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Celebration at groundbreaking ceremony


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Vol. 61, Issue 8                                               100 Heighe Street, Bel Air, MD 21014                                                         Thursday October 18, 2007

Celebration at groundbreaking ceremony
               Megan Farley                                                                                                               ernment President, Jill Gwiazdowski.
               News Writer                                                                                                                    County Executive David Craig
                                                                                                                                          mentioned that this is the second
    On October 8, 2007, Bel Air High                                                                                                      school to be rebuilt in Harford
School played host to the Ground-                                                                                                         County, following the completion of
breaking Ceremony to commemorate                                                                                                          North Harford. Because of this, mis-
the official start of the construction of                                                                                                 takes made in the previous construc-
the new school building.                                                                                                                  tion can be avoided in that of Bel Air.
    The Board of Education as well as                                                                                                         Unlike North Harford, Bel Air will
many county officials attended the                                                                                                        be built from the ground up to prevent
event. Bel Air’s pop choir opened the                                                                                                     problems similar to those of North
ceremony with “God Bless America”                                                                                                         Harford, which was remodeled and
and the jazz ensemble provided many                                                                                                       not completely rebuilt. The new
musical selections. Then, Principal                                                                                                       school will provide a state of the art
Joseph Voskuhl opened with welcom-                                                                                                        building for students in the 2009-2010
ing remarks. The ground-breaking                                                                                                          school year, which will accommodate
included many speakers with a close                                                                              Photo by Morgan Farley   1,668 students. The estimated cost of
connection to Bel Air High School.                                                                                                        the project totals $56,329,483.52.
    James McMahan of the Harford            Shovels away: County and school officials gather around the beginnings of a new school             As mentioned by most of the
County Council spoke of his time as         to partake in the traditional, ceremonial activity. This cause for celebration evokes many    speakers, Bel Air High School will still
Bel Air student many years ago.             smiles; the new school will be a great addition to the Harford County community.              provide the same quality of learning
Mayor Terry Hanley humorously                                                                                                             and outreach, but in a better equipped,
stated, “I started out at Bel Air, but      would have been governor.”                      dent of the Board of Education, Tho-          twenty-first century environment. As
was redistricted to C. Milton Wright. I        Additional speakers included Har-            mas Fidler, and two Bel Air High stu-         Jill Gwiazdowski stated regarding the
turned out okay, I became mayor, but        ford County Public Schools Superin-             dents, the Senior Class President,            new school, “we are losing so much,
if I graduated at Bel Air I probably        tendent Jacqueline Haas, the Presi-             Brendan Payne and the Student Gov-            but gaining so much more.”

Bel Air High School students lead county in HSAs
             Lindsey Muniak                 passing, and 89% and 88% passing the            graduation from Maryland Public
               News Editor                  English and Biology assessments, re-            Schools, efforts have been made to
                                            spectively. The scores reflect the              push students toward higher scores.
   Bel Air High School students per-        trends in the 2007 testing results for              The Maryland State Board of Edu-
formed exceptionally well on the High       the entire state of Maryland, with all          cation began work on a Bridge Plan
School Assessments (HSAs) this past         systems showing significant progress.           designed for this purpose in August. It
spring, leading the county in overall          Despite excitement at the high               is projected to involve local projects
scores and ranking among the top            scores, most teachers acknowledge               developed for those who require the
schools in the state.                       that there is still room for improve-           additional assistance. The state’s goal
   Principal Joseph Voshkul was ex-         ment. In the English HSA, Bel Air               is to have nearly all remaining eligible
tremely pleased to learn of the results.    High School ranked second in the                graduates pass the HSAs by 2009.
“I’m very proud of the school’s             county, and English teacher Kelly                   Principal Joe Voshkul wholeheart-
achievements,” he said. “When you           Christ felt responsible for the lack of         edly supports the philosophy behind
combine all of the factors: student,        complete success. Said Christ, “It was          the Bridge Plan, explaining, “Our                                  Special to The Bellarion
teacher, and parent effort and involve-     disappointing after watching the kids           job doesn’t stop because 92% of stu-    
ment, you get a thriving school.”           work so hard; they deserved to lead             dents have passed the HSA. There
   The Government HSA had a 95%             the area in those scores.”                      remains the 8% who did not pass; not          Continuing improvements: Graphs show
passing rate, followed by Algebra,             Since passing scores on the HSAs             until there is a 100% passing rate will       the projected percentages and figures of
with 92% of students that took the test     were recently made requirements for             we be entirely successful.”                   passing HSA scores for the class of 2009.
Page 2                                                             The Bellarion     n ew s                                                 Thursday, October 18, 2007

