Both Worlds by yaoyufang


									Table of Contents
Warning ..................................................................................................................................... 5
Acknowledgement...................................................................................................................... 6
About Primeval........................................................................................................................... 7
About this Story.......................................................................................................................... 9
The Story Thus Far ...................................................................................................................11
Book One: Worlds Apart ...........................................................................................................13
   Both Worlds, Part One (Becker/Connor) ................................................................................14
   Both Worlds, Part Two (Abby/Becker) ...................................................................................25
   Something in Common (Abby/Connor) ..................................................................................36
   The Constant (Abby/Connor) .................................................................................................65
   Both Worlds, Part Three (Abby/Becker/Connor) ....................................................................67
   Family Planning (Abby/Connor) .............................................................................................75
Book Two: Worlds Together ......................................................................................................84
   Encore (Abby/Becker) ...........................................................................................................85
   Inventory (Becker/Connor).....................................................................................................94
   Caregiver (Abby/Becker/Connor) .........................................................................................100
   Housewarming (Abby/Becker/Connor).................................................................................109
   Connor‘s Turn (Abby/Becker/Connor) ..................................................................................118
   Bon Voyage (Abby/Becker/Connor) .....................................................................................128
   Cat‘s Away (Becker/Connor) ...............................................................................................135
   Jet Lag (Abby/Becker/Connor) ............................................................................................139
   Penis Envy (Becker/Connor) ...............................................................................................147
   With This Ring (Connor) ......................................................................................................152
   Something Borrowed (Abby/Becker) ....................................................................................155
   The Best Man (Abby/Connor) ..............................................................................................160
   Breaking Badass (Abby/Becker/Connor) .............................................................................163
   Tailspin (Abby/Becker/Connor) ............................................................................................176
   I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays (Abby/Becker/Connor) .......................................182
   Midnight Oil (Abby/Becker) ..................................................................................................187
   Catharsis (Becker/Connor) ..................................................................................................190
   Driving to Distraction (Becker/Connor).................................................................................195
   Training Day (Abby/Becker/Connor) ....................................................................................201
   Aftercare (Connor) ...............................................................................................................206
Book Three: Worlds Dividing ...................................................................................................212
   Tech Support (Connor) ........................................................................................................213
   Intermission (Abby/Becker/Connor) .....................................................................................216
   Important (Abby/Connor) .....................................................................................................221
   Shell Shocked (Becker/Connor, Abby/Becker).....................................................................225
   Paper, Scissors, Stones (Abby/Becker) ...............................................................................238
   Cold Blooded (Abby) ...........................................................................................................248
   Gossip Girl (Becker, Jess) ...................................................................................................250
   Going Down (Abby/Connor).................................................................................................254
   Splinters (Connor, Abby, Becker) ........................................................................................258
   Ego and Id (Becker/Connor) ................................................................................................262
   Family Values (Abby/Becker) ..............................................................................................268
Book Four: Worlds United .......................................................................................................273
   Open Secrets (Becker, Emily) .............................................................................................274
   Trusting Instinct (Abby) ........................................................................................................283
   Forgiveness (Abby/Becker/Connor) .....................................................................................286
   Our English Dead (Becker) ..................................................................................................290
   Order and Chaos (Abby/Becker/Connor) .............................................................................295
Epilogue: In Their Own Little World .........................................................................................303
   You May Kiss the Bride (Abby/Becker/Connor) ...................................................................304
Appendices: Worlds Beyond ...................................................................................................307
   Secret Places (Abby/Connor) ..............................................................................................308
   Homecoming (Abby/Becker/Connor) ...................................................................................313
   Any Port in a Storm (Matt/Officer Sam Leonard) ..................................................................314
   Past, Present, Future (Emily/Jess/Matt)...............................................................................322
The story herein is rated NC-17/MA for mature themes, graphic sexuality and some violence. It
is intended only for open-minded adults. In addition to explicit sex in a male/male/female triad,
there is also great deal of BDSM and other alternative sex throughout this story. Potential
squicks for each chapter are noted, but if you‘re of a generally delicate disposition, this story is
probably not for you.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fanfiction, and has no connection whatsoever with
Impossible Pictures or any of the cast and crew of Primeval. It was created only for the sake of
amusement, and there is no intent to profit from it. All original content, however, is copyright
2010-2011, Allegro MediaWorks. Please contact before excerpting or reposting.

With love and many thanks to my fellow fans, especially my ARCadians co-conspirators. Writing
this stuff wouldn‘t be nearly as fun without you.

Also, to my long-suffering M, who not only put up with my muse-driven late nights, but actually
likes reading my stuff. I think I got a keeper!

About Primeval
Its basic premise—time-traveling creatures and the team that chases them—is only a small part
of Primeval. By turns both B-movie campy and serious-drama heartbreaking, it‘s an unusual
story that appeals to a wide range of people. It can be both preposterous and profound, and is
at its best when highlighting the personal tragedies and triumphs of its many fascinating,
endearing characters. This, of course, makes it ripe for fanfic writers!

The umbrella plot and its character arcs can get quite complicated, so I won‘t try to rehash them
all. I recommend seeing at least series 1 and 2 to get up to speed. But, here‘s a brief synopsis
and some character bios for the uninitiated:

Palaeontology Professor Nick Cutter has stumbled across ―anomalies‖: rips in time that allow
access between eras, and through which dangerous creatures often pass through. Under
government direction, Cutter assembles a rag-tag team to research the phenomenon and to
manage any creature incursions.

Unfortunately, his estranged wife Helen, who disappeared through an anomaly many years
earlier, shows back up to complicate matters both personal and professional.

In addition to these two, the rest of the Series 1 crew:

Stephen Hart: Cutter‘s lab assistant and right-hand man, he‘s a skilled tracker and handy with
weapons, as needed. He carries a dark secret, however, which leads to trouble.

Connor Temple: One of Cutter‘s students, quirky, chaos-magnet Connor is a self-confessed
dino geek who also has a keen knack for tech and a mad, unrequited crush on Abby.

Abby Maitland: Feisty tomboy Abby is a herpetology specialist at the local zoo, and joins the
team as an expert in animal behaviour. She‘s somewhat less savvy about her own species.

Claudia Brown: The team‘s government liaison, and day-to-day operations manager. She and
Cutter fall for each other right off the mark, but can their relationship stand the test of time?

James Lester: Claudia‘s acerbic, strait-laced boss, who initially considers Cutter and his team a
bunch of hopeless amateurs.

Capt. Tom Ryan: A well-trained Special Forces soldier set to keep the team safe on their

We also meet Connor‘s geeky buddies Tom and Duncan, who become important to the story
later on.

And, we can‘t forget adorable Rex, a smart, friendly Coeleurosauravus that Abby secretly keeps
as a pet.

Series 2 character additions include:

Jennifer Lewis: A PR rep who bears an uncanny resemblance to Claudia in looks, if not

Oliver Leek: Another government liaison who may not be all he seems.

Caroline Steel: A posh young woman who shows interest in Connor, much to Abby‘s utter

The team also gets a new facility: The Anomaly Research Centre, or ARC.

Series 3 additions:

Captain Hilary Becker: The new head of ARC security, he‘s a no-nonsense, highly-skilled
young military man with a deep attachment to his vast array of weaponry.

Dr Sarah Page: An expert in history and mythology who helps Cutter build a model of
anomalies throughout history.

Dc Danny Quinn: A wild-card cop with a personal history with the anomalies.

Abby‘s ne‘er-do-well brother Jack shows up midway through the series, and our team also
faces off with agenda-driven military wonk Christine Johnson and her team.

Rex also gets a couple of creature companions: A pair of nuisance-causing Diictodons called
Sid and Nancy.

In Series 4 and 5, things have changed drastically, and we have a new ARC facility and two
new team members:

Matt Anderson: An adventurous creature specialist with a mysterious hidden agenda.

Jess Parker: The team‘s new smart-but-flighty field coordinator, who has a raging crush on

We also meet Philip Burton, a famous scientist whose company has a vested interest in the
anomaly operation, and his assistant April Leonard.

The team later encounters Emily Merchant, a woman from Victorian London who has spent
years hopping anomalies with a group of time travellers and Ethan Dobrowski, a member of
her group who has a big secret and a nasty disposition.

And, lastly we have Gideon, a confidante of Matt‘s whose motives are unclear.

About this Story
I‘m a latecomer to Primeval. Though I‘m a SFF fan, I‘d barely heard of it, and just never was all
that interested in checking it out, as it seemed like a generic adventure show aimed at pre-teen
boys. Then I saw Alice in Dec. 2009, and promptly became hopelessly besotted with Andrew
Lee Potts. I mainlined series 1-3 in the space of a week … and promptly became hopelessly
besotted with Connor and Abby. It took me a couple of months to dip my toes into writing fic (it
had been five years since my last fandom) but then I couldn‘t stop, and in addition to a lot of off-
centre Abby/Connor fic, also started writing some rare pairs, crossovers and such.

I didn‘t think of throwing Becker in the mix until I read the tie-in novel Fire and Water, which has
some great moments with our trio, and a cute scene in which Becker asks Connor if he can date
Abby. Shortly after I finished that, a few amazing shots from the filming of the 4x01 reunion
scene turned up, including a great shot of Connor and Abby embracing joyfully as Becker looks
on with his own happy grin. The rest, as they say, is history. 100k-words-plus of porny, kinky,
silly, frustrating, angst-saturated history. This is probably my most intense and extensive writing
project ever—including my legit novels—but it‘s also been great fun. I didn‘t set out to create
some giant magnum opus of trashy smut, but apparently I have. Hey, it‘s a hobby.

It‘s certainly helped that series 4 and 5 canon did an awful lot to fuel my fire. The final version of
the reunion scene was amazing in itself—a three-way hug!—and there were many, many other
great moments throughout both series to keep giving me story fodder. This included an awful lot
of Abby/Becker time, as they made a great field-team pair while Connor was back in his lab.
And then there‘s the amazing little happily-ever-after shot near the end of the series 5 finale:
Connor holding hands with Abby, who has an arm around Becker, who reaches across her to
put a hand on Connor‘s shoulder. Whoa. That‘s OT3 heaven, right there.

There is, of course, plenty of ficbait throughout all five series for any given combination of
characters. The ARC team are all quite affectionate with each other in general, and Becker
alone gets his mitts on just about everyone at some time or another. But what‘s most surprising
to me is how little handwaving is necessary to make this trio seem plausible within a canon
context. Most folks reading or writing slash, rare pairs, poly groups, etc., take that handwaving
as a matter of course. We don‘t get the canon plausibility the way mainstream het shippers do.
But in this case, unless one assumes monogamy and heterosexuality as defaults-until-proven-
otherwise, there‘s really not a lot getting in the way of this reading of canon subtext. Even
Becker‘s supposed interest in Jess doesn‘t really go anywhere; he cares for her a great deal,
but both of them have just as much contact and chemistry with half of the rest of the team (in
particular, she and Emily are quite close—something I ran with later.) And then there‘s that little
bit with Becker refusing to answer a direct question about his orientation….

But, of course my story is pure conjecture. Aside from Abby/Connor as a couple, it‘s just a
product of my own twisted (and oh, how twisted!) mind. Nonetheless, I‘ve enjoyed trying to
weave it fairly closely into the existing story, and am quite chuffed that I haven‘t had to jump
through major hoops to do so. Fanfic is certainly plenty of fun on its own, but I especially enjoy
fics that feel like side narratives or deleted scenes, so I aimed for as much dovetailing as
possible. Thus, all other major elements of canon are included here, and I‘ve also tried to

include some scenes that fill in gaps, or go deeper into what someone was doing, thinking or
feeling during a given canon event. I especially liked filling in the year gap in which Abby and
Connor are stranded in the Cretaceous (Something in Common) since we got basically none of
that in canon.

Most of what‘s in this collection was originally posted as individual fics on LiveJournal and the
Primeval ARChive. The versions included here, while largely the same as the originals, do have
some minor changes for the sake of copyediting, continuity and narrative flow.

I‘ve been writing this trio for nearly 18 months now, and in that time, I‘ve grown very fond of
them. I hope, in my telling of their story, you will, too.

The Story Thus Far
(This covers episodes 3x01-3x06 and the tie-in novel Fire and Water, and includes some
extratextual notes relevant to the fic, as well as canon information.)

Our trio‘s love story starts midway through series 3, and I‘ve included some notes at the
beginning of each chapter to explain what‘s going on in canon at the time. However, read on for
some background details on the history of their friendship:

After the tragic death of original team member Stephen Hart, ARC management decides to
once again fully staff the team‘s security detail. The new head of this force: the handsome
Captain Becker, a well-born young man from a military family, trained up from an early age and
given top marks at Sandhurst. Though young for his position, he has a laudable military record
and Special Ops experience and an instinctive, nearly fearless expertise in battle situations.
He‘s a no-nonsense, duty-driven man who shows little emotion at first, save a propensity for dry
humour and a great affection for weapons. His first name, not revealed in the programme
proper, is Hilary, but anyone calling him that would probably not make that mistake twice.

Becker initially finds the team he‘s joined exasperating in their chaotic, hard-to-corral nature, but
quickly comes to care for all of them. Over the course of several adventures, they win his loyalty
and respect not as a matter of duty, but of true affection. In particular, Becker develops soft
spots for the team‘s two youngest members, Abby and Connor.

Though entirely opposite his nature—and in different ways, at that—Abby and Connor both
fascinate Becker enough that his well-practised military reserve slowly starts to slip. As their
adventures continue, he‘s more relaxed, jokes more, and shows more emotion when one or
both of the pair is around. They clash—Connor‘s flightiness drives him crazy, as does Abby‘s
stubbornness, and insistence on trying to save the creatures—but slowly, he develops a strong
working relationship with each.

Abby and Connor, however, have a long history of their own personal drama. Connor fell for her
from the moment they met, and has pursued her in clumsy, ineffective ways virtually every day
since, even through his brief, ill-fated relationship with another woman. Abby‘s aware of
Connor‘s crush, but she‘s very guarded when it comes to relationships (likely due to family
issues.) She cares for him—enough to let him share her flat—but she can‘t be honest with
herself about feeling anything else, so she writes him off as a geeky, overgrown adolescent
instead of a prospective romantic partner.

When series 3 opens, the team‘s cohesion seems to be quite tight, especially with Becker now
along to keep them all safe. And it‘s perhaps this sense of security that starts finally leading
Abby and Connor toward each other. Then, a horrific tragedy strikes, shattering the peace they
thought they had. The death of Nick Cutter, the departure of Jenny Lewis and the arrival of
Danny Quinn throw the pair into disarray—killing what progress they‘d made. Compounding
matters is Abby‘s gadfly younger brother Jack, who shows up out of the blue asking his sister
for crash space. Jack takes Connor‘s space in the flat, forcing him (unbeknownst to Abby) to
bunk at the ARC at first, and then with Lester.

Things start coming to a head for our trio around this time. A mad, days-long event (covered in
Fire and Water) splits the team, and forces our three to work together to save not just the public,
but the ARC itself from dangerous forces both outside and inside its walls. At one point on their
mission, Becker, having watched Abby and Connor once again refusing to see their affection for
each other, gets in the middle of things, and suggests to Connor—much to Connor‘s horror—
that if the two aren‘t dating, maybe he should ask Abby out instead.

After one more incident in which Becker‘s loyalty to his team is tested—and he passes with
flying colours—he‘s finally fully accepted by them, and true friendships begin to develop.

Not long after, things get even closer. First with Connor, then with Abby….

Alas, before the bonding can truly flower, their work tears them apart yet again, leaving Connor
and Abby stranded in time, and Becker stuck back home, trying to pick up the pieces.


Book One: Worlds Apart

Both Worlds, Part One (Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Becker/Connor, hints of Abby/Becker

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: A bit of wound care and some unprotected sex (explained later)

Our story opens near the beginning of series 4. Becker has spent a year trying to adjust to life
without his friends. He’s gained some comfort from a good rapport with new team members
Matt and Jess, but he still feels crushed every day by the weight of his grief for the people he’s
lost. His grief for the loss of Connor and Abby, however, is especially keen, as he remembers
the time he had with them before they disappeared.

It starts with Connor, and an intimate moment around an injury he suffered on the mission in
Fire and Water. Then there’s an impromptu celebration of their rescue of Rex (episode 3x07)
which turns far more intimate indeed….


He was order, they were chaos, and chaos was winning.


Soldiers don‘t cry. Still, late at night, as he tossed and turned on the small bed in his flat, he
couldn‘t help welling up sometimes, remembering the last time he saw them: dashing off
through the future anomaly with Danny while he and Sarah left to chase bugs. They hadn‘t even
really said goodbye, and now, with months gone by, the chances of saying anything at all to
them ever again grew more and more slim. Yet it was the not knowing that made it all so much

It was never easy when he lost one of his own men, but there was a comforting sense of
protocol there. It was hard to tell their families—and he always did it himself, with honour and
grace—but the grief had a beginning and end. His men had signed on for their jobs. They were
prepared to give their lives in service, just as he was. Abby and Connor, however, were
different. Death for them was something well beyond a hazard of duty, and it changed how they
lived their day-to-day lives.

He had heard them talk about losing their soldier friend Ryan and their teammate Stephen. He
saw the still-fresh grief they carried from the loss of their beloved Cutter. He saw Abby‘s primal
panic at the possibility of losing her brother. After all this danger and threat, he knew that they
refused to talk about the possibility of losing each other. And that possibility, he supposed, was
what kept them apart. It was what kept Abby dancing on the edge of giving in, and Connor on
the edge of pushing her to. If they just never fully admitted to themselves and each other exactly
how deep their feelings went, then maybe it wouldn‘t hurt so badly if—maybe when, in this job—

fate stole one of them away.

For his own part, the grief was already there, and would continue to be until he knew for certain.
He still grieved for Sarah, and cursed himself for his part in her death, but there was closure
there that just wasn‘t possible with them. Without knowing their fate, he couldn‘t stop thinking
about it; couldn‘t let go of the loss, of the pain … of the guilt. If he knew they were dead, maybe
he could let go of the knowledge that not only had he left them mostly alone in a creature-ridden
nightmare world, but without even the true comfort of the love they should have had for each

For that loss, he knew he was at fault, and that grief hurt more than anything else.

Connor was the first.


The high-pitched sound of shattering crockery, followed by a Yorkshire-flavoured string of
charming curses, caught his attention. He stopped in the doorway of the lounge.

―Connor? You OK?‖

Connor looked up from where he was attempting to clear away the broken teacup, deerlike eyes
showing a smidgen of pain and a lot of embarrassment. Which, as Becker had noted before,
was fairly common, given Connor‘s unfortunate tendency to clumsiness.

―I‘m fine. Really. Just….‖ Connor flexed his right hand. His glove hid most of it, but Becker could
see that Connor‘s fingers were an angry red, still burnt from his wrestling of the broken anomaly
locking mechanism the day before.

―You sure?‖ Becker frowned at him in worry. ―Are you still having trouble with your hand?‖

Connor winced and nodded.

―Here, let me have a look.‖ He walked over to Connor, reaching for his hand.

―I‘m fine, Becker.‖ Connor pulled his hand away.

―It‘s no worry! I have field medicine training, you know. I can see how it‘s going.‖ He gently took
Connor‘s wrist. ―Here, let me….‖ He began pulling off Connor‘s glove.

Connor squirmed. ―No! No, really. It‘s all right.‖

Becker scowled and put on his best no-argument voice. ―Connor, I‘m charged with keeping you

safe. If you‘re injured, I have a responsibility to make sure it gets fixed.‖

Connor‘s face flushed almost as red as his hand and he finally allowed Becker to remove his
glove and peel back the dressing. Underneath, the reason for Connor‘s pain was evident: The
burn on his palm was shiny and hot pink, and oozed just a little. Becker made a face. ―This
really doesn‘t look good.‖

―I know, but….‖ Connor whimpered a little.

―This bandaging is a mess. Did you actually see a medic when we got back? I‘ll really have to
have a word with them about this.‖

―Um. No. I just sort of … fixed it up myself.‖ Connor tried to smile.

Becker rolled his eyes. ―You really can be daft, Connor.‖ He pointed at the sofa. ―Go sit down.
I‘m going to properly redress that for you.‖ Sighing heavily, Connor sat down obediently. Becker
washed his hands at the sink, and retrieved a large plaster, an antiseptic wipe and a packet of
antibiotic cream from the first aid box on the wall. Taking Connor‘s hand, he cleaned the burn,
and squirted a dollop of cream onto it. He wondered why he‘d never noticed before-—maybe
because of the ubiquitous fingerless gloves—-but as he stroked the cream into Connor‘s hand,
he marvelled at how soft the skin was, and admired the long, slender fingers. These hands were
very different from the well-worn, callused hands of a soldier, the feeling of which Becker knew
very well. The burn was quite the pity, he thought: lovely hands like these should be well-kept,
so they could…. His mind wandered for a moment, but he was brought back to reality when
Connor made a small noise.

―Am I hurting you?‖ Becker asked gently.

―No. Maybe a little. It‘s fine.‖ He trembled slightly.

―Are you sure? You‘re shaking. Look at me. What‘s wrong?‖

Connor looked up, meeting his eyes, and then immediately looked away again. He cleared his
throat. ―It‘s not pain, it‘s….‖ He smiled sheepishly. ―See, I‘m not used to people touching my
hands. I‘ve got a bit of a weird thing about that.‖

―Your hands?‖ Becker raised a curious eyebrow. ―I‘ve seen you shake hands before, though.‖

―I know. But I usually have my gloves or something on, then. It‘s not, you know, direct contact.‖

―Oh.‖ Becker realised he was still delicately stroking Connor‘s palm and let go. ―Is that why you
wear them?‖

Connor nodded. ―Yeah. I dunno why it‘s weird for me. It just is.‖ He shrugged.

―I see. That‘s unusual, but it makes sense, I suppose.‖ He unwrapped the plaster and stuck it
on, making sure to seal the edges. ―I guess it is sort of … intimate.‖ He caught Connor‘s eye
and smiled warmly as he drew the glove back on Connor‘s hand.

Connor went pale.


He‘d been surprised when Connor had offered to buy him a pint in thanks for helping rescue
Rex, but the idea of winding down from a long day really appealed, so he gladly took him up on
the offer. After a shower and change at home, he headed for the pub that Connor had

When he walked in, he saw Connor at the bar, nursing his first pint and idly watching a round of
darts across the room. Becker came up behind him and tapped his shoulder. ―Hey!‖

Connor turned, and nearly dropped his glass. ―Becker? Becker!‖ He gaped.

―You look surprised. Am I late?‖

―No! No, you‘re fine!‖ He laughed a little. ―I‘m not used to seeing you in, y‘know….‖ He gestured
at Becker‘s button-down silk shirt and loose trousers.

―Civvies?‖ Becker grinned. He noticed Connor‘s own clothes: He‘d changed into tight, black
jeans and a grey, long-sleeved T-shirt. He was surprised to see that Connor wore no gloves,
although his thumbs were stuck through holes in the overlong sleeves of his shirt, pulling the
cuffs down to his knuckles.

―Yeah. Civvies.‖ Connor nodded. ―You‘re quite well kitted out, actually. Nice shirt.‖

―Well, I‘m not an Action Man figure out of a box, you know,‖ Becker teased.

Connor blushed. ―I know. Sorry. You‘re not even armed, are you?‖

Becker sidled up next to him. ―Actually, I am. Just a small pistol in an ankle holster, though.
Can‘t leave home without it. Feel naked if I do.‖

―Naked. Yeah.‖ Connor coughed a little. ―So, what d‘you drink?‖ He turned to signal the

Three pints in, and Becker was nicely warm, though his strong constitution still kept his head
clear. They‘d moved from the bar to a booth in the back of the pub, and had spent most of an

hour and a half talking shop: laughing over mutual observations of Lester‘s quirks and Danny‘s
big mouth, and Connor telling him about some of the creatures they‘d encountered before he‘d
joined the team. He even broke down a little and grumbled about his fake girlfriend Caroline (or,
as Connor referred to her, ―the mercenary bitch.‖)

Finally, they wandered back outside to the alleyway where Becker had parked, the night air
cooling alcohol-flushed faces. They paused at Becker‘s car, a sleek, black 4x4. ―Ought to be
getting back, I s'pose,‖ Connor said with a sigh. ―If I get in too late, Lester will probably tell me I
can‘t even use the bog anymore.‖

―Right. And I have a perimeter security review to plan.‖ Becker ran a hand over his head,
pushing a stray hair back where it belonged, and reached for his door handle. ―Do you need a

―No. It‘s not far.‖ Connor shrugged. ―But one thing before you go?‖

Becker turned to face him again. ―Yes?‖

Connor scuffed the toe of his boot at the pebbled ground. ―Well, forgive the cheek, but I have to
ask: Were you at all serious the other day when you asked me about dating Abby?‖

Becker paused a moment, wondering how to answer. In truth, yes, he did fancy Abby. She was
stubborn, and they butted heads a lot, but that actually made her more attractive to him. He had
often imagined how her spitfire personality and fierce fighting style might translate in more
intimate situations. Still, he considered her hands-off, knowing how much Connor was in love
with her, and how that made her, in a practical sense, unavailable. ―Well, sort of,‖ he hedged. ―I
think Abby‘s great, but I think I mostly wanted to see how you‘d react, because I wanted to try to
figure out what‘s really going on between you two.‖ He settled back against his car, hands stuck
in his pockets.

―Oh.‖ Connor stared at the ground. ―Well, like I said, there‘s nothing going on there. Nothing at

―And that‘s the problem, isn‘t it?‖

Connor heaved a great breath and then nodded. He turned, leaning against the car alongside
Becker. ―There was a time I thought it was possible, but I think that‘s gone, now. I think the
moment we had to work that out kind of vanished.‖ He folded his arms across his abdomen.
―Things are all strange with us now that I‘m out and her wanker brother is taking up my space in
the flat. We‘re still friends and all, but … it‘s different. If I tried to ask her out now, I think she‘d
be really uncomfortable with it.‖

―I‘m sorry to hear that.‖

Connor shrugged. ―It's a'ight. I‘ll get by. I‘m just kind of … romantically challenged, I guess. Not
quite good with women.‖

―Yes, they can be challenging, that‘s for sure. I‘ve definitely had my share of bad experiences,
too.‖ Becker smiled knowingly.

Connor cocked his head. ―You? Surely that‘s not even possible. You must be swimming in
female attention, yeah?‖

―Eh. You‘d be surprised. It happens, but more often than not, I don‘t get anything serious--just
lasses who are impressed by my … really big gun,‖ he deadpanned.

Connor stared for a moment, and then got the joke. He giggled in a slightly drunken, but quite
endearing way. ―Cute. Still, though, I‘m sure you get more attention than I do. Times I wonder if I
might be better off … going gay or something.‖ He waved a demonstrative hand. ―But then, I
think after all my trouble pulling women, I‘m not sure I could handle failing with men, too.‖ He
rolled his eyes.

Becker‘s heart tripped on a beat. It was hardly the first time he‘d thought of Connor that way, but
hearing the words still unsettled him a little. He never could quite tell how serious Connor was
being when he was joking, though in this case, he couldn‘t help hoping there was some truth
there. He tried to play cool. ―Oh, I‘m sure that wouldn‘t happen. I‘m sure plenty of men would
fancy you.‖ He winked. ―Might even be a few blokes around the ARC who already do. I know
I‘ve seen Wilson look you over a time or two,‖ he teased, nudging Connor‘s hip with his own.

―Ah!‖ Connor looked away and squirmed fetchingly, shifting his hips and smiling nervously. He
seemed to be turning the idea over in his mind—and perhaps enjoying the thought. Becker tried
not to hope.

―Anyway,‖ Becker continued, ―could be you‘re just on a bad spell right now. Maybe if you get
past the Abby thing you‘ll be able to find a new girl.‖ He caught Connor‘s eye. ―Or boy.

―Yeah, whichever,‖ Connor grinned, being annoyingly noncommittal. Then his face grew dark
again, and he sighed deeply. ―It‘s the getting past her thing I‘m not sure I can do. I‘ve been stuck
on her since the day we met, and I just can‘t seem to get unstuck. It‘s like I just need some sort
of … oh … mental bomb or something to get her out of my head.‖ He thumped a palm on the
side of the car for emphasis.

―I‘m so sorry, Connor.‖ He reached for Connor‘s hand, patting it soothingly, his fingers slipping
up the cuff of Connor‘s sleeve. Connor jerked just a little and curled his fingers back. Becker
frowned, and then remembered: ―Oh! Right. Sorry. The hand thing. Forgot about that.‖

Connor flicked a quick smile at him. ―No, it's no bother.‖ He got a strange look on his face, and

extended his fingers again. ―Actually, I didn‘t mind that at all,‖ he said softly, almost to himself.
He looked confused for a moment, and then pensive. His eyes scanned Becker‘s face, and then
he reached back, taking Becker‘s hand and squeezing it gently.

A sudden silence fell between them, as Becker realised the intimacy Connor was offering him.
Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the moment, but without warning, a quick surge of
boldness washed through him. ―You know, it‘s Abby‘s loss, really. She doesn‘t know what she
could have with you,‖ he blurted.

Connor‘s breath hitched. ―Oh? How so?‖

―Well….‖ Becker stroked his thumb over the back of Connor‘s hand. ―I have a confession to
make. It‘s a bit daft, really, but: I actually have a thing for brainy folk. Strange, right? Big macho
Action Man, and what really impresses me is someone saying a string of words I don‘t
understand in the slightest. I know I take the piss sometimes, but really, I look up to you. I did
quite well in school, generally, but not so much with science and that sort of thing, so I find it
quite compelling when you talk about all the things you know—even if they‘re beyond me.‖

―Seriously?‖ Connor stared in surprise.

―Yes, seriously.‖ Becker wondered for a moment if he‘d gone too far. He wondered if he should
be going down this road. He wondered if he should leave Connor alone; let him sort things out
with Abby, somehow. Yet his genius little friend looked so good in this light: the yellowish glint of
the streetlamps gleaming on his moist lips, and the cool night air making his small nipples stand
out against the tight fabric of his shirt. Abby should have all this, he knew, but if she didn‘t want
it…. He moved closer, and steadily met Connor‘s gaze. ―Honestly, Connor. I think you‘re bloody

Becker could see Connor‘s body language change. His cheeks glowed more than could be
accounted for just by beer. His mouth hung open, and his chest rose and fell with increasingly
rapid breaths. A glance down confirmed it: a small-but-distinct tenting at the fly of his jeans.
―So.…‖ Connor‘s voice was rough. ―All my going on about, say, the artefact or whatever … you
like that?‖ He angled toward Becker, their faces only a breath apart, his dark eyes nearly black
with how blown his pupils were.

―More than I can say.‖ Becker brought Connor‘s hand up. Pushing back the cuff of his shirt, he
pressed Connor‘s bare palm to his mouth and kissed it wetly, revelling in the feeling of the soft
skin against his mouth. Connor gasped and trembled, but he didn‘t pull away.

―Whoa.‖ Connor breathed. ―Is this…? Are you…? What…?‖

Becker smiled and flicked his tongue against Connor‘s hand. ―Yes?‖

―Becker, I‘m—" he broke off as Becker began sucking the tip of his index finger. ―Oh my god.‖

He suddenly sagged, weak at the knees.

Becker slid a hand around Connor‘s waist to steady him. ―You said something about a mental
bomb. Well, I am a munitions expert.‖ He smiled and kissed gently over Connor‘s knuckles. ―But
I can stop, if you want.‖

Connor swallowed hard, his eyelids fluttering closed. ―Yes. No, I mean. Fuck.‖

The mumbled curse inspired Becker, and he began sucking more deeply, taking two fingers
wholly in his mouth, rubbing his tongue on the tips, eliciting a heavy groan from Connor‘s throat.
―I could do this on other parts.‖ Becker whispered quietly.

Wordless for once in his life, Connor merely nodded.

Looking around to be sure they were alone in the alley, Becker opened the door of his 4x4 and
guided Connor into the driver‘s seat, sitting him on it sideways, legs dangling out the door.
Becker moved between Connor‘s knees and began kissing him and stroking his thighs,
gradually moving up until he was caressing the hard bulge straining inside the black denim.
Connor‘s hips pushed up, and he drew Becker close, sighing into their kiss. Soon, his noises
became needier, and Becker crouched down, bending over Connor‘s body and working quickly
at his fly.

It seemed long-supressed need-—months, maybe even years, Becker guessed-—had taken its
toll, because it took only moments after Becker drew Connor‘s cock from his trousers and began
licking and sucking at it that Connor started to shudder violently, his belly going rigid and his
fingers digging almost painfully into Becker‘s shoulders. Knowing from experience how hard it
was to hold off under such circumstances, Becker went with it, bobbing his head down, taking
the whole length and sucking hard. With a strangled cry, Connor came in his mouth, babbling
nonsensically in his delightful, bliss-thickened accent. Becker swallowed readily, worming his
tongue under Connor‘s foreskin to get the last bits. Finally, he pulled back, stroking Connor‘s
arm tenderly.

After a short while, Connor finally calmed, leaning limply against the seat, still drawing the
occasional ragged breath to steady himself.

―A‘ight then?‖ Becker asked kindly.

Connor nodded, eyes still closed. ―I‘m sorry. That was kind of, um, unexpected.‖ He huffed a
nervous laugh.

Becker patted his hand again. ―I understand.‖

Connor began pulling himself together and closing up his trousers. ―Um. Are you…?‖ Connor
looked down at Becker‘s crotch.

―I‘m fine.‖ Becker smiled. ―Can take care of this at home.‖

―Oh. OK.‖ Connor looked slightly disappointed.

―Unless you want to come home with me and help,‖ Becker said calmly.

Connor grinned lopsidedly. ―Well, I suspect Lester would probably chuck me out if I tried to
come in at this hour anyway.‖


Morning came all too soon. Tired from their long day, they‘d both fallen asleep quickly after a
short-but-satisfying bit of activity. It wasn‘t nearly enough, in Becker‘s opinion, but all they could
manage before exhaustion took over.

And now the sun was lightening the otherwise hazy London sky, and he was alert, and aware of
Connor clinging to him on the narrow bed, and snoring softly against his shoulder. Gently
dislodging himself, he padded off to have a shower. Halfway through rinsing off, he heard a soft
knock on the door, and Connor‘s sleepy voice. ―Hey, all right if I come in and use the facilities?‖

―Sure. Just don‘t flush, yet. The pipes here don‘t cope well with the pressure drop.‖ He politely
turned away as Connor came in and stood at the toilet.

In a moment, Connor spoke again, his voice hopeful. ―So, ah…. Is there room in there for two?‖

Becker wiped a wet hand across his face and turned back, looking through the frosted glass of
the shower door at Connor. His hair was a chaotic mess, his stubble was longer than usual and
his eyes were still heavy with sleep. He was also still fully naked, half hard and utterly beautiful.
Thoughts of the day‘s work ahead of them both vanished, lost in the rush of blood that flooded
his crotch. ―Of course.‖ He smiled, and opened the door, moving back so his taller, broader
body wouldn‘t block the spray.

Connor shivered a little as he stepped in, and he moved close, seeking heat. Wordlessly,
Becker enveloped him, stroking his back and enjoying the intimacy of being skin-to-skin as the
water cascaded over them. The shower and the caresses soon woke Connor up more fully, and
he tilted his face up, seeking kisses that Becker readily provided.

Between kisses, Becker reached behind him for the bar of soap and a face cloth. ―May I?‖ He
asked, rubbing the cloth across Connor‘s shoulder.

Connor laughed. ―I don‘t think anyone has given me a wash since I was a baby.‖ He smiled
shyly. ―But I think I‘d like that.‖ He stepped back, giving Becker access to his body.

Taking the time that the late night and fatigue hadn‘t allowed them before, Becker paid intimate
attention to Connor‘s body, rubbing the soapy cloth over the slender definition of his arms,
across his flat belly, down the curve of his hip. Connor closed his eyes and sighed, making soft
noises of pleasure with each sensitive spot Becker attended.

After giving Connor‘s scraggly hair a wash, Becker turned him to face the wall of the shower. He
soaped up the cloth again and rubbed it over Connor‘s back, now and again dipping slightly
further down, teasing at the top of his cleft. Connor groaned and arched his back, seeking more
contact. Swapping hand for cloth, Becker obliged, stroking down the length of his arse, slipping
his middle finger between the tight cheeks.

Encouraged by Connor‘s sounds, he stroked deeper, soapy finger tracing small, feathery circles
around Connor‘s hole. ―Do you like that?‖

Connor gasped and parted his thighs further. ―Yes. God, yes.‖

He pushed gently, and was surprised to feel Connor‘s body readily yield to him. ―Have you done
this before?‖

―No. Not … well, not with someone else. I‘ve kind of … well … experimented.‖ Connor sounded
a little sheepish.

―Oh? Oh!‖ Somehow, he wasn‘t surprised. Connor‘s inventive mind had surely come up with
some strange and wonderful things when it came to creative wanking. The thought encouraged
him, and he couldn‘t help pushing his cock against Connor‘s hip.

Connor chuckled softly between groans. ―Abby would absolutely kill me if she knew, but I
actually borrowed her vibrator once.‖

Becker flushed suddenly, the unexpected visual of Abby pleasuring herself flitting through his
mind. It excited him, and yet.… It couldn‘t be considered cheating, could it? Somehow it felt that
way. It felt like he was about to fuck her boyfriend. He paused, hesitating his finger at the
entrance to Connor‘s body.

Connor must have mistaken the pause for disapproval. ―Oh, don‘t worry! I cleaned it when I was
done,‖ Connor said hurriedly. ―But, wow. That was amazing. It felt really good.‖ He squirmed
with the memory, his hip sliding across Becker‘s cock.

The shock of pleasure cleared Becker's mind and he recovered, need pushing away all
thoughts of guilt. He purred into Connor‘s ear. ―So, would you like the real thing?‖ He withdrew
his finger and rubbed his cock against Connor‘s arse. ―Can I fuck you?‖

Connor whimpered, backing into him. ―Please.‖

Plenty of soap and Connor‘s ready relaxation eased his way in, and in just a moment, he had
sunk to the hilt and the feeling of Connor‘s hot, tight body surrounding him made him shiver.
Reaching around, he grasped Connor‘s twitching cock. His other hand he brought up to where
Connor scrabbled at the tile, threading through his fingers and stroking his thumb across
Connor‘s palm.

He tried to go slow at first, to be gentle in case Connor was still getting used to the feeling, but
his cock had other demands and he quickened his pace. Connor, going by the sounds he was
making and the way his arse clutched greedily at Becker‘s cock, didn‘t mind at all. Every time
Becker fucked him harder, he only cried out more, backing into each thrust, frantically fucking
Becker‘s hand. Becker leaned over and began biting at the back of Connor‘s neck, and that
undid him. Making noises that Becker had only heard before when he was being chased by
some deadly creature, Connor convulsed, his cock growing rock hard and then jerking wildly,
shooting all over the wall of the shower. Mere seconds afterward, Becker felt his own balls
tighten up, and he rode Connor furiously, spilling deep inside him, breathing hot and wet against
Connor‘s neck.

The hot water started fading, petering out to lukewarm, but he didn‘t care.

Lester raised an eyebrow at them when they finally arrived at the ARC together, but if he
suspected something, he didn‘t say.


To Becker‘s frustration, it was only the once. It wasn't that they didn't want to acknowledge what
had happened—they were still quite friendly, and perhaps even more so, with occasional eye
contact that lingered too long, or an exchange of knowing smiles. There was no embarrassment
or regret. It was just that the job, and Connor‘s preoccupation with Abby, got in the way of any
further progression. In just a few days of anomaly-generated chaos, Connor drifted away, and
back to his baseline state: hovering over Abby, oblivious to the rest of the world around him, and
to the fact that she was oblivious to him.

And then there was Abby herself….


Both Worlds, Part Two (Abby/Becker)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Abby/Becker, Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 3x08: Abby’s nosy brother Jack has nicked her handheld detector, and finds his way to
an anomaly leading to a ruined, dangerous future. Abby, terrified for her brother’s safety, grabs
Danny, Becker and Connor and starts after him, before they can get a full complement of
backup to the site. Becker’s furious with her, but does his best to protect the team and get her
brother back. This includes taking on an enormous pack of predators entirely on his own,
seeming to sacrifice himself for the good of the mission. Abby and Connor are shocked and
grieved by this, thinking they’ve lost him for good.

He survives, however, much to their delight, and the team return to the present, Abby’s brother
in tow.

All’s well that ends well, and as the team are getting themselves fixed up, Abby’s brother tells
her of what Connor did in getting Rex back. As a reward for this act, Abby finally gives Connor a
lovely kiss, which Becker sees.…


With her, things came undone.


Loading an equipment box as they prepared to leave, Becker caught them out of the corner of
his eye: Abby leaning over the railing, her hand on the back of Connor‘s head, kissing him

He nearly dropped the box.

He stared—-he couldn‘t not—-and silently cheered them on. Finally, he thought, Connor was
getting exactly what he‘d wanted for so very long. Becker couldn‘t help being slightly jealous,
though. He remembered all too well what Connor‘s kisses were like, and it bothered him to think
that he‘d never have another. Still, he could understand the choice. From what he could see, it
looked like Abby herself was quite good at the kissing thing.

They fit together nicely, he decided as he watched them. It seemed right—like this was how
things were supposed to be. It was an arousing sight, definitely, but it also felt perfect somehow,
like he was seeing hand meet glove. Whatever bitterness he still carried at Connor‘s seeming
dismissal of him and the brief moments they‘d had together not long ago dissipated in feeling

happy for them both.

Finally, she pulled away, leaving Connor in quite a state of post-kiss catatonia, and walked off.
Glancing over her shoulder, she caught Becker‘s eye. She paused, a strange look coming over
her face. She knew he‘d been watching, he guessed. She flushed, and looked away.

Ten minutes later, he‘d finished loading up, and was getting ready to head back to the ARC.
She trotted up next to him as he was getting into the driver‘s seat. ―Oi, Becker! Can I get a

Becker frowned. ―Aren‘t you going with Connor or Jack?‖

―Jack‘s gone off to hospital to get his arm properly set and Connor‘s stuck here for a while
calibrating the automation for the locking mechanism, since the anomaly doesn‘t seem to be
closing, yet.‖

―Ah! A'ight then. Hop in.‖

She leaned against the window, quiet and tired, as they sped down the motorway. She didn‘t
sleep, though-—just stared out, her brow furrowed in thought.

Becker cleared his throat. ―So.… I need to apologise.‖

She looked over at him. ―For?‖

―For being such a twat back there. About your brother. It was stupid and cold of me to suggest
that we leave him.‖

―Yeah, well. You and everyone else. Though I can understand why.‖ She ran fingers through her
dirty, spiky hair. He noted—-as he often did-—that even when filthy, she was still quite
attractive. Perhaps even more so. After a moment‘s silence, she continued, ―I‘m sorry, too. For
what it‘s worth. And I owe you. You risked your life to save him, and you didn‘t have to do that.‖

―I didn‘t have to, no,‖ he said gently. ―I wanted to.‖

―Well, thank you. Really.‖ She smiled at him genuinely, and then turned back to the window,
watching the road signs fly by.

Silence fell again. He reached over and switched on the radio, to give his mind something to
chew on other than the mental image of the kiss he‘d just seen and the fact that one of its
participants was sitting less than an arm‘s-length away from him.

Abby, unsettlingly, seemed to read his mind. ―You saw me kissing Connor.‖

He couldn‘t help smiling. ―I did. Congratulations.‖


He turned, looking at her curiously. ―Well, you two are together now, yes?‖

She made a face. ―Becker, I kissed him. I didn‘t give him a ring.‖ She laughed lightly.

―Wait. I‘m confused. Why…?‖

―It was just a … I dunno … thank you gift, maybe. Jack told me about you and Connor rescuing
Rex, and I felt like he deserved a kiss for that.‖

―What, like charity?‖ His protective instincts started to kick in.

―No! Not like that.‖ She shrugged. ―I just know he‘s wanted that for a long time, and I figured
he‘d earned it.‖

He gripped the steering wheel, trying to contain a sudden flash of anger. ―Abby, do you have
any idea what you‘ve probably done to him now?‖

She stared.

―Connor‘s….‖ He grumbled a little, changing lanes to avoid a slowed car. ―You should know
better than anyone how sensitive he is, and how he doesn‘t understand subtle things like that.‖

―So you‘re suddenly an expert on Connor? He‘s lived with me for years, you know.‖ Her voice
took on a defensive edge.

―And he doesn‘t live with you now, does he?‖ He shot back.

―Well, no. Jack needed a place to stay, so.…Family, you know? I‘ve gone to the end of time for
my brother. I wouldn‘t have grudged him a place to sleep.‖

―And what about where Connor sleeps?‖

―I‘m sure he‘s at a mate‘s house. They‘re probably living it up, playing video games and littering
empty packets of crisps all over the place.‖ She waved her hand dismissively.

―He‘s not, actually,‖ he said evenly. He came to their junction and pulled off the motorway,
heading for the surface street that led to the ARC.

―What?‖ Her voice was suddenly softer.

―He‘s not with a mate. Unless you consider Lester a mate.‖

She choked back a surprised laugh. ―Lester? Are you kidding? How on earth…?‖

―He was actually living at the ARC for the first week after you chucked him out. He didn‘t think
anyone knew about it, but … well, I do review CCTV footage, after all.‖ He had to smile to
himself. Poor Connor probably had no idea that his nightly wanking habit had been captured on
CCTV. Or that Becker had politely deleted those files. After thoroughly reviewing them. For any
security issues. Of course.

―But, his mates ...?‖ She frowned in confusion.

―What mates, Abby?‖ He turned down the ARC‘s access road. ―Did you not know that his friend
Duncan basically dumped him right after their other friend died? Thought it was too dangerous
to hang out with him anymore, Connor told me.‖

―Are you serious?‖ Her face was pale under the dirty smudges.

He flashed his credentials at the security gate. ―He has no friends, save for some of the tech
staff at the ARC. And they‘re more … not really his kind of people. All civil servant types. You‘re
it, Abby. You‘re the person he‘s closest to in the world, now. He hasn‘t even told his mum what
he does. She thinks he‘s still working on his doctorate.‖ He pulled into the garage bay and
switched off the engine. They sat there quietly for a moment while Abby digested this

―Well, what about you?‖ She finally said. ―Sounds like you do know a bit about him. So aren‘t
you his friend, too?‖

Friend. It seemed like the wrong word, really. What other word would one use for a colleague
with whom one had had one night of intimate conversation and a rather mind-blowing shag?
―Sort of, yes,‖ he said quietly. ―We‘ve had some nice chats here and there, but it‘s not like
we‘re—-as you say-—hanging out and playing video games.‖ Or doing anything else either, he
noted with a pang of frustration.

―Well, it at least sounds like he‘s told you more about his life than he‘s told me.‖ She sounded
slightly irritated by that fact.

Becker had to smile. ―We don‘t do that. Men, that is. We don‘t talk about things like that with the
women we‘re interested in.‖

―Oh.‖ She chewed her lip thoughtfully.

The garage attendant strode up to the window, breaking their conversation. ―Evening, Captain.

Shall I fuel this up for you?‖

―Yes, thank you Hodges.‖ Becker opened the door and Abby gathered her things. He turned
back to her. ―Think about it, OK, Abby?‖

―I will,‖ she said, her voice small.


The lithe figure in the doorway of the armoury caught his attention. ―Abby, hey.‖

She‘d showered and changed into fresh jeans and a thin David Bowie T-shirt. ―Hey, Becker.‖

―Heading off, then?‖ He strode over to the doorway to meet her.

―That‘s the plan. You?‖

He shrugged. ―I think we‘re done here for now. Hadn‘t decided, yet.‖

―So, um. That conversation we were having in the car earlier.…‖ She looked down at her shoes.
―I don‘t think…. We didn‘t finish it, yeah?‖

He nodded. ―Still more on your mind?‖

―Yeah. Jack‘s going to still be in hospital overnight for observation, so I‘m on my own at home
tonight. I‘m a terrible cook, but I was thinking of picking up some takeaway. Do you like Thai?‖

―I do. Can you give me five minutes to shut things down here and change? I‘ll meet you at your


Setting his empty plate in the sink, he picked up his beer bottle and headed for the sofa.
―Thanks for the meal. I can cook, but I don‘t bother when it‘s just me. Nice to do something other
than opening a tin.‖

She smiled at him. ―Thanks for coming. Would‘ve felt weird being here alone. I‘ve got used to
having a roommate.‖ She settled down on the floor in front of the sofa, beer in hand. ―So,
anyway. About that conversation we were having earlier…‖

―Yes, that.‖

―I‘ve been thinking about what you were saying. About Connor, and how he feels about me. And
I‘m feeling horribly guilty now, because I know you‘re right. I really stuffed this up.‖

―I see. Well, I‘m sorry I had to bring it up, but I care about Connor, and I don‘t want to see him
get hurt—and you have some pretty remarkable power to hurt him, you know.‖

She made a face. ―Yeah. I know. I should know, at least. But I guess I forget that sometimes.‖

―Can I ask you this: Do you love him?‖

―Yes, but….‖ She shook her head. ―I just can‘t explain it. I feel like he‘s not ready for me, if that
makes any sense.‖

―Ready, how? He‘s not a child, Abby. He‘s not some innocent little untouched altar boy or
something.‖ Hardly.

―No, I know, but.…‖ She grumbled. ―OK, look. Here‘s how it is. At least how I see it. I know he‘s
in love with me, but I don‘t think it‘s, well, grown-up love. I think he‘s just been nursing this weird
crush on me for ages, like he sees me like some sort of, I dunno, superhero comic girl or
something. There was a time when I thought we might finally be getting somewhere—-like he
was finally growing up enough to treat this maturely—-but then after Nick…‖ She trailed off,
wincing a little with still-fresh grief. ―Well, he regressed, I guess. I don‘t think he knows what he
feels right now, and that‘s just not something I want to mess with.‖

―Oh. I guess that makes some sense.‖ Connor had seemed plenty mature when they were
together recently, Becker thought. But then again, he also hadn‘t spent the last couple of years
being pestered by Connor‘s clumsy attempts at sparking romance.

―To be honest? I do fancy him. Sometimes he‘s so, well, not very self-aware, and that‘s kind of a
turnoff. I‘ve had to remind him sometimes that he needs to wear clean pants and shower every
day. But aside from that?‖ She grinned slyly. ―It‘s not that I haven‘t thought about him that way.
He is rather fit.‖

Becker coughed a little. ―Yes, I can see that.‖ And had. The memory of Connor‘s tight arse
pushing back against him came to mind unbidden. He tried to stay cool, but couldn‘t help the
quick rush through his pelvis.

She giggled and flushed a little. ―I would never tell him this, but I actually caught him having a
wank, once. One of the hottest things I‘ve ever seen.‖

OK, another rush like that, and it was going to become painful. He tried to shift in an
unnoticeable way.

―But I‘m sure you don‘t want to hear about that. Probably a scary mental image, hey?‖

He hoped the uncomfortable smile he flashed didn‘t look too psychotic.

―Anyway. Yes, I‘m attracted to him, and yes I love him. But I just don‘t think it‘s going to work
out. We‘re in too much of a weird place, and I don‘t think he‘d cope well with the … emotional
issues involved.‖ She stared at the floor. ―You‘re right that I shouldn‘t have kissed him. In the
moment, it seemed like the thing to do, and I won‘t say I didn‘t enjoy it, but.… I guess I‘ll need to
talk to him. Make sure he doesn‘t get the wrong idea.‖

―Yes, that‘s probably the wisest thing, but try to be gentle when you do, yeah?‖

―I will.‖ She sighed heavily, and took a deep draught of her beer. He couldn‘t help noticing how
nice her mouth looked as it was sealed around the neck of the bottle. He shook his head, trying
to clear the thought from his mind.

He pensively twisted his own bottle in his hand. ―I guess working together doesn‘t make it any
easier, hey? Kind of rough on relationships, this job.‖

―Oh, god!‖ She rolled her eyes. ―It‘s a nightmare. I‘m quite frustrated, actually.‖ She set her
bottle aside and leaned back, stretching her arms over her head, her shirt riding up above her
navel. He forced himself to look away. ―Between the job and Connor hovering over me and
babysitting Jack and … well, everything, really. It‘s not like I‘m ripe boyfriend bait.‖

―Oh, I‘m sure that‘s not true.‖ She looked quite ripe to him. Parts of her did, at least. He
wondered how they‘d taste.

―I mean, I could probably go out and find some random bloke to have some pointless little shag
with, but with my luck, we‘d probably get an anomaly call smack in the middle of it and I‘d have
to leave him, well, hanging, so to speak.‖ She wrinkled her nose in annoyance. ―Of course, as it
is, I kind of scare off most of them anyway. Always have. In my experience, men tend to feel a
bit intimidated by a woman who can knock them about.‖

Becker chuckled softly. ―Not all men feel that way, you know. Some of us quite like that,
actually—find those passive girly girls rather boring. Can‘t really have a good shag with
someone who‘s worried about smudging her lipstick or what her mum would think.‖

She cocked her head. ―Sounds like you‘re speaking from experience.‖

He grinned. ―Might be.‖

She laughed at him, and then went quiet again, her eyes narrowing in thought. ―Becker. So, this
might be rude, and I‘m sorry if it is, but.… Have you ever—do you like me? I mean, do you fancy
me at all?‖

He closed his eyes. Surely, this wasn‘t happening. Surely he wasn‘t about to get an offer from
her; an offer that he knew, no matter how horrible he might feel for taking what was rightfully

Connor‘s, he couldn‘t turn down.

―Sorry. I shouldn‘t have said anything. Forget I asked.‖ She started to get up.

He reached for her wrist, pulling her back. ―Wait.‖

She stopped, her pulse twitching under his fingers, her mouth hanging open.

He met her gaze. ―The answer is yes. Yes, I do fancy you. Quite a lot, actually. Have since the
day I met you.‖ He kept his eyes steady, trying to ignore the warning bells in the back of his
mind. ―I‘ve just not spoken up because, well …the job. And Connor. And everything else. My
sense of duty would have told me off if I‘d said anything.‖

After a short, thoughtful pause, she sat down next to him, uncomfortably close. "So, what‘s your
sense of duty telling you now?‖ Her voice was low and thick.

―The same, basically. That I should probably get a cab and go home.‖ He noticed that her eyes
were ridiculously blue, and she smelled like beer and spicy Thai food and grapefruit-scented

―And are you going to listen to it?‖ Daringly, she put a hand high up on his thigh, her fingertips
curling down to brush against his inseam.

He found he couldn‘t quite breathe. Setting his jaw, he spoke through his teeth. ―No.‖

In a flash, she was on him, clambering into his lap, straddling his thighs. She took his head in
her hands and pushed a kiss on him-—a sweet, hot, deep and rough kiss that contrasted
deliciously with her deceptively small and delicate form.

He was almost shocked by the sheer force and quickness with which she descended on him.
He was used to more negotiation, more slow burn, especially with women. But this woman….
She knew what she wanted, and she was taking it. In a way, it felt a lot like how it was when he
was back in the army and one of the lads made the right kind of eye contact when they were
alone. There was no talk; no dithering. If you wanted it, you said so, and it happened.

And this was happening, there was no doubt about that. If the breath-stealing kiss wasn‘t
enough proof of that, her small hand snaking down to his crotch and getting a palmful of trouser-
covered hardness was. He gasped and pushed against her involuntarily.

Between kisses, she doffed her T-shirt and flimsy cotton bra and began unbuttoning his shirt.
He moved his hands to her small, pert breasts, cupping them and rubbing his thumbs across
her nipples. She purred into his mouth, and stuffed her own hands into his shirt, scraping her
fingernails across his chest and toying with the dense thatch of hair.

At first, he wasn‘t sure how she wanted it. She seemed to be taking control, so he followed her
lead. But then, experimentally, he threaded his fingers through her short hair, pulled her head
back and began suckling at her neck, using his other hand to grope and paw at her breasts a
little more roughly than he had before. The sounds she made could have melted glass.

This was it, he guessed. This was why she couldn‘t go for Connor. She wanted—probably
needed—someone who not only could handle what she dished out, but who could meet her,
returning every bite and scratch and squeeze without missing a beat. Connor, bless him, was
just too passive to do that. His heart broke with that realisation, but his body overruled the pity.
What Abby needed was what he needed, too. And he was entirely willing to give it to her.

They broke apart briefly, just long enough for him to grab his ―emergency kit‖ from his backpack
and follow her into her bedroom. Remaining clothes were hurriedly stripped, and they collapsed
onto the bed, a crazy mess of limbs and mouths and heat.

They wrestled for position: at first, him atop her, his knee between her thighs, letting her grind
her wet crotch against him. Then she flipped him, pinning his wrists above his head and biting
her way down his arms and chest. She knelt over him, licking and sucking at his nipples. He
writhed, barking pleasure and angling his hips up, trying to meet her. He freed an arm and
reached between them, getting a hand between her thighs. Her silky hair was soaked and her
skin was hot. He easily slipped a finger into her cleft, stroking small circles around her hard little
clit and then moving back, dipping one, then two fingers into her, teasing until she forced the
issue, pushing her hips down, sliding onto his fingers. He worked her like this for a while, her
teeth still sharp on his neck and shoulder. He pushed his palm against her as he curled his
fingers rhythmically inside her. Her body tightened.

―Becker! Fuck!‖ She barked against his neck, her hips rolling furiously, seeking friction against
his hand. He obliged, rubbing and pushing and thrusting as her tight cunt twitched and clutched
at his fingers. He shuddered along with her, the sound and fury of her peak reminding his cock
that it needed attention.

She backed off, breathing hard, and then looked at him, her eyes hot and focused, eyeing him
like a predator.

He barely remembered taking the few seconds to tear open the packet and pull the condom on,
because soon he was sliding into her, her light body a welcome weight as it settled into the
saddle of his hips. She sat back, her body upright, sinking down, burying him as deeply as she
could, groaning as his heavy cock probed her.

He reached for her breasts again, pressing his fingers into the soft flesh, kneading and rubbing,
moving with her as she rocked back and forth.

Her face was a picture of pleasure, her eyelids heavy, her mouth wet and red, her cheeks
flushed. Sweat dappled her brow and her chest, and the muscles of her belly tightened and

released as she moved. She was hot, this was hot, and his body responded to everything she

But his mind couldn‘t stay there.

In her blissed-out face he saw everything that Connor had wanted. He knew, instinctively, why it
was so easy for him to seem to forget the night they‘d had together just a few days ago. He
knew that Connor dreamed of it, fantasized about it, even lived for a moment like this that
Becker himself had simply been lucky enough to fall into.

It felt so good--her body tight around him, her pliant skin in his hands—but it was wrong
somehow. It should be Connor making her gasp like this. It should be his hands on her breasts.
It should be his cock inside her…. Oh, god. His cock.

He felt Abby‘s body. He remembered Connor‘s. The two parts of his brain, present and recent
past, collided and he failed, his trained reserve gone, torn away by the powerful mixture of lust
and pleasure and need and guilt. She cried out, he cried out and the release shattered them

She collapsed on top of him, heaving deep breaths. He held her, stroking her back. He ignored
the tear that trickled down his cheek. Soldiers don‘t cry.


He woke the next morning to find the bed empty. He heard water running and realised she‘d
already gone for a shower. He closed his eyes again, remembering the last time he‘d got up the
morning after, and the shower.… Oh. He felt a stirring, and wondered if it might make sense to
try for some sort of repeat--to see if Abby would let him join her.

But, no. The rush subsided as the regret took over. The sex with Connor had been amazing, but
through it all, something just hadn‘t seemed right. There was a piece out of place: something
that just didn‘t make sense. Last night, he‘d felt the same. Something was wrong. Something
was missing.

He rolled over. On her bedside table was a photo in a small frame: she and Connor in the
lounge at the ARC, making faces at the camera while Lester was in the background, frowning
sternly as usual.

Looking at the photo, finally, he knew: What had been missing with Connor was Abby, and what
had been missing with Abby was Connor. He hadn‘t fallen for either one of them. He‘d fallen for
both. He‘d fallen for them together, not apart.

And in satisfying his curiosity with each of them separately, he wondered if he‘d made the
biggest mistake of his life, and destroyed that perfect union for good.


The question was moot, in any case. They were gone, now—both of them.

The weeks, months dragged by. He refused to admit that they were lost, but in his heart, he


Something in Common (Abby/Connor)
POV: Abby and Connor (alternating)

Pairing: Abby/Connor, references to Abby/Becker and Becker/Connor, hints of A/B/C

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Canon-level violence

Episode 3x09/10: Helen’s back, and invades the ARC—via a clever disguise—to steal the
artefact. Then, she escapes through Christine Johnson’s anomaly to the ruined future—
dragging the poor woman along to her death.

The team is on the chase, but before they can all go through to find her, another anomaly alert
splits the team. Becker and Sarah run off to answer that call while Danny, Abby and Connor
continue the pursuit of Helen. In the future, they find out that the artefact is part of an anomaly-
opening device, and that Helen has plotted to go back to the earliest humans, to wipe out our
species. The team follow her through a generated anomaly back to the Cretaceous. They’re
interrupted, however, by a pack of raptors, and in the melee, Connor is injured. Danny continues
to follow Helen through another anomaly, while Abby and Connor stay behind. Unfortunately,
their opening device has died, and they have no way to get home.…

Morning in the Cretaceous dawned cold and clear, waking them quickly as the sun peeked over
the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

After they‘d climbed down from the tree that had been their bed for the night—Connor nearly
slipping halfway down when his wounded ankle gave out—the two set out on a mission to get
their bearings. After about an hour‘s walk, they came across a small freshwater pool, fed by a
lovely little waterfall that came from a tributary of the area‘s main river.

―We should stop here for a minute,‖ Abby said, after a look around to be sure they didn‘t have
dangerous company. ―Wash up a bit, maybe. Fill our bottles.‖

―Yeah, you‘re probably right. No telling how long we‘ll be here, I guess.‖ Connor sighed and sat
down heavily on a fallen log. He leaned over, massaging his ankle, which was showing swollen,
black-and-blue skin over the top of the rough binding they‘d made.

―So what all do we have in there?‖ Abby sat down next to him and nodded at the backpack
Becker had handed them the day before. Had it only been a day? It seemed like so much

―I dunno.‖ Connor shrugged it off his shoulder and set it on the ground in front of them. Opening
up all the pockets, he started pulling things out. ―Lessee: A couple more stun grenades, a first
aid kit—that might be useful—a couple of Swiss Army knife thingies.… Oh! Here!‖ He pulled out

a small plastic bag containing several energy bars and water purification tablets and handed it
to Abby. ―Not a lot there, but it‘ll get us through a few days, at least—maybe more if we can find
other edibles around here.‖

Abby took the bag Connor handed her and pulled out a couple of the bars. Tearing into hers
hungrily, Abby mumbled around a mouthful. ―Whassat?‖ She pointed to a small, black nylon bag
Connor had pulled out.

―Not sure.‖ Connor opened the bag--and then quickly closed it again. ―Oh. Uh....‖

―Connor?‖ Abby frowned at him. ―What?‖

―Uh, it‘s nothing, really. Just more … ehm … supplies.‖

―Supplies for what?‖ Abby took the bag from him, to look for herself. ―Oh!‖ She laughed
nervously a little. Inside the bag was a small assortment of safer sex items. ―I should‘ve
guessed: Becker‘s ‗emergency kit.‘ He keeps one in every bag.‖

Connor gaped at her. ―He does?‖

Abby looked at his startled expression and flushed. ―I mean … so I heard.‖ Looking away
sheepishly, she occupied her big mouth with the last bites of her energy bar.

Connor started and stopped a few questions, but thankfully didn‘t actually give voice to any of
them. He looked confused, and slightly hurt, and that wasn‘t a conversation she wanted to have
right now.

―Here,‖ Abby handed him an energy bar, ―have some breakfast. I‘ll go get us some clean water.‖
Picking up their two empty bottles, she grabbed the purification tablets and strode off to the
edge of the pool, grateful for an excuse to get away from him for a moment.

Crouching down while she filled the bottles, she thought back on the night Becker had spent
with her just a couple of days ago. The memories were still fresh, and still caused a warm thrill
to run through her. It might‘ve been an ill-advised tryst—sparked mostly by a long-supressed
need for contact and comfort—but it had really, really worked for her. She found herself missing
him, not just because having him along for this trek would‘ve kept them all much safer, but for
his company, too. Of course, the kind of company she was thinking of at the moment probably
wouldn‘t go down with Connor very well.

