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RUHR 2010 – Capital of Culture in the heart of Europe                     page 4

Wind power in Europe                                                      page 7

“Our goal is quality not volume“                                          page 9

The European climate                                                      page 12

Ball and Roller Bearings – the work horses in wind turbines               page 14

The European super grid                                                   page 18

Strong wind for a growing market                                          page 22

From a shipyard to a wind turbines manufacturer                           page 24

Being a satisfied engineer                                                 page 25

I know someone who knows someone                                          page 26

Experts in personnel consultancy                                          page 28

Competence is paid well                                                   page 30

Bigger, better, and definitely the best                                    page 32

Take your opportunity for advancement                                     page 36

Discussing and establishing ties with others                              page 38

Take the next career step                                                 page 40

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The job market for
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                                                                                 JOBS WIND ENERGY 3
Still-Life: The metropolitan celebrates on the motorway

RUHR 2010 – Capital of Culture
in the heart of Europe
The Ruhr area is the Europe-            53 cities with 5.3 million inhabi-       ethnical diversity has constituted the
an Capital of Culture in 2010.          tants from 170 nations form the          image of the region until today. From
The former industrial region            growing Ruhr metropolis. It is the       the 1960s onwards, the Ruhr area
transformed over the past               fourth largest urban area in Europe      started to change – away from steel
decades to a modern econo-              after Moscow, London and Paris           and coal to service industries. The
mic and cultural society. 300           and is characterized by its vast         big “Zechensterben” (dying of the
projects and 2,500 events               industrial landscape. During the         coal mines) was the reason for many
have been arranged to con-              industrialization, the iron, steel and   changes and for the cultural diver-
vince the visitors of the Ruhr          coal industry expanded rapidly.          sity of today. Many different artists,
district of its motto “change           Workers, from all over the world,        a remarkable building culture and
through culture, culture                were attracted by the Ruhr area in       diverse landscapes characterize the
through change”.                        the middle of the 19th century. This     Ruhr area today. Many sceneries are

4 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                          Theme
The Coal Mine Zollverein celebrates

still dominated by industrial legacies,   Due to the Warsaw-Berlin-Brussels        the area and its inhabitants. In the
other landscapes impress with thick       thoroughfare, the Ruhr area is one       pits and steel factories, miners and
forest, hills or lakes.                   of the most important traffic hubs in     colleagues had to rely on each other.
                                          Europe. Essential trade flows are         Hard work combined with trust is still
Nowadays, the workers of the steel        organized here. Ten out of the 100       reflected in the character of the inha-
factories and coal mines are almost       companies with the highest turn-         bitants. Warm, reliable and honest
gone and more and more people             out are placed in the Ruhr district.     people are expecting the visitors.
are working in the service sector.        Furthermore, there are 100 scientific
The old industrial sites are now used     institutions, next to five universities   Still life on the A 40
in many different ways – as event or      and ten universities of applied          One of the main arterial roads of the
party locations, leisure amenities or     sciences to promote innovations.         Ruhr district, the motorway A 40,
sport facilities.                         Certainly, the industrial past shaped    will come to a standstill. Normally,

Theme                                                                                        JOBS WIND ENERGY 5
         The Coking Plant Zollverein,
              factory swimming pool

the drivers commute to their friends,
families and places of work at a
walking pace. On the 18th of July,
this traffic chaos will be stopped
for one day. Instead of traffic jams,
you will see people sitting on the
motorway. People will meet along
60 kilometers at 20,000 tables for
eating, drinking and having fun. Eve-
ry table will be a stage on its own
and participants can create their
own cultural program – no matter if
it’s a rock band or a choir, a soccer
team or a darts club.

Extraordinary dining
Cultural experience does not always
have to be a visit to a museum or
theater. In the Ruhr district, you will
also experience an exceptional culi-
nary culture. People from all over the
world live in the region, and they
brought along, some of them already
decades ago, their culinary distinc-
tions. The exotic influences together
with traditions from the Rhine and
Westphalia areas led to a new and
very unique cuisine. This new, evol-
ving culinary culture is presented by
the “Gourmet Festival Ruhr”. From the
1st till the 30th of June, different res-
taurants in the whole Ruhr district will
open their doors to create outstan-         events through the night. These loca-     tober. This year’s highlight will be the
ding menus and remarkable expe-             tions are illuminated by light instal-    premiere of “Gisela”, a musical play
riences together with international         lations, and visitors can experience      composed by Hans Werner Henze.
celebrity chefs.                            the whole event in an extraordinary       It is part of his major project, “New
                                            ambience.                                 Music for a Metropolis”.
Every year – the most important
cultural festivals                          At the Ruhrtriennale, the Ruhr festival   The “Ruhrfestspiele” are one of the
Next to extraordinary events, which         of arts, works of former and contem-      oldest and prestigious theater festi-
are only taking place this year, there      porary artist are played before old       vals in Europe. In this year, the
are some established cultural projects      industrial sceneries. Music, theater,     festival around the city of Reckling-
that annually present a high-class pro-     literature and dance are in accor-        hausen will be dedicated to Hein-
gram with many guest stars.                 dance with the sites they are being       rich von Kleist. The audience will
                                            performed at. The festival takes place    be taken on a romantic journey by
At the ExtraShift, 40 industrial sites      at four different venues between the      many poetic, dramatic and literary
will be the scenery for spectacular         20th of August and the 10th of Oc-        events.

6 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                                Theme
Wind power in Europe
Annual installations of wind power in the EU have in-   wind farms consisting of 199 offshore wind turbines, with
creased steadily over the last 15 years from 472 MW     a combined power generating capacity of 577 MW,
in 1994 to 10,163 MW in 2009, an annual average         were connected to the grid in Europe. This represents a
market growth of 23 %. In 2009, Spain was the EU        growth rate of 54% compared to the 373 MW instal-
country with the lar-                                                                        led during 2008.
gest annual market                                                                           For 2010, the
in terms of                                                                                  European Wind
MW installations,                                                                            Energy Association
followed by Ger-                                                                             (EWEA) expects
many. A total of                                                                             the completion
74,767 MW is                                                                                 of 10 additional
now installed in the                                                                         European offshore
European Union.                                                                              wind farms, adding
Germany remains                                                                              1,000 MW, which
the EU country with                                                                          is equivalent to a
the largest installed                                                                        market growth of
capacity, followed                                                                           75 % compared to
by Spain, Italy,                                                                             2009. Offshore
France, and the                                                                              wind power is vital
UK. In 2009, a                                                                               for Europe’s future.
total of eight new

                                                                                             EU member state
                                                                                             market shares for
                                                                                             total installed capa-
                                                                                             city (2009). Total
                                                                                             74,767 MW

                                                                                             Cumulative wind
                                                                                             power installations
                                                                                             in MW

                                                                                            Wind in power,
                                                                                            EWEA, 02/2010

Theme                                                                                JOBS WIND ENERGY 7
Dieter Stoecker and Dr. Ralf Wittor

“Our goal is quality not volume“
Dr. Ralf Wittor, director of the          energy market. In the beginning, we     continue to operate testing facilities
Eickhoff Antriebstechnik GmbH             manufactured single gear boxes for      for up to 4 MW.
and the Eickhoff Wind Power               equipment ranging from 50 to 100
GmbH discusses growth poten-              KW. Today, each series we produce       What are the proportions of mining
tial in the wind energy market.           annually consists of hundreds of pie-   machinery to wind energy in your
                                          ces, with capacities of more than       company?
Dr. Wittor, you are the director of the   2 MW. We opened a new works
Eickhoff Antriebstechnik GmbH. Ori-       for wind power gear boxes near          Dr. Wittor: We have approximately
ginally, your company manufactured        Dresden (Germany). At this location,    1,300 employees in total, a third of
mining machinery. When did you            we are able to assemble series of       which is active in our wind power
enter the wind energy market?             approximately 700 pieces per year.      gear box division. The relativity in
                                          In Dresden, we also carry out all       revenue is similar.
Dr. Wittor: We still produce mining       of the processes involved in gear
machinery to this day. In the early       cutting ourselves, for instance mil-    What are the reasons for the success
1990’s, we entered into the wind          ling, hardening, and grinding. We       of your products and company?

Theme                                                                                       JOBS WIND ENERGY 9
Dr. Wittor: Our goal is quality not   less maintain a conservative design.   learned to securely implement high-
volume. This means, we want to        We profit from our decade-long          capacity, planetary gear boxes in
deliver customer specified cons-       experience in mining machinery. All    very extreme applications. This hel-
tructions, which provide the best     products in mining were equipped       ped us to construct very robust gear
possible robustness. We more or       with gear box technology. We have      boxes for wind applications. In the
                                                                             mean time, our mining machinery
                                                                             is profiting from the experience we
                                                                             have gained through wind applica-
                                                                             tions. Positive synergies are genera-

                                                                             How do you predict the develop-
                                                                             ment of the wind market?

                                                                             Dr. Wittor: The worldwide demand
                                                                             for electricity will increase. Up until
                                                                             now, there is an existing political will
                                                                             to encourage renewable energy. The
                                                                             market will grow. At the same time,
                                                                             more players are pushing themselves
                                                                             into the market.

                                                                             The international competition is gro-
                                                                             wing. Are you active internationally,
                                                                             for example in the USA?

                                                                             Dr. Wittor: We have a subsidiary in
                                                                             Pitsburg, Pennsylvania, which origi-
                                                                             nally manufactured mining machinery.
                                                                             In the meantime, we successfully
                                                                             service our own gear boxes for
                                                                             wind applications. In the future, we
                                                                             will also service competitors’ gear

                                                                             Which qualifications should a new
                                                                             employee have, if he or she would
                                                                             like to work for your company?

                                                                             Dr. Wittor: Aside from subject quali-
                                                                             fications, we are looking for em-
                                                                             ployees, who have a heart for gear
                                                                             boxes; who can be inspired by gear
                                                                             box technology and our products.
                                                                             In our company, employees should
                                                                             introduce their own ideas and inden-

10 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                      Theme
tify themselves with their job. Only   which means we too must grow. In
through these means are we able to     order to achieve this, we need good     Dr. Ralf Wittor, born in 1964, stu-
improve ourselves and our products.    employees. For this reason, we offer    died engineering at the Ruhr-Univer-
                                       works instruction in five different      sity in Bochum (Germany). He was
What further distinguishes the work    metal-trade occupations as well         awarded a doctorate in 1996
at Eickhoff?                           as in commercial-trade. We em-          and maintained a professorship in
                                       ploy around 120 people in works         machine components, gear boxes
Dr. Wittor: We are a family ow-        instruction, which constitutes 10% of   and automobiles in the following
ned company, which understands         our staff. We also invest in research   three years. Subsequently, he went
the importance of team work. Our       and design. In this case, we do not     from professorship into the industry.
employees stand in the foreground.     only research gear pinions, but also    Today, Dr. Wittor is director of the
We work successfully in teams, and,    materials, oils and bearing techno-     Eickhoff Antriebstechnik GmbH in
technologically speaking, we work      logy. We want to deliver durable        Bochum and the Eickhoff Wind
closely together with our customers.   products with the highest quality to    Power GmbH in Klipphausen.
                                       our customers.
What goals do you have for your
company in the coming years?

