Bulletin - May 15_ 2011 by yaoyufang


									 Welcome to Woody                 Nook            MAY 15, 2011

CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENTS                   Pastor Neil de Koning
OUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK:                 403-782-2827 – Home
              WORLD                    403-358-8221 – Cell
                                       Pastor Rick Abma
         DENOMINATION                  403-885-4406 – Office
Niagara                                403-505-9897 – Cell
         CLASSIS ALBERTA               pastorrick@woodynookcrc.org
Inglewood - Edmonton                   Harvey Buit
                                       403-885-5080 – Phone
     WOODY NOOK MINISTRIES             pastoralcare@woodynookcrc.org
Power Point Ministry                   Church Office
    MINISTRIES & MISSIONARIES          403-885-4427 – Phone / Fax
Andries & Coby deBlaeij - Haiti        woodynook@albertahighspeed.net

   *We would like to graciously thank the following office bearers
for their years of service. Outgoing Elders: Klaas Brink, Lawrence
Buit, Dirk Drost, Dave Vriend; Outgoing Youth Elders: Russ Buit,
Bruce Hogarth; Outgoing Deacons: Sean Folkerts and Brad Prins. May
the Lord continue to bless the work that you do.
   * Please pray for Fred Dalstra who received news that he has a form
of skin cancer. The doctors hope to remove it in two weeks. We pray
that God will provide healing and encouragement.
  *Please remember to pray for Mark VanderLaan in Afghanistan.
                    Families of the Week
Len & Dena Bosgra, Peter Braak, Klaas & Jenny Brink, Hilda
Brouwer and John Buit. We pray that the Lord will bless you all
in the coming week.
[18] Lydie Drost [19] Kate Luymes, Kurtis Dykstra, Jeff Ekkel [20]
Adrian Ollewagen [20] Brooklyn Forsyth [21] Lennard Vander Schee
                         Sunday School
We are looking for someone to teach Sunday School for the
three year olds for the month of June, if you can help out
with this, please call Jen Doef. Thank-you so much.
                      Baby Bottle Campaign
Don’t forget to fill your baby bottles with your spare toonies,
loonies, quarters, & dimes. Talk with your family about the
sanctity of life and how to help the less fortunate among us.
Pray for the many women and children struggling through
crisis. Bring your filled baby bottles back to church on
Father’s Day. Thanks so much.
                    WOODY NOOK CADETS
         CADETS--------West Edmonton Mall forms MUST be in by
         next Sunday, May 22. Thank You!

                       A Huge Thank You
A huge thank you to all the ladies who came out and helped
with the making of the quilts, from sewing, snipping, cutting,
babysitting, and all the rest. We delivered 23 quilts to “Sew
You Like to Quilt” in Red Deer who will be sending them off
to Japan. We will have a few more quilting days in the fall for
the Mustard Seed in Edmonton. If you want to get started now
that would be great, also if there are any knitters or crochet(ers)
we would be happy to have your blankets as well.
                 SERVE TEAM to Quadra Island
Please pray for our youth and their leaders who are excited to be
SERVing in Quadra Island this summer: Karya Bosgra, Tyler
deBoon, Andrea Hogarth, Bart Kleinlugtenbeld, Maarten
Kleinlugtenbeld, Kristian Ogle, Cassie Salomons, Sadie Talsma,
Adam VanderSchee, and Hans Eggink and Bruce Hogarth.
                SERVE & LIVE IT …Fundraiser!!
There are DVD’s available of Woody Nook’s 75th Anniversary
Powerpoint. If you would like a copy talk to Connie deBoon or
email her at cdeboon@lacs.ca. We will gratefully accept your
donations for these DVD’s and the monies collected will be used
for the SERVE TEAM going to Quadra Island and the LIVE IT TEAM
going to Marion, Indiana early this summer.
                       MENTOR LEADERS:
Please organize a wind-up for the year with your group sometime
in May. We encourage you to keep in touch over the summer and
pray for each other.
                Everyone Invited to a Picnic & Hike
May 29th – Picnic & Hike at Crimson Lake – Everyone is invited
for a relaxing afternoon! Meet at the Day Use area at 1:30 pm.
Bring along your own lunch, chairs & hot dog sticks (if that is
what you plan for lunch). Fire, condiments, juice & hot
chocolate will be provided. Join us after for a hike if that’s
what you like, or a walk so you can talk, around the lake. It is a
10 km mostly flat paved path. This could be an awesome way
to wrap up your season with your small group. Need more
details please call: Harvey 403-748-2641, Sherry 403-782-1719,
Mike 403-782-0702 or Karen 403-885-5394.
                   SERVE 2011 is Coming!!!
Once again Woody Nook is hosting a Serve team; which means we
need 30+ Prayer Partners. If interested please call Frank @ 403
782-5490 or Melissa at melissakuipers@woodynookcrc.org.
Thank you.
       VBS - Big Apple Adventure - July 18-22, 2011
Come join us on our Big Apple Adventure where
faith and life connect. We are now looking for
volunteers for teachers, helpers, sound, and
many other kinds of volunteers. Check out the
signup sheet in the foyer!! Thanks so much, Katie
Veldkamp & Maria Vanderwal
          Hey Youth!
 May 15 Mentor Group Meetings Your Mentor Group Leader will be in
        touch with you about a wind-up for the year.
 June 4 GRAD BBQ – Inviting all Grade 12 Graduates – You are
        invited to a GRAD BBQ at Pastor Rick’s place on Saturday, June
        4 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