She sighed to herself and glanced back at him. He was rebinding his ankle—ineptly. Her heart
broke for him, but she couldn‘t help it. She cared for him, and maybe even loved him, if she
really thought about it, but the passion she had felt with Becker was something she‘d simply
never felt with Connor. It wasn‘t that she thought him unattractive, just that she always felt as if
she was mothering him—or at least acting as some sort of older sibling or something. More

often than not, it felt like having another Jack around: definitely more responsible and thoughtful,
but still…naïve, maybe; childlike, somehow. For all his rude bluster that direction, Connor still
seemed slightly immature to her, like an adolescent who‘d just discovered his own anatomy,
and that just didn‘t excite her any more than any other adolescent would.

Well, at least not most of the time. She‘d actually been quite surprised at how much she enjoyed
the kiss she‘d given him. She‘d intended it only to be something kind—a reward, for what he‘d
done for her—but it did actually send more sparks through her than she‘d imagined it might. The
memories of being with Becker gave way a little to memories of the kiss, and, to her great
surprise, she found it actually increased the little thrills rushing around inside her. ―Huh,‖ she
muttered aloud, slightly bewildered at her own reaction.

Connor looked up at her. ―What?‖

Shaking her head, she stood up, striding back to him and handing him a bottle. ―Nothing. Just …
random thoughts.‖ She nodded at his ankle. ―How‘s that doing?‖

―It hurts like hell, to be honest. I think I avoided the break, but the sprain is definitely pretty bad.‖
He winced as he tied up the bandage.

Abby knew she‘d have to redress it again, but she let him go to it for now. ―I think we‘ll need to
find someplace safe where you can lie down and elevate it. We also need to find Danny,

He grimaced a little. ―I‘m … I‘m not sure we‘re going to, Abby. We went off in the direction he
did, but we didn‘t see any anomalies there. I‘m sure it probably closed by now. We might have
no choice but to wait for it to open again. Or,‖ he sighed heavily, ―wait for any anomaly to open,

Her heart sank. She knew he was right. ―Well, we‘ve still got our detectors, yeah?‖ She patted
her own backpack, which contained most of their electronic equipment and a few other random
supplies. ―How long will the batteries last on those?‖

Connor shrugged. ―If we keep them in standby mode, they‘ll be gone in two days. If we shut
them down, and only turn them on for, say, an hour at a time for scanning? They could last up to
a month each. I could also rig something near the original site to alert us if that one opens

―So maybe…we could try to find a safe place near the original anomaly, and then spend an hour
or so each morning circling out and scanning?‖

―Yeah, that‘s probably the best plan.‖ He tried to stand up and quickly sat back down again, as
his ankle collapsed. ―OW! Dammit!‖

Abby crouched down next to him, preparing to redo the binding. ―Well, as it is, we‘re really not
safe with you in this condition anyway. If you can‘t run away from something that‘s trying to eat
us, we‘re stuffed.‖

Late that afternoon, they finally found a place: Tucked back under a rock outcropping farther up
the river was a clearing, blocked off only by a small copse of young trees and a tangled net of
large, fallen branches. Nimble primates with opposable thumbs that they were, it was relatively
easy for them to pick their way through the blockage and into the sheltered part. Once inside,
they replaced the branches they‘d moved, forming a sort of gate to their little hidey hole.

―Little things might get through here, but we should be safe from the big carnivores, at least,‖
Connor noted, sitting down on the fern-covered ground with a pained huff.

―What all is likely to be here?‖ Abby asked, taking a sip from her bottle.

Connor shrugged. ―Can‘t say exactly for sure, but aside from the raptors … pretty much
everything—the kind of stuff we saw in Siberia, for instance. Most of it is big, though. I don‘t
think we‘ll be bothered in here by anything scarier than a giant frog or maybe an early rodent or

―Fair enough. We‘re close enough to the river that we can get water, and I think I saw something
on the way in that looked like some sort of blackberry or raspberry or something. I‘ll have to look
again to be sure, but I don‘t think we‘ll starve, at least.‖ Abby said thoughtfully.

―We might also be able to catch some fish--or fish-like creatures, at least. Though, they‘re not
likely to be served with a plate of chips.‖ Connor smiled at her.

She laughed a little, grateful for the levity.

Connor looked up at the waning light filtering through the leafy overhang that formed the front
half of their roof. ―For tonight, though, we‘re probably stuck with energy bars and water.‖

Abby had already started digging through the pack for the food bag. She handed Connor a bar
and took one for herself. Munching thoughtfully, she watched the shadows lengthen, and tried to
ignore the fact that Connor was watching her (though he was trying to avoid the appearance of
that.) He‘d been uncharacteristically quiet since her faux pas that morning about Becker‘s
emergency kit, and she was beginning to worry that he‘d figured it out. The truth, she imagined,
would come out sooner or later, but things were still too raw right now. In any case, distracting
from their need for basic survival with personal issues wasn‘t a good idea.

Stuffing the empty wrapper back into her pack and taking a small sip of water, she crawled over
to a corner of their shelter. ―You up for taking first watch?‖ She asked quietly.

―Sure. Don‘t think I can sleep with the way me ankle‘s throbbing right now anyway.‖ He rubbed
at it absentmindedly.

―We have some aspirin in the first aid kit, you know.‖

―I know. Figured I‘d save that in case we really got injured. I‘ll be fine.‖ His face said otherwise.
―Get some sleep, Abby. I‘ll wake you if I start dropping off.‖

She considered arguing, but exhaustion took the fight out of her. ―A‘ight, then.‖ Curling up on a
bed of ferns with her jacket as a pillow, she quickly passed out.


For maybe an hour, he lay on his side and watched her, while still keeping one eye on the
entrance to their little shelter, to be sure they didn‘t have visitors. His ankle still hurt, but it was
other pain truly keeping him awake.

He could be wrong about her reference to Becker, he thought. It wouldn‘t be the first time that
he‘d misunderstood what someone was talking about when it came to personal things. Never
his strong suit in the first place, his ability to interpret relationship—even friendship—signals had
been more or less ruined with the Caroline fiasco. His mum had always said he was just shy,
but he knew that wasn‘t it. It was almost like trying to learn a different language without even a
dictionary to help. The few times he‘d managed to get together with someone it had been more
or less accidental, and always because the other person involved had pushed the issue. Had it
been solely up to him to properly play his half of a mating dance, he‘d still be a virgin.

Yet Abby had kissed him—really kissed him. Surely that had to mean something. He
remembered every second of it in great detail: each press of her lips, the way she suckled
slightly on his mouth, the way her fingers felt on the back of his head. Every touch had felt like
the most amazing thing he‘d ever experienced in his life. Caroline‘s fake, dry kisses could never
have compared, and even Becker‘s real ones, as lovely as they were, just weren‘t the same.


How could Abby have known about his emergency kit? Connor was only barely aware of it
himself. The night they‘d gone back to Becker‘s place, they talked about it briefly before
deciding that, given his own lack of experience and the ARC‘s stringent, regular medical exams,
it wasn‘t necessary. The decision was based on a level of trust and honour between them that
had felt quite nice, actually. Obviously, Becker used it with others, however—people he didn‘t
know as well—and certainly with women, of course.…

Had they? And if they had, when? He knew where she‘d been every night when they were still
living together, so it had to have been sometime after Jack‘s arrival had chucked him out. And
surely, given their conversation about her, Becker would‘ve told him if he‘d been with Abby

before. So it had to have been recently--very recently, in fact. But when? Was it—he sighed
painfully—before or after she‘d kissed him?

Abby‘s sleeping face told him nothing, no matter how long he stared at it, and the maddening
silence and loneliness of the lengthening night made his thoughts run wild. Maybe it had been a
one-time thing, he considered; like his own fling with Becker. Just one night, inspired by beer
and curiosity and a mutual need for some sort of human contact. Nothing more than that. Just
sex. It was just sex, right?

He closed his eyes, and the visions came to life in his mind: Becker‘s hands on her body, his
mouth on hers. Would he have touched her in ways similar to how he had touched Connor?
Would he have stroked her thighs, kissed her belly, dragged his teeth down her neck? How
would he have taken her? On top? From behind? In some crazy position even Connor's own
curious wanderings of the internet‘s backroads had yet to discover? Whichever it was, Becker
undoubtedly would have fucked her hard, his hips snapping in that heart-stopping rhythm he

Connor‘s breath caught in his chest. Suddenly, it wasn‘t jealous obsession driving the thoughts
anymore. It still hurt, but now something else compelled his mind to keep wandering. He could
see it as clearly as if he‘d been there watching: the flush on her cheeks, the wetness of her
mouth, the way her lashes would flutter. He could hear Becker‘s deep, almost animal-like
groans as he pushed, and bucked and came....

―Connor, you daft idiot, wake up!‖ Abby‘s hand was hard on his shoulder.

―Whu?‖ A shaft of sunlight hit him in the eyes.

―You didn‘t wake me. We‘ve both been asleep all night.‖ She sounded slightly scared. Which
made sense.

Muttering a string of self-hating profanity, he sat up, looking around quickly to make sure there
were no signs of anything toothy nearby. ―Abby, I‘m so sorry. I just … I was so knackered....‖

―I know.‖ At least there was a hint of sympathy there. Though just a hint--not enough to keep
him from feeling utterly mortified.

Then he realised he was feeling something else. Glancing down hurriedly, he sighed a little in
relief when he saw that the sticky wetness currently cooling his crotch had not seeped through
to his jeans. Still, he now had a problem, and one without an easy solution that didn‘t involve far
more humiliation than he could possibly have coped with. ―So, uh …‖ he looked up at her
sheepishly, ―I need to, um....‖

Abby smirked knowingly. ―Yeah, me too. Shall we take a small trek outside?‖

Down at the edge of the river, they wandered off behind separate bushes to do their morning
business. The comforts of modern bathing and laundry facilities, sadly, were still a few million
years from being created, so he had to improvise. With a few palmsful of water and some dried
grasses, Connor managed to clean up a fair amount of the evidence of his unfortunate dreams,
though his boxers were still slightly stiff in places and one section of the hair on his lower belly
was matted in a somewhat painful way.

As he dressed again, he thought for a moment about the content of the dreams. He was still
surprised at his own reaction. He was, undoubtedly, deeply jealous of Becker for being with
Abby—if indeed that was what had happened—but he couldn‘t exactly blame him. Nor, for that
matter, could he blame her. Becker was, after all, amazingly fit and sexy, and impossible to
resist. He himself hadn‘t been able to, after all. He smiled and chuckled softly. Well, that was
one thing he had, at least. He wondered what she‘d think if she knew.

Not that he was going to tell her.


As it had every morning for the past six weeks, their circling detector scan around the shelter
location turned up nothing. Abby was discouraged, but at least somewhat grateful that the
batteries on the devices had lasted as long as they had so far. Connor's ingenuity with
electronics had certainly created an efficient little machine. It was a pity, she thought, that he
might never get a chance to put that knowledge to use again.

Grumbling a little as she put the detector back in her pack, Abby scanned the sky--and

―Connor!‖ She hissed through her teeth. ―We have company!‖

He looked up, seeing the circling pterosaurs. ―Quick! We need to get into the trees!‖

Rushing as quickly as they could, they wove their way through the brush toward a dense pine
thicket, trying to scan for other deadly creatures as they went. ―I thought pterosaurs didn‘t hunt
large prey?‖ Abby gasped as they ran.

―Some do, some don‘t,‖ Connor said breathlessly. ―And in any case, we‘re probably small
enough for these guys. They‘re much bigger than the one we saw before.‖

A shrill call from the sky echoed, and one of the flock broke off, streaking down toward them.
Just as it was about to strike, they dove for cover under the sheltering trees. Screeching its
annoyance, the huge creature came up short, narrowly avoiding crashing into the branches of
the treetops. Flapping leathery wings, it wheeled back into the sky.

Panting heavily, Abby and Connor lay on the forest floor, staring up through the foliage.

―Oh, thank god,‖ Abby laughed a little in relief.

―We made it!‖ Connor smiled stupidly, a fluttery hand resting on his chest.

Abby sat up, brushing leaf debris from her dreadlocked hair. She looked around, a little
confused. ―Connor.‖


―Do you…do you recognise where we are?‖

He sat up, scanning the trees around him. ―No…no, I don‘t.‖ He frowned in confusion. ―We were
walking east from the shelter, yeah?‖

Abby nodded. ―But I don‘t remember which direction we just ran.‖

Connor habitually looked at his wrist, and then cursed as he remembered that he'd broken that
compass two weeks earlier. He stared up at the sunlight, filtering through the treetops. ―Well, it‘s
about noon, I think. Maybe we can figure it out once the sun starts going down, and we can tell
where we are from that.‖

―I hope so. I really, really don‘t want to get lost out here.‖ Abby stood up, looking around
nervously for any signs of predators.

Connor hefted his pack onto his back and rose to stand next to her. ―I don‘t see any tracks
around. Little stuff, maybe. But it doesn‘t look like anything big has come through here anytime
recently. We should be safe for the moment. We may actually want to go further into the trees.
They‘re dense enough around here that the bigger creatures won‘t want to try to pick their way
through them, and the pterosaurs won‘t try to come back for us.‖

―All right, then.‖ Abby shifted her pack. ―Lead the way.‖

About 15 minutes later, they could see a small clearing ahead, and what looked like the edge of
a pond of some sort.

―Oh! Water. Might not be a bad idea to stop and refill.‖ Abby started toward the pond.

Connor grabbed her arm. ―Wait. No. Water means watering hole. Which means possible
creatures. Let‘s scout around a bit first and make sure we don‘t have any company. We might
be safe from big stuff here, but there are still some deadly little things—juvenile raptors,
maybe—that would love to make a meal out of whatever would use that pond as a water

―Good point.‖ Abby nodded. Quietly, they crept forward, listening for any animal sounds and
watching carefully for any motion in the underbrush. As they got closer to the pond, however,
something started pinging another sense. ―Connor? Can you smell that?‖

He stopped, closing his eyes for a moment and breathing deeply. ―Yes. It‘s like.... Wait.‖ His
eyes flipped open and he peered over at the pond. ―It can‘t be.... Oh, wow!‖


He took her arm and pointed. ―Look at the surface of the pond. What do you see?‖

―Uh, water? Oh, wait! Is that steam?‖

Connor nodded vigorously. ―Yep!‖

―A hot spring!‖ Abby laughed brightly.

―That sharp smell is probably from the minerals in it. If we get a bit closer, I might be able to tell
if it‘s safe for us.‖ Connor pushed ahead, getting closer in while still keeping alert.

―Safe? You mean we could....‖

―Have a bath? You bet.‖ Connor giggled a little. ―Granted there‘s no soap bubbles, but it‘d still
be nice, hey?‖

―Ohh....‖ Abby sighed musically. The idea of sinking down in hot water was at that moment the
most exquisite thing she could imagine. She quickened their pace.

As they got closer, Connor looked around at the mineral deposits on the rocks near the pond. ―It
looks safe to me,‖ he said. ―I‘m seeing calcium and some salts--nothing corrosive.‖ He knelt
down at the water‘s edge and gingerly dipped a hand in. ―It‘s hot, but not overly so--nothing
more intense than a really hot shower. We probably don‘t want to stay in it too long, but we
won‘t get burned, at least.‖

―Will we be safe, though? What about creatures?‖

Connor shook his head. ―The smell will keep most of them away—they won‘t want to drink from
this pond. There might be some small mammals that could take the heat and want to have a
swim, but it otherwise shouldn‘t even have any fish or anything.‖ He peered down into the clear
depths. ―I don‘t see anything moving down there, at least.‖

―Bloody fantastic.‖ Abby dropped her pack and knelt down to start unlacing her boots. ―I call first

Connor smiled gently at her. ―All right then. I‘ll keep watch.‖ He wandered over to the edge of
the clearing, nearest where anything might come barging in. He politely turned away as she
disrobed, though she did catch him stealing one glance over his shoulder as she stepped into
the water. Fair enough, she thought as her muscles unknotted in the prickly hot water. With the
bravery and sense he‘d shown over the past weeks in helping keep them both alive, he‘d
certainly earned at least a small looky loo.

They were quiet as she swam—they‘d come to a comfortable rapport in the past several weeks
that didn‘t need constant chatter to keep each other entertained. She wondered sometimes
what went on in his head as he silently contemplated their surroundings. She had some ideas,
of course, but she‘d never been brave enough to ask.

As the tension drained from her, she let her own mind wander. The water felt so good that she
started letting herself become aware of her body again, rather than only giving it the basics of
what it needed with food, rest and shelter--and one other little demand a couple of weeks ago.
That had been a challenge, she thought wryly. Poor Connor had been rather mortified when she
explained that they might want to find a way to more thoroughly bury any debris they left behind,
as small wads of blood-soaked dried moss might attract predators. He‘d got over it quickly
enough, though, and had even been kind enough to go out and collect quite a lot more of the
moss when she‘d been curled up in their shelter, miserable, but bravely trying not to dip into
their stash of aspirin.

Having a spring like this around that time would‘ve been great, she thought. She hoped they
could remember where it was so she could return in a couple weeks‘ time if she needed it again.
As it was, it still felt glorious on her exhausted, sore body, and she lazily stroked her hands over
her skin, revelling in being naked for the first time in weeks.

Finally, she figured she‘d been in long enough, and that she ought to give Connor a turn. The air
was warm enough that she dried off quickly after she stepped out, and dressed again in her
dingy clothes. ―Oi, you‘re up, Connor,‖ she called over to him.

He turned back and smiled, taking in her still-wet hair and broad grin. ―Looks like you enjoyed

―Oh, I so did. It‘s bliss.‖

―Sounds like it.‖ He started stripping down, and she hurriedly grabbed her pack and took up
sentry duty. She was still warm and loose from her own bath, though she tried to stay alert to
keep them both safe while Connor was indisposed. She giggled at the sharp little noises of
shock and pleasure he emitted when he stepped into the hot water and couldn‘t help looking
back, grinning a bit as he flailed around like a little kid in a pool. She caught sight of the band of
his boxers, still around his hips; he‘d not been as brave as she and got completely naked. She
found herself slightly disappointed by this, though that confused her.

About 20 minutes in, she sat up stiffly, hearing a small noise coming from the trees. ―Connor!‖
she barked a warning and stood up, grabbing her short fishing spear from her pack.

―Terrific.‖ She heard him splashing around as he climbed up out of the water. They both froze
for a moment, eyes locked on some motion in the grove. Then they saw it: Waddling out into the
clearing, the badger-sized furry creature jumped as soon as it saw them, making a rather horrid
little noise of alarm and dashing back into the trees.

―What the—?" Abby gaped. ―What was that? It looked like ... OK, it looked like a platypus.‖

Connor laughed a little. ―I think….‖ he paused, remembering the name. ―Steropodon?
Something like that. And you‘re right: It‘s a platypus, or at least something like that; a

―Shouldn‘t be deadly then, hey? I know platys can be poisonous, but they‘re so shy that they‘re
really not a threat. In any case, he‘s gone.‖ Abby turned to face Connor, forgetting for a moment
the state he was in.

Connor seemed to have forgotten, too, as he simply stood there at the water‘s edge, makeshift
spear in hand. He was thoroughly wet, and naked but for his boxers, which were soaked
through, translucent and clinging to his skin--in all the right places.

Abby caught herself staring and turned back. ―Oh! Sorry!‖ She muttered, flushing deeply.

―Eh, s‘OK,‖ he said with false casualness. She heard him begin to dress and busied herself by
gathering up her own things for their trek back.

As they made their way back through the forest, guiding by the position of the sun as best they
could, she couldn‘t get the image out of her mind. In the weeks since they‘d been trapped here,
her memories of Becker had been slowly fading, much as she still called them up as a way to
soothe herself to sleep on restless nights. Thoughts of Connor, on the other hand, had kept
creeping in unbidden. As a matter of practicality, they often huddled close together on cold
nights, and she had come to welcome those moments of cuddling for more reasons than body
heat. His touch was always gentle and tender with her, and there were times when just the
feeling of his hand on the small of her back helped her relax and drift off.

Even as nice as the contact had been, however, she still hadn‘t really thought much of him
beyond that. On occasion, she‘d feel a quick thrill when he did something particularly brave or
clever, but he still, most of the time, seemed so … boylike … that it just didn‘t work for her.

The mental image she now carried, however? That was not the body of a boy.

She had seen him naked once before, two years ago, when she‘d accidentally walked in on him
while he was having a wank. She hadn‘t caught more than a glimpse, though, and even though

the idea did appeal to her—enough to have given her quite the naughty dream about him a few
days later—it wasn‘t long before his childish ways came back and killed whatever brief thoughts
she had that direction.

What was so different now? She wondered. He wasn‘t physically different, much: maybe a little
more muscle definition, now; a little less on the scrawny side. His face had aged some in the
intervening years, with the stress they‘d been through. His dark eyes were a little deeper now,
their brightness more often than not subdued with some of the emotional pain he still carried
with him after losing their beloved Cutter a year ago. Then there was the beard he‘d grown
since they‘d been here. His usual mould-like stubble had bloomed into a full scruff that, while
not normally her thing, had served to age Connor quite a lot.

All the little changes added up: The bumbling, socially stunted student she had met three years
ago had somehow, without her even realizing it, become a man.

Now that she was seeing that, the memory of that man‘s body, standing there in front of her,
was making her quite, to her surprise, aroused.


Late that afternoon, they finally arrived back at their shelter, tired, but still happy from their
pleasant swim in the warm pool. Connor had carefully noted the pool‘s location, so they could
return at their leisure. It was a small thing, he knew, but at this point, any amount of comfort they
could get in these harsh conditions was a blessing.

Abby in particular had seemed quite energized by her soak. It had been weeks since he‘d seen
such a happy, relaxed smile on her face, and it pleased him to see her so content after so much

He also, if he was honest with himself, was pleased at the other sight he‘d caught. He had been
trying to be good, and not invade her privacy, but his baser instincts had taken over for a brief
moment, and he‘d glanced over his shoulder to watch as she stepped in. She hadn‘t seemed to
notice his ogling, thankfully, and his higher brain took over quickly enough to make him turn
away again before she had.

They had stopped briefly at their own little stream on the way back to catch their evening meal:
one of the many large, brown fish that seemed to hang out there in the early evenings. It wasn‘t
a species he knew from memory, but it resembled a modern-day catfish well enough that they‘d
trusted it as a food source. It had, luckily, turned out to be not only safe to eat, but quite tasty,
which was a good thing, as their energy bars had run out, and berry season was nearing its

Abby, feeling energetic, volunteered to play cook for the day, and took their catch to their ―front
room‖: a small clearing in the outer part of their shelter, where they had stripped the ground of

flammable plants and dug a fire pit for cooking and heat. Connor stayed at the back of the
shelter, under the rock overhang, wanting to rest a bit on the soft bed of dried ferns they‘d made
for themselves.

The quiet sounds of Abby cleaning and spitting the fish for roasting melded with the soft rush of
the wind through the trees, becoming a pleasing white noise. He relaxed, content for the first
time in a while, and let his thoughts drift back to the sight at the pond. He could picture it clearly:
the gentle curve of her arse as she crouched down, and the side of her breast, dangling a little
from her chest as she leaned over to test the water with her hands. He barely supressed a
shiver as the memory played in his mind. He glanced over to the front room. Abby was quite
busy cooking the fish in the waning light; she‘d be occupied for a while, yet. Scooting further into
the shadows and taking a chance, he snaked a hand down to his crotch.

He‘d managed the occasional wank since they‘d been here—usually when she was asleep, or a
furtive one while he was off behind a bush ostensibly for a pee. His former habit of having one in
the shower most mornings, however, had been more or less killed right away from their time
here. His body had been complaining at him for this, but it wasn‘t like he had much choice. The
quarters were far too close, and their need to be near each other all the time for safety meant
that extended periods of privacy simply weren‘t an option. Most of the time, it was just sheer
itch-scratching that fuelled the activity—no real thought required—but when he did manage to
have some time, he let his mind go. Most of the time it was Abby, of course, but sometimes his
brain went elsewhere. In addition to the usual celebrity and porn images that turned him on, he
often shuffled through a few pleasant past memories: Shelly, the girl he‘d lost his virginity to in
sixth form; Nathan, the boy from his intro to palaeontology class who‘d taught him—with hands-
on help—some nice wanking techniques; Maria, even though she‘d been drunk and fallen
asleep before they‘d got very far. He even thought of Caroline once, though he hated himself for
it later.

And he thought of Becker, too.

Of late, however, those particular memories and fantasies had become very tangled up with the
Abby ones. He‘d long since got past any initial jealousy he‘d had about the idea of them being
together—having her all to himself out here in the ancient wilderness helped—and instead
found himself creating more and more elaborate scenarios for things the two might have done.
Or could do. Or probably wouldn‘t ever do, but the idea was still quite amazing. Often, the ideas
involved all three of them. It was daft, he knew logically—there was surely no way in hell either
of them would ever agree to such pervy things in reality—but he still couldn‘t help wondering.
What if Becker had been with them on this trek? What if they all slept together in the shelter,
curled around each other every night? What if they were all at the hot spring, and all naked and
touching, limbs and mouths entangled in that warm, warm water....

Before long, he was going at it in earnest, fist pumping hard and breathing uneven as the
wanton diorama played out in his head.

―Hey Connor? It‘s getting a little dark out here. Have you seen that small torch anywhere? I—―
Abby‘s question cut off abruptly as his eyes flicked open and she caught his wide, panicked

There was no mistaking what he was doing: he‘d sort of frozen in position. Cheeks flushed
crimson with arousal suddenly enflamed further with embarrassment.

―Oh. Oh, hell. I‘m so sorry. I‘ll just….‖ She spun in place, and dashed off out into the front room
faster than a cat after a skittering rodent.

The damage had been done, however. The combination of the shock at the interruption, and the
utter humiliation of the horrified look on her face killed every ounce of passion he had. Those
images, those fantasies.... They were all a big lie, he thought. Not only would he never have
both of them, he‘d never even have her, and every idea he‘d ever had that direction was just his
own half-arsed delusion. He should have known better. It was never going to happen. Not after
so many years of rejection. Not after weeks of being this close and being the only two humans
in the known world and yet still not crossing over from friendship into something else—
something he desperately wanted and needed.

He lay there, deflated, numbly cradling his now-limp cock in his hand, and started to cry.

Later that evening, over their meagre meal, she couldn‘t meet his eye. ―I‘m sorry about …
earlier. I didn‘t realise....‖

He shrugged helplessly, drained now of what little hope and dignity he‘d had left. It was official:
Their weeks trapped here in prehistoric hell were the worst of his life. No proper food, shelter or
sanitation; no computers, no civilization. And no company save a woman he with whom he was
hopelessly in love who was so disgusted by the sight of his hard cock that she had run away
from it.

―I‘ll make sure to give you some privacy sometimes when you need it,‖ she said, trying to sound
helpful and kind. ―Just, you know, let me know when you need space.‖

―Whatever,‖ he mumbled. The humiliation of the experience was such that he probably wouldn‘t
be able to get it up anytime soon anyway.

Abby frowned at him. ―Connor? Are you OK? I really am sorry, you know.‖

―Of course you are. And I‘m OK. I just....‖ He trailed off weakly, unable to muster the energy to
protest any further.

―All right then. Here, let me take those bones from you, and then we‘ll get some sleep, yeah?‖
She reached for his crudely-hewn bark plate and stood up to bury the refuse from their meal.

He sat quietly, unmoving, even after her return, and watched the grassy floor of their home as
she began preparing to bed down for the night. It was going to be cold tonight, he could feel it,
but he dare not go anywhere near her for body heat.

She sighed audibly, squirming to get comfortable, and he could feel her eyes on him.

―Abby?‖ His voice was cracked and barely above a whisper.


―Why did you kiss me?‖


“Why did you kiss me?”

It was a simple question, and yet one so fraught with implication and weight that it hung in the
air for several moments before she could muster a word in answer. It had been coming, this
question, but she‘d kept hoping it would just be forgotten somehow.

Her voice was small. ―I …I don‘t know, Connor. I thought I knew, but....‖

―What do you mean?‖

She sat up, falling asleep clearly impossible now. ―I mean, I just wanted to thank you. For what
you did. I wanted to, I guess, give you something nice.‖

―I hear greetings cards are fairly cheap,‖ he said flatly.

She sighed heavily, and rubbed her eyes. Their shelter was dark, but the moon had risen, and
was filtering in through the trees enough that she could see the hard look on Connor‘s face. It
was a look she‘d seen only a few times before, and one that always turned her stomach a little.
Cheerful, sensitive Connor gone all bitter was not a pretty sight. Even worse: she knew this time
it was her own fault.

―Becker was right,‖ she whispered to herself.

―What? Becker was right about what?‖ Connor‘s voice took on an edge.

―He said I shouldn‘t have—nevermind.‖

―No. Not nevermind, Abby.‖ He turned to face her. ―What did he tell you? And when?‖

It was too late now to take back. The truth may as well come out. ―It was that night. After....‖ She

squirmed uncomfortably. ―Becker came over for a meal and....‖

―You slept with him.‖ It wasn‘t a question.

She hung her head, not answering. ―He told me I shouldn‘t have kissed you--that you‘d get it
wrong, and wouldn‘t understand that I was just being nice.‖

―Smart lad, that one.‖

―For what it‘s worth—if it‘s worth anything—I‘m sorry.‖ She reached out to pat his arm. He pulled

―I‘m not like you, you know,‖ he said quietly.

―Huh? How so?‖ She frowned, confused.

―You‘re have friends. You talk to people. People like you. You know what to say to them,
and what they want from you. You‘ve had relationships. You‘ve made love.‖ His voice hitched.

She twitched uncomfortably. ―But you … I thought you weren‘t a virgin. Didn‘t you tell me that

―I‘m not, no. I‘ve had sex with a few people, but it was all sort of accidental. I‘ve never actually
made love with anyone. The people I‘ve fallen in love with have always been out of my reach
somehow.‖ He raised his dark eyes to look at her. ―You‘re my best friend, Abby. I‘m closer to
you than I‘ve been to anyone since … well, since Tom died ... and I still can‘t even get it right
with you.‖

Her breath caught in her chest, sticking painfully. She knew she probably deserved to feel this
way, but she hated it all the same.

―I‘m just tired of being lied to, Abby. I‘m tired of being jerked around and made into some big
joke. I know I‘m an idiot sometimes. I know I‘m not all cool or manly or whatever people want
me to be. I just am who I am. And I wish that was enough.‖ His voice lost some of its sour edge,
and he now just sounded tired. ―But I guess when there‘s a guy like Becker around, I‘m not that

―Connor, he and I aren‘t—―

He laughed suddenly, a shocking and slightly disturbing sound in the relative silence.

―What‘s so funny?‖

He shook his head. ―Thing is, I can understand it. Fucking hell, can I understand it.‖ A strange,

slightly mad smile crept across his face.

―Understand what?‖

―Becker. I know very well what you see in him.‖ Connor lay back, stretching out on the ground
with his hands behind his head. ―He‘s bloody gorgeous: tall and broad-shouldered; those big
hands. And he has one hell of an arse.‖

Abby trembled a little with memory. Well, yes. But why was Connor telling her this?

Connor rolled over on his side, propping his head up on his hand. He fixed a slightly wild-eyed
gaze on her. ―He‘s also hung like a rhino. But then you know that.‖

Abby flushed so deeply she was sure he could see her pink cheeks, even in the dark.

―Yeah, I‘m sure you‘re intimately familiar with it--all nice and hard and throbbing. Feels really

She felt a sudden rush of anger. ―Connor! Stop,‖ she said sternly.

―What?‖ He pushed the issue. ―I‘m saying I agree with you. Becker‘s a sexy, rotten bastard. I
can‘t blame you for letting him fuck you right through the floor.‖

The flash of her hand to his face was so fast and sharp that for a moment, she didn‘t even
realise that she‘d done it. She sat there in the sudden dead silence, trembling, heart pounding,
and hot, humiliated tears clouding her eyes.

Connor sat up again, rubbing his hot cheek. ―Yeah.‖ He muttered to himself.

―Fuck. Connor, I‘m sorry.‖ She reached for him.

He batted her hand away. ―I don‘t need ‗sorry,‘ Abby. Don‘t be condescending to me now,
please.‖ His voice was dark and quiet.

She set her jaw, afraid of saying anything now, lest she make things worse.

Connor got to his knees and stripped off his jacket, rolling it up and setting it in the opposite
corner as a pillow. ―It‘s late. We should get some sleep so we can go scan again at sunrise.‖

She thought of a million things she wanted to ask. And a million more apologies and
explanations she wanted to give. She knew all of them were useless right now. Finally, after
several moments of watching Connor curl into an uncomfortable ball on his makeshift bed, she
lay down again herself, on the comparatively softer pile of ferns. Sleep, thankfully, came quickly,
the exhaustion of the argument overriding any lingering anger and anxiety that wanted to keep

her awake.

As she drifted off, however, one question nagged at her: How the hell would Connor know how
well-endowed Becker was?

The dreams she had gave her several very interesting answers.


When the sun finally hit his face the next morning, his body was cramped from shivering against
the cold all night. Gritty salt trails covered his cheeks and his eyes were still slightly swollen from
crying himself to sleep. He also had a splitting headache, and briefly considered finally breaking
into their aspirin supplies before he thought better of it.

Abby had already got up and was building a fire in the front room. She looked back at him as he
stirred and met his eye. She started to smile thinly, but then her face dropped again. He felt
slightly guilty for his part in what had happened last night, but lingering bitterness kept him from

The whole morning, they said very little to each other beyond what communication was
absolutely necessary over foraging, breakfast and their daily scanning rounds.

On their way back that afternoon, they took a slightly different route than usual, skirting along
the edge of a ridge overlooking the area‘s main river, getting a broader view of the valley
beyond and looking for any signs of a glittery spot out of range of their detectors that might
indicate a way home.

They didn‘t see one, but Abby did see something else: Down a small embankment, near the
water‘s edge, was a large nest, full of enormous eggs. ―Hey, look!‖ She pointed. ―Want an
omelette?‖ She smiled genuinely, for the first time that day.

―Well, now that‘s interesting,‖ he said quietly. After a pause to look around to see if the nest‘s
owner was anywhere, he wandered closer. Picking up an egg, he looked up at Abby, who was
still standing on the ridge. ―These are probably fertilized, which is kinda gross, I know, but they‘d
be a good protein source. Something more than the fish, at least. Wanna help me take some
back to the camp?‖

―Yeah, absolutely.‖ Abby shouldered her pack, intending to head down the embankment. Before
she could even take a step, however, she was bowled over by a large, silent form rushing up
behind her, and jumping over the embankment. In a half second, the nest‘s owner was upon

In his terror, he couldn‘t quite identify it. It was vaguely raptor-shaped, but much larger than the
ones they‘d encountered before, with short arms and powerful thighs and large teeth--very large

teeth, which were currently only a breath away from him. Thinking as quickly as he could, he
heaved the egg he was holding, bashing it down atop the creature‘s head. The egg‘s gooey,
half-formed contents exploded all over the creature‘s face, getting in its eyes, and slowing its
attack long enough for Connor to draw his short spear from his pack. He jabbed and rushed,
stabbing forward, aiming for its throat, but the creature‘s feather-scaled hide was too tough, and
the spear broke in half, the shock of the blow travelling up his arm.

Now that Connor was in range, the creature struck out with its short foreclaws, slashing him
across the forehead. He stumbled back, tripping over a rock, and went down with a sickening
thud, blood pouring down his face. He saw only enough to see Abby scrambling to her feet. As
his sight went dark, he heard her scream.


―NO!‖ She cried, lobbing a huge rock at the creature‘s head. The rock bounced off of its bony
skull, but it got the creature‘s attention. It turned, hissing a threat at the small figure on the ridge
above it. Ignoring its prone prey, it started up the embankment.

―That‘s right! Come get me, you bitch!‖ Grabbing her spear, Abby took off at a speedy run,
weaving her way through the brush as the creature crashed along after her. Spying a tree, she
jumped, clambering up one-handed as best she could. The creature, losing sight of its target,
called out, sniffing around in frustration. Finally, it picked its way over to the tree, and stood
below it, smelling Abby, but unable to see her.

Then she was upon it. Dropping down from the branches, she landed on the creature‘s
shoulders. Grabbing on for dear life to one of the bony protrusions on its head, she rode it for
several frantic moments as it bucked. It screeched in frustration, trying to reach up with its too-
short arms to dislodge the annoying monkey on its back. Finally, seeing an opening, Abby
struck, jamming her spear through the creature‘s right eye as deeply as she could.

The creature screamed, its eye bursting in a gross cascade of tissue and blood, and stumbled
around, finally losing its balance and falling forward, its own weight driving Abby‘s spear further
in, piercing its brain. In the crash, Abby lost her grip and came tumbling down over the
creature‘s head to land in a painful heap at its snout. The creature gusted air at her through its
flaring nostrils and then, finally, the breaths stopped.

Heart threatening to escape from her chest, Abby lay there for only a brief moment, gathering
her wits as best she could before getting to her feet and dashing back toward the embankment.
Skidding and half-falling her way down, she rushed over to Connor, collapsing onto her knees
next to him.

He was always getting knocked out, she noted. She‘d lost count of the times he‘d lost
consciousness for some reason or another. She wondered sometimes whether he‘d suffered
any brain damage from all the blows he took.

This one, however, looked worse than any of the others she‘d seen before. He lay completely
still, and his features were barely visible under the thick flow of rapidly-congealing blood that
covered them. Beard, hair and the ground beneath his head were all soaked dark red.

Hurriedly ditching her jacket and hoodie, she pulled her T-shirt over her head and rushed over
to the river‘s edge, soaking the shirt through with the cool, clean water. She used this to mop
Connor‘s quiet face as best she could, gingerly dabbing, and rinsing the shirt several times to
get it all. When she had him cleaned up, she gratefully noted that he hadn‘t actually sustained a
lot of damage. There was one very deep gash over his right eye and several smaller ones, but
the large one was the only one that still bled. Pushing the shirt down over it, she held up the
pressure, trying to get the bleeding to stop, and murmuring pleas to the god she once believed
in that Connor would be all right.

―Please,‖ she whispered. ―Don‘t die on me, Connor. I can‘t … I can‘t do this without you. I need
you. Please wake up.‖

After several minutes, the blood flow finally stopped, but Connor had still not regained
consciousness. His breathing was shallow but regular, however, and his pulse strong. She dug
through his pack for their first aid kit and sealed up his wound with a large plaster, then put her
clothes back on and settled back, resting against the wall of the embankment, watching the sun
go down as her friend and companion lay still.

The half-moon was crawling over the dark horizon when exhaustion and anguish finally took
her. Curling up around Connor, her head on his chest so she could hear the reassurance of his
heartbeat, she fell asleep.


Now this headache, he decided as morning light filtered past his screwed-shut eyelids, did
actually demand the aspirin supplies.

For a moment, he thought he was back in the shelter, but then he heard water rushing nearby.
His brain started coming back online, remembering where he really was and what had
happened. Then he noticed that his left side was especially warm, and felt a pleasant, familiar
weight on his chest, and a small hand resting on his lower abdomen. He was confused, but
enjoyed the feeling way too much to immediately dislodge her.

Finally, he shifted underneath her. ―Abby?‖ His voice was dry and barely audible. He felt her stir
slightly. ―Hey, Abby?‖ That sound was better.

Making a small noise, Abby clinged more closely to him. Then she finally finished waking, and
sat up, her tired face breaking into a huge smile that rivalled the sun for brightness. ―Connor!
You‘re awake! Are you OK?‖ She immediately got to her knees, checking him over, gently
touching the plaster on his head to be sure the wound hadn‘t started bleeding again.

―I‘m fine, I think. Head‘s going to explode any minute now, but I‘m alive.‖ He sat up gingerly,
wincing as the rush of blood made his forehead throb. ―What happened? Where‘s that

―It‘s gone,‖ Abby said decisively. ―It won‘t be coming back to defend its nest.‖

He cocked his head, looking at her closely. ―Gone? You mean as in dead?‖

―Deader than a very dead thing.‖ For someone so often concerned with keeping creatures alive,
she sounded almost gleeful about this one‘s demise.

―How did.... Did you kill it?‖


He gawped at her in surprise. ―You took down a three-metre-tall dino entirely on your own?‖

She flushed and nodded.

―OK, I‘m seriously impressed. My hero?‖ He smiled broadly at her. Never one to shy away from
a fight, Abby had always been a hidden asset when they faced down anything dangerous, from
creatures to bad guys. It was one of the qualities that attracted him to her the most. Yet even
her long catalogue of badassery didn‘t compare to what she must have done to save him from
the furious mother of those eggs. He made a mental note to ask her about all the details later.

―I‘m just glad you‘re conscious,‖ she said seriously. ―You‘ve been out for probably 12 hours. I
honestly thought I‘d lost you.‖

―Nah.‖ He tried to sound nonchalant. ―I know I‘m annoying, but you won‘t be rid of me that

A strange expression crossed her face, and he suddenly remembered their horrible argument.
He looked away.

―Do you think you can walk, yet?‖ She asked, quickly changing the subject. ―This nest area is
fairly sheltered, but we‘re probably not really safe out here.‖

―I can, yeah. But I could use some water and maybe a little something to eat on the way.‖ He
slowly got to his feet, trying to pretend that everything on his body didn‘t feel like it had been
attacked with a sledgehammer.

―Easily done.‖ She pawed through her pack for a water bottle and a few pieces of fish jerky and
handed them to him. He downed the contents of the bottle and chewed quickly on the jerky as

she refilled from the river.

―OK, that‘s better,‖ he said, dusting small flakes of fish from his hands. ―Shall we?‖

It didn‘t take long to get back to their shelter—they‘d been nearly home before when they‘d
stopped. Once there, Abby insisted he lay down and rest more while she boiled some water to
clean his wound better. She also insisted that he take two aspirin. He took one, sneaking the
other back into the small bottle while she wasn‘t looking.

After redressing his wound, Abby finally got some food and water for herself, and settled in to
eat while he continued to rest quietly. He dozed off a time or two, sleep-surfing in his pain and
slight delirium. As he awoke the last time, he heard a soft sniffling coming from the figure next to
him. He opened his eyes to see Abby rubbing at her face, telltale wet streaks on the back of her

―Abby?‖ He whispered softly. ―Are you OK?‖

―Fine, Connor. I‘m fine.‖ She smiled sadly. ―I‘m just really glad you didn‘t die out there.‖

―Me, too.‖ He smiled up at her. Sitting up, he turned to sit beside her and took one of her hands
in both of his. ―I‘m here, though, thanks to you.‖

―You‘re welcome,‖ she said quietly. He had seen her sad before, but this melancholy was
something different—something deeper.

―We‘ve seen too much death, haven‘t we?‖ He stroked a thumb across the back of her hand.

―Yes, we have,‖ she whispered.

―I feel like I‘m too young to have lost this many people I care about: Tom, Captain Ryan,
Stephen….‖ His voice went rough. ―Cutter.‖

She nodded knowingly.

―I miss him,‖ he said, chest tightening with fresh pain. ―Things were just so crazy after that. We
never really got a chance to digest it, I don‘t think.‖

―No, not really,‖ Abby agreed. ―With Danny showing up and Jenny freaking out and Jack going
stupid and Johnson trying to take over.... It‘s like we just had to try to forget him and go on with
our lives like he‘d never been there at all.‖ She reached up and gently stroked back a stray lock
of his hair. ―Losing him absolutely gutted me. I can‘t imagine what it was like for you, with how
close you were, and being there when....‖ She trailed off.

He grimaced. ―Yeah. It was awful. I almost considered staying there and waiting for the fire to
take me with him.‖ He closed his eyes, remembering. ―He was more than a friend to me—much
more than our boss. I looked up to him. I trusted him. Hell, I wanted to be him. He gave me a lot
of stick when we were first starting out, but after he came back from the Permian—when he was
babbling on about that Claudia person—it changed.‖ Tears started sliding down his cheeks, and
he gripped her hand tightly. ―He was the one person on the team who never, not even once,
mocked me. He had criticism, sure, and gave me a good seeing-to when I needed it, but he was
never cruel. He told me once that he saw something in me that reminded him a lot of himself at
my age, and I guess he felt … I dunno … protective of me, maybe? But then he was gone--just
like that. One minute we were joking about Sid and Nancy and then an hour later he was gone.‖

Abby leaned her head on his shoulder. He let her, grateful for the extra contact.

―You know, I resented Danny for a long time after that. I wanted to know who the fuck he
thought he was, coming in like he owned the place. Like he belonged with us. Like he could
ever, in any way whatsoever, be what Cutter was for us. He‘s grown on me, mostly, but still….‖
He sighed raggedly. ―And now he‘s probably dead, too.‖

―We‘re not.‖ Abby said, matter-of-factly. ―Everyone back home probably thinks we are by now,
but we‘re not. So maybe he‘s not, either.‖

He smiled a little and wiped a hand across his wet face. ―Maybe you‘re right. He‘s a stubborn
enough fuck that he probably wouldn‘t let the Grim Reaper take him down without a fight.‖

She laughed lightly and then grew serious again. ―You know, it‘s strange: Even though we‘re
alive, we may as well not be. We might not ever see anyone again. And I miss them: Jenny,
Sarah ... even Lester, dammit.‖

―And Becker,‖ he said gently.

―Yes. And Becker.‖ She sat back up. ―You miss him, too, don‘t you?‖

His heart felt like it was burning in his chest. ―Quite a lot, actually.‖

―Are you angry with him for sleeping with me?‖

―A little, I guess. He knows how I feel about you, and it was kind of thoughtless, maybe, but it‘s
not like I had any claim on you or anything. It wasn‘t like it was …cheating or whatever.‖ He
shrugged. ―I know I sounded horribly bitter and nasty about it all—and I‘m very sorry for that—
but I was being honest, too. I really do understand.‖

―From …‖ she took a small breath ―… personal experience?‖

It was out in the open, now. ―Yeah.‖

―When? If you don‘t mind my asking.‖

―The night after we got Rex back. We went out for a pint and ended up at his flat.‖

She pulled back slightly, looking at him thoughtfully. ―I never knew that about you—either of you.
That … well....‖

―The liking blokes thing?‖

―Yeah. That.‖

He shrugged and smirked a little. ―Yeah. I do--some guys, at least. Never had much experience
with it, though. Becker‘s done a lot more himself—he said something about soldiers and
Sandhurst or something—but that was really the first time for me.‖

―Was it just the one night?‖

He nodded.

―Why? Was it not a good experience or something? Did he not treat you well?‖

―Oh, no. It was.…‖ He warmed up a little with the memory. ―It was quite amazing, actually. No, it
was … well, it was you, to be honest.‖

―Me? How so?‖

―Being with him—having that contact—reminded me so much that that‘s what I wanted with you,
and I felt like I couldn‘t do that again with him because it would just hurt too much because I‘d
be thinking about you.‖

―Oh.‖ She went quiet for a moment, digesting the information.

He tried to read her face but couldn‘t, quite. ―Does this bother you? I mean the me-and-Becker
thing. The bloke thing.‖

A strange smile played over her face and she shook her head. ―Of course not. Not at all. I mean,
I didn‘t expect it, no, but I‘m hardly closed-minded about that. Lean a bit that direction myself
sometimes. I‘m all for people doing what makes them happy, however that works out.‖

―Yeah, me too.‖ He sighed tiredly. ―Which is why I‘m really sorry for getting on you about that. I
care about you enough to want you to be happy, and if that‘s what makes you happy then that‘s
what you should have, and I shouldn‘t be such a twat about it.‖

―It‘s OK, Connor, really. I‘m just glad we can talk about it now.‖ She grinned suddenly. ―It is kind
of funny, though. It seems we definitely have something in common, here.‖

―We do, don‘t we?‖ He laughed deeply, even though it hurt to do so. ―I wonder if he ever thought
we might talk about him like this.‖

Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she smiled big. ―Somehow, I doubt it, but I bet his ears are
burning now.‖

―Probably!‖ He chuckled. They both went quiet for a moment, meeting each other‘s gaze. He
wanted more than anything to kiss her right now, but somehow, he knew it just wasn‘t right. Not
yet, at least. ―Anyway.‖ He cleared his throat. ―So, are we friends again?‖

She smiled gently at him. ―Of course, Connor. We never stopped, you know.‖ Leaning in, she
put her arms around his shoulders and squeezed gently, melting into him a little, her lips soft
against his cheek. He drank in as much of the feeling as he could, knowing that it had to suffice.
If he couldn‘t have what he really wanted from her, at least he could have this. And in this
dangerous place, a friend wasn‘t something one could take for granted.


Another month passed, and autumn started coming to their little corner of the known world. The
batteries on their detectors finally gave out, but they still ventured out every morning, looking for
both anomalies and food. Their foraging treks were getting more expert these days, finding
different edibles in part by noticing what some of the smaller mammals were eating. A
particularly great find was a group of vinelike plants nearby growing some sort of hefty squash
that proved not only edible but very satisfying. Yamlike tuberous roots, a gargantuan hazelnut
relative, some tart ancestor of an apple and more fish and a few freshwater crustaceans
rounded out a fairly healthy diet, and provided enough extra to dry and preserve for potentially
leaner months ahead.

In the time since their argument and subsequent rebonding, their conversations had become
easier, and less fraught with tension. Though there was still an unspoken boundary that they
never crossed, they edged closer to it, their intimacy deepening by stages.

This was helped along by occasional discussions of their mutual lover. Abby found herself often
thinking more and more about what the two of them had got up to, and one day gathered the
courage to ask Connor for more details about what had happened. She, in turn told him some of
the specifics of her own night with the sexy soldier. Late that night, while Connor slept, she
found herself with her hand down her pants, furiously working her fingers over her body as
images of Becker giving him a thorough fucking played in her mind. In daylight hours, she was
still not quite sure of her feelings yet, and didn‘t want to accidentally lead Connor on again, but
at night, her mind often had other ideas.

As they watched the sky turn purple one evening mid-autumn, they sat around the fire in the
front room. Abby had come up with a way to toast the seeds of the squash with some sort of
ancient rosemary, and they were snacking on the hot, tasty bounty as each small batch came
off the fire.

Handing Connor another steaming dish of the seeds, her grip on the bark plate slipped, spilling
a couple into his lap.

―Oi! Abby! Trying to set me on fire, here?‖ He squirmed, picking up the seeds and juggling them
a little.

―Oh, you big baby,‖ she teased. ―A couple of hot seeds aren‘t going to make your pants go up in

―Yeah? You try it on, then.‖ He chucked a seed at her.

She dodged, narrowly missing the seed as it whizzed past her ear. ―Wanker!‖ She protested.
Picking up the seed, she lobbed it back at him.

In a moment, they were involved in a full-on food fight, seeds flying like tiny missiles as they
pelted each other, giggling and making baseless but morbid threats of damage to each other‘s

The edible munitions eventually gave way to hand-to-hand combat, and they tangled around
each other, wrestling for position on the soft, sandy floor of their shelter. In just a few moments,
Abby‘s superior fighting skills got the upper hand, and she pinned Connor on his back,
straddling his chest triumphantly.

It was all very schoolyard war, and it felt good to let go, and finally regress a little from the
constant responsibility they‘d been saddled with for the sake of survival. In Connor‘s laughing
face, Abby saw again hints of his boyish nature, coming back to the surface after so long

Such a Peter Pan, she thought to herself. Always happiest when he’s acting like a child.

Then she paused, reading his face again, and came to a sharp realisation. No, it wasn‘t that he
was childlike. A little socially inexperienced, and a little too prone to living inside his own head,
certainly, but he was far from a boy. The feeling she was getting from him now had nothing to
do with childish innocence. What it was was something else entirely: something she hadn‘t
thought about before, but which, now that the idea was present, was turning her on quite

Her night with Becker had worked so well because he was a match for her. Most of the men

she‘d tried to date before were intimidated by her, and it made the eventual sex awkward, as
they tried to subdue her in traditional ways, and were frustrated when they couldn‘t do so.
Becker, on the other hand, seemed to not only be uncowed by her power, but encouraged by it,
and their sweaty, frenzied sex was a meeting of two similar strengths.

Connor was different, definitely, but she recognised something at least a little similar in him.
Though she didn‘t expect him to meet her blow-for-blow as Becker did, Connor, too was not
unsettled by her dominant nature any more than he had apparently been unsettled by Becker‘s.
As he lay there underneath her, panting and gasping for breath, his arms pinned above his
head, he instead looked ridiculously aroused.

She dropped her chin, meeting his eyes. ―You like this, don‘t you, Connor?‖ She said quietly.

He went still for a moment, and then nodded. ―Yes. I do.‖

She slid back and down a little, getting her knees on either side of his hips. ―And you liked it
when Becker took you?‖

He flushed deeply, but answered: ―More than I can explain.‖ His breathing, still frantic, now took
on a heavier edge.

She lowered down to meet him. Oh yes, he most certainly did like this.

―Ah! Abby!‖ He cried out, bucking up against her in happy shock as she came into contact.

Without another word, she leaned over, suddenly pressing her mouth on his, stabbing her
tongue past his lips. Months of need and confusion and frustration melted away as they kissed,
searching each other‘s mouths, breathing each other‘s breaths. She kept him pinned, and
ground herself against him, moaning a little each time she felt the hot hardness under his fly
pulse against her.

Finally, she sat back up, releasing his wrists, and gazed at him. She got it, now. All this time,
she‘d been looking at him the wrong way, wanting him to become something he wasn‘t, and
missing out on the very wonderful thing that he actually was. Seeing him the way Becker had, it
finally made sense, and now that it did, she found that she burned with the need to take him,
hard and fast, in exactly the way she now knew he wanted.

He looked very carefully at her, trying to read her thoughts. ―Are you sure you want this?‖ He
asked, concern and hope mixing in his voice.


In moments, the fire was doused and the small distance between the front room and their bed of
ferns in the back of the shelter was littered with bits of clothing. The air was somewhat chill, but

she barely noticed, heated from within by something far more useful than mere flames.

They came together roughly, collapsing to the ground, hands seeking sensitive places to paw
and grope. She pinned him again, straddling his thighs as she sucked hard on his neck and
chest, leaving small red marks as she went. She licked and bit at his nipples, delighting in the
way he thrashed and keened under her attention. It wasn‘t long, however, before it became
apparent that a powerful need to go further was taking over rational thought. Taking just a few
seconds away from attacking him, she scrambled over to his pack.

―Emergency kit,‖ she managed to say, to his breathless laughter. In their excitement, they
fumbled a little, but soon had things sorted, and she was back atop him, sinking down, trembling
violently with the joy of feeling him inside her.

She knew he wouldn‘t last long, but she was aroused enough herself that she didn‘t, either. She
let him flip her over, and he started a fast rhythm, his thrusts sharp, wild and rabbity. She built
up quickly, pushing herself against him, meeting him, her hands all across his body, her mouth
sucking and nipping at his.

Suddenly, she crashed, the wave rushing through her, radiating from a tiny point in her pelvis to
every nerve in her body. In bliss, she called his name, the word muffled in his mouth. Seconds
later, he groaned and shouted, burying as deeply as he could, rocking and clinging to her in
desperation as he released.

They lay there for several moments after, shuddering now and again with little aftershocks, and
still enjoying the feeling of being together too much to let go.

Finally, Connor rolled over, catching his breath. ―We really,‖ he said, giggling a little as he
peeled off the spent condom, ―need to thank Becker the next time we see him.‖

Satisfied, relaxed and happier than she'd been in years, Abby couldn't agree more.


The chaos and confusion were frantic: The rampaging creatures, the anomaly, the discovery
that they had found modern civilization once again. But then it all went wrong, as they were
stopped up short, mid-dash, by a cadre of black-clad soldiers—none of whom seemed to have
the faintest idea who they were—aiming guns at their faces and forcing them to the ground.

―Captain!‖ The one seemingly in charge called over his shoulder. ―We have two people here!‖

A tall figure strolled up behind him, pushing his way past the crowd, spilling out into the centre of
the circle. He crouched down and reached for them.

Abby and Connor exchanged excited, knowing glances, and she grinned in utter delight.

Finally, they were home.


The Constant (Abby/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

4x01: After a miserable year in the Cretaceous—made tolerable only by finally getting together
romantically—Abby and Connor finally find Helen’s old anomaly opening device, and manage to
open one to get back home. Waiting there on the other side to welcome them is their dear
captain, who instantly sweeps them both up in a close, desperate embrace.

As their luck has it, however, a minor bit of chaos follows them through from the past, courtesy
the cantankerous Spinosaurus they’d encountered just before rushing through the anomaly. It
takes a bit of doing—and Connor loses the device in the chaos—but after that’s managed, they
return to the ARC to get to know the new team, including mysterious team leader Matt and
perky field coordinator Jess. Unfortunately, in their absence, many things have changed,
including the ARC itself, which is in an entirely new facility. They discover that Sarah was killed
during a mission to try to find them, and that Danny never returned, leaving the team in
hopeless disarray with only Becker and Lester to manage things. The resulting chaos led to a
major overhaul of the ARC operation.

While still managed day-to-day by Lester, the ARC is now also under private control, via
Prospero Industries and its charismatic CEO Philip Burton, a famous physicist. Connor is
starstruck at meeting one of his scientific idols, but soon finds, to his horror, that Burton’s new
rules—no non-military personnel on the front lines—have made him and Abby redundant.

Fury at this, however, soon gives way to exhaustion, and they’re shipped off for the night to a
local hotel where Prospero maintains a suite. They finally have all the comforts of modern life
again: proper food, shelter, a change of clothes. Excited, they beeline for the shower as soon as
they get into the room. Yet, something is still missing.


The water was wonderfully hot—just this side of painful—as they stepped in. He closed the
shower door and guided her into his embrace. This was how it should be, he thought: Quiet and
comfortable, her frame a perfect fit in his arms as a year‘s worth of desperation and Cretaceous
dirt began washing away.

His frustration at being brushed off still ached, gnawing at him from the inside, but slowly, the
fury started to ease. The heat and gentle pulse of Abby‘s soft body soothed him, and soon, a
sense of safety and calm settled in his mind. He sighed in relief.

Life in the past had not allowed such little luxuries. They had taken much solace in each other's

company, both emotionally and physically, but neither could ever fully relax. Survival compelled
them to swallow fear, exhaustion, weakness. Every moment of intimacy, of indulgent joy, was
always shaded—tainted by the underlying wariness that was essential to their safety.

He was proud of himself, of course. The old Connor had been subsumed by this new, braver
man, and he barely recognised the clumsy child he had been the day he'd seen his first
anomaly. In their first couple of weeks alone, Abby had had to toughen him up, but it wasn't long
before he contributed equal strength and courage to their fight for life.

Now, however.... Now he was ready for at least some measure of regression. He knew there
was no way he'd go back to who he was before he ever met Nick Cutter, but the urge to let go--
to give way and let someone else take care of things for a while--was growing inside him. Abby,
for all her innate power and fire, likely felt the same, too, given the way she seemed to melt into
him, her breathing and pulse slowing as she unwound.

His mind drifted a little, back to another day--seemingly a lifetime ago--when he was the one
being enfolded in strong arms under a warm cascade. He smiled, a fresher memory of being in
those same arms passing through his mind. There was, clearly, at least one person in this new-
old world who welcomed them back with no reservations.

His breath hitched as the idea came. The strength they needed now--the constant that would
bring them safely into this changed life--was right there in front of them. Indeed, even when they
were away, he always had been, though he couldn't know it. The idea of being able to come
back and let their guards down—even just a little—and trust him to be strong for them both had
a lot of appeal.

He stroked a hand over her head, smoothing back her matted, wet hair. Her eyelids flipped
open and she looked up at him expectantly. ―Abby…‖ he started quietly.

Reading his mind—or at least his face—she smiled gently at him. ―You‘re thinking about him,
aren‘t you?‖

He nodded.

―So am I.‖


Both Worlds, Part Three (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

4x01 continued: To Becker’s sheer joy, Abby and Connor are back. Though disappointed that
Danny wasn’t with them and angry at the way they’re treated by Burton, he’s beside himself with
excitement at the return of his dearly missed friends.

He’s even more excited to find out that they missed him just as much, and a year’s worth of grief
and worry melts away as they reunite….


The world they left had changed, but he remained: their anchor, their constant.


Not for the first time, Becker cursed the ARC‘s new management. If Lester were the only one in
charge, Connor and Abby would‘ve been welcomed back with open arms, and immediately
given a chance to relax-—to shower, change, sleep. Instead, they were stuck arguing with
Burton over ARC policy and answering an endless string of questions.

All he wanted was to be with them, and with this nonsense, he‘d instead barely seen them. The
frantic, ecstatic greeting they‘d shared at the anomaly site was all too brief before creature
management duty called. Then they‘d been whisked away almost instantly after returning.

He paced the corridors, sneaking a glance when he could into the office. Once, he caught
Connor‘s eye, and smiled at him. The expression of relief he got in return was short, but

Finally, they were sprung. He spoke to them for just a few moments as they were being herded
out—-long enough to get that they were being transported to a nearby hotel. He made note of
its name.

Over the years of his soldier‘s life, he‘d learned to catch rest whenever he could, but this night,
he could barely drop off. He merely skimmed across the surface of sleep, his mind too busy
thinking about his friends, hoping they were all right and craving their company. On occasion, he
dreamed, half-consciously, a mix of sweet memories conspiring to keep his body alert. A quick,
furious wank did little to take the edge off.

In his semi-lucid state, he thought about how they were when he first saw them that morning.
Their body language was different somehow. They were—yes, he remembered now—they‘d
been holding hands. And the embrace they shared when he arrived was full of joy that went
beyond the long-awaited homecoming. Had it happened? Had months as the only two humans
in the prehistoric world been enough to strip away the defences they‘d built up against each
other? Could it be that his mistake in getting between them didn‘t matter? He could only hope.

Finally, dawn broke. He showered, dressed, and beelined for their hotel.

There was a guard posted at their door—Minker, one of his team, thank goodness. One word,
and he was gone, happy to have a break. It was early, still, and Becker worried that they might
be asleep, but he knocked, tentatively.

―Connor? Abby?‖ He called through the door. ―It‘s Becker. Are you awake?‖

Before he‘d even got the last word out, he heard pounding feet, the door flung open under his
hand, and he was treated to the sight of a ridiculously excited Connor, long hair dripping wet
and clad in only a T-shirt and a pair of fresh boxers. Abby, also with wet hair and in a hotel
dressing gown, was close on his heels. They descended on him with damp, enthusiastic hugs,
and dragged him inside, closing the door behind them.

―Becker, you have no idea how good it is to see you.‖ Connor beamed. His dimple was mostly
hidden by his scraggly beard, but his enormous, toothy grin was still as charming as ever.

Abby came up beside Connor, ducking under his arm in a familiar way. ―No idea,‖ she agreed.
―We were beginning to think we‘d gone from frying pan to fire.‖ Connor squeezed her shoulders.
She reached out and clutched at his hand. His bare hand, Becker noted with a smile.

―I‘m really sorry about all that. I have no control over what's going on. It's really all out of my
hands." He turned and sat on the sofa near the window.

"Yeah, we figured. We didn't think you would throw us off like that." Connor perched on the chair
opposite the sofa. Abby perched on his lap.

Becker's heart fluttered a little to see them so close. They both looked a little worn: Their time in
the wilds had taken its toll—the still-fresh scar above Connor‘s eye was evidence enough of
that. They looked older, maybe, and a little wiser. Yet they were still every bit as beautiful as he
remembered--perhaps even more so for their newfound intimacy. "So, did you get the gist of
what happened while you were gone?‖

―Yeah, I think so.‖ Connor nodded. ―I don‘t quite get what Burton's doing there, but Matt and
Jess seemed nice enough. Matt's slightly barmy, maybe, but a decent bloke, as far as I can tell.
We‘re supposed to go back to the ARC this afternoon for more debriefing, and then…Well, I

don‘t know what happens after that.‖

―I guess it makes sense that things would‘ve changed in all that time,‖ Abby said, stroking a
soothing hand over Connor‘s wet head. ―I can‘t imagine that Lester didn‘t try to keep it together,
but I‘m sure you all probably went a bit mental with all the pressure.‖

―We did,‖ Becker acknowledged. ―We really had no choice but to let Burton‘s team take over.
We were coming apart at the seams.‖ For more reasons than one, he thought.