Dr. Wittor: We want to maintain our
market share in the growing market,

Theme                                                                                  JOBS WIND ENERGY 11
               The European climate
                      In Europe, you can go skiing,            southern region, around the Mediter-
                      go on holidays at the seaside,           ranean Sea, is rather warm and dry.
                      or have a romantic walk                  The farther North you go, the colder
                      through the rain. Responsible            the temperature gets and precipita-
                      for this varying weather are             tion increases. Up in the North, in
                      different climate zones all over         Scandinavia, predominates an arctic
                      the entire continent. During             climate. The winter there is dark, long,
                      the summertime, it is very hot           freezing cold and goes along with a
                      in the South, and in the winter-         lot of snow and ice.
                      time, it is rainy. The winter in
                      the North is long, dark and              The farther a region is away from
                      snowy. It rains very often in the        the ocean, the extremer the variation
                      West, and in the East, summers           in temperature is during a year. This
                      are warm and winters are                 so-called continental climate is mostly
                      freezing cold. In central Eu-            found in Eastern Europe. It is respon-
                      rope, you have to watch the              sible for warm summers and cold
                      weather forecast every day to            winters. Due to the maritime climate
                      assess the inconsistent wea-             at the Atlantic coast, you have fre-
                      ther for the coming days.                quent precipitation in Western Europe
                                                               and the temperature in autumn and
                      Generally speaking, Europe shows         winter does not descent as heavily
                      a moderate climate in wide sections.     as in the inner continent. The tempe-
                      Strong temperature fluctuations during    rature even increases slowly in spring
                      the year are extremely rare – winters    and summer. All these climate influ-
                      are rather cold and summers are          ences meet in Central Europe and
                      warm. The climate is milder than in      emerge seasonally.
                      other regions of the same geographi-
                      cal latitude. Naples and New York        Regarding these diverse climate
                      are both on the same latitude, but the   zones, it can be possible that there
                      annual average temperature of Nap-       is still snow in Lapland while Sicily
                      les amounts to 16 degrees centigrade     has great summer weather; it is rai-
                      and only 12 degrees in New York.         ning on the Shetland Islands while
                      The main reason for this is the Gulf     Andalusia suffers from drought and
                      Stream. It brings a mass of warm         aridity.
                      water from Mexico to Europe, which
                      warms the air. This warm environment     Winds in Europe mainly come
                      is the reason why tropical plants are    from the West across the Atlantic.
                      able to grow on parts of the coast of    Because of this, it rains frequently
                      Ireland, Scotland and Norway.            on the coast of Western Europe. In
                                                               Southern Europe, the wind blows
                      The single climate regions differ        from the West only in the wintertime,
                      tremendously within Europe. The          and brings rain to the region. In the

12 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                        Theme
summertime, the wind comes from
the North and causes dry and hot

A bleak wind prevails on the coas-
tal areas of Central and Northern
Europe. Nowadays, wind turbines
are built there frequently. These areas
at the North and Baltic Sea are
ideally suitable for building offshore
wind turbines. The wind farms have
a distance to the coast of 15 to 90
kilometers and exploit distinctly bet-
ter space and wind conditions than
onshore wind turbines. Furthermore,
they cannot be seen from the land
or islands and do not destroy the         farms, as they plan to become the
scenic view. Many European coun-          market leader in expanding offshore
tries, like England, the Netherlands      wind farms. Licenses are already
and Scandinavia, want to promote          granted for projects generating a
expansion of wind power on the            capacity of 32 gigawatts. This could
coasts. England is most ambitious         cover the energy requirements from
in using the potential of the offshore    25 percent of the British households.

Theme                                                                             JOBS WIND ENERGY 13
Ball and Roller Bearings – the
work horses in wind turbines
The power trains of today’s              were basically selected from stan-      types and designs inside a wind
wind turbines contain a lot of           dard catalogues with buyers focus-      turbine are strictly specified by the
different ball and roller bea-           ing on availability, price and basic    OEM. In several cases, even the in-
rings. The types of bearings             functional properties.                  ner geometry of bearings is dictated
used depend on turbine type                                                      by turbine OEM´s – a remarkable
and size. Small-sized ball               This situation has changed complete-    development, as the inner design
and cylindrical roller bea-              ly over the years. As a consequence     traditionally was the province of
rings are used in pitch and              of the growth and importance of         each bearing manufacturer. Besides
yaw drives as well as in lubri-          the emerging wind energy industry,      dictating the design specs, turbine
cation pumps and fans. Mid-              today, most turbine OEM´s, as well      OEM´s and main suppliers oversee
sized bearings up to 400mm               as their main sub-suppliers, are        the bearing manufacturing process.
OD (Outer Diameter) can be               organized in a manner similar to the    In some cases, certain basic tests
found in generators and – de-            automotive industry. Their R & D de-    are required and must be carried
pending on the turbine type              partments as well as their purchasing   out by the bearing manufacturers.
– in gear boxes. Large-sized             and strategic sourcing departments      Finally, field-testing of not less than
bearings up to 1000mm OD                 are now highly structured and coor-     one year is a standard requirement
are also used in gear boxes,             dinated, and for major components       for new suppliers and components.
and as main shaft bearings.              and commodities such as bearings,       Today, these detailed and costly
Super-large bearings with                product and manufacturing specia-       rules and regulations ensure an ad-
OD more than 1000mm are                  lists are taking care to coordinate     vanced level of product maturity and
used as blade and nacelle                with their suppliers.                   functional reliability, which are key
bearings – also called pitch                                                     criteria for wind park operators and
and yaw bearings. Modern                 Over the last 20 years, most wind       investors, banks and credit institutes,
multi-megawatt turbines                  turbine OEM´s have learned that         and insurance and certification com-
require super-large bearings             trouble-free operation of wind          panies. Certainly, robustness and
for main shaft support and in            turbines is a demanding challenge,      reliability will be THE key criteria
gear boxes.                              and even today there still remain       with respect to future offshore wind
                                         several problems and tasks to be sol-   park operation.
In the early days of the wind ener-      ved. In the last few years, ball and
gy industry – somewhere between          roller bearings have been implicated    The following is a brief description
1980 and 1995 – turbine OEM              in a series of different problems and   of major bearing applications
component suppliers and even the         failures. Mainly gear box bearings      inside the wind turbine, including its
bearing industry itself didn’t pay       were involved, but also generator       specific function, requirements and
much attention to the design and         and pitch bearings. In many cases,      design.
performance of all these roller bea-     bearing problems may cause shut-
rings. In fact, bearing specifications    down of the turbine, often resulting    The largest bearings inside wind
describing dimensions, materials,        in major time costs and often requi-    turbines are the Slewing bearings,
lubrication requirements and loads       ring design changes to ameliorate       used for blade and nacelle support.
didn´t exist at this time. So bearings   the problem. Today, most bearing        Depending on the turbine´s power

14 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                  Technology
class, the OD of blade ob pitch bea-     bearing in a blade set. The friction    rotor speed – means between 12 ~
rings ranges between 0.7 and 5m.         torque of each blade bearing differs    20 rpm. Typically, Spherical Roller
Typically, they consist of an inner      more or less from others as a result    Bearings are used for Main Shaft
and outer ring made of heat-treated      of tolerance, clearance or preload      support; in some cases even Cy-
steel as 42CrMo4 f.e. Both race-         inside, environmental design and        lindrical or Tapered Roller Bearings
ways as well as the gears on the         blade position. It remains a challen-   are used. In turbines up to 2.0 MW,
inner ring are induction hardened.       ge for engineers to harmonize and       the Spherical Roller Bearing is used
Two rows of balls are placed in          forecast friction torque in order to    as the locating bearing and in
the raceways of inner and outer          avoid larger asymmetry and turbine      many cases the floating bearing is
rings, normally with a contact angle     shutdown.                               replaced by the gear box. In larger
of around 45°. Basically, blade                                                  turbines, this MSB-concept is more
bearings are double row contact          As a result of the lack in Slewing      and more being replaced by a
ball bearings in a DB arrangement,       bearings during 2007 and 2008,          classical bearing arrangement, con-
offering a high moment stiffness to      worldwide manufacturing capaci-         sisting of a locating and separate
the connected blades. Contact seals      ty has increased significantly. So       floating bearing. Many combina-
are used on both side facades in         sufficient production capacity can       tions of bearing types are used, like
order to prevent inside pollution and    be presumed for the future of wind      two single Tapered Roller Bearings,
grease leakage.
                                         “Over the last 20 years, most wind turbine
Pitch bearings don´t rotate conti-
nuously and permanently like most        OEM´s have learned that trouble-free operation
rolling bearings. They just oscillate    of wind turbines is a demanding challenge, and
around their longitudinal axis more      even today there still remain several problems
or less frequently. Therefore, it
doesn´t make sense to calculate
                                         and tasks to be solved.“
their L10 fatigue lifetime as is the                                                                     Lutz Heuser
standard for most ball and roller
bearings. Even the aDIN-Faktor,
which describes material, lubrica-       energy, but excellence with regard      two single Spherical Roller Bearings
tion, cleanliness and failure proba-     to application know-how and design      and combinations of Cylindrical
bility, is not applicable, because the   optimization is another story.          and Tapered Roller Bearings. Addi-
aforementioned special operation                                                 tionally, an advanced concept with
conditions do not support an EHD         Normally, the Main Shaft Bearing        a 2.3m large moment bearing now
fluid film in contact areas. A spe-        (MSB) is positioned between the         exists, which replaces the conventio-
cial challenge for turbine OEM´s         rotor hub on the front side and the     nal main shaft incl. MSB and related
and blade bearing manufacturers          gear box inside the nacelle. So,        housing. This new design offers se-
is the so-called pitch asymmetry.        it mainly supports the radial and       veral advantages compared to a.m.
This effect describes the individual     axial loads, as well as the moments     design, but availability issues and a
friction and torque behavior of each     affecting the blades. It rotates with   comparatively high price may limit

Technology                                                                               JOBS WIND ENERGY 15 • • •

     the number of its future applications.     The support bearings of intermediate     avoiding failures on the next gene-
     It should be noted that most Main          shafts and output shafts also were       ration of WTB gear box bearings.
     Shaft Bearings have proven reliable        and are effected by failures in the      Driven by these experiences, several
     and trouble-free so far. Some minor        early stages. Typical root causes are    young WTB-manufacturers have de-
     problems have occurred with Spheri-        so-called Smearing and Skidding,         veloped WTBs without gear boxes.
     cal Roller Bearings, caused by wear        caused by slippage between con-          Even established WTB-OEMs with
     inside the bearing. But these pro-         tact surfaces. This occurs in the case   long gear box histories are testing
     blems can be solved by improving           of sudden acceleration and low-load      and comparing both WTB designs
     lubricating systems and by choosing        conditions. Counter-measures for this    (with and without gear boxes). As
     Spherical Roller bearings with larger      typical failure type are the usage       mentioned before, reliability, robust
     contact angles. Today, the MSBs are        of smaller rolling elements and – as     design and maximum operation
     considered the most reliable bea-          far as is acceptable for the specific     readiness are the requirements for a
     rings in wind turbines.                    bearing type – a certain amount          good wind turbine.
                                                of preload. Taper Roller Bearings
     On the other hand, ball and roller         are fit for operation under preload,      In most cases, the rotor shafts of
     bearings in gear boxes were often          and they run robustly and reliably,      WTB generators are supported by
     involved in failures and problems in       as long as preload adjustment is         ball bearings. The so-called 62 and
     the past. And among them, the Sphe-        done properly and there is a suffi-       63 series are most common, and
     rical Roller Bearings in planetary gears   cient oil-supply. Many of the former     generally a conventional arrange-
     had the most significant and regular
     failures. They missed the calculated       “To attain a mainstay in the energy mix of
     L10 fatigue life time by a long shot
     and failed in an early stage of ope-       tomorrow, the wind energy sector must finally
     ration. Today, Spherical Roller Bear-      become competitive with regard to cost, avai-
     ings are more or less banned not           lability, preparedness, and efficiency, as well
     only from planetary gears, but from
     wind turbine gear boxes in general.
                                                as in reliability and serviceability. Achieving
     Meanwhile, the planetary gears are         this target will strongly depend on the perfor-
     supported by multi-row Cylindrical         mance, quality and reliability of the applicable
     Roller Bearings and by Taper Roller        ball and roller bearings.“
     Bearings. Both types are used with
     and without outer rings. In the case of                                                                     Lutz Heuser
     application without the outer ring, the
     raceway surface is integrated into         problems of gear box bearings have       ment with one locating and one
     the planetary wheels. By this design       been solved, but there remains the       floating bearing is used. Diameters
     the creeping of outer rings inside of      issue of a critical component inside     between 140 and 200mm are
     planetary gears can be eliminated          the drive train. International working   typical, and in general, machine
     and the bearings’ internal clearance       groups are still attempting to create    brass cages are utilized in order to
     can be adjusted more precisely.            a uniform strategy and guidelines for    reduce mechanical wear. Generator