Students explore France over summer                                                                                                   Senior Corner:
                                                                                                                                     • October 18: Homecoming
             Megan Farley                  agenda. Located on the border of
             News Writer                   France and Italy, it was the favorite                                                       pep rally (wear your
                                           stop of both Alyssa Metzler, a senior,                                                      crowns!)
    Last summer, eleven Bel Air High       and Anna-Maria Hand, now a fresh-                                                         • October 18: Homecoming
School students set out on an eleven       man in college. There, they visited not                                                     game
day trip to France. With two parents       only the famously beautiful beaches
and two other adults, one of them          but more unique locations as well; a
                                                                                                                                     • October 20: Homecoming
French teacher Jason Hobbs, they left      perfumery, for instance.                                                                    dance (8pm-11pm)
Baltimore on a flight to Paris.               Other places visited included Di-                                                      • October 31: 1st quarter
    During their stay in Paris, the stu-   nard, a quaint town on cliffs near the                                                      ends
dents visited legendary monuments          English Channel, and the Loire Val-
and museums, including the Eiffel          ley, where students toured the Castle
                                                                                                                                     • November 13: Delivery of
Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Ver-        of Chenonceau. Metzler described it                                                         pies (after school)
sailles, and the Arc du Triomphe.          as “something from a Disney movie.”                                                       • November 16: 1st quarter
    After leaving the capital of France,      Of the trip, Hobbs said, “I found it                                                     report cards distributed
students began a tour of the entire        to be a great experience. I had been
country. They had the opportunity to       looking forward to it for a long time,
visit various historically significant     and it was rewarding as a teacher to               Special to the Bellarion/Jason Hobbs
sites, including both the former home
of Claude Monet and the gardens that
                                           give my students the chance to partici-
                                           pate in the things that they have been    La Tour Eiffel: French students visited the
                                                                                                                                           Kudos to:
inspired some of this paintings.           learning. He continued, “I’m looking      Eiffel Tower, an iconic French monument,        • Teacher Regina Jones for
    Nice was another city on the           forward to doing it again in 2009.”       during their stay in Paris.                       organizing “Freshman
Candidates take stances on education                                                                                                 • Teacher Kelly Christ for
                                                                                                                                       taking over the Cat’s Eye
            Morgan Farley                  attacks, takes the position opposite      works effectively by placing accurate           • The Student Improvement
             News Writer                   Clinton. “America’s Mayor,” is for        tests of teacher’s performance.                   Team, “SIT”
                                           voucher programs to help those stu-          Obama stated at the National Edu-
    For the next year, national news       dents that are in current failing         cation Association’s annual conven-
                                                                                                                                     • All teachers involved in
will be driven predominantly by cam-       schools. This republican believes in      tion, “What I want to do is work with             the HCC play Chicago
paign advertisements, electoral statis-    the advantage of students having as       teachers. I’m not going to do it to you.        • Jill Gwiazdowski for or-
tics, and debate coverage. Topics dis-     many educational options as they can      I’m going to do with you.”                        ganizing Best Buddies club
cussed by candidates range from            possibly be provided.                        Candidates want to implement
health care to war to education.              Giuliani states that if colleges and   effective systems in schools, and our
                                                                                                                                     • Varsity Club for home-
    Hilary Clinton, a Democratic can-      universities are able to use that ap-     votes depend on whether voucher sys-              coming preparation
didate, supports chartered schools but     proach successfully, it would work for    tems, charter schools, merit-based
is against the motion of vouchers.         other school systems.                     pay, or all three will improve schools.
Senator Clinton feels that we must            John McCain, a Republican Sena-
experiment in our public schools mak-      tor for Arizona takes both stances of
ing sure, however, that we do not take     Giuliani and Clinton. He believes that
money from the resources that public       some of the best schools in his state
schools depend on.                         are charter schools. McCain is also for
    In a conference with the National      tax breaks to voucher schools, stating
Education Association’s Representa-        that competition of schools will im-
tive Assembly in Philadelphia, the         prove them. Another widely debated
former first lady said, “Vouchers          topic he supports is merit based pay,
would mean the end of the public           which would correlate teachers’ sala-
school system and I believe an erosion     ries to success in the classroom.
of our democracy that we would re-            A Democrat, Barack Obama, like
gret deeply.”                              McCain, also supports performance-
    Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of         based system of pay. Obama, Senator
New York during the September 11           of Illinois, wants to make sure that it
Page 3                                                              The Bellarion   n ew s                                               Thursday, October 18, 2007

Patterson Mill School at a glance
Transfer students from Bel Air to Patterson Mill were asked a series of questions about the adjustments to school life in their new environment.
                                                                                                                               Compiled by Sam Black, News Writer

      Was there much of an adjust-                                                                                             as the year goes on, you get used
  ment going to a new school?                                                                                                  to the rules being there.
      Hayley Jarczynski: Not really.                                                                                               Last year, did you apply for a
  The rules were a lot stricter and                                                                                            boundary exception?
  the administrators have a really                                                                                                 PS: Yes, more than once. I
  tight guard on us, so that was                                                                                               was never told why I wasn’t ac-
  kind of hard. But most of my                                                                                                 cepted, and last year I was very
  friends are at Patterson so it was-                                                                                          mad about it. Now I’m at Patter-
  n’t that bad.                                                                                                                son Mill though, it’s not so bad.
      Last year, did you apply for a                                                                                               Is it hard being in the same
  boundary exception?                                                                                                          school as middle schoolers?
      HJ: No, I could have gone to                                                                                                 PS: It really is not much of an
  Bel Air because I have a sister            Hayley Jarczynski                       Patrick Schlotterback                     issue. We only see the middle
  that does, but I wanted to experi-                                                                                           schoolers through the hallways,
  ence something new.                   don’t have a lot of students playing,          What are the major differences you      and it is only in passing.
      How are sports teams dealing      but we have a lot of teams that are          see at Patterson Mill vs. how things         What do you think the overall
  with having to start brand new pro-   doing really well and are undefeated.        are at Bel Air?                           student body’s attitude is?
  grams?                                The only bad thing is that because              Patrick Schlotterback: The only            PS: Students are excited about
      HJ: Some of the teams are         there is no varsity, no one can be           major difference is in the rules. Pat-    being the first class in the school,
  having problems because they          pulled up to play at a higher level yet.     terson Mill is a lot more strict, but     and school spirit is really strong.