―It feels kind of weird being back, though. I mean… I guess everyone thought we were dead.‖
Connor‘s voice was quiet and thoughtful. ―They told us they packed up Abby‘s flat and put all
our things in storage. I suppose that once we get all this crazy debriefing business and such
sorted out, we'll get another flat and set up home again. I can't wait, really."

"I can imagine!" Becker grinned. ―So how was it to sleep on an actual bed last night?‖

―Oh my god.‖ Abby made a giddy noise. ―So good to finally have actual pillows and sheets and
not to worry about whether we were going to be eaten in our sleep.‖

Connor squirmed excitedly. ―Definitely nice. And much nicer for—" He cut off as Abby tweaked
his ear.

Becker raised an eyebrow. Was it true?

Abby dipped her head, biting her lip and giggling a little in an uncharacteristically girly way.
―Yes, Becker. It is what you think.‖

―Really?‖ He looked back and forth between the two of them, their twin expressions of cat-
munching-canary sending thrills through him. A delighted smile quickly spanned his face.
―That‘s bloody fantastic! I‘m so happy for you.‖

―Thank you,‖ Connor said. Abby‘s dressing gown had slipped open slightly, and he caressed her

―Actually,‖ Abby said, leaning into Connor a little, ―you really do deserve our thanks.‖

―Oh? How so?‖

Connor giggled softly. ―Well, if it hadn‘t been for you, we‘d… Well. Things probably wouldn‘t
have gone the way they did. I mean, they might have, I guess. Really, who knew the
Cretaceous was more romantic than Paris, yeah?‖

Becker laughed. ―Not what I would have imagined, but I suppose so!‖

―Well, we had a lot of time to talk—in between all the, you know, fighting for survival and all
that.‖ Connor rolled his eyes. ―I guess it was probably that life-and-death thing, maybe. We
started talking about big things—about big life things.‖

Abby settled further into Connor‘s lap. Her gown gaped a little more. Becker tried not to stare at
her thighs. ―We talked about what might happen if we couldn‘t get back, and how we‘d survive,
and we talked about the all the people we loved and missed.‖ Her eyes focused on him. ―We
talked about you.‖

A strange, nervous feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. ―Me? Ah… OK?‖

Connor‘s hand crept up Abby‘s thigh as he spoke. ―We, um… We talked about what happened.
With us. With you.‖

Becker's chest tightened. He sensed impending doom. Or impending something. ―Oh. That. I'm
sorry, really.‖ He looked at the floor, embarrassed.

―Sorry?‖ Abby laughed. ―No, there‘s no sorry involved, Becker. You didn‘t do anything wrong.
We were both single, after all.‖

He looked up, and Connor smiled at him. ―It‘s not like we weren‘t encouraging it, Becks. I don't
recall having protested.‖ He winked. ―No, thing is, we got to talking about what had happened
and it… well… turned out that it sort of changed our perceptions about each other.‖

―A lot.‖ Abby nodded. Her hand was now on the back of Connor‘s neck, her thumb sliding up
and down. "Got me to see a side of our Connor here I didn't know existed. Quite the eye-
opener, that."

Becker swallowed hard. His mouth had gone dry and the flutter of his heart sped up.

The tips of Connor‘s fingers had disappeared under the folds of Abby‘s dressing gown. ―So we,
um, started talking details.‖ His voice had gone a bit husky.

―He told me about everything you two did.‖ She smiled warmly. ―Everything.‖

―And she told me.‖ Connor‘s cheeks and chest were flushed, now. ―And we were, I guess you
could say…‖

―Inspired,‖ she finished for him.

Becker was speechless. All his worry, all his regret, all his fear that what he had done with them
had pushed them apart was not only misplaced, but entirely wrong. Rather than pushing them
apart, it had, in some crazy way, brought them together. He couldn‘t deny that he found the
whole idea of them finally getting together quite arousing, but he also felt a sense of calm come

over him—something he hadn‘t felt in months, and certainly not since they‘d disappeared.

―So thank you,‖ Connor said, smiling shyly.

―Well…you‘re welcome?‖ Becker laughed a little in relief. ―My… ah… pleasure?‖

They laughed at him, Abby squirming a little on Connor‘s lap, and Connor squirming because
she did. Connor looked up at her, questioning her with his eyes. She smiled down at him and
nodded. Becker had no idea what they were communicating, but it was clearly something

―So, as you can imagine,‖ Connor cleared his throat a little. ―We‘re glad to be back, and we‘re
especially glad to see you again.‖ His hand had disappeared further up Abby‘s thigh.

―Really glad,‖ Abby echoed, her voice slightly unsteady.

―We missed you. Very much.‖ Where the hell was Connor‘s hand? ―And, if you don‘t have to get
back to the ARC right away, you‘re welcome to stay here for a while. With us.‖

―With you…?‖ His breath caught in his chest, but he dared not presume what Connor‘s words

―With us,‖ Abby said firmly. The look on her face would‘ve been confirmation enough, but then
she dropped her knee to the side, and pushed away her dressing gown. Connor‘s hand was…
Oh god.

The door got bolted, clothes hit the floor and three naked bodies sprawled on the bed. In just
moments, Becker and Abby were kissing, their tongues swirling together, meeting and
dancing… around Connor‘s cock.

Months of practice and, Becker guessed, a healthy shag earlier that morning kept Connor going
longer than he might have otherwise, but it still didn‘t take long for the tag-team attention to get
him shaking with need. By the time Becker moved down, sucking on his balls, he was gone,
panting heavily and cursing as his cock spurted into Abby‘s mouth. Pulling back, she turned to
Becker and shared a messy, come-flavoured kiss.

After a few moments‘ rest, they changed positions, the two men on their sides, Abby on her
back between them. She continued kissing Becker, as hard and furiously as he remembered,
and he returned the passion in kind. Connor meanwhile buried his face in her neck, sucking and
scraping his teeth across her flesh in a way that made her moan into Becker‘s mouth.

Their hands roamed across her body, Becker following Connor‘s lead as he caressed her. Their
fingers pressed into the soft flesh of her breasts and plucked at her hard nipples. Connor

dragged his fingernails over her skin, across the delicate underside of her breast and she
bucked, arching her chest up, seeking more. Becker echoed the motion with the breast on his
side and soon she was mewling, almost pitifully. He broke the kiss and moved down, sucking
down her neck and chest until he captured her nipple in his mouth, his hand encircling her
breast and squeezing gently. In a moment, Connor did the same, a little more roughly on his
side, rubbing his wiry beard across her skin. His teeth flashed now and again as he bit lightly at

She wound one hand in Connor‘s damp hair, and the other around Becker‘s cock, squeezing
and stroking in the rhythm of her own pleasure. ―Please!‖ She managed the one word.

Becker caught Connor‘s eye and they smiled conspiratorially. Moving a hand each down to her
very wet crotch, they competed a bit for space, until they found the right places: Becker‘s thick
fingers buried inside her, Connor‘s more slender ones rubbing and stroking her slippery folds
and upright clit in exactly the ways he knew she liked.

Sucking and nipping at her breasts, they worked her body, falling into the motion of her hips as
she bucked. She grew louder, more frantic, and then her body went taut, her cunt spasming
against their hands. Becker‘s own hips jerked as her sounds thrilled through him, and he had to
pull back out of her grasp, fighting the urge to come himself. Abby was hardly finished, as they
all well knew, and Connor had recovered, and was hard again, nudging against Abby‘s hip.

Becker withdrew his hand, and Connor climbed atop Abby, his knees on either side of her hips,
his cock resting on her belly. He leaned over and kissed her face. ―Do you want this?‖ He asked
quietly, pushing against her.

―Mmmhm,‖ she purred. ―I do. But not quite yet.‖

―Oh?‖ Connor raised an eyebrow.

Abby turned to Becker. ―So, I have a favour to ask.‖

At this point, he‘d have agreed to anything as long as it didn‘t involve going home frustrated or
losing a body part. ―Whatever you like,‖ he said, caressing her shoulder.

Her voice went gravelly and thick. She nodded her head at Connor. ―Fuck him.‖

Connor‘s eyes went wide, and he yelped a little in surprise. ―Um. Do I not get a say in this?‖ His
voice was weak, but he smiled loosely.

Abby grinned at him, her eyes narrow and teasing. ―Not really, no.‖ She petted his chest, twirling
a finger around one nipple. He squirmed. ―Ever since you told me about what you two did
before, I‘ve wanted to see it in person.‖ She tweaked the nipple. ―I want to see what your face
looks like when your arse is getting a proper fucking.‖

Connor shuddered all over and swallowed hard. ―Oh, hell.‖

Becker shivered a little himself. The memories of having been buried in Connor‘s sweet, tight
body came flooding back, and he thrilled to think he was finally going to get a chance to do it
again. Making quick use of his emergency kit on the bedside table, he moved around to the end
of the bed.

The view was breathtaking: Abby‘s legs were still open, and Connor‘s thighs, straddling Abby‘s
hips, were also wide apart, his arse spread and angled up, and his balls dangling down,
brushing against Abby‘s pink cleft.

Their furtive fuck in the shower those many months ago had been quick and hungry, cut all too
short by the demands of a workday. This time, he insisted to himself, he was going to take it
slow. Willing his cock to be patient, he instead leaned forward on the bed, getting his face and
hands between their thighs.

He started gently, getting a palmful of Connor‘s balls with one hand and stroking down Abby‘s
still-soaking cunt with the other. They both gasped and squirmed.

"Whoa!" Abby giggled deliriously. ―I take it I‘m getting a bonus out of this?‖

―Of course.‖ He leaned up and caught her eye, smiling big. Then he moved back, putting a hand
on Connor‘s arse, rubbing his thumb down the sensitive area between his balls and his twitching
hole. Connor sighed noisily and arched his back, opening himself up further to Becker‘s

Still stroking fingertips over Abby‘s silky skin, he moved in, licking down Connor‘s cleft. Pointing
his tongue, he traced circles, toying with the opening as it tensed and relaxed under the slippery
touch. He pushed, his tongue sliding easily inside. Connor started babbling soft pleas before
they were swallowed up, wet and muffled by Abby‘s kisses.

As Becker began fucking Connor with his tongue, his middle finger slipped between Abby‘s
swollen folds, finding and stroking her clit. She hissed pleasure, reaching her hands up to rake
her nails across Connor‘s lower back. Still extremely sensitive from the first time she came, she
quickly built up again, huffing groans into Connor‘s mouth, and trying desperately not to buck
him off in her excitement as she rode another powerful wave. She was wet—so wet—and
Becker idly wondered if he might have the stamina to fuck her again later. For now, however, he
had a different duty, and one that his cock was starting to demand he fulfil.

He pulled back from Connor‘s arse, satisfied that he was well and truly ready for more—as if the
plaintive begging from the head of the bed wasn‘t enough to tell him that. He climbed up on the
bed, stroked Abby-slickened fingers across Connor‘s hole and his own cock, and pushed

Connor seemed to melt under his touch, his body going slack and boneless as Becker‘s cock
slid deep inside him. Becker held there for a moment, trying to keep from going off right away as
the tight ring of muscles stroked down his length, but Connor soon became impatient.
―Becker…‖ His voice was broken and ragged with need. ―Fuck me. Please.‖

He did so, fingers sinking into Connor‘s hips, pulling him back and thrusting hard. He fought,
and he suspected Connor did, too, to keep going, to make it last, but soon it started becoming
too much.

Abby seemed to know this. ―Connor,‖ she whispered. ―Now.‖

They disengaged just long enough for Connor to make use of the emergency kit and switch
positions, and then they were back, all three of them: Becker deep inside Connor, Connor deep
inside Abby, and a rising cacophony of sighs and groans echoing through the room.

Becker‘s head swam. It felt so very good, in so many ways, but the bliss came from more than
just his body. It was finally right, he knew it; it finally made sense. All the pieces were finally in
place. The halves united. The best of both worlds.

Abby jerked violently underneath them, her thighs tightening around Connor‘s hips, and the
chain reaction quickly made its way back to him. Abby called Connor‘s name. Connor‘s body
gripped him. He let go.

And finally, he let himself cry.


Family Planning (Abby/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Connor, with A/BC references

Other Characters: Jess, Becker

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 4x02: After their crazy homecoming romp, Abby and Connor are taken back to the ARC
for proper debriefing. Lester argues for Abby’s hiring—insisting she should manage the
menagerie—but can’t get Philip to agree to take on Connor again. Dejected, Connor packs up
and leaves, exchanging a sad, understanding glance with Becker on his way out. Jess, taking
pity on him, invites him to hang out at her place to use her computer to go flat shopping. While
there, he goes looking for creature sightings reports, and runs across one from his old friend
Duncan. This leads to a chaotic creature chase, and ultimately wins Connor a place on the team

His flat hunting having been interrupted, however, Jess decides to offer Abby and Connor crash
space at hers. They take her up on it, though living with her soon proves slightly mad.


―That‘s so cute!‖ A high-pitched giggle made Connor turn and glance back at the open bathroom
door. Jess stood there, grinning madly, her phone held out in front of her to frame a shot.

Already giddy from playfully combating Abby‘s attempts to help him shave off his Cretaceous-
grown scruff, he merely smiled big, mugging for the camera and getting his face up against
Abby‘s as the flash went off.

―Oi, GQ.‖ Abby pushed him away. ―Quit messing about, you knob. We need to get you scrubbed
up so we can get to work.‖ Her voice sounded stern, but she couldn‘t help a hint of a smile—
even if her face was now just as full of shaving foam as his own.

―Oh!‖ Jess piped up. ―Actually, I meant to tell you: Lester said that you two can have the
morning off if you like. Go out and get yourselves some proper new clothes and such. He said
you could do it on the company account.‖ She reached into the purse hanging from her
shoulder, and produced a shiny credit card.

―Really?‖ Abby blinked, taking the card gingerly.

―Sure, absolutely,‖ Jess chirped. ―Connor needs to be back this afternoon for the intake thing—
medical checkup, ID band, all that—but otherwise, you‘re free. I‘ll call you if we get an anomaly.‖

―Wow, thanks.‖ Connor beamed. ―Must admit, I‘m looking forward to wearing something other
than the stuff they left us with yesterday.‖

―I don‘t blame you. I swear, the supply team has absolutely no sense of style.‖ Jess waved a
dismissive hand.

Connor stifled a laugh. Today, she was in a hot-pink dress with lime-green heels and a chunky,
purple necklace that looked like the droppings of one of the proto-mammals they‘d left behind in
the ancient past.

―I‘d go out with you and help,‖ Jess continued, ―but I have an early meeting to get to. Something
about new Hub security protocols or something. Becker‘s running it, and if I‘m late, he‘ll make
sure I hear about it.‖ She flushed a little.

Abby looked away, and Connor cleared his throat. ―A‘ight then,‖ he said, squirming. ―We‘ll see
you at the ARC this afternoon, hey?‖

―Yep! Lock up when you leave!‖ Jess turned and sauntered out.

―Will do,‖ Abby called after her. She looked at him in the mirror. ―Well! Guess we have a bit
more time, yeah?‖

―Guess we do.‖ As soon as he heard the front door close, he descended on her, half-shaved,
foamy-faced and all.

Just 10 minutes later, he lay there on the bathroom floor, panting and laughing with relief,
gazing up at Abby‘s half-naked form as she knelt atop him. She was beautiful, even sleepy-
eyed, unshowered and covered in smears of shaving foam and bits of wiry beard hair.

―Think Jess will mind that we nicked this?‖ Connor glanced over at the empty condom packet on
the floor next to them.

―Nah.‖ Abby shook her head and leaned down to kiss him. ―Just glad she had some around,
actually. We need to get a proper supply of our own.‖

―We do. We have a lot of lost time to make up for.‖ He smiled significantly at her.

―Oh, god.‖ She laughed and squirmed, her still-aroused body clenching around him.

―Whoa! Steady on!‖ The way she moved had dislodged the condom a little, and he could feel it
slipping away from his soppy, softening cock.

―Oops! Sorry.‖ She rolled her hips back carefully. He reached between them, grabbing the base
of the thing to keep it from coming off as she dismounted. ―Good thing is that we can ditch them
in a little while,‖ she said.

He froze. ―How‘s that?‖ Of course, he wanted to father a child with her someday, but so soon?

She saw the look of panic in his eyes. ―Not that, silly.‖ She punched him lightly on the chest.
―Meds. When they did my physical yesterday, the medic said they could hook me up. Figured
that‘d be a good idea.‖

―Oh! Right.‖ He sighed and silently cursed himself for being clueless about such things.

―Few weeks and we won‘t need these at all.‖ She took the spent condom he handed her and
chucked it in the bin near the toilet, then helped him to his feet.

―Yay!‖ He cheered. Granted that being able to be inside her at all was amazing, but the thought
of doing it without the latex in the way sounded even better. But then, a sudden thought made
him pause. ―Wait. Abby?‖

―Hm?‖ She looked over her shoulder as she was turning on the shower tap.

―Wouldn‘t we still need them?‖ Even though he and Becker had decided on their first night that
condoms weren‘t necessary at the time, more than a year had gone by since then, and any
number of things could have changed. They did, after all, use them yesterday…

Abby stared at him. ―What for?‖

He paused, slightly uncomfortable. They‘d certainly talked about Becker enough when they
were alone in the past, and since yesterday morning‘s amazing, chaotic romp, he knew they‘d
both been thinking about him. So why did it seem so weird to talk about this now that it had
finally happened? Was she not interested in doing anything more? He closed his mouth.
―Nothing, I guess. Nevermind.‖ He shook his head, clearing the thought. ―Scoot.‖ He nudged her
aside and stepped into the shower.


―Hey!‖ Jess turned and headed toward them as they got out of the lift and made their way into
the ops room. ―Welcome back. I see you‘re both better dressed, now!‖

Connor looked down at his jeans and long-sleeved shirt. It felt somewhat boring compared to
how he‘d dressed the last time he was in the present, but Abby had said maybe it was time they
both looked at least a little more professional. ―You think so?‖

―Yes, absolutely!‖ Jess beelined for Abby, reaching out to fondle the sleeve of the new leather
jacket she sported.

Becker came round the corner, apparently having heard them arrive. He stopped short, gazing
at them both in an uncharacteristically rapt way.

Abby glanced up, Jess being distracted by the engraving on her new belt buckle. ―Hi.‖ She
smiled—shyly, Connor noticed.

―Hi,‖ Becker returned. A little thrill ran through Connor as he watched Becker‘s eyes travelling
over Abby, taking in the low-cut vest, the tight jeans…

Jess looked up, finally seeing him there. ―Hey Becker! Don‘t they both look great?‖ She chirped.

He looked startled for a moment, and blinked at Jess. ―Um. Yeah. Nice.‖ He cleared his throat,
and a different, more-detached look crossed his face. He smirked at Connor. ―Well done,
Temple. Finally got a proper haircut and a shave.‖ He strode past, clapping Connor on the
shoulder as he went.

Jess rolled her eyes. ―Oh, really.‖ She grinned at Connor. ―I suppose he‘d probably prefer if you
were both in uniform or something. All that basic black. He never wears anything else. I wonder
sometimes if that kit is permanently attached to him. Like, he‘s never actually naked, just even
showers in it or something.‖

―Uh?‖ Connor gaped at her.

Her cheeks went nearly as pink as her dress. ―Not that I‘ve seen… I mean, I‘ve not thought—―

―The uniform works for him, though,‖ Abby finally interjected, saving Jess from embarrassing
herself any further.

―Yep.‖ Connor nodded. ―That‘s our Becker. Never a hair out of place.‖

―Right!‖ Jess laughed nervously. ―Anyway. So, your ID band should be ready in an hour or so. If
you want, you can go have a look round while you‘re waiting, as long as Abby‘s escorting you.
Maybe check in on the menagerie?‖

―There‘s an idea,‖ Abby grinned at him. ―I‘m sure Rex would love to see you.‖ She turned and
headed toward the corridor.

―Yeah! Great!‖ Connor started after her, but then he paused, looking back the direction Becker
had gone. He felt strangely disappointed. For a moment, it had seemed like there was a spark
there again, like the warm, close afterglow from yesterday‘s tryst was going to carry over into
more. But maybe not. Maybe it was just a one-time thing—just the release of a year‘s worth of
tension and missing each other. Maybe now that they‘d spent that energy, and they were all
officially a professional team again, there wouldn‘t be anything more. Maybe the other two just
didn‘t want what he wanted.

Not, of course, that having only Abby was disappointing. That jacket certainly did suit her, and
her arse looked fantastic in those jeans...

―Coming, Connor?‖ Abby looked back over her shoulder, and caught where his eyes had been.
She grinned at him.

―Oh, yeah!‖ He hustled to follow her.


The rest of the afternoon was sedate—if slightly surreal.

He agreed with Abby that the conditions in the menagerie weren‘t ideal. Poor Sid and Nancy
seemed downright glum, parked in a reinforced, chew-resistant concrete box with next to no
natural light coming in. They perked up when they saw him, but quickly went back to being
quiet. The new ARC policy that they couldn‘t take any of the creatures out of the facility made it
all that much more frustrating.

Beyond that, however, things seemed almost normal, to his surprise. Less than 48 hours back
in modern life, and with a whole new facility to explore and a tonne of new people to meet, he
felt like he should have been hopelessly disoriented, yet he wasn‘t. Having Abby along helped
matters considerably, her familiar presence at his side a welcome comfort.

And having Becker around helped, too.

He seemed to be shadowing them, though Connor knew that couldn‘t actually be the case.
They‘d pass him on the way to the medical bay, or up in the lab corridors, or down by the
vehicle fleet. He insisted on giving them both a proper introduction to the armoury and a bit
more practice with the new weapons, coming up close to correct their stance or show them how
a particular setting worked.

There were no words spoken—no reference to what had happened between them—and Becker
didn‘t even openly flirt. Yet the undercurrent of energy when he was nearby was very nearly
visible—but only apparently to Connor. Every time something happened that made him shiver a
little with memory, he‘d look over at Becker or Abby, only to find them apparently entirely
unaware of the implication.

By the time they were headed back—Jess chattering away as she drove them home—he‘d
begun to wonder if he‘d imagined it all.

Finally, at the end of the day, a couple of glasses of red wine broke down his reticence. As they
were bedding down for the night in the guest room Jess had set up for them, he broached the

―Abby,‖ he said calmly as she nestled into his chest.


―OK, so you know I‘m not good with the whole… reading people thing. I get things wrong
sometimes. I don‘t really understand personal stuff easily. So, please forgive me for being blunt
about this, yeah?‖

She sat up, looking at him with concern. ―Sure. What‘s wrong?‖

―Did we …‖ he heaved a breath, trying to steady himself. ―Do you think we make a mistake
yesterday? With Becker?‖

She frowned at him. ―No. Why? Do you feel that way?‖

He relaxed a little and shook his head. ―I don‘t, no. The opposite, in fact. But…‖ he chewed his
lip. ―Was that it? I mean, would you want to do that again?‖

She smiled lopsidedly, and lay back down, burrowing under his arm. ―Well, the short answer is
yes. That was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, and I‘ve been thinking about it
pretty much constantly ever since. An encore of that? Would be pretty amazing.‖

―Yeah, it would.‖ He squirmed with memory. ―But what‘s the long answer?‖

She lightly stroked his chest, fingertips tracing random patterns over his skin. ―The long answer
is that there‘s more to it than that, now. I mean, since we‘re back and things are sort of normal
again, we‘re not just…‖ she hummed quietly as she thought. ―It‘s not like we have the same
reasons now. If it happened again, it would have to be something more, I dunno, planned or
something, I guess.‖

―What do you mean?‖

She sighed quietly. ―Thing is, all of this—aside from the you-and-me stuff—this was all kind of
spontaneous and random. Your night with him, mine, yesterday. It all just sort of happened, and
maybe that‘s just how things were supposed to be with him. Just a little casual thing. Not
something … ongoing.‖

―But it‘s not like he‘s some random bloke we hooked up with. He‘s our friend. We care about
him. I do, at least.‖

―Well, of course. And I know he cares about us, too. But it‘s been a year. A lot has changed for
all of us. We don‘t really know him as well as we used to, and let‘s face it, we didn‘t know him all
that intimately before, either.‖

―Oh, I dunno, I got pretty intimate with him…‖ He grinned down at her.

She rolled her eyes. ―You know what I mean.‖

―Yeah, I do. I think.‖ He petted her hair while he considered her words. ―Our Becks isn‘t exactly
an open book, that‘s for sure.‖

―Right. And for all we know, maybe doing this again isn‘t something he‘d want. Maybe he feels
more comfortable just keeping things friendly, and if we tried to go for more, it would make
things weird.‖

Weird. He suddenly got an uncomfortable echo of the way she had acted after their first kiss. ―Is
that what you want? To just keep things like that?‖

Her breath hitched. ―I… I don‘t know.‖ She fidgeted. ―Like I say, I loved it, but really, if nothing
else ever happened with him, I‘d be OK with it. I‘m perfectly content to be with just you. I don‘t
need him or anyone else.‖

He reached for her hand and squeezed it. ―Same here.‖

She returned the squeeze, then rolled over and stared at the ceiling. ―But I admit that the idea of
doing that again also does scare me a little, too.‖

―How so?‖

―Well, I‘ve only just got used to the idea of us—of you and me. It‘s not been that long. It still feels
like it‘s not quite real sometimes. I keep wondering whether it‘s going to all go pear-shaped

He turned, trying to catch her eye. ―Abby, I‘m not going—―

―No.‖ She cut him off with a gentle hand to his lips. ―You don‘t have to say it. It‘s fine.‖ She
turned back onto her side and smiled gently at him. ―No, it‘s just that something unexpected
happened yesterday when we were with him. Maybe it was just me, I don‘t know, and maybe
this will sound strange…‖

He squeezed her hand again, encouraging her to continue.

―But there was something else going on there besides just an amazing shag. For me, at least.
When we came through that anomaly and he picked us up, it was like we were home in more
ways than just that. Something just felt… right…about it. I thought for a while that it was just,
y‘know, being back and missing him. Or that it was just hormones or whatever. But it—being
with him—it meant something to me.‖ She met his eyes. ―You don‘t have any reason to be
jealous or anything. It‘s not like it is with you. It‘s different. But yes, I felt something for him, and
if we did that again, I‘d feel the same, and it might be stronger this time.‖

―And that scares you?‖

She nodded.

―Oh, Abby.‖ He reached for her, drawing her close, and was gratified to feel the tension leave
her body. She didn‘t have to explain any further—he got it. He didn‘t know as much as he
wanted to about her family history, but he knew enough to understand that she was wary of
getting close to people—always afraid that they‘d eventually leave.

Pulling back a little, he put a hand to her face, wiping away a small tear with his thumb. He
smiled tenderly at her. ―For what it‘s worth, I felt the same way yesterday, and I‘d been worried
that I was the only one.‖

She smiled, relieved. ―Apparently not.‖

―Nope! And I certainly feel a lot better for that.‖ He kissed her nose. ―But I guess we need to
decide what we do about it now. I‘ll be honest: I would definitely like more, if we could. The sex
part, of course, and…well. I don‘t know what else. Just something beyond that. Though, I‘m not
even sure what that would be like. Dating or something? I don‘t know. All of this is pretty new to
me in general, so… yeah.‖

―Yeah. This is definitely slightly odd, whatever it is. Or would be.‖ She nibbled on her lip.

―Honestly, it‘s up to you. And him, of course.‖ He flashed a quick grin. ―I can go either way.
Whatever you want—whatever you‘re comfortable with—even if that means yesterday was the
one and only time for that.‖

―Thank you. That really means a lot to me.‖ She nestled close. ―I think I just need to give it some
more thought. Just take it easy and see how things go. See if I feel differently.‖

―Sure. I‘m perfectly fine with that.‖

―It may be moot anyway.‖ She shrugged. ―I mean, we don‘t know how he feels, and asking
about it would probably be awkward. If he really did just want it to be a one-time thing, that
would make it all really uncomfortable for us, and what with the job and stuff, that wouldn‘t be

―Right. Definitely,‖ he agreed. ―Though, on the other hand, trying to work with him if we still have
all that tension? Might drive us both mad. And that wouldn‘t be good, either. Be kind of
dangerous to be tracking something deadly when we‘re distracted by staring at his arse or
something.‖ He winked at her.

―True.‖ She giggled a little. ―Honestly, just having his arms around me today when he was
checking my weapons stance? Thought I was about to fall over and die.‖

He giggled himself. ―Yeah, well. I thought I was going to die just watching that.‖ A surge ran
through him as the memory came up.

―Mmmhm. And the way you squirm when he looks at you is quite interesting. You‘re terrible at
hiding when you‘re aroused.‖ She dropped a kiss on his shoulder.

―Cheeky!‖ He protested.

―Just an observation,‖ she teased. ―Animal behaviourist, you know.‖

His eyes narrowed, and he smiled slyly. ―So, what are you observing now then, hey?‖ He
wormed closer to her, nudging against her hip with his growing erection.

She raised an eyebrow. ―The mating habits of the Northern horny goat?‖

He burst out with a slightly too-loud laugh, which was quickly swallowed up by a deep kiss. In
just a few moments, they were entangled, caressing and petting sensitive places, trying to keep
as quiet as they could to avoid Jess—puttering around in the bathroom on the other side of the
wall—hearing them. Then, just as things started getting interesting, she stopped him.


―Huh?‖ He mumbled around a mouthful of nipple.

―We forgot to buy condoms today.‖

―Oh. Right. Hell.‖ He grumbled. He listened carefully—Jess was in the still in the bathroom, so
sneaking out to pilfer more of her stash was not an option.

Fortunately, he knew of plenty of other ways they could please each other, and shifted around,
making his way down to get his face between Abby‘s legs.

―When we do buy them, though?‖ She said thoughtfully, threading her hand in his hair as he
began kissing her thighs. ―We should get plenty. Just in case.‖

He popped his head up, gazing at her in curious surprise. The smile she sported was


Book Two: Worlds Together

Encore (Abby/Becker)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker, with some Abby/Connor

Other Characters: Jess

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 4x03: An anomaly opens at a local theatre, and there’s an incursion: not just a
creature, but three people, whom we soon learn are Emily, Ethan and Charlotte. Obviously very
unwell, Charlotte dies before the other two can get her help, and Ethan flies into a rage, blaming

The ARC team gets the call, Abby, Becker and Connor kitting up in an instinctively coordinated
way, and heading out as a group. But just as they’re about to leave, they’re stopped: Philip
wants Connor to stay behind to help with a security software upgrade. Connor’s upset about
this—as are Abby and Becker—but agrees to stay.

Matt, having come from spending time with the mysterious Gideon, gets to the theatre before
they do, and his arrival panics Emily and Ethan, who split up. Emily dashes back through the
anomaly, and Matt, bucking protocol, heads after her.

After Abby and Becker arrive, they can’t find Matt, but lock the anomaly anyway. An extended
search of the area turns up nothing. Abby realises Matt must have gone through the anomaly,
and begs Becker to unlock it. This does not sit well with Becker, who’s a stickler for the rule that
no-one goes through an anomaly ever again. He’s still too shattered by having lost team
members that way—even though two of his most beloved are back again. Eventually, Abby—
and Connor, on the com from the ARC—convince him to at least unlock it, in case Matt is simply
trapped on the other side. Which, in fact, he was. He returns, bringing a semi-conscious Emily
with him, and they head off to tote her and Charlotte’s body to hospital, while Ethan hides in the
shadows, looking on…

Meanwhile back at the ARC things go entirely awry with the project Connor’s working on. A
security scan designed to detect creature incursions trips the ARC’s goes into lockdown
protocol, and Philip and Rex are trapped in a sealed-off room that’s quickly losing oxygen.
Connor’s circuit-board brain comes to the rescue, as he remembers the back door code he’d
built into the original ARC system, the password for which is… Abby Temple (much to the
amusement of Jess.)

Matt ends up chasing Emily and a creature around town, and Abby and Becker, out of touch
with everyone else thanks to the ARC’s lockdown, end up doing some creature management of
their own back at the theatre. Whatever conflict they had over unlocking the anomaly has
evaporated, and we soon see that they make a fantastic team. Their instinctive teamwork brings
the creature down, and Becker, quite delighted about this, gives Abby a flirty wink to celebrate.

Alas, it can’t all go well. Matt’s agreed to help Emily find Ethan—quite contrary to Becker’s plan
to lock her up and question her. And Abby finds herself having to lie to Becker about this.

We open the morning before the call, with Abby and Connor still bunking with Jess, which has
proven to be slightly frustrating…


It had only been the once. Perhaps that was all it would be. Not that her dreams knew that, full
as they were of memories mixed with curious ideas for future trysts between her, Connor and
Becker: On the beach, in a cabin, in the shower, in the kitchen…


For the third day in a row, Abby was awakened by Jess puttering around noisily. She seemed
bent on making them feel at home—even making them breakfast—but didn‘t seem to quite
understand that what they really needed was more sleep—and more privacy.

Connor, deeper in the clutches of slumber, merely snuffled at the noise and rolled over, draping
an arm over her chest and pulling her to him. He had his usual morning erection, which was
pressed into her thigh. The memories of her dream—the three of them, entangled in a
swimming pool—were still fresh, and the warm hardness against her leg sent a thrill through
her. For a moment, she thought of waking him, and trying to find some way they could satisfy
each other without being too obvious about it. Months of practice keeping quiet had helped them
avoid a toothy nightmare of coitus interruptus, after all.

Jess, however, was far keener than a raptor, and had far fewer manners.

―Brekkie is on!‖ She sang out at the slight crack in their door.

―Uh?‖ Connor finally finished waking. They exchanged a look. He rolled his eyes. She peered at
him sympathetically.

―Wouldn‘t want to miss bacon, yeah?‖ She finally whispered.


―Getting on with Jess, then?‖ Becker smiled at her in the locker room as they got together their
gear for the day. Connor had already kitted up quickly and gone off to busy himself puttering
with the ARC‘s network, giddy at being able to get his hands on modern technology again.

―Seems like it. She‘s sweet, really. A bit, um…‖

He chuckled. ―A bit, yeah.‖

―Cute, though. And she certainly seems to fancy you.‖ Abby teased.

He made a derisive noise, and a tight, shy smile played at the corners of his mouth.

For just a moment, Abby thought she saw something else cross his face, and she wondered:
Their frantic, delirious homecoming tryst aside, could it be that he had feelings for someone
else? They had been away for so long, and Jess was there. Maybe this wasn‘t going to happen
after all.

He noticed her look of concern. ―She‘s cute, Abby. She‘s not you.‖ He smiled and moved closer,
his voice dropping to an almost imperceptible purr. ―Or Connor.‖ Moving quickly past her, he let
his hand trail up her flank on his way.

She shivered violently with the happy surprise. Well, today had best have some distractions,
she told herself, or she‘d be thinking of nothing else.


Her wish came true—sort of. There were distractions aplenty, but what with pairing up with
Becker on the mission, she had to concentrate on the tasks at hand to avoid simply staring at
him. Even with his frame draped in various bits of equipment—or perhaps because of it—he
was still a delicious sight, and every move he made only reminded her of other, more intimate
ways he moved. Their bickering on the mission also did nothing to change what she was
feeling. As it always had before, the conflict between them only served to spike up the

The rakish wink he aimed at her certainly did not help.

They made small talk on the way back to the ARC—winding down from the day‘s stress. She
watched his face, smiling at how animated he was when Connor and Jess cracked jokes at him
over the com. He was a lot more relaxed than he had been earlier, though there was still a hint
of tension in the set of his jaw, and his mind seemed to be elsewhere.

She felt bad for having to lie to him, and hoped the lie wouldn‘t come back to bite her, but it was
for the best, she knew. It would take him a while to get used to the idea that they were back,
and relatively safe, now. She knew he still worried about Danny—as they all did—but beyond
that, she believed he could come around again somehow.

He had tried to hide it, brushing furiously at his face as they all lay together while recovering
from their energetic homecoming, but she had seen him cry a little then. More than that, she
had felt the way he clutched them both tightly for several minutes afterward, seeming to not
want to let them go.

She understood the feeling.


Jess and most of the rest of the staff had gone home already, and Connor was elbows-deep in
computer guts when they arrived. He looked up at them, smiling big. ―Crazy day out there!‖

Abby sauntered up and kissed his cheek. ―Quite. We missed you, though. It felt weird not having
you with us.‖

―Yeah. Though I suppose it‘s just as well that I was here. If that scan had gone off without me
around…‖ He made a face and shuddered.

―Looks like things are mostly back to normal, here, though.‖ Becker commented. ―Well done on
all that.‖ He put a hand on Connor's shoulder.

―Thanks. And yeah, mostly. I still need to get this machine back together and tweak some of that
back door code to make it easier to get to if I ever need it again.‖

―You need to do that now?‖ Abby frowned.

Connor winced. ―Yeah, I should. It won‘t take long, though. You go back to the flat without me.
I‘ll be there in a while.‖

Becker flicked a glance at Abby. ―I can take you there, if you like. Just need a few to go secure
the equipment.‖

She hesitated for a moment. Part of her wanted to stay here, with Connor. But she was also
exhausted. ―Yeah, sure.‖ She nodded at Becker, and he jogged off to the armoury, cases in

She sidled up next to Connor, watching what he was doing, even though she hadn‘t the faintest
idea what it was. They‘d become far too used to being within shouting distance in the past year,
and spending virtually the entire day apart made her feel slightly clingy. ―So what was that
password thing Jess was talking about earlier?‖

Connor looked up, mouth agape for a second. ―Nothing.‖ He turned back to the motherboard he
was poking.

―When you say ‗nothing,‘ it usually means ‗something,‘ you know.‖ She teased, nudging him with
her shoulder.

He stopped, going quiet for a moment. ―It was about you, that‘s all,‖ he finally said, cheeks

She knew she wasn‘t going to get more from him than that. ―A‘ight, then. Keep your secret for
now. But you know I‘ll have it out of you later.‖

―Promise?‖ He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her.

―Of course.‖ She teased back, getting a palmful of his arse and giving it a firm squeeze.

They giggled conspiratorially for a moment, and then Connor‘s expression grew serious. He
looked around to be sure they were alone. ―So, what was up with him out there, anyway? He
was… Well, he was acting kind of weird.‖

She sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. ―I think he‘s just…― She waved her hands. He
seemed to understand. ―Well, we all are, I guess. But I think he feels responsible for losing us
and Danny. And Sarah.‖ She winced. The grief at the tragic news had not fully settled for her,

Connor sighed heavily himself. ―That makes sense. I wish he didn‘t blame himself, though.‖

―Me, too. Honestly, I‘m afraid it‘s going to affect his judgment. We could‘ve lost Matt today if
we‘d gone by what he wanted.‖ She rubbed her forehead tiredly.

―I think he‘ll come round eventually,‖ Connor put down a screwdriver and reached for her hand.
―Maybe we just need to spend some more time with him—make sure he knows we‘re not going
anywhere, now.‖

―You‘re probably right.‖ She nodded. ―Though,‖ she looked up, smiling naughtily as she watched
Becker walking back toward them, his muscular frame now unencumbered by equipment, ―I can
certainly think of some other reasons to spend time with him.‖

―Um. Yeah.‖ Connor grinned and joined her in staring.

―Ready to go?‖ Becker called over to her.

―Just waiting on you, Becks,‖ Abby chirped. Slipping an arm around Connor‘s waist, she pulled
him close. ―Don‘t be too late, hey?‖

―I won‘t.‖ He leaned in, kissing her cheek, and then whispered in her ear, ―Kiss him goodnight
for me, will you?‖

Her heart skipped a beat and she pulled back, taking in Connor‘s significant smile.


They pulled into the small car park in an alley behind the building. It was poorly lit, but for some
golden light streaming from the flat above. Jess was home, and would surely be puttering
around, making another meal and laying out choices of a movie to watch (in which she did, at
least, seem to have excellent taste.)

Abby unfastened her seat belt and started to open the door, but then hesitated.

―Something wrong?‖ Becker asked.

―I just… I‘m not ready to go in, yet.‖ She let go of the door handle. ―If you don‘t have plans, can
we just sit here for a little while?‖

―Of course.‖ He switched off the engine. ―What‘s on your mind?‖

She shrugged. ―Connor.‖

He nodded in understanding.

―And you.‖

He raised an eyebrow.

―And me.‖

He laughed. ―The same thing that‘s been on my mind, in other words?‖

―Apparently.‖ She grinned at him. ―Honestly, every spare moment I‘ve had when we‘re not,
y‘know, being chased by something deadly, I‘ve been thinking about it. It‘s kind of driving me
slightly mad, really.‖ She shifted, turning in the seat to face him. ―And to make it worse, it‘s not
like our living arrangements…‖ her eyes flicked up to the flat‘s windows ―…have made it any

Becker winced a little. ―Sorry about that.‖

She shrugged. ―No bother. We‘ll get our own flat at some point. It‘s just sort of frustrating right

―Well, you being frustrated isn‘t good.‖ His voice dropped a little, and his eyes travelled over her

She shook her head and leaned a little closer toward him. ―No, it‘s not.‖

The centre console dug into her hip, but she didn‘t care. The way his tongue stabbed into her

mouth, hot and forceful, drowned out any and all other feelings. In moments, they got his seat
belt and both their jackets out of the way, and were groping at each other in earnest.

Suddenly, he pulled back, a look of deep concern crossing his face. ―Abby… wait,‖ he said
breathlessly. ―Is this… Connor‘s not going to hate me for this, is he? I mean, since he‘s not

She smiled at him and shook her head. ―Not at all. Though he‘ll probably demand I tell him
every detail later.‖

―Oh, really?‖ He laughed lightly. ―Well, I guess I‘d better make sure it‘s a good story, hey?‖

―I guess so!‖ She kissed him wetly.

―One problem, though.‖ He made a face. ―I‘m afraid I‘m going to impale myself on this.‖ He
patted the gearshift. ―Shall we move somewhere a bit more comfortable?‖ He nodded his head
to the second-row seating behind them.

The passenger side of the 4x4 was next to a hedge, affording them a little more privacy. He
came round and helped her change places, picking her up at the waist and laying her back on
the bench seat. A bit of wriggling, and soon her jeans and knickers were on the floor, and her
shirt was pushed up under her arms. He stood there at the door for a moment, stroking her
thighs and looking at her appreciatively.

―Well?‖ She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him expectantly. ―You‘re a bit
overdressed, aren‘t you?‖

A slow smile crossed his face. ―Hush,‖ he said throatily. Leaning over, he suddenly buried his
face between her legs.

―Oh, god!‖ Abby gasped with the shock. She was used to being in more control than this,
especially with that being Connor‘s preference. Her instinct was to push Becker back—try to get
in on the action more herself—but he was having none of that. His hands and body kept her
pinned in place, and his mouth worked steadily at her aching crotch, wearing down her
resistance. He was good at this—very good—and the fast-building peak nearly took her by
surprise, her clit twitching and throbbing as he earnestly sucked and licked at it. She clutched at
the back of the seat, fingernails nearly tearing holes in the leather as the fire rushed through
her. It was all she could do to not cry out like an air-raid siren and alert the entire block to their

He stayed with her, riding her out, and then paused, letting her catch her breath. ―Still
frustrated?‖ He asked cheekily.

She thumped him lightly on the head and laughed. ―Only because you‘re not letting me have at

you, you ninny. You could at least let me return the favour.‖

―Oh, well…‖ He shrugged. ―I suppose that could be arranged.‖ His attempt at nonchalance failed
a little as he shivered with the idea. He paused for a moment, looking over the tight space. Then
he smiled naughtily. ―Turn around,‖ he said calmly.

―Hm?‖ She frowned at him.

―The other direction.‖ He guided her into position, spinning her opposite the way she‘d been

―Oh!‖ She got the picture. Settling in, her head tilted back a little on the edge of the seat, she
looked up at him, licking her lips a little in anticipation. He quickly unfastened his trousers and
moved toward her, cock in hand.

She hadn‘t yet had the chance to experience it quite like this, and from this close, it looked
delicious: thick, pulsing, and with just a bit of slick wetness at the tip. She marvelled, as she had
before, at the novelty of the exposed head, being far more familiar with Connor‘s thin cloak of
sensitive skin. Reaching up to guide him, she pulled him in, swirling her tongue over the swollen
flesh as she suckled.

He gasped sharply at the first touch of her mouth, and reached out a hand to steady himself
against the seat. ―Abby… that‘s… Oh…‖ he murmured, pushing forward involuntarily.

She took it, moving in time with his eager twitching, getting as much of his cock down her throat
as she could. He apparently was not finished with her, however. As he moved against her, he
leaned over, again moving between her thighs to lap eagerly at her still-sensitive flesh. This
time, he also moved a hand down, stroking and massaging her, and finally slipping three
probing fingers deep inside as his mouth worked at the top of her cleft.

In far too short a time, their motions quickened, growing frantic and desperate as each careened
wildly toward bliss. He went first, struggling to keep from being too rough, his guttural cries
muffled by her soft skin. She swallowed readily, the taste and feeling of him pushing her to her
own edge. As he fucked her hard with his hand, she thrashed underneath him, her body
grasping greedily at his fingers as wave after wave crashed over her.

Finally, they slowed, detaching from each other reluctantly, leaving soft kisses behind as they
parted. She sat up, and he climbed in next to her, pulling her close against his shoulder.

―Thank you,‖ he said soberly. ―I didn‘t realise how much I needed that.‖

―Me, too.‖ She whispered. She didn‘t need to say it: It was more than just physical relief that
washed over them. Something had changed, and now she knew there was no going back. Yet it
didn‘t feel strange at all, and whatever worry she‘d had about how she felt about him was

quickly ebbing away. She felt the lack of Connor, but somehow it seemed like he was there in
spirit anyway. He would be there for real the next time, she supposed. And there would be a
next time.


The flat was dark and quiet, and she was nearly asleep when he finally came in.

―Abby?‖ He whispered quietly.

―Hi,‖ she whispered back, and pulled back the sheets, welcoming him in. He stripped down
quickly, and slipped in beside her.

Rolling over, she kissed him warmly. He took in a sharp breath, excited by the contact, and
returned the kiss, a little more deeply.

Then he pulled back. ―OK, this might sound weird, but…you taste different.‖

―Do I?‖ She smiled at him. ―Well... Becker says hi.‖

If Jess heard them, Abby thought, then too damned bad.


Inventory (Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor, Jess

Pairing: Becker/Connor

Other Characters: Jess

Potential Squicks: Secret voyeurism, a little roughness

Abby having sated her desire for their mutual lover, the next morning finds it’s Connor’s turn for
a fling. Unbeknownst to our pair, someone else is keeping a close eye on things…


Of all the things Connor had imagined for an early morning‘s work at the ARC, hanging around
in the armoury doing inventory was definitely the last one.

Still, he thought, at least the company was nice. He looked up from the spreadsheet he was
working on, and watched Becker bend over to open a large case which was sitting on the floor.

Oh, yes. Very nice company, indeed.

For the last two days, Connor couldn‘t stop thinking about Becker. He was rather envious of
Abby‘s one-on-one with him last night—which she had described to Connor in great detail—and
was growing just a bit frustrated at not having quite enough free time of his own to take Becker
aside and… Oh, and there he was, stroking the EMD like that.

Connor coughed and shifted, trying to ignore the sudden swelling in his trousers.

Becker closed the case and looked over, locking eyes with him. ―Enjoying having your old laptop
back again?‖ He nodded at the machine on the table in front of where Connor stood.

Connor grinned and petted the case lovingly. It was slightly out of date and needed some
serious software upgrades, but he was thrilled to be able to use it again. ―You could say that,

―You should probably know,‖ Becker said with the hint of a smile, ―that it had to be scanned
while you were gone. For security reasons.‖

Connor froze, doing his best startled-Bambi impression as he remembered what all he‘d had
stored there: Images, video and web links for use when he was alone and… in a certain mood.

―It‘s OK,‖ Becker reassured him. ―Once the techs got in through the admin account, I asked
them to turn it over to me for content scanning. No one else saw it.‖

―Oh. Good.‖ Connor let out a relieved breath. ―But you…‖ He looked up, worried. ―You saw
everything on there?‖

Becker smiled casually at him. ―I did.‖

―Ah!‖ Connor squirmed in embarrassment.

Looking over at the sealed door, ensuring they were truly alone, Becker strolled up beside him
and leaned back against the table. ―You‘re full of surprises, mate. Quite an unusual taste in
websites.‖ He nudged Connor's shoulder, chuckling. ―Brutal Army Masters, hey?‖

Mortified, Connor looked down, staring at the keyboard, unable to meet Becker‘s steady gaze.
―Um. Don‘t judge me, please?‖

―Hardly. I‘m not exactly shockable.‖ Becker laid a comforting hand on Connor‘s arm. ―Though, if
you don‘t mind my asking, is it only just fantasy, or…?‖

Connor shrugged, falsely nonchalant. ―Well, it‘s not like I‘ve had the opportunity for it to be
anything other than that.‖

―Of course.‖ Becker nodded understandingly, and lowered his voice further. ―Does Abby know
about this… interest of yours?‖

Connor fidgeted uncomfortably. ―Not really, no. We talked about a lot of stuff when we were
gone, but that particular subject just didn‘t quite come up.‖

―You should tell her. I doubt she‘d think less of you for it. In fact, I suspect she‘d have quite the
opposite reaction. You‘d know better than I would, of course, but I think your darling Abby has a
bit of her own kinky streak.‖

Connor trembled, recalling some rather adventurous ways Abby had of keeping them amused
while they were trapped in the past. ―Ah, yeah. Heh. I know she does. I just don‘t know what
she‘d think of… well… that. You won‘t tell her, will you?‖

―No, of course not. I‘ll let you tell her yourself in your own time.‖ He leaned over, his breath hot
in Connor‘s ear. ―But if you ever want to live any of that out, all you have to do is ask.‖ Reaching
down to Connor‘s crotch, he got a palmful of growing hardness and squeezed—a little roughly.


―Now that‘s weird,‖ Jess whispered to herself. Both Connor‘s and Becker‘s location signals were
stationary—they hadn‘t moved at all for several minutes—and their audio links were shut off.
They were safe inside the ARC, of course, but she still worried a little. Biting her lip in concern,
she swapped over to the CCTV feed from the armoury.

―What the--?‖ Her jaw dropped open in amazement. Her first instinct was to close the window for
the feed, which she did. Then, after a look around—Lester was busy on the phone with
someone from the ministry, Abby was in the menagerie and no-one else had come in, yet—she
opened it up again.

She stared openly for several minutes, despite a creeping sense of guilt for it. She had a
sudden pang of jealousy—perhaps this explained why Becker was brushing her off—then
another pang of anger—how could Connor do that to Abby? Still, as the events unfolded before
her, she couldn‘t tear herself away.

She switched on the audio from the feed, tuned her com to the channel, and turned up the


Connor shuddered violently. Despite Abby‘s thorough attentions keeping him quite satisfied of
late, he still had a hair trigger. And Becker currently had his finger—his whole hand, to be
precise—on it. ―Bloody tease,‖ he breathed, closing his eyes.

―Who says I‘m teasing?‖ Becker murmured at him, still keeping up a steady massaging motion.

―It‘s not—oh god—like we can do anything here.‖ Connor was getting a bit light-headed. A
consequence, he supposed, of the blood supply rapidly heading from his brain to parts south.

―Can‘t we?‖ Becker nuzzled his neck.

Heart racing, Connor tried to stay in mental control. ―We‘re… We‘re not alone. What if

Becker silenced him with a deep kiss. ―Only senior staff has access to this room. Burton‘s not
here, yet. Lester never comes in here. Matt already said he‘d be in late.‖

―Jess?‖ Connor squeaked, glancing nervously up at the CCTV camera.

―If I know her, she‘s probably still fussing around on Twitter, going through her backlog from last
night. She‘ll be busy for another hour, at least.‖ Becker bit at Connor‘s lips. ―Which leaves Abby.
And if she came in here, well, somehow I doubt she‘d be alarmed.‖ He winked.

Connor had to laugh. ―Quite. She‘d probably start directing traffic."


Jess found she‘d been holding back a big breath, and released it in relief—and not a little

amusement. Well, that answered that question, at least. Also answered the question of why
Becker couldn‘t stop talking about them. The whole thing seemed slightly weird to her, but she
was still fascinated by the concept—if a little guilty for finding out about it this way.

Then she frowned. ―Already finished with Twitter, you bloody great moron,‖ she said, a little


―So how about it, then?‖ Becker purred. ―Should I make you suck my cock?‖

Connor sputtered a little. ―Make me?‖

―Isn‘t that what I said?‖ Putting a hand on Connor‘s shoulder and shoving down hard, Becker
forced Connor to his knees.

―Wha—?‖ Connor managed, before his mouth was muffled by a face full of trouser-covered
hardness. He quickly got the picture. Working as fast as his trembling hands could manage, he
tugged down the zip, reached inside and pulled out his prize: thick, heavy and a little wet, the
naked head a deep colour with Becker‘s arousal.

Threading his fingers through Connor‘s mop of thick hair, Becker snarled, convincingly
threatening. ―What are you waiting for?‖

The hand in his hair—and subsequent powerful surge through his crotch—erasing the last of his
reticence, Connor opened wide, licked his lips, and quickly took most of the length in one go.
Becker was big enough to make his jaw ache, but he loved the feeling. Going by the sudden,
deep groan as he was enveloped in Connor‘s hot mouth, Becker loved it from his end, too.


Jess found herself shaking almost as much as Connor seemed to be. ―Blimey,‖ she muttered
softly, squirming around in her seat and crossing her legs. She glanced back over her shoulder.
Yes, Lester was still on the phone. For once, she found herself blessing the slow wheels of

Leaning forward to get a better look, she continued to watch, absentmindedly fondling one of
the joysticks on her desk.


Connor wasted no time, sucking hard and fast and reaching further inside Becker‘s fly to caress
his heavy balls. Becker growled his approval, his hand gripping tightly in Connor‘s hair, holding
steady as he snapped forward, fucking Connor‘s face.

Connor began to whimper pathetically with his own need. Taking a chance, he tried to get one
hand down to his own crotch, to soothe the almost-painful ache there. He was chastised for his
efforts with a sharp smack against his cheek.

―No,‖ Becker said throatily. But, perhaps taking pity, he shifted his stance, nudging apart
Connor‘s knees with his boot, and getting a leg between Connor‘s thighs.

Connor gasped and almost choked a little with the first touch, but he quickly recovered, grateful
for the contact. As the motion of his mouth quickened, so did his hips, and soon, he was
grinding away against Becker‘s shin in earnest.

―That‘s it, Connor.‖ Becker‘s voice took on an edge of desperation. ―Suck it. Take me. Take it

Connor did so, relaxing as best he could, opening up and pushing down, down until his nose
was buried in dark, fragrant curls. He pulled back, swirling his tongue around the length and
nibbling lightly at the tip, then dove down again, all the way to the root. Encouraged by the
throaty growls echoing above, Connor repeated the pattern: root to tip and back again, sucking,
licking, lightly scraping his teeth over the sensitive flesh, rhythm building faster and faster with
the steady pulses of Becker‘s swollen cock. In just moments, the fevered attention pushed
Becker to the edge, and, tugging hard on Connor‘s hair, he came, barking sharp curses as he
emptied down Connor‘s throat.

Connor himself could take no more. Feeling slightly humiliated for doing so—like he was back in
school, getting far too excited at being able to touch Nina Fielding‘s breast—he bucked against
Becker‘s leg like an overeager puppy. The slippery wetness flowing from him aided the friction,
and with a shocked cry around Becker‘s still-pumping cock, he exploded, flooding thickly into his
loose boxers.

Finally releasing Becker‘s cock and sinking back onto his heels, Connor shook his head a little,
shivering out the last waves of pleasure. He laid his head against Becker‘s thigh, catching his

Becker petted his hair tenderly. ―I take it that worked for you?‖ He grinned down at Connor.

Connor could do little more than smile stupidly and nod.

―Well, I‘m always willing to give that to you.‖ Becker stroked his flushed cheek.

Connor looked up at him, slightly drunken but quite serious. ―And I‘m always willing to take it.‖


Jess finally closed the feed window, settling back into her chair and passing a hand over her
face. She couldn't help still feeling a bit jealous, but if she couldn't have Becker herself, well...

―This,‖ she giddily chirped under her breath, ―is so much better than yaoi.‖


Caregiver (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: Matt (briefly)

Potential Squicks: Some medical references, DP

Episode 4x04: The events of the previous episode went a long way toward boosting Philip’s
opinion of Connor, and now that his idol is favouring him again, Connor has developed quite the
affection for the man, much to Abby’s discomfort.

Now in charge of the menagerie, Abby has decided that it’s an entirely unsuitable facility for the
creatures housed there. Burton agrees, but his proposal, to shut it down and euthanize the
creatures, horrifies Abby. Connor, in shock at the request, doesn’t back her up, inciting her fury.
Before they can work out the issue, an alert comes in—an anomaly at a school on Saturday
detention. Abby, furious at Connor for not supporting her, ditches the mission, leaving Matt,
Becker and Connor to manage the call, while she tries to rescue the creatures. She fails in her
initial plan to move them elsewhere, but Lester manages to sneakily change Philip’s mind about
it, earning Abby’s exuberant gratitude.

Meanwhile on the mission, a child has been killed and Becker is terribly wounded—a poisonous
bite from a Therocephalian. He’s very nearly lost, despite Matt’s creative first aid, and only
Connor’s quick thinking in concocting a chemical bomb to take down several creatures all at
once saves the day. But Becker is still seriously hurt—both physically and emotionally—and
requires a great deal of post-injury care…


The first thing Becker saw as he rose out of his delirium was Connor‘s face. Hovering over, his
expression a mask of worry, he lit up when he noticed Becker‘s eyes fluttering open.

―Becks?‖ He chirped anxiously. ―Are you back with us?‖ He stroked back a stray lock of hair
from the fevered brow.

―I… I think so,‖ he croaked dryly. His head felt like a herd of brachiosaurs had gone stampeding

―Here.‖ The medic to his left spoke up, handing him a bottle of water. He drank gratefully, and
tried to sit up.

―Where am I? Are the creatures…?‖ He asked anxiously, looking around.

―All back where they belong.‖ Connor smiled warmly at him. ―Matt and the backup team just got
them through. And you‘re in the infirmary at the school. We‘re going to get you back to the ARC

and properly stitched up as soon as you‘re up to moving a little.‖

The door to the infirmary cracked open, and Matt stuck his head in. ―Did I hear—Heya.‖ He
grinned at Becker. ―Nice to see you coming round. Would‘ve hated losing you. I still have more
hell to put you through, after all.‖

Becker smiled and started to say something sarcastic. Then his head went wonky again.
Looking up at Connor, he mumbled, ―I‘m sorry!‖ Then he turned to the side, emptying his guts
onto the floor.

―Oh.‖ Connor said, squirming back from him.

―Connor, you should come with me.‖ Matt gestured to him. ―We need to debrief the students

With one last gentle pet of Becker‘s arm he got up. ―I‘ll see you back at the ARC, hey?‖

Becker nodded. And vomited again.


Connor had been excited when he finally returned, babbling on about how the day had, on
balance, been a shining personal success. But after he spoke with Abby, his attitude changed.
He grew quiet, and shuffled aimlessly around the corridors as he finished up the last bits of the
day‘s work.

As Becker completed his own reports, he watched Connor's restless pacing, wondering if he
should ask. Eventually, however, exhaustion took over, and he started preparing to head home
for the night. Hefting a backpack, he groaned in pain.

Connor, hovering near the door to the car park, heard him. ―Hey? You a‘ight?‖

―I‘m fine. Just need to get myself together and get home. Try to sleep the rest of this off,

―Sure you‘re OK to drive?‖ Connor frowned at him.

―Yeah.‖ He took a few steps toward the door, grimacing and trying not to cry out.

Connor stopped him. ―No. You‘re not OK. Let me drive you home?‖

Becker started to protest but then sighed heavily, rubbing a hand across his face. Not meeting
Connor‘s eyes, he finally nodded.

―Good. Let‘s go gather up Abby and we‘ll get you properly taken care of. Get some takeaway.
Maybe a movie, yeah?‖ He ducked under Becker‘s arm, letting his body be used as a crutch.

The ride there was quiet enough that he fell asleep.


The spicy curry (Abby‘s choice) did a great deal to lift his spirits and keep him awake. The
dreadful film (Connor‘s choice) kept him awake, too, but only because he kept cringing every
time a line landed like a brick.

He was comfortable, all things considered, sat on the sofa between them. Abby was curled up
under one arm, nuzzling her head into his chest, and his hand on the other side was entwined
with Connor‘s. Yet something didn‘t quite feel right.

He thought maybe it was just the meds he was on—making everything feel slow and fuzzy
around the edges—or maybe he was just still depressed about not being able to save the girl at
the school. But as the evening wore on, he began to realise what was really off: Abby and
Connor, while interacting politely, and chattering with him, had kept their distance from each

Taking a chance, he finally spoke. ―We missed you on the mission today, Abby.‖ He stroked a
hand over her hair. ―What happened?‖

She squirmed a little, throwing a glance in Connor‘s direction. He looked away.

―Burton happened,‖ she said flatly.

Connor huffed indignantly, but said nothing.

―What?‖ Becker looked between the two of them.

―Burton tried to have the menagerie shut down today. He wanted to euthanize all the
creatures—even Rex." Her voice grew bitter. "I suppose you probably wouldn‘t understand.‖
She nodded in Connor's direction. ―He didn‘t.‖

―Abby! That‘s not true!‖ Connor piped up, letting go of Becker‘s hand and sitting up straight.
―You know I love Rex. I just… I didn‘t think you were being fair to Philip.‖

―Fair to him? Are you mental?‖ She moved away from them both, edging into the corner of the
sofa and crossing her arms over her chest.

Connor rolled his eyes. ―Abby. You‘re acting like he‘s some sort of evil monster or something.

He‘s not. He‘s… he‘s a good guy. He just thinks in really practical terms, that‘s all.‖

She made a face at him. ―Let‘s be honest, Connor, your ability to judge people isn‘t exactly well-
honed, you know. One word: Caroline.‖

He flinched as if he‘d been struck. Before he could protest, she continued. ―If it hadn‘t been for
you trusting her, Stephen would probably still be alive.‖

Connor gaped in shock, his eyes starting to well up.

Finally, Becker had had enough. ―That‘s it.‖ He sat up, wincing as his clothes dragged at his
bandaged wound. ―This is getting ridiculous.‖ Turning, he glared at her. ―What on Earth would
make you say something like that? Do I have to remind you of a conversation we had a long
time ago? About your ability to understand him?‖

She went quiet, and began chewing her lip.

He turned to Connor. ―And as for you… I know Burton better than both of you, and while I
respect him, I have to say: I don‘t completely trust him.‖ Connor opened his mouth to argue.
Becker silenced him with a finger to his lips. ―All I‘m saying is be careful, OK? And the next time
something like this happens, you need to be brave enough to stand up for her.‖

Connor flushed, and closed his mouth.

Becker stood up. ―Now, if you two will excuse me, I need to lie down. Let yourselves out.‖
Grumbling, he limped into his bedroom.

He tried to read for a while, but the voices still echoing from the other room took his focus. He
didn‘t hear many specifics, mostly just changes in tone: anger, frustration, hurt. Then a little
sobbing—Connor, he thought. Finally, there was silence. For a moment, he thought maybe they
had left, but then he heard a gentle knock at his door.

―Becker? Your light‘s still on. Are you still awake?‖ Abby‘s voice was soft.

―Yes. Come in.‖ He lay the book down on his bedside table and rolled over to face the door.

They both strolled in, eyes a little red and wet, heads hung down. But they were close, he
noticed, and when Connor put his arm around Abby‘s waist, she moved into the touch.

―We just wanted to say we‘re sorry for all that.‖ Connor‘s voice was still ragged. ―We didn‘t… We
shouldn‘t drag you into this.‖

Becker frowned. ―I don‘t feel dragged into it, Connor, but you know I care about you both. I don‘t

like seeing either of you hurt—especially if the other one is causing it.‖

―I know.‖ Abby sighed softly. ―And I have a bigger apology to make to you, too.‖ She sat down
on the bed next to him and petted his arm. ―Connor reminded me that it wasn‘t just Rex we
almost lost today. I'm so used to you being this sort of... Superman or something... that I forget
how much you put yourself at risk for us every day.‖

He shrugged, trying to put on a brave face. ―Oh, I was fine. Just a little nick. Nothing big.‖ He
looked up, seeing Connor‘s incredulous expression. ―OK, I guess it was kind of touch and go
there for a moment.‖

Connor knelt on the floor in front of him. ―Damned right it was. You‘re not allowed to do that, you
know. You don‘t get to die on us. We need you.‖

―We do,‖ Abby smiled. ―And for a lot more than just saving our arses in the field, too.‖

―We came here tonight to take care of you, and we kind of failed in that. Can we make it up to
you?‖ Connor reached a gentle hand to his face, stroking his cheek.