     16 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                    Technology
• • •

    bearings are lubricated with bearing       rings are made from high chromium        ments meets bearing manufacturers’
    grease, and regular relubrication is       steel as usual, but the rolling ele-     criteria. The price for these generator
    implemented by the service staff           ments are made from ceramics. This       hybrid bearings is also several times
    or by automated lubrication systems.       idea of hybrid bearings has been         higher than the price for the compar-
    A well-known bearing failure in            commonly used in high-speed tool-        able standard bearings. However,
    generator bearings – and this is not       ing machines for many years; how-        especially for products that require a
    limited to wind turbine applications       ever, its application in terms of WTB    major investment like wind turbines,
    – is electric corrosion. The failure       generators is completely different.      which are designed for 20 years of
    mechanism is current flow from one          The material for electric isolation is   operation, the total cost of owner-
    bearing ring to the other via the balls    replaced from the inner or outer ring    ship should be a major factor of con-
    (or rollers), and comparatively small      fitting areas into the bearing itself     sideration. And under this criteria,
                                                                                        hybrid bearings seem to have a real
    “Ball and roller bearings will remain key com-                                      chance for further penetration into
                                                                                        WTB generators.
    ponents in the next generation of wind turbines.
    It must be assumed that the sizes and dimensi-                                      Ball and roller bearings will remain
    ons of bearings will grow further, following the                                    key components in the next generation
    increasing MW range of the next generation of                                       of wind turbines. It must be assumed
                                                                                        that the sizes and dimensions of
    turbines.“                                                                          bearings will grow further, following
                                                                        Lutz Heuser     the increasing MW range of the
                                                                                        next generation of turbines. Addi-
    current strength may cause this type       thus maintaining stable, full function   tionally, future offshore operations
    of damage. Initially, dents in micron      across the lifetime of the generator.    will broaden and tighten current
    size occur in raceways and on ball         Fittings can be selected as usual for    requirements and specifications. To
    surfaces, but these micro-damages          standard bearings, and the risk for      attain a mainstay in the energy mix
    grow during operation time and             mechanical damage during hand-           of tomorrow, the wind energy sector
    finally cause bearing breakdown.            ling and transport is significantly       must finally become competitive with
    In order to avoid this well-known          reduced. Additionally, a favorable       regard to cost, availability, prepa-
    bearing failure, WTB-OEMs and              wear behavior can be expected in-        redness, and efficiency, as well as in
    generator-manufacturers use ceramic        side the bearing due to the superior     reliability and serviceability. Achie-
    isolated bearings or, alternatively iso-   friction coefficient between steel and    ving this target will strongly depend
    lation layers between the inner ring       ceramics. And this effect should re-     on the performance, quality and
    and shaft ob and between the outer         duce bearing operation temperature       reliability of the applicable ball and
    ring and housing.                          and increase relubrication intervals.    roller bearings.
                                               On the other hand, the availability
    A relatively new trend is the applica-     of these large-size ceramic balls is     author:
    tion of so-called hybrid bearings in       still limited worldwide and not every    Lutz Heuser
    WTB generators: the inner and outer        manufacturer of ceramic rolling ele-     Manager Construction Engineering

    Technology                                                                                  JOBS WIND ENERGY 17
The European super grid
Due to the rapid expansion of          renewable energies, will double up       to 50 percent. Nevertheless, this fast
renewable energies in Euro-            to 14 percent. Furthermore, wind         expansion of power plants leads to
pe, current power grids will           plants are proposed to be built until    an infrastructural problem: Due to the
reach their maximum loads in           2030, with a capacity of 25,000          weather-related vacillations, which
the next few years. To guar-           megawatts. This is equal to the          occur in the process of sun, water or
antee a solid energy supply,           output of 25 atomic power plants.        wind power production, the energy
nine European countries plan           The German wind power industry           grid has to compensate varying
to install an offshore power           announced that the expansion of re-      power supply. On productive days,
grid in the North Sea in the           newable energy could proceed fas-        energy has to be stored or retailed
next ten years. It will connect        ter than calculated. The president of    by many clients, and on non-produc-
offshore wind parks, tidal             the German Wind Energy Associa-          tive days, energy must be added
power plants as well as wind           tion (Bundesverband Windenergie),        from storages. The current power
farms and solar fields all over        Hermann Albers, assumes that the         grid can barely cope with a sudden,
                                       “The German wind power industry announced
Merely in Germany, the wind ener-
gy sector is growing rapidly. Almost   that the expansion of renewable energy could
950 wind turbines went on grid last    proceed faster than calculated.“
year, which is a growth of about 15
percent compared to the previous
year. Consequently, Germany is the     share of green energy in the power       tremendous amount of energy. For
second biggest producer of wind en-    production will increase threefold wi-   instance, if too much energy is pro-
ergy, with a total amount of 30,000    thin the next ten years. The amount      duced because of a storm, suppliers
megawatts, after the USA with an       of renewable energy to the total         have to launch countermeasures,
output of 35,000 megawatts.            energy production can increase up        like shutting down power plants or

The generation of electricity from
renewable resources is expected to                    Map legend:
proceed over the next years. The
energy companies are currently                                          Wind
installing offshore wind towers with
a capacity of 100 gigawatts. These
wind turbines cover ten percent of                                      Geothermal
Europe’s energy requirements and
are equivalent to 100 coal power
stations. According to the German
                                                                        Water power
renewable energy law (Erneuerbare-
Energien-Gesetz), the amount of                                         Biomass
renewable energy in the whole power
production, will increase by 30
percent until 2030. Wind energy,                                        Solar energy
as a part of the total production of

18 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                 Technology
Wind, geothermal, water power, biomass and solar energy must be connected across Europe.

Technology                                                                       JOBS WIND ENERGY 19
curbing wind turbines, to avoid over-     use and the network expansion is         The estimated costs for the whole
loading the power grid and provoke        decisive for subsequent development      project are around 30 billion Euros
a breakdown. The current infrastruc-      of wind energy,” says Ralf Bischof,      (41 billion Dollars). The industry will
ture and huge wind farms close to         former Executive Director of German      bear the largest amount of these
the shore show another problem.           Wind Energy Association (Bundes-         costs. For this reason, leading Euro-
The small electricity grid in these       verband Windenergie).                    pean grid operators will take part in
sparsely populated regions cannot                                                  the next negotiations. The European
receive the whole generated energy.       Project Seatec is supposed to be the     Commission has already given 565
“It was just a matter of time until the   solution to this problem. England,       million Euros (774 million Dollars)
produced wind power impends to            Germany, France, Belgium, the            to the first stage of the project. 165
overload the lines,” says Uwe Urban       Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark,         million Euros account for the North
                                                                                   Sea Grid. The money comes from
“England, Germany, France, Belgium, the Ne-                                        the economic stimulus package of
therlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden and                                          the EU and is supposed to make the
                                                                                   offshore industry competitive. Until
Ireland are working together to supply Europe                                      midyear, all involved EU states want
with green energy via high-tech power lines.“                                      to announce a declaration of intent.
                                                                                   Participating companies will be
                                                                                   Vattenfall Europe (Germany), Scottish
of the regional energy supplier Eon       Sweden and Ireland are working           Hydro Electric Transmission (Great
Avacon. The company is responsible        together to supply Europe with           Britain) and C-Power (Belgium). The
for the stability of the power supply     green energy via high-tech power         overall control for this project in
in parts of Lower Saxony, Germany.        lines. Sharing one huge grid could       Germany has the Federal Minister of
Since 2007, more wind energy              compensate the vacillations of           Economics and Technology, Rainer
is produced there than the local          the various energy producers and         Brüderle. He already attended the
power grid can receive. Because           distribute the power from the North      first meeting on a working plan in
of that, the supplier had to interfere    Sea over the whole continent. Lines      January. Brüderle said: “Until now,
over 160 times last year to keep the      installed under the North Sea bring      everyone was working on their own.
power supply system stable. For this      the energy from offshore wind farms      We want to change that.” Every-
reason, Annegret Agricola, Divisi-        to the German and English coasts         thing is about the standardization
onal Director for Energy Systems          and to every European household.         of technical and political energy
and Services of the German Energy         Moreover, for the first time Norwegi-     strategies, on a national level. “For
Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur),        an hydroelectric power plants could      Germany, being a country with am-
demands the expansion of the trans-       function as huge batteries for produ-    bitious offshore expansion plans, this
mission networks. “Much wind pow-         ced wind power. “A massive expan-        initiative has a major importance.”
er is produced in the North of Ger-       sion of the network would help to link   From the point of view of the Europe-
many, but most of the energy is used      wind and hydro power. This would         an Commission, the project is very
in the South.” Most energy experts        stabilize the power production of        important as well. Commissioner of
agree to the fact that the expansion      these two renewable energy sour-         Energy, Andrea Piebalgs continued
of the power grid is necessary to         ces,” says Ingo de Buhr, Executive       to say it will be a “key technology
guarantee a better distribution of        Director of Prokon Nord, a develo-       with vital importance for the fight
energy. “The optimization of the grid     per of offshore wind farms.              against climate change”.

20 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                    Technology
                                                                        We close
                                                                        your gap

So easy to find the BEST ones
For the first time, there is an online job board only for the sector of renewable energies. This online board
offers you the best experts, who are searching for new challenging job opportunities.

Your advantages
•   Unique and special job board for renewable energies
•   High number of motivated experts
•   Job-related personality analysis included
•   International presentation of your job advertisements and your company, for instance at the Windpower
    Expo in Dallas and Beijing, as well as at the WindEnergy fair in Husum, Germany.
•   Easiest handling
•   Optimal price-performance ratio
•   Service hotline

                                                                                           JOBS WIND ENERGY 21
jobs modernenergy is a BU of Stoecker & Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany –
Strong wind for a growing
Michael Fiks, Manager of the              equipment manufacturers. Mid and       cils (GWEC), the worldwide cumu-
Wind Energy division at Bosch             long term, we see good growth          lative wind energy output increased
Rexroth AG, discusses growth              chances in the wind energy market.     by 31 percent in 2009. Growth
potential in the wind energy              For this reason, we also maintain      drivers are the markets in Asia,
market and for Bosch Rexroth              the fundamental expansion of our       North America, and Europe. In each
employees.                                capacities in all regions. In order    of these markets more than 10 GW
                                          to ascertain superior participation    were recently installed in 2009.
Which services does your company          in market growth, Bosch Rexroth
offer in the field of wind energy?         has organized itself very well, with   China achieved the largest growth
                                          works in Germany (in Witten and        from 2008 to 2009 by doubling
Michael Fiks: For the manufacturers       Nuernberg) as well as in China.        the installed capacity from 12 GW
of wind energy equipment, Bosch                                                  to 25.8 GW. The largest regional
Rexroth is the largest independent        How to you estimate the develop-       market is now Asia, with more than
sub-supplier of gear technology           ment and chances on the wind           15.4 GW of newly installed capa-
worldwide. Our product line ranges        market in Europe and worldwide?        city.
from main gears to Azimut gears,
which allow permanent wind                Michael Fiks: According to data        In its current outlook, the GWEC
guidance, but also electromecha-          from the Global Wind Energy Coun-      expects the worldwide installed
nic pitch actuators for rotor blade
adjustment. Other products include
hydraulic solutions, for instance,
pitch adjustments, as well as pinion
cable and azimuth brakes.

Out of which regions do your main
customers originate, and what sig-
nificance does regenerative energy
have for your company?

Michael Fiks: Bosch Rexroth has
established itself as a system partner
for European, American, and Asian

     Offshore Windpark Horns Reef:
       High averge windspeed in the
    ocean and lower air turbulences
  than on land motivate the construc-
    tion of large offshore windparks.
      They promise an extraordinarily
                efficient energy result.

