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									                 THUNDER HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PTA
            9357 Mellenbrook Road Columbia, MD 21045 410-313-6922

                       Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for
                                    May 21, 2009

1. Call to Order – Julie Brinkley, THES PTA President, called the meeting to order at
   7:10pm. See attached roster for Executive Board and Committee Chairs attendance.
   Quorum was met.
2. Committee Reports
   a. After School Programs – Sarah Malik, After School Programs Chairperson, reported
       that Kids Art and Abrakadoodle both held a third session, but the turnout was low.
   b. Green – Andrea LeWinter, Green Committee Chairperson, expressed her hope that
       the PTA will maintain its good relationship with THES’s Green School Committee in
       the coming year.
   c. Healthy Lifestyles – Kathy Woods, Healthy Lifestyles Co-Chair, reported that, due to
       several rainouts, an extra day of the Walking Program has been scheduled for June 1.
       So far, the students have walked enough miles to reach Salt Lake City, Utah.
       Scooters and other prizes will be awarded to the top walkers in each grade.
   d. Family Movie Night – See attached report from Donna Disbrow, Family Movie Night
3. Teacher Liaison Report – Mrs. Ellingsworth, Teacher Liaison, read a note from Denise
   Mathis thanking the PTA for its support following her nephew’s passing. Also, Mrs.
   Ellingsworth thanked the PTA for its efforts during teacher appreciation week.
4. Principal’s Report – Mr. Birus, THES Principal, reported that four staff members were
   honored for their years of service with HCPSS.
5. Treasurer’s Report – See attached report from Matt Colbert, THES PTA Treasurer.
6. Corresponding Secretary’s Report – Sue Scott, PTA Corresponding Secretary,
   recommended giving Mrs. Riley her baby gift prior to the end of the school year. There
   was general support for this idea.
7. Approval of Minutes – Sarah Malik motioned to approve the minutes from the April
   14th Board of Directors meeting, Sue Scott seconded the motion, and the motion passed
   with all in favor except for two abstentions.
8. PTA Delegate’s Report – Brian Kushner, PTA Council Delegate, submitted the minutes
   (attached) from the PTA Council of Howard County’s May 4th meeting.

With no other business to attend to, Mrs. Brinkley thanked those in attendance for their time
and adjourned the meeting at 7:29pm.

Respectfully submitted by Alison Pasternak, PTA Recording Secretary, on May 26, 2009.
                   THES PTA Monthly Officer / Committee Report Form

     For presentation at Board of Directors Meetings and/or General Membership Meetings

Date of Report :         5-21-09                    Date of Meeting:       5-21-09

Office / Committee:            FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT

Officer / Chairperson:         Donna Disbrow

Committee Members (if applicable):

Yearly Budget:         $200.00
Expenses to date:      $165.00 (license, door prize and supplies) Income to date:     *$67.00
              * (total ticket sales from advance sales and at-door sales)


Prior to Movie Night: I ran into an awkward situation with the “new” General Manager of AMC
Theatres. Two nights before movie night, I was informed that the manager from whom I was
given a guarantee that our popcorn would be available no longer worked there. I met with the
new manager, and he was gracious enough to honor the other manager’s promise for popcorn
donation. However, he strongly implied not to expect a popcorn donation again next year from
his theatre. Luckily, I got three bags of popcorn out of him!

End of evening assessment: I received positive feedback from a few volunteers that the new
ticketing procedures went smoothly. Even the Capri Sun recycling program was successful. The
movie card door prize was a hit. Ticket sales from advance sales totaled $48 while at-the-door
sales totaled $19. Combined ticket sales: $67. Since the license cost was $75, we were short $8
for the recovery of the cost of the movie license. Attendance was 107, down slightly from last
year. Help was greatly appreciated by all who pitched in and cleaned the mats (to the best of our
ability), the floor and other areas. Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped with popcorn
prep, ticket sales, attendance, door prize, drinks/water table, AV set up and clean up!

Follow up: Thank you cards sent out to: AMC General Manager (popcorn) , Ms. Gonzales
(recycling program), Mr. Petrlik (mat usage).

Recommendation: Have the PTA continue with advance ticket sales for next year’s event and
find a new supplier of popcorn.

