replicate feed         ERMA Responder
 BP/ICPs          Beach Cleanup          SFTP/ Replicate feed   ERMA Responder
                                                                                 various sources
 BP/ ICPs         Field Boom Data        SFTP/ Replicate feed   ERMA Responder

 BP/ ICPs        Burn/ Dispersant
                                         SFTP/ Replicate feed   ERMA Responder

 BP/ ICPs       WEBEOC/ Phone log          Replicate feed       ERMA Responder
               Platform Observations         SFTP
              NESDIS Anomaly Analysis        SFTP               ERMA Responder           ERMA Public

                  Fishery Closures           SFTP               ERMA Responder           ERMA Public
                    Trajectories             SFTP               ERMA Responder           ERMA Public
  NOAA          Protected Resources
                                             SFTP               ERMA Responder           ERMA Public
                   Loop Current              SFTP               ERMA Responder           ERMA Public
               Subsurface Monitoring         SFTP               ERMA Responder
                                                                                         ERMA Public*
               Helo Oil Obs & Photos         SFTP               ERMA Responder
University        Buoy/ AXBT Data            FTP                ERMA Responder           ERMA Public

 NOAA/ BP       SCAT Obs and Photos          SFTP               ERMA Responder           ERMA Public*
 BP/ ICPs          VOOs tracking         Modified WMS           ERMA Responder

  USCG               NAIS Feed           Modified WMS                                    ERMA Public*
                                                                ERMA Responder

  IRSCC       Planned Remote Sensing      Email KML             ERMA Responder

AFS/ AMOC       Air Operations Feed      Modified WMS           ERMA Responder

   NGA         NGA Satellite Analysis        SFTP               ERMA Responder

   NGA       NGA Imagery Derived Booms       SFTP
                                                                                   •Slightly modified for public
   EPA                                                                             •Red text indicates data currently
                  Monitoring data         SFTP/WMS
                                                                                    being updated
           Geo Platform Data Sets
•Oil spill trajectories near the shore.
•Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Team results.
•Satellite interpretations for potential oil footprints.
•Field photos.
•Wildlife observations.
•Closures of fisheries in federal and state waters.
•Shoreline flight imagery from NOAA, NASA and the Environmental
Protection Agency.
•Navigational caution area for mariners.
•Data buoys.
•Current environmental conditions.
•Predicated environmental conditions.
•Location of research and response vessels.
•Related data, such as seafood safety, EPA monitoring and
subsurface monitoring analytical chemistry.
Populating ERMA &

        Response Data Sets

              Approved for
              Pushed Daily
              by 12pm ET
Geographic Response Plans
Habitat and Species Data
Restoration and Managed Areas
May 19th Oil Reaches LA
July 12th Capping Stack In Place
Current Weather Conditions
Tracking of Response and Research Ships
 Zoom to Location

Search by lat/long, Place name
       and ship MMSI

                Zoom to
Field Team and Vessel of Opportunity Tracking

Display Field Sampling
Display of Field Photos
Link to Data Reports & Documentation
      Bookmark Playlist

Right click bookmark to add
          to playlist

Query Tool
                ERMA Highlights
•ERMA provided response relevant data at an operationally
relevant pace
•Ability to display multiple types of data
    •Static layers
    •WMS (Web Mapping Service) feeds
    •GeoRSS feeds
•Ability to ramp up a diverse group of ERMA experts and
operators at UAC, the ICPS, and at Home Base to meet
operational needs and incoming data flow
•Versatility of ERMA for response
    •Exploratory tool (by individual viewer)
    •Daily briefings as the COP (Common Operation Picture)
    •Situational Awareness Display within ICS Units
    •Upper Management Communication Tool
•Public Facing ERMA
    •Released June 15th with 3.5 million hits the first day
    •5 million visitors in the last 3 months
    •98 million hits in the last 3 months                     26
                    ERMA Kudos
•Chief technology officer of the Department of Homeland Security,
thought so highly of Public ERMA (
infrastructure) that he nominated it for [a] Government Computing News

•Capt. Jim Cash of the Coast Guard agreed. “It allowed us to quickly
communicate our story of the effort that was under way,” Cash said of
the platform. “It’s been very effective.”

•Cash said ERMA was also very effective for agency-to-agency
communications. “We were able to put in all of our daily flight plans, all
of the satellite estimates of where we expected oil, and the operational
areas of our task force,” he said. “ERMA was used every day to brief the
unified area command and the incident command post leadership.”

•“This was one of the best examples of interagency cooperation I’ve
seen in my career,” Cash added. “…the innovation the technology team
provided to step up to the plate and offer the use of ERMA and then all
of the agencies that then agreed to move their data into that single
common operational picture was an incredible success. It’s a best
practice that we need to follow in incidents in the future.”

 Current ERMA Development
                                    • New England (SONS)
                                    • Caribbean – US territories,
                                      expanding upon need,
                                      Groundings, Haiti
                                    • Puget Sound WA – Focus on
                                      climate change impacts
                                    • GOM & DWH MC252
                                    • Pacific Islands – In
                                      development , FY ‘10
                                    • Arctic from NOAA OCRM
                                      Energy Initiative
                                    • Lake Champlain – funded FY
Applications of ERMA
   •Spill Response ERMA               ‘11 (potential for NJ/ NY harbor
   •Fire ERMA                          w/EPA R2)
   •Natural Disaster Preparedness   • Great Lakes – funded FY ‘11
   •Climate Change
                   ERMA DWH
                 Lessons Learned
• Non-technical Interface
   • GIS background not necessary to navigate
   • “How to” sessions in command posts to socialize ease of use
   • Success Story – quote from NIC staff “You should see ADM Allen fly
     around ERMA on the touch table”
• Scalable Access
   • Quick to stand up foundation
   • Public Facing data needed-
   • Varying data access levels based on account type
     (responder , NRDA, Trustee)
• Cost Effective due to Open Source Software
• Customizable Programming & Modular development
  Public Facing or specialized sites (Climate Change, Marine
  Debris, Tsunami, Wildfire)
                 ERMA DWH
               Lessons Learned
• Customization & Flexibility is key
  • Vessel tracking and asset customization
  • Plug & Play with other systems
     • All systems need to be OGC compliant
     • Support various data formats (WMS, GeoRSS, KML,
     • Expansion of Tool Capabilities (IPAC & other agency
       tool integration, AOI points, Labels, etc.)
     • Additional Functionality
        • Auto-refresh
        • Ship Search
        • Customized reports
     • Download data for other GIS project ingestion
                    ERMA DWH
                  Lessons Learned
• Collaboration is KEY
  • Need to leverage existing resources & data for
    application buy in
  • Multiple Government Agencies
     •   EPA                         • LA FWS & DEQ
     •   USCG                        • MS FWS & Disaster
     •   USFWS                         Plan
     •   NGA                         • FL Disaster Plan

  • Private Sector
     • BP & contractors              • Telascience- Fast mosaic for tile
     • Google                          cache imager
          • Imagery service &        • ESRI - hosted WMS for public
             Investigating             consumption
             3-D display potential

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