Generator gear boxes change the collected wind power into energy. Before the housing body is placed on top, the
tolerences are measured to prevent the pinion from turning against the counter pinion.

capacity to increase from 158.5         ject knowledge and methodological          and long-term experience when
GW in 2009 to 409 GW until the          competencies, employees must be            planning and organizing their time
year 2014. This means a yearly,         interculturally sensitive, tolerant, and   abroad. Employees and their family
average growth of 21 percent.           have a dialog-oriented communica-          members can inform themselves
                                        tion style. Furthermore, mobility and      about the future position, as well
In the employee selection process,      the willingness to take responsibility     as their private and professional
what is important to an international   are important.                             environments, during a visit to the
company like Bosch Rexroth?                                                        particular country. Other important
                                        Is there a worldwide staff exchange        components of the structured prepar-
Michael Fiks: The motivation and        at Bosch Rexroth?                          ation are intercultural and language
ability of future employees to oper-                                               trainings.
ate successfully in an international    Michael Fiks: At Bosch Rexroth, in-
environment. Important selection        ternational working-experience plays
criteria include intercultural compe-   an eminent role in employee deve-
tencies, dedication, and the ability    lopment. Worldwide staff exchanges
to work as a team player.               are present in all divisions and are
                                        common practice.                           author:
Which characteristics and abilities                                                Michael Fiks
should successful employees in Euro-    How do you prepare employees for           Manager of the Wind Energy
pe have?                                their position abroad?                     Division at Bosch Rexroth AG

Michael Fiks: As our activities are     Michael Fiks: Rexroth employees            more information:
international, aside from having sub-   can build on professional support

Technology                                                                                 JOBS WIND ENERGY 23
From a shipyard to a wind
turbines manufacturer
Blohm + Voss Nordseewerke,             ship building industry decreased by          sation believe that this extraordinary
a business unit of Thyssen             15 percent.                                  solution is a chance, although all
Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS),                                                        involved parties feel wistful about the
has a very long tradition and          To avoid its destiny, TKMS sold its          reduction of the shipbuilding.
is well known all over the             Nordseewerft Emden to SIAG Schaaf
world. The associated ship-            Industries, which will invest 40 million     A unique project
yards in Emden and Ham-                Euros (55 million Dollars) to build          For the first time, capacities are being
burg, Germany, are one of              steel components for offshore wind           taken from the market, caused by a
the oldest worldwide. Naval            turbines. Currently, the production fa-      changeover from ship to wind turbine
vessels, especially container-         cilities are being converted, and the        building, without any impact on the
ships, are developed and               plant is renamed as SIAG Nordsee-            employees of the plant. Furthermore,
produced there. However,               werke. However, the launching date           the complete global reorganization
today, the golden age of the           for the production of offshore wind          of the shipyard is unique. Thereby,
shipbuilding industry is over          turbines is still uncertain. It is suppos-   all manufacturing segments will be
and TKMS, as well as many              ed to start slowly, as the fabrication       concentrated and a logistic compre-
other shipyard operators,              of ships expires gradually. Thyssen          hensive total solution will be created.
have to search for new possi-          Krupp will keep a 20 percent share           With the completion of the conver-
bilities for their factories.          of the company. Furthermore, the             sion, the plant will produce about
                                       engineer center as well as the repair        100 wind turbines per year, as well
Until 2008, the sector was booming     and trainee department will be pur-          as afloat structures, like wind towers
and the shipyard in Emden built        sued. For this reason, there will not        and machine supports. SIAG will
vessels, which were highly coveted     be compulsory redundancies. More             also produce underwater structures,
by international companies. Ever       than 700 employees will switch to            like monopiles, transition pieces and
since then, orders have been declin-   SIAG, 375 are still working for TKMS.        jackets. Moreover, an own lading
ing. Since the economic crisis, the    Even the German Labor Union (IG-             port guarantees a fast and econo-
demand for ships has collapsed,        Metall), as well as the chairman of          mical distribution.
but at the same time many container    the Nordseewerke employee organi-
ships were produced. The shipping
companies try to get out of existing
contracts, postpone or cancel their
orders. This shows that the German
naval architecture has had to cope
with one of the biggest drops in or-
ders in decades. “There are no more
orders in merchant vessel building
and container ship building,” says a
Thyssen Krupp spokesman. Because
of this situation, 37 shipyards are
already bankrupt, and jobs in the

Being a satisfied engineer
During our work as personnel              short-sighted approach can at the        •   Does the employer have a positive
consultants in the propulsion             least create a knowledge gap, or             image?
and wind technology industry,             at worst, strengthen competitors’ ad-
we recognized again and                   vantage. These possibly disastrous       •   Does the image of the company fit
again that individual compa-              outcomes cannot be ameliorated               the personality of the candidate?
nies vary in their employment             easily with a knowledge manage-
philosophies. But all multi-              ment tool. If an underdeveloped em-      •   Will the candidate be able to de-
national corporations have                ployee wants to change companies,            velop his knowledge and person-
had to learn that in today’s              even contractual barring clauses             ality?
environment, the qualifica-               won’t help. The employee can just
tions of an employee, not just            as easily use the synergy effects of     •   Does the company operate in a
his proficiency and loyalty are           congeneric sectors.                          promising market?
important competitive factors
for successful employment.                A company that recognizes how            •   Do future oriented and verified
                                          employee potential is an invaluable          investment plans exist?
Major corporations have a big ad-         resource is well-advised to develop
vantage in this area: They are able       and implement strategies of Employ-      •   Does the company offer promotion
to encourage their employees’ skills.     er Branding. Unfortunately, this con-        prospects and advanced vocation-
These companies, as well as their         cept often goes unrecognized as a            al training?
engineers, have to carry the burden       valuable human resources marketing
of economic competition and all its       or recruiting tool. Employer Branding    •   Does the company demonstrate
accompanying changes. More and            helps a company establish a valu-            ethical, ecological and social
more future-oriented businesses are       able image – both internally and             responsibility?
searching for employees who are           externally – which in turn arouses
eager to give maximum performance         the interest of potential employees.     •   Is the internal communication posi-
in an ever-changing environment.          As a result, modern companies often          tive and characterized by respect?
Considering the gap between               become the applicants and the well-
increasing job requirements and a         qualified engineers have their pick       Good executives follow these guide-
declining number of highly qualified       of employment opportunities. They        lines and lead their companies and
professionals, it is getting more and     will choose the employer that offers     their employees to success.
more difficult – despite the economic      them the most attractive employee
crisis – to find suitable employees.       image. In the eyes of potential
Forward-looking companies invest          employees, professional Employer
a lot of money in personnel devel-        Branding enhances employer quality
opment. They also develop special-        and gives the company a competi-         author:
ized techniques aimed at acquiring        tive advantage.                          Christoph Stoecker,
well-educated professionals. Com-                                                  CEO Stoecker & Stoecker IPC GmbH
panies that do not actively work on       •   As a leading personnel consultan-
retaining their engineers, run the risk       cy for the propulsion and wind       discussion:
of losing a vital component of their          technology industry, we make sure
competitive edge, in the form of key          that our clients can respond posi-   (group:
players. The consequences of this             tively to the following questions:   JOBS DRIVE TECHNOLOGY)

Career                                                                                       JOBS WIND ENERGY 25
Networking Engineers

I know someone who knows
LinkedIn, Facebook or the                  shows all facets of people who can       ting, your networking will definitively
German business network,                   be useful one day. Do not just collect   fail. The expectation of a contact
Xing. Every country and every              contacts to put them on designated       shouldn’t be exaggerated. The num-
generation has its own vir-                positions. You should not have ulteri-   ber and amount of favors shouldn’t
tual networking platform. To               or motives; try to win new friends.      overcharge your counterpart. Your
support a career in real life,                                                      acquaintance will withdraw from this
a network is very helpful. 40              The maintenance of a network is a        partnership.
percent of vacant job posi-                very personal and individual matter.
tions are given to applicants              How to keep in touch – and more          If you request something, you should
with a personal recommenda-                important, with whom – is totally        do it in a way, that gives the other
tion. Accordingly, to know                 different from person to person.         person the opportunity to deny with-
someone, who knows some-                   You should accept your own char-         out losing face. One option is to ask,
one, is gaining more and
more importance.                           “Dozens of business cards, email addresses and
Being qualified, reliable, flexible,
                                           phone numbers will not help you... It is better to
and a team-player, is a good basis         stay in contact with just a few.“
to start a successful and sustainable                                                                Christoph Stoecker
career. With those characteristics
it is almost impossible to fall by the
way-side entirely. But even if you po-     acteristics. If you are not following    if he can recommend you someone
sess all of these qualifications, you       this rule, you might seem tensed and     who is able to help you. If he is in
can benefit from a diverse network.         unauthentic. There are some indica-      the capable position to help you,
In many companies, the employees           tions, how a professional network        he will offer his help.
hear about a vacant position before        should not be approached.
it is advertised in public. For you that                                            Remember that it is not important
means, they are able to give you a         What you should not do                   how big your network is. Dozens of
hint about the vacant position and         If you are impatient, you will dam-      business cards, email addresses and
the advantage of time before other         age your relationships. A personal       phone numbers will not help you, if
applicants will appear. Such a hint        relationship needs time to grow.         you do not keep in touch with these
is mint, just as well as a recommen-       Don’t annoy someone else with a          people. It is better to stay in contact
dation given from a respectable            barrage of courtesy and don’t try to     with just a few. They will be more
person.                                    talk to someone permanently about        willing to help you, than a lot of
                                           unimportant matters – this could irri-   people you just reactivate when you
Obviously, there are advantages of         tate your counterpart. On the other      need them.
a diverse social network, but before       hand, if you pay too much attention
it is conducive for your career, it has    to him, he may assume just an instru-    Focus on relations with people you
to be established and cultivated. It       mental interest. Furthermore, if you     really like! Only with them, will you
is not important that your network         ask for a favor, shortly after contac-   establish a personal relationship.

26 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                             Career
Good contacts and a strong network are important for the career.

Pretending interest and sympathy        on the other hand, only gets support-     you will not only find business part-
does not go well for long. Prevent      ed, everything is all right. This flexi-   ners and support for your career, but
becoming an ‘administrator of           bility is what networks are made for.     also a lot of new friends. And never
favors’ – simply stay in contact with   But do not forget to thank for help you   forget to be social while networking!

“You can say thank you by phone, mail, or you
can send a little gift. Show your contact that you
do not take his help for granted.“
                                                         Christoph Stoecker       author:
                                                                                  Christoph Stoecker,
people you like. Certainly, you will    have gotten. You can say thank you        CEO Stoecker & Stoecker IPC GmbH
never get the same amount of help       by phone, mail, or you can send a
back from a person you helped, but      little gift. Show your contact that you   discussion:
maybe there are other relations you     do not take his help for granted. At
can benefit from. As long as no one      last, no one is obliged to help you.      (group:
becomes only a service provider, or     If you follow these few guidelines,       JOBS DRIVE TECHNOLOGY)

Career                                                                                    JOBS WIND ENERGY 27
Experts in personnel
For years, Stoecker & Stoecker               Examples:                             skeptical towards career changes.
has provided superior person-                                                      Additionally, they had to deal with
nel consultancy in the propul-               Establishing and maintaining a        cultural differences. The client was
sion technology sector. They                 competence center in the power        an international company that had
are searching for highly quali-              train/ wind power sectors             to be sensitive to the idiosyncrasies
fied professionals to find the               The major difficulty during this       and perceptions of German engi-
most suitable candidates for                 project was to obtain acceptance      neers. At the same time, the candi-
vacant positions. With years                 among the job candidates for a        dates needed substantial support to
of expertise and an extensive
network, Stoecker & Stoecker                 “Stoecker & Stoecker is able to win the best can-
is able to win the best candi-
dates for global companies.                  didates for global companies.“
                                                                                      Dieter and Christoph Stoecker
Modern engineers are successful,
because they possess specific tech-
nical know-how as well as soft skills        new industrial sector with unknown    integrate into a foreign corporation.
to navigate global structures and            growth prospects. In general, tech-   The services Stoecker & Stoecker
networks. Modern personnel con-              nical experts react cautiously and    offered during this project have
sultancy seeks out individuals with
these skills and, through the use of
innovative techniques and systems,
performs an integrated analysis of
job candidates.

Beside the knowledge in the propul-
sion technology, the personnel con-
sultancy offers expertise in a number
of other sectors, including: renewable
energy, mechanical engineering and
construction, automotive and rail in-
dustries, shipbuilding, agriculture equip-
ment, and the aerospace industry.

Stoecker & Stoecker are not only
seeking individual candidates. Fur-
thermore, they are involved in many
projects with high organizational
effort. Some of these projects will be
presented in this article.

28 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                           Career
been: a prior briefing (Make or           personnel for the upcoming change,       Stoecker knew in advance if a can-
Buy, analysis of local conditions);      while pointing out the accompany-        didate suited their client. The services
attendance and organization of the       ing new opportunities.                   Stoecker & Stoecker offered to this
settlement, recruitment of a highly                                               long-term client have been: long-term
qualified team (until then: 34 em-        The services Stoecker & Stoecker         partnership with prestigious anti-fric-
ployees in the fields of management,      offered during this project have         tion bearing manufacturers, opera-
construction, simulation and project     been: active change management,          tive processing of recruiting in the
management), location scouting           introducing a personality analysis       technology and sales sector (overall,
for a possible settlement for a test     for 24 affected employees, giving        more than 30 successfully staffed po-
station, coaching and supervision        advice to single employees based         sitions in the following departments:
training of single members, effective    on compiled profiles, introducing a       management, applications engineer-
interim management of the human          team analysis to develop different       ing, research and technical sales),
resources department on site.            team constellations, support to the      supporting the human resources
                                         decision makers during the redesign      department during personnel selec-
Organizational development in a          of the organization.                     tion and job advertisement, efficient
period of transition in the sector of                                             communication and fast staffing of
special purpose machinery industry       Strategic recruiting partnership in      vacant positions, because of inten-
A company takeover offers the            the anti-friction bearing sector         sive cooperation.
opportunity to reconfigure entrench-      For a Western candidate to integra-
ed structures and to redistribute        te into a hierarchical Asian corpo-
functions. In this project, Stoecker &   ration, it requires a sufficient degree
Stoecker supported the reorganiza-       of social competences as well as         Stoecker & Stoecker IPC GmbH
tion of the technical White Collar       enthusiasm for the new position. In      Suedstr. 51
Personnel (engineers and techni-         this scenario, long-term cooperation     44625 Herne
cians) of a medium-sized company.        with personnel consultancy was           Germany
The challenge was to prepare the         worthwhile, because Stoecker & 

Career                                                                                     JOBS WIND ENERGY 29
Competence is paid well
Dieter and Christoph Stoecker           Christoph Stoecker: The candidate         Dieter Stoecker: Of course. Interna-
are managers of an interna-             has a lot of advantages through           tional experience is appreciated by
tional personnel consultancy            the job we have mediated. Aside           all companies. Aside from qualifica-
company. In the following               from the new challenge, a step up         tion, experience and knowledge of
interview they report on the            the career ladder and increase in         a foreign language, new teamwork
career chances of qualified             salary also come into play. However,      skills are gained by the employee.
personnel and management                before it can come to that, we offer
in Europe.                              thorough advice and support.