                                           strict and we felt like the teachers          What are the major differences
                                           and administrators were treating          you see at Patterson Mill vs. how
                                           us like middle schoolers. There are       things are at Bel Air?
                                           still more rules at Patterson Mill            Jimmy Comodo: Really the
                                           than at Bel Air, but it is better.        only differences are in the actual
                                               Last year, did you apply for a        building. Patterson Mill is a lot
                                           boundary exception?                       nicer because of how new the
                                               KK: I was actually in the Bel         building is.
                                           Air district , but a lot of my friends        Last year, did you apply for a
                                           were going to Patterson Mill, so I        boundary exception?
                                           decided to switch.                            JC: No, I never did, but I
                                               What do you think the overall         wanted too. Since a lot of my
      Kieran Kleman                        student body’s attitude is?               friends were going to Patterson               Jimmy Comodo
                                               KK: The attitudes are pretty          Mill, I wanted to try it out. Now
     What are some major differences       mixed. Some people are obsessed           that this year has started I am              JC: Everyone here is really ex-
  between Patterson Mill and Bel Air?      with school spirit, and some claim        glad I didn’t apply.                     cited about sports and school spirit
     Kieran Kleman: At the begin-          to hate Patterson Mill and want to            What do you think the overall        is really high. Pretty much every-
  ning of the year things were really      go back to Bel Air.                       student body’s attitude is?              one seems to be happy at Patterson.
page 4                                                        The Bellarion    opinion                                                  Thursday, October 18, 2007

                       Fall Television Preview
 The Bellarion reviews all your returning favorites and highly anticipated newbies

             Allison Tames                    Meredith, who was hit with the
                                                                                               Becca Kany                   her for abandoning her, Blair’s
             Opinion Writer               car, finds out that she has rabies                  Opinion Editor                boyfriend Nate believes Serena has
                                          after Dwight accidentally trapped                                                 returned to continue their romantic
     The Office is a stellar mockumen-    her with a rabid bat. Michael de-           Are you still mourning the loss       tryst. There is all this in addition to
  tary that emphasizes the uncom-         cides that it would be an excellent      of The OC, sobbing into your Ben         a mother in denial of her son’s at-
  fortable silent moments in the          plan to have a “Support the Ra-          and Jerry’s, clutching your pillow       tempted suicide. Nothing short on
  workplace. Steve Carrell comes          bies” 5k marathon, which he is           while wallowing about the loss of        dramatics here.
  alive once again as awkwardly           determined to win but is beaten by       Adam Brody? Well lucky for you              And if you are still missing your
  funny, needy, and always strug-         his corporate enemy, Toby. The           because from the creator of The OC       Adam Brody fix, there is an ade-
  gling to be liked Michael Scott in      always dramatic Michael decides          comes a new teen drama called            quate substitute for his good looks
  the fourth season premier.              that he cannot finish the race, but      Gossip Girl, based on the popular        and geek-charm in the form of
     The first episode comes out with     eventually does with the help of         book series.                             Dan, a misfit in the prep school
  an exciting crash, literally, as Mi-    Jim and Pam .                               The scenery changes from the          universe. He has a crush on
  chael accidentally runs over an           For all the Jim and Pam fans, or       warm California coast to the so-         Serena, and gets his chance when
  employee in the parking lot.            JAM as they are popularly known          phisticated and fashion forward          he runs into her at a hotel.
     The story line continues with        as, they have started dating after       Manhattan. The story follows                While the show is based on out-
  Angela, the uptight and very reli-      last seasons cliff hanger of Jim ask-    Serena, a once high and mighty           landish teenage behavior that most
  gious accountant, coming to blows       ing Pam out. Kevin, another office-      socialite and now social outcast, at     definitely does not exist in real-life
  in her secret romance with the awk-     mate, is determined to catch them        her privileged prep school after she     high school, it is still a guilty pleas-
  ward and driven Dwight. This saga       together. Only the camera crew are       left Manhattan overwhelmed by            ure. If you are into mindless enter-
  is challenged by the death of An-       aware of this budding romance.           the attempted suicide of her             tainment on a Wednesday night ,
  gela’s cat. Dwight confesses that he    This season should bring very en-        younger brother.                         then Gossip Girl is a good choice.
  put the cat in the freezer to end her   tertaining water cooler talk in your        She returns to Manhattan to find      Have fun and tell your parents
  misery. Angela doesn’t seem to          own work place about rabies, love,       things drastically different. Not        that, yes, that is what high school
  agree and is overcome with grief.       and all things Michael.                  only does her best friend Blair hate     is really like.