Signature:     Donna Disbrow                                        Date: May 21-2009

                                                             Treasurer’s Report

                                                                 Date: 5/21/09

Treasurer: Matt Colbert


We have $13,066.96 cash on hand and a net income of $5,369.33. Last year at this time, we had $10,562.97 cash on hand and a
net income of $8,708.41. Using estimates for the expected income and expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year (ending June
30), I project we will end the year with between $11,000 and $12,000 with a net income of approximately $4,000. The biggest
variable in this equation is disbursements for Teacher materials and Instructional Assistant materials. As of this date, there is the
potential for $1,680 to be requested from eligible staff members. Historically, not all teachers and IA’s participate in the
program. I used $750 in my estimates. It should be noted that last year we ended up with a net income of $5,843.08, but this was
the result of very conservative spending due to the prior year’s shortfall. Total cash on hand before FY 2007-2008 was only

So far this year, we have a shortfall from budgeted income of approximately $21,733 and have under spent approximately
$27,102. From a historical view, these results are typical.

The largest shortfall in income can be attributed to the following:

           Innisbrook                         (3236.52)
           After School Clubs                 (2464.00)
           Back to School Kits                (2370.00) – Program not continued
           Memory Book                        (1704.72)
           Spirit Wear                        ( 691.97)

The majority of under spending occurred in the following accounts:

           Innisbrook                         (2453.07)
           Not Planned Yet                    (2491.43) – Refund of a double-billing for Back to School Kits
           Back to School Kits                (2550.00) – Program not continued
           After School Clubs                 (2464.00)
           Memory Book                        (1325.43)
           Teacher Reimbursements             (1334.79)
           Artist in Residence                (5000.00)

According to the MD PTA, carryover into the next fiscal year is not a set dollar amount (there are no upper or lower limits).
Several variables should be considered, including, but not limited to, economic forecast, timing of fundraising activities, expected
summer expenses, and programs scheduled to occur before fundraising activities begin. Over the last 7 years, our carryover has
ranged from a high of $14,976 in 2005 to $1854 in 2007. In my estimation, a comfortable carryover amount for FY 2009-2010
would be $5000 or more. This would provide us with available funds for beginning of year programs such as Spirit Wear,
“Welcome Back” activities, and the Giant Food gift card program. The books for the FY 2008-2009 will be closed on June 30,
2009. All deposits/disbursement requests MUST be settled by this date. I am asking that all disbursement requests are in to me
by May 31, 2009.

We need to form an Audit Committee to conduct and audit of the THES PTA financial records for FY 2008-2009. According to
MD PTA by-laws, “An Auditing Committee should consist of not less than three (3) PTA members selected by the Board of
Directors.” In the past, members have volunteered to sit on this exciting committee. If you are interested, please let me know. It
should be noted that any PTA member with financial signature authority for the association should NOT be the auditor or a
member of the auditing committee. Sorry Trish and Julie, maybe next year. The Treasurer is NOT eligible to be on the
committee. We can form this committee at the June PTA meeting. Last year, we conducted the audit in the evening of 07/23/08
at Dave Hendrickson’s home and it took not more than a couple of hours. It can be conducted any time after June 30, but it’s best
to wait until after the June 30 bank statement(s) are received.

In August, a budget committee will need to be formed. This is obviously one of our most important meetings of the year. Any
budget requests for the upcoming year will be discussed at this meeting. I will be in touch with Board members during the
summer about this meeting. Lastly, I want to recognize the efforts of Alison Pasternak for her support.

Motion: To authorize the PTA to pay regular and necessary expenses over the summer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Matt Colbert
THES PTA Treasurer

                                         PTA Council of Howard County
                                          General Membership Meeting
                                            Minutes of May 04, 2009

Meeting was called to order by President, John Hannay at 7:38 PM. Quorum was met and the purpose of PTA was
read by delegates.

The minutes from the 3/30/09 meeting were discussed, voted and approved with spelling correction to HCASC
representatives – Yoo-Jing Ming and Cindy Drummond.

Patricia Gordon from BOE, Patti Caplan and Donna Heller from Office of School Superintendent, Jessica Monti -
Dayton Oaks teacher, John Beck from headstrong cycling, and 4 scholarship winners along with their parents
attended the meeting.

Scholarship Awards Presentation: Ms. Carolyn Folger introduced the scholarship committee members and
thanked them for their work in reviewing the applications submitted by students. The scholarships were awarded in
academic, community, teacher and trade categories. All 12 high schools had students that submitted applications this
year. This is the first time in 5 years all schools sent in applications. Carolyn congratulated the students for their
excellent academic GPA, extra curricular activities, community service, leadership and other activities. PTA council
recognized all scholarship winners by reading their accomplishments and achievements inside and outside the
school. 4 out of 9 recipients attended the award presentation. Carolyn will be attending the senior awards night to
present the award to other scholarship recipients. Courtney Krill from Glenelg HS, Carolyn Willsey from Marriots
Ridge HS, Katherine Coffey from Mount Hebron HS, and Brianna Bradford from Reservoir HS attended and were
presented with their awards. PTA Council thanked the committee chair, members and the recipients for their hard

BOE Report: Ms. Patricia Gordon attended National Association of BOE 4 day conference and provided an
overview of workshops and general assembly sessions. It was a good conference and collected lots of material from
the vendors and knowledge sharing among the participants and speakers. A cultural proficiency workshop was
presented by Howard County BOE.