For a while now, in Europe and the
rest of the world, we have expe-        “We look for qualified employees, propose a
rienced an economic crisis. Is it       preliminary selection and guarantee the position
possible to take steps up the career
                                        will be filled.“
ladder in such times?
                                                                                                      Dieter Stoecker
Dieter Stoecker: We experienced
that many companies are restruc-
turing, are knowledgeable of their      What should be considered in inter-       Christoph Stoecker: Even in later
competencies and have come to the       national job placement?                   applications, we have experienced
conclusion, that they need new em-                                                that international experience in a job
ployees in order to attain a certain    Christoph Stoecker: When we intro-        CV is well received and provides a
performance level.                      duce candidates from different conti-     clear competitive advantage over
                                        nents to a company, we optimally          other applicants. However, good
Christoph Stoecker: In the area of      prepare the candidates for the intro-     preparation for the job, the compa-
research and design there definitely     duction. We explain to the candi-         ny and its culture is important for a
is a demand for qualified personnel.     dates the characteristics of the inter-   successful change in job positions.
                                        view and the cultural differences of
Which advantages do a company           each country or company.
and candidate have when working
together with a personnel consultan-    Dieter Stoecker: Aside from compe-
cy company such as Stoecker &           tence, the candidate’s demeanor
Stoecker IPC?                           plays an important role when inter-
                                        viewing with the company. Through
Dieter Stoecker: Companies will find     optimal preparation, the candidate
that the biggest advantage in coo-      makes a much more assured im-
perating with personnel consultants     pression, and the career chance is
is that critical personnel topics are   increased considerably.                   Stoecker & Stoecker IPC GmbH
treated with confidentiality. We look                                              Suedstr. 51
for qualified employees, propose a       Is changing to an international job       44625 Herne
preliminary selection and guarantee     position important when climbing the      Germany
the position will be filled.             career ladder?                  

30 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                          Career
Husum WindEnergy set to be the wind
event of the year

Bigger, better, and definitely
the best
In the beginning, there was               presence at Husum WindEnergy
wind, and then there was                  2010, and the organizers are expec-
Husum. The first European                 ting upwards of 25,000 visitors as
trade fair for the wind in-               well as 8,000 exhibitor staff mem-
dustry was held back in 1989,             bers from 70 nations. Besides indivi-
when the early pioneers                   dual exhibitors, there are a number
were more or less ridiculed               of country pavilions that include Den-
by the mainstream energy                  mark, USA, Canada, Spain, China,
sector. The early movers and              the Netherlands, Poland, United King-
shakers in the wind industry              dom and Italy.
were not put off, and within a
few years wind turbines were              With the congress center and two
gracing the landscape and                 additional lightweight halls, the fair
Husum was firmly established              now offers a total of 43,000 sq m
as the world’s wind capital.              exhibition space, an increase of
                                          12,000 sq m over 2008. The new
21 years later, and the wind industry     heating and air conditioning systems
is once again under attack, this time     introduced at the last fair proved to
from climate change deniers. Press        be fully fit for purpose, and will be
reports all over the world are claiming   installed throughout the exhibition
that wind power is a white elephant,      area. The fair’s organizers are also
and that reliance on wind turbines        once again confident of achieving a
will result in whole nations suffering    zero carbon footprint.
days of complete power loss. If
these critics were to come to Husum       The official opening of Husum’s new
WindEnergy (21-25 September) they         congress and event center will coin-
might, as their predecessors did all      cide with the start of the fair. This
those years ago, actually learn some-     means that Husum WindEnergy will
thing about today’s wind industry.        have the use of several additional
Husum is certainly still a magnet for     rooms, offering an extra 5,000 sq
the industry, and bookings for 2010       m of space over two levels, and
are well up on the last fair in 2008      making it possible to stage four lect-
– also due to the opening of the new      ures or presentations simultaneously.
congress and event centre next door.
                                          The popular Husum WindEnergy
Over 800 exhibitors from 30 coun-         Congress, with its international all-
tries have already confirmed their         day events, scientific conferences

32 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                Career
Husum WindEnergy: Connecting environment and technology

and hourly presentations of company       Energy Council, the European Wind         Husum’s charm. Business is good,
innovations, will now be staged in        Energy Association and the World          and there has been a lot of interest
these comfortable modern function         Wind Energy Association. “We are          from both domestic and foreign
rooms. Congress visitors will be able     also pleased to welcome the Ameri-        countries”.
to attend over 60 specialist pro-         can Wind Energy Association, who
grammes with around 150 speakers          has a stand at this year’s fair,” says    For Roman Wolf, head of the Condi-
from all over the world, who will be      Kerstin Kopp from Messe Husum.            tion Monitoring Center at Geo, “Hu-
presenting and discussing the latest                                                sum WindEnergy is a very important
topics and trends affecting the wind      So why is Husum still so popular          venue because it’s quite simply the
industry. A novelty of this year’s con-   with the world’s wind industry?           biggest wind fair in the world. The
gress is that the various talks and       Because Husum is where tradition          international visitor figures have in-
presentations will also be recorded,      meets innovation, where the pi-           creased in recent years, because the
so that if anyone is unable to attend     oneers meet the newcomers, and            wind market is no longer centered
a particular event they will be able to   relationships built up over the last 20   on Germany and Europe, but really
watch it online after the fair at the     years are renewed and cemented.           worldwide. This is where the interna-
Virtual Congress. Details are available   And, as Matthias Eck of Windwärts         tional wind market comes together to
on the Husum WindEnergy website.          Energie said in 2008, “Husum is           swap information and knowledge,
                                          the wind fair, and it’s more fun than     and to see how products have de-
This year’s Husum WindEnergy is           any of the other trade fairs I’ve been    veloped. The numbers have incre-
organised by Husum Messe, and             to. None of the others have Husum’s       ased significantly in recent years,
supported by the German Enginee-          atmosphere, and wherever you              and there are many more specialist
ring Federation, the German Wind          go at the end of the day you are          visitors who are interested in specific
Energy Association, the Global Wind       always amongst wind people. That’s        aspects of the industry.”

Career                                                                                      JOBS WIND ENERGY 33
                                                                                     the industry. This model has proved
                                                                                     so successful that courses are now
                                                                                     being offered in Germany, France,
                                                                                     Canada and the USA. “Husum Wind-
                                                                                     Energy also gives us the opportunity
                                                                                     to spread the word,” says BZEE’s
Husum WindEnergy is also particu-         countryside. And if you have any con-      Beate Buhl. “This is the meeting place
larly interesting for smaller, more       cerns about public acceptance of           of the world wind industry, and we
specialized companies. “We simply         wind technology, you can always            are looking forward to meeting wind
don’t have time to go to all the trade    ask the locals.                            industry representatives from all over
fairs there are, and Husum WindEn-                                                   the world.”
ergy is the only really good one, so      Husum WindEnergy will be holding
we come here,” says Werner Leutner        its windcareer job fair again this         Husum WindEnergy has also
of South German measuring mast            year. “This is always a good gauge         introduced a new online WindCom-
specialists, Mastentechnik Leutner.       of how well the industry is doing,”        munity, which already has around
                                          says windcareer coordinator Katha-         1,300 members, and is steadily
Another advantage that Husum Wind-        rina Gross. “We are expecting a 20         growing. With over 70,000 visits
Energy has over other wind fairs is       percent increase in exhibitors for         a month, and more than 90,000
that one only has to nip outside to       2010, with participation by compa-         page impressions a day, the online
see wind turbines in action. And re-      nies from Germany, Denmark, Bel-           community is proving popular with
gardless from which direction one         gium, the United kingdom, Finland          numerous enterprises, and not just
arrives, it is impossible to miss the     and the Netherlands.” Qualification         with exhibitors.
wind turbines along the way. There        is also a topic that is generating great
are still parts of Europe, and the rest   interest across the wind industry.         Since this year’s fair was virtually
of the world where there is a lack of     Companies from the German wind             sold out during Husum WindEnergy
political will to embrace wind power,     industry set up the BZEE almost a          2008, exhibitors are advised to
so Husum is a the ideal place to          decade ago to train wind turbine           seek out the rebooking desk if they
learn about the latest developments       service technicians to a standard          have not already booked for Husum
and see turbines in action out in the     that could be accepted throughout          WindEnergy 2012.

34 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                             Career
Quality Changes the World
– is the guiding theme for more than 36.000 SANY Group employees worldwide. SANY
Group Co. Ltd. is an international company and a “hidden champion“ in the manufacture of
heavy construction machinery, with R&D and production facilities in Germany, China and
the United States. The company´s comprehensive range of products includes excavators,
crawler cranes, road-, piling-, mining-, and harbor machinery as well as wind power machi-
nery, just to name a few.

We are currently seeking qualified specialists to join the SANY team of professionals and
help us to fulfill our guiding theme. ”Quality Changes the World“.

SANY Germany GmbH
Im Mediapark 8
50670 Cologne
                                                 JOBS WIND ENERGY 35
+49 (0)221 5005-1300

Take your opportunity for
The online job board “jobs-             A new unique opportunity to find a        24 groups of adjectives are present-
modernenergy” (JME) helps               new, interesting and higher position     ed to you, and every group consists
you to find a new position in           is the online job board, “jobs-modern-   of four adjectives. You have to choose
a company that suits you.               energy”.                                 one word out of every group, which
                                                                                 describes you best. After a short while,
The sector of renewable energy is       Present your skills                      the computer program creates an indi-
constantly expanding and compan-        The unique advantage of the online       vidual job-related personality profile
ies are searching for high qualified     job board JME is that you are able       for you. With this profile, companies
employees worldwide. As an en-          to create your own personality ana-      offering vacant positions matching
gineer in this sector, you are highly   lysis beside your normal personal        your profile are able to find you.
coveted and you have a great basis      data and CV. The worldwide renow-
to become successful. But it is not     ned company, Thomas International,       Don’t search, be found
always easy to take the next step up    created a unique analysis method         The big advantage of this job board
the job ladder. Vacant positions are    for the job board, which creates         is: not the candidate has to search
not always advertized in newspa-        an exact and expressive job-related      for vacant positions and apply, com-
pers, magazines or online boards.       personality profile. After you register   panies offer him matching positions.
Often they are given to candidates,     yourself at the job board, you must      You just get suitable and interesting
who are recommended by a                complete a questionnaire, which          job offers, due to the detailed infor-
colleague or a personnel consultant.    can be completed online or offline.       mation and personality analysis.

4 steps to a new job:

1     Register for free and enter your
                                                            2          Upload your CV and complete the
                                                                       job-related personality analysis

36 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                          Career
Analytic and accurate!
You can use an on or offline questionnaire for the personality interview. During
the interview, 24 groups of adjectives are presented to you. You must choose
one adjective out of four, which describes you best. Afterwards, the Thomas-
Software will create a personality profile out of your answers. The results will
be a profound analysis of your working style. Easy, fast and objective – in just
eight minutes.

Furthermore, you are the only one
who can give companies the permis-
sion to observe your profile, because
of the various personal settings you
can choose. All information about you
is SSL-encrypted and guarantees that
your profile stays personal.