Becker closed his eyes. The touches felt nice, and went a long way toward distracting him from
the still-burning pain permeating his leg. He was tired, and briefly considered asking them to just
let him sleep, but under their caresses, parts of him, at least, began to wake up.

To answer the question, he took Connor‘s hand and brought the palm to his lips.

Becker settled back on the bed, feeling slightly silly for being passive, but letting them undress
him as they wished. Connor pulled off his shirt and vest, and Abby attended to his jeans and
boxers, working carefully to avoid disturbing his wounded leg. Seeing the blood-soaked
bandage, she insisted on being allowed to change it. She shuddered when she peeled back the
dressing, a look of worry and regret crossing her face as she saw just how extensive the
damage was. Connor turned away, unable to stomach the sight, but held Becker‘s hand as he
occasionally winced under Abby‘s gentle nursing.

After finally taping the wound back up, Abby leaned over and dropped a tender kiss on Becker‘s
thigh just above the fresh gauze. For a moment, the soft touch of her lips made the pain go
away entirely, and he reached for her.

―That‘s nice,‖ he said quietly, stroking her hair to prompt her to continue. She did so readily,
kissing and licking the sensitive flesh along his inner thigh and up to his groin.

Connor, meanwhile, knelt on the floor at the head of the bed and began stroking Becker‘s chest,
weaving slender fingers through the dense thatch of hair and scritching lightly. Becker pulled
him close, angling for a kiss.

There was always something about Connor‘s kisses, he thought. There was undeniable passion

to them, but more than that, there was also emotion. Never good at hiding how he felt in
general, Connor betrayed himself even further with each suckle and bite. He needed the
reassurance of this, Becker guessed; needed to know that he was still loved.

Getting an idea, he pulled away slightly. ―You‘re wearing too much.‖ He tugged the zip on
Connor‘s jumper.

―I s'pose I am!‖ Connor giggled. He settled back and reached for his belt.

Becker stilled his hand. ―No.‖

―Hey?‖ Connor looked confused.

Though he was loathe to disturb her, given that she was currently nuzzling his balls in a quite
delightful way, Becker touched Abby‘s shoulder. ―You should help with this.‖

She paused and looked up with a curious expression. She glanced over at Connor and their
eyes met. ―Of course.‖ She slid down to the floor to join him.

At first, she was slow and hesitant—Becker could tell she was still a little upset, and hadn‘t yet
fully warmed back up to Connor. In a few moments, however, her reticence started to fade. As
she peeled off each layer, her eyes travelled over Connor‘s body, taking in the beautiful
nuances of the man she loved. Each touch lingered: Her palm across his shoulders, her
fingertips trailing the sparse line of hair below his navel. By the time he was down to boxers, she
was well into him again. Slipping a hand down the waistband to curl around the hardness there,
she leaned forward and caught him up in an open kiss.

Connor gasped at the contact, and began removing her clothes as well. Soon, the pair was fully
naked and Connor opened his arms to her. She clambered into his lap, wrapping herself around
him and returning to their kiss.

Becker gazed on in rapt attention, not minding that he was on the sidelines for the moment. The
two were enjoying each other—bonding again—and that was satisfaction in itself. After a time,
however, his body started reminding him that touching would be as nice as watching, and he
reached over to stroke down Abby‘s neck and back.

The extra touch made her shiver, and her eyelids fluttered as Connor began attending to her
breasts. Becker joined the caresses, shifting a little on the bed and reaching down to pluck and
rub the nearest nipple.

Abby purred happily, and gave him an appreciative look. ―Should I bring these closer?‖ She
tilted back, angling her chest up at him.

Becker returned the smile. ―I wouldn‘t argue.‖

Moving fluidly from Connor‘s lap up onto the bed, she carefully straddled Becker‘s body. On all
fours, she hovered over him, a knee on either side of his waist. Her small breasts dangled
temptingly above his face. ―That better?‖ She smiled down at him.

―Much,‖ he murmured, drawing her to him and getting a mouthful of hard nipple.

Connor sat there quietly for a few moments, idly stroking his own hard cock as he watched his
lovers please each other. Then he, too, climbed up on the bed, carefully positioning himself on
his belly between Becker‘s thighs.

Becker raised his head, looking over Abby‘s shoulder. ―Nice view?‖ He laughed a little.

―Oh, absolutely.‖ Connor grinned. ―Very nice indeed.‖ Then his face disappeared as he buried it
in Abby‘s rump.

She squeaked happily, and arched her back, giving him all the access he wanted. Becker took
up his side of the task again, redoubling his efforts on her breasts, and crying out himself when
Connor occasionally switched his attentions between the two of them.

After several minutes of the tag-team efforts, Abby‘s noises began reaching higher and higher
pitches. Her hips twitched furiously as she pushed against Connor‘s eager mouth and hands,
and then, suddenly, she wailed, grabbing a handful of Becker‘s hair and tugging hard as she

But she was far from done. ―More,‖ she gasped breathlessly. ―I need more.‖

―Which of us do you want?‖ Becker asked quietly as he caressed her.

She paused, glancing over her shoulder. Connor, still licking her taste from his lips, gazed at her
longingly. He was clearly in need of attention of his own. She looked down at Becker again,
staring at him thoughtfully. Then a slow smile spread across her face. ―Well,‖ she said, looking
between them, ―do I have to choose?‖ She wriggled her arse for emphasis.

A wave of happy surprise washed over Becker as he realised what she was asking for. Though
he hadn‘t yet taken her that way himself, he figured a year alone together had probably given
the two of them plenty of time to experiment. The mental image alone sent a fresh surge
through his already-pulsing cock.

Connor, however, looked a little concerned. ―Seriously?‖ He eyed her carefully. ―Both of us?‖

She nodded. ―Both of you.‖

He grinned drunkenly at her. ―You‘re amazing, you know that?‖

―You‘re not so bad yourself.‖ She laughed giddily. It was a nice sound.

In seconds, supplies were retrieved from the bedside table, and then she moved down Becker‘s
body, rubbing across his cock, teasing, before finally sinking down. He remembered this weight
on his hips—remembered how good it felt to be buried inside her hot, tight body. He pulled her
close, fastening his mouth to hers, and tried to resist the urge to start thrusting away. In a
moment, he felt a bit of different pressure, and Abby gasped.

―You OK, baby?‖ Connor asked, an edge to his voice. ―I don‘t want to hurt you.‖

―I‘m fine, Connor.‖ She whimpered with need. ―Do it. Please.‖

Wasting no more time, Connor did so, lining up carefully, and pushing forward against her arse.
Abby groaned heavily, burying her face in Becker‘s neck and biting at the flesh there as she
relaxed and bore the twin invasion.

Becker sucked in a slow, deep breath. The feeling of Connor‘s hard, heavy cock slowly sliding in
next to his, with just a thin bit of flesh separating them, was both bizarre and amazing. Soon he
was buried all the way, and they rested there while Abby got used to the feeling. It was unusual,
being locked in so close to both of them, yet it also felt entirely natural to him—like their bodies
had been made to be together like this.

After a moment, they began rocking in rhythm, Connor‘s usual sharp bucking slowed to meet
Becker‘s longer, more-solid thrusts. Their hands met at her hips, fingers threading together as
they moved with her.

In very little time, it was enough for Abby. Her face hot and her cries muffled against Becker‘s
shoulder, she writhed, babbling nonsense syllables as her body tightened, clutching at them
both. A moment later Connor lost what little control he‘d managed to maintain and began
fucking her hard, calling out her name in his bliss.

The feeling of Connor‘s cock pulsing against his own set Becker off. All remaining traces of pain
evaporated as he melted into them, clinging greedily to their bodies as his own surged and
throbbed with his release.

Eventually, they slowed, and then stilled, sweaty limbs entangled, and heartbeats returning to
normal. Then they carefully disengaged and Connor and Abby started getting dressed.

Becker burrowed under his sheets and watched them sadly, regretting again that there wasn‘t
room enough for them to stay. His small bed could sleep two, if they were practically atop each
other, but not three, and it seemed unfair to relegate one of them to the sofa in the other room.
―I wish you didn‘t have to go,‖ he said quietly.

Abby smiled understandingly. ―I know. For what it‘s worth, though, we‘ve been flat shopping,‖
she said gently. ―Living with Jess is getting slightly mad, to be honest.‖

―You could say that, yes.‖ Connor rolled his eyes. ―But, once we get settled into the new pad,
you‘ll be welcome to come by anytime.‖

―Absolutely,‖ Abby said, perching next to him again. ―And we‘re making sure we get a place that
will fit a big bed.‖ She smoothed back his mussed-up hair. ―Honestly, unless you‘re set on
staying here, you‘d be welcome to do more than sleep over, too.‖

Becker laughed a little in surprise. ―Are you sure? I wouldn‘t want to barge in and disrupt your
happy little home life.‖

―Are you kidding? Really, Becks.‖ Connor leaned over, planting a messy kiss on his forehead. ―I
think at this point, our home life wouldn‘t be quite happy without you.‖


Housewarming (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Female-sub rough sex

Episode 5x05: Though Becker’s mediating efforts have done a great deal to smooth things out
between Abby and Connor, there’s still some tension on their mission out to a remote seaside
village, complicated by Matt having to leave to track down Emily, who’s been kidnapped by

Becker, still nursing his injured leg, is stuck back at his flat. Our pair tries to give him something
to do: Look for a place for the three of them.

The mission resolves itself—as does the final bits of conflict between Abby and Connor. But
there is trouble on the horizon: Philip has proposed that Connor work for him on a new project,
and Connor agrees. Abby, meanwhile, is upset with herself for acting rashly on the mission,
making her a little more moody and introspective as the trio move into their new home…


Becker was bored, Abby figured, given the way he was calling and texting them every hour from
the moment he woke up. He was surprisingly not upset when she told him about Emily—he‘d
mostly guessed it, anyhow. Rather, he was far more annoyed with the state of his entertainment
choices for the day: ―Have you seen the utter cack they put on daytime telly?‖ He moaned in his
most recent call.

―He needs something to do,‖ Connor noted, peering at road signs to figure out where they were
going. ―Our Becks is never happy when he has to stay still.‖

Abby thought for a moment. ―Y‘know, we‘re stuck on this road trip to nowhere. Why don‘t we
have him do some flat shopping for us? I can text him that list of options you were working on.‖

―Brilliant!‖ Connor grinned over at her. ―Make it so, number one!‖

―Number what?‖

―Nevermind. Just… Yeah.‖ Connor giggled.


She was still shaking on the drive back. Whether it was the adrenaline of the day or the
argument, or maybe the powerful way Connor had kissed her, she wasn‘t sure. Even a shower

and a bit of food at the ARC didn‘t settle her.

What did help, however, was the place Becker had found for them.

It was every bit as beautiful as he had made it out to be: Positioned in a corner, on the second
level of the building, the furnished flat had a fantastic view of the lush park nearby. A balcony on
the west side was perfectly placed for watching sunsets—a particularly gorgeous one was
already painting its way down the sky—and had plenty of space in which to set up a container

Inside, it was airy and light, decorated in calming, neutral colours, and well kitted-out—including
a huge bed in the master suite, Abby noted with a private smile. As Connor puttered around the
space with the leasing agent, babbling inconsequential questions, she held back, hovering close
to Becker. She wanted him to hold her, to kiss her hello, to finish taking away the stress, but
figured the agent would likely get unbearably confused.

As it was, she seemed confused enough. ―So, you‘ll all be living here then, yes?‖ Her face was
a little tight. ―Your… friend said he was staying with you two while he was taking some classes.‖

―Classes?‖ Connor looked back over his shoulder, to meet Becker‘s significant stare. ―Oh! Right.
Classes. Yes. Our friend here. He‘s a big student, that one. All about the books.‖

Becker raised an eyebrow. Connor coughed and looked away.

―Indeed.‖ The agent still looked bewildered. ―Well, we‘ve already run the credit data for you all
and it‘s checked out, so if you‘re interested, I just need a cheque for the first month and your
signatures.‖ She produced a contract and pen and set them on the kitchen table.

Abby‘s heart flipped, and she stared down at the contract. Now that it was really happening, she
almost wanted to back out. Sure, she‘d lived with Connor before, but that was on her own turf—
in her own space. This was entirely different; an equal venture between the three of them. It all
seemed so whirlwind. It felt like they‘d just barely arrived back in civilization and now here she
was, moving in with her two lovers: making a commitment, if only for the length of the lease.

Connor laid a reassuring hand on the small of her back and leaned over to whisper in her ear.
―Are you sure you want this? You can say no.‖

Relaxing, she smiled up at him, and then over at Becker, who favoured her with a warm smile of
his own.

―I‘m in,‖ she said, picking up the pen.

In a few moments, the documents were signed, the agent handed them the keys, and then left.

The minute they were alone, Becker descended on them, catching them both up in an
enormous hug and peppering their faces with kisses.

―I‘ve been waiting all day to do that,‖ he finally said.

Abby found she had, too. The steady thump of his heartbeat under his thin T-shirt reminded her
that they were home in far more ways than one.

Connor, spying something across the kitchen, suddenly perked up and broke free of the
embrace. ―Hey, there‘s a big gift bag here!‖ He went over to the corner of the kitchen to retrieve
it, and read the tag aloud, ―‘Welcome to your new Premier Properties home. Please enjoy these
gifts with our compliments.‘ Supercool!‖

―That‘s nice. What‘s in it?‖ Abby strolled up behind him and peered over his shoulder.

He pulled things out, sliding them down the counter for the other two to see. ―Takeaway menus,
a coffee mug, tea samples, pen and paper… oh! Useful!‖ He chucked a package of toilet roll at
Becker and handed a few containers of travel-sized toiletries to Abby.

―Quite useful!‖ Abby giggled.

―Ooh, now this is tempting!‖ Connor pulled out a bottle of Beaujolais, an opener and a set of
plastic glasses.

―Ah! Very tempting!‖ Becker began unwrapping the glasses. ―Y‘know, with all this, I suppose we
could stay here tonight, if we wanted.‖

―Sure,‖ Abby said, starting work on opening the bottle. ―I don‘t see why not. We can hit the
locker room at the ARC in the morning for a change of clothes. We can move in proper in a
couple of days.‖ The cork came loose with a pop and a delightful, sharp scent emanated from
the bottle.

Becker nodded, and handed her a glass to fill. ―Right. Honestly, I don‘t think any of us really
have much in the way of stuff we need to pack and move in. All my furniture stays with the flat,
so that‘s not a bother.‖

―We do have those crates of stuff from my old flat that Lester saved for us.‖ Abby handed
Becker a full glass and took one for herself. ―Though honestly, none of it‘s critical except for
some photos and such.‖

Connor took the bottle from Abby, and filled the coffee mug with his share of wine. After a sip,
he suddenly grinned big. ―Hey, you know? We should have a housewarming party!‖

Becker coughed and Abby cocked an eyebrow at him. ―Should we?‖

―Who were you thinking of inviting to this party?‖ Becker looked sceptical. Moving into the other
room, he sat down gingerly on the sofa, taking his shoes off and propping his injured leg up to
give it some rest.

Connor followed, sitting down next to him and drawing Becker‘s feet into his lap. ―Well, Jess, of
course, and…‖ Connor trailed off, looking a bit confused. ―I guess Matt probably wouldn‘t be
interested, what with minding Emily and all that.‖

―And Lester would probably be horrified. Though we might get a decent gift out of the invite, at
least.‖ Becker chuckled.

―Speaking of horrified, I think Jess might be kind of a bad idea anyway,‖ Abby smiled gently at
Becker, and sat on the floor next to him.

―Oh, ouch. Yeah.‖ Connor grinned sympathetically at Becker, who squirmed uncomfortably.
―You know, that reminds me, though. She said something really weird to me this morning just
before we left.‖ Connor began absentmindedly rubbing Becker‘s feet with his free hand.

―What‘s that?‖ Becker settled down further into the sofa cushions, enjoying the attention.

―That we should say hello to you for her.‖

―Really?‖ Why would she think…?‖ Abby frowned. Had Jess figured them out already?

Connor shrugged. ―Beats me. I have no idea what goes on in that girl‘s head.‖

Becker giggled. ―I‘m not sure she knows, to be honest.‖

Abby nudged him. ―Hey, now. Be nice. She‘s sweet, really. She‘s just young. Don‘t you
remember being 19? Besides, I seem to recall someone else here who was once a bit awkward
and nursed a nasty crush.‖ She looked pointedly at Connor.

―And you see how that turned out!‖ Becker laughed at her. ―Though I hope that doesn‘t mean
I‘m somehow destined to be with Jess.‖

―She‘d have to get through us, first,‖ Connor growled comically, and possessively clutched at
the foot he was rubbing.

―Hey, you never know. She might like that.‖ Abby chirped cheekily, and was rewarded by Becker
with a gentle cuff against her shoulder. ―Oi! Connor, did you see that?‖ She pouted up at
Becker. ―Not five minutes of living together, and he‘s already beating me! I think I‘m going to file
a domestic abuse complaint, now.‖

―What, to complain that we‘re not abusing you enough?‖ Connor shot back, a devilish gleam in
his eye.

―Connor!‖ Abby suddenly flushed with embarrassment and looked away. For a moment, a
loaded silence filled the room. Then she finally looked up, locking eyes with each of them in
turn. ―Maybe?‖ She barely whispered the word, and then downed a huge gulp of wine.

Connor‘s eyes fixed on her, and his mouth hung open in an unasked question. She suddenly felt
embarrassed. She was used to him looking up to her, and she never let him see her in a
moment of weakness. Today, however, her angry bravado had almost got them killed, and they
both knew it. So embarrassed and guilty was she about it that she couldn‘t even meet his eyes
after he kissed her.

And now, the idea was out there again: the notion that she wasn‘t strong all the time. This
vulnerability, this desire to let go sometimes, was something she had always kept to herself, out
of necessity; it was too dangerous to risk losing control. She did love having power; she loved
being able to take care of herself, and certainly loved the excited reactions she got from Connor
when she was rough with him. But she also longed to give that power up sometimes, too, and to
let someone else take the reins. She‘d just never felt safe enough to do so. Now? Maybe,
finally, she did.

Becker seemed to be one step ahead of her. Stroking the back of his hand down her cheek, he
purred quietly, ―Abs, you know neither one of us would ever really hurt you.‖

She closed her eyes at the soothing touch. ―I know.‖

―And I‘m not exactly closed minded, as you might have guessed.‖ He poked gently at the tip of
her nose. ―Though you can always ask him if you want confirmation of that.‖

Abby looked up. It was apparently Connor‘s turn to blush. ―Oh? Did I miss something?‖

Becker grinned. ―Didn‘t he tell you about the armoury?‖

―Uh…yes?‖ She looked at Connor. He had told her something about it. But apparently not
everything. She could, however, guess, familiar as she was with his quirks.

―Well, then. That makes three of us perverts then, hey?‖ Becker said slyly, polishing off his wine
and setting the glass aside.

Abby laughed nervously, still unsure at exactly what this revelation meant. She downed the rest
of her own wine, hoping it might steady her.

Becker shifted around and stood up. ―I don‘t know about you two, but I think I‘m going to go

inspect the bedroom.‖

―Sounds like a plan to me,‖ Connor hurriedly drained his mug and bounced up.

Becker reached down to Abby. ―Coming?‖

She took his hand, and he pulled her to her feet. ―I hope so.‖ She grinned at him.

The last of the day‘s light filtering in through the bedroom windows drew ominous shadows on
their faces. Becker switched on one of the bedside lamps, which added a little bit more glow.

―I like to see what I‘m doing.‖ He smiled.

―Or is that whom you‘re doing?‖ Connor teased.

Becker chuckled, and reached over to ruffle Connor‘s hair. ―Something like that.‖

Abby smiled at them both. It felt slightly strange to be in this new room—their room, she
reminded herself—but she also felt completely at ease. Well, except for her quickening

Becker sat on the edge of the bed and gazed up at them. ―Connor,‖ he said calmly, ―I think our
darling Abby needs to be naked, don‘t you?‖

Connor laughed a little in surprise. ―Uh! Right. Yes. I completely agree. Rather hard to have our
way with her with all these clothes.‖

―Good. Hold her still while I make that happen.‖

As Connor swiftly caught up her arms behind her back, Abby‘s head started spinning. He‘d
never been like this with her before, and the oddity of it took her off guard. It also caused a
sharp thrill to run through her belly. Or maybe that was the way Becker‘s fingers danced over
her flesh as he began to unbutton her shirt. In a moment, it was out of the way, and he tugged
on the front of her cami and thin bra, pushing them down and exposing her.

―There we are. That‘s a start.‖ Becker purred, and reached for her, catching both breasts in his

She gasped in shock, and her eyes fluttered closed. Becker‘s touch was always strong and
sure, but this time, there was an edge to it—a little more roughness, a little more speed. He
squeezed and rubbed at her flesh, now and again tweaking a nipple or scratching his nails
across her skin. Growing weak, she sagged back against Connor, who bore her steadily.

―You like that, don‘t you?‖ He whispered in her ear and began biting his way down her neck, still
keeping her wrists solidly locked in his grip.

She could only nod and whimper, words slowly leaving her mind as the attention intensified. As
they worked at her, they also ditched the rest of her clothes, and soon she was standing
between them, completely naked while they were both still dressed. She felt more exposed,
more vulnerable than she ever had been before, and yet also entirely safe. The feeling made
her knees weak.

―You look amazing like this,‖ Connor said quietly, switching her wrists to one hand, and grabbing
a firm handful of her arse with the other. ―Our pretty little Abby, all nice and bare and open. Just
ready to be taken.‖

She shuddered at the words, shocked that he seemed to be warming so readily to his new role.
She was so used to his ready submission to her own control that seeing him turn the tables was
mind-bending. In a very, very good way.

Becker, meanwhile, had bent his head to her breasts, and was currently chewing lightly on one
nipple while he pinched and tugged the other. His other hand he slid between her legs, groping
roughly at the slippery flesh. ―Why, Connor,‖ he said teasingly between suckles and bites, ―I do
believe our lady is enjoying herself.‖ He brought his hand up, his fingers coated with her steadily
flowing wetness, and smeared it across her lips.

―I‘d say so!‖ Connor agreed, and pulled her head back so he could capture her slickened mouth
in a deep kiss.

Becker returned his hand, this time pushing his fingers past her folds, and stroking one fingertip
across her clit.

―Ahfuck!‖ She blurted into Connor‘s mouth, and squirmed violently at the touch. Taking the
reaction as encouragement, Becker did it again, swirling quick circles around and over the hard
little nub. She quaked, thighs shaking, nearly unable to bear the feeling.

―You need more, don‘t you?‖ Connor kneaded her arse, and pressed his denim-covered crotch
against her. She nodded furiously. He laughed low in her ear. ―Not yet.‖

She squealed in frustration—he just laughed again.

―What do you think, Becks?‖ Connor locked eyes with him. ―Would you like some attention from

―I certainly wouldn‘t argue,‖ Becker smiled, and leaned back on the bed, unfastening his
trousers and pulling out his swollen cock.

Connor released her wrists. ―Suck him,‖ he ordered, his voice uncharacteristically gruff. ―I want
to watch him come.‖

Flushing at the command, she obeyed. Leaning over and steadying herself with one hand on
the bed, she took Becker‘s cock in the other, and descended upon it.

Becker groaned, and reached a hand up, grabbing a handful of hair and guiding her. ―Good,
Abby,‖ he panted. ―So good...‖

She relaxed into her task, taking him down her throat, and sucking hard, revelling in the warm
hardness as it lay against her tongue and stretched her mouth.

Connor, meanwhile, took advantage of her bent-over position, and shoved two, then three
fingers inside her. The shock nearly made her choke at first, but then she recovered, and
quickly began backing into the strokes, keening in frustration as she struggled to find a rhythm
that would get her off. It didn‘t quite work for her, but it worked for Becker: his breathing
quickened, and he began the short, sharp barks he made when he was close to coming.

Connor noticed. Abby made a noise of protest when his fingers disappeared, but in just a couple
of moments, she was quite happy again, as he entered her in one swift, hard stroke. She cursed
brightly around her mouthful, distracted for a moment by the blissful feeling.

―Don‘t stop!‖ Connor growled, smacking her rump and rocking against her. ―Keep sucking, baby.
Make him come!‖

Nearly howling in need, she redoubled her efforts, which shortly paid off. Panting and gasping,
Becker tightened his fingers in her hair and his hips began jerking involuntarily. "Fuck her
Connor!" He cried desperately. Connor needed no encouragement; he was already drilling her
intently, hips snapping in a frantic rhythm. Just as Becker crested, groaning loudly in his bliss,
Connor finally took pity on Abby, and pushed his fingers down to rub rapidly at her aching clit as
his cock pounded her, over and over, deep and strong.

As her mouth flooded with Becker‘s hot, thick come, the wave hit her. Nearly blindsided with the
intensity, she could do little more than swallow and breathe as her body shook with wave after
violent wave. Shortly after, Connor cried out himself, his fingers digging into her hip, and the
heavy pulses of his cock adding to her own aftershocks.

Just after the last shudders faded, she became lightheaded and dizzy. Disengaging from them,
she collapsed bonelessly on top of Becker, trying clumsily to avoid bumping against his injured
leg. Connor flopped beside them, draping an arm over their limp forms and leaning up to trade
weak, happy kisses with them.

In a little while, the world‘s chaotic spinning slowed, and she caught her breath. It still all
seemed so dreamlike, though: Being with them like this was something she never would have

imagined before. And yet here they were, all together, in their flat, on their bed, and the two of
them had just ravaged the daylights out of her. Finally, she realised what the strange feeling
was: she was calm. For the first time in years, she was totally at peace. And at home.

―I think,‖ she said, burrowing her face into Becker‘s shoulder and reaching for Connor‘s hand,
―the house is now officially warm.‖


Connor’s Turn (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: Philip, briefly

Potential Squicks: Moderate BDSM

The next morning finds Connor adjusting to the idea that his Abby likes things a little rough. And
trying to find a way to address his own desires that direction. Fortunately, his partners have
some ideas about that. In the meantime, our trio also decides that their commitment to each
other—and a clean bill of health—is worth ditching the condoms, making for a very nice evening


The shriek he loosed sounded like that of a stereotypical girl upon having a frog dropped down
her back. That the woman currently eliciting such sounds from him would probably have been
the one doing the frog-dropping at that age was slightly funny.

―Count, Connor!‖ Her voice was edged with malice.

―One!‖ He managed to murmur weakly. Then the pain exploded again, accompanied by a sharp
tug of the chain dangling from his nipples. That move, however, was credit not the malicious
woman behind him, but the handsome man in front of him.

He resisted the temptation to smile.

12 hours earlier…

Becker was in the shower and Abby, wet-haired, was brushing her teeth when he finally crawled
out of bed the next morning.

―‘lo, loves,‖ he said, waving sleepily at their reflections in the mirror.

―Morning.‖ Becker waved blindly, his face full of shampoo.

Abby mumbled something through a foamy mouth.

He hesitated for a moment, wondering if it was a bit rude to use the facilities while they were
both in there. There were few secrets, at this point, between them—especially with Abby—but
somehow, things seemed a little more intimate, now that they were all sharing a flat with a
single bathroom. His bladder made the decision for him. Face a little warm, he turned away from

them to stand at the toilet.

When he was finished, he turned back to wash his hands at the sink that wasn‘t occupied by
Abby. Glancing up at her in the mirror, he took in the sight, now that his sleepy eyes were
clearing: She was still mostly naked, but for a thin pair of knickers. Beautiful.

Then he noticed something that took him aback a little. Marring her pale, freckled skin were a
few marks: scratches and bite marks across her belly and breasts, and a couple of finger-
shaped bruises on her hip. Her nipples were also bright pink, and looked a little raw.

―Wow,‖ he murmured, slightly in shock. ―Did we do that to you?‖

She spat out her toothpaste and smiled. ―Yep.‖ Her cheeks flushed.

―I‘m sorry. I didn‘t know we‘d got that rough!‖

She turned to him, stroking a reassuring hand down his shoulder. ―I don‘t recall having

Becker‘s laugh echoed from behind the shower door. ―I‘m not sure you said much of anything
but, ‗Ohhh!‘‖ He imitated—badly—her noises of excitement.

―Precisely.‖ Abby giggled. ―Really, Connor. When have you ever known me not to speak my
mind about something? If I‘d wanted you to stop, you‘d have been quite clear on that fact.
Besides.‖ She leaned over to kiss his cheek. ―It‘s really just something to remind me of the fun
we had last night.‖ She nudged past him and padded back into the bedroom. He stared after
her, still a little bewildered—but also slightly aroused, now.

―You shouldn‘t worry,‖ Becker said, turning off the water and stepping out of the shower. ―She‘s
not a china doll, you know.‖

Connor turned back to him. ―I know. I‘m just… I dunno. Protective of her, I guess.‖

‖As am I. And we‘re protective of you, too. I think we all know we‘d never let any of us come to
any real harm if we could help it.‖ He rubbed a towel across his body, Connor‘s eyes following
the towel‘s path. ―Really, there‘s quite a lot of bending we can do before we break.‖

―Sounds like the voice of experience.‖ Connor smirked.

―It is.‖ Becker smiled warmly.

―Do I want to know?‖

Becker chuckled. ―Given the porn you like? You might.‖ Bridging the distance between them, he

leaned over to purr into Connor‘s ear. ―Let‘s just say that some of the hazing activities at
Sandhurst would blow your mind.‖

Connor shivered, and his thusfar half-mast cock quickly came to full attention.

―But maybe I won‘t tell you. You might get jealous, after all.‖ Becker backed off a little.

―Aw!‖ Connor pouted a little in frustration.

―Maybe I‘ll just show you, instead.‖ Moving quickly, he smacked a still-wet hand across Connor‘s
naked arse.

―Fuck!‖ Connor barked in shock, leaning over to brace himself against the sink.

―Consider that a preview. If you like, of course.‖ Becker hung up his towel. ―For now, however,
get that cute little arse of yours in the shower, or we‘re all going to be late for work.‖ He
punctuated his order with another sharp slap.

Connor knew the delay was tempting fate, but his cock demanded that he take a few extra
minutes in the shower anyway.


As they prepared for the day in the ARC‘s locker room, Connor was lost in daydreaming.
Despite having taken edge off earlier, his mind was still active, swimming with images of the
things Becker had implied. He kept stealing glances over at his lover, imagining Becker‘s strong
hands and rough voice and…

"Ooh!" A happy sigh from his other side broke his reverie.

Connor turned to look at Abby. "Hey?"

She indicated a calendar posted on the inside of her locker door. "Last day of waiting!" She
marked off the day with a big, red ―x.‖

A warm thrill ran through him. Leaning over, he accepted a quick kiss from her. ―Brilliant, baby.‖


"Wait. Last what?" Becker looked at them, amused but curious.

"Modern medicine.‖ She grinned, showing him the calendar. ―Quite useful. Infirmary hooked me
up with the goods as soon as I got hired on.‖

He frowned for a moment, still confused, and then suddenly got it. ―Oh! I see!‖ He grinned back
at her.

―Definitely missed having this option back in prehistoric hell. Once your emergency kit ran out,
we were…‖ she trailed off into a frustrated sigh.

―Oh, it wasn‘t all awful,‖ Connor slipped a hand down to sneak a grope of her arse. ―We found
other ways of playing it safe.‖

Abby flushed, squirming at the touch. ―True. Not quite the same, though.‖ She smiled languidly
up at him.

Becker watched them with amusement, and then he cocked his head. ―So, if I have this right,
then….‖ A slow smile crept across his face. ―We‘re all up-to-date with medical exams, right?‖

Connor nodded. ―Yeah. We got the full once-over pretty much as soon as we got back.‖

―And if I‘m not mistaken,‖ Becker continued, ―this ‗last day‘ means Abby‘s…?‖

―Yep!‖ Abby grinned.

―So, does this mean we could all…skip the emergency kit?‖ He glanced at each of them in turn.
―I mean, if you‘re OK with that. I definitely trust you two, at least.‖

Connor fixed a gaze on Abby. ―Well, I know I‘m not planning on being with anyone else. You?‖

She shook her head. ―Nope. Becks?‖

Becker sighed, and ran a hand over his hair. He started to bridge the distance between them
but then stopped, hindered by the discretion necessary in their semi-public location. ―Honestly,‖
he dropped his voice, ―when you two were gone, I was only with one other person. And that was
awful, because I couldn‘t stop thinking about you, and making plans for how to get you back.‖

Connor's heart fluttered. It was suddenly really real, now. All the happy shock and surprise he‘d
felt when Abby finally returned his feelings was now echoed with this new understanding. This
was no mere fling. They weren‘t experimenting, or playing house or anything else so frivolous. If
he had to make a choice, he‘d choose Abby, certainly, but he got the feeling that wasn‘t a
choice he‘d be asked to make. Dropping this last barrier between them all seemed like the most
natural thing in the world--strange as it might seem to outsiders. He shivered with the sheer, odd
wonderfulness of it. ―Well, I guess that settles it, then!‖

―It does!‖ Becker smiled warmly at them. Then he reached for the small daypack hanging in his
locker. Flipping open a side pouch, he drew out a telltale packet and chucked it decisively into
the bin in the corner. They all burst into giddy, relieved giggles.

―Oi, what‘s so funny?‖ A voice from the doorway chirped.

―Jess! Uh, hi!‖ Connor flushed. ―Nothing, really. Just… Dorky joke.‖

―I see.‖ She smiled brightly, strolling over beside them. ―Welcome back, Becker.‖ She patted his
arm awkwardly. ―Feeling well, now?‖

―I am, mostly, thanks. Still a bit sore, but I can manage.‖ He smiled gently at her.

She turned to Abby. ―I take it you‘re enjoying the new flat? Was kind of surprised that you didn‘t
come back last night.‖

―Oh! Right. Sorry. We should have called. Just got a little distracted with the new place.‖ Abby
squirmed uncomfortably.

―Perfectly understandable. Will be sorry to see you go, but I‘m sure you like having some space
to yourselves.‖ She grinned significantly.

Abby coughed and looked at the floor.

―Anyway, must dash to a meeting. But maybe you all could have me round sometime? Would
love to see the place.‖ She turned to head back to the door.

―Yeah, sure.‖ Connor smiled, and then a wave of shock ran through him. ―Wait. ‗all?‘‖

Jess turned back. ―Ah, yes. Well, you see,‖ she said calmly, ―I have an alert set for any staff
credit inquiry activity. Identity theft issues, all that.‖ She smirked devilishly.

Connor blanched, and Becker made a small, tight noise of alarm.

―Don‘t worry. I won‘t tell anyone.‖ Jess giggled. ―You‘re all perfectly safe.‖ She waved a
dismissive hand as she sauntered out.

―In more ways than one.‖ Becker chuckled. Boldly dropping his guard, he reached for them.


Connor was trying to pay attention to Philip‘s instructions on where to find the stuff he needed in
Prospero‘s databases. The continual buzzing of his phone in his pocket was making that
difficult. Abby and Becker had left work early to go shopping, and were now continually texting
him questions and sending him photos of the things they were shopping for.

They were not things he wanted Philip to see.

―Connor?‖ Philip frowned at him. ―Are you sure you‘re all right? You seem to be getting a lot of

―Fine! I‘m fine. Really.‖ He squirmed. The last photo had been of something that he wasn‘t
entirely sure was quite compatible with human anatomy, and he was both terrified and more-
than-slightly horny. He hid behind the work table. ―Just Abby, you know, shopping. Asking my
opinions. The girl thing.‖ And she‘d absolutely kill him if she knew he‘d just said that. Possibly
with the use of one of the other implements they‘d looked at.

―Right, then. Well, be sure to let me know if you have any questions. I want to make this as
pleasant an experience for you as possible.‖ Philip smiled broadly.

―Pleasant. Experience. Yes, yes. Right.‖ Connor hunched over, leaning heavily on the table.

Philip frowned at him, and finally turned and left, shaking his head a little in confusion.

Trembling slightly, Connor looked at the latest photo he‘d got. And nearly dropped the phone.
Somehow, Abby and Becker had got themselves into some sort of changing room at the shop,
and were… demonstrating…one of the things they were considering buying.

―OK, Philip,‖ he whispered to himself. ―Sorry, mate, but no late night at the office for me this
time.‖ Gasping a little, and holding his jacket in front of him, he dashed away to the car park.

The lights in the flat were low when he got home. At first, he thought he was alone, but then
Abby stepped out into the pool of light coming from the kitchen. Connor drew a sharp breath.
She was decked out, head-to-toe, in shiny, black patent leather: thigh-high platform boots, a
barely-there mini and a halter top with a wide-open gap in the middle. Dangling from her right
hand was a short, nasty-looking riding crop.

―He‘s late,‖ she said, looking over her shoulder.

―He is.‖ Becker came up behind her and nuzzled her neck. He was dressed a little more
conventionally. Well, what clothes he was wearing: Snug boxer-briefs and vest—both in black—
left little to Connor‘s imagination.

She purred at the attention. ―So, what should we do about that, hm?‖


Currently, Connor was finding out. He was entirely naked, on his hands and knees in front of the

sofa. Becker sat before him, slouched at the edge, his hard cock just a few tantalizing inches
from Connor‘s face. A pair of light clamps had been attached to Connor‘s nipples, and a small,
silicone dildo was wedged up his arse—just big enough to tease; not quite big enough to satisfy.
And Abby, with a fierce strength he should have known she possessed, was thrashing the hell
out of him.

―I don‘t hear you counting!‖ She scolded.

―Two!‖ He gasped. Then two more blows came in quick succession, adding to the burning
already spreading over his backside and thighs.

―Three! Four!‖ He managed to spit out breathlessly.

―That‘s better!‖ Her tone brightened. ―Just one more! Think you can manage it?‖

He nodded, words becoming more than a little difficult to form.

―I don‘t think she heard you, Connor.‖ Becker growled, tugging again on the chain between the

―Ahhh!‖ Connor involuntarily twisted away from the pain—which of course only made it worse.
―Yes. Yes, I can.‖

No sooner had he voiced his assent, but the heaviest blow of all flashed across his skin—
followed by a quick, light one. He nearly screamed, and quickly buried his face in Becker‘s thigh,
afraid that the noise he was making would alert the neighbours.

―That last one was just because I wanted to,‖ Abby said, giggling in demented glee.

―Well done, Connor,‖ Becker smiled down at him and caressed his cheek. ―You should be
rewarded for bearing that so well.‖

Now that sounded like a good idea, Connor thought. His cock was already aching, a steady drip
of wetness leaking from it to puddle on the floor. He looked up eagerly.

―And as it stands, I‘m quite hot right now.‖ Becker stroked himself firmly. ―I think I need
someplace to put this.‖

Connor‘s breath hitched, and he licked his lips. Where ever Becker wanted to stick that thing
was fine with him.

Becker avoided Connor‘s gaze, looking past him. ―Abby?‖ He smiled warmly at her, and
extended a hand.

Abby made a soft noise of delight, and came round, setting aside the crop and taking Becker‘s

Connor moaned in frustration.

―I think we need to reward our Connor with a little show, what do you think of that?‖ Becker drew
her hand to his mouth and kissed her palm wetly.

―Sounds like a lovely idea to me,‖ she purred happily.

―What do you think, Connor?‖ Becker said, pushing Abby‘s skirt up to her waist and exposing
her naked crotch. ―Think I should put my cock here?‖ He slipped a hand between her thighs,
petting the soft skin there. She chittered softly in pleasure, her eyelids fluttering closed as
Becker slid a finger into her damp cleft.

The question was downright cruel, Connor decided. What he really wanted was to have that
cock inside him. Or have his own inside her. Or both. He shivered with the memory. Such
satisfaction, however, was clearly not on the cards at the moment. Setting his jaw, he smiled up
at them both. ―Of course.‖

Becker guided Abby around, settling her in his lap, facing away, so they both had a good view of
Connor. And so Connor had a good view of them. Her hips rolling sinuously, Abby eased herself
back, sliding down, burying Becker‘s cock deep inside.

Becker groaned as he was enveloped in soft, wet flesh. ―So good. You feel sooo good, Abby.‖
He nuzzled her neck and slipped his hands inside her halter, gently stroking her breasts.

―So do you,‖ she breathed, rocking slowly, her face and chest flushed with desire.

Connor bit his lip. Watching their pleasure—and from so close—was absolutely maddening. He
craved what they were having. He craved something other than the ache and sting of this
torment. He knew very well how incredibly good it felt to be buried up to the hilt in her tight body.
That he was feeling little more than pain at his nipples and a little, unsatisfying pressure in his
arse was going to drive him insane in very short order.

Becker finally took at least a little pity on him. ―You should help, Connor.‖

―Yes?‖ Connor perked up.

―Help me get her off.‖ Becker wound a hand in Connor‘s hair, directing his face closer.

Connor got the picture. Eagerly, he dived in, licking and suckling at her clit as she rocked back
and forth on Becker‘s cock. Her taste and scent was always sweet and heady, and mingled with
Becker‘s musk, the combination was intoxicating. With the same speed and fury he‘d normally

use to fuck her, he worked steadily with his lips and tongue on her sensitive flesh.

The combination worked fast on her. In just a few moments, her noises became louder, more
desperate, and then she was there, her body twitching and jerking under the twin attention,
calling both of their names in her bliss. Connor nearly came himself with the experience. Becker
actually did. Thrusting hard as the last of her wave ebbed, his eyes rolled back and he groaned,
balls tightening up and cock pulsing as he emptied into her. Connor seethed with envy, trying
his best to live vicariously through Becker‘s clearly satisfying release.

Catching his breath, Becker finally perked up a little after the fury was over, squirming a bit ―Ah!
If we‘re not careful, we‘re going to make a little mess here.‖

Abby smiled devilishly. ―Not necessarily.‖ She looked down at Connor. ―We have someone here
who could help us clean up.‖

―Oh! So we do!‖ He patted Connor‘s head. ―Well?‖

―There‘s a real reward in it for you.‖ Abby stroked his shoulder.

The promise of possible release, which he‘d begun to think was never going to happen, got
Connor‘s attention. Back to work he went, lapping up the messy mix of fluids as Becker‘s
softening cock slowly slipped out of her. Both still sensitive, they squirmed happily under the
attention, their noises acting as encouragement for him. Abby, fire-blooded as she was, grabbed
hold of his hair and rubbed against his face, getting off again as he worked.

Finally, they were both satisfied with the job. ―Sit up,‖ Abby said, pushing at his shoulder.

He settled back on his heels, wincing a little as the chain on the clamps moved.

―You want to come, don‘t you, baby?‖ She petted his messy face.

―I do,‖ he whimpered. ―Please?‖

―Poor lad. That cock of yours looks like it‘s about to burst.‖ Becker reached up with his foot,
poking at it with his toes.

Connor shuddered with the contact. ―Yes,‖ he hissed.

―Best take care of it, then.‖ Becker settled back and Abby nestled into his lap.

―Uh?‖ Connor looked up at them.

―Come on, baby.‖ Abby smiled at him. ―Touch yourself. We want to watch.‖

Strangely, as humiliating and painful as the torment had been so far, this was almost worse. He
felt more naked somehow—more exposed—with them doing nothing but just sitting back,
watching expectantly, and waiting for him to perform for them.

But the desperate need in his body overrode any potential embarrassment. Curling one hand
around his cock and stroking his balls with the other, he closed his eyes, and began the familiar
rhythms. Shifting a little, he managed to get the small dildo at a good angle, and rocked his hips
back, getting some measure of satisfaction with the movement.

Furiously, he worked his body, fingers flashing as he rubbed the slippery foreskin up and back
over the head, and in no time at all, he finally felt it building, fast and strong. Every nerve alive in
him from his aching nipples, to his twitching arse, to his sticky lips, he finally released, body
jerking wildly as he huffed and cried out, the hot wetness spilling over his hand and onto his
belly and thighs.

All too soon, it was over. He yowled a little with sudden sensitivity, and Becker, kindly, reached
over to take off the clamps. Connor barked as the blood rushed back where it belonged, but
soon, the shock faded. Leaning over again, he laid his head in their laps, enjoying their gentle
caresses as his heartbeat slowly settled down into normalcy again. Raw, worn out and
exhausted, he was also completely, totally satisfied, and couldn't help the stupid smile that
parked on his face.

He was stiff—in a sore way—when he woke up again the next morning. The first up, he took
advantage of the fact and got into the shower to get the hottest water. In just a few moments,
however, Abby followed, and stepped in with him.

―G‘morning,‖ she said, her voice thick with sleepiness. Leaning forward, she tried to bury her
face in his chest, as she usually did.

―Ah!‖ Connor stepped back. The touch of her hair was rough against his sore nipples.

She looked up, confused, but then realised what had happened and laughed a little. Moving
more carefully this time, she settled back in, smiling and caressing his back. ―Y‘ok?‖ She

―Perfectly fine.‖ He chucked softly to himself. ―Just something to remind me.‖


Bon Voyage (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

Now that Abby and Connor have both succumbed to their desires for playing rough, they decide
that Becker’s turn must come soon—much to his surprise.

Sadly, before they can get plans for this under way, a worrisome call comes in for Abby…


―And then there was the time they dunked my balls in a glass of ice water.‖

Connor blanched and squirmed. Even though he was still a little sore from his own recent
adventures, the things Becker was telling them about hazing at Sandhurst made that pain seem
like nothing in comparison. And yet, as usual, their unflappable lover still sounded utterly calm,
nonchalantly standing in the kitchen making a meal as he described tortures that even Connor‘s
twisted imagination hadn‘t come up with, yet.

―I think probably the worst bit,‖ Becker smiled at Abby as she plucked a small bit of cauliflower
from his cutting board, ―was the Tasers.‖

―Wait, Tasers?‖ She gaped, the vegetable dangling from her hand.

He nodded. ―Tasers. Still have a couple of scars from that. Ever notice those two little black
spots on my arse? That‘s where they held the thing on me for about 30 seconds. Thought I was
going to die.‖

―Damn.‖ She whistled low in respect, and popped the cauliflower in her mouth.

―So, yeah, that‘s why I thought I could take a blast from the EMDs. See where that got me. Matt
still won‘t let me live that down. Bastard.‖ He wrinkled his nose.

―Remind me to give him a slap next time I see him,‖ Connor said, his sense of protectiveness
cropping up, even though Becker clearly needed no protection.

―Careful. He might like that.‖ Becker winked, and chucked a carrot shaving at Connor.
―Needless to say, I wouldn‘t dare do anything like that to you two. I know you can take a bit of
knocking about, but I also know where your limits are.‖ He piled the cut vegetables into a large
roasting pan.

―Well, thanks for that,‖ Abby smiled and squirmed with memory. ―I wonder, though…‖ She trailed
off into a contemplative hum.

―What?‖ Becker poured a thick sauce over the vegetables and covered the pan. He looked over
at Abby, frowning. ―Wonder what?‖

She got a devilish smile on her face, a look Connor immediately understood. ―Heh,‖ he
chuckled. ―I wonder, too.‖

Becker wiped his hands on a towel and crossed his arms in front of his chest. ―All right, you two.
Out with it.‖ He started to sound annoyed.

―Oh, nothing,‖ Abby said teasingly. ―Just wondering where your limits are.‖


Connor nudged him with a hip. ―Really, love. You‘ve had at us, yeah? So when do we get to
return the favour and gang up on you?‖

―Oh! Ah…‖ He blushed—actually blushed, to Connor‘s great amusement—and turned to busy
himself putting the pan in the oven.

―C‘mon,‖ Abby wheedled. ―Can hand it out but you can‘t take it? What, under that badass
exterior, you‘re really just a kitten?‖

Becker‘s eyes narrowed. ―Is that a challenge?‖

―Certainly sounds like it to me!‖ Connor giggled.

Becker closed the oven door and took a deep breath. ―All right," he finally said. "If you two think
you can break me, you‘re welcome to try. But I‘m betting you won‘t get me anywhere near
saying a safeword.‖

―Oh, Becks, darling,‖ Abby purred. ―You have no idea what you‘ve just got yourself into.‖

Becker snorted derisively. ―Really, I don‘t think you two could do any worse than a bunch of
violence-prone soldiers could.‖

―You might be surprised, love. We—" Abby broke off as her phone chirruped stridently. She
looked at the screen, frowning. ―Who the hell would be calling right now? Hello?‖ Her face went
pale. ―Oh! Oh, damn. All right, then, I just…‖ She ran a hand over her hair and began pacing.

―Abby?‖ Connor looked at her with concern. ―What‘s going on?‖

Becker leaned back against the counter, eyeing her worriedly.

―Fine. Yeah, I‘ll be there.‖ Abby sighed heavily and hung up. Her mouth tight, she looked at her
lovers in turn. ―It‘s Jack. He‘s had a skiing accident in Switzerland. They said he should recover
just fine, but his doctors need me there as next of kin to make decisions while he‘s

Connor‘s heart flipped. Much as the little twit annoyed him, he knew Abby‘s brother was still
very dear to her. He quickly moved toward her, sweeping her up in his arms. ―I‘m so sorry, love.‖

―Is there anything we can do?‖ Becker petted her back gently.

She shook her head and pulled back. ―It‘s not like you could come with me. It‘ll be bad enough
with just me gone if we get an anomaly call. Plus, I‘m not sure I could properly explain you two
to the hospital staff.‖

Connor sighed heavily. ―Right. Damn. So when do you have to go?‖

―As soon as possible. I‘m going to call Jess and see if she can find a way to get me on a flight
quickly.‖ She dialled her phone again and wandered off, chattering urgently to Jess.

Connor looked up at Becker. ―Not fair,‖ he grumbled.

―No. Not fair at all.‖ Becker slid strong arms around Connor‘s waist, drawing him close. ―He‘s
really a sore spot for her, isn‘t he?‖

―He is.‖ Connor nodded, nestling against Becker‘s shoulder. ―They‘re orphans, you know.‖

Becker gaped in surprise. ―I… I didn‘t know that. I should‘ve guessed, I s‘pose. It makes sense.‖

Connor sighed, enjoying Becker‘s warmth and the pulse of his heartbeat. ―Not my place to tell
you the details, of course. I‘m sure she‘ll tell you herself someday, but she had a really rough go
of it when she was a kid.‖

―I‘d kind of figured that.‖ Becker stroked his hair. ―Just didn‘t know how bad. I do hope she tells
me someday. I‘d like to think she trusts me enough for that.‖

―I think she does. She just doesn‘t like to talk about it. She‘d rather just forget it all happened.‖

―Understandable.‖ Becker pulled back as Abby came back into the room, extending an arm to
welcome her into the embrace. ―What‘s the plan?‖

Abby bit her lip and fidgeted restlessly in their arms. ―Jess got me in. I need to leave in two

hours. Can you drive me to the airport?‖

―Of course.‖ Becker nodded. ―Anything you want to do while we‘re waiting? Besides pack, I
suppose. Food needs about another hour in the oven.‖

She heaved a great, shuddering sigh, and peered up at them. ―Well,‖ her voice was tinged with
frustration, ―I don‘t know when I‘m going to be back. And I‘d really like to have something I can
think about when I‘m stuck over there. Any ideas?‖


The rich smells of roasting vegetables permeated the flat, but all Connor could think of was the
even headier scent coming from between Abby‘s legs. Lying opposite his direction on the bed,
she sprawled underneath him, playing her mouth and hands across his belly and thighs as he
did the same for her. He balanced on his elbows, his hands up underneath her hips, reaching
around to squeeze and stroke her round, perfect arse, and occasionally sneaking fingertips up
to stroke her warm cleft. Becker lay beside them, feathering his fingers randomly across their
skin as Abby clutched eagerly at his cock.

Connor looked up from his task briefly, tongue flashing out to lick some wetness from his lips.
―Hey, Becks, fancy helping me with this?‖

―Of course,‖ Becker smiled. Abby squirmed in anticipation, dropping her thighs wide apart, to
give them both full access. Becker wriggled around, getting between her legs, face close
enough to Connor‘s to share Abby-flavoured kisses now and again as they traded off tasks.

It took only a few moments of the two slippery tongues flashing across her skin to get her
panting heavily and writhing as she built up. Her noises becoming more telltale, Becker pulled
back a little, letting Connor go to it with his well-practised mouth. Contributing in his own way,
Becker quickly stuffed three fingers inside her, twisting and thrusting them in rhythm with the
motion of her hips. As she quickened, her body beginning to pulse, he also slipped his thumb
into her tight back hole.

―Ahfuck!‖ Abby barked sharply, the sound muted somewhat by the heavy cock and balls her
face was buried in. ―That… That… Becker! Holy…‖ Her thighs trembled violently, and with
another desperate cry, she crashed. Connor worked furiously with her rhythms, sucking hard
and swirling his tongue around her throbbing little clit, delighting in the vibrations of her cries
against his skin.

The intense experience of being up close and personal with Abby's orgasm very nearly set
Connor off as well, and would have in the recent past. A couple of weeks of steady practice,
however, were now keeping his hair trigger somewhat contained, and he managed to calm
himself. Still, he wanted more.

And so did Becker. After Abby‘s peak subsided, he leaned up for another slick kiss, murmuring
against Connor‘s mouth. ―I‘ve been dying to fuck you bare. Up for it?‖

Connor shuddered with the words, and could only mumble an eager assent. ―Please!‖

Moving quickly around behind him, Becker settled in, rubbing the tip of his raw cock against
Connor‘s cleft. ―Want this?‖ He purred.

―Yesss,‖ Connor hissed, arching his back. Abby, still underneath him, added to the thrill, licking
broad stripes up and down his cock.

Becker‘s hand was still quite slippery from having been buried in Abby‘s body, and he used the
wetness to slick up himself and Connor, pushing a couple of fingers against him, stroking his
hole and relaxing the muscle. Connor shivered violently, and he rested his cheek on Abby‘s
thigh. Ever since the not-quite-satisfying toy he‘d ridden yesterday, he‘d been craving a proper
fuck, and the anticipation of getting exactly that was making his head swim.

He didn‘t have to wait long. Becker, too, was eager, and he pressed forward, steadily sinking
down, pushing in to bury himself fully in the hot depths of Connor‘s body.

A heavy surge ran through his belly, and Connor went weak. Oh, god,‖ he huffed thickly, breath
steaming against Abby‘s soft skin.

―Ah, Connor,‖ Becker groaned raggedly. ―You feel so good.‖ Gripping Connor‘s hips tightly, he
began thrusting, instinct taking over to set his pace.

Squirming around a bit to get a proper angle, Abby joined in, opening up and taking Connor‘s
cock down her throat.

Connor keened pathetically, whimpering her name as her tongue lit up his nerves. The heat
from her core warmed his face, and her scent still called to him. Barely containing the feelings
wracking through him, he went back to work on her, echoing every suckle and thrust on his end
with a nip and rub on hers. Still sensitive, she bucked at the attention, grinding her cunt against
his mouth, her hips jerking in the same strong, steady rhythm as Becker‘s strokes.

Like dominoes, they tumbled. Becker, excited with the raw, skin-to-skin friction, went first,
barking and growling like an animal as he emptied, hot and thick, inside Connor‘s body. Then
the swirl of Abby‘s tongue and her powerful, deep sucking lit Connor‘s fuse. Body clenching
around Becker‘s still-throbbing cock, he fucked her face, spurting down her throat and huffing
muffled curses into her sticky flesh. Finally, she crested again herself, gasping for needed air
around her mouthful.

Connor was dizzy, and it was all he could do not to collapse atop Abby. Getting the hint from the
way his thighs quaked, she wriggled out from underneath him, kissing his belly as she turned

the right way round again. Then Becker slowly slipped out, and moved over to the bedside for
cleanup supplies.

Finally disengaged from them, Connor went boneless, flopping over onto his side next to Abby.
Becker soon returned to her other side, and they all cuddled up close in their now-familiar
sleeping positions, murmuring soft words of love as their heartbeats returned to baseline. The
remaining warm wetness in his backside felt a little strange to Connor, but it was also
comforting; a way of keeping Becker intimately close for a while longer.

―I wish you didn‘t have to go,‖ Becker said sadly, stroking a lock of hair from Abby‘s eyes.

―I know. I‘m sorry,‖ she sighed. Then she pouted petulantly. ―I guess this means we need to put
our plans for breaking you on hold until I get back.‖

Becker rolled his eyes. ―Still intent on having a go at that?‖

―Of course, love,‖ she licked at the tip of his nose.

Connor hummed thoughtfully. ―You know, the delay might be a good thing, really.‖

Becker glanced over at him. ―Oh? How‘s that?‖

―It‘ll give me time to come up with some plans. And maybe,‖ he chuckled softly, ―build a few

Becker‘s eyes went wide. ―Wait! Build what, exactly?‖

―Never you mind. You‘ll find out soon enough.‖

―Fuck,‖ Becker muttered reverently. ―I‘d forgot about your mad scientist side. I‘m done for, aren‘t

Abby laughed. ―Toldya! Our Connor‘s creative enough and I‘m mean enough… We‘re going to
break you in no time at all, tough guy.‖ She punched his arm playfully.

Becker shivered and whimpered defeatedly. But a warm, intoxicated smile played across his

―Of course, we need to get you back from the Alps, first,‖ Connor grumbled, clinging to Abby
possessively. ―Promise you‘ll head back soon?‖

―As soon as I can. The docs said Jack should recover quickly. He just has some swelling in his
brain right now that‘s kept him unconscious. Bloody great git was up on an expert run in a storm
and missed seeing a tree.‖

Connor sighed sympathetically. Then, for the first time in an hour, he noticed the appetizing
scent wafting in from the kitchen. Thoroughly satisfied in one way, his body decided it craved
something else, and told him so with a telltale growl.

Becker laughed and reached over to pat Connor‘s noisy belly. ―A‘ight, I get the hint. Let me go
get properly tidied up and dressed and I‘ll get our food together, hey?‖

Connor smiled brightly. ―Thank you!‖ He accepted a quick kiss as Becker clambered off the bed.

Abby stretched and sighed, nestling into Connor‘s arms, clearly not yet ready to leave them.

―You OK, baby?‖ He said calmly, trying to soothe her with his touch.

She nodded. ―I will be. It‘s just…‖


She smiled shyly. ―This is the first time I‘ve gone away when I really had someone to come
home to. I mean, I was homesick when we were… back there… but this is different. I guess it‘s
a little hard to believe in the idea that you two really will be here when I get back.‖

Connor made a soft noise of sympathy and drew her close. ―Of course we will, baby. Always.
And besides, think about it: This is your bon voyage, yeah?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Well, then," he said, kissing her warmly, "you can count on one hell of a welcome home party.‖


Cat’s Away (Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Becker/Connor, with minor Abby references

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

Their beloved partner off at the Alps to mind her brother, our remaining twosome finds a new
way to make up for her absence


Even without an alarm, Becker woke with the sun. Rolling onto his side, he reached for the
warm body he expected to find next to him… and came up empty.

―Abby?‖ He murmured sleepily, blinking his eyes into focus. Then he remembered: she was
gone, off on a quick emergency trek to Switzerland to care for Jack. He sighed heavily in
disappointment. There was still one bright spot, however. Reaching over a little more, he gently
stroked another soft shoulder.

A light snore broke off into a surprised snuffle. ―Unhff?‖

―Morning, Connor,‖ Becker said cheerily.

―Mrnnn,‖ Connor mumbled, flopping onto his back. He, too, automatically reached for the centre
of the bed, whimpering sadly as he noted the absence of the small figure which usually nestled
between them.

Becker propped his head up on his hand. ―Sleep well?‖

Connor rubbed at his bleary eyes. ―Not as well as usual, I‘m afraid.‖ He stretched lazily. ―I did
have a great dream, though.‖

Going by the way the bedclothes tented at Connor‘s hips, it must have indeed been a good one.
―Oh?‖ Becker asked, stroking back Connor‘s chaotic, sleep-mussed hair.

―We were all in a cabana on a beach.‖ He smiled happily with the memory. ―Being naughty.‖

―Sounds lovely.‖ Becker grinned down at him.

―Oh, it was,‖ he purred. Then he frowned, squirming a little uncomfortably. ―Damn.‖


―Eh. It‘s a pity she‘s not here. In the dream, I was behind her and….‖

―I see.‖ Becker‘s imagination took over, and he began to feel some swelling of his own.

Connor sighed in frustration, glancing down and making a face at his crotch.

―I could take care of that for you, you know,‖ Becker teased, moving closer to him. ―It‘s not like
we need her permission or anything.‖

―I know, it‘s just… well, I want something specific now.‖ He rolled his hips a little.

Becker raised an eyebrow. ―Tits?‖

Connor laughed. ―No. Well, I mean, yes, but—―

―Ah,‖ Becker stroked a hand down Connor‘s chest, delighting in the squirm he caused. ―You‘d
like her here so you can give her a proper shagging?‖

―Yes. That.‖ Connor closed his eyes, seemingly lost in his dream again.

Becker eyed him closely. The short time since the two had returned from the past had been
mostly bliss: a heady whirlwind of frantic, sordid romping whenever they could get the chance
between work crises. Yet there were still some things they hadn‘t yet done. ―Well, I‘m not her,

―Wha?‖ Connor‘s eyes flipped open. He gaped in surprise, realising what was being offered.

―Sure.‖ Becker shrugged.

―I didn‘t know you liked that, Becks."

―I do.‖ Becker nodded. ―Haven‘t done it a lot, but yes, with the right person.‖ He grinned.
―Problem is, you two always seem to want it from me, and I'm of course happy to oblige, so…‖

Connor laughed a little. ―I had no idea. I would‘ve done it sooner if you had said something.‖

―Well, I‘m saying something now.‖ Becker curled his fingers around Connor‘s warm cock.
Leaning over, he whispered, ―And I‘m saying I want this inside me.‖

Connor made a strangled noise and his hips twisted up to meet the sudden touch. Without
another word, he pulled Becker toward him for a deep, urgent kiss.

Becker moved, closing the remaining gap between them. Still fondling Connor‘s cock, sliding his
thumb over the wet head, he brought another hand up to toy with a stiff nipple, rubbing and
pinching it the way he knew Connor liked. Connor in turn reached for Becker‘s cock, slender
fingers twirling around it before dipping back further, dancing along the sensitive skin of his balls
and back behind them.

Becker relaxed into the caresses and parted his thighs, giving Connor better access. He gasped
a little with the first fluttery fingertip touches across his hole, and his mind started wandering,
remembering past experiences. It had been too long—years, actually—and he found he really
was craving it. He moaned softly, suckling eagerly on Connor‘s mouth. Encouraged, Connor
continued, making satisfied noises as Becker‘s body opened for his probing touch.

After only a few moments of the eager, mutual groping, Becker could feel Connor‘s cock surging
with need under his attention, pulsing heavily in a way he very much wanted to feel more
deeply. Rolling onto his back, he splayed out, looking up expectantly.

Pausing only for a moment to slick himself up, Connor was soon settled comfortably between
Becker‘s thighs and lining up. In his excitement, he was just a little too fast at first, but after a
moment‘s pause for a breath, Becker relaxed, and Connor slid all the way in in one long,
smooth motion. ―Ah! Good… that‘s good.‖ Becker groaned, adjusting quickly to the slightly
strange feeling of being filled up.

As they melted together, rocking gently in the pleasure of being connected, Becker watched
Connor‘s flushed face. He could tell that his lover was trying very hard to hold back, reining in
the usual rabbity bucking he had when he was riding Abby. Yet at that moment, that was exactly
what Becker wanted from him. Tilting his hips and bringing his knees further up to his chest, he
gazed up languidly. ―I need you,‖ he said roughly, his usually strong voice breaking a little. ―Fuck
me, Connor.‖

Shuddering with a rush of desire, Connor did so, his pace quickening to a breathtaking speed,
eyes screwed shut in concentration. A slight shift in angle, and he hit it just right: those frantic,
sharp thrusts pounding Becker‘s sweet spot, loosing needy groans with each stroke.

