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                            Posted on Mon, Nov. 13, 2006                                     email this     print this
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 • ShopLocal                Promising young singer is aiming high
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   All Classifieds          Weston teenager Luisa Lubell is launching her debut CD --
 • Create an Ad             ''Amigos,'' a mixture of Reggaeton and Spanish ballads -- on
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                            BY INA PAIVA CORDLE
! TODAY'S EXTRAS            It's every aspiring singer's dream -- to be discovered by a successful producer-
                            songwriter who can help launch your music career.
  • Obituaries              Now it's a reality for Luisa Lubell, a 15-year-old from Weston, who is coming out with her       MORE NE WS FROM
Sports                      first mini-CD in Spanish to be released Tuesday.
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                            The petite artist, who won $25,000 in Delta Air Lines' Song talent search in 2003, may        • Jimenez, Mexico
                            be the next Selena, Shakira or a ''Latin Celine Dion,'' said her producer, Misha Segal.       • Arts
Tropical Life & Home
 • Health                                                                                                                 • Mexico
                            ''She could become a major pop star,'' he said.
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Opinion                     At 9, Luisa sang Tomorrow from the musical Annie in her first talent show. She won the        • Hot Chicks
 • Columnists               national Delta competition when she was 11, belting out the aria O Mio Babbino Caro.          • Christina Aguilera
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                            Now, she's singing Reggaeton and Spanish ballads on her six-track CD, Amigos, which                                                                                                         • Florida
                            is being produced by PrimaVista Records, released by Miami-based NPG Music, and
                            distributed by RED Distribution, which is owned by Sony BMG.                                  • Pop/Rock
ONLINE FEATURES                                                                                                           • Texas
                            ''I suggested she do material in Spanish, because the Latin music market is one of the
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                            areas that is still expanding,'' said Larry Palmacci, president and co-principal of NPG
Contests                    Music. ``The U.S. is the largest Latin market in the world right now.''                       • Opera
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Special Publications        Besides, Reggaeton, a blend of American hip-hop and rap, with Jamaican ''reggae'' and
                            Latin ''bomba,'' is all Luisa and her friends listen to, said her father and acting manager
Today's Front Page
                            Myron ''Mike'' Lubell.
Traffic Reports
Web Cams                    ''I love the music, it has a very different kind of sound,'' said Luisa, who was born in
Yellow Pages                Bogotá and moved to Weston when she was 3. ``And since there isn't a young female
                            singer about my age in the Reggaeton market, I thought it would be very neat if I was the
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                            first one to do it -- to be an innovator.''
                            WEBSITE DISCOVERY
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RSS feeds                   Segal discovered Luisa a little more than a year ago, when Patricia Caron, his fiancé
News by email               and the director of marketing for his Los Angeles-based record label PrimaVista
                            Records, was scrolling through the Internet and found Luisa's website.
News by text message
Contact Us                  Caron contacted Myron Lubell and they all met at a Starbucks in Weston during a visit to
Site Map                    Caron's parents, who live in Plantation. Segal said he was impressed with Luisa's
Past Articles               personality and presence.
Advertise                   ''She is very charismatic, she captures an audience,'' Segal said. ``That is very
Newspaper Services          important. If you don't communicate with the audience you are not going to get far.''

                            Segal, an Emmy Award-winning composer and recording artist who has written scores
PARTNERS                    for more than 80 movies and TV shows -- including The Phantom of the Opera -- offered
   WLRN | Miami Herald      to produce Luisa's debut CD.
   CBS 4 WFOR-TV            Within a couple of weeks, he e-mailed a 30-page contract, which Myron Lubell said was
   Newspaper in Education
   More Partners            negotiated and signed within about a month -- adding Lubell's name as head of
                            merchandising so he can supervise T-shirt sales.                                                                                                                                   Page 1 of 3 | 11/13/2006 | Promising young singer is aiming high                                                   12/14/2006 11:18 AM

                         Luisa recorded the CD in Los Angeles, and Segal and his partner Peter Roberts wrote
                         the music for the songs. Nicolas ''Nico'' Tovar, who is signed to Estefan Publishing, and
                         Francisco ''Paco'' Jimenez Garcia wrote the lyrics.

                         ''She has a tremendous voice,'' Segal said. ``She is unusually gifted.''

                         Luisa loves clothes, dancing, watching soccer and hanging out with her friends.

                         At home, her room is decorated with soccer jerseys, pictures of friends and family -- and
                         stuffed animals. She likes to wear tight jeans, pearls, bracelets, rings and dangly
                         earrings. Her latest obsession is sneaker boots, which are the rage in Mexico.

                         She got them while filming the Spanish-language show Quinceañera, a Telemundo TV
                         show that just completed filming, where Luisa was one of 10 contestants. She spent
                         much of the past few months training for and taping the show, first in Mexico, then in
                         Miami. RED, which specializes in developing artists, plans to distribute Luisa's CD in
                         major Hispanic markets, first South Florida, then Los Angeles, Chicago, New York,
                         Texas and Puerto Rico, Palmacci said.

                         With a suggested retail price of $9.98, it will be sold at select Kmart, Wal-Mart, Spec's
                         and other music stores.

                         DREAM COMES TRUE

                         ''This is my dream -- to publish my music and show everybody how I sing,'' said Luisa,
                         who idolizes Shakira, Christina Aguilera and Barbra Streisand.

                         To market the CD, Palmacci said she will go on promotional appearances and radio

                         He won't comment on how much money each party will make. But Luisa, PrimaVista,
                         RED and NPG Music will each get a percentage. Typically, a new artist's net royalty rate
                         is about 10 percent of wholesale sales.

                         But Amigos, is just the first step. The objective, Palmacci said, is to ``help establish
                         Luisa to go the next level.''

                         Part of RED's distribution deal is that NPG will give Sony BMG an option to take Luisa to
                         one of its major labels for her next CD if Sony BMG chooses, said Palmacci, who spent
                         15 years with BMG, the last five as vice president of sales at Sony's Latin division in
                         Miami, until December 2004. Then he started NPG with several associates.

                         'We would be thrilled to pieces if one of those companies said, `We like this, we'd like to
                         pick it up on our label,' '' Myron Lubell said.

                         Getting signed by a major record label has never been easy, but it is even tougher today,
                         said Stan Soocher, a music business professor at the University of Colorado at Denver
                         and an entertainment attorney.

                         ''But these factors, especially being distributed by RED and having a hot producer
                         produce her record -- these are really points in her favor,'' Soocher said.

                         ''My goal for the future,'' Luisa said, 'is hopefully to come out with a bunch of CDs --
                         different genres, different languages -- to have many concerts performed around the
                         world -- and to be little girls' idol.''

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