From online to offline
Aside from the advantages of the on-      Husum, Germany. Further advantages
line job board, you will get exclusive    at fairs and events, as well as regio-
access and more benefits. As a pre-        nal workshops, complete the offer.
mium member of the “jobs-modern-
                                          info and registration:
energy,” you will get the magazine
“JOBS WIND ENERGY” regularly,
as well as a periodic newsletter. You     cost:
will get access to our lounge with        membership: free
your personal membership card, for        premium membership:
instance at the WindEnergy fair in        one-time fee 35 USD

3    View job advertisements and get
     found by companies
                                                               4           You decide if a company receives more
                                                                           information about you

Career                                                                                   JOBS WIND ENERGY 37
Working and networking in Europe

Discussing and establishing
ties with others
Networking and exchanging
is becoming more and more
important for qualified person-
nel and managers. By these
means, it is possible to make
one’s name known in the
branch and one can become
a demanded business partner
or coveted employee. This is
also valid for employees be-
ginning a new job abroad.

The internet offers good and quick
opportunities to increase one’s own
popularity as well as networking
possibilities. The business network,, is relevant in the European
area. Since Autumn 2009, the work
LOGY (JOBS Antriebstechnik)” and
energie)” exist here. The groups offer the group “JOBS WIND ENERGY“
a platform for information exchange
concerning drive technology and          the new magazine “JOBS WIND                 ENERGY” and “JOBS DRIVE
wind energy. Target groups are engi-     ENERGY”, further articles are availa-       TECHNOLOGY”. You will find
neers as well as qualified personnel      ble online and invite to controversial      them under the following addresses:
and management. In the first months,      discussion.                                 JOBS Antriebstechnik (JOBS
both groups have been a huge                                                         DRIVE TECHNOLOGY):
success, with more than a few hund-      To connect with the groups, follow
red members joining within a short       these steps:                                JOBS Windenergie (JOBS WIND
period of time.                                                                      ENERGY):
                                         1. Create a Xing-Account. In order                /
A large number of high-caret group          to do this, you must go to the
members from the industry and re-           website at and
search offer an exchange in experi-         enter your data. You must authori-    Subsequently, you will have the op-
ence and discussion, which is due to        ze the account via e-mail.            portunity to see industry articles and
the active approach of the groups.       2. Publish your occupational data        discussions, and be able to partici-
With every edition of the magazine          professionally.                       pate in discussions. We hope you
“JOBS DRIVE TECHNOLOGY” and              3. Enter the groups “JOBS WIND           will have fun and be successful!

38 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                           Career
your future

Take your opportunity for advancement
Companies are searching for well trained employees. Take your chance and present yourself at the exclusive
international online job board for the sector of renewable energies. Introduce yourself and your skills to highly
attractive employers and be found by international corporations.

Your advantages as member:
• Admission to the international database
• Free usage of the iPhone App
• Periodical newsletter

Exclusive offers for premium members:
• Free and expressive Thomas analysis
• Free subscription of the magazine JOBS WIND ENERGY
• Advantages at fairs and events
• Access to the JME Lounge, for instance at the WindEnergy
  fair Husum, Germany
• Regional workshops
• Membership fee: 35 USD, one-time cost at the time of your registration.
  Soon afterwards you will receive your personal membership card.
                                                                                          JOBS WIND ENERGY 39
jobs modernenergy is a BU of Stoecker && Stoecker IPC GmbH – Südstraße – 44625 Herne – Germany –
jobs modernenergy is a BU of Stoecker Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 51 – 44625 Herne –
The job market for qualified personnel
and management

Take the next career step
Well trained and motivated employees are sought after. In most cases, a new job means more
responsibility, more structuring possibilities and a higher salary. We have put together a selec-
tion of job openings for you.

job advertisement
Applications Engineer (m/f) – Bearings
Reference number: 202z                                                            Location: Duesseldorf, Germany

Your tasks:                                                Your profile:
• Consultancy in application technology                    • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or
• Assessment of durability of bearings                       equivalent degree
• Failure analysis and technical inspection of reclama-    • Professional experience in application technology,

  tions                                                      ideally in bearings/machine elements/automotive
• Elaboration of constructive solutions involving econo-   • Good skills in simulation/calculations (Method of finite

  mical aspects                                              elements)
• Processing of requests and offers                        • Good skills in current PC applications
                                                           • German and English, verbal and written

40 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                          Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Design Engineer for Brakes (m/f) – Wind
Reference number: 211z                                                     Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Your tasks:                                                   Your profile:
• Processing and construction of brake systems and            • Completed academic studies in mechanical enginee-

  components for wind energy plants                             ring or comparable studies, preferably with course
• Creation and support of technical graphs, basic sche-         specialization in drive technology
  dules for construction and requirement specifications        • Minimum three years professional experience in the
• Implementation of static load tests and durability tests,     processing of brakes and brake systems, preferably for
  creation of quality control plans and test reports            applications in the field of wind energy (alternatively:
• Development and preparation of solutions concerning           Heavy Duty)
  perfective maintenance                                      • Good skills in design, dimensioning and calculation of
• Monitoring, support and coordination of external pro-         mechanical components
  cessing partners                                            • Very good English skills, written and verbal, additionally
• Active communication with adjoining departments               French skills are of an advantage
                                                              • Capacity for teamwork, responsibility and personal

                                                              • Good communication skills
                                                              • Willingness to travel
                                                              • Willingness to continuous advanced training

job advertisement
Development Engineer (m/f) – Bearings
Reference number: 199z                                                                   Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:
• Independent implementation of projects in processing        •   Representation of the department in diverse standardi-
  bearings in cooperation with supplying firms                     zation and investigation boards
• Creation of certificates and reports for projects in pro-

  cessing gears in cooperation with suppliers of gears
  and their suppliers of bearings                             Your profile:
• Independent implementation of projects in product           • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or
  improvements: Field analysis, failure analysis, develop-      equivalent degree
  ment of storage measures and associated verifications        • Professional experience in processing and the appli-
• Participation in projects in the areas of reliability and     cation of heavy-duty gearboxes, preferably for the
  durability of bearings                                        application in wind energy
• Processing of requirement specifications, construction       • Good skills in current PC applications

  guidelines, construction and calculation tools and          • German and English, business fluent

  verification processes                                       • Willingness to travel

Jobs                                                                                        JOBS WIND ENERGY 41
job advertisement
Development Engineer (m/f) – Mechatronics
Reference number: 207z                                                                       Location: Bavaria, Germany

Your tasks:                                                   Your profile:
• Processing of electrical control units and mechatronics     • Completed academic studies in mechatronics, fine

  for systems of utility vehicles                               mechanics, mechanical engineering, electrical engi-
• Construction of mechatronics from product idea to             neering or comparable studies
  introduction of series production including mechani-        • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in the

  cal, electrical and if applicable pneumatical joining         processing of mechatronical components, ideally in the
  technology                                                    industry of automobile suppliers
• Technological support of production processes concer-       • Skills in 3D-CAD; preferentially Pro-E

  ning product-specific development issues                     • Skills in processing of interconnect device are of an
• Planning and support of mechanical and climatical             advantage
  tests of electrical control units                           • Systematic, goal orientated functioning and high social
• Processing of subprojects in close cooperation with other     competencies
  development fields, production plants and suppliers          • Good English skills

job advertisement
Design Engineer (m/f) – Heavy-Duty Gear Boxes
Reference number: 205z                                                                    Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:
• Work out constructive solutions for products within the     •   Project engineering and matching of constructive solu-
  framework of given conceptions                                  tions as a draught
• Constructive processing of connections through modifi-       •   Arrangement of measurements, testings and functional
  cations of existing functions and elements                      tests
• Processing and evaluation of solution draughts in           •   Checking of existing constructions, concerning special
  consideration of functional, material-manufacturing and         demands and statistical features (e.g. damage de-
  economical aspects, and to coordinate the solution              velopment), construction and matching of drafts and
  draughts with the responsible positions                         implementations of constructive solutions
• Establishment of production schedules, if necessary         •   Determination of materials and manufacturing me-
  detailed demonstration of selected alternatives                 thods, arrangement of tests
• Realization of constructive investigations about func-      •   Configuration of technical lists and elaboration of
  tions, arrangement and creation, selection/ modifica-            special detailing
  tion of elements                                            •   Checking of product publications
• Analysis and evaluation of aggregates, components,          •   Calculations of stability, life cycle, wear, dimensioning
  reports and documents, customer orders and program              and weight of the parts to be constructed
  standards for the optimization of available products        •   Evaluation of outcomes, adaption of constructive solutions

42 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                                 Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Head of Design (m/f)
Reference number: 210z                                                                   Location: Bavaria, Germany

Your tasks:                                                  Your profile:
• Advancing innovative new developments for the secur-       • Completed academic studies in mechanical enginee-

  ing of the technological market leadership                    ring or automotive engineering
• Responsibility for value analysis and design-to-cost       • Perennial leading function in the field of processing/

  workshops                                                     construction in general machine construction, automotive
• Development of possible savings and constructive              engineering or drive engineering
  implementation in compliance with the production,          • Very good skills in design engineering and material

  purchase and testing departments                             engineering and the mechanics of machine construc-
• Constructive supervision of production and processing        tion elements
  locations in the field of bogie equipment worldwide         • Creativity and assertiveness
• Supporting plants as well as purchase and quality          • English skills, business fluent

  departments concerning the mentoring of key suppliers
• Professional representation of the products and projects

  in bogie equipment towards external and internal clients
• Guiding, motivating and supporting subordinated


job advertisement
Strategic Purchasing Agent (m/f)
Reference number: 215z                                                             Location: Lower Saxony, Germany

Your tasks:                                                  Your profile:
• Purchase of automobile components                          • Completed commercial formation, economic further
• Definition and implementation of purchasing strategies        education is of an advantage
• Active supplier management                                 • Perennial professional experience in mechanical
• Market and price analysis                                    engineering or vehicle engineering, if possible in an
• Price and contract negotiations                              international environment
• Supervision of procurement transactions                    • Very good negotiating skills and communication skills
• Development and implementation of ratio and saving         • Distinctive technical understanding

  projects as well as process optimization concepts          • Creativity, autonomous functioning, capacity for team-

                                                             • English skills, business fluent
                                                             • Willingness to travel

Jobs                                                                                      JOBS WIND ENERGY 43
job advertisement
Gear box Engineer (m/f)
Reference number: 219z                                                                   Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:                                                     Your profile:
Projects concerning the processing of gear boxes in             • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or

cooperation with supplying firms                                   equivalent degree
                                                                • Professional experience in the fields of processing
•   Creation of certificates and reports for projects con-         gearboxes or the application of gear boxes (planetary
    cerning processing gear boxes in cooperation with             stage gearboxes, spur-gear gear boxes), preferably for
    suppliers of gear boxes and their suppliers of bearings       the application in wind energy
•   Independent implementation of projects for product          • Good skills in current PC applications and FVA-

    improvements: Field analysis, failure analysis, develop-      programs
    ment of stoppage measures and associated verifications       • German and English, business fluent – written and
•   Participation in projects in the fields of reliability and     verbal
    durability of gear boxes                                    • Global team player
•   Development of requirement specifications, construc-         • Willingness to travel

    tion guidelines, construction and calculation tools and
    verification processes
•   Representation of the department in diverse standardi-
    zation and investigation boards

job advertisement
Bearing Engineer (m/f) – Validation
Reference number: 213z                                                    Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Your tasks:                                                     Your profile:
• Planning, implementation, analysis and documentation          • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or

  of validation checks of wind power bearings                     comparable studies
• Basic investigations of components and subsystems             • Perennial experience as validation engineer/test engi-
• Cooperation with development, construction and                  neer of bearings (preferably automotive or heavy-duty)
  fabrication concerning modification and optimization           • Very good English skills, written and verbal

  techniques                                                    • Capacity for teamwork, responsibility and personal
• Support of external service providers as well as diverse        initiative
  dynamometers                                                  • Good communication skills
• Creation of test procedures and specifications                 • Willingness to travel
• Collaboration with FMEA

44 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                              Jobs
job advertisement
Project Manager (m/f)
Reference number: 200z                                                                      Location: Bavaria, Germany