               GREY’S ANATOMY
           Emma Jackovitz                                                                   Meghan Halstead                 when Ned comes home from his
            Opinion Writer                Derek informed her of his move.                    Opinion Writer                 restaurant, called the Pie Hole, and
                                          Izzie’s kind and sensitive nature                                                 finds out that his first love, Char-
    The Grey’s Anatomy cast pulled        finds her caring for a deer who has          If you are looking for a show        lotte, was suffocated. Ned and
 out an adequate but somewhat dis-        been hit by a car. She saves the         that is original, quirky, and abso-      Emerson’s plan was to go to where
 appointing episode in the season         deer, but her interns think she’s        lutely adorable Pushing Daises is the    Charlotte’s casket was and ask her
 four premier. It was a well-done         crazy. Izzie later informs them that     show for you.                            who killed her, then collect the
 performance by the cast, but the         she is as qualified as any other resi-       The show premiers as we are          money, and leave. But, love took
 plotline seemed as though the writ-      dent. Alex, the strong and inde-         introduced to a man named Ned            over Ned and he could not let
 ers were low on story ideas.             pendent doctor, tries to hide his        who realizes that he posses a spe-       Charlotte die, again.
    As Cristina, Meredith, Izzie and      feelings for a former patient, but       cial talent. He can touch dead               This show is completely differ-
 Alex are assigned their own in-          ends up telling Christina how he         things and bring them back to life,      ent from anything on the air right
 terns, George experiences his sec-       truly feels. Meredith struggles with     but there is a catch. If he touches      now. It has plot lines about death,
 ond first day as an intern; this year    her and Derek’s relationship and         the object a second time, the object     but at the same time it has unre-
 as Meredith’s, not Bailey’s. He          the meeting of her sister.               dies again.                              quited love and romantic lines
 feels sorry for himself until receiv-    McSteamy and McDreamy confess                Ned decides to use his gift for      such as “I wish I could give you an
 ing a pep talk from a new intern,        their need for each others friend-       evil. With the help of his partner in    emotional Heimlich.” and the clas-
 Meredith’s half sister. She tells him    ship, and tensions rise between          crime, Emerson Cod, he goes to           sic touching hands through a wall.
 no one knows he failed his doctors’      Callie and Bailey.                       murder victims, touches them once,           The producers incorporated
 exam, and that he should just be            The plot was average, but the         asks who killed them, collects the       amazing comedic timing and witty
 proud of himself. Christina has not      ending is what truly saved the epi-      reward money, and then touches           commentary to unite everything
 heard from Burke since the wed-          sode. With all the changes occur-        them again before 60 seconds is up.      together. If the “pie-lette” is any
 ding, but pretends that she is fine.     ring this season, hopefully the          If he lets the dead stay living past a   indication, the show to watch this
 Later, she began showing signs of        loose ends will be tied up and the       minute someone living has to die.        fall would definitely have to be
 missing Burke, and eventually,           episodes will remain entertaining.       Things become more complicated           Pushing Daises.
Page 5                                                             The Bellarion      feature                                                Thursday, October 18 2007

                                                                                                  Jennifer Zamora                decorations. These decorations will
                                                                                                    Feature Writer               include large paper maché masks,
                                                                                                                                 made by Rebecca Fox’s Crafts classes.
                                                                                            Saturday night, homecoming           Everyone who bought a ticket will
                                                                                        will be transformed into a masquer-      have a purple and yellow mask
                                                                                        ade event reminiscent of the Renais-     hanging from the ceiling.
                                                                                        sance balls of an earlier era. Guests        Another interesting aspect of the
                                                                                        are invited to show off elegant          decorations will be the large masks
                                                                                        dresses and masks, and to waltz the      created by clubs and teams within the
                                                                                        night away.                              school. Each club or team’s mask will
                                                                                           Teachers voted on the student         be judged by the faculty and a prize
                                                                                        suggested themes and senior Sarah        will be awarded for the best one.
                                                                                        Willey’s theme of a masquerade was          Mrs. Jones, a Varsity Club spon-
                                                                                        the most popular.                        sor, has also shown excitement about
                                                                                           “I literally dreamt the theme,” she   the homecoming dance. However she
                                                                                        said, “and I knew that it would be       admits that it will be more difficult to
                                                                                        something that our whole student         get students into the spirit this year.
                                                                                        body would enjoy.”                       “Without our football field it is
                                                                                           However, dreaming the theme is        tougher to get students to feel school
                                                                                        only the first step in making the        spirit, and to feel excited about home-
                                                                                        homecoming dance a reality. The          coming,” she said.
                                                            Photo by Jennifer Zamora    Varsity Club will be responsible for        Although this is true, there will be
                                                                                        the many other preparations neces-       several opportunities go get students
Masks On: This is one of the creatively designed masquerade masks, made by Mrs.         sary to make the night a success.        into the spirit. A fan bus with face
Fox’s Crafts classes, that will adorn the lower gym during the homecoming dance.           A big budget for the dance this       painting will be available to transport
                                                                                        year will allow for more elaborate       students from Bel Air to Joppatowne.

New Towson interns
join school faculty
            Ashley Warren                       The school has acquired interns in
            Feature Writer                  the science and social studies depart-
    A new year begins here at Bel Air       ments of Bel Air High School and
High School as we welcome a new             Middle School. Shayna Kir-
group of well-rounded Interns from          shenbaum and Michelle Russell are
Towson University. Together, they           joining the schools’ science depart-
are adapting to the Bel Air atmos-          ment and interning for Mary Procell
phere quickly and efficiently.              and Jean Kirkwood at the high
    Following along side teachers in        school, and Matt Bedsaul and Chris
our science and social studies depart-      New at the middle school.
ments, the interns will assist in a             Joining the schools’ social studies
first-hand learning experience and          department are Michael Brogley,
test their abilities for this profession.   Jessica Lewis, Greg Miller, Megan
    Teachers will assist in helping         Salley and Brian Sipe. They are in-
them to master background knowl-            terning for Brandon Riesett, Andrew
edge, and they will be trained in the       Austing, Ryan Doyle, Benjamin
needed skills of a teaching career.         Smith and Jonathon Andrews at the
This gives the interns an opportunity       high school, and Trish Carleton, Eric
to practice new skills and try new          Bennett, Jon Evans, Crystal Blair
techniques in the classroom and             and Dru Herbert at the middle
make the experience unforgettable.          school.
    “It’s definitely one of the biggest          Much internship is considered a
learning experiences ever,” says Mi-        learning experience and is used to
chelle Russell, who is interning for        prepare college students with specific
Jean Kirkwood in the science depart-        career tools and the opportunity to
ment. As for the perks of having an         have involvement in their career
intern, Kirkwood says, “Its fun.”           first-hand.
                                                                                                             page 7
page 6