The blur of pleasure filled Becker‘s senses. It took only the slightest touch of his own hand—a
few light, well-practised caresses—and suddenly his cock swelled to almost painful hardness,
and his balls tightened up against his body. With a long, guttural cry, he came hard, shooting
thickly over his belly. Connor followed soon after, burying his face in Becker‘s neck and curling
up against his body, clinging tightly to him as he emptied, his delightful, puppyish whimpering
echoing in their room.

They stayed like that for several moments, petting and kissing tenderly as their waves subsided,
breaking apart only when the wetness against their skin began to cool uncomfortably.

―Wow,‖ Connor chuckled softly after they‘d disengaged and tidied up a little. He tucked his head

under Becker‘s arm in a familiar position, cheek against his chest. ―I guess you do like that,

Becker grinned. ―I do believe so, yes. Did that work for you in place of Abby?‖

Connor rolled his eyes and laughed. ―Uh, yeah! S‘pose we can have a few repeats of that while
our lass is away, then?‖

―Absolutely.‖ He ruffled Connor‘s hair. ―And after she comes back, too!‖


Jet Lag (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Non-sexual bodily fluids

Abby’s back home, now, but a monthly visitor with poor timing is making her return not quite so
pleasant. Fortunately, she has a couple of caring partners willing to make her feel much better.


Everything hurt.

Her head hurt, from lack of proper sleep. Her back hurt, from the uncomfortable coach seat. Her
stomach hurt, from the terrible airline food. Her heart hurt, from missing her lovers. And then
there was that, too. She grumbled, annoyed at having to make do with public toilet supplies and
a couple of nurofen she‘d begged from a flight attendant.

The one bright spot was that Jack had indeed recovered quickly, and as soon as the swelling in
his head went down, he was awake and as charmingly annoying as ever. After a day and a half
of her hovering over him to be sure he was healthy, he started moaning about her ―nannying,‖
and sent her home.

And home was where she‘d be very, very soon if the damned plane would just land already.

Connor, to her pleasant surprise, was waiting for her at the end of the arrivals corridor. He
grinned big, and ran up as soon as he saw her. Taking her bag, he embraced her, and kissed
her solidly. ―I missed you.‖

―Missed you too, love. Very glad to be back.‖ She took his hand as they walked toward the exit
doors. She frowned as she glanced over at him, noticing that he was rather more rumpled than
usual, and still wore his earpiece for the ARC‘s com system. ―You OK? Did I interrupt a work

―I‘m fine. We just got off of a call, actually. Giant frogs in a posh day spa. Hilarious, but messy.
Dying for a proper shower.‖

She finally noticed the strange smell and the sticky streak down his left arm. ―Oh.‖ She wrinkled
her nose. ―Frog slime.‖

―Yeah,‖ he said sheepishly. ―Sorry.‖

―Ah, you could be covered head-to-toe in it and I‘d still be glad to see you.‖ She grinned,
nudging him with her hip. ―So where‘s our boyfriend, anyway?‖

―Standing by to pick us up, actually. Jussec.‖ He touched the earpiece. ―Yo, taxi!‖ He faked a
terrible Brooklyn accent. Then laughed at whatever Becker had said back to him. ―You, too,
tightarse.‖ Tapping the earpiece again, he looked over at her, rolling his eyes. ―He‘s in a mood.‖

―Uh oh.‖

―Eh. Nothing bad. It was just kinda my fault that he had a frog land on his head. He‘s still a bit
annoyed. Been taking the piss outta me for the last three hours.‖

―I see.‖ She couldn‘t help giggling at the mental image.

―I imagine seeing you again will snap him out of it, though.‖

―Hope so.‖

They stepped through the exit doors, to a rush of warm, city-scented air, and a familiar black
4x4 idling at the kerb. Connor bowed. ―Your chariot awaits, my lady.‖

She clambered in, dropping a kiss on Becker‘s nose, one of the few places not showing trails of
ancient amphibian leavings. ―Hello, love.‖

―Hello. Sorry I‘m not quite so tidy at the moment.‖

She had to laugh. Slightly slimed, yes, but he was still 180 degrees from Connor‘s everyday
level of scruffiness.

Connor perked up from the back seat as they pulled out into traffic. ―So, I‘d intended to make a
lasagne tonight, but that just didn‘t happen. Up for takeaway?‖

―Yeah, sure.‖ She nodded. ―I just need a little something to settle my stomach anyway.‖

―Works for me. Pick up a bite on the way home, and then later…‖ He trailed off, waggling his
eyebrows suggestively.

She sighed sadly and made a face. ―I wish.‖


―Out of commission.‖ She looked at him significantly.

―Oh? Oh!‖ Connor got it. ―Damn.‖

Becker, however, was still confused. ―Is something wrong?‖

She shook her head. ―Not wrong. Just. You know.‖ She shrugged.

He still looked bewildered. Connor poked his arm. ―Girl stuff, mate.‖

Becker‘s face lit up, finally. ―Ah! Well, damn indeed.‖ He went quiet for a moment, watching the
road to avoid a twit in a shiny sports car who apparently thought he owned two lanes. He
hummed quietly. ―You know, honestly, I wouldn‘t have a problem with that. Never gone there
before, but the idea doesn‘t bother me. Connor?‖

Connor cocked his head like a confused dog. ―Well... No? I guess I‘d never thought about it.
Always just assumed it wasn‘t possible.‖ He looked over at Abby. ―Up to you though, of course.‖

Abby herself was slightly surprised. Of all the things they‘d talked about and done so far, this
really hadn‘t ever occurred to her. Connor himself had been politely distant when they had to
deal with the issue back in the Cretaceous, and her biggest concern then was hoping the scent
wouldn‘t attract something deadly.

Her body made the decision for her, however. ―OK, theoretically, if you two wouldn‘t freak out
about it, I'd be fine with it. But realistically, at the moment? I don‘t think I‘m up for it. The meds I
took on the plane just aren‘t doing much for me, and I‘m feeling rather horrible. Honestly, food
and a shower would be the best things ever right now.‖

―Well, we can arrange that, too.‖ Becker reached over and patted her thigh gently.

The fast-food meal they picked up was more or less gone by the time they got home. Connor
sucked noisily on his straw, getting the last of his milkshake up from the bottom of the cup, and
Abby fed Becker the last chip just as they were pulling in to the car park.

―Home!‖ Abby chittered happily. ―And now for the longest shower in the history of human

―Definitely,‖ Connor agreed. Then he frowned, as his hip issued an electronic noise. Looking
down at his phone, he quickly scanned the new email that had come in.

―Hey?‖ Becker raised an eyebrow.

―Oh, just a question from Philip. Nothing big.‖ Connor looked up from the screen. ―Why don‘t you
two go fire up the shower? I‘ll be in after I‘ve dealt with this, a'ight?‖

―On it.‖ Becker saluted casually.

They disrobed quickly as they waited for the hot water to show up. Abby leaned against the
counter, hunched over a little.

Becker looked at her with concern. ―Sorry you‘re not feeling well. Wish there was something
more I could do.‖

She smiled, grateful for the sympathy. ―Just being home is helping, Becks. Two days of minding
my brother kind of wore me down.‖

He smirked knowingly. ―I can see how that might happen. Well, I‘m glad you‘re home, too.‖ He
moved close, and stroked a gentle hand over her abdomen. ―And I‘ll do whatever I can to make
you feel better.‖

The water finally up to temperature, he took her hand and led her into the shower. The warm
cascade spilled over them, unknotting stiff muscles, and gentle steam filled her lungs. He
stroked a soapy sponge over her, washing away travel sweat, and she returned the favour,
getting the last traces of frog goo off of his skin, and kissing every spot as it became clean.

The contact felt very good, and did plenty to help improve her mood, but still, she missed the
other pair of hands she was used to. ―Has this been happening more?‖ She asked quietly as
Becker rinsed shampoo from his hair. ―The Philip thing?‖

Becker sighed and went quiet for a moment. ―Sort of, yeah. I think Philip‘s being overly
demanding, if you ask me, but then I don‘t really understand what it is he‘s having Connor work

―Me neither,‖ she muttered. ―He seems happy enough about it. I guess I shouldn‘t be upset. I
just still think that man‘s awful, that‘s all. I don‘t get what Connor sees in him.‖

―I think I might, but I—"

―Got started without me?‖ Connor finally sauntered in, ditching filthy clothes on the floor as he
made his way over.

―Just a bit.‖ Abby smiled, and welcomed him in. Concern moved to the back of her mind as his
presence took her attention.

They competed a little for space—the shower was only barely big enough to hold them all—but
the close quarters were actually a comfort for her, sandwiched as she was between the two
taller, warm bodies. She faced Becker as he stood against the back wall, and Connor slipped in
behind her, closest to the spray to get in a necessary wash.

As Connor soaped up, she laid her head on Becker‘s chest, comfortable in his steady embrace.
The thick patch of hair tickled her cheek, and she smiled, reaching up to gently tug and toy with
it in a way she knew he enjoyed.

The intimacy was definitely somewhat more than relaxing, especially for the other two. Connor,
as usual, was already half-aroused before he‘d even stepped in, and she could feel Becker‘s
growing firmness nudging against her. A small rush of her own passed through her at the
sensation, distracting her for a moment from the ache in the same vicinity.

Connor quickly finished rinsing away the day‘s mess, and then he reached for her, pushing
aside her hair and nuzzling against the back of her neck. ―Is this helping?‖ He murmured.

―Yes, definitely.‖ Her eyes fluttered closed.

He slid a hand over her flank, tracing down the hollow of her hipbone. ―Still cramping?‖

―A bit. It‘s fading.‖

―Well, let‘s see if we can make it go away entirely.‖ He moved his hand a little lower, stroking his
fingertips just above her hairline. He pressed gently, massaging in small, circular motions.
Becker, in his turn, moved his strong hands to her shoulders, kneading away the stress she
always held there.

She heaved a breath and let it out slowly, losing herself in the loving caresses.

The circles Connor was making with his hand gradually widened, and soon, he was also
massaging the top of her cleft with every stroke, now and again barely slipping a fingertip
between the folds. Each time he did this, she gasped, the little shocks of pleasure serving even
more than the massage to push away the pain.

―More?‖ He whispered as he kissed wetly at her ear. ―I can stop if you‘d rather.‖

She shook her head. ―No… Just… Keep doing that.‖

He readily obliged, pulling closer to her, nestling his now-stiff cock in the cradle of her backside.
Pushing his hand down further, he began stroking her in earnest, heedless of the thin trails of
blood that ran down his fingers to be rinsed away by the shower.

In just a few moments, she went from gently aroused to breathing heavily and making
unmistakable sounds of encouragement, which in turn inspired more attention. Inspired, she
slipped her hands around to squeeze and rub at Becker‘s arse, and dipped her head to suckle a
stiff nipple.

"Ah!" Becker hitched a breath and purred her name, bringing his hands between them to stroke
her breasts. His cock surged against her hip, and she twitched, pushing urgently against
Connor‘s hand.

Connor himself was now huffing hot breaths in her ear, shivering each time her noises echoed
off the tile. He quickened his pace, rubbing and stroking in furious little circles over her clit.

Finally, it was enough, and she cried out, bucking and nearly biting Becker‘s nipple in her
excitement. The rush made her light-headed and weak, and she was grateful for the steady
support of the other two as her head cleared.

―Pain gone?‖ Connor‘s voice was a little unsteady.

―Almost entirely. Thank you, love.‖ She wiped some water from her face and smiled sadly at
them. ―I don‘t know that I‘m up for anything more, though.‖

Connor shrugged. ―S‘OK. We can keep each other busy, hey, Becks?‖

―Of course,‖ Becker purred, taking Connor‘s chin in his hand and kissing him deeply. ―In fact,‖
he said teasingly, ―maybe we should show our darling Abby what we got up to while she was

―Ooo!‖ Connor giggled excitedly. ―Want that again, do you?‖

―I do.‖ Becker wriggled a little.

―Oh?‖ Abby raised an eyebrow and pulled away slightly. ―What did I miss?‖

―Well, perhaps we‘ll just demonstr—Aw, damn.‖ Connor fussed as the hot water began to fade

Becker sighed heavily. ―OK, no cold showers, now.‖ He reached over and turned off the tap.
―How about we take this into the bedroom, hm?‖

―Lead on, lads,‖ Abby said giddily, feeling better than she had in days.

Abby took a few extra moments in the bathroom to dry off and finish tidying herself up. By the
time she came back to the bedroom, the other two were already thoroughly entangled on the
bed. Connor, half-atop Becker, was currently biting his way down his lover‘s neck and rolling a
nipple between his fingertips. Becker had one hand clamped to the curve of Connor‘s arse, and
the other wound tightly in his scraggly, wet hair.

She paused in the doorway, happily taking in the sight.

Becker noticed her standing there. ―Joining us?‖ He smiled invitingly.

She quickly clambered into the bed, curling up on her side next to them. Though slightly weak
and tired, she was still aroused and being close to them as they pleased each other was making
her nerves hum. ―Don‘t let me interrupt, she murmured.

―A‘ight,‖ Connor said, taking just a moment to give her a quick kiss. Turning back to Becker, he
nuzzled his ear. ―So, how would you like this?‖

Becker‘s face was already a picture of desire. Dark, hazel eyes half-lidded, he purred thickly,
―Wanna ride you.‖

Connor barely contained an all-over shudder. ―Works for me,‖ he managed to whisper. Shifting
positions, he laid back, cock twitching in anticipation against his belly.

Abby swallowed hard, her head swimming a little. In idle moments, she‘d wondered if Becker
wanted this; now the answer was clear. She found herself picturing the other times the two must
have done this while she was away. The thought sent a new surge through her.

Becker leaned over to retrieve a small bottle from the bedside table, and then clambered atop
Connor, straddling his thighs. ―Nice and slippery,‖ he said, grinning. He dripped the silky liquid
onto Connor‘s cock and massaged it in with long, practised strokes. The attention made
Connor‘s hips jerk up involuntarily. ―Bloody tease,‖ he muttered.

―Eh. Teases don‘t follow through. I do.‖ Setting aside the bottle, he shifted position, moving up
Connor‘s body. Hovering over him for a moment, he leaned down for a deep kiss. ―Want this,‖
he said huskily, rubbing the cleft of his arse up and across Connor‘s cock.

―Take it,‖ Connor growled impatiently, grabbing Becker‘s hips to direct him.

Becker took the not-so-subtle hint. Groaning deep in his belly, he sank down, slowly pierced by
the hardness. After he‘d taken the whole length, he sat back, chest heaving as he adjusted to
the feeling.

―Fucking hell,‖ Connor breathed, tightening his grip. ―God, Becks. You look so good like that.‖

―Do I? That‘s nice to know,‖ Becker said with a teasing smirk. He leaned over. Steadying himself
with one hand on the bed, he brought the other, still slick with lube, up between them and curled
it around his own cock.

Abby found she‘d been barely breathing. She finally sucked in a gulp of air, and reached for
him. ―I can take care of that, if you like.‖

―Be my guest,‖ he smiled down at her, arching up a little to give her proper access. Braced
better on the bed now, he rocked forward, pulling nearly off of Connor‘s length. Then suddenly,
he rolled his hips and sank back down again, making a rough noise as he reached the root.

―Fuck!‖ Connor‘s eyes rolled back and he pushed up to meet the stroke. ―That‘s it. Ride me,

Again and again, Becker repeated the motion, slowly pulling back, then crashing down,
quickening the pace as he continued.

Abby, adjusting her position a little, rested her head on Connor‘s chest, and slipped a hand
down between her legs. Keeping her other hand tight and still—Becker seemed quite happy to
simply fuck it in his motion—she captured Connor‘s nearest nipple in her mouth and sucked

That was all it took. Digging his fingers into Becker‘s hips so deeply they left marks, Connor
bucked violently, crying out almost as if he was in pain. The sharp noises echoed in Abby‘s
head, and she rubbed herself furiously, squirming as a fresh wave crashed over her.

Becker, a little more steady than the others, kept his pace, trying to make it last, and to get
every bit of pleasure he could while Connor was still hard. But in just a few seconds, he could
stand it no longer. Gasping and barking colourful curses, he peaked, his cock spurting over
Abby‘s hand and Connor‘s belly. As his wave ebbed, he went limp, draping across Connor‘s
body and enfolding him, covering his face and the top of his head with tender kisses.

All too soon, the echoes of their tryst faded, and they came to their senses. After a bit of tidying,
they curled back together again under the sheets, limbs relaxing as sleep crept up on them.
Becker, clearly exhausted by the intensity of his experience, dropped off almost immediately,
face buried in Abby's neck.

Connor‘s eyelids were heavy, but he still caressed her, fighting sleep to get more time with her.
―So, did you enjoy the show?‖ He murmured tiredly.

―Um? That would be a yes. Seeing him like that? Amazing.‖ Abby chuckled under her breath.
―But there is one thing,‖ she whispered, smiling naughtily.

―Oh? And what‘s that?‖

―We need to break him soon.‖


Penis Envy (Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None, though the activity is a little unusual

Abby’s out for a morning run before work, and our randy boys are entertaining each other.
Becker, however, finds himself envying Connor’s natural anatomy. Connor finds a way to help
him experience the feeling anyway…


―Oh god! Oh god! Oh—" Connor‘s delirious babble cut off in a loud, high-pitched cry. His fingers
twisted in Becker‘s hair, and his hips jerked up sharply of their own accord. His cock swelled
and surged and then, finally, he shot a flood of hot, thick come down Becker‘s throat.

Becker purred happily, sucking hard and swirling his tongue under Connor‘s foreskin to get
every drop. Finally, he let go of his prize with a wet pop, and moved back up the bed, gently
stroking Connor‘s flat belly and leaning over for a deep, messy kiss. ―You make the most
amazing noises, you know that?‖ He murmured into Connor‘s mouth.

―You‘re not half bad yourself, love.‖ Connor giggled breathlessly. ―And if you give me a tick, I‘ll
see which ones I can get out of you.‖ He reached down to give a weak, but much-appreciated
stroke to Becker‘s twitching cock.

―Take your time. I can wait,‖ Becker said softly. He was still only just waking up, and his body
was warm and relaxed—a rather different state from Connor‘s usual demanding morning
erections. ―If you‘re spent, I could just wait for Abby to get back from her run and see if she‘s up
for something.‖

Connor shrugged, smiling drunkenly. ―Oh, you know me. I‘ll be ready for another go in no time.‖

―True,‖ Becker said, ruffling his boyfriend‘s hair, which in its post-sleep condition was even
messier than usual. For a few minutes, they just lay on their sides, kissing and cuddling quietly,
and Becker watched Connor‘s body return to baseline, gently stroking fingertips along the length
of his cock as it shrank, knowing it would be back upright again before long. In truth, he sort of
envied Connor‘s hair trigger, and ability to come back so quickly. His own effortless endurance,
while appreciated by both of his lovers, made him wonder sometimes if there was something he
was missing.

But actually, there was, he realised. As the softening head of Connor‘s cock disappeared back
inside its thin cloak of skin, Becker wondered what that must feel like. He was certainly familiar

with that natural state from outside contact with others—and not just Connor—but having been
subject to his family‘s tradition, he didn‘t exactly know from personal experience.

―Something wrong?‖ Connor noticed his stare.

Becker shook his head. ―Nope. Just…" he waved a hand aimlessly, not sure what to say.
Finally, he chuckled a little. ―I just like your cock, that‘s all.‖

―Ah, thanks?‖ Connor flushed and laughed. ―I like yours, too.‖ He reached out for another firm
stroke of the organ in question.

Becker squirmed happily under the touch. ―Well, I‘m glad.‖ He kissed Connor‘s collarbone. ―You
don‘t find it odd though, do you?‖

Connor tilted his head. ―Odd? Why would I?‖

―Well, because it‘s different.‖

―Oh! That.‖ Connor ran his fingertips over the exposed head, eliciting another delighted wriggle.
―No. Though it‘s not like I‘ve had much experience with anyone‘s but mine, really.‖

―Yeah, I know.‖

―Have other people had a problem with it?‖ Connor looked concerned.

―Yes and no.‖ Becker shrugged. ―Some of the people I‘ve been with found it a bit curious. And
some of the lads at school took the piss, but none of the ones I was involved with, at least.
Mostly just got asked if I was Jewish. I think there were…‖ he trailed off, thinking, ―…maybe a
half dozen of us at my school? That I knew of. Didn‘t see everyone in the showers, of course.
Two were Jewish, one had medical reasons and then there were the three of us others, and we
all had the same story.‖

―Which was?‖

Becker shrugged. ―A tradition thing. We were all from sort of posh families which apparently had
got the idea at some point that leaving things alone was for commoners or something. Not sure,
really. Never asked my parents about it. Not exactly a subject we‘d have talked about.‖

―Ah, I see.‖ Connor gazed down, stroking as he hummed thoughtfully. ―Does it bother you? I
certainly like it regardless, but…‖

Becker‘s concentration began to fade a little under the attention. ―Not usually. I mean, it works
perfectly fine after all, and I‘ve not had any size complaints.‖ He winked.

―Uh, no, I imagine not!‖ Connor chuckled, wrapping his slender fingers around the thick shaft.

―But yeah, I do kind of wonder sometimes what I‘m missing. I can guess, but I don‘t really

―Hm…‖ Connor pursed his lips, thinking. ―Well, it‘s sort of like being inside someone, but not
quite. It‘s closer, and the skin itself is sensitive, too, of course. And when everything is all nice
and wet and the friction gets going… well…‖ he shivered a little with recent memory.

Becker shivered, too, imagining the sensation. ―Yeah, that‘s what I figured.‖ He sighed in

―Wish you could feel it, really,‖ Connor said sympathetically.

―Yeah, me too.‖

―Although…‖ Connor‘s face erupted into the giddy expression he got when he had a clever idea.
―So, this isn‘t exactly the same thing, but maybe it‘ll feel sort of similar?‖

Becker frowned in confusion. ―What?‖

―Me,‖ Connor said proudly. ―You can borrow mine.‖

―Come again?‖

―I hope to. But that‘s beside the point.‖ Connor giggled like a naughty schoolboy. ―C‘mere.‖
Taking Becker‘s arm, he pulled him close, and shifted his hips, getting close enough for their
cocks to touch. Connor‘s was still quite soft, though it surged a little with a new rush of

―Now, I‘ll just…‖ Reaching down to his own cock, Connor gently rolled back the skin. Then he
took Becker‘s cock in his other hand, and brought them together, head to head.

With a rush of desire and delight, Becker understood what Connor was doing. As Connor
stretched the thin, flexible skin over both of them, Becker gasped sharply, fighting the urge to
buck at the sensation. ―That‘s… Oh, wow,‖ he breathed.

―Like that?‖ Connor shuddered involuntarily, still oversensitive in his current state, but obviously
liking the results of his experiment.

―Hell, yes.‖ Becker sighed happily as Connor began rubbing his still-wet foreskin back and forth
across Becker‘s swollen head, the light, pliable flesh clinging and dragging in a strange but
amazing way. The all-over slick friction was intense, making it feel as though every nerve in his
body was concentrated in just that one, small area.

He knew that the real thing was still somewhat different, and that of course a lifetime of being
exposed had probably dropped his sensitivity somewhat, but the feeling still rocked Becker with
fast, fluttery thrills. As the rapid flick of Connor‘s wrist quickly began to build him up, he leaned
in, seeking frantic, hungry kisses. Still reining in his hips, not wanting to dislodge things or hurt
Connor, he nonetheless couldn‘t help pushing a bit as the tension grew, his mind reeling at the
concept of fucking Connor‘s soft, slippery cock.

Connor himself was soon breathing fast again, sucking hard on Becker‘s lips and tongue in his
growing excitement. Things started getting a little crowded as his fresh erection grew, nudging
back against Becker‘s shallow thrusts. The growing tightness of the stretched skin added to the
friction, and then suddenly, almost without warning, the wave hit.

Concentrated in the now-hypersensitive head and radiating through Becker‘s whole body, the
light, fast reverb seemed to echo in his bones. Trembling with the effort, he gasped deliriously,
shocked at how good his rush of hot wetness felt closed up so tightly around him in that warm,
silky glove.

By the time the last surges had faded, Connor was fully hard again, and the pressure forced
them to break free. Connor didn‘t seem to mind, however, laying back and murmuring happily
as he stroked Becker‘s come over his now-heavy cock.

Becker nestled into the pillows, heaving deep breaths to steady himself as he came down, and
marvelling at his luck in finding such a creative lover.

Two of them, in fact.

―Well, now that’s certainly interesting.‖ An amused giggle echoed from the doorway.

They looked up. Abby stood there, sweaty and flushed from far more than her run.

Connor chuckled, and his cheeks went pink. ―Oh. Hi?‖

―Hi yourself,‖ she said slyly, flopping down on the bed and wriggling in between them. ―What on
Earth did I miss here? And should I complain that you didn‘t wait for me?‖

―Ah, sorry, love.‖ Becker kissed the top of her warm, damp head.

―S‘OK. I‘m sure you‘ll make it up to me someday.‖

―Uh, someday could be now if you like.‖ Connor waggled his eyebrows suggestively and
naughtily aimed his cock at her.

―Oh, really?‖ She teased, reaching over to tweak a nipple. "You saying I should get naked?"

―Ah!" He twitched, and returned the favour, much to her obvious delight. "Yes, really. And yes,
you should get naked.‖ Taking her arms, he deftly flipped her, getting between her legs and
nudging his cock against her crotch. ―I‘m definitely ready for another go.‖

Becker smiled, laying back and watching in amusement as his lovers teased each other. Then
he realised, with a sudden jolt of happy surprise: A few more minutes of this, and he‘d be ready
for another go, too.


With This Ring (Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Connor, with A/B/C references

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 4x06: The team—minus Becker, who’s trying to track Ethan—is called out to an
anomaly at a posh estate where a wedding’s being held. To their great shock, the bride is one of
their own: Jenny, now trying to forget her old life by marrying someone entirely unaware of her
past experiences with the ARC and its chaos.

Connor’s enchanted by the wedding preparation, and in a moment of excitement, blurts out to
Abby that they should get married at the location. Abby freaks out at the idea, much to Connor’s
chagrin, and they go their separate ways for the evening—Abby hanging out with Jenny and
Emily in Jenny’s room, and Connor trapped in a basement with some nasty little Hyenadon


Frustrated, Connor slid to the floor, back braced against the door, and thumped his signalless
phone against his forehead.

―How do I get into these situations?‖ He muttered.

The only answer was some squeaky snoring from the passed-out puppies, and a low growl from
their mother, still pacing on the other side of the door.

As he poked around on his phone, trying to find a way to amuse himself while he waited for a
chance to flee, he wondered what Abby was doing right now. Sleeping, probably. Or maybe still
up, draining a bottle of champagne with Jenny while they caught up on the last couple of years‘
worth of personal news. He wondered how much Abby would tell her about them. He wondered
if she‘d talk about Becker.

Thumbing through his phone, he brought up his list of texts. The last one he‘d got was a few
hours ago:

On a stakeout at Ethan’s. Will be incommunicado. Enjoy the wedding. Wish I could be there. Bet
you’d look smashing in a suit.

It was just like him to want to be at a wedding, Connor thought, laughing quietly as he reread
the message. All that formality and ritual—Becker would probably feel right at home. Then
Connor sighed heavily, remembering Abby‘s panicked reaction to his mention of a possible
wedding of their own. After all this time together, now, he‘d thought such a thing would be a

done deal. But maybe not. Maybe she was still shy of that kind of commitment. Maybe she‘d
rather elope. Or maybe she‘d rather marry Becker instead…

He tried, for a moment, to imagine around how something like that would work. The mental
image of the two of them at the altar—her in some sort of strange, non-traditional dress, Becker
perhaps in formal military kit—seemed at the same time both charming and absurd. No, that
couldn‘t be what she wanted. At least not if Connor himself were still in the picture—which he
hoped he would be.

So maybe she just didn‘t want that at all. She wasn‘t exactly the sort to want to be some sort of
princess bride, all decked out in frills and the centre of attention, so maybe she didn‘t want the
rest of the package, either.

But he did.

How Becker would fit into it, he didn‘t know, and he was far too tired by the day‘s adventure to
contemplate it too much. But at the very least, he knew very well that someday, he wanted to
sign that piece of paper, next to her name, and make it clear to the government, if not the rest of
the world, that they were officially, legally together.

He reached up to his chest, and fondled the ring that dangled there. Elizabeth Ann Temple. Wife
of Harry, mother of Franklin. The formidable woman who, for most of his childhood, was his

After his granddad died, she‘d moved in with them, when Connor was just a baby. With both his
parents working, struggling with low-paying jobs, she was the one he spent the most time with in
his youngest years. She was the one who taught him math and science. She was the one who
made it clear that there was more to his future than the life of manual labour or crime that lay
ahead for so many others at his school. She was the one who stood up for him every time his
dad flew into a rage.

She had once shown him some photos of her as a young woman. A rebel for her time, she
insisted on wearing trousers when she could, and spent nearly every weekend fishing with her
brothers in the river that ran near their small farm. She played football. She joined a caving club.
She got suspended from school for throwing a chair at a boy who tried to violate her.

She had tried to instil a sense of respect and pride in her own son, and was largely successful.
But the ravages of economic hardship and the influence of the rough crowd he called friends
shaped him otherwise. The best she could do—and she did it without fail—was to step in when
his brooding anger threatened to spill over onto his child.

Connor was 12 when she died, but before she did, she gave him this ring. Someday, she told
him, he would meet a lovely girl, and she would treat him with every bit of love, understanding
and respect he deserved.

The day he met Abby, something snapped in him. Though it seemed slightly odd—he‘d certainly
never thought of his grandmother in exactly the same ways—there was a familiarity to her that

felt like home to him. She could protect him, this feisty, tough creature, and from that day on, all
he wanted was for her to do so.

Abby Temple. He turned the name over in his mind, chuckling a little to himself about his old
password. In truth, if she ever did marry him, he‘d far more likely end up as Connor Maitland.

And he had no problem with that whatsoever.


Something Borrowed (Abby/Becker)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker, with Abby/Connor and A/B/C references, and a tiny Abby/Jenny

Other Characters: Jenny, with Emily and Jess references

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 4x06 continued: While Connor’s on pup-sitting duty, Abby’s got herself quite pissed,
and passed out next to Jenny and Emily.

Meanwhile, Becker’s stakeout has become far more complicated. With Jess along for the ride—
much to his annoyance—he discovers that there’s a bomb at Ethan’s location. The two work
together to defuse it, earning Jess quite a bit of respect from him.

The morning finds our trio somewhat worse for the wear—and for being split up, all three of
them in different locations. And Abby’s quite hungover...


The text-alert chirp from her phone woke Abby at an uncomfortably early hour.

For a moment, she was disorientated, trying to remember exactly where she was. The soft arm
draped over her felt familiar, but not right, somehow, and the light snoring near her ear was a
much higher pitch than she was used to.

Finally, it all snapped into place—along with the sharp edge of a cracking champagne hangover.

―Jen?‖ She whispered thickly, nudging the arm off of her so she could reach her phone.

The figure next to her heaved a great sigh and rolled over. Then, still snoring softly, Jenny
draped her arm over the body on the other side.

Rubbing her eyes to get them to focus, Abby stared at the small, colourful screen until it became

Up all night. Didn’t catch Ethan. Nearly got blown up. Hurrah. Going home to sleep it off. Call if
you wake up in the next hour.

―Blown up?‖ She muttered to herself, and sat bolt upright. Clambering out of bed, she quickly
made her way to the bathroom as she pressed the speed dial.

―Hey, love.‖ The warm, husky voice immediately soothed her nerves.

―Hey, yourself. What the hell happened?‖ She hissed quietly, closing the door behind her and
sitting on the edge of the tub.

―Long story short: Ethan is apparently decent at making bombs, and Jess is apparently decent
at defusing them.‖ He chuckled wryly.

―Jess? How did she get involved?‖

―That‘s an even longer story. I‘ll explain more later when I don‘t feel like I‘m going to pass out.
How was your night? You and Connor miss me?‖

―That‘s a long story, too.‖ She sighed softly.

―I‘ll listen to it. I‘m still driving home and your voice is keeping me awake. But why are you
whispering? Is he still asleep?‖

―Actually,‖ she said, biting her lip, ―I really don‘t know. He‘s not with me right now.‖

―What?‖ A note of alarm tinged his voice. ―Tell me there‘s a good explanation for that.‖

She sighed, rubbing a hand through her messy hair. She craved a shower. And several nurofen.
And an enormous latte. ―That‘s the long story part. He and I had a little row last night. I ended
up staying in Jen‘s room with her and Emily and the three of us drank ourselves stupid.‖

―Oh, no. What happened?‖

―It was nothing, really.‖ She shrugged. ―He just… said something about getting married and I
kind of freaked out.‖

―Why would that freak you out? Haven‘t you thought about marrying him someday?‖

―I—" she broke off, suddenly confused. ―Yeah, I guess. But… Well, things are more complicated
than that, Becks. It‘s not like we could all get married or anything.‖

―No, we couldn‘t. But you two could. And wouldn‘t it make sense to at least have that?‖

―Maybe.‖ She stood up, pacing a little. ―But really, why wouldn‘t I marry you instead? Hell, for
that matter, why wouldn‘t you two do it? Y‘know, civil and all that.‖

―Abby, do I really need to answer that question?‖

―Well, since I asked it, apparently so,‖ she deadpanned.

―Abby…‖ He sighed heavily. She knew that about now he‘d be rubbing his chin thoughtfully. And

it was that sort of familiar knowledge that had led to the question. ―Look, even aside from the
discretion issues, there's something bigger. Thing is, Connor told me once that if he ever had to
make a choice between us, he‘d choose you. And I agreed with him. Not that I don‘t love you
both, but let‘s face it: I‘m a newcomer, here. It‘s always been about the two of you. I‘m just the

―Becker!‖ She scolded him. ―You‘re a lot more than that and you know it.‖

―OK, probably. But if you had to make the choice, tell me you wouldn‘t choose him.‖

She went quiet, and stared at the back of the door, upon which hung a lush, white, satin slip—
part of Jenny‘s wedding clothes. When she was a small girl, Abby had dreamed of wearing such
finery. Then she got older and stopped thinking about marrying boys and instead thought about
beating them up. And then it all got even more complicated. The kind of wedding Jenny was
about to have was something Abby hadn‘t seriously considered in years. She‘d always assumed
any enjoyment of such an event wasn‘t really hers to keep, just something borrowed from
someone else.

―I thought so,‖ he said to her silence.

―I‘m sorry,‖ she said softly.

―Don‘t be. I understand it,‖ he said sincerely. ―I hope to god we never have to make a choice like
that, but we all know that‘s what makes sense, yeah?‖

―Yeah,‖ she murmured.

―So don‘t blame him, Abby. He wasn‘t telling you he wants some perfect suburban nuclear
family with you chained to the kitchen. He just wants to make more of a commitment someday,
that‘s all. And there‘s nothing wrong with that.‖

―No, I guess not.‖

―Right then. So why don‘t you go find him and make it up to him, hey?‖

―A‘ight,‖ she agreed.

―Oh, and tell him I‘ll call him later and explain about the bomb thing.‖

―Hey, now!‖ She protested. ―You need to explain it to me, first!‖

―In due time, love.‖ He chuckled. ―I‘m home now, though, and I‘m utterly knackered. Enjoy the
wedding. And give Jenny a kiss for me.‖

―Already did,‖ Abby teased.

―Wait, what?‖

She laughed. ―That‘s also a long story.‖

―Oh? Do I have a reason to be jealous or something?‖

She squirmed and giggled. ―Not really, no. But I did get very drunk last night and I honestly
couldn‘t tell you exactly what happened. I did wake up next to Jen, though.‖

He whimpered softly. ―Oh, fucking hell. Now I‘m going to be thinking about that instead of
sleeping, you know.‖

―You like that idea, hm?‖

―Hey, I‘m a red-blooded bloke. Of course I do. Don‘t tell me nothing happened, because it‘ll
totally blow the mental image I‘m building.‖

―Well, I won‘t tell you that, then," she chirped merrily. "But I will tell you that she and I have a
little history. And that‘s all you‘re going to get from me for now.‖

―Bloody tease,‖ he grumbled.

―I know. But you need to sleep. Go have a nice wank and pass out, hey?‖

He sighed exaggeratedly. ―Oh, if I must. Give Connor my love.‖

―You must. And I will. Give your hand my love.‖


―Of course. Night!‖

―Night. Fiend.‖ He hung up, muttering to himself.

She closed down her phone and smirked at herself in the mirror, incredulous. Shaking her head,
she wondered how she ever got into a situation that required conversations like this.

A soft knock on the door caught her attention. ―Abs? You in there? Mind if I come in? That
champagne has completely worked its way through me.‖

―Yeah, just coming back out myself. All yours.‖ Abby opened the door. Jenny looked somewhat
hungover, but still as happy as a bride should be on her wedding day.

―Thanks!‖ Jenny said brightly, leaning over to drop a kiss on Abby‘s cheek as she passed.

Abby chuckled under her breath. ―Poor Becks.‖

Jenny turned back, frowning. ―What?‖

―Nothing, Jen.‖ Abby shook her head. ―Hey, I‘m going to get dressed and go track down Connor.
Can I bring you back anything?‖

Jenny called back over her shoulder as she headed for the toilet. ―The largest bottle of aspirin
you can find?‖

―On it!‖ Abby giggled and shut the door. Switching on her phone again, she pushed the other
speed dial and had to smile to herself: Connor was on number one.


The Best Man (Abby/Connor)
POV: Connor, Abby

Pairing: Abby/Connor, with A/B/C references

Other Characters: Jenny

Potential Squicks: Mild reference to future kinky plans

―I guess that‘s it, then,‖ Abby said as they wandered back toward the anomaly site. While they‘d
been working on cleanup from the rest of the chaos, it had closed and they‘d gone back
downstairs to retrieve the locking mechanism.

―Looks like it, yeah.‖ Connor powered down the device and began packing it away.

Abby scanned the room one last time, ensuring that they‘d not forgot anything.

As she did so, Connor watched her closely. For the first time that morning, he finally had a
chance to really take in how beautiful she looked in that dress, even if she was a little

―Abby,‖ he began hesitantly, ―about what I said last night, I‘m—―

She turned and stopped him, smiling. ―It‘s OK Connor. I‘m sorry for overreacting. I just didn‘t—―

―Connor?‖ Jenny‘s voice wafted through the shreds of plastic hanging around them.

He turned, slightly frustrated at the interruption. ―Yo!‖

―Hey!‖ Jenny emerged, cheeks a little flushed. ―So, things all settled here, then?‖

Abby nodded. ―Yep!‖

―So we could… get on with the wedding, maybe?‖

Connor raised an eyebrow. ―Really? Are you sure we‘ve not scared off everyone?‖

Jenny laughed. ―Not everyone. I… I told Michael. And—would you believe it?—he‘s fine with it.‖

―Sounds like a keeper!‖ Abby laughed.

―Apparently so!‖ Jenny grinned, flushing a little. ―Between the two of us, we managed to
convince at least some of our guests that the creatures were just rare Siberian wolves escaped
from a private zoo nearby. And they‘re game for sticking around to see us off.‖

―That‘s great!‖ Connor cheered.

―We could use some help from you, though.‖

―From me? How?‖ Connor frowned.

―Well, our registrar is currently sedated, so we‘re having to improvise. I‘ve called Lester, and
he‘s agreed to do the ceremony.‖

―Lester?‖ Abby burst out in giggles. ―He‘s coming here?‖

Jenny shook her head. ―Nope. He‘s still stuck back at the ARC. But he said your new team
coordinator—Jess, is it?—could set up a video link for us if we have a laptop handy. Figured
you‘d be able to work that out, hey Connor?‖

Connor nodded. ―Absolutely. I‘ve got mine in the car. Take me two shakes.‖ He turned to head

―Connor, wait.‖ Abby grabbed his arm.


She grinned at Jenny, and then gave him a once-over. ―Might want to clean up a bit first.‖


She hovered near the back of the room, clicking away with Connor‘s camera, in place of Jenny‘s
photographer, who had broken his arm in the mad scramble. Not that anyone there would ever
forget this particular wedding, but photos, she figured, were always nice anyway.

She had to stop herself from taking too many pictures of Connor, however. Having nicked some
gear from one of Michael‘s bandmates, he was now decked out in a way that echoed how he
looked when they‘d first met: waistcoat, natty little hat and all. It was lovely and nostalgic, and
yet also quite different. It had been only a few years, and yet he‘d changed so much in that time.
No longer looking like a kid playing dressup, he instead looked somewhat dignified, if eccentric.
For a moment, she imagined how he might look in a proper wedding suit.

After the kiss, he wandered back over to her while the new couple was mobbed by friends and

―Seems odd to see her with someone else,‖ he said wistfully, closing up the laptop and setting it
aside. ―I wish she‘d been able…‖

Abby took his arm. ―I know. But she‘s happy. She has the best man for her now.‖ She looked up
at him, scanning his tired-but-content face. ―And so do I.‖

He flushed deeply, and leaned down, kissing her warmly. ―Actually,‖ he said, grinning, ―you have

―I do, don‘t I?‖ She giggled and squirmed. ―Oh! That reminds me.‖


―I talked to him this morning. All hell broke loose last night with his stakeout at Ethan‘s. Said he
and Jess had to defuse a bomb there.‖

The colour drained from his face. ―What? And what was Jess doing there?‖

―He didn‘t tell me the details—he was heading home at the time to sleep. Said he‘d explain later.
But I thought you should know.‖

―God.‖ He ran a hand over his scruffy chin. ―You know, it really freaks me out that this job is so
dangerous—especially for him.‖ He shivered.

―I know. But he‘s smart and tough. He manages to get out of the most terrible scrapes. Amazes
me, actually. Sometimes I think he must be unbreakable.‖

―True.‖ Connor nodded in agreement. Then a sly smile crept across his face. ―Of course, we
haven‘t yet tested that theory.‖

Her eyes went wide. ―You‘re right! We haven‘t.‖

He hummed for a moment, clearly considering something. Finally, he brightened. ―You know,
we already have brunch planned tomorrow. What if we planned something else instead?‖


He chuckled naughtily, and grabbed the laptop. ―I think I need to make a doctor appointment for
our Mr Becker.‖


Breaking Badass (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Heavy BDSM of many different kinds, non-sexual bodily fluids.

Abby and Connor are back from the wedding, and on their way, have made arrangements to
finally have at Becker as they’d been planning all week. Becker thinks he can handle anything
they’d cook up. He’d be wrong…


Unread Inbox: (2)

To: SoldierBoy

From: RedFive

Subject: Home soon!

Hey Becksylove. Wedding‘s over. Chaos. Destruction. Direwolves. Jenny being awesome. Long
story. Making a stop, but WBH in ~2 hrs <3x10000 –C

To: Capt. H. Becker

From: ARC Medical Staff

Subject: Your evaluations have been scheduled

Dear ARC employee,

You have been scheduled for a medical evaluation appointment Sunday at 0900. Please arrive
15 minutes early, and come prepared for a full-body examination.

Location: Prospero Industries West Campus, Building 12, Room B402

Becker rubbed his bleary eyes and squinted at his mobile. He‘d spent the whole day sleeping off
last night‘s bomb adventures, and wondered if maybe he wasn‘t awake enough yet to read that
right. A second look, however, confirmed it. But a medical exam? He‘d just had one two months

ago, and he‘d been treated recently for his now-healed bite injury as well. And on a Sunday?
Not at the infirmary?

He was confused. Still, the strangeness of how Burton ran the ARC was ongoing. Just another
bit of weird protocol to endure. The only problem was he'd hoped to spend that day with Abby
and Connor.

―So much for that,‖ he muttered to himself. Yawning, he smiled. At least they‘d be home soon.


―Genius. I think we‘ll keep you.‖ Connor happily rubbed a belly full of spicy paella.

―That‘s an encouraging thought.‖ Becker grinned and downed the last of his glass of wine.
Whatever disagreement they‘d had on the mission seemed to have evaporated in the chaos of
the creature incursion; Abby and Connor were quite tight, constantly giggling and flirting with
each other over their meal. The sight made him warm with contentment.

―I‘m absolutely knackered, though. Not like the puppies let me sleep much.‖ Connor punctuated
his words with face-splitting yawn.

Abby caught the contagion and yawned herself, squirming in a most delightful way as she did
so. ―I‘m done for, too, I‘m afraid. Still a little hungover.‖ She looked at Becker sadly. ―You slept
all day though, hey? Probably not ready to come to bed, yet?‖

He sighed. ―Nope. And I wouldn‘t want to keep you two awake. I‘ll just read out here for a while
until I‘m ready?‖

―Fine by me.‖ Abby got up to take the dishes into the kitchen, giving him a spicy, wine-flavoured
kiss on her way. ―Night, love.‖

―Mmm,‖ he purred happily. ―Night.‖

Connor stood up and stretched, coming around for his own goodnight kiss.

―Oh, before I forget.‖ Becker stopped him. ―I meant to mention: I‘m not going to be around for
brunch tomorrow after all. I got scheduled for this strange medical test thing.‖

―Did you, now?‖ Connor smirked.

―Yeah… wait.‖ He raised a curious eyebrow. ―Do you know something about this?‖

Connor smiled lazily. ―I have no idea what you‘re talking about, babe.‖ After pressing a loose
kiss on his confused partner, he sauntered into the kitchen after Abby.

The naughty giggles Becker heard from the room made his heart skip.

After they‘d gone to bed, he fidgeted restlessly on the sofa, unable to concentrate on reading.
He wondered what they knew about his appointment. And what it was really about. And what
might actually happen there. Shivering a little, he stuffed a hand down his trousers.


They were gone when he got up the next morning. A note on the fridge in Connor‘s scrawl said,
―Out getting into trouble. See you later. xx‖

―Trouble, hey?‖ He shook his head in amusement. ―I‘ll bet.‖

The building was indeed part of one of Prospero‘s satellite campuses, but it looked as if it hadn‘t
been occupied for some time. Remembering what he‘d read about the company, he assumed it
was part of a shuttered biological research facility. The building in question was likely one
abandoned when another company patented a medical device similar to the one they‘d been
developing there.

The door to the building was unlocked, however, and the lights in the lobby were on when he
came in. He looked around, trying to get his bearings and figure out where to go next.

―Good morning, Captain Becker.‖

The familiar voice made him turn. Standing at the end of the corridor was Abby, decked out in a
stereotypical sexy nurse‘s uniform, with a bra-baring gap in the front and a skirt that only barely
covered her pert rump. Her hair was done up under a small hat, and she wore bright-red, sky-
high heels.

―Good morning,‖ he said, nodding in appreciation at the sight.

―I trust you‘ve come properly prepared?‖ She asked sweetly.

―I have indeed. Freshly showered and all.‖ He nodded, flushing just a little.

―Well, then, the doctor will see you now,‖ she said slyly. ―Follow me.‖

―My pleasure,‖ he murmured, as he watched her walk down the corridor, her perfect arse
twitching in the tiny skirt.

To his uncomfortable surprise, the basement room she led him to was actually an old morgue.
Abandoned, obviously, and a little dusty from years of disuse, it nonetheless had a full
complement of equipment, including the centrepiece: a large autopsy table with a sprayer
attachment and a drain. The entire effect was slightly creepy; he began to wonder if his
suspicions of Connor‘s mad-scientist leanings were true.

―Please, sir, if you‘ll disrobe and have a seat on the table, we‘ll get started momentarily.‖ Abby
sounded positively giddy.

As soon as he was naked and splayed out, she bound him: Nylon straps at his wrists secured
him to the table, and another set wrapped around his ankles and thighs, pulling his knees up
and apart. Despite the bizarre setting and cold steel underneath him, he quickly found himself
getting aroused, anticipating what they might do to him in such a position.

―There, now.‖ She patted his chest, and then called over her shoulder. ―Doctor Temple? Your
patient is ready.‖

Becker had to turn awkwardly to see him, but what he saw made him giggle. Connor was in
scrubs and an oversized lab coat, and he wore a pair of bright purple exam gloves.

―What‘s so funny, Captain?‖ Connor was obviously trying his best to sound serious.

―Nothing,‖ Becker giggled again.

―Indeed.‖ Connor raised an eyebrow. ―Well, I think you‘ll find that things aren‘t so humorous here
in just a few moments. Nurse Maitland?‖ He turned to Abby.

―Yes, Doctor?‖

―Bring me the box.‖

She turned to a side table, and produced what looked like a large toolbox.

―So, Captain, the reason you‘ve been asked here today is to be tested on your endurance.‖ As
Connor spoke, he opened the tool box, and began drawing out several strange-looking
instruments, lining them up on a tray nearby. ―There will be four different tests. At any point in
each test, you may ask us to stop, and we‘ll do so, but be warned that your final score on the
tests will be affected. Clear?‖

―Yes, Doctor. Perfectly clear.‖ He was a little curious and concerned at some of the items he
saw, but he still smiled in calm amusement.

―All right, then. Let‘s begin.‖ Connor smiled confidently. ―Your first test, Captain, is flexibility.‖

Becker eyed his bonds in confusion. How was he going to be tested on flexibility in this

Connor read his mind. ―Oh, not flexibility of your limbs, Captain.‖ Reaching over to the tray, he
produced four items: A set of nasty looking clamps, two small leather cuffs set with steel rings,
and something Becker didn‘t actually recognise at first.

―What… is that?‖ He gaped.

Abby burst out in a belly laugh. ―Oh, of course you wouldn‘t recognise it, silly boy. You‘ve never
had to deal with one of these. Although this one‘s a bit smaller than usual.‖ Taking the
instrument from Connor, she held it up to Becker‘s face. ―See, it opens up like this.‖

He was almost embarrassed by the noise he made.

In a few moments, the clamps were attached—tight and uncomfortable, but bearable—and the
two cuffs were wrapped around his cock and balls. That part actually felt rather good, he
thought to himself. The snug binding made the flesh swell a little, exciting his nerves.

But then Abby moved down between his legs. He was a little annoyed with himself for it, but a
small wave of shame washed over him. It was one thing to be naked and exposed in bed with
them, quite another to be spread out like this, being stared at like a lab animal.

Though she had generously coated the instrument with lube, it still felt strange as it entered his
body. Warm things—fingers, tongues, Connor‘s fantastic cock—felt nice going in there. This
cold, hard steel was uncomfortable and alien; he didn‘t like it. And then she began ratcheting it
open. He cursed himself for being so distracted by the odd sensation that he forgot to relax. The
first involuntary stretch of the tight ring of muscle hurt like hell, and he barked in pain.

―Oh!‖ Abby looked up at him in sympathy. Thankfully, she stopped, and let him catch a breath.
Finally, he relaxed a bit more, and she continued. The rush of cool air into his body felt
downright weird, and he squirmed, getting used to the feeling.

Finally, the device had been opened all the way. ―Nice and stretched, now?‖ She trilled at him,
slipping a couple of fingers inside and stroking along the exposed flesh.

He groaned an assent.

Connor, meanwhile, had retrieved a carabiner clip and what looked like a dog lead. The clip he
connected to the chain on the clamps and the ring set in the leather cuff around his cock. The
length was simply too short, and both cock and nipples were stretched to painful limits.

The dog lead he connected to the ring set in the cuff around Becker‘s balls.

―Shall we take our pet for a walk?‖ Connor giggled, and tugged.

Becker coughed out a sharp curse, thrashing a little as his body involuntarily tried to follow
where his balls were going. His squirming, of course, also made his other bindings dig in. He lay
back, mewling a little. There was nothing he could do but lie as still as possible, trying to bear
the discomfort as Connor dragged hard on the leash.

The pain was maddening, but still tolerable. He refused to say the safeword.

Finally, Connor decided he‘d had enough, and set about to removing the set of devices. ―Very
well done for your first test, Captain! You passed with flying colours. Now, on to the next!‖

―Time for a tea break, Doctor?‖ Abby chirped. ―Kettle‘s on.‖

―Excellent idea!‖

Becker was confused, but smiled anyway. A break would be nice, actually. Tea even nicer. He
glanced over to the counter where Abby was standing, pouring boiling hot water into cups.

She handed one to Connor, and kept the other for herself.

―None for me?‖ Becker pouted.

―Oh, we haven‘t forgotten you,‖ she said kindly. Pulling the soggy teabag out of her steaming
cup, she held it over his chest, where it began to drip extremely hot liquid. Connor did the same
on his side, concentrating on Becker‘s already-sore nipples.

As each little drop of fire hit his flesh, he groaned, squirming away from them as they fell. But
his tormenters were relentless, resoaking the bags and dripping over the rest of his body, from
his sensitive inner thighs to the naked head of his swollen cock.

Just when he thought he could take no more, they finally stopped.

―Had enough heat, Captain?‖ Connor asked calmly.

―Yesss…‖ Becker hissed, still feeling the sting of the last few burns.

―Then perhaps we should cool you down. Nurse?‖

―On it, Doctor!‖ Setting aside her cup, she brought out a small, insulated container.

―This should do the trick, I imagine!‖ Connor said brightly. Reaching into the container, he
brought out several cold packs and a container of ice cubes.

Becker groaned again.

The two smallest packs were set on his nipples, where their radiating cold quickly became
uncomfortable. Then a larger one was wrapped around his cock. Finally, Connor moved around
between his legs, and opened the container of ice cubes. ―Definitely need to cool you down
well,‖ he chuckled to himself. One by one, four ice cubes made their way inside Becker‘s body.

He couldn‘t tell whether the growing ache in his pelvis was from the ice or from the braking
effect it was having on his arousal. In either case, it was highly uncomfortable. He began to
breathe hard, wondering if they‘d considered the potential effects of frostbite on those sensitive

―Shall we see how long he can stand this?‖ Connor pulled a small electronic timer from the

―Indeed we shall.‖ Abby smiled. ―Say, five minutes for now?‖

―Excellent.‖ Connor clapped his hands merrily. ―So, Nurse Maitland. What do you think we
should do while we‘re waiting?‖

―Oh, I could think of a few things, Doctor.‖ She looked over her shoulder, her voice heavy and
teasing. Putting her hands on the edge of the table, she bent over, her face close to Becker‘s,
and wriggled her arse invitingly.

―Oh, Nurse. You always have the cleverest ideas.‖ Connor sauntered up behind her. Pushing
down the front of his scrubs, he drew out his cock, and rubbed it down her cleft.

She chittered in delight, and arched her back, a reaction that made Becker‘s cock, even with the
cold chasing the blood away, swell and throb. He groaned a little in frustration, and then bit his
lip hard as Connor entered her in one swift motion.

The seconds on the timer ticked away, not long in normal time, but under the circumstances,
seeming like an eternity. Though his body was trying to combat the cold—the packs were slowly
warming up, and thin streams of water trickled down his backside as the ice melted—he was
beginning to grow numb. Worse than the cold, however, was watching them. With Abby‘s
pleasure-twisted face so close to his, and Connor‘s sharp, giddy noises of excitement echoing in
the room, he felt he was going mad. By the time Connor‘s eyes were rolling back and Abby‘s
hand, jammed between her legs, had built to a furious speed, he began to wonder if he might
actually whisper the safeword. But then, with ragged, euphoric cries, they were done, and
shortly after, the timer beeped.

Connor, still shuddering out his last aftershocks, put his cock away, and strolled over to the
edge of the table. He took off the ice packs, much to Becker‘s relief, and massaged a little to get

the circulation back. A move that, of course, only made his frustration worse.

―Well, Captain, you‘ve proven yourself quite tough so far. I‘m impressed!‖ Connor grinned over
at him. ―I think it‘s time we move to the next phase, then. Nurse Maitland? The needles, please.‖

―Needles?‖ Becker murmured under his breath.

―Just a little acupuncture,‖ she said sweetly. ―Although these are a bit bigger than acupuncture
needles.‖ She opened a sterile package, which contained a dozen thin, sharp tips meant for

Becker found his stomach curdling a little. After everything else they‘d done to him so far, surely
a few small puncture wounds weren‘t a big deal. But it was where they planned to puncture that
worried him.

After the other treatments they‘d received, his nipples were a little sore and swollen, and very
sensitive. Just the way Connor pinched them to steady the flesh for the needle made him want
to squirm. And then there were the needles themselves. The first stab through his flesh smarted
like a wasp sting, as did the second, as the needle came out the other side. He grunted, huffing
a little with the pain. Then the other nipple got the same treatment. His eyes rolled, and he
twisted his fists in his bonds, trying to keep control of the pain until the initial wave had
subsided. But Connor wasn‘t done with him, yet. Moving down to the other end of the table, he
first stroked Becker‘s balls, the tender touch making the skin warm up and come alive. Then he
gathered up a bit of the loose flesh, and slipped a needle through it. Though nowhere near the
precious contents of the sack, the needle piercing the sensitive surface skin made him feel like
his balls were going to explode.

And then Connor moved to his cock.

―Fuck!‖ Becker shouted, trying to manage the little spots of throbbing pain erupting from the skin
that Connor was piercing. More than anything else he‘d experienced so far today, this bloody
hurt. But he wasn‘t going to say the safeword. They were just little holes in his flesh, he
reminded himself. Just tiny, superficial wounds that wouldn‘t even need a plaster. He calmed
down some, but still moaned pathetically.

―My goodness, that‘s a lot of noise, Captain!‖ Connor looked impressed. ―Nurse Maitland, I think
our patient needs something to occupy his mouth. Can you help?‖

―I can indeed, Doctor.‖ Murmuring happily, Abby climbed up on the table and knelt over him, her
knees on either side of his head. Now this, Becker thought, was anything but torture. Hovering
over him, her cunt was just inches from his face: dark pink, ripe and shiny-slick with her own
arousal and pearly trails of Connor‘s come. For a moment, he forgot about the stabbing pain
elsewhere in his body. As she eased down, he opened his mouth, extending his tongue to lap at
her dripping flesh. But then, with a flash of shock, he realised that wasn‘t all she was there for.

Suddenly, a pale yellow stream splashed over him, stinging his eyes and spilling into his open

―That‘s it, Captain! Doing well!‖ She said smugly, obviously enjoying the way he squirmed and
sputtered underneath her.

Though his logical mind couldn‘t explain why, somehow, the combination of her hot piss on his
face and the sting of the needles worked for him. With a sudden rush that took him quite by
surprise, he arched his back, growling between clenched teeth, and came hard, muscles
cramping just a little in his tight position.

In a moment, Connor removed the needles and Abby began clearing up the mess—running a
warm stream of water from the table‘s sprayer over him to wash away the various fluids that
covered his skin. The care was soothing, and Becker‘s head began to clear. He smiled up at
them, quite satisfied with himself in his warm, post-orgasm glow. ―See? You didn‘t break me.
Told you you wouldn‘t.‖

―Oh, that‘s so cute!‖ Abby smiled innocently, looking over at Connor. ―He thinks we‘re done with

Connor chuckled to himself, and wandered back over to the toolbox. ―Not quite, Captain.
There‘s still one more bit of endurance you need to face.‖

Becker frowned uncomfortably. ―And that would be?‖

Connor produced a small, black device with several dials. ―So, I recall you saying something
about Tasers at Sandhurst, yes?‖

Becker‘s eyes went wide. ―Uh. Yeah?‖

Connor pointed to the device. ―Well, this isn‘t quite as nasty as those, but I think you‘ll find it
carries quite a kick anyway.‖

As he spoke, Abby rummaged around in the box as well, coming up with several little
implements, each with a cord and plug that looked intended to be attached to the box.

―Let‘s start with this one.‖ Connor selected a small tool that looked like a miniature pizza cutter,
only with spikes round the wheeled part. Plugging its cord into the device, he switched it on, and
adjusted the dials to what looked like a low setting.

He started on Becker‘s arm. The first touch of the spiked wheel stung, both from its sharp tips
and from the electrical charge surging through them. Painful, but hardly worse than the needles
he‘d just endured.

Over and across Becker‘s body, Connor played the wheel, digging it in a little here and there,
and dialling up the intensity. Finally he drew it around and over Becker‘s cock, with the settings
about halfway up.

In his post-orgasmic sensitivity, a touch he might have tolerated when aroused smarted fiercely.
A low growl started in his chest as the torment continued, and soon, he was actively keening
with the pain.

Still, he didn‘t ask Connor to stop.

―Next toy, Doctor?‖ Abby asked, holding up a thick, metal cylinder.

―Yes! I think that one will work nicely.‖ Connor swapped out the wheel for the cylinder. This, to
Becker‘s great discomfort, was slid neatly into his already-sore hole. Then Connor turned the
device on.

Becker cried out at the rush of prickly pain. It was as if dozens of tiny, venomous insects had
been let loose inside him. He writhed and thrashed in his bonds, shaking his arse a little as if he
could get away from the probe.

Abby came round to the head of the table and took one of his trembling hands. ―You can take
this,‖ she said quietly, whispering soothingly into his ear. ―I know you can.‖

He squeezed her hand, taking some comfort in her tenderness. But the fire inside him still grew.
His breathing grew laboured, and his vision started going blurry.

Then, blessedly, Connor stopped, and withdrew the probe. ―Amazing.‖ He whistled low. ―You
really are remarkably resilient, Captain.‖

Becker managed a weak smile. He could sense it. He was close to winning this bet—close to
beating them, and taking whatever they could give him.

But then Connor produced the last implement. A little longer than the other probe, this one was
incredibly thin—less than the diameter of a straw—and bore several ripples along its length.
Connor took great care with it, giving it a good rubdown with antiseptic and a thin coating of
sterile lube before plugging it into the box.

With a sudden rush of nausea, Becker realised where the tool was going.

Steadying Becker‘s half-mast cock with one hand, Connor slipped the metal probe into the tiny
slit at its crown. Working very carefully, he slowly pushed the probe in, just until it hit a bit of

Becker‘s eyes were wild, and sweat dappled his body. Of all the things that had ever been done

to his body, this particular one was something he‘d never even imagined, let alone experienced.
The sensation made his cock feel like it had suddenly turned inside out. For a wild moment, he
thought of begging Connor not to turn the device on, but sheer, reckless bravery kept him mute.

As Connor turned the device‘s dials up, Becker began huffing, gasping heavy breaths, snorting
them out through flared nostrils. He gripped at Abby‘s hands, and accepted her soft kisses
across his fevered face.

He fought and writhed, grinding his teeth and trying with every ounce of his being to tolerate the
pain. They weren‘t going to make him say the safeword. They just weren‘t.

―Want me to stop?‖ Connor teased. ―I‘ll stop. You just have to say it. C‘mon. You know you want

―Nooo!‖ He moaned, miserable.

―Say it!‖ Abby commanded, a slight edge of concern in her voice.

―No. No. Nononono…‖ Becker moaned pathetically. Relentless, Connor kept turning up the
dials. Becker wildly fantasized about ripping off his own cock to get away from the pain. Finally,
it was so bad that he couldn‘t help himself, and a thin, hot stream of piss flowed out past the
probe and dripped onto his belly.

―Fuck!‖ He drew in a huge gulp of air, and let it out in a scream. ―HILARY!‖

The pain stopped. And the room echoed with the sound of his voice.

It was like being in a dream. Or on really good painkillers. He felt detached from his body,
somehow. He felt Connor carefully withdrawing the probe, but everything else was just a
spinning wheel of colours.

―OK, Becks?‖ Abby stroked sweat-matted hair from his forehead. Her face slowly came into

He nodded, words still not possible for the moment. And then, perhaps more humiliating than
anything else he‘d experienced, he began to sob.

Quickly, the two worked to unbind him and sop up the mess he‘d made. They stroked him down
with soft, damp cloths and massaged his cramped shoulder and thigh muscles. They petted and
kissed and loved him with gentle kindness, easing him back into the real world. When he was
finally steady, they got him to his feet, and helped him get dressed.

The ride home was quiet—Abby taking over driving his car, as he was in no condition to do so—

and he actually dozed off.

He was taciturn for a few hours when they got home, and he caught the other two exchanging
worried glances and whispers. Finally, as they all clambered into bed, Connor broached the
subject. ―Love, are you OK? Did we go too far?‖

Becker, drawing Abby close to him and reaching for Connor‘s hand, shook his head. ―No. Well,
yes, technically. But I‘ll live.‖ He smiled wryly.

Abby petted his face, deep concern in her eyes. ―It wasn‘t the pain, was it?‖ She said calmly.

He heaved a shuddering sigh. ―No.‖

―We broke you,‖ she said.