Your tasks:                                                     Your profile:
• Organization and management of development projects           • Completed academic studies in electro-technology or
• Realization of pilot surveys for decision-making, if a          mechatronics
  predevelopment project is at hand                             • Experience in project management required
• Planning, organizing and managing of team meetings            • Skills in MS Office, including MS Project
• Monitoring and managing the information flow in the            • Good English skills, very good German skills

  project and in the team                                       • Good communication skills, assertiveness, personal
• Monitoring and managing the defined work packages                initiative, ability to cooperate, capacity for teamwork
  of a predevelopment project                                   • Distinctive analytic skills
• Presentation of project results respectively status reports   • High technical expert knowledge

  in different boards
• Taking project-specific decisions and realizing of cost-

• Administration of a project manual
• Reporting system for the steering committee

job advertisement
Industrial Bearing Engineer (m/f)
Reference number: 212z                                                                    Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:                                                     Your profile:
• Calculation of bearing components according to the            • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or

  valid guidelines                                                comparable degree
• Implementing of DIN ISO and AGMA norms in soft-               • Familiarity with the calculation of machine components,

  ware modules                                                    particularly with gear boxes
• Benchmarking of the gear box portfolio                        • Work experience in application technology, ideally
• Application-technological mentoring                             in the field of heavy-duty gear boxes/machine ele-
• Validation of the economic life-time for gear boxes             ments/wind turbines
• Failure analysis and technical testing of reclamations        • Good knowledge in established PC applications
• Supply of detailed documentation                              • Good negotiating skills in English, German fluent,
• Elaboration of constructive troubleshooting, including          written and verbal
  economical aspects                                            • Capacity for teamwork, responsibility and personal
• Support of the department and the team (during travel-          initiative
  ling, in meetings, etc.)                                      • Willingness to travel

46 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                                Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Senior Project Manager (m/f) – Electrotechnology Wind
Reference number: 206z                                                                Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:                                                  Your profile:
• You are responsible for the take-over, handling and        • Completed academic studies in electro-technology,

  the start-up of onshore wind energy projects in Eastern      preferably with course specialization in energy techno-
  Europe                                                       logy or similar
• Support of the license planning and the negotiation        • Perennial professional experience in power connection

  of necessary power connection contracts with local           and the implementation of wind energy projects
  operators                                                  • Distinctive capacity for teamwork and interest in a
• Creation of implementation planning and necessary            dynamic, multinational environment
  specifications for all electrical components for the con-   • Business fluent German and Polish skills are obligatory.

  nection of the wind energy plant                             English skills are of an advantage
• Responsible for the technical contract negotiations        • Experience in project management and good commer-

  in close cooperation with purchase and commercial            cial understanding
  settlement                                                 • Assertiveness and negotiation skills
• Coordination and monitoring of construction activity       • Good communication skills; solution-orientated and

  and quality assurance                                        strong in conversation
• Representation of the projects towards clients, sup-       • High flexibility and mobility

  pliers, internal supervisory committees and authorities

job advertisement
Engineer Electrotechnology (m/f)
Reference number: 226z                                                                   Location: Husum, Germany

Your tasks:                                                  Your profile:
• Project assessment (electric supply contracts) and         • Completed academic technical studies in electro-tech-

  processing of technical solutions, inclusive necessary       nology with specialization in power engineering
  documentation                                              • Experience in the field of the connection of plants in
• Power line calculations                                      distribution and transmission network, ideally expe-
• Research and assignment of subcontractors                    rience in the field of power system calculation/simula-
• Creation and administration of documentations of             tion
  supplementary equipment                                    • Solid knowledge of MS-Office products
• Preparation of calculations and offers concerning spe-     • Very good English skills, written and verbal

  cial requirements in the field of responsibility            • Technical understanding, team player, decisive,
• Preparation of written statements                            responsible
• Customer support in the field of responsibility

Jobs                                                                                     JOBS WIND ENERGY 47
job advertisement
Electrical Machine Design Engineer (m/f)
Reference number: 217z                                                         Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Your tasks:
• Build up the center of excellence for electromagnetic        • Excellent knowledge in the area of generalized electri-
  design of generators together with the manager of the          cal machine theories
  area                                                         • Experience in simulating power electronic converter
• Be the natural center of competence when it comes to           fed electrical machines using Matlab/Simulink pro-
  electromagnetic competences and provide professional           grams
  guidance to colleagues                                       • Experience in Opera/SPEED software or any other FE
• Developing a global competence overview for electro-           software
  magnetic design                                              • Are very quality driven and thorough in your work and
• Participate in cross disciplinary research projects in the     you find it easy to work with other people in a project
  organisation                                                   oriented organization
                                                               • A high level of drive, and you aim at constant challen-

                                                                 ges whilst maintaining a high and effective profile.
Your profile:                                                  • Are always prepared to explore new ways to achieve
• 4-8 years of experience in designing generators or             results
  motors                                                       • Are independent and structured, and you have an
• A Ph.D. or Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering           infectious sense of humour
  with electrical machines background                          • Are a strong communicator and have excellent commu-
• Worked with Finite Element/ Magnetic Circuit Analysis          nication skills in English, verbal and written
  for electrical machines

job advertisement
Applications Engineer (m/f) – Bearings
Reference number: 202z                                                                Location: Duesseldorf, Germany

Your tasks:                                                    Your profile:
• Consultancy in application technology                        • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or
• Assessment of durability of bearings                           equivalent degree
• Failure analysis and technical inspection of reclama-        • Professional experience in application technology,

  tions                                                          ideally in bearings/machine elements/automotive
• Elaboration of constructive solutions involving econo-       • Good skills in simulation/calculations (Method of finite

  mical aspects                                                  elements)
• Processing of requests and offers                            • Good skills in current PC applications
                                                               • German and English, verbal and written

48 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                              Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Expert in Test Engineering (m/f)
Reference number: 247z                                                           Location: NRW/ Ruhr Area, Germany

For our client, the world-wide leading specialist in drive   •   Professional experience of at least 3 years
and control technologies, we are looking for an              •   Knowledge in measurement and control technology,
                                                                 vibration technology, test stand technology of mecha-
Responsibilities and tasks:                                      nical components, test methodology, electrical drive
• Conception, interpretation, planning and conversion of         technology and design engineering
  test methods and test facilities in the field of gearbox    •   Product knowledge for the derivative of suitable testing
  technology for serial testing and for engineering deve-        methods
  lopment testing of large gearboxes.                        •   Skills in Ms-Office
                                                             •   Knowledge in English
Requirements and work experience:                            •   Analytic and structured approach to work
• Master‘s degree or equivalent in engineering with an       •   Excellent team player
  emphasis on design technology, drive technology,
  vibration technology or control technology

job advertisement
Engineer Rotor Blades (m/f)
Reference number: 225z                                                          Location: Hamburg/Husum, Germany

Your tasks:                                                  Your profile:
• Defining reparation procedures of rotor blades              • Completed academic studies in mechanical enginee-
• Control of reparation procedures of rotor blades             ring with specialization in materials science
• Evaluation of blade defects in particular extent on        • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in a

  location                                                     comparable area
• Collaboration with manufacturers of blades concerning      • Extensive experience in fiber composite plastics technique

  product optimization and documentation of defects          • Knowledge of manufacturing rotor blades
• Administration of database for rotor blade defects         • Ideal: Professional experience in the wind energy
• Cooperation with CIM                                         industry
• Creation and processing of the CIM database for the        • Very good English skills, written and verbal

  documentation of rotor blade defects                       • Good skills in MS Office

Jobs                                                                                        JOBS WIND ENERGY 49
job advertisement
Technical Lead Engineer (m/f) – System Integration
Reference number: 201z                                                                 Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:
• Overall technical responsibility for the complete turbine   • At the same time you have more than 7 years exper-
• Secure that the wind turbine or sub system meets the          ience in designing and engineering complex machine-
  technical specifications                                       ry preferably from a R&D organization.
• Be the lead for the design of the turbine or a sub          • In addition to a strong insight in control systems, you

  system and push the technical level for other engineers       have natural flair for both mechanical and electrical
  on the project                                                systems and are ready to enter a job with a steep
• You will be the lead on design and technical reviews.         learning curve.
• Secure that all involved have the required understand-      • You have the desire and the ability to understand a

  ing of the objectives for the project                         wide range of multidisciplinary technical disciplines
• Drive technological renewal solutions and deployment          within a complete wind turbine. You are always pre-
  of sub systems within the department                          pared to explore new ways to achieve results.
                                                              • You are very conscious about quality and thorough

                                                                in your work and you find it easy to work with other
Your profile:                                                   people in a project organization.
• You have a mechanical or electrical engineering de-         • You are independent and structured, and you have an

  gree at either B.Sc. or M.Sc. level.                          infectious sense of humour.
• You have more than 7 years experience in technical


job advertisement
Quality Engineer (m/f)
Reference number: 204z                                                                 Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:                                                   Your profile:
Responsible management of technical and organization-         • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering (Techni-

al challenging projects for sustainable quality improve-        cal University or University of applied science)
ment in the course of a high-class offensive                  • Six Sigma Black Belt
                                                              • First experience in quality management in automotive/

                                                                gear manufacturing/drive technology
                                                              • Very good English skills
                                                              • Willingness to travel

50 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                             Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Project Site Supervisor (m/f)
Reference number: 222z                                                   Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Your tasks:                                                    Your profile:
• Organizing and planning the run of the construction          • Completed formation in a electro technical or metal-

  site and supervising construction in accordance with           working field
  the department construction supervisors of other firms        • Perennial and professional experience in the project
• Securing of resources and tools, cost-control                  process of complex construction sites, preferably pro-
• Supporting the creation of the project progress plan           fessional experience in wind energy industry
• Securing contact with representatives of clients at the      • Competent knowledge of MS Office

  construction site                                            • Good English skills, written and verbal
• Creation of the documentation of the construction site       • Drivers license III or C1E

  and supervision of document control                          • Willingness to travel
• Final coordination with internal and external service        • Customer orientation

  providers                                                    • Talented in planning and organizing, sense of respon-
• Securing of the compliance of safety guidelines (HSE)          sibility
  and quality planning (QA) at the construction site           • Capablity to work at heights, good physical fitness
• Defining necessary crane and work space/elaboration           • Capacity for teamwork

  of drafts of the construction site inclusive inspection of
  the local circumstances
• Organization and inspection of remedy of defects du-

  ring and after the construction of the wind energy plant

job advertisement
Service Technician (m/f) – Electronic Engineering
Reference number: 227z                                                                     Location: Husum, Germany

Your tasks:                                                    Your profile:
• Electro-technical and technical control tasks as well as     • Completed apprenticeship in electro-technology

  the reparation of rotor blades at wind energy plants         • Willingness to travel
• Construction, starting and maintenance of the plant          • Flexibility, team player, readiness for action
• Realization of reparations and controls                      • Capablity to work at heights, good physical fitness
• Securing the operations of the plant, through systems        • Good knowledge of MS Office

  like Condition Monitoring/remote control, etc.               • Competent English skills
                                                               • Driving license C1E

Jobs                                                                                       JOBS WIND ENERGY 51
job advertisement
Manufacturing Design Engineer (m/f)
Reference number: 221z                                                                         Location: Colorado, USA

Your tasks:
• Participating in product development projects                 • B.Sc. or M.Sc. in mechanical or production engineering
• Convert business needs into product requirements and          • Experience working with LEAN and understanding of

  secure implementation into design solution                      the theory behind Six Sigma
• Participate in conceptual product design and detailed         • Experience in integrating production/sourcing aspects

  design work and reviews                                         into product design
• Review of technical documentation and requirement             • Experience in conceptual and detailed product design

  specifications                                                   work
• Secure implementation of the design solution into             • Knowledge of the most common standards for steel,

  production                                                      plastic and sheet metal processing; strong materials
• Generate specific business cases                                 knowledge
                                                                • Analytical, systematic, proactive and persistent person-
Your profile:                                                   • Able to combine creativity and goal orientation
•Minimum 10 years experience in manufacturing design            • Good communication skills, verbal and written

job advertisement
Planning Engineer (m/f)
Reference number: 223z                                                                        Location: Berlin, Germany

Your tasks:                                                     Your profile:
• Assisting clients in project creation and consultancy         • Completed economical or technical academic studies

  concerning system-dependent parameters                        • Minimum 2 years professional experience, ideally in
• Internal check of all guarantee-relevant data                   the wind energy industry and in the field of planning
• Administration of all system-relevant data for calculations     and licensure
• Supporting issue of building applications                     • Good knowledge of MS Office products and various
• Planning of wind park configurations, e.g. creation of           application softwares (WindPro, AutoCAD, etc.)
  sound, shade and production forecasts and visualization       • Very good English skills, written and verbal
• Statistical reprocessing of site-specific, meteorological      • Disposition to relocate

  and other relevant data
• General data administration, e.g. power curves
• Competitive comparison of plants

52 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                                Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Team Leader (m/f) – Sales and Layout Engineers
Reference number: 224z                                                       Location: Hamburg/Husum, Germany