                                                               ut    r.
                                                          d e b re
                                                        fa    fo
                                                    ll     st
         Your voice was the sound-              s wi    la
                                              n      ll
           track to my summer.          e         wi
                                     Th        es
                                          o ri
                                     m em

                                                                          Natalie Porter and Amanda Ratner
                                                                                   Feature Writers
         This is how Bel Air does Summer.
page 8                                                                        The Bellarion        opinion                                                                        Thursday, October 18. 2007

THE WORD                                              Uniform debate causes stir
                                                                    Emma Jackovitz                          function issue for the student body.                   with the provocative or oversized
     Welcome back students. We                                       Opinion Writer                             Although uniforms could be benefi-                 clothing that many tend to wear. If a
 are all back in the swing of                                                                               ciary addition to public schools, they                 uniform system was enforced, it
                                                         If public schools were willing to try              would be taking away some of the                       would eliminate this immature behav-
 things, like getting school books
                                                     out the block schedule; why couldn’t                   individuality of students. In public                   ior in public schools
 that smell just like the old sock
                                                     uniforms be the next step to bettering                 schools, clothing is one of the least                      Personal expression would be lim-
 that you found in your gym
                                                     the public school system? Schools                      controlled ways in which students can                  ited by uniforms, but would not be
 locker. It’s time to move on into
                                                     would look like a more unified stu-                    express themselves. Uniforms might                     completely erased. Accessories, like
 the deeper drama that will be un-
                                                     dent body, as we know they are.                        take away from the color and person-                   headbands, hairstyles, necklaces, and
 folding this year.
                                                         Uniforms in public schools would                   ality in schools.                                      earrings for females, and watches for
     Let’s be honest, high school is
                                                     provide a professional atmosphere in                       One might even say that uniforms                   males, could still provide much
 exploding with problems and at
                                                     which students could work more effi-                   could decrease school spirit. No                       needed individuality
 our very young state we can’t
                                                     ciently. Students would look present-                  longer would articles of clothing such                     Although uniforms have a negative
 always find the answer ourselves.
                                                     able and clean cut daily, and the dis-                 as Bobcat Nation t-shirts or sports                    connotation, why not give uniforms a
 This is where I come in, your
                                                     crimination against students’ who do                   uniforms be permitted during any                       try in public schools? Change is differ-
 guide to the smooth ride. Unlike
                                                     not wear the most popular clothing                     school day. Even the much antici-                      ent, but often has a positive outcome.
 your parents who haven’t been in
                                                     would greatly decrease.                                pated cross-dressing football players                      Public schools are facing increasing
 school since the dinosaurs
                                                         Uniforms would lessen the clothing                 during the Powder Puff game would                      violence. This problem could be mini-
 roamed the earth, I am a student
                                                     distractions or the constant hassle of                 have to gain special permission for                    mized if uniforms were issued in pub-
 with insight on what’s going on in
                                                     finding appropriate things to wear.                    their usual outlandish antics.                         lic schools. While uniforms may not
 our world.
                                                     Students have the trouble of finding                       It is worth giving uniforms a                      solve all school problems they could
     So send in your problems to
                                                     appropriate material to wear while                     chance in public schools. The dress                    help resolve many of the redundant
 Ms. Simmons. Your problems
                                                     still being fashionable. Uniforms                      code enforcement is often weak, and                    controversies caused by students’ in-
 can be as small as your mother
                                                     would eliminate the wardrobe mal-                      students continue to push the limits                   appropriate clothing.
 refusing to cut the crust off your
 sandwiches. Although if that’s the
 only problem you have this year,
 then you are in loads of luck.
     If you are a freak about pri-
                                                                                        The Bellarion asked Bel Air high students the following question:
 vacy, as I am, turn in an anony-
                                                                                  What do you think of uniforms possibly being required in the upcoming years?
 mous letter. Your letters will not
 be read aloud during break time
 in Journalism III, I promise.
      I have great sources telling me
 that this will be an interesting
 year for upsets, panic attacks, and
 all around breakdowns. I know
 what you are thinking, and no,
 the bathroom stalls are not my
 only information source.
    So send in your letters to room
 131 or put them in the mailbox
 marked Mrs. Simmons in the
 main office. Either way, if you                                         “Ew, no.”                           “Uniforms won’t let us express our                       “Uniforms are SO not hot.”
 have a problem and need help,                                                                                       individuality.”
 make sure to get your letters to
 me and I will do everything in
 infinite power to help.                                              Beth Leljedal                                         Julia Poust                                       Grant Sherman
    That’s right, I said infinite                                      Freshman                                               Junior                                             Senior
 power. I do not lie.

                             Business Manager
                               Matt Gabriel
                                                                Wendy Simmons              The Bellarion                           Co-Editors
                                                                                                                                  Becka Banerjee
                                                                                                                                                                   Copy Editors
                                                                                                                                                                  Amanda Favaro
                                                                                                                                 Kelsey Hinchliffe                 Mindy Gross
         Feature Department                                                                                                                                                             News Department
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The Bellarion is printed seven times a year by the Journalism III students. The Bellarion staff welcomes letters to the editor. Please place them in Mrs. Simmons’ mailbox in the office. All letters are subject to
                        editing and must be signed. All editorials express the opinion of The Bellarion staff and are not necessarily those of the students, teachers, or administrators.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007                                     The Bellarion   opinion                                                                  page 9