He nodded. ―I didn‘t… I didn‘t think you could. I didn‘t think anyone could.‖ He smiled lopsidedly.
―Frankly, I‘m impressed, actually. And, to be honest, damned glad you‘re on my side. I‘d hate to
be on the business end of what you‘d do to someone you didn‘t like.‖

Connor had to smile a little smugly. ―Oh, trust me. You really wouldn‘t want to know that. Really,
anyone who would hurt either of you two? Toast. Little piles of smouldering ash. Vaporised.
Boom.‖ He gestured and made a silly sound effect.

―So I gather.‖ Becker couldn't help laughing a little. He settled back into the pillows, enjoying the
warmth of Abby‘s soft body against him, and the gentle way Connor was stroking his fingers.
―It‘s strange. I think I was worried that I was going to end up looking weak somehow. That if you
broke me, it‘d mean I wasn‘t, y‘know, your favourite Mr Solider Boy Badass or something. That
you‘d lose respect for me.‖

―Hardly,‖ Connor snorted.

Becker smiled. ―Yeah, I know that, now. To be honest, I‘ve felt like I had to be strong for both of
you, and I felt like I couldn‘t really… oh, I dunno… let go or something. But I don‘t feel like that
anymore. I mean, yeah, I‘m still here to take care of you—always, if I have anything to say about
it—but I also…‖

―Realise we can take care of you, too.‖ Abby finished for him.

―Yeah.‖ He let out the breath he didn‘t realise he‘d been holding.

―Well, I‘m glad you know that, now.‖ Connor said kindly, looking into his eyes. ―And actually,‖ he
smiled down at Abby, who smiled back, ―if you‘re up for it, we could take care of you now.‖

He pondered for a moment. He was exhausted, sore and drained, but that did sound good. ―I‘d
like that.‖

As they moved down his body to kiss and suckle his sore places, he realised he was fully
relaxed. An echo of the release he felt when they‘d first come home, and had celebrated with a
frantic morning of mussing up hotel bedding, the way he felt now was even deeper, and more
solid. Yes, he had saved their necks a dozen times, in a dozen different ways, and would no
doubt be called on to do it again. But they had his back, too. It wasn‘t necessary anymore for
him to be strong all the time, in all ways, in all circumstances. It was a burden of responsibility
that was no longer solely his to bear. He felt free, for perhaps the first time in his life, and
strange though it was, it had taken being hurt by people who loved him to for that to happen.

Apparently, he thought with a blissed-out smile, in order to fix something, sometimes you need
to break it, first.


Tailspin (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: none

Potential Squicks: Sloppy seconds

Different duties are starting to pull our trio apart. Connor’s starting to get more invested in
Philip’s projects and Becker’s set on finding Ethan, leaving Abby to manage anomaly calls with

A few days of this has meant not nearly enough time together, and Becker’s finding himself a bit


Becker‘s dream was fantastic, even if the details were a bit fuzzy. All that came to mind was
softness in some places, hardness in others, and a heck of a lot of sweat and groans and very,
very nice…

The rising sun finally hit his face, triggering his automatic waking response. He was used to
being the first one up, so the fact that there was only one body sharing the bed with him instead
of two was a little surprising.

Not that it was a bad thing. Abby was curled up against him, back against his chest and her
narrow hips nested neatly into him. His dream-inspired erection pressed against the cleft of her
arse, and the sensation sent a fresh surge through him.

But he was far too kind to wake her. She‘d spent half of yesterday trying to get a mother
Sarkastodon and her cubs back through an anomaly, and had been so tired she fell asleep in
the car on the way home. And with Connor gone as well…Willing his cock to go back down,
Becker carefully got out of bed, tugged on a pair of boxers and wandered into the kitchen.

There, sitting at the table, calmly sipping a cup of tea, and rifling through messages on his
phone, was Connor. Showered and dressed already, he looked up, and flashed a big smile.
―Morning, Becks!‖

Becker raised an eyebrow, and padded over. ―Morning yourself.‖ He dropped a kiss on Connor‘s
cheek on his way over to the still-steaming kettle. ―How come you‘re up so early?‖

Connor squirmed in obvious excitement. ―I get my new lab today! Philip managed to
commandeer one of the flora labs, and they‘re cleared out now, so it‘s all mine. Leaving in a bit
to meet him to get access codes and such. Can‘t wait to have my own workspace, for once.‖

―Wow, that is cool. What‘ll you be working on?‖

―Not entirely sure. There‘s that one project he got me started on last week—the dating
calculator—but I think he has a bunch more projects waiting for me to have the space to really
work on them.‖

―Dating calculator?‖ Becker made himself a very necessary cup of tea.

―It‘ll be a little handheld gadget that takes anomaly readings and calculates the era based on
stuff like the particular mix of atmospheric gases and particulate matter, that sort of thing.‖

Becker stared at him, bewildered.

Connor laughed a little. ―Sorry. Geeking out. Don‘t mind me.‖

Becker smiled. ―I don‘t. As long as you understand it, that‘s all that matters, hey?‖

―I guess so! So what about your plans for the day?‖

―Still trying to track Ethan. I think we may have a lead, though. Was going through some of the
stuff from that flat he‘d taken over, and found a scrap of paper with an address in Surrey. No
idea what the significance is, but I‘m going to check it out today.‖ Becker sipped at his still-too-
hot tea.

―Matt not going on the hunt with you?‖

―He‘s still working on getting Emily set up with some bunk space at the ARC. That, and, well, if
you ask me, I think he just wants to spend some time with her.‖ Becker rolled his eyes. He still
wasn‘t quite happy that Matt had hidden Emily from him.

―Can you blame him? I mean, yeah, OK, so she‘s technically 170 years old, but… whoa.‖
Connor grinned and winked.

Becker laughed. ―Emily‘s nice, but… Eh. She‘s not quite my type.‖

Abby ambled out, rubbing her eyes. ―Morning, boys!‖ She said through a yawn.

―On the other hand…‖ Becker grinned and nudged Connor. Even half-awake and with messy
hair, their girlfriend was a delicious sight: barely covered in a pair of cotton shorts and a tight
cami, her nipples poking up against the thin fabric.

―Quite,‖ Connor agreed. ―Tea, love?‖ He called out to Abby.

―Thanks. In a few. Need a bit of yoga first. My back‘s all kinked up after yesterday.‖ She shoved
the coffee table out of the way and settled down on the fluffy rug in front of the sofa. As she
stretched, and worked herself into a downward-dog position, Becker felt his cock rising again.
Her pert rump was aimed right in their direction, making for an amazing view.

―Oh, yes,‖ he murmured quietly, staring along with Connor in rapt attention. ―Definitely my type.‖
He glanced up at the clock. Maybe there was enough time…

Her phone rang.


Being split up the whole day—Abby out on a call with Matt, Connor setting up home in his new
lab, and his own futile search for Ethan—took its toll on Becker.

He‘d apparently got spoiled, he thought with a chuckle. All those years living alone and getting
by just fine that way and now, just a few weeks into shacking up with these two and he started
feeling antsy when he didn‘t have at least one of them around—especially when he was this
randy. The mental image of Abby in her yoga positions had been painted on his brain virtually
the entire day. Not having her nearby, where he could at least find excuses to touch her as their
day went on, was maddening.

The day‘s failure added to his frustration. It had taken him much too long to find the address
he‘d been looking for, and then he had to face some bureaucratic runarounds to get any
information on the house‘s current and former occupants. He eventually turned up nothing. The
current owners were abroad, and the old ownership records for the house were lost in a fire 15
years ago. The day was a waste, and the roadworks-snarled commute back to the ARC just
topped it off.

Making matters worse was knowing Abby was at home alone, after yet another exhausting

The call she‘d been on with Matt, she told Becker on the phone, had been a tough one. A pair of
lightning-fast Ornithomius had come through, and they‘d spent hours running around a dairy
farm trying to chase the creatures down, and upsetting the cows in the process, which made the
chase even more complex and tiring. Finally, after getting the creatures back where they
belonged, Matt sent her home early, and she went readily, seeking a shower and food.

Connor, however, was parked in his lab with Philip all afternoon and couldn‘t go home with her,
much to her annoyance. And now, two hours later, Becker paced the corridors waiting for him to
get free, unable to get more insistent about it lest anyone wonder why he cared whether Connor
was home.

He considered just going home, but with the way he‘d been thinking of Abby all day, the
chances of him being able to wait even longer for Connor to get there and join in were more or
less non-existent. And even though he knew that technically, he was allowed to be alone with
her, it somehow just didn‘t seem quite right under the circumstances. With Connor‘s increasingly
late hours at work, she‘d been missing him lately, and he was concerned that the absence might
make things feel strange.

Finally, Connor was sprung, and Becker spirited him away, grabbing a quick bite on the way
back home.

By the time they got there, however, it was late evening, and the flat was mostly dark. The only
light came from the TV, which currently displayed the loading screen for the DVD player. The
bluish glow illuminated a quiet face: Abby was asleep on the sofa.

―Abs?‖ Connor called out softly.

―Ssh.‖ Becker nudged him. ―Don‘t wake her. She‘s had a crazy day. Give me a hand here, and
let‘s see if we can get her to bed.‖

Kneeling down at the edge of the sofa, he gingerly slid his arms underneath her and picked her
up. She stirred a little, but stayed asleep as he toted her into the bedroom, Connor holding the
door open for them.

Try as they did to stay quiet, she woke up anyway as soon as they laid her down.

―Hmm?‖ She murmured sleepily.

―Hey, love.‖ Connor stroked a lock of hair from her face. ―You were asleep. Let‘s get you tucked
in and then you can pass back out again, yeah?‖

―Mmmm, OK.‖ She squirmed a little, and passively let them undress her.

As they did so, however, she began waking up further, and by the time she was naked, she was
quite alert—and enjoying the process. Becker was quite grateful for this, as peeling off her
clothes had woken parts of him up, too.

―Bed‘s too empty,‖ she declared. ―And you two are too dressed.‖

―Easily corrected,‖ Connor said, reaching for the hem of Becker‘s shirt. In just a few moments,
they had each other‘s clothes off—getting in a few caresses and kisses along the way. Then
they clambered into bed, flanking her in their usual positions.

―Any requests?‖ Becker said gently, pushing aside her hair to kiss her neck.

―Oh, I‘m up for just about anything,‖ she said, a hand wandering down to Connor‘s crotch.
―Though I could definitely use a good fucking.‖ She looked up at Becker, grinning naughtily. ―Or

Connor laughed a little in growing excitement. ―I think that could be arranged.‖

And so it was. In very little time, they worked her up, kissing and squeezing and biting her into a
squirming, begging mess. Finally, she got tired of the teasing. Rolling over, she got onto her
knees and elbows, aiming her arse in the air.

―Connor, c‘mon, baby,‖ she panted, pushing at him to get him heading in the right direction. He
did so quickly, and in seconds, was behind her and sliding in with a deep, happy groan.

It wasn‘t often that Becker got a chance to just watch them go at it, and as he was somewhat
calmer than the other two, he took the opportunity and shifted position. Sitting back on the edge
of the bed, at a good angle to watch Connor‘s cock pounding into her, he gazed on contentedly.

Connor‘s rhythm, as always, was breathtaking in its frantic and furious nature. He seemed like
an excitable creature, some lithe little ferret or otter just drilling away, hips almost a blur with
their speed. And Abby loved every second of it. So wound up was she that she didn‘t even need
more-direct contact. In less than a minute of Connor‘s hyper thrusting, she was bucking, thighs
trembling violently as she cried out.

Connor didn‘t last much longer, and shortly, he stilled suddenly, clutching at her desperately as
he came. In a moment, he slipped out, rolling over and catching his breath.

The sight Becker now had sent a fresh, powerful surge through him. Rump still aimed up, and
her ripe, swollen flesh now coated in slick streaks of Connor‘s come, Abby looked well-used,
dirty, and utterly, mindblowingly hot.

―Becker,‖ she begged throatily, calling for him to take over where Connor had left off.

Moving into the spot Connor had vacated, Becker made her wait a little, instead taking a
moment for something else. Leaning down, he fastened his mouth to her sticky cunt. He lapped
eagerly at her, revelling in the scent and taste of both her body and Connor‘s as his tongue
flashed over her very sensitive skin.

She gasped and moaned, her body hot against his face as he pleased her. ―Becker… God. I
want… I need…‖

He straightened up, getting his hips in behind her. ―This?‖ He teased, brushing his cock against
her cleft.

―Yes! Fuck, yes.‖

He needed no further encouragement. In a heartbeat, he was upon her, and then inside her,
sinking deep, his way eased by the slippery mess Connor had left there. Nearly possessed with
desire, he sunk his fingers into her hips, dragging her to him, fucking her in his own strong
rhythm—slower than Connor‘s, but deeper, and more powerful.

Connor, having recovered somewhat, moved over closer to her, helping out a little by reaching
under to squeeze and fondle her breasts as they swung in in time with Becker‘s motion. She
groaned, and her body clenched tightly each time he tugged and twisted her nipples, and she
threaded a hand through his hair, pulling him close for a breathless kiss.

Excited by the visuals as much as the physical feeling, Becker gazed down, watching as his
cock stabbed into her, over and over again. But he also saw something else—something that
had been at the back of his mind all day, ever since he‘d watched her bending over this

Pulling back, he hesitated there for a moment, and then shifted, rubbing the tip of his slippery,
come-coated cock against her quivering back hole.

―Abby,‖ he said, his voice low and ragged, ―may I…?‖

―Yes… Please.‖ She backed up against him.

He went slowly, but he didn‘t really need to. As aroused as she was, she relaxed almost
instantly, her body seeming to want to pull him in as much as he wanted to be there.

It was fantastic. Though anatomically a bit different, her body was even a little tighter than
Connor‘s, and she seemed to like it just as much, going by the wild, desperate noises she made
as he started thrusting away. He felt more than saw Connor reaching a hand between her legs,
stroking and fondling her, adding to her pleasure. It worked. Shuddering all over, she cried out,
and her body clamped tight around him, milking him with the delicious reverb of her second

Nearly blind with the sensation, Becker set off almost as soon as she did, and he buried deep,
rocking against her, barking and growling as he emptied out a day‘s worth of frustration in her
sweet, warm body.

It all seemed like it was over too soon. Much as he loved cuddling up with them after they‘d
caught their breath and tidied up, he wished they‘d had time for something a little longer. Still,
he wasn‘t about to complain. A quick, frenetic romp with his two lovers was certainly better than
almost anything else he could have imagined for the evening, and went a long way toward
satisfying the separation-induced itch that had been bothering him this week.

As Abby nestled back against him, her rump settling into the cradle of his hips in their usual
sleeping position, he had to smile. Tonight‘s dreams were going to be very good indeed.


I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: Philip, Matt, Jess (briefly)

Potential Squicks: A little voyeurism, dino poo

With the pressure of multiple responsibilities building, Connor’s been scrambling to try to keep
up with all his obligations: to the ARC, to Philip, and, most importantly, to his partners. But bad
luck keeps conspiring to make juggling these things impossible. The chaos comes to a head on
one very bad day. (A companion piece for Midnight Oil)


He slowly woke up from the most amazing dream. Abby was doing that to him, and Becker was
doing that to her, and… The throb in his crotch was almost painful.

He could tell the bed was otherwise empty—it was far too cold—so taking care of this problem
would clearly be his own responsibility. Eyes still closed, his hand worked its way down, and he
gave his cock a few decisive strokes.

―Connor, up!‖ Abby shook her head over him, peppering him with cold drips from her wet hair.
―We‘re already running late, baby.‖

He made a noise like a hungry piglet, and his eyes flipped open. They were both already
showered and dressed, and Becker was looking at him in that way he did when he was
exasperated with his beloved-but-occasionally-clueless boyfriend. Neither seemed to have the
faintest idea what they‘d interrupted.

―Fuck.‖ He muttered under his breath. ―A‘ight, I‘m up.‖ He squirmed under the sheets, wondering
if he should try to hide his erection as he got up. As it turned out, it didn‘t matter, because the
others were already on their way out the door to the kitchen. Fair enough, he thought, as he
padded into the bathroom. Just take care of this in the shower…

Just as he got a rhythm going, the water turned cold.


―Sorry, love. I didn‘t realise we were on the last one.‖ Becker mumbled through a mouthful of
toast, nodding toward the empty tea caddy. ―I‘ll buy you a cappuccino from Buzz on the way in
though, hey?‖

Connor started to smile.

―Oh, didn‘t I tell you?‖ Abby looked over at Becker. ―Buzz closed two days ago. Owner
apparently had a coronary.‖

Connor was quite convinced he was about to have one himself.


―Connor, today!‖ Matt barked. He, Abby and Becker were doing their best to guide the confused
and angry Quetzalcoatlus toward the currently locked anomaly.

Connor hovered over the locking mechanism. The frequency modulator had come off after he‘d
tripped over it earlier, keeping the anomaly in a locked state, thus making it more than a bit
difficult to get the pterosaur back through. ―I know!‖ Connor whinged pathetically. ―I‘m wor—" he
cut off as something heavy, thick and wet hit him in the back. He looked up. The squawk from
the creature almost sounded triumphant.


His hair was still damp, and it felt like the shower he‘d taken in the ARC's locker room really
hadn‘t got the stink of pterosaur poo out of him. Not that that was his greatest concern, given
the way Burton was glaring at him from the doorway of his lab.

―So, have you had a chance, yet to draw up that spec for me?‖ Burton said calmly, tapping his
fingers on the door frame.

―Uhm. No, not quite. I‘m still… It‘s almost done. I‘ll have it tomorrow, I promise.‖

―I hope so.‖ Burton‘s eyes narrowed. ―You‘re not letting your… friends distract you, are you?‖

―My friends?" Connor looked up, his face blank in shock. How much did Burton know, exactly?
"No, I mean. Abby and…. No. No distractions. Tomorrow.‖ He nodded vigorously.

―Good. Because I‘d hate to have to…ask you to keep away from them.‖ Burton smiled like a


File Not Found

File Not Found

System Rebooting

This was the absolute last time he relied on commercial software, he told himself.


―Hey, love!‖ Becker poked his head in. ―Abby‘s in the ladies, and after that, we‘re heading home.
You ready?‖

Connor looked up at the clock. Five hours surely could not have gone by that fast. And with the
spec still not written… ―I‘m sorry. I‘ll have to join you later. Would you keep a bit of food warm
for me?‖

―Of course.‖ After a quick look down the corridor, Becker strolled in, sidling up next to him. ―I can
keep some other things warm for you, too,‖ he said, purring into Connor‘s ear and sliding his
hand along the bottom curve of Connor‘s arse.

Connor dragged in a sharp breath. ―Oh, yes,‖ he breathed, melting a little into the touch.
Turning, he tilted his chin up, seeking a lovely, hot kiss. Time and space faded as Becker‘s
tongue explored his mouth, and his fingertips meandered down the centre seam of Connor's
trousers into the warm, dark space there.

―Oh!‖ A high-pitched gasp from the doorway made them both turn. Jess stood there, face
flushed crimson, trembling slightly as she teetered on her ridiculous heels. ―I‘m sorry!‖ She

Becker coughed and pulled back, and a shot of ice replaced the warm surge in Connor‘s pelvis.

He wanted to ask exactly how long she‘d been standing there, but figured he also didn‘t want to
know the answer. ―What can I do for you, Jess?‖ He tried not to sound annoyed.

―Well, it‘s just… OK, it‘s that bloody error message on the detector, again. You know, when it
starts getting signal interference?‖

He sighed heavily, and ran a hand through his hair. ―A‘ight. I‘ll take care of it in a few.‖

―Um. Thanks?‖ She scurried away quickly, but not before he saw the guilty smile on her face.


It was very late, and he sat alone at the kitchen table, shovelling in lukewarm beans on toast as
quickly as he could. He hadn‘t eaten all day, and his empty stomach was overriding all other
bodily signals, despite the fact that he was exhausted, and also despite the fact that, just a few
steps away, another sight competed for his attention. His lovers, having finished the DVD they'd
been watching, were currently wrestling like overeager puppies, very nearly crashing into the
furniture as they tussled. Abby tripped Becker, and he went down with a heavy thud, smartly

knocking his head on the floor.

―Ow!‖ He barked, squirming under her as she pinned him.

―Teach you to underestimate me, Becks!‖ She smirked triumphantly, and then leaned over to
lick his nose.

Getting a grip on her shoulders, he writhed mightily, managing to flip her, and get a knee
between her legs. ―What was that about underestimating?‖ He growled in a deliciously
threatening way, and pressed his leg against her crotch.

The sound she made sent a quick thrill through Connor. And then his stomach rumbled again.


He was nearly dozing off, Abby‘s warm breath against the back of his neck acting, as it always
did, to soothe him to sleep. But then he got a vision of Burton‘s tight face. He remembered that
the spec still wasn‘t done.

Moving as carefully and quietly as he could to avoid disturbing them, he got up, and went back
into his makeshift office yet again.


He expected silence coming from the room at the end of the corridor. Just the sounds of soft
breathing, and maybe a little of Abby‘s allergy-induced light snoring. He didn‘t quite expect the
other sounds he heard.

For a moment, Connor stood there, just taking in the view, what little of it he could see in the
darkened room. It was beautiful, as it always was. Abby's face was a mask of pleasure, and
Becker moved so powerfully, so sure of himself. A sight like this normally would have inspired a
strong wave of desire, and yet somehow, this time it felt different. For a fleeting second, he felt
again a sharp pang of the old jealousy—the dark monster that had taken him so thoroughly the
first couple of weeks in the Cretaceous, after he‘d found out about their tryst.

They were almost too perfect together, he mused: two athletic, strong people with a near-
automatic physical symbiosis: her tiny, wiry frame a keen contrast with his tall, muscular one.
Both were handy with weapons or fists as the occasion required; both were full of fire and
passion that were so often worked out on each other. But Connor himself…well, he was just a
scrawny, goofy geek who couldn't even grow a proper patch of chest hair. He knew he bored
and annoyed them sometimes--always babbling about things neither of them understood, much
less cared about. He never could quite say the right thing, and was always doing something
clumsy or impulsive that one of the others had to get him out of. He shifted his stance, deciding
maybe he should just sleep on the sofa.

Her eyes flicked open, and she saw him.

The first few moments after he‘d climbed into bed, he almost felt like he didn‘t belong there.
They‘d had a rhythm that he interrupted, and he could tell that they were slightly off because of
it. Eventually, though, the feeling passed, and he finally felt welcome again in their arms.

―Oh, I‘ve needed this,‖ he sighed contentedly as their hands roamed over him. ―Honestly, this
was all I could think of today. It‘s otherwise been so crap.‖

Becker pulled back a little, eyeing him carefully. A look of sudden understanding passed over
his face. ―It has, hasn‘t it?‖ He said sympathetically, running a gentle hand over Connor's head.

―Bloody Thursdays,‖ Connor grumbled to himself.

―Well, actually, love," Abby said, nodding at the clock, "it‘s Friday, now.‖

―So it is!" Connor smiled in relief. "And that--ah!" He gasped in pleasurable shock, as Abby bent
her head to his chest and began biting lightly on a nipple. "—would explain why my day just got
so much better.‖


Midnight Oil (Abby/Becker)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker, some A/B/C

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

A companion piece for Thursdays. Connor’s absence has not gone unnoticed.


She was used to being almost too warm as she slept, nestled as she usually was between
them, so the chill of his absence woke her.

She blinked, trying to focus on the clock on the bedside table. Well past midnight. Again. She
didn‘t need to get up to confirm. The thin stream of light emanating from the door of the other
room down the corridor explained it. He‘d be in there, in the space he‘d commandeered as a
quasi-office. He‘d be banging away on his laptop. Or soldering bits of circuit boards. Or writing
equations on the window with a whiteboard marker. Doing whatever Philip had asked that he
didn‘t have time for until these wee hours.

A hand on her thigh and a warm puff of breath in her ear made her turn.

―He‘s awake again.‖ It wasn‘t a question.

―I‘m worried about him, Becks.‖ She sighed heavily and rubbed her bleary eyes.

―I know, Abby. I am, too.‖ He raised his arm and she moved underneath it, curling up against
him and resting her head on his chest. Comforting as it was to hear his heart beat and feel the
soft thatch of hair against her cheek, it was incomplete. And they both knew it.

It was always like that when one of them was gone for some reason or another. There was, to
be sure, much love between each pair of them, and some advantages to occasionally having
just one person on whom to focus. But though such one-on-one moments had their bliss, the
absent one was never far from the minds of the others. It had been that way when she and
Connor were a million years away from Becker, and it was that way now, when Connor‘s mind—
if not his physical presence—may as well have been a million years away from them.

―I need him here,‖ she said, her sleep-softened voice cracking a little.

He turned and pulled her close, kissing the top of her head. He didn‘t need to say what he was
feeling. As always, he was trying to be there as much as he could: their constant, their
caregiver. He was the rock that they turned to when things were overwhelming. But the rock

could only manage so much. Even as she dampened his chest with a few frustrated tears, she
could feel him trembling a bit, too, shuddering with the ragged breaths he heaved to steady

Eventually, they calmed a little, taking what solace they could in each other‘s affection. But she
was still restless.

―Think you can go back to sleep?‖ He asked, stroking her back with a steady hand.

―I‘m not sure. Not yet, I don‘t think. You?‖

He shrugged. ―Dunno. Maybe. Is there something I can do to help?‖

She went quiet for a moment while she considered. It might make the absence seem starker,
she thought, but then again, it was at least something. And Becker did have a way of wearing
her out—maybe enough to sleep. By way of answer, she tilted her head up, seeking his mouth.

He was atop her, face buried in her neck, almost ready to sink down, when she realised they
were no longer alone, and looked up.

The shadowy figure froze in the doorway. ―I—I‘m sorry,‖ he said uncomfortably. ―Didn‘t mean to
interrupt. If you‘d… I mean… If you want to be alone, that‘s fine, I can…‖

Becker made a small noise of frustration under his breath and pulled back to look at her,
seeking guidance.

She smiled tightly at him. Inopportune as the moment was, the last thing they needed was
anything that might push him away any more. He smiled back in understanding.

―Connor, it‘s OK,‖ he said quietly over his shoulder. ―Come to bed, love.‖

He hesitated, maybe sensing their apprehension. But then he moved quickly, stripping off the T-
shirt and boxers he‘d been wearing, and clambered in.

The sudden rush of cool air under the sheets made her shiver.

―Sorry!‖ He said, noticing. His skin was also cool to the touch, but he was warming up quickly. A
consequence, she supposed, of the sight to which he‘d been treated when he came in.

―A‘ight,‖ she said gently, welcoming him in as he cuddled up against her.

―I thought you two were asleep. Did I wake you when I got up? I was trying to be quiet.‖

Becker shook his head. ―You were quiet enough. That‘s fine. But we missed you. It‘s different

when you‘re not here.‖ He leaned over to drop a warm kiss on Connor‘s mouth.

―Oh.‖ Connor‘s breath hitched. ―Damn. I‘m so sorry. I just couldn‘t sleep, and I had this bit of
code running through my head, and I wanted to have something to show Philip tomorrow…‖ he
trailed off, distracted by the way Becker was now kissing down his neck and tracing a fingertip
around one nipple. ―You know? It doesn‘t matter. Screw Philip.‖

―I‘d rather you didn‘t,‖ Becker said dryly, to their quiet giggles.

―Quite,‖ Abby agreed. ―He gets enough of you as it is. I think some parts,‖ she slipped a hand
down to his crotch, ―you should keep just for us, hm?‖

Connor gasped and squirmed, arching into the caress. ―Well, those bits,‖ he sighed, ―are
definitely all yours.‖ Reaching for her, he stroked a hand up her taut belly and cupped a breast.

The touch was both comforting and slightly awkward. She could tell that his mind was still, at
least a little, occupied with other things. She wondered for a moment if he really was slipping
away from them. But she also still wanted him. Becker had, as usual, wound her up well, and
her flushed, sensitive skin responded easily to the way Connor was feathering his fingers across
it. She closed her eyes, relaxing into the familiar feeling of his hand on her body, and the
familiar sounds of her lovers pleasing each other.

In just a few moments of increasingly feverish contact, the awkwardness faded, along with
whatever Connor‘s brain had been working on and her worries of a potential future without him.
As they all tangled together, murmuring tender words as their hands and mouths sought and
gave well-known pleasures, she gloried in the present.


Catharsis (Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Rough sex (might be considered dub-con), abuse of African violets

After Ethan nearly blew him and Jess up, Becker has become rabidly determined to hunt the
man down. Unfortunately, he’s repeatedly come up empty, and is now angry and frustrated with
himself for his failure. He needs an outlet for his rage. Connor makes a good target.


The flat was darkening as the sun went down, and Becker sat alone on the sofa, head in his
hands, trying very hard to keep his composure.

All he could see in his mind‘s eye was Ethan‘s smirking face. He was always one step ahead;
always slipping out of reach. It was just a glimpse today—just a flash of his self-congratulating
smile on the other side of a bridge—and then he was gone.

Becker felt like he‘d failed: like a hunter whose own incompetence had let his prey escape.
Again. He pounded a tight fist against the arm of the sofa. His head throbbed, and he wondered
if he should get up and go for a run, or hit the gun range, or find some whisky... anything to help
him forget this defeat and humiliation.

He heard the front door open. ―Becks? I‘m home!‖ Connor‘s voice echoed from the entryway.

―Hey,‖ Becker said weakly, not looking up. ―Where‘s Abby?‖

―Dracorex is still sick. Ab‘s going to stay with her a few more hours. Said not to wait up.‖

―Damn,‖ Becker muttered.

―I know. But! At least you have me, yeah?‖ Connor dropped his bag on the floor, pulled off his
boots and flopped down on the sofa, leaning over to plant an exuberant kiss on his lover‘s

Becker barely moved.

―So, anyway, while you were out traipsing around today, things at work got totally stuffed. I
swear, for someone so smart, Jess can be amazingly daft sometimes…‖ Connor began
chittering away about the inconsequential details of a boring, anomaly-free day at the ARC.

After several minutes of the inane babble, suddenly, Becker could take no more. ―Connor! Shut
up!‖ He hissed, turning and clamping a hand over Connor‘s mouth.

Connor‘s eyes went wide and he made a stifled, high-pitched noise of confusion and alarm.

That was all it took for Becker. Like a cougar smelling a wounded deer, his instinctive response
to Connor‘s noise was a hot rush of blood and adrenaline through his body. In a moment, the
fury of the day‘s frustration left his mind, moving instead to his rapidly filling cock. If he couldn‘t
shoot or hit something, he needed to fuck something. And as luck would have it, that something
was right there next to him, currently squirming in bewilderment and maybe a little fear.

Good, he thought.

Moving swiftly, he shoved Connor back on the sofa, climbing atop him and pinning his shoulders
down. Getting a thigh between Connor‘s legs he pressed hard up against his groin. Connor
barked at the harsh contact, but what Becker felt was enough: a strong surge and a growing

He hovered over Connor for a moment, staring into those huge, frightened eyes, and then
slowly took his hand away.

―Becker?‖ Connor whispered, his voice weak and small.

―I need you,‖ Becker growled.

Connor still looked scared and a little confused, but with the barest of motions, he nodded.

The dam broke.

Diving down, Becker crushed his lips against Connor‘s, stabbing his tongue inside, and hungrily
devouring the warm wetness of Connor‘s mouth. Barely breaking for air, he probed and sucked
and bit, drawing a small trickle of blood.

The slight metallic taste drove him on, and he shoved his hands under Connor‘s shirt, raking his
nails roughly across the tender skin. Then he found Connor‘s small nipples, poking up eagerly
as they always did, and caught them up sharply between thumb and forefinger. Soon he was
working them in earnest, pinching, tugging and twisting until Connor was thrashing violently
underneath him and huffing pained yelps into his mouth.

The sounds fed his fury, and he chewed his way down Connor‘s neck, leaving dark marks as he
went. His hands moved south, and he pawed at Connor‘s trousers, barely getting them
unfastened before dragging them—and boxers—off and chucking them aside.

Becker watched in delight as Connor‘s flushed cock sprang free of his clothes, and he took its

turgid state as encouragement. Reaching down to grab and squeeze the hot hardness, he
yanked at it, roughly dragging the foreskin back and forth across the wet head. He shivered in
excitement, revelling in the way Connor panted and moaned as he was mauled, and ground his
own crotch against Connor's leg, giving his cock some relief.

Soon, though, the wait was too much. He wanted more. With little warning, he moved off
Connor‘s body, sliding to the floor, and pulling Connor down with him. In the awkward scramble,
Connor kicked out, upsetting the coffee table and scattering magazines and one of Abby‘s
African violets across the floor.

Becker barely noticed, intent instead on wrangling Connor into the position he wanted: bent over
the edge of the sofa, face mashed into the cushions.

Connor flailed a little, trying to get comfortable, but also arching his back in an unconscious
display of submission. His knees slid apart, and his rump tilted up, offering Becker the perfect
target: tight, pink and twitching invitingly.

Stuffing a couple of fingers into his mouth, Becker slicked them up well and then swiped across
Connor‘s hole, probing a little as he did so. Then he unfastened his trousers, and pulled out his
cock. So aroused was he that even the touch of his own hand sent a thrill through him. With just
a second to line up, he shoved his way in, the slightly dry skin dragging a little as he buried
himself balls-deep inside Connor‘s body.

―Fuck! Becker!‖ Connor‘s plaintive howls were only barely muffled, and he scrabbled uselessly
with his hands, trying his best to adjust to being suddenly invaded.

All Becker could feel, however, was Connor‘s wonderfully tight arse closing around him—and
the feeling was glorious. Grabbing Connor‘s hips with one hand and a handful of his messy hair
with the other, Becker rode him, thrusting so hard that the sofa began rocking underneath them.

With every sharp heave, Connor cried out desperately, and a few fat tears started working their
way down his cheeks. But he also backed into the rhythm, and as his cock rubbed against the
sofa, he frantically rolled his hips, seeking to up the friction as much as possible.

As the hot rush built inside him, Becker draped over Connor, covering him with his body to get
as much contact as possible, and began biting the back of Connor‘s neck. That sent Connor
over the edge. Cursing and gasping, he bucked wildly, body trembling as his tense muscles
reached their limits. ―Becker… Becker… Becker…‖ he mewled pathetically, sobbing out the last
of the shocks while his cock spurted gooey trails down the edge of the sofa.

Becker grew light-headed, and his senses left him. All that remained in his awareness was the
heavy, aching throb in his cock as Connor‘s body spasmed around it. Suddenly, with an
explosion that felt like a thousand fireworks going off, he released, shouting euphorically as he
emptied inside Connor for what seemed like an eternity.

When it was finally over, Becker didn‘t want to move. He wanted to stay like this forever: locked
in the endless catharsis Connor's body and soul provided. He wanted to keep this full
possession of the man he loved who had so often been gone lately. But conscious thought soon
returned, and he slipped out, rolling away to lean against the sofa while he recovered. No longer
pinned in place, Connor slid bonelessly to the floor, curling up and clutching his knees to his
chest, head resting on Becker‘s trembling thigh.

When his vision cleared, Becker looked down, scanning Connor‘s stricken face. Out of the
corner of his eye, he also noticed that his softening cock was streaked with a little blood, and a
quick pang of regret shot through him. He petted Connor‘s cheek with a shaky hand. ―Did I hurt
you?‖ He asked quietly.

―No.‖ Connor shook his head. Then he paused, wincing a little as a wave of residual pain
echoed through him. ―Well, yes, actually.‖

Becker‘s breath caught in his chest. ―I‘m sor—―

―No, Becks.‖ Connor cut him off. ―Yes, you hurt me. But it‘s OK. I'll be fine in a little while. If it
was a problem, I‘d have told you to stop.‖

―And I would have.‖

―I know.‖

Becker eyed him carefully. Given the creative and frankly nasty ways Connor had had at him
recently, it was quite clear that, despite his relative lack of experience and seemingly delicate
physicality, he was far tougher than he looked. ―You needed this as much as I did, didn‘t you?‖

Connor said nothing, but nodded.

―Is this something you want more of? I mean, do you want to go further than we already have?
I‘m—I don‘t want to cross any lines with you.‖ He stroked a lock of damp hair from Connor's

Connor heaved a shuddering sigh. ―Thing is, I know you'd never hurt me in any real way.
Beyond that? I‘m up for anything you want to give me.‖ He smiled, reaching up and threading
his fingers through Becker‘s. ―You‘ve already seen where my mind can go from the other side.‖

Becker smirked. ―Uh. Yeah. Still a bit sore in places, actually.‖

―Well, there you go.‖ Connor nodded. ―Hell, you saw what was on my laptop. That should give
you some idea.‖

Becker frowned a little. Some of the porn Connor was into was intense indeed: tough soldiers
breaking in innocent new recruits in some seriously vicious ways. ―How far would you really
want to go with that, though?‖

Connor sighed and shrugged. ―I‘m not sure. Not quite all the way. But I‘d trust you to know
where to stop.‖

Becker hummed thoughtfully. ―You have a birthday coming up soon, don‘t you?‖

Connor perked up, a drunken look painting his face. ―I do indeed.‖

Becker chuckled. ―Well, a‘ight then. Something to look forward to.‖

Connor laughed a little. ―Yay?‖ Taking Becker‘s hand, he kissed the palm.

―One thing, though,‖ Becker said calmly.


―If we both want to live long enough to see that birthday,‖ he smiled wryly as he looked around
at the wreckage of the room, ―we really need to clear this up before Abby gets home.‖


Driving to Distraction (Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Very mild BDSM references, not-terribly-safe driving

On their way back from a mission, Connor’s having a hard time staying awake. Becker finds a
way to keep him perky.


The lines on the darkened road started melting into a single, hypnotic pulse, flashing
rhythmically in front of his eyes as Connor sped down the motorway.

Not for the first time, he cursed the tactical mistake he‘d made at the operation that had caused
his beloved Becker, in an act of desperation to save him from the business end of an
Ankylosaur‘s tail, to violently dislocate his shoulder. He glanced over at the man, who snoozed
quietly in the passenger seat. The team‘s medic had popped his shoulder back into place
shortly after they‘d got the herd back through to their own time, but he had needed an injection
of meds to handle the pain of that manoeuvre.

Unfortunately, said painkillers also made it impossible for him to drive. Abby, Matt and the rest
of the team had stayed behind at the site to do final cleanup, leaving the four-hour trek back
from the anomaly site solely in Connor‘s hands—hands that were, at the moment, going slightly
dead from being wrapped around the steering wheel for so long.

Shaking his head to clear the developing fog of exhaustion, Connor pushed the button for the
window, cracking it open slightly to let the cool night air in to help perk him up.

The sudden breeze also perked up Becker. He stirred, his eyelids fluttering and murmuring
softly as he awoke. ―Connor?‖

―Hey.‖ Connor bit his lip, frowning in worry. ―Sorry if I woke you. Just needed a little fresh air to
keep me awake for the drive. ―

―S‘all right.‖ Becker smiled at him and stretched, wincing a little as he moved his bound shoulder
the wrong way. ―Where are we?‖ He glanced out the window, which showed little more than
dark fields passing by.

―Last sign I saw said we‘re still about 70 miles out. Should be there in another hour.‖

―How are you doing with the drive? Need a break?‖

Connor shook his head. ―No. I think if I stopped now, I‘d probably curl up on the roadside and
fall asleep there. Best if I just keep going.‖

Becker made a small noise of sympathy. ―I‘m sorry I can‘t help this time.‖

―Don‘t apologise. It‘s my fault you can‘t, anyway.‖ Connor shrugged.

Becker reached over and stroked Connor‘s leg soothingly. ―No, it‘s not. It‘s that bloody dino‘s
fault. How dare he—―

―She.‖ Connor giggled.

―—she… start flailing her tail around at you like that.‖

Connor smiled over at him. It was one of Becker‘s qualities he loved best: the ability to overlook
the many clueless mistakes Connor still, even after so long surviving in the ancient wilderness,
made in the field sometimes. Of course, there were also many other qualities he loved, too. The
feeling of that hand on his thigh, for instance.

―So, is there anything else I can do to help keep you awake for the rest of the drive?‖ Becker
asked. ―I‘d sing some old school songs, but you‘d probably chuck me out to be rid of the noise.‖

Connor laughed. ―Best not, then, hey? No, really. Just having you awake to talk to is nice.
Keeps my brain occupied, even if the rest of me has gone numb.‖

―Well, that‘s no good. I much prefer it if the rest of you is nice and sensitive.‖ Becker‘s voice
dropped to a teasing purr, and he slid his hand further up Connor‘s thigh, feathering fingertips
along his inseam.

A sudden rush did indeed wake up at least some of the lower half of Connor‘s body. He
coughed a little and flushed. ―Well, yes. I agree.‖

―You know, I suppose I could keep you awake by telling you stories.‖


―Once upon a time, there was a soldier boy who fell in love…‖ Becker began teasingly.

―Brilliant!‖ Connor laughed. ―Is this going to involve dragons, princesses and a magic sword?‖

―Well, maybe my magic sword, Princess.‖

―Ooo! Well, this might be a story I‘d want to hear, then.‖ Connor flashed a smile in Becker‘s


―Seriously, though. I want you to stay awake. Not just for the, y‘know, safe driving thing but
because I have… plans… for when we get home,‖ Becker said significantly.

Connor cocked an eyebrow. ―Plans? In your condition?‖

―Eh, the painkiller‘s still got me pretty well blissed out, and besides, it might help me feel better

―A'ight then. If you‘re sure.‖

―I am. Frankly, the dream I was having while I was asleep has me quite interested now anyway.‖
Becker reached to his crotch to adjust himself, making it clear that the bulge at the front of his
trousers wasn‘t just bunched-up fabric.

―So I see.‖ Connor swallowed dryly as he glanced over. ―So, what was your dream about, then?‖

―The usual: Fast cars. Loose women. Rocket launchers. Volcanoes.‖

―Cheeky fuck.‖

―Actually, it was just us.‖ Becker smiled.

―No Abby?‖ Connor asked.

―Not this time. Though I expect she‘d have been amused by it.‖

―What were we doing?‖

Becker settled back in his seat and closed his eyes. ―We were on a military transport plane on
our way to a remote site. We were going to have to parachute in--‖

―What?‖ Connor‘s eyes went wide.

―Hey, it was a dream. Hush.‖


―Anyway, you were scared and were having trouble getting the parachute harness on correctly,
so I went to help you.‖ Becker slid down the zip on his trousers and pushed his hand inside. ―As
I was tightening the straps around your thighs, I noticed you were getting hard.‖

―Ah, yeah. I probably would be.‖ Connor giggled sheepishly. It didn‘t take much for Becker to get

him hard. Sometimes just a few words would do. Like now.

―So I figured maybe there might be a way to help you calm down so you wouldn‘t get hurt on the
mission. I pushed you back into one of the seats and strapped you into it.‖

―OK, this is starting to get interesting.‖

―I knelt down and kissed you for a while, and pushed my hands up your shirt and ran my nails
across your chest. Then I started biting my way down your neck and pinching your nipples."

"Ah!" Connor twitched with sense memories.

"Then I stood up and got my cock out and rubbed it across your face.‖

―Oh god.‖ Connor‘s vision suddenly went bright and he shivered involuntarily. He glanced over:
Becker was now stroking himself in earnest, the dark, naked head peeking up from his fly.

Becker‘s eyes flipped open, and he caught Connor‘s limpid gaze. ―Watch the road, mate,‖ he
said sternly, but lovingly.

"Yes!‖ Connor cleared his throat. ―Driving. Road. Other cars. Got it. Though you are a bit
distracting, you know.‖

―I know.‖ Becker laughed softly. ―Anyway… Where was I? Oh yes, my cock on your face.‖

―Mmmhm,‖ Connor murmured tensely.

―So I was really hard already, and leaking, so I rubbed it over your lips, getting them all nice and
wet because you look good like that. Then I pushed against your mouth, and ordered you to
start sucking.‖




―And you did, of course. Your tongue was all rough and slippery and you sucked really hard.‖
Becker paused for a moment, purring quietly in pleasure. ―But you were also making those
needy little noises you make when you‘re really getting wound up. Kind of like the ones you‘re
making now,‖ he teased.


―So I told you that you could start stroking yourself, but that you had to wait to come until after I
was done. Fortunately, that didn‘t take long because you‘re so damned good at it.‖ Becker‘s
voice started getting a little unsteady, and his hand moved faster, thumb swirling around the
head now and again. ―I started getting close, and then the plane started hitting some turbulence,
and I braced myself against the frame of the seat behind you and started fucking your throat.‖

Connor‘s heart pounded in his chest, and the tightness in his pelvis throbbed. He gripped the
wheel, visions of the road mixing with the mental images Becker was painting for him.

―It felt so good. So good. Your hot mouth. Your teeth just barely scraping my skin. My balls
bouncing against your chin. I was shaking even more than the plane was. And then just before I
came, I pulled out--‖

―Uh?‖ Connor squeaked.

―--and I shot across your face. Felt like I came forever, just pumping out all over you. Making
you look so dirty and hot. I guess you must have liked it, too, because you started coming right
after, making so many nice sounds…‖ His voice trailed off and he dragged several heavy, noisy
breaths. ―Ahfuck! Connor!‖

Connor chanced a fevered look over: Becker‘s hand was coated in slick, white streaks, the
shiny head of his cock still throbbing, still leaking its last bits. ―Oh, hell,‖ Connor whispered

Becker shuddered and sighed deeply. ―So…‖ He looked over, smiling a little drunkenly. ―Looks
like I made a bit of a mess, here.‖

―Ah… Yeah.‖ Connor grinned. Looking back at the road, he nodded to his left. ―I think there
might be some tissues or something in the centre console, there.‖

―Or...‖ He raised his sticky hand to Connor‘s face. ―You could clean up for me.‖

Connor gasped with the pleasant shock, but gladly took Becker‘s wrist, licking and sucking at
his hand and fingers to clean them, while still trying to stay focused on driving, and not on the
almost-painful ache now flooding his crotch.

―Ah, much better.‖ Becker smiled warmly when the task was done, and put his clothes back
together. ―Consider that a taste of things to come later, hey?‖

Connor giggled. ―I will. Though I‘m hoping it‘s not much later. You‘ve got me in quite a state,
now.‖ His hips danced a little in the seat, as he tried to contain the need.

―Are you awake, then?‖

―Oh, hell, yes.‖

―Good.‖ A very satisfied smile crept across Becker‘s face. ―Keep driving.‖


Training Day (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker, Connor/Random soldiers, A/B/C

Other Characters: Nameless (for now) members of Becker’s team

Potential Squicks: Voyeurism, sexual contact with others, hardcore BDSM

As promised by Becker, Connor has himself one hell of a birthday present, courtesy his partners
and a handful of very nasty—but honourable and trustworthy—soldiers.


In the middle of nowhere stood the bunker: a squat, concrete box in a remote section of the
camp that, given its condition, likely hadn‘t been used for real military training since the end of
the Cold War. For this, Abby was grateful, given the increasingly loud noises echoing from the
facility‘s interrogation room.

She was quiet, parked behind the observation window, transfixed by the sight on the other side
of the glass. Becker was close against her back, his breath and lips hot on her neck, and his
hands played up her sides, sliding under her shirt to skid warmly across her skin. The contact
felt amazingly good—a perfect accompaniment to the visual feast laid out before them.

In the centre of the interrogation room, under harsh, bright lights, was an elaborate medical
examination chair—the sort with which Abby was familiar from her own annuals. Strapped
securely into it, naked, splayed out and exposed, was their darling Connor.

He had been brought to the bunker on Becker‘s pretence of necessary military training. He had
balked, at first, but then went along with it, braver and stronger, now from surviving their time
stuck in the dangerous past. ―I fought off a pack of raptors with pointy stick,‖ he had said
boastfully. ―What could a bunch of soldiers do?‖

At that very moment, he was finding out. A small handful of Becker‘s team—the understanding
ones who could be trusted with such a duty—circled him like predators, trading off various tasks
of attacking and tormenting his slender body, wrenching musical shrieks and screams from him
as they went. Now and again, Connor's dark, wet eyes flicked open and he looked up at his two
partners behind the window; taking some measure of comfort, Abby supposed, from their

Though fascinated and undeniably aroused by what she was seeing, Abby was also slightly
uncomfortable. Since they first confessed that they all had similar fantasies along such lines, the
trio had played like this a few times, and she and Connor had had much fun recently in getting
their darling Becker to break. This, however, was different. Delivering their still-tender lad into
the rough hands of others—even as a one-time thing with such trustworthy fellows—made her a

little nervous. She wasn‘t necessarily jealous, though it did feel weird to see other people
touching him so intimately, but was a little worried that they might have gone too far. ―Do you
think this is really something he wanted?‖ She asked softly.

―I do.‖ Becker sounded fully confident. He pushed his hands further under her shirt, and up and
over her breasts, teasing his fingertips against her nipples where they bumped up through the
thin fabric of her bra. ―Our Connor has some pretty intense fantasies, you know. Compared to
what was in that military bondage porn I found on his laptop? This is quite mild.‖

At the moment, ―this‖ entailed the use of some rather nasty-looking whips, though all manner of
other interesting implements had been brought into play so far, or were lined up like surgical
tools on a tray nearby, awaiting use.

A particularly cruel blow loosed a desperate scream from Connor‘s already-ragged throat, and
Abby shivered. Competing impulses of protectiveness and desire wrestled for dominance in her
nerves: Any man doing such things to her beloved Connor without consent would have quickly
hit the floor, with her boot on his throat. As it was, however, the sights and sounds of his
voluntarily-endured delicious torture set her on fire. So did the attention her breasts were
getting; she found herself melting into Becker‘s touch.

―So you don‘t think this is too much?‖ She murmured, gasping as Becker rolled her nipples
between thumb and forefinger.

―Not at all,‖ Becker said gently, kissing up her neck to bite at her ear. ―He knows we‘re here, and
he knows what he needs to say if he wants it to stop. And he would say it; he‘s not doing this
just to please us.‖

―True.‖ She slipped a hand behind her, reaching for Becker‘s crotch and getting a nice palmful
of the denim-covered bulge there.

Becker groaned and pushed into her touch. ―Besides,‖ he continued, a little breathlessly, ―look
at how hard he is. He‘s enjoying every second.‖

Abby had to concur. Despite being a rather vibrant shade of red from some recent whip
attention, Connor‘s cock was indeed enormously hard, twitching and leaking shiny trails all over
his flat belly—and this was after he‘d already come once, earlier in the session. He bucked
violently as one of the soldiers played the business end of a short crop against his swollen, raw
nipples and Abby shivered again. ―He is enjoying this, isn‘t he?‖ She said, mostly to herself.

―Mmmhm,‖ Becker‘s tongue flicked out, tracing across her earlobe.

She laughed a little, in a shaky and giddy way. ―You know, a year ago, I would never have
imagined this.‖


―Well, any of it, really: Connor, you…‖ she turned her head and smiled up at him ―…us.‖ She
closed her eyes and paused for a moment while he unfastened her bra and then clutched firmly
at her breasts. ―This kind of stuff.‖

Becker returned the smile as he fondled her. ―Same here. And I admit to being a bit surprised
when I first found out that our lad there had such a kinky streak. Though, he was kind of
embarrassed about it.‖

―Was he?‖ A hint of concern flushed through her.

―Yeah, he was mortified when I told him that we‘d had to scan his laptop while you two were
missing. He was glad I was the only one who looked at it, but he still kind of babbled something
about how he hoped I wouldn‘t judge him for what I found there.‖ Becker shuddered a little as
Abby began unzipping his trousers. ―Poor lad told me not to tell you.‖

Abby rolled her eyes. ―He needn‘t have worried. He should know that I‘m unshockable where
that‘s concerned.‖

―Well,‖ Becker chuckled, ―I expect he knows that now, if he didn‘t before.‖ He excitedly
squeezed her breasts as Connor let loose another string of pained yelps. ―I think our other little
sessions should‘ve made that clear, but this definitely would do the trick, I imagine.‖ He grinned

She giggled lightly. ―I should think so.‖ Her knees started going weak. The raw display of
Connor‘s torment played on her as much as Becker‘s tactile attention, and she was beginning to
need more. She arched her back, pushing her rump against him.

Becker, ever observant—and by now quite familiar with her body language—followed her lead,
and quickly unfastened her jeans, dropping them and her cotton knickers to the floor, and then
ditched his own clothes. He settled in behind her, standing with his legs apart to get down to her
height. ―You want this?‖ He rubbed his cock against her slippery cleft.

She groaned thickly and leaned forward, bracing her hands on the windowsill. ―Yes,‖ she

Slowly, deliberately, he slipped just the head inside her, and then moved a hand down her belly
to play fingertips at the top of her cunt.

―Ahfuck!‖ She twitched and sighed as he found her clit and began stroking small circles around
it. ―Please,‖ she begged, pushing back, trying to get him to go further.

Becker drew a rough breath as he finally settled all the way in, and then he began rocking his

hips against her, pushing hard and deep. ―That?‖

―God, yes!‖ Her head began to swim. She always marvelled at how different it was with each of
them. Both of them were eager and passionate, but they had different styles: Becker stronger
and more forceful; Connor more frantic and quick. Dissimilar, but equally delightful.

She watched now as Connor writhed under the attention he was getting in the room on the other
side of the glass. His hips started to buck in a fast, twitchy rhythm--a sign they both recognised
as him nearing release. Quite unsurprising, given the face full of come that had just been
delivered by one soldier, and the rather harsh fucking he was getting with an impressively large
dildo wielded by one of the others.

―He‘s beautiful like this, isn‘t he?‖ Becker‘s voice was tightened just a little with his own ache.

―He is,‖ she managed to say between moans. Each cry, each scream, each thrash and squirm
worked on her nerves like nothing else.

Then Connor looked up, his liquid gaze darting rapidly back and forth between them, reading
their faces, communicating with them as he watched them fuck. She knew it, and she knew
Becker did, too: Connor was blissed out, grateful and utterly in love. Even though the torments
themselves were being delivered by others, the results--and the man receiving them--belonged
entirely to them. The sense of ownership she had of him at that moment was nearly palpable
and strangely calming, especially considering how much of him they‘d had to share with Philip

Maintaining the steady eye contact, Connor convulsed, his mouth wide and jaw tight in a silent
scream. Then he gasped, sucking in a huge breath, and let it out in a long, relieved cry as his
cock began jerking and spurting across his whipmarked belly.

The thrill of watching his lover come tripped Becker first, and he groaned in an almost-pained
way, riding Abby with hard, deep strokes as he came, one hand working furiously on her pulsing
clit, and the other plucking at her tingling nipples.

The solid internal reverb of Becker‘s thrusts met the surface sparks at his fingertips, and under
the attention, her wave built up fast. Eyes still locked on Connor‘s euphoric expression, she
peaked, her own high-pitched cries echoing back from the glass in front of her face as the
powerful shocks rocked her body. Finally, shuddering, she faded, her weakened muscles
drained and her knees giving way. Becker embraced her closely, steadying her as she came

In the other room, the soldiers stepped back, getting an indication from Becker that they should.
After quickly unbinding their captive and gathering their equipment, they discreetly slipped out
the door. Taking only moments to disengage and dress, Abby and Becker joined their spent lad,
who was currently rubbing his sore flesh where the bonds and attention had left marks. He

looked exhausted and thoroughly shattered, but nonetheless very satisfied.

As they came to his side and caressed him lovingly, he looked up at them, his face painted in an
almost-drunken smile. ―Guys?‖ He said giddily. ―This was the best birthday ever.‖


Aftercare (Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor, references to Connor/others and Becker/others

Other Characters: Becker, Allen the medic

Potential Squicks: References to heavy BDSM, and its medical aftereffects, non-sexual
bodily fluids.

It’s the morning after his birthday, and Connor is nursing a few battle scars. One, unfortunately,
needs a bit more care. Good thing there’s an understanding medic on hand.


He was the first one out the door again, leaving the other two behind, happily sleeping in, curled
around each other. He was slightly envious. After yesterday‘s exhausting experience, he wished
he could have spent more time with them, enjoying their gentle caresses as they attended to the
various marks the soldiers had left on him.

But duty—to Philip—awaited, and soon he was making good time toward the ARC.

As he sped down the streets, which were nearly vacant at this hour, he had to chuckle to
himself. The feckless student he‘d been five years ago wouldn‘t remotely recognize the man he
was now: Not just finally having his own car—even if it was an older and cheaper model—but
getting up this early for any reason other than a required exam.

And also for other reasons. He squirmed a little as the seatbelt rubbed against some still-quite-
sore places.

When he arrived, Jason was just finishing up his Hub shift—Jess hadn‘t even got in, yet—and
the rest of the place was dark and quiet. With one exception.

―Morning, Temple,‖ Allen the medic followed him down into the ops area, toting a stack of
requisition forms to hand off to Jess when she arrived. He flashed a significant smile.

Connor flushed and cleared his throat. ―Morning, Allen.‖ He couldn‘t quite meet his eye. Less
than 24 hours ago, the man had been coming on his face, and under the circumstances at the
time, that had certainly seemed like the perfect thing to be happening. Now, in the light of day
and at work? Different—and quite embarrassing—story.

―Feeling well, I hope?‖ Allen grinned.

―Ah. Yes. Just fine. Thanks.‖ Connor squirmed.

Allen smirked. ―Good to hear. If that changes, you know where to find me.‖


He had assumed, with a great deal of certainty, that he would not, in fact, be looking up Allen for
his services. But that was before an awkward move—suddenly bending over to catch a diode
that rolled off his work table—reopened a cut in a very delicate location.

At first, he tried to ignore it. It was only bleeding just a little, and would close up just fine on its
own, he figured. Unfortunately, an afternoon trip to the gents made it quite clear that waiting it
out was simply not an option.

―Ow! Dammit!‖ He muttered to himself as the stinging liquid ran over the open wound.

A voice from a cubicle at the other end of the room echoed. ―Connor? Is that you?‖

Connor perked up at the familiar sound. ―Becks?‖

―Yeah. Hang on.‖ A bit of rustling and a flush later, the cubicle door opened, and his partner
strode out, a look of concern on his face. After a quick glance around to be sure they were
alone, he approached Connor. ―What‘s wrong?‖

―Um.‖ He glanced down. He still held himself in position, and the end of his cock was dripping.
Mixed in with the last traces of the usual fluid was a fair amount of blood, issuing from a jagged-
looking tear in his foreskin.

―Whoa.‖ Becker raised an eyebrow. ―Give me a tick and I‘ll have a look at that.‖ After washing
up, he hurried back and leaned over, carefully taking things in hand and getting a close look at
the wound.

Connor squirmed. A bizarre mix of feelings was conspiring to make this a very uncomfortable
situation indeed. Not just the pain, but the fact that his body was automatically responding to
Becker‘s touch the way it always did, which was making things worse by stretching out the
injured skin. He looked around nervously, willing the door to stay closed so they wouldn‘t be
interrupted in such a compromising position.

Becker muttered to himself, a hint of regret in his voice. ―Damn. I thought I‘d seen to this last
night. Apparently I didn‘t do it up quite properly. I‘m so sorry.‖

Connor shrugged. ―S‘OK. After all that, I‘m surprised this is the only big combat wound.‖ He had
plenty more sore spots, of course, but most were just minor bruises, welts and such. And one
extremely raw nipple from which a clamp had been yanked rather roughly. This, however, he
didn‘t even remember happening. Though, he realised with a wry smile, chances were good he
was way too flooded with endorphins at the time to have taken notice.

―This should really be attended to, love. You‘ll need a bit of antibiotic cream and probably a
coating of medical glue to keep it closed—too fiddly for a plaster.‖ He stood up, smiling sadly as
Connor put himself away, a little bit of blood staining his boxers. ―Meet me in the medical bay,
and I‘ll get you properly—" he cut off as a familiar alarm sounded.

―Fuck.‖ Connor muttered. ―I can‘t go…not like this.‖

―I know.‖ Becker grumbled in frustration. ―I‘ll grab the rest of the team and give them an excuse
for you. But I won‘t be able to help you. Is Allen around today?‖

Connor nodded.

―Good. Go find him, and tell him that if he doesn‘t get you back in good nick again, he‘ll have me
to answer to.‖ Pressing a quick, warm kiss on Connor, he dashed out to do his duty.

Connor heaved a resigned sigh. ―Well,‖ he murmured to himself, ―best go get this over with.‖

When Connor arrived, Allen was doing inventory, keeping himself busy while on standby in case
the recon team needed his services on the mission.

―Hey, Temple!‖ He looked up, smiling. ―What are you doing here? Shouldn‘t you be on the call?‖

―Um. Yeah. I‘m a little… out of commission, I‘m afraid.‖

Allen frowned. ―What‘s wrong? Something I can help with?‖

Connor squirmed and glanced back at the door, which was still wide open.

Allen got the hint.

Having the door locked and the curtain drawn around the bed made Connor feel considerably
less freaked out by the situation. But it was still odd.

―Damn Hobbes,‖ Allen fussed as he swabbed the wound. ―I told him to be more careful with the
hinge on that cage.‖

―Is that what happened?‖ Connor said, bewildered.

Allen looked up. ―You don‘t remem—" Then he laughed a little. ―Oh, right. I think that was about
the time Bailie was, well... Yeah. I think you were a bit distracted.‖

Connor flushed. This was now, officially, the strangest conversation he‘d ever had. His kinky
fantasy life and the porn he‘d consumed had never included anything about what happened
after such sessions. He was now finding out. Allen, at least, didn‘t seem bothered by it, and for
that, he was grateful. He was also, however, ragingly curious now. As Allen squeezed a thin
coating of surgical glue across the rough edges of the wound and held them together, Connor
tried to make conversation.

―So, um. Mind if I ask you something?‖ Connor almost giggled at his own silliness. Yes, politely
asking about personal questions when some bloke was sat in front of you, handling your knob,
made so much sense.

―Sure. Shoot.‖ Allen shrugged.

―Why did you… I mean, why do… How did you get involved in this?‖

―In this what? In medicine?‖

―Ah, no, the…other stuff.‖ Connor tried not to fidget. Or think too much about the fact that he
was being touched so intimately.

―Oh, right. Eh.‖ He shrugged. ―Becker‘s told you what goes on at Sandhurst, right?‖

―A bit of it, yes.‖

―Well, there you go. Some of us were quite horrified and scarred by the hazing. Others, well, we
kind of discovered a few things about ourselves. Liking men, liking a bit of rough play, that sort
of thing.‖ The surgical glue dried quickly, and he stood up, releasing Connor‘s cock. He began
assembling a makeshift dressing—a bit of gauze padding lining the inside of a condom.

―Right, that makes sense.‖ Connor‘s mind was now full of mental images that were making it
difficult to keep from being aroused.

―After hazing, some of the lads kept going with some pretty intense games,‖ Allen continued,
―others just sort of paired off on their own, or were shagging about here and there. Not too
serious. I was sort of one of that type, but I was in on a few other sessions, too, and found I kind
of liked it. Don‘t do it much these days, but I do have some friends who like to keep me on hand
when they‘re playing hard—in case something goes wrong. Kind of fun to watch and maybe
play a bit when I have a chance.‖ He smiled significantly at Connor.

Connor flashed a shy smile and then looked away, mentally reciting formulae to distract himself
from Allen rolling the condom over his mostly-soft cock, then taping it in place.

―Keep that on for a few hours, at least. It‘ll help keep friction from reopening the wound. And be
gentle when you need a piss.‖

Connor nodded, and gingerly tucked himself back into his boxers. ―Will do.‖

―You‘re not really experienced much with that stuff yourself, are you?‖ Allen scanned his face.
―Becker said we needed to be careful with you.‖

―Ah, yeah.‖ Connor flushed as he buttoned up his trousers. ―Not exactly experienced at all,
really. Just a lot of…thinking about it. A bit of. Ehm…‖

―Experimenting on your own?‖ Allen grinned.

―Yeah. That.‖ Connor was slightly mortified to admit it.

―Kind of figured. For someone so green, you actually impressed me. You‘re a lot tougher than
you look.‖

―Ah, thanks?‖ Connor giggled a little with the unexpected flattery.

―Though your man Becker… Blimey. He‘s kind of a legend around Sandhurst with how much he
took with his hazing. That is one tough bastard.‖

Connor had to laugh, remembering the effort it took to get him to break. ―Yeah. We‘d kind of got

―Oh?‖ Allen looked quite surprised. ―Did he let you have at him?‖

Connor grinned proudly. ―Yeah.‖

―Wow.‖ Allen murmured reverently.