 Weather permitting, on Thursday, June 9; we are planning a
  "Spring" Work Bee, for anyone who needs some help getting their
  yard in order. If you are someone, or know of someone, who
  could use some help, please contact one of the Deacons.
 Today we are supporting Central Alberta Christian High
  School, CACHS-Tuition Relief.
 Next week we will be supporting Operation Manna. There are
  currently 20 projects and ministries across Canada funded in part
  through Operation Manna. Two in Edmonton. These vital
  ministries are making a difference in the lives of people in need.
  They provide an open door of hope for people to make a fresh
  start through new choices, skills and opportunities. A door of
  opportunity is also open for church members to build
  relationships with people in the communities.
 Deacons meeting Tuesday, June 7 at 8 pm at Tony Meyer’s.
   Monda Eggink, Jeff Ekkel, Sean Folkerts, Brad Prins, Irene Prins, & Tony Meyer
                  GEMS CAMP 2011! August 8 – 12
at Rehoboth Sonshine Centre near Gull Lake, Alberta. There is still
room for girls going into Grade 5 to Grade 8 in the fall of 2011.
Register by the May 15 deadline, so you won't miss out! For more info
please contact: Barb Nauta @ 652-7078 or abnauta@platinum.ca.
                     Farewell to Jack Vanden Pol
After more than two decades of leadership as principal and teacher
at Central Alberta Christian High School, Jack Vanden Pol will retire.
On Thursday, May 19, you are invited              to an afternoon of
thanksgiving and celebration for Jack’s years of service. At 2:00
pm, there will be an assembly in the CACHS gym, followed by an
open house until 4:30. All are encouraged to come and show their
appreciation to Jack and to wish him well in his future endeavours.
                Loaves & Fishes Donor Appreciation
Loaves & Fishes is Hosting a BBQ in Your Honor. They want to say
thank-you for your generosity. Saturday, May 28, 2011 from 11 am –
1 pm at the Loaves & Fishes parking lot. For more info contact
Sandra @ 403-347-1844 or Sandra@reddeerloavesandfishes.com
                     “Total Praise” Farewell Concert
by the Chancel Choir of First Church, Red Deer on May 29, 2011 at
7.00p. Come and enjoy an evening of praise and thanksgiving to God as
the choir celebrates 15 ½ years of music ministry under the direction of
Dale E Dickau. All are welcome!
                CACHS Drama 20/30 Presentation
The Drama 20/30 class is currently rehearsing for their annual
presentation. Set aside one night, or all three, from May 31 – June 2,
2011 to watch Cinderella with the Commedia Players. This will be a
shorter, one hour production following the Italian tradition of
commedia dell’arte with a rollicking play-within-a-play! The lively
commedia troupe spices up the classic Cinderella story with sharp
wit, slapstick shenanigans and endless silly squabbles (including
baguette fencing, laugh duels and slap fights). Tickets cost $10 and
are now available through the school at 403-782-4535.
                      June is Block Party month!
“We’ve lived here for 17 years and never met the people on our street-
this is awesome!” “”It's so good to meet our neighbours, it makes our
block feel more like home.” Be the ones to facilitate a block party on
your street—it’s easy with all the steps and resources you need on the
website, www.edmonton.ca/for_residents/BlockPartyPlanningResources.pdf
It’s a great way to bless your neighbourhood with a taste of Kingdom!
To find out more about Neighbourhood Life initiatives, contact Pastor
Karen at kwministry@shaw.ca
                    Burdett CRC - 100th Anniversary
We invite all friends and families to share in the Lord’s faithfulness as
we celebrate 100 Years of the Christian Reformed Church of Burdett.
Please join us in celebrating our 100th Anniversary from July 8-10, 2011
D.V. at Burdett Christian Reformed Church, Burdett, AB. For further
info please visit the website, also please RSVP at www.burdettcrc.com.
              Camp Rehoboth - Volunteer Opportunity!
Commitment: One Week; Training: Provided; Fun: Unlimited; Cost:
Free; Benefits: Eternal! Camp Rehoboth provides a one-week camp
experience for people with disabilities. As well as a lot of fun activities,
part of this experience is teaching them from the Bible and sharing the love
of Jesus with them. It is a life-changing and faith-building week for our
volunteers as well. Our camper spots are filled, but our volunteer list still
has many openings. We do not want to disappoint our campers by not
having enough volunteers. Please prayerfully consider joining us for one of
the following weeks: R & R week: June 27-July 1; Adult Week 1: July 2-8;
Adult Week 2: July 9-15; Independent Week: July 16-22. For a first-time
applicant Q and A, check out our website at www.rehoboth.ab.ca. No
experience is necessary and full training and support is provided. If you
are 14 or older we would love to have you join us for this unique
opportunity! Application information is available online or by contacting
Linda Rosendal at Rehoboth at 780-968-8483. See you at camp!
         Lacombe Christian School is accepting applications
for a permanent Part-Time Janitorial position beginning Sept 1, 2011.
Salary & Benefits based on experience ($15 to $18/hour). Flexible hours
averaging 25 hours per week. Questions about the position, please contact
Wayne Bouwman (wbouwman@lacs.ca). Please send applications along
with resumes to office@lacs.ca, attention: Maintenance Committee, or
mail to: 5206-58 Street, Lacombe AB, T4L 1G9. All applications will be
accepted until June 30, 2011.