Role models of the                                                                    Letters to the Editor
21st century                                                                          Dear Editor,
                                                                                         The building in which stu-
                                                                                      dents thrive is a direct reflec-
                                                                                                                         entire community, every ac-
                                                                                                                         tion counts.
                                                                                                                             As a school, we currently
           Meghan Halstead                 teen icon ,Lindsay Lohan was ar-           tion upon the students them-       contribute to improving the
                                           rested just last month for a driving       selves. At our school, hall-       environment through our En-
            Opinion Writer                 while intoxicated charge and for pos-
                                                                                      ways are strewn with litter        vironmental Club. This club
                                           sessing cocaine, but all charges were
    Popular magazines, ranging from        dropped against her because she went       and custodians are constantly      helps maintain the school
US Weekly to J-14, make millions           to rehab for the third time this year.     cleaning up the mess of oth-       grounds and monitors recy-
every day documenting celebrities fall        Despite all these outrageous behav-     ers. What does this say about      cling, collecting aluminum,
from grace. Although the magazines         iors, people of all ages respect and       the student body as a whole?       paper and plastic in class-
are highlighting bad behavior in order     admire these celebrities, thus, creating
                                                                                         Students may be accus-          rooms and aluminum cans in
to expose the downfall of Hollywood,       new behavioral expectations for gen-
these magazines are getting into the       erations that follow. So, what message     tomed to the litter that ac-       the cafeteria.
hands of young, highly impressionable      is Hollywood trying to send exactly?       companies almost every cor-            Due to the age of our cur-
teens who are looking for role models      Is it that bad behavior makes you fa-      ner of this school, but visitors   rent school, the building is far
in the most unlikely people.               mous, and as long as you sell covers       are not. People visiting see       from environmentally
    Celebrities, such as Paris Hilton,     you are above the law?
                                                                                      the trash strewn across the        friendly, however, the plans
have gained their fame only through           Celebrities are role models, and
scandal. Her only famous movies are        they know that having cameras follow       floors and immediately attach      the new Bel Air High School
the ones shot in night vision, and the     them is the price they pay for being in    a negative reputation.             do, in fact, include plans to
only reason she is famous is just so       this business. People everywhere are          The poor condition of our       help conserve energy and to
her next mistake is photographed.          watching every move that celebrities       school is not the fault of the     improve the environment
    Celebrities are also given the “get–   make, even their children, and have
                                                                                      custodial staff. In fact, these    overall.
out– of-jail– free card.” Nicole Richie    begun to adopt these appalling behav-
was arrested for a DUI and was only        iors as their own. It is about time that   employees work tirelessly to           Construction of the new
in jail for seventy-two hours, while       these icons begin acting like appropri-    make our school habitable,         school will involve making
there are still women sitting in cells     ate role models before the younger         often being the first to enter     the building innovative in its
pregnant just like she. Britney Spears     children grow out of their easily influ-   the building and often not         energy use. The boilers will
held her baby in her lap while driving,    enced stage.
                                                                                      leaving until after dark.          control zones of the building,
if that had been a “normal” person,           So the next time you turn on your
the parent would have been arrested        night vision camera, please remember          The building has always         allowing heating of only
for child endangerment. And Disney         that America is watching.                  been the target of unwar-          those sections used on week-
                                                                                      ranted disrespect from those       ends and conserving energy
                                                                                      who use it the most. Al-           in the area that are not used
                                                                                      though the school will be re-      This is an upgrade from the
                                                                                      constructed in a few years,        current “all or nothing” sys-
                                                                                      students still need to treat our   tem involved in heating and
                                                                                      current building with care.        cooling schools.
                                                                                      Not only is this respectful , it       The new building will also
                                                                                      will initiate good habits so       tightly control the amount of
                                                                                      that students treat the new        water usage. Toilets, sinks
                                                                                      building with care.                and water fountains will use
                                                                                         The student body needs to       far less water than the
                                                                                      clean up their act if they de-     amount that our school cur-
                                                                                      sire the respect of past genera-   rently uses.
                                                                                      tions and peers.                       The resources provided to
                                                                                                                         our school limit the ability to
                                                                                      Dear Editor,                       make drastic changes to assist
                                                                                          Gas prices soaring, electric   the environment, however
                                                                                      bills rising, resources dwin-      through efforts of the Envi-
                                                                                      dling… all signs of the need       ronmental Club and the
                                                                                      to move towards more envi-         school community improving
                                                                                      ronmentally friendly, energy       the environment is feasible.
                                                                                      efficient practices and build-
                                                                                                                         Advisor’s Note: These letters are
Special to The Bellarion/                                                   ings. Whether a change in-         reprints from previous issues from
Bad girls of Summer: Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris              volves simply a student or an      2006-2007 issues of The Bellarion
Hilton, and Chris Crocker were the big name starlets that created the headlines
for magazines everywhere all summer long.
page 10                                                           The Bellarion    sports                                                     Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bobcats’ seasons fall into play
                      Football                                            Girls’ Volleyball                                           Boys’ Soccer
Head Coach: Tony Belcasatro                               Head Coach: Milt Willey                                   Head Coach: Dominic Rose
Current Record: 3-3, (1-0 in UCBAC)                       Current Record: 5-5                                       Current Record: 10-3-1
Key Players: Seniors Chris Baker, Ryan Gray, Zac          Key Players: Seniors Becca Kany, Arlana Roland,           Key Players: Seniors Nick Burdick, Eric Chizmar,
Hayes, Brendan Henning, Vernon Joines, Mike               Sarah Willey                                              Sean Ellenby, Jason Ellis, Khalid Epps, Zach Keller,
McGee, Mitch Poole, Ben Snyder, and Everett Witt-         Key Newcomers: Juniors Jaclyn Hall, Kaitlyn Hall,         Seth Marple, Colin Mayo, Brendan Payne, Eric Stew-
stadt, and Juniors Scott Fisher and Chris Oross           Tori Marenna, and Becca Wysocki, and Sophomores           art-Craig, and Colin Theis
Key Newcomers: Senior Tyrell Stewart and Juniors          Anna Leatherman and Kaitlyn Masters                       Key Newcomers: Juniors Brian Kelly and Mike Mig-
Howard Harding, Ryan Krieg, Ryan McCarthy, Mike           Imprtant Upcoming Games: Havre De Grace                   lioretti
Trossbach, and Tyler Wann.                                (10/16), at Fallston (10/18), Elkton                      Important Upcoming Games: Playoffs(TBD)
Important Upcoming Games: CMW (10/26)                     Coach’s Comments: “We are a young team with only          Coach’s Comments: “Our season started out very
Coach’s Comments: “This team has been working             3 returning players. Although we have lost 5 matches      difficult, losing our first two games and 6 players to
hard all season to reach their potential. We expect to    this season, 4 of them have been against reigning state   serious injuries. Since that time we have gone 10-1-1
be competitive and successful during the second half      champions! In each of those losses, our team has won      and are currently ranked 15th in the state. I’m very
of our season.” -Coach Belcastro                          at least one game. The level of enthusiasm and focus      proud of our players and look forward to making a
                                                          has been exceptional and should serve us well as we       nice run in the playoffs.” -Coach Rose
                                                          head into the regional tournament. This is a group of
                  Cross Country                           self-motivated young athletes.” -Coach Willey
Head Coaches: Shawn Loper (Boys) and Jon
Andews (Girls)
Top Results: Bull Run: Boys (3rd) and Girls (8th).                                                                                    Field Hockey
                                                                          Boys’ Volleyball                          Head Coach: Phyllis Hemmes
Doc Jones: Boys (4th) and Girls (1at)                     Head Coach: Larry Tsomos
Key Runners: Seniors Matt Cross and Kelsey                                                                          Current Record: 7-4
                                                          Current Record: 9-3                                       Key Players: “The whole team is key.”
Hinchliffe, Juniors Jackie Darrow, Mike Evans, Alex       Key Players: Seniors Nate Frieswyk, John Lambert,
Lohrman, Brandon Ropiski, and Will Tannenbaum,                                                                      Key Newcomers: “All Juniors.”
                                                          Austin Poane, and Kyle Wieczynski                         Important Upcoming Games: The Regional Playoffs
and Sophomore Melissa Navin                               Key Newcomers: Juniors James Claypool, Tim
Key Newcomers: Junior Jamie Freeman and Fresh-                                                                      during the week of October 21
                                                          Dowding, and Brad Silberzahn                              Coach’s Comments: “It’s a good season.” -Coach
men Steven Cross and Tyler Muse                           Important Upcoming Games: CMW (10/22) and
Important Upcoming Events: UCBAC Meet                                                                               Hemmes
                                                          Fallston (10/24)
Coach’s Comments: “The team is filled with great
athletes and massive potential. The girls are cur-
rently ranked 10th in the state and the boys are 9th. I
am looking forward to seeing how well they finish.”                                                                                   Cheerleading
                            -Coach Andrews                                         Golf                             Head Coach: Regina Jones
                                                          Head Coach: Robert Handy                                  Key Returners: Seniors Kelsey Fink, Emily Petz,
                                                          Current Record: 10-1                                      and Ashley Stefanides, Junior Aubrey Donley, and
                   Girls’ Soccer                          Key Golfers: Seniors Brandon Powers and Julia             Sophomores Laura Baker and Taylor Russell
Head Coach: Josh Clemmer                                  Sizemore, and Juniors Dan Bupp, Chase Eberle, Beth        Key Newcomers: McKenzie Thomas, Morgan Tho-
Current Record: 6-6                                       Handy, and Casey Langrehr, and Sophomore Blake            mas, and Erin Wallace
Key Players: Seniors Joanie Snyder, Brooke St.            Calligaro                                                 Important Upcoming Events: Harford County Com-
Martin, and Kory Webster, and Juniors Meghan              Key Newcomers: Senior Colby Way and Bryce Smith           petition at Joppatowne (10/27) and Regionals at
Aiello and Julie Tacka                                    Important Upcoming Events: The Conference Tour-           CMW (10/8)
Key Newcomers: Freshman Kathryn Merrick                   nament at Bulle Rock and the State Finals at the          Coach’s Comments: “This team is filled with new-
Important Upcoming Games: Playoffs (TBD)                  Univeristy of Marland, College Park                       comers who are very talented. The new varsity team
Coach’s Comments: “Our team has worked hard               Coach’s Comments: “We have had one of the best            is full of tumblers, stunters, and dancers who work
and underclassmen have stepped up to fill in the          seasons in years. We are sending two golfers, Julia       together very well. My prediction is that this team of
holes around a solid core. We lost a few close games      Sizemore and Brandon Powers, to the state finals.”        24 will be very successful at the county competition.”
in which we controlled the flow. We look forward to                                 -Coach Handy                                                         -Coach Jones
a strong showing in the playoffs.” -Coach Clemmer
Thursday, October 18 2007                      The Bellarion   health&fitness                                                                                     page 11