Allen helped Connor off the bed and began peeling off his gloves. ―You‘re lucky. He never let
that happen with any of us. After his hazing, he was more than happy to dish it out, but he never
once let anyone else go near him that way again.‖ He began clearing away the used supplies.
―Becks definitely played a bit—I wasn‘t involved, but I knew a few blokes he was with—but he
was always in control. Anyone even thought of putting him on his back, they pretty much got the
living shit kicked out of them. The fact that he let you two do that? That‘s damned amazing.‖

Connor stared. Somehow, this all made sense, and yet it was a side of Becker he‘d never really
known or considered.

Allen leaned back against the counter, crossing his arms over his chest. ―Honestly, while we‘re
on the subject? I‘m surprised at all of this. You three. I would never have thought that he‘d get
properly involved with anyone. When he asked us about setting up your birthday present, we
figured it was just something, you know, kind of casual. Just one of his games. We‘d kind of
known that he was… messing about with you and Abby. But we didn‘t realise you were so


Allen nodded. ―He said that if any of us crossed a line—if we went beyond what he said we
could do, or tried it on with you again, or hurt you for real—he‘d have our goolies on a spike.
And, well, you know him, you know he‘d probably actually do that.‖

Connor laughed and squirmed a little. ―Um. Yeah. That‘s our Becks.‖

―No way would he have been so hardarsed about that if you weren‘t truly special to him.‖ Allen
met his eye, and lowered his voice a little. ―Honestly, Connor? I don‘t know if he‘s ever told you
in so many words—wouldn‘t be surprised if he hadn‘t, since he‘s kind of bad with that stuff—but
he loves you. Both of you. And I hope you both understand what a big deal that is for him.‖

Connor nodded, and then went quiet for a moment while he considered the words. He‘d always
felt somewhat weird about the huge difference in their relative amounts of experience. He hadn‘t
even asked much of the details, knowing that he‘d probably get somewhat jealous about all the
men and women who had gone before. He‘d wondered sometimes if maybe his own lack of

experience—he‘d essentially lost his virginity to Becker himself, after all—was ever a
disappointment compared to all those others.

Knowing this swept away all of those doubts. And now, all he hoped was that he could live up to
the love Becker had for them.

―Anyway,‖ Allen stood back up and clapped a hand on Connor‘s shoulder. ―You take care of that
thing—and tell the other two to keep away from it for a day or so, yeah?‖

Connor giggled. ―Easier said than done.‖

―Yes, well. This time, it‘s doctor‘s orders.‖

―Right, well I‘ll be sure to—" he cut off as the text-alert chime from his phone sounded. He pulled
it out of his pocket and glanced down at the screen: Philip, wondering why he wasn‘t in his lab.
―Ah, got to go.‖

Allen nodded. ―Feel free to stop by if you need anything else.‖

―I will.‖ Connor smiled. ―And Allen? Thanks. For everything.‖ He flushed and looked up shyly.
―And for yesterday, too.‖

Allen laughed. ―That, my friend, was definitely my pleasure.‖


Book Three: Worlds Dividing

Tech Support (Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: A hint of impending Connor/Philip, references to Abby/Connor and Connor/Nick

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Creepy predatory behaviour on Philip’s part.

Connor’s settled into his work for Philip, and it’s now paying off: He’s made something useful.
Philip’s quite pleased with him, and the praise goes to Connor’s head…


―Well, Connor. I think this is very nice indeed. Will be interested to see what happens when it‘s
got a proper field test.‖ Philip smiled, and patted Connor‘s shoulder.

―Thanks very much!‖ Connor beamed. The last two weeks of developing and building the dating
calculator had paid off quite well. Not only was Philip pleased with the work, but he‘d done
something that could be useful on missions, which helped him feel a little less guilty for all the
time he‘d been spending away from the others lately.

He loved his new lab space—messy as it was with piles of paper and random electronic bits
lying around—but it seemed to have given Philip a sort of standing invitation. Almost every day,
like clockwork, he‘d come by when things were starting to wind down, and keep Connor there
for another hour, often more, grilling Connor about his opinions on the anomalies, and chatting
about concepts for possible future projects.

While he was in those conversations, it was all too easy to lose track of time. The part of his
brain that kept up with the world outside his lab seemed to shut down, and all he could do was
brainstorm on matters of tech and physics. Sometimes, however, the conversations turned

―I suppose one of these days, I‘ll need to find a way to reconstruct Cutter‘s prediction model. I
remember a fair amount of the data about it, and Sarah left behind a lot of her notes. It‘s just a
matter of putting the pieces back together again, I think. I wish we still had the artefact or at
least one of the opening devices. I could reverse-engineer them, and maybe come up with
something again.‖ He sighed heavily. ―So much work was lost, though. Helen…‖ he trailed off,

―Cutter meant quite a lot to you, didn‘t he?‖ Philip asked gently.

Connor looked up, meeting Philip‘s eyes and, thankfully, seeing only kindness there. ―Yes, he
did. It really made a difference for me that he gave me a chance, and believed in me. All that
stuff out there,‖ he gestured in the general direction of the Hub, ―that would never have
happened if he hadn‘t trusted me to do it. I would never have done it on my own without him.‖

―Well, I‘m glad he was there for you then,‖ Philip said. ―Being able to detect and lock the
anomalies before major creature incursions happen is a really big deal. You know, the rest of
the team gets due credit for being able to track down and contain the creatures. But really,
Connor, you‘ve likely saved more lives than all of them combined with just the work you‘ve

Connor blinked. He‘d never thought of it that way. He‘d always got so much flak from the rest of
the team for his nerdy ways—from Stephen‘s barely contained snark to Jenny‘s initial dismissal
of the detector to Becker and even Abby occasionally rolling their eyes at him. So often on
missions he‘d felt small next to them. He was the one who‘d taken forever to learn how to
properly handle a gun. The one who always had to improvise a way to take down a creature,
since traditional combat was beyond him. The one whose clumsiness and occasional bad
judgment sometimes led to disastrous consequences. Yet now, Philip‘s words suddenly
changed his perspective. ―Wow,‖ he said, almost to himself. ―I guess that‘s probably true.‖

Philip draped an arm around his shoulders. ―It is true, Connor. Remember how I said you‘re
wasted in the field? There‘s honestly no sense in you trying to keep up with the rest of them.
They‘re all about the creatures and all about battle strategy. That‘s not you. That‘s not what
you‘re best at.‖

―Oh, I dunno.‖ Connor grinned cheekily. ―I had a pretty high-level character in World of

Philip smiled tightly. ―Indeed. And, I‘m sure you‘ve learned quite a lot about all this with your
years on the team—and certainly with your time in the past. It‘s not just Abby who kept you two
safe, I‘m sure.‖

―Right,‖ Connor agreed, chest swelling a little with pride.

―But think about all the time you‘re wasting out there—probably even getting in their way
sometimes—when you could instead be back here working on ways to deal with the anomalies
in the first place, instead of just day-to-day creature management. The field team treats the
symptoms. You‘re the one who‘ll find the cure.‖ He squeezed Connor‘s shoulders.

Connor leaned into the touch, mind racing at what Philip was telling him. It was all falling into
place, now, and he was surprised that it had taken so long to realise it. He set his jaw, a little
upset. Why hadn‘t any of the others ever supported him like this? Why didn‘t even Abby give
him more credit for the very real hard work he‘d been doing all this time?

It had been far too long since he felt this way. For a moment, he heard Cutter‘s voice in his
head, the strength of trust and confidence in him that led him to pass the torch when he… All
that support had died with him, and he‘d been bereft ever since. But now? Maybe, just maybe.
He looked up, meeting Philip‘s steady gaze. ―Thank you, Philip. That means a lot to me.‖

Philip smiled, and gave him one last squeeze, letting his hand trail down over Connor‘s back as
he pulled away. ―You‘re quite welcome. I only want you to live up to your potential, you know.

And there‘s really, so very much of it there.‖ His hand rested for just a moment on Connor‘s
lower back, and then disappeared. Connor found he missed the contact.

His phone, sat on the work table in front of him, jangled, startling him out of the reverie. The
screen lit up, identifying Abby. ―Oh! I should… Yeah, I should take this.‖ He squirmed a little,
almost embarrassed for Philip to see him bending to her call so readily.

―Of course. I‘m sorry I‘ve kept you late again. Do give Abby my best, and I‘ll see you tomorrow.‖
Philip turned and sauntered out, waving.

―Will do. Thanks again.‖ Connor smiled.

―My pleasure, Connor. Always.‖ The door shut behind him.

Connor picked up the phone, but he was too late—the call had gone to voicemail. ―Oh.‖ He
muttered. ―Well, nevermind.‖ Grabbing his jacket, he prepared to head off and get home
himself—he‘d call her on the way.

Halfway out the door, however, he remembered something. The housing for the calculator;
Philip had suggested he switch it out to titanium.

Dropping his jacket, he turned back to his work.


Intermission (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: Jess, Allen the medic

Potential Squicks: Minor medical references

Episode 4x07: Our team is called to an old jail—now a tourist site. On arrival, they find that
there’s something quite wrong with the anomaly—it won’t stay locked, and Connor’s new
anomaly dating calculator reads quite the wrong date for it. A maddened Titanis keeps dashing
through various iterations of the same anomaly. Then, something else comes through: It’s
Danny, finally finding his way back to the present time. After a cheery reunion, it’s back to work.

Complicating matters is Ethan, who’s not only still on the lam, but who, we discover, knows how
to track the anomalies. Sure enough, he arrives at the location, gun in hand, and starts trying to
take out the team.

He’s stopped short, however, when he sees Danny. Ethan, it turns out, is actually Danny’s long-
lost brother Patrick, who disappeared through an anomaly many years earlier (see: 3x02.)

Back at the ARC, Philip approaches Danny, and Danny confronts him with a revelation: Helen
had paperwork with her with Philip’s name on it. Philip glosses over it, but Danny’s still

After some poking around, Connor discovers that the strange anomaly is actually two—opened
in the same place, and fighting with each other for space, resulting in satellite anomalies all over
the place. He’s fascinated, and starts considering what might be causing this behaviour—and
whether it might well have catastrophic consequences. He locks both anomalies, and heads
back to the ARC with Abby, equations already churning in his head.

Meanwhile, Danny’s finally allowed in to see Ethan/Patrick, and tries to work out what went
wrong for him. Patrick, however, is still cold, and uses Danny’s affection against him to make an
escape. He steals a high-powered EMD, and captures Emily in the corridor on his way out.

Becker tries to stop them, but Patrick’s having none of this. One blast takes Becker down.
Another, point-blank, keeps him there…


The voice in her earpiece was wracked with sudden panic. ―Becker! No!‖

―Jess?‖ Abby‘s heart did a backflip. ―Jess! What‘s going on?‖ She looked over at Connor. He‘d
gone suddenly pale.

―Medic to corridor five! Hurry!"

―Jess! Please! What the hell is happening? Tell us!‖ Connor barked.

―Connor! Oh my god…‖ Jess trailed off into hysterical gasps. ―Becker‘s down. I just watched
Ethan—Patrick—shoot him. Medic‘s on his way, but…‖

―No. No, no, no,‖ Connor mumbled, his eyes wide and wet.

―How far away are you?‖ Jess asked, her voice still shaking.

―Five minutes.‖ Abby floored the accelerator. ―Hang on, Jess. We‘re coming.‖ She tried to ignore
the chaotic crosstalk that followed. Ethan—she couldn‘t call him Patrick, yet—had taken Emily.
Matt and Danny were going after him. She could hear Lester and Philip in the background,
shouting at Jess. But her only thought was getting there. Now.

She didn‘t care that she‘d parked awkwardly. She didn‘t care that she‘d landed somewhat oddly
when she hopped out of the 4x4 and her ankle now hurt a little. She didn‘t care that Connor had
to scurry to keep up with her as she rushed into the ARC.

When she saw Becker, he was still laying on the floor, unconscious, Allen hovering over him.

―How is he?‖ She asked desperately.

Allen looked up, his face ashen. ―He took two short-range EMD hits. We had another team
member who took that, too, and he‘s finally awake, but Becker hasn't come round, yet. He
seems to have hit his head when he went down, and that‘s probably contributing.‖

She dropped to the floor, petting Becker‘s face and arms, hoping that somehow her touch might
revive him. Connor paced numbly behind her, murmuring something to himself.

Another medic came rushing down the corridor, bearing a stretcher. ―Medical bay?‖ He called to
Allen. ―Or does he need a better facility than that?‖

Allen set his jaw. ―I‘m going to say here for now, Roberts. I don‘t know for sure. Keep transport

―Will do. Let‘s get him loaded up.‖ Together, the medics gently moved him onto the stretcher,
and quickly bore him away.

Abby pulled two chairs up next to the bed, sitting on one and patting the other beside her for
Connor. He cuddled up to her, putting an arm around her shoulders and taking a trembling

Allen worked steadily, injecting Becker with various medications, hooking him up to various
monitors. ―The EEG looks good,‖ he said quietly. ―He‘s just showing delta waves. He‘s asleep,

―So no brain damage?‖ Abby asked anxiously, kneading Connor‘s sweaty hand.

―There‘s no way of knowing, yet. But there‘s at least some activity, which is a good thing.
Basically, it seems like he got a bit of electroconvulsive therapy.‖

―Electrowhat?‖ Connor frowned.

―Induced seizures. Shock treatment. Like they used to use on mental patients. It can affect
everyone differently, but the usual result from a single dose is a bit of temporary memory loss.
Seems to interrupt the neural pathways from short-term memory storage. I can‘t say for sure
that‘s how this affected him, but it‘s possible, at least.‖ He stood up, making sure the monitors
were all working correctly. ―However, I‘m afraid there‘s nothing more we can do at the moment.
We just have to wait for him to wake up before we know the extent of any damage.‖

Abby shuddered. It was one thing to watch him sleep when he was lying next to her in their big
bed. Seeing him quiet and still like this was something else entirely. Though she knew very well,
from recent experience, exactly how tough he was, there was no telling whether this injury was
more than even he could bear.

―Do you think you can monitor his EEG and contact me if anything changes? I have some other
patients to attend to.‖ Allen looked at her hopefully.

Abby nodded. ―Yes. I‘ll get you immediately. Thank you.‖

Allen dipped his head at her, and hurried out of the room.

She looked over at Connor, who was still stunned and uncharacteristically silent. ―Connor. You

He shook his head. ―I am very, very far from OK right now. There‘s just… It‘s too much. I can‘t…
Not now.‖

―Can‘t what? Conn--?‖

―How is he?‖ Jess interrupted, tiptoeing in behind them. Her face was pale and dappled with
nervous sweat.

Abby gave her a tight smile and reached for her hand. ―We don‘t know for sure yet. He has to
wake up, first before we know.‖

―I‘m so sorry, guys. I didn‘t know… I tried to get backup there as soon as I could…‖ Her eyes
welled up.

―Jess, it‘s not your fault. If Danny couldn‘t handle Ethan, no one could have.‖ Abby petted her
hand gently. ―But I assume your being in here means everything else is settling?‖

―Yes. It is, mostly. Emily‘s fine and Ethan‘s gone back through one of the anomalies. Matt and
Danny are trying to figure out what to do next, so I‘m on standby.‖

―So we‘re all just sat here waiting,‖ Connor said grimly.

―Yeah.‖ Jess looked defeated. Then she perked up. ―Oh! I almost forgot—things got so crazy—I
got those files you wanted, Connor. On the anomalies? I copied them out to your share on the

Connor‘s face brightened a little. ―Oh, thank god. I can do something.‖ He stood up.

―Wait, Connor. Where are you going?‖ Abby frowned at him.

―Abby, I‘m sorry. I can‘t just sit here and stare at Becker and hope he wakes up. I have to do
something useful. I need to try to find out what‘s going on with the anomalies. Whether Becker
wakes up or not isn‘t dependent on me being in this room. He doesn‘t need me right now.‖

―But, Connor,‖ Abby said desperately, ―I need you. Please don‘t leave me here alone. And if he
wakes up, he‘s going to want you here.‖

―Then call me if he does. I‘ll just be in my lab. Just a few steps away. It‘ll be OK, really. I have to
do this.‖ He leaned down to kiss the top of her head. ―Please understand. This is bigger than
just us. It‘s bigger than everyone here.‖ Turning to Jess, he patted her shoulder and smiled
warmly. ―Take care of her, OK? And keep me posted on anything else that happens.‖

Jess looked confused, but she nodded. ―OK, Connor.‖

―Thank you.‖ Without another word, he rushed out.

Abby couldn‘t help feeling betrayed. She trusted Connor‘s judgment about the danger of the
strangely behaving anomalies, but wondered if figuring them out couldn‘t wait another hour, at

―Matt?‖ Jess pressed her earpiece. ―OK, I‘m on it.‖ She looked at Abby sympathetically as she
turned to leave. ―Need to go for now. I‘ll be back as soon as I can, hey?‖

Abby shrugged. ―Yeah.‖ In a moment, she was alone, with only Becker‘s warm-but-silent body
for company. It was a return to baseline for her, she thought bitterly as she clutched his limp

hand. Somehow, she always ended up on her own: Orphaned. Abandoned by her gadfly
brother. Never fitting in with other girls. A short succession of boyfriends who never lasted more
than a few weeks. The animals were all she‘d ever really had. They were her constant
companions, and far more loyal than any human she‘d known.

She thought things had finally changed, first with Connor, and then with Becker. Not only loved
by one honest and beautiful man, but two, who also loved each other. Their relationship was still
young, and certainly odd by conventional standards, but it was everything she never knew she
needed: An endless flow of strange-but-wonderful pleasures, and deep, soul-healing comfort
and love. Their moments of bliss, whether entangled in each other's arms or just sitting around
the flat, being near each other, were what made the rest of this horrible job bearable.

But maybe it was inevitable that it would end someday, she thought. Both seemed to be slipping
away, like everyone before them had: Connor fading into the depths of his brain and his
dedication to Philip and now Becker just fading, suffering the effects of his work in an all-too-
predictable way. It seemed to fulfil a predestiny of abandonment with which she was entirely too

She laid her head on Becker‘s arm, taking some measure of comfort from the warm skin against
her cheek. She stared at the EEG monitor, looking for signs of change, but none came. An hour
ticked away, and she was still alone.

Eventually, the readout became blurred beyond recognition. She barely noticed the hot cascade
of tears that raced down her cheeks and dripped onto Becker‘s arm.

But he did.

―Abby?‖ He murmured thickly, his eyes fluttering open. ―Love? Is… is it raining?‖ He stirred,
looking at her with recognition, but some confusion.

Her heart caught in her chest, and a fresh flow sprang to her eyes. In that moment, all her fears
evaporated again. Being alone this time wasn‘t permanent after all--just an intermission. Just a
brief stop on the journey, not its end. She stood up quickly, leaning over and petting him softly
as he came round.

―Yes, baby,‖ she said, covering his face with kisses. ―It‘s raining.‖


Important (Abby/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

It’s late that same day. Becker’s home and recovering, but Connor’s still out, having run into
Philip, and been whisked away to discuss his new convergence theory. Abby, alone, tries to
bear up under the strain…


Becker was sleeping again—properly, this time, rather than the EMD-induced unconsciousness.
After Allen had declared him good to go, Abby had taken him home, got some food in him, and
put him to bed. He looked peaceful, now, laying there quietly as she curled up next to him, and
she watched his face as it twitched a little with his dreams. His warm body felt good, and
knowing he was going to be well, after a day‘s rest, was of great comfort to her.

Now if only Connor were here.

He hadn‘t answered her calls, and it took an hour before he replied to her texts. And even then,
all he wrote back was, ―Yay. Be home eventually.‖

―Eventually‖ was now stretching into six hours. He wasn‘t in his lab at the ARC—she‘d checked
there before they left—so she assumed he was with Philip. Somewhere.

Finally, the exhaustion of the day overtook her, and she dozed off, head buried against Becker‘s
chest, soothed to sleep by his steady, healthy heartbeat.

It was still quite dark when the breath against the back of her neck woke her up. She stirred,
murmuring his name.

―Hey,‖ Connor whispered, voice barely audible. ―Did I wake you?‖

She turned to him. It was too dark to read his face, and her eyes were still bleary anyway, but
his familiar touch was all she needed. ―Yeah. S‘OK,‖ she mumbled quietly. ―Where have you

He heaved a deep breath. She smelled a hint of brandy. ―With Philip. At his flat, if you can
believe that.‖ There was a nervous edge to his voice she didn‘t like.


―This thing… the theory I was working on about the anomalies. He thinks I‘m right. He wanted to
talk to me about it.‖

―Over a drink?‖

He made a small noise of embarrassment. ―Yeah. He kinda… he offered, and I didn‘t feel right
refusing. His driver brought me home.‖

―Well, that was nice,‖ she said flatly.

―Abby…‖ he sounded hurt.

―Nevermind.‖ She sighed, kissing him quickly. ―I‘m glad you‘re home.‖ And she was, conditions

―I‘m glad to be home.‖ He sounded sincere, at least. ―How is he?‖ He nodded toward the other
side of the bed.

―He‘ll be OK. Allen gave him something for the pain and said he should be able to sleep most of
it off.‖

―That‘s good. I was worried about him.‖

―Were you?‖ She said dryly. ―Because you certainly took off fast enough.‖

―Abby!‖ He raised his voice a little. ―Of course I was worried. Horribly so, in fact. But there wasn‘t
anything I could do. I had to do something to keep my mind off of him when I couldn‘t--‖

―He asked for you after he woke up,‖ she cut him off. ―And you weren‘t there. If you wanted to
do something for him, that would‘ve been it.‖

He flinched at her harsh tone.

―You know he‘d never show it,‖ she continued, ―but I think your not being here tonight hurt him
more than the EMD hits did.‖

―Oh.‖ Connor went quiet for a moment, and his breathing hitched. Finally, he spoke again, ―I‘m
so sorry. Truly.‖ He sounded on the edge of tears.

―I know." Her voice softened. "But you need to tell him that, too.‖ She was still angry, but she
opened her arms to him.

―I will.‖ He moved toward her, seeking the comfort of her embrace. ―I guess… I know this
sounds weird, but I guess I don‘t really think about that.‖

―About what?‖

―About being…‖ his voice went small and sheepish. ―…important to him. Or to you, really.‖

―Well you are. Probably more than you know. We do kind of like having you around.‖ She poked
his chest.

He shivered a little, as if the words made him uncomfortable. ―I wish… well, I wish things weren‘t
so crazy right now.‖

She couldn‘t help a wry smile. ―Things are always crazy.‖

He chuckled under his breath. ―Yeah, they kinda are. Bloody job.‖ He huffed a little in
exaggerated frustration. ―Times I wish I was still back working in the university library and
mucking about with my dissertation.‖

―Really,‖ she agreed. ―My life would be so much simpler if I were still just dealing with the
delicate mating habits of far smaller lizards.‖

He dropped a kiss on her forehead. ―Ah, but then I‘d never have met you. And we wouldn‘t have
met Becks, either.‖

―True.‖ She sighed. Stressful as their life was, it also had moments of such joy that she knew
she'd never trade it for a calmer life.

Slowly, the tension and anger ebbed away as they cuddled quietly. Even when her better
judgment tried to get her to feel otherwise, there was something automatically comforting and
calming about being skin-to-skin with Connor. He‘d seen sides of her she‘d never shown
anyone else—not even Becker—and yet he still loved her. The reverse was also true. As deeply
uncomfortable as she was with Philip, and with Connor working for him, she nonetheless knew
how important the job was to Connor. And if nothing else, she also trusted that Connor was
probably the only person on the planet who not only understood what weirdness might be
happening with the anomalies, but what to do about it. ―You know, it‘s strange,‖ she mused.


―When I met you, I had no idea who you really were. Makes me feel an idiot for not seeing it
then. I just thought you were this… silly little boy or something.‖

―Well, I was sort of silly, then. But not a boy.‖ He moved a little closer, tilting his hips toward her.

She felt the brush of his half-erection against her thigh. Unsurprising; being close like this
always aroused him at least a little. The touch triggered a little surge of her own. ―No,‖ she said
slyly, nudging back. ―Definitely not a boy.‖

He shivered, tightening his hand on her arm. ―Damn shame he‘s not awake,‖ he murmured.

―Yeah, I know. We really ought not to wake him, though,‖ she said sadly. ―He needs the rest.‖

―He does,‖ Connor agreed. ―And we‘d probably wake him if we got up to go elsewhere, too.‖


―Well, I promise that the next chance I get, I‘ll fuck the hell out of the both of you. How‘s that?‖
Connor nudged again.

She shuddered, mind now racing with the idea. ―I‘ll hold you to that, you know.‖

He kissed her, full and deeply. ―I‘m counting on it.‖

It seemed only minutes later when she woke up again. The rising sun painted bright stripes
through the blinds, illuminating the again-empty spot on her right side. She heard his voice, tight
but audible, from the front room.

―Yeah. He‘s here now, Philip. I‘m on my way.‖ The front door closed—somewhat more loudly
than Connor had probably intended.

The sound stirred the body on her other side. ―Abby?‖ He turned toward her, blinking in
confusion. ―Is Connor… did he?‖

She drew him close, petting away damp strands of hair from his face. ―He got in late, but he just
left again. I‘m sorry.‖

―Oh.‖ He didn‘t have to say anything more. The break in his voice was enough.


Shell Shocked (Becker/Connor, Abby/Becker)
POV: Becker

Pairing: A/B/C, with Abby/Becker and Connor/Becker scenes

Other Characters: Allen and Minker, a member of Becker’s team

Potential Squicks: Minor injury references, rough sex

5x01: It’s a few days on from the tragic events of 4x07. Becker is recovered from the EMD blast,
but things have still gone quite awry. Emily’s gone, back through to her own time—and the
husband she left behind. Danny’s gone, chasing after his brother through the other anomaly.
And Connor’s been spending nearly all his time either working for Philip, or with the man

While the rest of the team is out on a creature incursion call—no anomaly this time, but a report
of a large burrower—Connor is spirited away by Philip to an old power station. The convergence
theory, Philip explains, isn’t the critical thing he thinks Connor should be working on. Instead, he
introduces Connor to New Dawn: A plan to harness the anomalies for free energy. Connor’s
fascinated, if overwhelmed, but signs on to the project, seriously flattered by Philip’s faith in him.
To keep him on track, Philip also assigns Connor a new assistant: April, whom we soon see
isn’t all she seems.

The team calls for Connor as he’s at New Dawn: His skills are needed to help track the
burrowing creature, which has now taken another person. He arrives on site, and helps out, but
just as he’s returning to the incursion site, the creature—an enormous insect—pops up from the
ground and drags him below, much to the horror of Matt, Abby and Becker.

They manage to find where Connor’s been taken—a basement level of an under-construction
shopping centre—and find that he’s alive, though injured. Unfortunately, they can’t easily get to
him, and it turns out things are far worse than just one bug: There’s a whole nest of them,
hibernating in the building. With their burrowing capabilities, going in with guns blazing would
simply risk them tunnelling, and potentially infesting the entire city within a short time. Thinking
quickly, Connor devises a plan to incinerate the creatures with a small, natural-gas-fuelled
explosion. Becker sets this up, but before Connor can get out of there, his way is blocked by a
waking bug. Overcome by the gas fumes, he collapses.

Matt rushes in to rescue him, and they’re nearly at a safe distance from the pending blast, but
the bugs have all woken up by now. If they don’t set off the explosion soon, it’ll be bug city
everywhere. Abby begs Becker not to detonate the explosion, but finally, under orders from
Lester, he does.

Matt and Connor, it turns out, managed to stay safe from the explosion in a skip, and after a
joyous reunion, the team head back to the ARC. Once there, Connor finds April waiting for him
with some New Dawn plans to read—which must be done on-site.

Abby, based on her observations on the mission, has sussed out that there’s something
different about Matt, and figures out his secret: He’s from the future—an even worse time than
the one with which they were already familiar. He explains to her about the catastrophe that
caused the ruin, and tells her that Philip—and Connor—are somehow connected to it. She’s
horrified, but agrees to help him figure out what Connor’s working on, to try to stop it before it
becomes dangerous.

Becker, meanwhile, is oblivious to what’s going on for Abby, and assumes that her cold
demeanour is related solely to his actions on the mission.


―I‘m sorry,‖ Becker had told Abby, as he tucked her protectively under his arm. He had done his
soldier‘s duty in shielding her from the explosion‘s shrapnel. Yet in his duty as a friend and
partner, he had failed: flipping that switch against her pleas had wounded her far more deeply.

Watching her now, as she silently sat at the kitchen table across the room, nursing her third cup
of tea, he wondered how he could explain it to her. How could he explain that his mental state
under fire didn‘t allow for more than he had given? How could he explain that the soldier's
instinct burned into him was a matter of following orders for the greater good, and not giving in
to one‘s own anguish? It was a testament to how strong his feelings were that he had hesitated,
delayed, apologised. It was a violation of his training to have gravitated toward her during the
mission, seeking comfort and safety as much as he was giving it. There was no room in battle
for sentimentality. You identified your objective, and you met it, full stop. No dithering, no
arguing. Even when the right thing to do made your heart freeze up and shatter into a thousand
pieces. Even when all you wanted to do was sink to your knees and beg whatever deities might
be listening to deliver you from this grief.

It had all turned out right. And yet it was also all wrong, now. She‘d barely spoken to him when
Connor was being seen to at the site, and had wandered off with Matt once they were back at
the ARC. Now, at home, they nested at opposite ends of the room as the evening wore on, and
they still hadn‘t talked about it.

To make matters even worse, Connor was gone again. After getting properly stitched up at the
ARC‘s infirmary, he‘d spent barely an hour getting showered and changed in the locker room
before holing up back in his lab with his strange new assistant.

But at least, Becker thought with a sad smile, they had had that hour...


―Ow!‖ Connor shrieked a little as Allen began cleaning the gash on his leg. Abby, holding tight to
his hand, petted him soothingly, whispering words of comfort in his ear. She‘d hardly left his side
since they‘d got him back out of the ruined building.

Becker, standing near them both, felt a sympathy pain at Connor‘s cry—a sharp shock through
the mostly-healed Therocephalian bite on his own leg. He reached a hand up to pet Connor‘s
damp, matted hair. ―I‘m so sorry, lov—mate.‖ His heart skipped a beat as he corrected himself,
and he jerked back the hand before it reached Connor‘s head.

Abby looked up at him in shock, her eyes wide. He glanced around, making sure no one else
had heard his near slip-up. Minker, he noticed with relief, was the only one in earshot aside from
Allen. Both, along with two others, were the only members of his team who knew about their
captain‘s unusual romantic arrangement. Allen, along with Bailie and Hobbes, was intimately
familiar, having been at the bunker last week helping to deliver Connor‘s ―birthday gift.‖ And
Minker he‘d known since his Eton days—even had a fling with him before the lad had run off
and got married.

Yet these were the only ones he trusted with this delicate information. These few, loyal men
wouldn‘t breathe a word of their captain's unusual relationship to anyone else. Everyone else at
the ARC was entirely unaware, save, of course, for canny Jess. Bless her, she‘d made a point
of covering their trail, somehow instinctively understanding the discretion required under the
circumstances. For this, she‘d been quite well-stocked with chocolate—no orange—these days.

Allen finished cleaning away the blood and debris from Connor‘s wound, and was giving it a
close look. ―Good thing is that it doesn‘t look like there was any venom involved. You just got a
nasty bite from the creature‘s mandible.‖ He patted Connor‘s leg reassuringly. ―I‘ll get this
packed up for now, and when we get back to the ARC, I‘ll get you stitched up proper.‖

―Good—AH!‖ Connor shrieked again with the last swipe of the antiseptic solution, and squeezed
Abby‘s hand.

Becker winced. Had those noises been uttered in pain of a voluntary sort, he‘d undoubtedly
have sprung a fantastic erection by now. As it was, however, his beloved was in a great deal of
pain of the not-fun variety, and he ached a little, knowing he couldn‘t give Connor the same kind
of comfort and attention as Abby did so freely. His hovering near Abby while Connor was
trapped had caused Matt to stare a little more than usual already—best not fuel that fire any

Watching and worrying as Connor was seen to, Becker wondered again why they kept it secret.
It wasn‘t as if fraternization was necessarily frowned upon, what with Connor and Abby‘s
relationship being quite official. It wasn‘t the he-and-Connor thing, either. Even aside from his
trusted team members, most of the younger ARC staff weren‘t generally homophobic. Some
were openly gay themselves.

But a lab tech with a picture of her girlfriend on her desk wasn‘t quite the same thing as their
more-complicated arrangement. He supposed most wouldn‘t be unfamiliar with the idea of three
in a bed, of course, but the serious relationship they had? The idea of him as an interloper for
the celebrity couple? Well, that was just a bit more than the average person might quite

understand, he figured, and he wasn‘t up for attempting to explain. It would only be yet another
distraction from his very critical job.

More than all that, however, Becker just knew instinctively that this was something they should
keep quiet. Especially now that Connor was so tightly bound up with Philip, he sensed that
giving the man one more bit of personal information to use to further ensnare his protégé might
not be a good idea.

So as Connor again cried out, Becker bit his tongue, giving only the manliest of pats on
Connor‘s back, and silently pleading with his eyes for his partner to understand the detachment.

Connor, fortunately, did seem to understand, and said as much on the ride back to the ARC—
which was, thankfully, just the three of them. Despite his pain and exhaustion, he was animated
and chatty, seeming for at least a moment like the lad they loved, and not the one who was
increasingly spending nearly every waking moment either with Philip or working on one of the
man‘s projects. It was nice, Becker thought, and seeing Connor smile like that made him fall in
love all over again.

Abby, however, was another story. The moment he‘d flipped that detonator switch, he‘d felt
something break inside her. Soothed somewhat by Connor‘s safety, and clinging to him in the
back seat as if he were a prized cuddly toy, she still bristled whenever Becker caught her eye.

He still felt like there was so much about her he didn‘t know, and he was still unsure of her
enough to not be certain she‘d forgive him. His chest tightened at that thought, but regardless,
she and Connor were close again, and that was enough for now.


―Hey.‖ Connor poked his head into the armoury, where Becker was cleaning and packing away
the guns—real guns!—they‘d used on the mission.

―Hey!‖ Becker brightened. ―I was beginning to think you‘d run off.‖

―No—not… Well, sort of. I‘m kind of. I need to go back. I have this… April is…‖ He huffed,
frustrated at his inability to explain. ―Allen just got me properly stitched up and full of good drugs,
and I was about to head off to the locker room for a shower and a change. But I have to go back
to my lab after that.‖ He did look disappointed, at least, Becker noted, hoping maybe some
progress had been made in getting him to think twice about the hours he was putting in for

―I see,‖ Becker said, non-committally.

―Where‘s Abby?‖

Good question, Becker thought. ―You know… I think I saw her head off with Matt somewhere.
But I don‘t know for sure. I could go find her while you‘re tidying up, if you like.‖

Connor shook his head. ―No, it‘s OK. I‘ll catch up with her later.‖ He limped into the room, still
wincing. ―Honestly, I wanted to talk to you, really.‖

―Me? Why?‖

―I…‖ He heaved a deep breath. ―I just wanted to tell you I‘m sorry. I‘ve barely seen you in the
last few days. And that‘s my fault. And I‘m sorry for not being there for you, too--when you were
hurt. You‘ve… You were right there when I needed you today, and I feel rotten for not doing the
same for you.‖

Becker glanced up at the room‘s CCTV camera. Hoping that Jess didn‘t actually have the feed
on full-screen, he took a chance, strolling over to Connor and taking his hand. ―Thank you.‖ He
squeezed warmly. ―Honestly, I know your intentions are good. And I know it must be hard trying
to be so many places at once.‖

Connor sighed in relief. ―It is. It so is. I wish Abby understood this more. But she‘s got this thing
about Philip, and…‖

Becker frowned. ―Hey, she‘s not the only one, you know. Remember that I told you to be careful
with him, yeah?‖

Connor‘s mouth tightened. ―I know. I am. Really. I don‘t think either of you understand him that
well, though.‖

―Maybe not.‖ He tried to sound supportive. ―But I don‘t want to talk about Philip, hey? I‘m just
glad you‘re with me right now. I‘ve missed you.‖

Connor relaxed. ―I‘ve missed you, too. Honestly. I know it hasn‘t really been long—I‘m still sore
from my birthday, actually—but…‖ he crept a little closer, dropping his voice. ―I feel like it‘s been
ages since you and I…‖

―Got busy?‖ Becker grinned.

Connor half-smiled. ―Made love.‖

An involuntary shudder went up Becker‘s back and he flushed deeply. Ignoring the camera, he
bridged the remaining distance between them and caught Connor up in his arms. After several
moments of the deep kiss he‘d been dying to give Connor all day, he finally stepped back. ―We
will soon, yeah?‖ He said gently, petting Connor‘s cheek.

Connor‘s eyes fluttered and he shivered, shifting his hips a little to accommodate the sudden

swelling at his crotch. ―Yeah.‖

―Hey, Cap‘n, do you know where that—" A voice from the doorway caught Becker's attention,
and he jerked away in panic. ―Oh! Sorry. Didn‘t mean to interrupt.‖

Minker, thank goodness. Becker‘s alert mode switched off again. ―A‘ight, Minker. No harm. What
did you need?‖

―Ah, nothing. I see it over there. The Mossberg.‖ He nodded toward the case in the corner.

―Yeah. Took that one back with me. Missed my old one too much not to.‖

Minker smirked. ―You and your toys.‖ He glanced significantly at Connor.

Becker felt just a tiny bit of annoyance at that, but let it slide, only laying a protective hand on
Connor‘s shoulder. Then he got an idea. ―Hey, Minker, you have anything going on right now?‖

―Now that I‘ve found the Mossberg, no. Something in mind?‖

―Well, Connor here was about to head to the showers. And seeing as he‘s had a rough day,
would be nice if he weren‘t interrupted. Can you see to that?‖

Minker smirked again--damn him--but he nodded. ―Of course, Cap‘n. Will steer everyone clear
of that corridor.‖ He dipped his head to Connor. ―Well done today, by the way, Temple. You‘re
quite the brave young man.‖

Connor brightened at the praise. ―Thanks very much!‖

True to Minker‘s words, the locker room was utterly deserted by the time they arrived. After
Becker gently helped Connor out of his filthy, torn clothes, and ditched his own kit, they were
finally properly together, embracing as the warm water swept away the day‘s dirt, sweat and

―It seems like a lifetime ago,‖ Connor murmured, leaning back into Becker‘s chest and hugging
the arms that enfolded him.


―Your flat. That first morning in the shower.‖ Connor looked over his shoulder, smiling languidly.

Becker flushed as the memories came flooding back: Connor‘s near-innocence, his eagerness,
his surprise and delight at Becker‘s advances. In the relatively short time that he and Abby had
been back, the trio had spent virtually every spare moment naked and entangled, doing

everything they could imagine. It was a whirlwind of bliss, and he was deliriously happy with all
of it. Yet, remembering that first time with Connor made everything else come sharply into

―It does seem a lifetime, yeah,‖ Becker said thoughtfully.

Connor‘s voice went soft. ―Are we different people, now?‖

Becker hummed quietly, thinking and nuzzling Connor's ear. ―Maybe. But it‘s not a bad thing.
Definitely not in my case.‖


―When I took you home then, I was lying to myself. I pretended that I just wanted to be with you
for a night. Help you feel better about Abby. Have some fun.‖

―We did, didn‘t we?‖ Connor brought one of Becker's hands to his mouth and kissed the palm,
echoing the long-ago touch of Becker's that had sparked the first moment between them.

Becker smiled. ―Of course. But there was more to it than that for me. I just didn‘t know it at the
time.‖ He caressed Connor‘s back and shoulders. ―It took losing you two to really break down
that wall for me. I tried to go back to how I was before, but it never happened. I can still be, you
know, professional and such when I need to be, but I‘m finally letting myself feel something now.
I never really did that before. And I have you two to thank for that.‖

―Well, you‘re welcome?‖ Connor grinned. ―But no, I get it. Abby and I… It took us months to get
over ourselves, even when we were the only two humans in existence. And of course, it was
talking about you that finally did it.‖

―None of us is really good at this, are we?‖ Becker smiled sheepishly.

―The spitting-it-out thing? Yeah. No.‖ Connor laughed a little. ―I‘m too spacy, you‘re too stoic and
Abby‘s too…‖ he shrugged, not finding the word. ―Armoured. Something like that.‖

―Yeah.‖ Becker nodded in understanding. His stomach clenched a little, still worried about how
distant she‘d been. ―I think she still has a lot of walls up. I feel like I barely know her sometimes.
Do you s‘pose she‘ll ever tell me about her past?‖

―I dunno. She‘s only told me a little, actually. I know she has some pretty big demons there, but I
also know better than pushing her. It‘d just make things worse.‖

―It would. I just hope she trusts me enough someday. Though after today, I‘m not sure that‘s
going to happen anytime soon.‖

Connor frowned. ―How so?‖

―Well, the whole blowing you up thing.‖

Connor huffed quietly. ―Damn. It was the right thing to do, though. Matt knew what he was
doing. I trusted him.‖

―I did too, mostly. But she didn‘t. She trusted me to make the right decision. And she kept telling
me not to do it. It was only because of Lester‘s order that I actually flipped that switch, and I
think she‘s really upset with me for not ignoring him.‖

―Well, I seem to recall telling you to do it, too.‖ Connor set his jaw. ―So if she doesn‘t get over it,
let me talk to her. I‘ve seen her like this before. It usually takes a combination of common sense
and some reassurance that she‘ll be looked after. I think she‘ll take that from you, but if not, I
know she‘ll take it from me.‖

Becker frowned, but tried to take some solace in that. ―OK. I hope you‘re right.‖ He wasn‘t
actually sure Connor could talk Abby down, if her mind was set, but it was, really, the only hope.

―It‘ll be fine, Becks. I promise. We‘ll all be fine.‖ Connor reached behind him and gently stroked
a hand over Becker‘s hip.

―OK.‖ He relaxed, the touch soothing him somewhat. The caress also reminded him of how
close they were, and how good it felt to be skin-to-skin with Connor, whom he‘d barely seen in
the last few days. ―So,‖ he said teasingly. ―Up for a little walk down memory lane?‖ He slipped a
soapy hand between them and traced down the cleft of Connor‘s arse.

Connor gasped and smiled. ―Ah, yeah. I think ‗up‘ is most definitely the right word.‖ He drew a
deep, shuddering breath and tilted his hips. Becker‘s fingers slipped deeper, and traced soapy
circles around Connor's hole, probing and relaxing the twitching muscles. Connor purred and
backed in to the touch, murmuring encouragement as Becker's fingers moved inside him. But
after a few moments, Connor winced again, favouring his leg. ―Not sure I can stand much
longer, dammit,‖ he said sadly.

Becker thought for a moment. ―S‘OK. You don‘t have to.‖


―C‘mere.‖ Gently turning Connor around, he manoeuvred until Connor‘s back was against the
wall of the shower. Then, getting a good grip on Connor‘s waist, he lifted him up, moving
forward to support Connor‘s weight on his hips.

―Whoa!‖ Connor laughed a little in surprise, instinctively grasping Becker‘s shoulders and
wrapping his legs around Becker‘s waist. ―Sure you can hold me?‖

―Of course.‖ Becker pressed against him. Connor‘s slender frame was actually quite light in his
arms, especially as he was braced against the wall. He shifted a little, adjusting his grip to take
some pressure off of Connor‘s injured leg.

And then he gently eased Connor down.

―Oh, god!‖ Connor groaned, clinging to Becker‘s neck and trembling as he was filled up, gravity
helping Becker bury himself nicely deep.

It always felt so good, that first slip inside him. Every bit as tight and warm as the first time,
things were nonetheless a little different, now. Connor‘s body took him more readily, for one,
conditioned as it was to respond to Becker‘s anatomy. He was also much surer of himself than
he‘d been that first day, eagerly tilting his hips just so, and moving in an instinctive way with
Becker‘s rhythm.

So in sync were they now that it was only a short time before both were groaning roughly,
mouths mashed together as their mutual pace quickened. Connor was actually aroused enough
that only the barest bit of friction against Becker set him off, and soon, he was squirming and
mewling as his cock spurted across their bellies. Becker tried to hold back, knowing how little
time he had left with his lover and wanting to make the moment last, but the greedy way
Connor‘s body clutched at him was too much, and soon, he, too was peaking, pushing as
deeply as he could, tense, trembling muscles only barely keeping them both upright.

Finally, they were both weak enough that they had to disengage. Becker gingerly lifted Connor
off, and set him down carefully, minding his injury.

They finished rinsing off, caressing and kissing here and there in silent communication.

The rude jangling of Connor‘s mobile, sat on the bench in the other room, broke their reverie.
―April‘s expecting me,‖ Connor said quietly.

―I know.‖ Becker‘s jaw tightened, but he tried to not let his frustration show. ―I know you have
things to do. I‘ll miss you, though. And Abby will, too.‖

Connor looked torn. ―I know she will. Please give her my love, yeah?‖

Becker bit his lip. ―Of course. If she‘ll let me.‖

―She'll let you. I‘ve made her angry more times than I can count, and she‘s still with me, so
there‘s that, yeah? She‘ll come round. I‘m sure of it.‖


So much for that, Becker thought wryly, as he reread the same paragraph in his book for the
sixth time. Apart from a brief conversation in the car on the way home from the ARC—she
responded well, at least, to the report of his short time with Connor—they‘d barely spoken for
hours, each nursing individual pain.

The words began to run together on the page, and he rubbed his eyes. When his vision cleared,
he glanced up, and to his surprise, found Abby looking at him.

Taking a chance, he held her gaze. ―Hey,‖ he said softly.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out at first. Finally, she nodded. ―Hey.‖

Setting aside his book, he got up, and ambled toward her in a way he hoped seemed as
unthreatening as possible. When he reached her side, he tentatively put a hand on her
shoulder. She, to his great relief, accepted the touch, closing her eyes and sighing heavily.

―We don‘t have to wait up for him,‖ she said, a hint of sadness in her voice.

―OK.‖ Reaching for her hand, he helped her to her feet, and led her down the corridor to the

They undressed, and climbed into bed, Abby turning to face away from him.

After a few moments of silence, he finally spoke. ―Are you still angry with me?‖

―It‘s done, Becker.‖ She shrugged. ―There‘s nothing more to say.‖

―Are you sure? Because I—―

She turned quickly, and silenced him with a hand to his mouth. ―Yes, I‘m sure. I don‘t want to
talk about that.‖

―OK,‖ he mumbled into her hand. She took it away. ―What do you want, then?‖

Taking his face in her hands, she pushed an inelegant kiss on him. It took him by surprise, but
he kissed back, taking comfort in the familiar feel of her soft mouth.

Finally, she pulled away. ―I know it‘s not your fault he‘s not here.‖

―But you wish he was.‖

―I do.‖

―So do I. I‘m sorry I‘m not him.‖

She shook her head. ―I‘m not. You‘re my partner, too, remember?‖ She kissed him again.

A short wave of shock ran through him. They‘d spoken around the topic many times, but not
quite in so many words. That she was saying that now said volumes about her current raw state
of mind.

―Abby…‖ he began, hesitantly, wondering if this was really the mood she should be in when they
were close like this.

―Don‘t.‖ She stopped him. ―I need you, Becker. I‘m aching right now, and I just need you.
Please?‖ Her eyes were wide and a little wet, the clear blue visible even in the low light.

Pushing back the trepidation, he pulled her close. ―Of course, baby.‖

His earlier tryst with Connor had given him stamina even beyond his normal long endurance—
and he needed it. With words and body language, she made it clear that she wanted everything
he could possibly give her, and as hard and rough as he could give it. For an hour, he worked
her in every way, hands and mouth roaming her body from top to toe. He groped and kneaded,
pinched and bit, scratched and tugged, leaving small marks as he went, and bringing her to
writhing, howling peaks time and again. He came close himself a few times—very close when
he was fucking her throat—but he held on, knowing she needed him to give her more.

Finally, she relented, and lay back, splaying out wantonly, her messy hair a damp halo across
the pillow. Her mouth hung open, and she panted heavily. ―Fuck me hard, Becker,‖ she pleaded,
stroking a hand across her open, wet cleft. ―Tear me apart.‖

He tried to ignore the little warning bell that the desperation in her voice set off. She was there,
ready, available. Not just willing, but begging for him to take her like this. If she had been any
other woman, he‘d still have thought twice about it. But this was Abby. His Abby, he reminded
himself. She had wounds that went deeper than he might ever understand, but she was also
one of the toughest, most fierce people he‘d ever known. He knew that, as was often the case
for him, the kind of therapy she needed right now was this.

And aside from all that, given the delicious vision laid out before him, his cock was demanding
that he fulfil her request.

With only a moment to position himself, he descended upon her, catching up her hips in his
hands and pulling her to him as he quickly shoved himself all the way inside. She gasped in
happy shock, and threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him much the same as Connor
had only hours earlier. They were similar in some ways, she and Connor—slender, wiry, and apt
to push back and give as much as they got— but Abby was still different. Not just anatomically,
but in spirit. Where Connor broke readily, submitting quickly as his instinct dictated, she fought
back. He had to work to get to her, his muscles tight and burning as he heaved and bucked and

drove himself into her, hard enough that he was sure he was bruising her. Tiny as she was, she
seemed made from steel cable, and where nearly anyone else would break, she only bent—and
not far, at that.

Finally, just as it seemed he had nothing more left for her, and was about to give in to his body‘s
pleas for release, he buried his face in her hair. Gasping for breath, he deliriously huffed the
words that had been threatening to come from him all night.

―Abby… I love you…‖

Her body went slack. For a moment, he was terrified that he‘d done something horribly wrong.
The panic was enough to shave the edge off of his impending orgasm, and he froze, buried
inside her, wondering if he should keep going or stop or just evaporate entirely.

But then she spoke. A bare whisper, it was nonetheless clear and strong and completely
sincere. ―I love you, too.‖ As the last word faded from his ear, it was replaced by a deep gasp.
Her body tightened, wound up like a spring, and then, suddenly, she crashed, clinging to him in
desperation, and whimpering pathetically with each shock as it rocked her body. On the final
waves, he felt her sobbing, dampening his shoulder with hot tears.

His own release, while deeply satisfying, was nearly forgotten in the chaos. All he could think of
was holding her as close as possible, trying to shelter and heal her from whatever pain she still
had. He blinked back his own tears, knowing she needed his strength.

It seemed ages that they lay there together, curled up around each other, his softening, wet
cock still held inside her as she trembled weakly. There were no more words—they didn‘t need

When she was finally calm again, he slipped out, and moved onto his side, shifting just enough
to give her some air. She still folded up in his arms, however, and stayed there, relaxing enough
that she fell asleep. Once he was certain she was out, he finally drifted off, too.


Connor must have found them like that. His side of the bed showed a shallow imprint of his
body, and the shower was still steamy when Becker toddled into the bathroom the next morning.
Momentary worry about Connor‘s reaction was relieved when Becker found his phone showing
a voicemail.

―Looks like you two kissed and made up. Yay!" Connor's voice sounded sleepy. "Sorry I missed
it. Work calls. Do me a favour and love her as much as you can right now. I‘m not sure I‘ll be
able to do much of that myself in the near future. This project I‘m on… Well, I can‘t tell you.
Just… know that I wish I was there, yeah?‖

Abby wandered in, rubbing her makeup-smudged eyes. Even after the release he'd tried to give
her, and a good night's sleep, she still, to his dismay, looked a little shell shocked. ―Connor‘s at
work again,‖ she said flatly.

―Yeah.‖ He switched off the phone.

She shrugged numbly, getting in to the shower. ―S‘OK,‖ she mumbled from behind the glass. ―I
still have you.‖

He shivered, staring at the phone as if it might come to life and give him the backup he needed.
He would, true to his duty and his own feelings, give her as much love as one person possibly

He just wasn‘t sure he could give her enough for two.


Paper, Scissors, Stones (Abby/Becker)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Becker, with A/B/C references

Other characters: April (offscreen)

Potential Squicks: Toys, pegging

Connor’s work for New Dawn has now begun in earnest, and he starts spending even more
time—hovered over by guard-dog April—locked away in his lab, working on his part of the

Abby, meanwhile, has started spending more time with Matt, trying to help him with his own
mission, though she’s feeling guilty for it.

Even with the growing pressures, however, our trio are managing to keep things together, and
this is in large part due to Becker keeping Abby from feeling lonely or abandoned with Connor’s
late nights. But, as it turns out, Becker needs her, too, in the absence of their partner, and she
shows him a way she can help…


She tried to see it in Matt‘s face—to see if there was some hint there, some telltale sign that she
had missed earlier. But there was nothing—no indication that he was anything other than a
normal man from her own time. He was eccentric, to be sure, and more impassive than nearly
anyone she‘d ever known, but aside from that, it wasn‘t as if he had a tattoo on his body
marking his birthdate as a hundred years past her own.

She wondered for a time whether he was a con artist, someone setting up some sort of
elaborate ruse to get onto the ARC team for some purpose other than saving the future. But
what? And who would he be working for or with to make this happen? She couldn‘t say.

Eventually, she just had to accept it, soothing herself with the idea that, at least he was trying to
stop Philip. The enemy of one‘s enemy, and all that. Discovering that Danny had found a
connection between Helen and Philip just sealed the deal.

Her trepidation resolved, she slowly warmed up to him, and within a couple of days, she was
readily working with him, trying her best to keep her eyes and ears open for any hint from
Connor as to what he was working on. This was, unfortunately, not exactly easy, given the
increasingly long hours he was spending parked in his lab.

The thing that made her most queasy, however, beyond the pain of having to keep Connor
under suspicion even as he drifted further away, was not being able to confide in Becker. Matt
hadn‘t specifically told her not to, but then again, he didn‘t know about their relationship in the
first place. Which was how she wanted to keep it.

Becker was her oasis, her calm in this storm. He alone understood the pain of Connor being
absent so much, and, bless him, was doing everything he could to give her plenty of attention
and make her feel loved.

In his arms, she felt safe and protected from the misery surrounding Connor. She didn‘t want to
have to think about what Matt might ask her to do where Becker was concerned as well.


For once, everything seemed all right, she thought as they sat around the kitchen table one
evening, eating a truly excellent curry Becker had thrown together. Connor was actually home,
instead of downing whatever takeaway April brought to him in his lab, and they were all relaxed
and happy.

Not that that meant they weren‘t bickering.

―No way!‖ Connor shook his head. ―The original is a classic! It shouldn‘t have ever been

―But it looks like they put it together with cardboard and string!‖ Becker rolled his eyes.

―That‘s the point, though. That‘s why it‘s so perfect.‖ Connor took another sip of his wine.

―I thought you were all about the cool computer effects and stuff, though, right?‖

Connor shrugged. ―Of course. I love the new tech as much as any nerd. But the old-school tech
is just as awesome—maybe more so because they didn‘t have a warehouse full of servers to do
the graphics rendering for them.‖

Becker turned to her. ―What do you think, Abby? Old or new?‖

She shrugged. ―Neither is really my thing, to be honest. Though I probably would have watched
the new one if it didn‘t have Tom Bloody Cruise in it.‖

―Oh? Not hot for La Cruiser, hey?‖ Becker chuckled.

She made a face. ―Ew.‖ Then she leaned over, smiling naughtily. ―Now if they‘d had, oh, Daniel
Craig in it? Different story.‖

―Ooh!‖ Becker perked up. ―I can see that.‖

―Oh, for the love of… Yet another reboot!‖ Connor protested exaggeratedly.

―Seriously, Connor? Tell me you don‘t have a thing for him.‖ Abby nudged him under the table
with a foot. ―Coming out of the ocean in that little pair of swim shorts…‖

Connor closed his mouth and looked away.

―Or,‖ Becker said throatily, ―maybe that torture scene?‖

Connor made a small, strangled noise.

―Ha!‖ Becker laughed, aiming his fork at his partner. ―Guilty!‖

―Mmmmaybe.‖ Connor sipped at his wine, trying to hide the flush that crept up his cheeks, but
also unable to stop a smile from playing at his lips.

―Bingo,‖ Abby said smugly. ―Remember, darling, we have similar taste in men, yeah?‖

Connor laughed, and his eyes travelled over Becker. ―So it would seem.‖ His flush deepened,
and Abby could see the way he began to squirm.

Becker had apparently noticed, too. ―Right, then.‖ He stood up, grabbing his plate and heading
for the kitchen. ―Shall we clear this up and…?‖ He nudged Connor‘s chair as he walked past.

―Ah!‖ Connor giggled. ―Yes. Yes, indeed.‖ He bounced up from his chair and began gathering all
the dishes he could carry.

Abby gathered the rest, and followed quickly. Before they could do more than get the dishes in
the sink, however, Connor‘s mobile chirruped annoyingly.

He hesitated, looking back and forth between them, and for a moment, Abby had a thrill of hope
that he‘d ignore the call. But after the third ring, he broke, reaching into his pocket and turning
away from them.

Abby sagged, bracing herself against the counter. Becker moved toward her.

―April, hi.‖ Connor at least sounded a little annoyed with her. ―Yeah.‖ He paced a little. ―No, we
can‘t. Not without that thermal coupling. It would—" He made a face. ―No, don‘t. It won‘t—" His
face suddenly went pale, and he held the phone out from his ear.

Abby could hear the tinny hint of a small explosion echoing from it.

―April! Hey! You still there?‖ Connor barked into the phone. A look of relief passed over his face.
―OK, OK. Good. You‘re all right, yeah? I take it the piston backfired?‖ He rolled his eyes. ―I told
you not to-- I know. But-- No, I wanted to have a meal-- Hey, I can‘t live there, you know.‖ He
ran a hand through his hair and grumbled under his breath. ―Fine. I‘ll go. Hey, I said fine, yeah?
I‘ll be there in 20. Don‘t touch anything more, OK?‖ He finally ended the call, and stood there,
clearly seething with frustration.

―What happened?‖ Becker looked at him in concern.

―I set April to do some calibration work on a component for my… thing I can‘t talk about. She
tried to switch it on without the thermal coupling, and it... Boom.‖ He mimed an explosion. ―It‘s
set me back two days on it, now.‖

―That‘s weird.‖ Abby frowned at him, her annoyance growing. ―I thought April was pretty smart.
Why would she do something that would break it?‖

Connor shook his head. ―I don‘t know. Philip wants this done soon, and I think she was trying to
work ahead without me there to guide her. It‘s my fault, I suppose.‖

Abby started to say something, but then bit it back. Becker slipped an arm around her waist.

Connor rubbed his face and shifted uncomfortably. He couldn‘t quite meet their eyes. ―I‘m so
sorry. I have to go deal with this.‖ He sounded genuinely upset, and Abby couldn‘t stay angry
with him.

―Hey, it‘s a‘ight.‖ She moved toward him, putting a hand to his face. ―I know this is important to
you. You know we‘d rather have you here—―

―I‘d rather be here,‖ he interjected.

―We know, Connor.‖ Becker joined them, putting his arm around Connor‘s shoulders and
dropping a soft kiss on his forehead. ―It‘s OK. Just don‘t overwork yourself, hey?‖

―I‘m trying,‖ Connor sighed tiredly. He finally looked up at them. ―Rain check on the other
plans?‖ He grinned significantly.

Abby grinned back. ―Of course.‖ She slipped a hand down his chest and tweaked a nipple
perking up through his shirt. He squirmed delightfully.

After a series of warm goodbye kisses, he finally, reluctantly, headed out.

Abby sighed, nuzzling into Becker‘s chest as she heard the door close. They didn‘t need to say
anything more.

―So, looks like we have one less pair of hands to do the washing up.‖ Becker nodded toward the

Abby made a face. Domesticity was never her strong suit in the first place, and with the mood
she was now in, she was even less inclined.

Becker didn‘t seem terribly happy about it, either, but his innate fastidious nature prevailed.
―C‘mon. It needs to get done,‖ he chided her.

―Can‘t we just leave it? I‘d rather go have a bath, to be honest.‖

―Yeah, well. So would I.‖ He shrugged. ―And I cooked.‖

Her eyes narrowed. Their shower was big enough for two—three if they were quite cosy—but
the bathtub, not so much. ―A‘ight then. So who gets first bath, and who deals with the mess?‖

―That is indeed a dilemma.‖ He hummed thoughtfully. Then he grinned. ―Paper, scissors,

She laughed in surprise. The silly game was something Connor would do—their quirky lad had
clearly rubbed off on Becker. ―OK, then!‖ She agreed.

―One… two… three!‖ Becker counted out.

They both came up stones.

Abby giggled. ―Oops! Let‘s try this again. One… two… three!‖

This time, it was both scissors. Becker started giggling himself—an odd sound, but one she
liked. ―Well, then! One more go? One… two… three.‖

And they were both back to stones again.

Becker laughed so hard he shook, and he clutched her close to him. ―I think fate‘s saying
neither of us is getting out of this.‖

―Apparently so!‖ She laughed with him, the levity doing a great deal to sweep away her sour
mood. ―So, you wash, I‘ll dry, and then we both go have a shower, how‘s that?‖

―Works for me.‖ He kissed her nose.

Working side-by-side, they were actually quite an efficient team—even somewhat more so for
not having Connor and his utter lack of attention span in the middle of things. In just a few
minutes, they were nearly done, and Abby started getting a little giddy and warm with the
prospect of what was to come. Waiting for him to scrub down the last pot, she watched him
closely, admiring the flex of his arm muscles, the tuft of soft hair poking out at his shirt collar,
and the solid, round curve of his muscular arse. A naughty impulse ran through her, and she
reached over, giving him a strong goose.

―Oi!‖ He barked in surprise, nearly dropping the pot. ―That‘s my arse!‖

She winked at him. ―It is indeed. Or maybe it‘s mine?‖ She groped him again.

A flush crossed his cheeks, and his breath hitched. ―Might be.‖

Emboldened, she slipped around behind him, getting both hands involved. ―Might?‖

His eyelids fluttered closed, and he set the pot aside. ―Is,‖ he said quietly, angling back toward

She drew a sharp breath. Eagerly, she caressed him, kneading the strong muscles,
occasionally stroking his thighs and lower back, as his breathing deepened. Her mind
wandered, bringing up delicious memories of watching Connor take him…

She paused, sighing heavily and leaning her cheek against his back. She slipped her arms
around his waist and held him close. She wanted nothing more than for things to return to how
they were before. Before Connor had begun working for Philip. Before Matt had told her these
secrets. Before she and Becker were so often left on their own, trying to make things work when
the other part of their family was missing.

―Abs?‖ He turned in her embrace, looking down at her in curiosity. ―Something wrong?‖

She smiled sadly. ―Wish Connor was here, that‘s all. Or that I could, y‘know, give you something
he would.‖

―Ah.‖ He nodded in understanding. ―Yeah, that would be nice.‖ He petted her hair, and closed
his eyes, sorting through his own thoughts about Connor.

Suddenly, a flash of inspiration hit, and she grinned big. ―You know, I could, actually. Sort of.‖

―Hey?‖ He looked down at her, eyebrow raised.

―Modern technology,‖ she said proudly. ―We have that bloody great toy chest, after all. I think
there‘s stuff in there we‘ve never even used.‖

He squirmed happily. ―I think you‘re right! That afternoon we were shopping for Connor...‖

She nodded. ―Yep! I think you distracted me so much I don‘t even remember what all we bought
that day. I think we were just randomly grabbing stuff off the shelves by the end of it.‖

He laughed. ―We were. Did we happen to come away with that big blue thing?‖

She rolled her eyes. ―Oh, god, I hope not. That frightened me, to be honest.‖


―But I bet we do have something, at least.‖ She reached down for a handful of his crotch,
satisfied when he groaned. ―So finish up with that pot, and then I‘m dragging your arse into the
bedroom, mister.‖

―Just my arse?‖ He pouted.

―Oh, fine. The rest of you can come, too.‖

―I certainly hope so!‖ He declared.

A pot was never washed so fast.


Their shower was quick: a whirlwind flurry of soap and water and kisses and gropes. Then they
spread out on the bed, naked and steaming, and Abby buried her face in his chest, happily
biting at a dark, ripe nipple. He squirmed in delight under the attention, and returned the favour
by stroking and petting her breasts as they came within his reach.

Eager and already buzzing, Abby soon moved down his torso, kissing and biting as she went,
finally nuzzling into the wiry, soap-scented nest at his crotch. His cock throbbed alongside her
cheek, and her position opposite his direction gave him plenty of access to her own sensitive

As she kissed and licked at his cock and balls, she brought a hand up, stroking his thighs,
fingers dancing close to his groin. With her palm cupping his balls, she pushed her fingers
behind them, feathering along the short expanse of soft skin there. He shivered and sighed,
bringing a knee up to give her better access, and doing a bit of stroking of his own across her
wet skin.