Your tasks:
• Guarantee of high external and internal customer        •   Technical and disciplinary management of the depart-
  satisfaction                                                ment of the sales and layout engineers, including all
• Strategical and operative management of the team,           activities in human resources development
  realization of strategically agreed goals (budget)
• Extensive consultancy of interests concerning sale of

  wind energy plants                                      Your profile:
• Contract negotiations and conclusion of contracts       • Completed academic studies – Graduate engineer/In-
• Analysis of market observations                           dustrial engineer
• Customer acquisition and acquisition of wind park       • Respective professional experience, ideally in the wind

  areas                                                     energy industry
• Supporting issue of building applications               • Solid knowledge of the technique of wind energy
• Technical and economical assessment and control of        plants
  wind energy plant projects                              • Entrepreneurial thinking and operating
• Reporting towards the Sales Manager – North             • Understanding of systems and processes
• General data administration and provision of data       • Negotiating skills

  and information for the reporting                       • Persuasiveness and judgement

job advertisement
Manager Automation (m/f)
Reference number: 231z                                                                           Location: Denmark

Your tasks:                                               Your profile:
• Motivation and inspiration of the team                  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering
• Developing and sustaining the competencies in the de-   • At least 3 years of leadership experience

  partment according to the needs from the organization   • Extensive experience with testing
• Developing and maintaining business processes, stan-    • Good technical understanding

  dardization work and continuous improvement in the      • Ability to focus on and develop the individual employee

  department                                              • Holistic and strategic mind set and business understanding
• Implementation and alignment of the Test Strategy in    • Enjoys working in a fast-changing environment and is

  the department                                            able to make things happen with drive and enthusiasm
• Responsible for the departmental budget                 • Structured and able to keep calm in a busy environment
                                                          • Good communication skills

Jobs                                                                                    JOBS WIND ENERGY 53
job advertisement
Development Engineer (m/f) – Structural & Rotor Dynamics
Reference number: 203z                                                                 Location: Northern Germany

Your tasks:                                                Your profile:
• Assessment of mechanical aspects of the topology of      • Completed academic studies in mechanical enginee-

  generators concerning the applicability for different      ring (M.Sc./ Dipl.-Ing.), doctorate preferred
  drive forms                                              • Perennial experience in the area of processing electric
• Stream simulation and thermo-technical calculation of      machines
  electric machines                                        • Very good skills in FEM and CFD, additionally very
• Implementation of FE-simulations                           good skills in measurement technique desired
• Processing of thermal models for electric machines       • Cooperative and inquiring personality
                                                           • Willingness to travel
                                                           • Very good English skills

job advertisement
Senior Project Manager (m/f) – Strategic Projects
Reference number: 229z                                                                           Location: Denmark

Your tasks:
• Secure execution of projects in accordance with the      •   Preferably experience with Six Sigma
  agreed time schedule and budget                          •   Ability to monitor progress of current work and com-
• Secure timely delivery of products and services in           pare it against targets, goals, schedules, budgets,
  accordance with agreed project plans                         etc., and where necessary identify and implement
• Ensure professional reviews and quality assurance            plans to address any progress that is not in accord-
  throughout the entire project phase                          ance with targets/goals
• Support and assist with creating business cases on       •   Independent, persistent and structured
  project candidates                                       •   Outgoing with a strong drive and technical as well as
                                                               commercial flair
                                                           •   Able to communicate at all levels of the organization
Your profile:                                                  – often in a political environment
• Engineering background or a relevant theoretical         •   Ability to work in a dynamic department with inter-
  background                                                   national contacts
• Experience in project management with several years      •   Structured and customer service orientated
  of experience from a production company in an inter-     •   Good English skills, verbal and written
  national environment
• Experience in handling large, technical projects in an

  international environment

54 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                           Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Service Manager (m/f) – Heavy-Duty Gears
Reference number: 218z                                                    Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Your profile:
• Perennial experience in gear box technology and/or          •   Responsibility for 5 members of staff
  bearing technology for heavy-duty gears                     •   Creation of constructive solutions for gear boxes in
• Experience in failure analysis of gear boxes and                need of repair in the framework of given conceptions
  planning skills concerning feasibility and repair time of
  gear boxes in need of check-up

job advertisement
Specialist (m/ f) – EPC, Power Plant Solutions
Reference number: 234z                                                                              Location: Germany

Our client is a market leader in the field of renewable        •   5 – 8 years of experience within wind power plant
energy (wind energy) with more than 22,000 employees              engineering and the EPC process
worldwide and offices in Europe, Asia and USA                  •   Substantively experience with wind power plant studies
                                                                  and simulations
Responsibilities and tasks:                                   •   You are methodical, result-oriented and have focus on
To help create success with this important new strategic          quality
business area we are looking for an experienced EPC           •   You are organized and independent
Power system Engineer who strives to set very high goals.     •   Outgoing personality and feel comfortable working
Your main responsibilities and tasks will be within:              with constant changes
• Wind power plant engineering and design                     •   Excellent communication skills – good at getting the
• Wind farm substation, apparatus specifications.                  message across
• Supplier selection & qualification                           •   You find it easy to work with other people and have a
• Tools and guidelines for electrical EPC                         mindset for teamwork
• Create IPR profile and portfolio                             •   You enjoy working in multi cultural teams
• Establishing pilot projects                                 •   You have drive with a “can do” attitude and positive
• Building networks through the business and academic             energy.
  alliances                                                   •   Fluent in English, verbal and written
                                                              •   Willingness to travel abroad 10 % of your time

Qualifications and work experience:                           Your experience is preferably gained from a global multi-
As a key specialist in our further development of the EPC     disciplinary company within Transmission, TSO or from
area you are ambitious and have:                              a wind power plant developer.
• Either a M.Sc E.E or Ph.D. degree

Jobs                                                                                       JOBS WIND ENERGY 55
job advertisement
Validation Engineer Bearings (m/f)
Reference number: 233z                                                                  Location: Germany or Denmark

Our client is a market leader in the field of renewable        Your skills:
energy (wind energy) with more than 22,000 employees          • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or

worldwide and offices in Europe, USA and Asia                    comparable degree
                                                              • Familiarity with the validation of bearings

Your role:                                                    • Good negotiating skills in English
• Planning, presecution, analysis and documentation of        • Capacity for teamwork, responsibility and personal

  the validationtests of bearings                               initiative
• Cooperation with R&D and manufactoring regarding            • Willingness to travel

  modification and optimization
• Take care of ext. service provider and test plants
• Create test procedures and specifications
• Participation FMEA

job advertisement
Reliability Engineer Bearings (m/f)
Reference number: 232z                                                                  Location: Germany or Denmark

Our client is a market leader in the field of renewable        •   Represent the department in different boards of
energy (wind energy) with more than 22,000 employees              research/ standarts
worldwide and offices in Europe, USA and Asia
Bearing construction projects in cooperation with suppliers
                                                              Your skills:
Your role:                                                    • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering or
• Create cerfiticates and reports of bearing construction        comparable degree
  projects in cooperation with bearing suppliers              • Work experience in development and reliability calcu-
• Initiative prosecution of product-optimizing projects         lation of bearings preferably for windenergy applications
• Field evaluation, reliability analyses and development      • Good skills of commom PC applications, FVA-progams

  of corrective action with verification                       • Good negotiating skills in German and English
• Participation FMEA for bearings                             • Global teamplayer
• Development of required specifications, construction         • Willingness to travel

  directives, construction tools, calculation tools and
  verifying processes

56 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                                 Jobs
Please send your application and inquires to:
Stoecker&Stoecker IPC GmbH – Suedstr. 51 – 44625 Herne – Germany – phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0
fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18 – –

job advertisement
Program Director (m/f) – Mechanical Systems
Reference number: 208z                                                                 Location: Ruhr area, Germany

Your tasks:
• Ensure match between department’s ability to deliver      •   Mentor and coach each project manager and support
  and project gate plans                                        project manager and technical leads in challenging
• Ensure adequate project Mmanagement and technical             and establishing ownership to project scope, risk and
  lead on all mechanical R&D projects                           time lines
• Maintain the department‘s subset of the must-do project   •   Break down the corporate strategy to task level and
  list (including CIM cases and BU-support) and govern          ensure alignment between platform and technology
  the move from pipe line projects to must-do projects.         road map projects on list of deliverables, reviews and
  Maintain a portfolio overview on project management,          verification plans
  technical competences and resource needs for on-          •   Align definitions and expectations between line and
  going projects. Maintain project cockpit and mechani-         platform
  cal monthly reporting of projects                         •   Align project resource spending with line and project
• Provide a clear view on portfolio level implication of        budgets
  changes to project scopes and dead-lines including        •   Govern that scope and requirement changes are
  cross line collision avoidance                                handled through the official requirement change pro-
• Facilitate and stimulate the dialogue between directors       cess and are followed by a reevaluation of resources,
  and managers and platform owner to relieve VP level           risks
  from involvement in operational issues
• Build-up the competence level and adequate capacity

  of project management in the department

job advertisement
Methods Engineer (m/f) – Foundry
Reference number: 209z                                                   Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Your tasks:                                                 Your profile:
• Capacity planning                                         • Foreman, technician or engineering degree
• Calculation of gates and feeder heads                     • Experience in process engineering/foundry is of an
• Pre and post-calculation                                    advantage
• Arrangement and monitoring of appointments                • Formation in REFA (job engineering, business organi-

                                                              zation, development of a company) desired
                                                            • Skills in current PC applications

Jobs                                                                                      JOBS WIND ENERGY 57
job advertisement
Senior Engineers (m/f) – Production Engineering
Reference number: 230z                                                                                Location: Denmark

Your tasks:
• Prepare for purchasing of tools and equipment by            •   Participate in Technology R&D projects
  providing documentation, including drawings, specifi-        •   Project management of technical projects
  cations, CE marking, installation drawings, etc.
• Follow up on supply of tools and equipment in coope-

  ration with supply chain management                         Your profile:
• Participate in installation and commissioning of tools      • Engineering degree
  and equipment                                               • Five or more years experience within a international
• Cooperation with supply chain management, techno-             production company
  logy function and other production engineering depart-      • Leading performance and projects, setting and align-

  ments regarding tools and equipment                           ing ambitious objectives
• Updating, maintaining and archiving documentation           • Building the organization, team function and knowledge
• Participate in cross-functional projects                    • Creating successful and long term relations inside and
• Coordinate and execute tests of tools and equipment           outside the company
• ECM management and administration                           • Acting consistently, taking responsibility, being authentic,
• Participate in the handling of changes from the factories     honest and trustworthy
• Improvements of equipment and processes                     • Driving the future, understanding customers, competitors,
• Improvements of process capacity                              and technology, seeking new opportunities
• Participate in audits at existing and future factories      • Understanding the business processes, the value chain,
• Identify processes with development potential for im-         and how to build the business
  proved performance and capability                           • Motivating people, involving and communicating
• Prepare business cases for new developments                   clearly and passionately
• Identify potential new process technologies                 • Putting the right people in the right roles, taking ap-
• Prepare process requirement specification and design           propriate steps if needed
  specification                                                • Striving for continuous improvements, converting know-
• Identify and establish relationships to potential new         ledge to improving health, safety, environment and
  global strategic partners and suppliers                       quality, products, services, processes and the business
• Ensure delivery of technical solutions from suppliers       • Driving performance and projects, ensuring account-

  and strategic partners                                        ability, feedback and informed decisions
• Ensure coordination and good internal and external          • Making changes essential, challenging existing norms

  work relationship                                             and encouraging innovation

58 JOBS WIND ENERGY                                                                                                 Jobs
   Personnel consulting –
   Creating possibility.

For years, we have provided superior personnel         Professional personnel consultancy seeks out indi-
consultancy in the propulsion technology sector. We    viduals with these skills and, through the use of
are searching for highly qualified professionals to     innovative techniques and systems, performs an
find the most suitable candidates for vacant posi-      integrated analysis of job candidates.
tions. With years of expertise and an extensive net-
work, Stoecker & Stoecker is able to win the best      Beside the knowledge in the propulsion technology,
candidates for global companies.                       we offer expertise in a number of other sectors, in-
                                                       cluding: renewable energy, mechanical engineering
Modern engineers are successful, because they          and construction, automotive and rail industries,
possess specific technical know-how as well as soft     shipbuilding, agriculture equipment, and the aero-
skills to navigate global structures and networks.     space industry.

Stoecker & Stoecker IPC GmbH
Suedstr. 51 • 44625 Herne • Germany • phone: +49 2325 58944 - 0 • fax: +49 2325 58944 - 18
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