Water revolution: hydrating the future
           Hannah Murphy                   drinking Vitamin Water while on a         mediately after working out.                boosting athletic performance and
            Sports Writer                  diet and not participating in high im-        While the calorie and sugar count       keeping the body hydrated, many who
                                           pact sports, the negative effects out-    may vary in different flavors, a 12oz       are dieting need to read the labels. For
    Flavored and vitamin enhanced          weigh the positives.                      bottle can contain around 310 calories      dieters, it seems it is healthier to reach
waters seem to be the latest hype for          There are many alternative ways to    and 42 grams of sugar.                      for a regular bottle of water rather
athletes and dieters alike. Everything     get the daily vitamins your body re-          Athletes can handle the large           then ones with artificial sweeteners
from Gatorade to Propel Fitness to         quires without the extra calories and     amount of calories and sugars but,          and large calorie intakes.
Vitamin Water are replacing regular        sugars. An athlete however, can be        someone who is dieting and reaches             Even for athletes, too much Vita-
water on the shelves. While these          more lenient about their calorie intake   for a Gatorade thinking it is a healthy     min Water can cause problems. Be-
drinks do provide a variety of different   because of the amount of activity they    alternative to drinking soda should         cause the drink contains so many ex-
health benefits, many seem to over-        participate in on a daily basis.          reconsider their choice.                    tra vitamins and minerals, consuming
look the negative aspects of the drinks       Gatorade replenishes fluids and             Propel Fitness water is the healthi-   more than two bottles per day is dan-
when quenching their thirst.               electrolytes lost in sweat and provides   est sports drink for dieters, containing    gerous for any person, physically ac-
    Vitamin Water does provide some        energy to improve athletic perform-       only 10 calories per 8 oz. servings.        tive or inactive.
of the daily essential vitamins that       ance. Many athletes tend to consume           Enhanced waters do provide bene-           It seems undeniable, that simple
your body needs. However, this bene-       Gatorade all the time when, in reality,   fits regular water cannot, taking into      water is still the best for the human
fit comes with 125 calories and 32.5       it is more beneficial to only drink it    consideration your personal situation.      body, despite the increase in vitamin
grams of sugar. For someone who is         right before physical activity and im-        While they are very beneficial in       enriched sports drink.