Office of School Superintendent Report: Ms. Patti Caplan provided brief synopsis on budget update. The county
executive presented budget to county council. The proposed budget is at the level of previous year. The budget cuts
will not impact class room. Some of the cuts were in workers compensation, fuel cost, etc. The budget details can be
found on the board documents page at BOE website. Ms. Patti Caplan stated that the emergency preparedness drill
conducted by UMBC team is in place and will be useful in case of any issues with the virus outbreak in Howard
County. Ms. Donna Heller stated that the school system follows CDC guidelines and she explained the process for
detecting the symptom. The latest information can be found on the BOE website. As a precautionary measure
recommend using sanitizers and disinfectants frequently. The school system has set guidelines for the detection of
the virus. The school system works in collaboration with health department. Ms. Donna discussed school system
closures in other parts of MD and what we should expect in Howard County. The guidelines keep changing and look
for the latest information on the website that has a link to CDC.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer discussed the budget sheet that was circulated. The only activity is related to
scholarship award. PTA council awarded $10,500 towards scholarship in various categories. At this time John
Hannay stated that as new officers are nominated for the next school year, PTA Council encourages officers to
attend MD PTA summer conference. PTA Council is offering to every local PTA in the county one free matching
registration to the MD PTA summer leadership conference. One registration must have a check from your local PTA
and the other with a sticky note indicating that it is to be paid for by PTA Council.

Committee Reports
Project Safe After Prom – Mary Ellen Creasy and Lin Guba presented a written report. Ms. Mary Ellen stated that
6 six prom events have been successfully held and the other 6 are scheduled through May 16. The final after prom
meeting and workshop will be held in June. Need to look at ways so that schools do not compete for the same
location. The committee has to start all over to plan for the next fiscal school year events. John Hannay thanked the
committee chairs and members for their efforts.

Curriculum – Nothing to report
Family Involvement –Book drive is almost coming to an end. Collected over 6100 books and distributed to the
matching schools. 5 drives are still going on. We will start the prepare for success campaign and posters will be sent
in pdf format by June 1. The donations can be made via website as in the previous year. Last year $25,900 in school
supplies went to various schools in need.
Health and Wellness – Facebook page reached 75 members. May 5 th will be change the future of school food day.
On Sunday June 7th PTA is going to feature in Healthy Howard day at Centennial Park. There will be a tent and we
are looking for volunteers to be high profile co-event directors. Please contact Brian
Meshkin presented the survey results, 42 of the 71 PTAs represented. The survey numbers were 64-Elementary, 23-
Middle and 13-High school. The survey results were grouped into 3 areas focusing on fitness, nutrition and
environment. The next step is for the committee to work on these areas.
Legislative – Nothing to report
MD PTA – The registration is open for the summer leadership on July 18 th at Maritime Institute, Linthicum, MD.
You can register @ Remember PTA Council is going to match one
registration. John Hannay thanked Niles Morton for his work with MD PTA.
Tobacco Policy – Brian Meshkin talked about the revisions to tobacco policies 1050 and 9240. The policy affects
nearly 100 students across Howard County. Brian walked through and compared the previous and new policy. The
policy review committee met for 16 hrs in Q4 2008 and Jan 2009 to work on these policy updates.

Nominating Committee
Marc Norman introduced the committee members and John Hannay thanked them for their effort in coming up with
the slate. The slate for nominations are John Hannay for President, Cindy Haller for Vice President, Chaunfayta
Hightower for VP operations, Terri Chiu for VP issues, Venu Iyengar for recording secretary, Mollie Shea for
corresponding secretary, and Amy Rivera for Treasurer.

Headstrong Bicycling: John Beck presented about youth cycling and how to promote safe cycling for adults and
youth. The headstrong cycling bike rodeos are designed to motivate children to ride their bikes, educate them on
how to properly and safely ride their bikes, and instruct them on the correct way to wear their bicycle helmets. They
raise money for charities, cut down on obesity rates, etc. There are various sponsors in Howard County to promote
bicycle safety ride. Please visit the web site for more information.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 PM

Minutes submitted by Venu Iyengar, Recording Secretary

Upcoming Dates
June 1 – PTACHC General Meeting
June 10 – Workshop for new and returning local unit officers – 7 PM at Faulkner Ridge Center


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