  MAY 15       MAY 16    MAY 17    MAY 18    MAY 19           MAY 20    MAY 21
10:00 am                                     7:30 pm
Pastor Neil                                  Woody Nook 101
7:00 pm
Pastor Neil
  MAY 22      MAY 23    MAY 24     MAY 25      MAY 26         MAY 27    MAY 28
10:00 am                          7:30 pm    7:30 pm
Pastor Neil                       Admin      Woody Nook 101
7:00 pm
No Service
                 OFFERING SCHEDULE                                     LOAVES AND FISHES
May 15           WM & CACHS                               May 18       Jaap & Coba Verburg
May 22           WM & Operation Manna                     May 25       Mary Jean Mulder
May 29           WM & CRWRC                               June 1       Albert & Janet Zadoorian
                 USHERS’ SCHEDULE                                      PRAYER TEAM SCHEDULE
May 15           Grace Stolte & Ken Weenink               May 15       Team 1
May 22           Rod Weenink & Albert Kleinlugtenbeld     May 22       Team 2
May 29           Harvey Buit & Nick Den Oudsten           May 29       Team 3
                 MUSIC SCHEDULE                                        GREETERS’ SCHEDULE
May 15   10 am   Worship Team-Dorothy       PP-Veronica   May 15       Rein & Ann VandeGlind
          7 pm   Emma Den Oudsten           PP-Sadie                   Mark & Darlene VanderLaan
May 22   10 am   Men’s Worship Team         PP-Curtis     May 22       Jake & Pat Vander Leek
          7 pm   NO EVENING SERVICE                                    Willem & Joanne Vanderlinde
May 29   10 am   Worship Team-Dorothy       PP-Jack       May 29       John & Alie Vander Meulen
          7 pm   Emma Den Oudsten           PP-Tyler                   Jack Vandervinne
                 SOUND SYSTEM                                          NURSERY SCHEDULE
May 15   10 am   Gea Hoogendorn                           MOMS         Amanda Ten Hove
          7 pm   Albert Kleinlugtenbeld                                Melissa Kuipers
May 22   10 am   Jack Mulder                                           10 AM – May 15
          7 pm   NO EVENING SERVICE                       Supervisor   Miriam Doef
May 29   10 am   Gea Hoogendorn                           Sleepers     Dorothy Sjole, Cora Spelt
          7 pm   Albert Kleinlugtenbeld                                Michelle Schonenburg
                 LIBRARY SCHEDULE                         Creepers     Deb Vaandrager, Yorian Drost
         10 am                                                         Anthony Vanderwal, Jacquelyn E.
         10 am                                            Leapers      Steve Siebenga, Helen Doef
         10 am                                                         Josh Borren, Mitchell Doornbos
                 COFFEE SERVERS                                        10 AM – May 22
May 15           EJ & Henriette Doorneward                Supervisor   Maria Vanderwal
                 Dirk & Lydie Drost                       Sleepers     Shirley Bajema, Connie Deboon
May 22           Ed & Eleanor Drost                                    Cassidy Vander Schee
                 Jan & Grada Drost                        Creepers     Dirk Drost, Mary Ann Folkerts
May 29           Kurtis & Kristin Dykstra                              Danielle Folkerts, Eric Talsma
                 Hans & Monda Eggink                      Leapers      Harvey Buit, Gerie Ijzerman
                 HOSPITALITY SCHEDULE                                  Ben Vink, Spencer VanderSchee
May 15           *Trudy Kuipers                                        10 AM – May 29
                 John & Wilma Busaan                      Supervisor   Amanda Ten Hove
May 22           *Tetsy Mulder                            Sleepers     Betty Weenink, Dorothy Buit
                 George & Betty Weenink                                Bonnie Salomons
May 29           Ron & Sherry Vink                        Creepers     Janet Noordhof, Grada Drost
                 Grace Reitema                                         Bill Forsyth, Chelsea Weenink
                                                          Leapers      Wilbert Borren, Amy Buit
                                                                       Emineh Zadoorian, William Braun

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