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					                                      TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

Avena Sativa - Oat Oil, GMO Free
Characteristics:                      A clear bright yellowish to brown oil with typical taste and smell.

Composition:                          Oats.

Specification:                        *These items are reported on the Certificate of Analysis.

           SPECIFICATION PARAMETERS                                    LIMITS             RESULTS
      1    Appearance                                      clear bright yellow to brown
                                                                      oily liquid          Complies
      2    Gardner Color                                              Max. 12             As Reported
      3    Refractive Index at 20°C                                1.396 - 1.545          As Reported
      4    Specific Gravity 20/20°C                                0.850 - 0.950          As Reported
      5    Acid Value mg KOH/g                                       Max. 10.0            As Reported
      6    Peroxide Value, mEq/kg                                     Max. 5.0            As Reported
      7    Anisidone Value                                           Max. 15.0            As Reported
      8    Totox Value                                               Max. 20.0            As Reported
      9    Saponification Value                                      185 - 195            As Reported
      10   Unsaponifiable matter                                     max. 3.0%            As Reported
      11   Microbiological Limits
           Salmonella (25g)                                          Absent                Complies
           Yeasts/Molds (cfu/g)                                       <100                 Complies
           TVC (cfu/g)                                                <1000                Complies
           E.Coli (cfu/g)                                              <10                 Complies
           Staph.Aurcus (cfu/g)                                        <10                 Complies
      12   Fatty Acid Profile                                     Typical Range
           Palmitic                                        10 - 20%
           Stearic                                          1 - 5%
           Oleic                                           35 - 47%
           Linoleic                                        30 - 47%
           Others                                           1 - 5%
      13   Heavy Metals, Dioxins and PCB's Reported As Requested

Packaging:                                25 kg or 190 kg drums

                                                        CONNOils LLC
                                               P.O. Box 357, Big Bend, WI 53103
                                                     Phone (262-617-8670
                                                      Fax (262) 662-2828
                                      TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

Storage Conditions /                       Store in a cool, dry place.

Keeping Quality:                           Do not freeze.

                                           Avoid excessive exposure to heat and light.

                                           The typical shelf life of Avena Sativa - Oat Oil is a minimum
                                           24 months from the date of manufacture in the original
Shelf Life:                                unopened container under suggested storage conditions.

Item Code
Technical Data Sheet Avena Sativa - Oat Oil, GMO-Free                               Date: January 27, 2010, Version 001

                                                          CONNOils LLC
                                                 P.O. Box 357, Big Bend, WI 53103
                                                       Phone (262-617-8670
                                                        Fax (262) 662-2828

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Description: The breakfast cereal is a common ingredient, it is not surprising, because the oat calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B, protein content is very high. Oat is conducive not only to the skin, relieve the pressure and alleviate fatigue.