  Health drinks 101

                                 • 32.5 grams of sugar in
                                        one bottle
                                  • 125 calories in one

      • Approximately 30
        calories per bottle
       • Approximately 6
        grams of sugar per

                                • 63 calories in 1 cup of
                                 • 42 grams of sugar in a
                                        12oz. bottle
page 12                                                         The Bellarion    sports                                                         Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sports scandals steal character
             Danny Parry
                                         abuse of steroid and HGH, Human
            Sports Co-Editor
                                         Growth Hormone, by its players.
                                         However, new updates in this case
   Over the past few months, many of     have caused many players to be sum-
the major professional sports institu-   moned by the league and has brought
tions have become tainted with con-      the story to the front of newspaper
troversy and legal troubles. The in-     and magazine pages once again.
fractions have been committed by            The NBA had a different kind of a
referees, players, and even entire       problem on their hands during the off-
teams. With all of this happening, it    season. The league discovered that
makes one wonder where the class in      referee Tim Donaghy had been plac-
professional sports has gone.            ing bets upon league games, and pos-
   This Summer Michael Vick was          sibly even games he officiated. Dona-
charged with a dog fighting felony,      ghy was immediately barred from offi-
among other charges. The NFL cer-        ciating any future games most likely
tainly took a major publicity hit from   forever. The referee admitted to hav-
this event. Vick was quickly sus-        ing a gambling problem and has been
pended and would ultimately plead        seeking help from counselors.
guilty to the charges. The NFL was          Today many young children and
not quite out of the water, as in Sep-   teens see pro athletes as role models.
tember, the dynastic New England         These athletes have been carrying
Patriots were caught filming opposing    themselves in a despicable manner as
coaches; in laymen’s terms, they were    of late and need to do some soul
cheating. The Patriots have been pe-     searching in order to correct their be-
nalized and once again the NFL had       havior. The misbehavior of these pro-
to save its image.                       fessionals needs to be dealt with and
   Major League Baseball and the         these “role models” must end their                                                                  Special to The Bellarion/ 
National Basketball Association were     dog fighting, gambling, cheating, ster-
not spared from this controversy.        oid taking and all other illegal and        Under heat: Michael Vick has quickly gone from taking heat from NFL defensive lines to
Baseball has been under fire for the     disgraceful activities if they truly wish   defending himself in the court room. Vick recently plead guilty to charges of dog fighting
past few years due to the obvious        to be role models to the public.            in a federal court. The future of his football career is still uncertain.

     “It’s depressing, but I don’t
   really care that much because we
             still get to play.”
                                                                    Voices:                                                              “There is no home field advan-
                                                                                                                                        tage which sucks. Plus, they are
                                                                                                                                         using our stadium as a parking
           -Steve Hemmig
                                                                        How do you                                                                    lot.”
                                                                                                                                                      -Josh Hebb

                                                                       feel about not                                                                    Junior

                                                                          having a
                                                                        home field?
                                                                    “It’s aggravating that we have no
                                                                    home games and our homecom-
                                                                     ing game is at Joppatowne, but
                                                                      we will eventually be getting a                                    “Right now it is a hassle, but in
    “It’s ok; I’m used to it from la-                                          new school!”                                             the long run it will be worth it. It
            crosse season.”                                                   -Kelsey Schott                                              is a shame that the upperclass-
           -Alicia McCarty                                                      Sophomore                                                man will not get to use the new
                Senior                                                                                                                                    facilities.”
                                                                                                                                                       - Mr. Clemmer

                                                                                                                                                         Voices compiled by
                                                                                                                                                           Allison Casola

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