Slowly, she worked farther back, and finally stroked the tip of her middle finger across his hole.

―Ah!‖ He breathed in sharply, and rewarded her by suddenly stuffing a couple of fingers into her

She barked her own appreciation, and, encouraged, she kept at the stroking and licking,
backing into his touches. He knew her body so well, and she was so aroused, that it took little
time before he set her off, and she bucked excitedly, moans vibrating against the skin she

She shivered out the last waves, and caught a breath, but as usual, the first round only pushed
her on. Sliding away from his hand--somewhat reluctantly--she crawled down the bed, settling
on her belly between his thighs.

He looked down at her, delirious. ―What are you planning?‖ He asked.

―Shush,‖ she ordered, pushing her hands against the backs of his thighs to encourage him to
open up. He did so readily, tilting his hips back, and she bent down, kissing and licking behind
his balls until she got to the tight opening.

―Abby!‖ Becker groaned as she thrust her tongue inside him. ―My god…‖ he trailed off into

She worked him like this for several minutes, kissing, suckling and tonguing the quivering flesh,
and now and again stroking and probing with her fingertips, but not too deeply. The more she
continued, the more he writhed, fingers curling in the sheets, his belly trembling a little with the
effort of keeping his legs up.

His noises quickened, became needier, and finally dissolved into plaintive, mumbled begging.
―Abby… please… I need… god…‖

―More?‖ She chirped sweetly.

―Please.‖ He sounded desperate.

She was utterly fascinated by this reaction. Even when Connor was fucking him, there was
always a hint that Becker was still in control. He‘d certainly been worked over hard when they
were trying to break him, but that was a different thing. She and Connor were both involved, for
one, and there was a goal in mind. One it took quite a lot of thorough nastiness to achieve,
given how hard Becker fought against breaking.

This, on the other hand, was quite unusual. He was voluntarily passive under her touch, not just
giving in by her request, or because he‘d been pushed that far, but doing so because that‘s
what he wanted. It was, she realised with a sharp shock, exactly as Connor usually behaved
with both of them: ready submission, and a thorough enjoyment of being under someone else‘s
control. It unsettled her just a little to see him like this—she‘d been relying on his strength so
much lately—but it also fed a warm, intimate feeling deep inside her. He trusted her completely,
enough to show her this side of him, and that thought caused her heart to pound.

For a moment, she thought she might tease him more—see exactly how much begging she
could get from him. But she was quite excited herself, and that made the decision.

Crawling back up his body, she leaned over, reaching for the bedside table, and the toy chest
supplies they‘d set out.

He watched her as she prepared, his face a soft mask of desire and love. It felt a bit awkward—
something like nakedly putting on a proper weapons kit—and the nylon chafed just a little, but
eventually she got it all adjusted.

She figured she must look slightly ridiculous, especially given the bright purple toy that had been
decided was most suitable for the task, but Becker didn‘t seem to mind, smiling up at her as if
there was nothing at all odd about it. And by the time she‘d got the thing nicely slicked up and
switched on the motor at its base, she was decidedly comfortable with the situation.

And in any case, the way he looked at her was driving her quite mad.

Moving back down between his thighs, she nestled in, lining up as he rocked back, opening up
wide for her. Being on this end of things felt a little inside-out, but she soon found she liked it,
her clit throbbing eagerly with the toy‘s vibrations, seeming to tell to her how to lead the way.

She sank down slowly, a little concerned for the size of the thing—slightly larger than Becker
himself. But he took it well, groaning heavily only in pure pleasure as she filled him up. After
settling in a bit, she twitched her hips, finding an angle and rhythm that seemed to work well for
them both, and then she started thrusting.

In virtually no time at all, it seemed to her, the two were a sweaty, frantic mess, bucking and
heaving, clinging to each other and filling the room with a constant echo of happy noise. Shortly
after she came for the third time—the toy helping set her alight—Becker finally could take no
more, stuffing a hand between them, and jerking hard at his cock in a practised, purposeful way.

"That's it, baby," she purred encouragement, and quickened her pace. "Come for me."

Wrapping his legs around her hips, pulling her close and tight enough to still her movements, he
tensed, and his face screwed up in something that almost looked like pain. Then he sucked in a
deep breath, and shouted, calling her name over and over again as he released.

It seemed to take minutes, and by the time he finally let her go, she‘d managed to shiver out yet
another of her own peaks. The last, this time, as her body then started to complain that the
vibrations were just a little bit too much. She switched the thing off, and they disengaged

The room finally stopped spinning after a few minutes, and they weakly tidied up, Becker
cheekily patting the toy in thanks as he put it back in the chest.

Crawling back under the sweat-dampened sheets, they petted and kissed for a while as they

―That was…‖ Abby trailed off into weak giggles.

―Yeah.‖ Becker giggled, too. ―We really should mention this to Connor.‖

―Yeah, we should.‖ She sighed a little, sad again that the other part of their family was missing.

―Honestly,‖ Becker continued, ―I think he‘d quite fancy you having a go at him like that.‖

―You think?‖ She cocked her head in confusion. ―Why would he want that when he‘s got you,

―Well, I‘m not going to be around every time, yeah? And besides, he‘s got you, too.‖ He pulled
her close, his breath warm and damp against her cheek.

―Well, I suppose that‘s true,‖ she said, confidence returning. ―I guess maybe we‘ll just have to
trade off on who takes him, then?‖ She grinned up at him.

―Or,‖ he said, his voice heavy with teasing, ―we could just play paper, scissors, stones for it.‖


Cold Blooded (Abby)
POV: Abby

Pairing: A/B/C, Emily/Matt

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

Matt’s pressure on Abby to dig up more information on Connor has been growing, much to her
pain and frustration, and the stress of having to keep things quiet around Becker has made her,
unconsciously, start drifting from him as well.

Increasingly finding herself isolated, she tries to think of a way to get Matt to back off, and to try
to be more understanding about the risks she’s taking in keeping these secrets from Connor.


The afternoon‘s anomaly call was, thankfully, brief and uneventful. Which was surprising, given
that it involved a small incursion of Diictodons in a curry shop. The laughs she and Becker
shared as they chased the creatures down did a lot to lift her mood. And given the tasks Matt
had set her on recently, that had been quite dour indeed. The morning she‘d spent rifling
through Connor‘s laptop at home still made her feel dirty.

She‘d have felt considerably better had Connor been along for the call. They‘d bonded so much
before over their own pair of these creatures that she couldn‘t help but wish he‘d been there to
see them. But, even after hearing about what they were dealing with, he‘d begged out, saying
he needed to head to Prospero with April to pick up some components for his project.

After the team had ushered the charming things back home, there had been some discussion of
whether they should bring Sid and Nancy here, and get them back home as well. Abby found
herself resisting the idea. Much as she knew they probably needed to go back to their own time,
she couldn‘t help wanting to keep them around longer. Being able to see them helped remind
her of Connor—and of the time they‘d spent falling in love before they‘d ever even realised it.

The decision on returning the pair was made moot when the anomaly closed within a few
minutes of them finally locking it the second time. Abby was not displeased.

When she got back to the ARC, she wandered down to the menagerie to see them, toting Rex
along with her for a visit with his old friends. Some improvements had been made to their living
conditions—they now had an outdoor space where they were allowed to roam and play once a
day—but things were still quite dreary for them. She longed to take them home, but knew it
wasn‘t remotely an option.

She wondered for a moment if, given his natural affinity with them, Matt had ever considered
keeping a creature as a pet. The very idea made her burst out laughing, much to the
amusement of Nancy, who started chattering back to her as if they were talking.

No, Matt couldn‘t even make decent conversation with other humans. Expecting him to care for
a helpless creature was beyond imagining. The creatures themselves, even the cold-blooded
ones, were far more capable of affection than he seemed to be.

But, she realized with a thrill through her chest, maybe that was the problem. Maybe the reason
he was making it so difficult for her to deal with the Connor situation was that he simply didn‘t
understand how it felt to truly care for someone like that. Given his strange body language with
Emily, she occasionally found herself wondering if he‘d ever even had sex with anyone, or
whether he‘d stayed a virgin his whole life, spending all his effort preparing for his mission

Emily. Abby warmed up quickly as the idea took hold in her mind. Maybe what Matt needed, to
truly understand the implications of what he was asking her to do, was a reminder of what it felt
like to care for someone who made things difficult and complicated.

Patting Sid and Nancy affectionately, she hurried back out through the airlock and parked
herself at a computer in the menagerie‘s anteroom. It took only moments—Connor‘s insistence
on teaching her computer search skills had paid off—and she brought up some information.

Lady Emily Merchant In Bedlam.

She gasped, horrified, and tears sprang to her eyes. Of all the things that could have happened
to Emily on her return, this was certainly one of the worst she could imagine. Though they‘d
spent only a little time together, she‘d grown quite the affection for the feisty Victorian woman,
who reminded her a little of herself—or perhaps maybe how she‘d have been if she‘d lived in
that time. Seeing this news about her made Abby violently queasy. She swallowed hard, and
took a few breaths to steady herself as she adjusted to it.

Finally, the initial shock passed, and a wave of steely determination came over her. If knowing
about Emily‘s fate was this upsetting for her, surely Matt would be even more affected. And
maybe, just maybe, pushing him to have an emotional reaction like that would mean he‘d be
more reasonable about what he was asking her to do with Connor. It seemed cold, perhaps, to
do this to him, but at the moment, it felt like her only hope.

Biting her lip, she pushed the button to print the page.


Gossip Girl (Becker, Jess)
POV: Becker

Pairing: A/B/C reference, a little Becker/Jess

Other Characters: Jess

Potential Squicks: None

5x02: Becker, to his increasing frustration and anguish, is watching both his partners slowly
slipping away from each other—and from him. Not just because of Connor’s late nights in the
lab, but because Abby’s spending more time with Matt, for reasons unknown to anyone else.

As Abby, Connor and Matt head off to deal with a mission on a submarine, Becker has been
held back, keeping his own team on the ready in case a land-based anomaly comes up.

Becker hovers near the Hub, and watches the team leave. Connor, oblivious to everything else,
has his phone stuck to his ear, begging Philip for understanding about the mission. Abby and
Matt hang back, whispering and glancing at Connor…


―There‘s nothing going on there, you know.‖ Jess said, matter-of-factly.

Becker turned to stare at her.

―Matt and Abby,‖ she nodded toward the pair he‘d been watching. They huddled close together
as they ducked into the lift.

He shrugged, trying to be nonchalant. ―Of course there isn‘t. I know that.‖

―Do you?‖ She raised an eyebrow.

He frowned. ―Yes, I do.‖

She smirked at him. ―You mean, you do now,‖ she teased.

He gaped at her, incredulous. Then, he smiled. ―Yes, Jess. I do, now.‖ He strode over to her
station, chuckling a little. ―Trust you to be up on all the gossip around here.‖

―Well, information is my job, after all,‖ she chirped proudly.

―It is.‖ He put a hand on her chair. ―So if you say there‘s nothing there, I believe you.‖

―You‘re still worried, though.‖

He said nothing, but set his jaw.

She sighed, and a furrow of concern crossed her brow. ―I am, too, actually.‖ She seemed to
catch the quick look of panic on his face. ―Not about that. Matt‘s besotted with Emily and
probably always will be.‖

―Yes, and Abby‘s besotted with Connor...‖

―Yes, I know.‖ Jess rolled her eyes. ―It‘s different with Matt, though. When you‘re in love with
someone you can‘t have, it kind of… takes over your whole world.‖ She shifted nervously, and
looked away.


―Anyway.‖ She shook her head. ―No, she‘s not cheating. But you‘re right that she and Matt are
set on something right now, and I don‘t think it‘s something good. They‘re always off chatting in
some corner or other looking quite cross. Not entirely sure why, though.‖

―Well, on Abby‘s side, it‘s undoubtedly to do with Connor. She‘s been miserable since he started
working for Philip.‖ He set his jaw.

She wrinkled her nose. ―After what Philip wanted to do with the menagerie, I don‘t blame her. I
mean, yeah, the creatures freak me out, but…‖

―Connor‘s kind of obsessed with him, though. I‘ve tried to talk to him about it, but he blows me
off. He just seems so… eager to please the man or something.‖ He huffed a little in

―Yeah. I can see that. I think he likes the attention, maybe?‖ She cocked her head.

Becker thought for a moment. ―That‘s probably part of it, yeah. We‘ve never talked about it in so
many words, but I know he has some… issues about that sort of thing.‖

Her face went a little dark. ―Professor Cutter?‖

He nodded. ―Among other things, yes. He was an absolute wreck after that. One minute he was
just being dorky, cheeky Connor—annoying the hell out of me as usual. The next, it was like he
aged 10 years in an hour, and he‘s never been the same since. I think the relationship stuff has
helped him quite a bit, but that‘s not what he‘s missing.‖ He looked at the floor. ―And I guess
maybe Philip is.‖

―You‘re probably right, yeah,‖ Jess murmured quietly.

―I think the other part of the problem is that he‘s also kind of stuck on this project he‘s working

on. I get it, mostly. The genius thing. He‘s always been a little obsessive when he‘s building
something or solving a problem, but it‘s way more intense with this one, now.‖ He paced a little,
trying to walk off the frustration. ―He hardly ever leaves the lab lately. I think he‘s seen more of
April than anyone else. He‘s not been going out on missions. He‘s even been sleeping here
some nights.‖

―Yeah, I noticed that. He‘s taken over one of the bunks near the locker room. I‘ve seen his code
show up on the access logs for it.‖

―Of course, it doesn‘t help that I have absolutely no idea what he‘s working on. Though I
probably wouldn‘t understand it even if he told me.‖ He folded his arms across his chest.

―I might.‖ Jess shrugged. ―But if he‘s not telling you, he wouldn‘t tell me, that‘s for sure. So I‘m
just as much in the dark as you are.‖

―You have a CCTV feed from inside his lab though, don‘t you?‖ Becker walked back over,
gazing at her bank of monitors.

―I do, but the camera for the feed requires an in-person passcode to operate, or an override
from senior staff. Best I can usually see is this.‖ She turned, and typed in a command. On the
centre monitor, a feed of the corridor outside Connor‘s lab came up. All that was visible through
the door‘s small window was a pile of papers on Connor‘s work table.

―So no clue what he‘s building in there.‖ Becker frowned.

She shook her head.

He sighed, and rubbed his chin. ―I guess it doesn‘t matter, really. He could be building a bomb
or a magic carpet. Either way, the real problem is the fact that he‘s doing this for Philip and it‘s
eating so much of his time. He‘s like a ghost these days, and Abby‘s just not handling it well at
all. What Matt has to do with this, I don‘t know. And I‘m not sure I want to ask her. She‘s upset
enough as it is. I don‘t want to risk making it worse by sounding like I‘m… spying on her or

Jess nodded. ―Right. Same reason I haven‘t asked her about it, either.‖ Then her face grew
pensive. ―Becker… I know it‘s none of my business, but…‖


―Do you think this is going to work itself out? Like maybe once Connor finishes the project he‘ll
be OK again?‖

He heaved a deep breath and stared off into space for a moment.

―Right. None of my business.‖ She turned back to her monitors.

He glanced over at her and smiled kindly. ―No, it‘s OK, Jess. It‘s just…‖ He looked around the
room, making sure they were absolutely alone. Only Lester was in view, and he was parked in
his office, face going red as he argued on the phone with the minister. Becker took a breath and
leaned over. ―I love them. And watching this happen and not being able to do anything about it
is killing me.‖

She reached for his hand, squeezing it warmly. ―I care about them, too. I mean, I don‘t have
the…connection…with them that you do, but still. They matter to me.‖ She shifted, drawing a
shallow breath. ―But I also care about you. And if you ever need anything—and I mean
anything—all you have to do is ask, and it‘s yours.‖

He scanned her face. There was nothing there he wasn‘t already familiar with: honesty,
dedication, sincere friendship. But for a moment, the expression of all of these things deepened,
and he saw more in her than he‘d maybe ever seen. She was still the same flighty girl he‘d met
nearly a year ago. She was brilliant at her job, and far smarter than she looked, but young, a
smidge naïve and prone to frivolity. Yet she also had a pure, unblemished spirit—a rare thing to
see in this line of work. He hoped she‘d never go through anything that would break it.

Ignoring the potential of Lester seeing them, he leaned over, putting an arm around her
shoulders, and dropped a gentle kiss atop her head. ―Thank you, Jess,‖ he whispered into her
hair. He felt her shiver a little, and he pulled back, afraid he‘d upset her.

She looked up at him, big, blue eyes wide and cheeks flushed. ―You‘re welcome.‖ She smiled
warmly, and for a moment, his recent frustrations melted away.

They turned at the sound of a door opening behind them.

―So much for that,‖ Lester muttered, striding toward them. ―Lucky us. Company‘s coming.‖

Becker straightened, frowning a little. ―Admiralty?‖

Lester nodded, his jaw set. ―They seem to think we can‘t handle this on our own.‖

―Great.‖ Jess made a noise of annoyance. She turned back to her monitors, and began pulling
up lists of military information. ―Back to work!‖ Her eyes flicked up to Becker one last time, and
she flashed a small, sympathetic smile.

He looked at the screens. On the centre one was a map tracking a vehicle moving through the
city toward the docks: Matt, Connor and Abby heading off to do their jobs. He‘d never had any
interest in joining the Navy. Yet at that moment, the only place he wanted to be was on that sub.


Going Down (Abby/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Connor

Other Characters: Matt

Potential Squicks: None

5x02 continued: While Becker cools his heels back at the ARC, waiting for anomaly calls there,
our other pair is having quite the adventure at sea. With just a skeleton crew—who are dropping
like flies—it’s up to Matt, Connor and Abby to manage a powerless sub, a hungry raptor, a pod
of cantankerous Pliosaurs and a huge, underwater anomaly.

With an amount of teamwork they’ve not experienced for weeks, Connor and Abby are key to
the mission’s success, and take quite the delight in buttoning things down and saving the day.

With the sub’s captain back on duty, the pair is told to rest up in the CO’s bunk for the few
hours’ journey back to shore. Close quarters, a private room and the adrenaline high of a job
well done rekindles a spark that’s been fading of late…


―That was nice of them to let us have this room,‖ Connor said, sitting on the bed. He‘d already
stripped down to just boxers.

Abby unceremoniously dumped her trousers on the floor. ―It was, yes. Pity it‘s just this tiny bed,
though,‖ Abby pointed out, shoving him over so she could sit next to him. ―Not going to get
much rest if we‘re wrestling for space.‖

―Oh, I dunno.‖ Connor put a hand on her waist. ―I think a bit of wrestling might be just the thing.‖
Without warning, he pushed her back, and tried to pin her.

―Oi!‖ She shrieked in protest, giggling. ―If that‘s how it‘s going to be, then…‖ She scrambled, and
with an agile twist, flipped him, catching up his wrists and holding them above his head. She
clambered atop him, knees holding his shoulders in place.

―Hey!‖ He pouted. ―This isn‘t over, you know. I‘m not going down without a fight.‖ He struggled
under her. He was strong—stronger than he looked—but she was still a superior fighter. Try as
he might, he couldn‘t dislodge her. And she also had other ways of subduing him.

―Oh, you‘re going down all right.‖ She purred, and worked her way back, sitting atop his pelvis
and grinding down against the already-hard bulge there.

―Oh, god!‖ He groaned loudly—loud enough to echo through the metal walls of the room—and
bucked up sharply.

―Connor! Hush!‖ She ordered, getting her face down close to his.

His body went limp. The fight was over before it had even begun, and she was—as usual—the
winner. Still, he had a naughty expression, and he cocked an eyebrow. ―Or what?‖

―Or I‘ll find a way of keeping that noisy gob of yours busy,‖ she shot back, nipping at his mouth
and grinding a little more.

He groaned again—even louder this time.

―Oh, you‘re in for it now,‖ she hissed, trying to sound at least a little threatening.

―I‘m counting on it,‖ he purred, grinning cheekily.

Releasing his wrists, she stuck her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and stripped them
off, then moved up his body until she was kneeling over his face, her now-tingling crotch just
inches away from his lips. ―Think this might shut you up for a while,‖ she said teasingly as she
eased down.

―Mmmmhmm,‖ he mumbled happily, the sound muted against her skin.

It had been too long, she mused as Connor‘s mouth went to work. Too long since she‘d felt
these intimate touches from him. The feeling took her back to their time trapped in the past,
when the newness of finally giving in to love made every touch that much more exciting.

He had done his best then to keep her satisfied this way when a lack of proper supplies had
made doing anything else dangerous. And those months of practise had made him very, very
good at this indeed.

She braced herself against the wall behind the head of the bed, and moved with his rhythms. He
slid a hand up, pushing fingers inside to probe her deeply as he suckled and licked at her
swollen flesh. She bit her lip, trying to stay quiet, but now and then letting out little cries as he
did something particularly thrilling.

In only a few minutes of steady, intent attention, he had her well worked up, and by the time
he‘d slipped two more fingers into her back hole, she was gone, gasping for air, her thighs
shaking with the effort of keeping her in place.

When she finally stilled, he pulled back, gazing up at her with a wet, sticky face and smiling.
―Good?‖ He asked, petting her gently.

―Quite.‖ She returned the smile. More than the physical pleasure, it felt so very good to be
intimate with him again after so many of his long nights had kept them apart. Now that she had
the opportunity to be with him like this, she wasn‘t going to let it go. ―I wouldn‘t mind more,

―Absolutely. Any requests?‖

She shifted, climbing off of him, and helped pull him upright. She kissed him solidly, intrigued a
little at her own taste on his mouth, and murmured, ―I want you inside me, Connor. Make love to

me, please?‖ Her voice was small, and sounded a little more desperate than she thought it

He eyed her somewhat strangely. A moment of adrenaline-fueled fun had suddenly become
something else—something deeper, and more fraught with meaning. A meaning they both
thoroughly understood. He didn‘t say anything, for which she was grateful.

Gently, he eased her back, and she opened up for him.

Fucking Connor usually meant taking the lead; his natural preference for submission meant that
he was always quite ready to lose control to someone else. She loved that about him, and had
since the moment she‘d figured him out. But she wanted something else this time, and he was,
fortunately, happy to give it.

He enfolded her in his arms as he entered her, curling around her body, getting as much skin-
to-skin contact as he could, and fastened his mouth to hers. Instead of his usual rapid-fire
thrusting, he rocked his hips, pushing against her, not breaking contact. She knew it wasn‘t the
motion of the sub—they were still too far underwater to feel that—but there was something
about the way he moved that reminded her of bobbing on the waves. It was an oddly soothing
feeling, even as it was also exciting.

The peak built up slowly this time—she let it happen, instead of tensing and bucking as she
usually did. To Connor‘s credit, he stayed with her, holding back his own release as he drew
hers from her body. When it came, it seemed to last forever, pulsing through her with strong, all-
over throbs, and she keened quietly, clinging to him as she crested.

As she finished, she felt him shudder. He‘d been struggling so hard to keep control, but need
overtook him. He gripped her, and his hips took on a life of their own, suddenly quickening his
pace. With a sharp, loud cry he could not have contained, he finally let go, his cock pulsing
intensely as he emptied inside her.

Holding on possessively as he murmured her name, she tried to capture the moment in her
mind, locking away every detail like a photograph to remember him by. Inevitably, he‘d be gone
again, but at least, she reasoned, she could have this memory.

Finally, reluctantly, she released him and they disengaged.

―Thank you,‖ she whispered, her lips brushing his ear.

―Thank you.‖ He smiled warmly, petting back her messy hair and gazing down at her, his dark
eyes shining in the low light.

He shifted, and curled up behind her on the narrow bed, arms around her in the position they
usually slept in. The comfort and familiarity relaxed her, and she shortly drifted off.

A knock on the door—hollow, metallic—woke her.

―Abby? Connor?‖ Matt‘s voice filtered in. ―We‘re almost to shore. Could use your help getting
our kit packed up. Will be down in the ops room when you‘re ready.‖

Connor groaned and stretched. ―Damn,‖ he muttered.

―Yeah.‖ Abby sighed, kissing him tenderly. ―It‘s been nice. I‘ve missed sleeping in your arms.
The bed‘s just too cold without you.‖

A strange look crossed his face. She couldn‘t quite read it.

―Yeah, I‘ve missed that, too.‖ He sounded sincere, at least. But then he glanced up at the desk.
His phone sat there, the screen lit up with alerts of the texts that had been piling up while it was
out of range.

He climbed over her, dropping a kiss on her cheek on the way, and picked the thing up.


Splinters (Connor, Abby, Becker)
POV: Connor, Abby, Becker

Pairing: A/B/C, Connor/Philip, hints of Abby/Matt, Becker/Jess and Connor/Nick

Other Characters: Matt

Potential Squicks: Cheating, reference to child abuse

Pre-5x03: Philip’s hold over Connor has become nearly entire—Connor’s not even going home
much these days, nor is he going out on missions with the team. He’s either in his lab, or with
Philip or April, who’s been set on Connor like a guard dog.

Abby is still pained by what Matt’s asking her to do, and has tried to fight back, pointing out to
him the research she’d done on Emily, but it’s been to no avail.

Becker, meanwhile, is still in the dark on all of this, and increasingly miserable and lonely. With
Connor’s holed up in his lab, and Abby seeming to be turning to Matt in her grief, he is himself


Connor had a recurring nightmare that started when he was 13: his dad, making him run
endlessly back and forth across a football pitch, driving him, pushing him, screaming at him.
Stopping only when his burning lungs started expelling pink foam, and he passed out.

He wished it had been only a nightmare.

When he died, Connor thought maybe he was finally free, that maybe the endless struggle to
please him was over. Instead, all it did was make him ashamed and guilty for never making his
father proud, and made his dream self keep trying, ever harder, to finish those sprints like dad

But then there was Cutter: the man who breathed life into him just by valuing what he could do.
The man, who, even when he teased or chided him, nonetheless did so with love and affection.
The man who starred in Connor‘s fevered imagination so many nights, though he never knew it.
The man who believed in him steadily, even through the end.

Connor wondered sometimes what Cutter would think of him now—whether he‘d think that this
project was the right thing to do, or something dangerous and wrong—but he wasn‘t here to
give that guidance.

Philip was.

Even though at times he seemed somehow raw and dangerous, every time Philip looked into
Connor‘s eyes and told him how brilliant he was, it was all right. Even when he asked Connor to

do things that seemed dodgy on the surface, Connor did them anyway, knowing there would be
a reason for it in the end. And even when his guidance and support started becoming physical,
that somehow seemed justified, too.

Connor had jumped the first time, both in shock and because he wasn‘t entirely sure it had
really happened. But no, it was real: Philip‘s hand sliding just a little lower on his back than was
purely professional, his fingertips hovering just above the cleft. The next day it was the back of
his hand ―accidentally‖ brushing Connor‘s crotch. The next, a congratulatory hug that lasted
longer than it should have, and connected at the hips.

And then there was now.

His logical mind told him this was wrong. On so, so many levels. The power difference, the
professional relationship, the cheating. Connor had drawn a line, at least. Doing this made him
uncomfortable enough, and there was no way he'd put his partners at risk by going further.
Philip, fortunately, didn't seem interested in crossing that line, but what he did request somehow
seemed to Connor like it was supposed to happen. Each time Philip threw his head back and
sighed as his pleasure ran over Connor‘s hand, it was almost like receiving communion. He was
pleasing Philip, making him happy not just with his work, but on a personal level.

He did feel slightly sick every time he came home late, having spent the last hour of his workday
in the back of Philip's car, hand pumping away. He shivered every time he crawled back into
bed, cuddling up to Abby's back, the hand on her shoulder having just touched someone else. It
was becoming steadily more difficult to meet Becker's eyes, or melt into his arms the way he
used to. He feared that his lover's keen instincts would somehow sense the truth if they were
too close.

Yet, everything else was too important for this to end. The contact with Philip had its own
benefits, as well as being a small sacrifice for everything else he was getting from this...
collaboration with his idol.

And if nothing else, the nightmares had stopped.


Abby hated this. She hated every second of it. She hated hiding what she was doing not only
from the man she was investigating, but her other partner as well. It made her feel isolated and
alone, triggering all the bad memories all over again.

She also hated Matt, even as he became the only person she could be honest with, because it
was he who had made that the case.

―You can‘t talk to Connor about this, Abby,‖ he‘d said to her, chiding her after she nearly slipped
up. ―And you can‘t talk to Becker, either.‖

She froze, her mouth dropping open.

―Yes, I know,‖ he said dryly.

―Did Jess…?‖ She frowned. Or maybe it was one of Becker‘s team—those supposedly
trustworthy ones maybe not so much after all.

Matt shook his head. ―No. Just instinct. Animal behaviour, you know? If it wasn‘t for the way you
lean into him when he‘s close, the way Connor squirms when Becker's watching him would tell
me. The way he acted with you two after we came back from the bug bomb sort of sealed the

―Oh.‖ She looked at the floor.

―Look, I know you love them, but this is bigger than that. Becker wouldn‘t understand the
importance. All he‘d want to do is defend Connor, and that would probably come to ruin all of us
in the end.‖

She looked away, trying to hold back the humiliated, angry tears.

―Abby, I‘m sorry. I wish…‖ he went quiet. Then he extended a hand to her. Her first instinct was
to slap it away, hoping that somehow he'd back off, and stop asking her to violate every sense
of loyalty and honesty she'd ever had. But the tone of his voice, and the gentle look in his eyes
convinced her otherwise. She sensed that he, too, hated what he was making her do, and that
he wanted to somehow make it up to her.

As he pulled her close, she thought that this was what it must feel like to dance with the devil.
Yet though she loathed what he asked of her, she took the comfort he offered. It was the only
comfort she was going to get.


Becker had failed. Again. His job was saving people, and he had failed at it, like he had so many
times before.

Sure, they were alive, and that was usually to his credit. But they weren‘t well. And nothing—
nothing—he did was making it any better.

The more Connor pulled away from them, the more he and Abby pursued, and the more
focussed Abby got on Connor. The nights she‘d spent sobbing in Becker‘s arms, when he tried
desperately to soothe her and give her solace her in any way he could, were growing rarer. Not
because she was no longer despondent, but because she‘d moved on from finding him a
comforting anchor to finding him only a reminder of whom she was missing.

Instead, she seemed to be turning to Matt, bonding with him as someone as far outside their
little circle as possible. Becker knew he had no reason to be jealous, yet he was anyway. It
didn‘t matter that she wasn‘t sleeping with Matt, and that Matt was clearly still stuck on Emily. It
mattered only that Abby relied on him and confided in him. Had she actually been sleeping with
him, Becker could have understood it, but taking her emotional needs elsewhere was an
infidelity that hurt far more.

He knew he wasn‘t enough for her. He knew she‘d always need Connor, and that everything
else she cared about in this world wasn‘t going to matter if she didn‘t have him. Worse than that,
though, was realising that she wasn‘t enough for him, either.

He had fallen in love with both of them, and much as he did love them each as a separate
person, her without him felt wrong. The person he was so desperately in love with wasn‘t Abby
or Connor, but Abby and Connor. Together. Not… divided, as they so often were now.

He thought sometimes that maybe he should just leave--find someone else without such
baggage and complications. Jess, maybe: cute, sweet, willing and entirely uncomplicated Jess.
She was also probably the only person who‘d understand the shattered mental state he‘d be in
if he left them. She‘d already been there for him, flashing him looks of pity and understanding
when the others were—yet again—carping at each other. Maybe, he‘d thought a time or two,
catching himself staring at the swell of her mouth or the rise of her pert arse in those short, short

But then Connor would finally come home at a reasonable hour, and they wouldn‘t talk about
why he was usually so late. He‘d smile and crack stupid jokes and be… Connor… again. Abby
would welcome Connor back, favouring him with casual kisses and touches. Then they‘d all fall
into bed, in their familiar weave of limbs, and the room would echo with their cries.

For those moments, he could believe that everything was OK, and the relief was far more than
physical. The way he felt the mornings after, when they all went their separate ways again,
wasn‘t yet bad enough to offset that bliss.

So he stayed, even as every day there opened another crack in his heart, desperately hoping
that he was strong enough to hold them together until this madness passed.


Ego and Id (Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: Becker/Connor, A/B/C, reference to Connor/Philip

Other Characters: April, Philip

Potential Squicks: Some verbal threats, reference to cheating

5x03: Things have come to a head. Connor’s stopped coming home entirely. Matt’s now
suggested that Abby break into Connor lab. Becker’s bereft and isolated in the wake of Abby’s
drifting, and his possessiveness is causing him to resent Matt, turning their usual casual teasing
into darker, more serious sniping.

In the middle of this, another anomaly call—a seemingly simple one. Until they realise they’ve
sent a raptor back to Victorian London. While Becker monitors the anomaly, Matt dashes
through to track down the beastie—but not before setting Abby off to spy on Connor more.

Abby’s still queasy about this, and confides a little in Jess. Curious, but trying to stay hands-off,
Jess tries to help, encouraging Abby to talk to Connor. Abby agrees, and heads up to Connor’s
lab—only to run into April in the lift. A barely-veiled threat of losing her job later, Abby’s now
determined to find out what the hell Connor is up to. With a word to Jess, she does some tricky
work to get Connor’s passcode and disable the CCTV at his lab. A bit of misdirection to get
Connor out of it, and she’s in.

She pulls the data from his computer, and nearly gets caught in the process, but finally, she
sneaks back out—only to find Connor headed back down the corridor, seeing her at his door.

A horrible clash happens. Abby confronts Connor with Matt’s information about Helen and
Philip. Connor says he already knows, and jumps on Abby for not trusting and having faith in
him and his work. Abby’s crushed—she knows he’s lost at this point.

Meanwhile, back at the anomaly, Matt’s managed to track down Emily, and tries to bring her
back with him. Her nasty husband follows, and is promptly munched by the raptor. Messy, but
certainly faster than a divorce.

Finally, Emily’s back, and Matt has his beloved again. Much, of course, to Becker’s thorough
delight. Maybe now, he figures, Abby will be back to him again. Not only that, but Jess now has
her BFF back, which helps Becker not feel so guilty for not spending enough time with their little

But all is still very much not well with Connor and Abby. Heart breaking, Abby hands over the
copied hard drive to Matt.

Back in Connor’s lab, something wonderful—but also terrible—is happening…


Connor felt unbearably strange. He knew he‘d won. He knew he‘d wrangled physics into
submission, and made this happen. Silly, goofy Connor Temple, somehow mastering a mystery
of the universe. And yet for all this victory, all he could feel was loss.

In the anomaly, he saw everything his mind had been shaped for since he'd poked around on
his first circuit board. He saw triumph, he saw skill, he saw pride. He saw the ultimate honour:
Philip‘s love and respect.

But in its weak-but-steady flickering shards, he also saw Abby: slipping away from him, maybe
for good.

He switched off the machine. It would need longer to warm up before the next anomaly was
generated in order for it to be fully stable. And they‘d need to be ready—his lab hadn‘t been
sealed off from the radio signals that the detector would pick up from a full-strength generation.

April hugged him, and he awkwardly returned the embrace. His relationship with her was weird
enough without the physical affection. The contact only reminded him of who he‘d rather be
with. Yet her instincts had proven correct: Abby had been playing games with him, for reasons
he still didn‘t quite understand. He looked April over, taking in the fawning way she gazed at
him. It was flattering, ego-boosting, and… horribly wrong.

His phone jangled again.

―I saw the data you sent over,‖ Philip crowed. ―Wonderful stuff. You should come back to mine
for some celebration!‖

He looked toward the door. Somehow, he expected Abby to be standing there. And she wasn‘t.

―Yeah, sure.‖ He tried not to let his voice crack.

After they‘d buttoned down the lab, April headed out.

―Coming, Connor?‖ She chirped, hovering in the doorway.

―Yeah, I‘ll be along in a while. Meet you at Philip‘s place, hey?‖ He stuffed his keys in his pocket.

April made a face. ―Oh, really, Connor. This is your night to celebrate! You‘re going to be plenty
pissed by the time we‘re through with you. Let me drive, OK? I‘ll make sure you get home

He paused for a moment. Under the circumstances, the idea of getting thoroughly drunk did
have its appeal. But he couldn‘t help feeling he had some unfinished business.

―A‘ight, then. I just have to…hit the gents. I‘ll meet you at your car?‖

Her jaw tightened a little, but then she smiled. ―Of course. See you shortly!‖ She gathered up
her things and left the lab.

With one last look back at his infernal machine, he sighed, and closed the door.

After a few moments of wandering the corridors, looking for Abby, he realised his lie to April
wasn‘t so much of a lie after all, and made a side trip. Just as he was washing his hands, the
door banged open.

Becker was dressed down—he‘d already ditched his mission kit in the locker room next door,
and was clearly packed up to head home. For a moment, Connor stared in the mirror, taking in
the sight of the beautiful man he loved. He smiled broadly, making eye contact with Becker‘s
reflection. ―Hey, love.‖ He turned, striding over for an embrace.

Becker dodged it.

Connor froze, backing down a little in confusion. ―Something wrong?‖

Becker folded his arms across his chest. ―Would you care to tell me why I just saw Abby coming
out of the ladies looking like she‘d been crying for the last two hours?‖ He shivered with barely-
contained fury.

Connor shrugged. ―I don‘t… I don‘t know.‖ He tried to sound nonchalant.

―Don‘t fucking lie to me, Connor.‖ Becker bridged the distance between them, backing Connor
up against the sinks.

―What the—― Connor protested. He was used to being slightly afraid of his well-built boyfriend—
but in a good way. This was not a good way.

―Answer me, Connor,‖ Becker demanded. ―I‘m fucking sick and tired of not knowing what the
fuck is going on. You‘re gone all the damned time, Abby won‘t talk to me, and now this. You
need to start talking, and you need to do it now.‖

Connor quivered under the blast of rage. He‘d always known Becker had a bad side one
wouldn‘t want to get on, and he was clearly on it right now. He rubbed his chin nervously. ―It‘s
the Philip thing. And my project. And she‘s not happy about it.‖

―No shit.‖ Becker‘s eyes narrowed. ―I want to know what‘s going on with that right now. I want to
know exactly why she‘ll be crying herself to sleep again tonight.‖

Connor blanched. Had it really got that bad? He hung his head, taking a deep breath.

Somehow, it seemed like if he actually said the words, that might make them real, and he wasn‘t
ready for this to be real, yet.

Becker‘s body sagged a little with released tension, and he looked away. His voice went softer.
―Please, Connor. I can‘t live like this anymore. I love you both too much to see this happen. It‘s
killing me.‖

So this is it, then, Connor thought. Abby was breaking away, and now Becker was, too. It was
all crashing down around him, just when he should be happier than he‘d ever been. ―She was
spying on me, Becker,‖ he finally said, defeated. ―Trying to get into my lab.‖

Becker caught his eye. ―What?‖

―She thinks Philip‘s doing something… evil or something. But he‘s not. I’m not. And honestly, I‘m
crushed that she doesn‘t trust me.‖ The words sounded hollow, now that they were out.

Becker drew a ragged breath. ―Connor, I know you‘d never do anything harmful on purpose.
Abby knows that, too. She does, really.‖

―So why the spying?‖

Becker shrugged, clearly bewildered. ―I don‘t know. Maybe it has something to do with Matt… I
just don‘t know.‖

―Matt? Why?‖

―You haven‘t noticed—oh, of course you haven‘t. You haven‘t been around to notice.‖

Connor winced, but said nothing.

―She and Matt have been thick as thieves lately.‖

A look of concern flashed across Connor‘s face. ―You don‘t think she‘s...‖

Becker shook his head. ―No. Not at all. Which reminds me.‖ He flashed an amused smile.
―Emily‘s back.‖

Connor raised an eyebrow. ―Uh? OK? How did that happen?‖

―Anomaly thing. Long story. Point is, Matt‘s not trying it on with Abby or anything. That‘s not it.
They‘ve just been…‖ he hummed thoughtfully. ―…together all the time. There‘s something going
on there that neither of them is telling us about.‖

―Shit.‖ Connor hugged his arms across his belly. A gnawing ache was growing there, and he

wished he could will it away.

―But I don‘t know. It may not have anything to do with this. I‘m just as much in the dark as you
are. And just as much as I am about what you‘re doing.‖

Connor sighed, exasperated. ―It‘s important, Becker. It really is, I just can‘t…‖

Becker waved a dismissive hand. ―I know you can‘t tell me what you‘re working on. I wouldn‘t
understand it anyway.‖

Actually, you might, Connor thought.

―But whatever it is, it has Abby worried enough that it‘s worrying me, too.‖

―Becker, really, I—―

―No.‖ Becker put a hand to his mouth. ―Don‘t. I still trust you, whether you believe that or not.
And I also still love you—more than I should, maybe. But I admit that I desperately hope that
trust and love isn‘t misplaced. If not for my sake, then for Abby‘s.‖ He moved his hand down to
cup Connor‘s chin, tilting it up so he couldn‘t look away. ―I‘m tough, Connor. You know that. I‘ve
survived an awful lot, and if this goes to pieces—heaven forbid—I‘ll get by. But she won‘t. And I
swear on everything I‘ve ever valued that if what you‘re doing here breaks her heart, I will make
you miserable for the rest of your life.‖

A cold chill ran up Connor‘s spine. He believed every word of what Becker was saying.

―I don‘t want excuses or explanations or defensive shit. All I want is for you to be damned sure
this is what you want, and that it‘s not going to hurt her.‖

Connor nodded wordlessly. He wanted to protest, wanted to explain, wanted to tell Becker…
everything. Even the parts he knew would probably make the man turn around and leave him
for good. But he stayed silent.

They faced off for a few more moments, each digesting the other‘s words. Then, with a
gentleness that was almost incongruent, Becker leaned over, put a hand on the back of
Connor‘s head, and kissed him soundly.

―I love you," he murmured against Connor‘s lips. ―Please don‘t make me regret that.‖


The wine that coated his mouth was sour; the food, bland and tasteless. Only Philip‘s effusive
praise—more seductive than any drug—kept him from bolting, and going back home where he
knew he belonged.

But he was proud of himself for one thing—one thing that had nothing to do with making
scientific history. When Philip asked him, in his usual indirect way, for a more-physical nightcap,
Connor said no, and he asked April to take him back to the ARC.

The narrow bed he‘d been kipping on there was hard and the sheets were stiff. It had none of
the softness he craved so very much. It had none of the pulse, the heat, the half-awake
caresses and kisses he had grown to think of as home. But it was all he had right now—and all
he deserved, he knew.

He imagined how they‘d be—tangled around each other, fitting together perfectly, as they
always did. Maybe they‘d made love. Maybe they were just sleeping in each other‘s arms.
Maybe they‘d kissed away the tears he had caused them.

He hugged himself closely, trying to imagine being there, as he knew he ought to be. But he
couldn‘t. Not now. Not when there was so much else at stake, and not when the stress of facing
them would probably only make things worse.

He didn‘t believe in the divine—a healthy dose of Richard Dawkins at an early age cured him of
that. But tonight he wished he did. It would be nice, he thought, to throw out a plea to the
universe to be delivered from this pain and confusion. If he had been given this power to master
space and time, why hadn‘t he also been given the power to master his own life?

But the universe wouldn‘t answer, its remaining mysteries closed off to him even as he had just
roughly pried one open. So he remained a mere man, alone, on a small bed in a complex
research facility that his work had helped create.

He should feel so big, he thought, with this clever manipulation of the fabric of existence. Yet
here he was, instead feeling so small that the tiny room may as well have been the vastness of
space swallowing him up in its great maw.

He dreamed that his anomaly consumed him. When he awoke, he wished it had.


Family Values (Abby/Becker)
POV: Becker

Pairing: Becker/Abby, A/B/C

Other Characters: Jason (OC Hub operator)

Potential Squicks: None

While Connor is celebrating with Philip and April, Abby’s run off, and Becker can’t find her.


―Come on, Abby!‖ He grumbled as her phone, yet again, went to voicemail.

He‘d intended to give her a ride home—and try to get out of her exactly why she‘d been
crying—but when he‘d got free, she was nowhere to be found. And now she wasn‘t answering
her phone, either.

He stalked out into the ops area. Jess had gone home for the day, but Jason, on the night shift,
had taken over.

―Becker!‖ Jason called over his shoulder. ―Almost never see you these days unless you‘re filling
in for Harrison. What‘s got you here so late?‖

―Hey, Jase. You‘ve not seen Abby, have you?‖

Jason shook his head. ―Nope. She turned in her black box before Jess left.‖ He glanced up at
his monitors. ―No reading on her anywhere, at least.‖ He tabbed through several CCTV feeds—
most of which came up empty.

Becker looked at the screen. The only visible motion was a feed from the car park—Connor
leaving the building, getting into a car with April. He sighed heavily.

―Is something wrong?‖ Jason frowned at him.

―A bit, yeah. Listen, I know this isn‘t really procedure, but can you get a trace on her mobile?‖

Jason‘s eyes narrowed. ―Becker, I—―

―Please. It‘s a security issue, OK? If you want me to sign off on this, I will.‖

Jason still looked sceptical, but he turned back to the monitors. Pulling up a list of staff mobile
numbers, he plugged Abby‘s into a network map. In just a moment, her location came up.

―Of course.‖ Becker said flatly. ―I should‘ve guessed.‖ Looking down at Jason, he patted his
shoulder. ―Thanks, mate. Owe you one.‖

Jason nodded. ―Glad I could help. Tell her hello for me—haven‘t seen her in forever!‖

Becker smiled grimly. ―I will.‖

Her instincts were sharp, as usual. Without even a glance, she knew he was there, coming up
behind her as she sat at the graveside.

―I don‘t think I ever really said goodbye.‖ She didn‘t look up.

He crept up and sat down next to her. ―It was kind of mad back then.‖

She nodded.

He laid a tentative hand on her arm. ―I‘m sorry I didn‘t know him as well as you two did. He
irritated me sometimes, but he was an honourable man.‖

―He was.‖ She smiled a little, finally looking over at him. Her eyes were swollen and her nose
was red. ―He was a lot more to me than I think I‘ve ever said to anyone. Certainly not to


―Because of how close they were. Closer than I was.‖ She turned to him. ―Thing is, Connor‘s
loss was so much greater than mine that it always just seemed like talking about how I felt
would‘ve just been rubbing salt in the wound.‖

―Even now?‖ Becker frowned.

―Yeah. Especially now. But because I never talked about it, I guess I‘ve never really… I dunno.
Acknowledged it, maybe. My grieving‘s always been done through Connor. I didn‘t get any of
my own.‖ She rubbed a hand across her nose. ―And it‘s still there.‖

He drew her close, letting her nestle into his shoulder. ―I‘m so sorry.‖

―There were so many things I should‘ve said before he… I wanted to tell him…‖ She stopped,
and drew a deep breath. ―I wanted to tell him how much he meant to me. How important it was
to have him around because… Well, let‘s just say I needed someone like him in my life. I
needed a man like him who cared about me, and respected me, and accepted and loved me the
way I am. Not…‖ She shivered.

Becker rubbed her back in a way he hoped was soothing. He still wondered about the details of
her past, but he was starting to get it.

She at least relaxed a little at his touch. ―And then he was just gone. I never got that chance. I
swore, after we lost Stephen, that I wouldn‘t let that slip by anymore, but I did, and now it‘s
never going to happen.‖ She trembled a little. She was sobbed out already, but the aftershocks
of it still fluttered through her.

―You know he had no family, right?‖ She continued. ―His family was us. We were his—Connor
and I—like his kids or something, maybe. Might‘ve been why it took me so long to get over
myself and see Connor differently. He was sort of…not far off from my annoying brother,

Becker had to laugh a little—that was certainly how he‘d seen Connor in the early days, too.
―Yeah, I get it.‖

―That‘s part of what finally did it for us, though. I mean, aside from the being trapped in the past,
and the other stuff.‖ She flashed a warm smile at him. ―We both have family issues, and we both
needed him in the same kind of way. We didn‘t really ever talk about it, but it was always
there—linking us.‖

―I can see that.‖

―And then when we lost him—" She heaved a breath. ―Well, thing is, I‘m tougher than Connor

―Um, yeah?‖ He nudged her a little, and was pleased with the small laugh he got.

―I just pushed it all down and tried to forget about it and get on with the job. But Connor—bless
him—he just doesn‘t have that. He‘s too sensitive and sweet. He still needs what he lost then.
He probably always will.‖ She set her jaw. ―And I think that‘s what‘s gone wrong, now.‖

―With Philip.‖


He stared off into space, focussing on the flitter of moonlight on the ground as the wind ruffled
the trees. They were both quiet for a moment. Finally, he broached the question. ―Abby, I… OK,
if this is none of my business, just tell me to piss off or something, but Connor said you were
spying on him.‖

She hung her head. ―I was. I had to. Matt—" she broke off. ―I shouldn‘t…‖

―Please, Abby,‖ he begged, grabbing her hand. ―It‘s bad enough that I don‘t know what‘s going
on with Connor. Being cut off from what‘s going on with you, too? I can‘t handle it.‖

She looked up, studying him intently. Then she settled back onto his shoulder. ―Matt knows
something about what Connor‘s doing for Philip. He knows there‘s something really bad
happening there. Danny told him that Philip was connected to Helen somehow.‖

―What? Why didn‘t you tell me that before?‖

She shook her head. ―I couldn‘t. Matt told me not to. He said you wouldn‘t understand—that
you‘d just want to defend Connor.‖

He grumbled. But he knew Matt was right.

―So he‘s had me, yes, spying on Connor, trying to find out what he‘s been working on so we can
try to do something about it. Since Connor‘s not listening to me—well, to any of us, really—we
don‘t have any other choice. If what he‘s working on is really that dangerous, we have to find a
way to stop it.‖

―Stop him, you mean. Stop Connor.‖ The words tasted foul in his mouth.

She shuddered, and made a small, sad noise. ―Yes.‖

The chill of the night air suddenly soaked through to his bones, and he pulled her as close as he
could. He stared at the gravestone, wishing somehow that the person laid to rest beneath it
could come back, and solve this problem. It was cruel, he thought, that though she was dead,
the woman who had caused so much tragedy for them already was still doing so even now. He
hoped that she was, at least, having a perfectly horrid afterlife.

―Abby,‖ he said softly into her hair.

―Yeah?‖ Her voice was barely a whisper.

―Thank you.‖

She looked up at him, puzzled. ―What for?‖

―For trusting me with this. For trusting me in general. I‘ve been starting to wonder if I was losing
you, and with losing Connor, too, I…‖ He looked away, not wanting her to see his eyes welling

―Oh!‖ She put a hand to his face, turning it toward her. He tried to blink back the tears, but it only
made a few fall down his cheeks. ―Becker, love.‖ She brushed away the drops. ―No. A thousand
times, no.‖

He tried to smile, but couldn‘t, quite.

―Do you remember when you asked whether I‘d choose Connor over you?‖ She petted his face.


―Well, you were right, like I said then, but that‘s not what‘s happening, here. Yes, Connor‘s
pretty much all I can think about right now, but that doesn‘t mean I‘ve forgotten you.‖ She sighed
sadly. ―I‘ve been trying so hard to do what Matt was asking of me that I guess it seemed like I
was avoiding you. And that‘s… God. That‘s so not what I wanted.‖

A slow wave of relief finally started working its way through him.

―Look,‖ she said firmly, taking his hands. ―This is about all of us, definitely. What we have, even
if it‘s a little strange, means more to me than almost anything else I‘ve ever done.‖ She bit her
lip and looked down. ―The thought of losing Connor to Philip, to this thing—this whatever he‘s
obsessed with—is chipping away at my soul a little bit every day, but if I didn‘t have you, too, it
would already be gone.‖ She looked back up, fixing him with a sincere, if somewhat watery,

gaze. ―You‘re my family now—both of you—and I‘m deeply sorry if anything I‘ve done recently
makes it seem otherwise.‖ She crawled over, settling into his lap and wrapping her arms around

It still, as usual, felt ever so slightly strange to be so intimate with her without Connor around.
He still felt the missing limb, and he probably always would, he guessed. Yet even though being
with her felt somewhat incomplete, it was something—something he needed, and something
she needed, too. The dread of what they had to do to deal with the threat Connor‘s work posed
still rotted a gnawing, festering little pit in his stomach, but holding her like this went a very long
way toward making that feeling manageable.

After a few moments, they parted, and he petted back her hair with a slightly shaky hand. ―Are
you ready to say goodbye for now?‖ He nodded toward the gravestone.

She nodded. ―I am. But I think I owe it to him to try to get Connor out of this somehow.‖

―Well, then, it‘s part of my duty, too, to make sure you get all the help you need on this.‖ He got
up, and extended a hand to her. ―For now, though, let‘s get you home.‖

She took his hand, and stood up. ―You‘re here, Becker,‖ she said quietly, and leaned up for a
tender kiss. ―I‘m already home.‖


Book Four: Worlds United

Open Secrets (Becker, Emily)
POV: Becker

Pairing: A/B/C, Emily/Matt, a little Becker/Jess

Other Characters: Emily, Matt, Jess, Abby, Connor

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 5x04: All hell breaks loose.

Connor is finally demonstrating his anomaly for Philip, which means it’s strong enough to
register on the detector. Matt, Abby and Emily are reading the contents of Connor’s copied hard
drive when the call comes in. Once they show up at his lab, Abby reads him the riot act, and
Philip shows up and tells them to scram, as the lab is Prospero property. Meanwhile, April’s
back at New Dawn, pulling data from Connor’s anomaly for use there.

Abby pulls Connor aside and tells him to finally fess up about what he’s been doing. He
explains: New Dawn is Philip’s free energy project, to harness the power of the anomalies.
Abby, knowing what Matt knows (but not telling Connor) tries to get him to reconsider, and
points out that Cutter wouldn’t have been messing with things like this. Things are tense and
nasty, but they’re about to get worse…

While our pair is bickering, the guard set to keep an eye on the anomaly notices a bug’s come
through it. An ill-advised move later, and there’s a swarm. The ARC goes into lockdown (hello,
4x03 foreshadowing) but the bugs are already on the move, chewing through everything in

In the chaos of trying to manage the infestation, Jess gets bitten by one of the bugs. Bad news,
as she’s allergic. Medical supplies don’t turn up what she needs, and they can’t get her out to
get the epi-pen in her car. Normal methods of killing the bugs fail, and Connor’s last resort is to
configure his anomaly generator to send out a burst of gamma radiation. But can he do it before
Philip runs the ARC’s self-destruct programme and fries the entire building and everything in it?

Fortunately, Connor’s plan goes off: the radiation burst works. Bugs are zapped, everyone’s
safe back in the panic room, and Jess eventually gets her meds. The bad news: The ARC’s a
disaster, and tempers are still high…


―I‘m fine, really. I‘m perfectly capable of—― Jess wobbled a little on her absurd heels, leaning
against Matt and Emily as the lift doors opened and they made their way back toward the Hub.
Abby and Connor followed—hovering close to each other, but not speaking.

―Right. Thanks, Minker.‖ Becker ended his call and rushed over to them, taking over for Matt in
helping Jess along.

―You are most definitely not fine, Jess,‖ Emily scolded her, slipping a steadying arm around her
waist. ―We need to get you home.‖ She looked up at Matt.

―I agree. In fact, consider that an order. Home.‖ His tone was stern.

Jess narrowed her eyes. ―Matt! I still have to get the Hub back up, and what if there‘s another
anomaly call, and…‖ she heaved a deep breath.

A throat was cleared behind them. ―I could… I mean, it‘s still basically my system anyway.‖

Becker glanced back. Connor was pale and shaky himself, but in his case, it was for entirely
different reasons than a bad reaction to an insect bite. He looked away, not quite able to meet
Becker‘s eye.

―That sounds like a good idea.‖ Matt nodded, patting Connor‘s shoulder in a way that seemed
designed to reassure him that he was still part of the team. Connor looked up and smiled a little,
apparently grateful for the gesture. ―So, you go do that. Abby, you need to check on the
menagerie. Becker, contact the rest of the staff and get them back here to help with the cleanup
job, and I‘ll talk to Lester.‖ Matt smiled warmly at Emily. ―Get her home and keep an eye on her.
I‘ll call you later.‖

Emily stopped short and stared at him. ―Get her home?‖

―Yeah?‖ Matt looked at her as if she‘d grown another head. Then a look of recognition crossed
his face. ―Oh. Right.‖ He smiled sheepishly.

Emily grinned at him. ―Your confidence in me is flattering, Matt, but I‘m not sure one driving
lesson is quite enough.‖

―Yes, that‘s probably true.‖ Matt winked, and then bit his lip, thinking.

Becker tensed as Jess sagged against him. ―Matt, I can go. I can take them both. I‘ve already
contacted Minker and Allen, and I can make a couple more calls on the way.‖

Matt nodded. ―OK, that works. Thanks, Becker. I owe you one.‖

Becker nodded, and began to guide Jess back toward the lifts.

An impatient chirrup from Rex made him turn. Abby was still standing there, toting the carrier,
and just out of reach of Connor. He gazed at them, wishing he could just spirit them both back
home, and get everything properly sorted. Other duties, however, called.

Abby seemed to read his mind. ―We‘ll be fine,‖ she said, her voice a little ragged, but confident.

She glanced over at Connor. ―Won‘t we?‖

Connor finally looked at her, though he seemed reluctant to do so. ―Yeah. We will,‖ he said with
a weak smile. He looked back over at Becker. ―See you later?‖ He sounded hopeful.

Becker nodded and smiled gently. ―Yes. Absolutely.‖ Jess squeezed his arm, and he looked
down at her. Though she still looked a bit woozy, she also sported a giddy, knowing grin.


―She‘s asleep.‖ Emily emerged from the bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. ―And her
breathing is just fine.‖

Becker sighed in relief. ―Good. I was worried about her.‖

―We all were.‖ She sat down on the sofa next to him. ―It‘s been perfectly mad.‖ She shook her

―It has,‖ he agreed, and stood up. ―Anyway, if you‘re good for now, I should get going. Get back
to the ARC and help the team get things properly sorted there. Matt‘s coming by here later,

―He is.‖ She nodded. ―But, Becker?‖ She reached for his wrist.

He stopped and turned, confused. ―Yes?‖

―Can you stay here for just a little longer? I‘d like to talk to you, if that‘s all right.‖

He frowned at her in confusion, but sat back down. ―Sure. What‘s on your mind?‖

―It‘s about Matt,‖ she began slowly, ―and what happened today. Well, what‘s still happening, with
Connor and Philip and Connor‘s anomaly.‖

His jaw tensed.

―You‘ve been kept in the dark on all this, and it‘s not fair. I‘ve wanted Matt to tell you, but he
won‘t. He keeps saying you wouldn‘t understand.‖

―Right. I got that much from Abby,‖ he grumbled.

―Abby?‖ She looked up at him, confused. ―What did she tell you? And why?‖

He flushed--he'd almost said too much. ―Well, ah, that‘s kind of a complicated story, but I know
the gist of what‘s happening. Matt‘s worried about Connor‘s project going awry. Well, worse

than what happened today, I imagine. And he‘s been asking Abby‘s help on this.‖

―Yes, that‘s it," Emily acknowledged. "But do you know exactly why Matt‘s worried?‖

Becker cocked his head. ―I hadn‘t thought about it, I guess.‖

She took a deep breath and looked down as she knotted her fingers together. ―Well, it‘s not just
speculation. He knows something‘s going to happen. Something very bad.‖

―Knows? How?‖

She looked back up. ―He‘s not from your time, Becker.‖

―He‘s… Come again?‖ He stared at her, utterly bewildered for a moment.

―I‘m not the only one who wasn't born in this time, although Matt came here on purpose. Life as
he knew it is basically gone. He came here to try to change that.‖

―The future. Matt‘s from the future.‖ It all made so much sense, now that he thought about it.
―But, wait. Why wasn‘t I told about this before?‖ A sudden flash of anger rose in him, as he
realised exactly how far out of his control the situation really was.

Emily laid a gentle hand on his arm. ―He couldn‘t risk telling anyone. He didn't know who was
responsible for the catastrophe--only that it had happened. He couldn't be honest because he
couldn‘t risk it getting back to whoever was involved in this. He originally thought Ethan was the
cause, but then when Connor started working with Philip, he figured out there must have been a
connection there. He only told me because he didn‘t think it was possible I‘d be involved, and
Abby figured it out before he‘d said anything. No one else knows, yet.‖

"Abby knew this." He tried to stay calm, but couldn't help feeling a little betrayed, even though
he understood her reasoning. Still, he was somewhat confused. ―So why are you telling me this

―He said I could—asked me to, actually. He knew he wouldn‘t have a chance to tell you himself
in all the chaos, but he said he‘s decided that there have been enough secrets on the team, and
it‘s time it all came to light. It‘s time we were all open and honest with each other, about

―Open, right." He shifted uncomfortably. As angry as he was that so much had been kept from
him, he had to acknowledge that he had his own culpability on that count. Although, under the
day‘s circumstances, staying quiet about his unusual relationship now seemed quite petty. He
glanced over at the closed bedroom door and felt a pang of guilt. Expecting Jess to keep their
trail covered all this time was quite unfair to her. Maybe it was finally time...

Emily caught the direction of his gaze, and changed the subject. ―She likes you.‖

Becker squirmed at her significant smile. ―Um. Yeah. I know.‖

―But you don‘t feel the same way, do you?‖

He sighed, looking at the floor. ―It‘s not quite like that. I adore Jess. When I thought we were
going to lose her, it broke my heart.‖ He shuddered. ―She‘s honestly one of my dearest friends,
and she's lovely." His jaw tensed. He ran a hand through his hair, and thought carefully, trying to
figure out how to explain it in a way that a woman from 150 years ago might understand.

She scanned his face, trying to figure it out. ―Are you…differently inclined?‖

He looked up, staring at her in shock. ―What?‖ Then, he got it. He laughed, despite himself. ―No,
that's not it. Well, actually, yes, I am, sort of. But it‘s more complicated than that.‖

She raised an eyebrow.

He wavered a little, still trying to find the right explanation.

She turned. ―Nevermind. If this is none of my business, just pretend I didn‘t ask.‖

He shook his head. ―No, it‘s fine. Just… I‘m already involved with someone. Um. Two
someones, actually.‖ He drew a deep breath. ―We live together. The three of us. Abby and
Connor. And me.‖

―All of you?‖

He nodded. ―One bed.‖

She looked puzzled for a moment. Then her face lit up with sudden understanding. ―Oh! I see.
Well, then! That certainly does explain some things.‖

He had to smile. ―I imagine it does. You don‘t seem shocked, though.‖

―Why would I be?‖ She stared at him.

―I figure that sort of thing wouldn‘t have even been talked about in…‖ He waved a hand.

―Oh, I see. So, since I was born in 1840, I‘m entirely unaware of anything that might go on under
the starched skirts of my time?‖ She rolled her eyes. ―Honestly, Becker. From what you know of
me, do you truly think I‘m easily scandalized?‖

He laughed. ―No, I suppose not.‖

―Between my father letting me run wild in his library and the assortment of people I used to
travel with, I‘m sure I‘ve at least heard of it all. So you needn‘t have worried about my reaction,
at least.‖ She eyed him carefully. ―You‘ve not told anyone else though, have you?‖

He shook his head. ―Not really, no. Jess figured it out herself, and I have a feeling Matt might
know. But aside from a few of the men on my team--old friends of mine--no-one else knows.‖

―Why not? Just because it‘s something personal?‖

―Maybe. My family‘s not terribly candid about private-life issues, so there‘s that.‖ He shrugged.
―But… I‘m not sure, really. The weird factor is part of it. It is a bit odd, even for the 21st century.
There are still some people who‘d have a problem just with the me-and-Connor part, to say
nothing of the rest of it. Though, it‘s not like we‘d lose our jobs or anything. I‘ve also kind of been
concerned about Philip finding out, because it just seemed like something he shouldn‘t know.
Beyond that, though? I just don‘t know. I guess somehow I just didn‘t want people knowing how
I feel about the two of them? Something like that.‖

She frowned. ―That doesn‘t quite make sense, though. Unless…‖ Her eyes narrowed in
contemplation. ―Maybe it‘s not about them, specifically. Maybe it‘s how you feel about anyone at

―What?‖ He met her curious gaze.

―Perhaps you‘re using your relationship‘s unconventional nature as an excuse to keep from
admitting you care about something other than guns and protocol?‖

His cheeks suddenly went hot, and he looked away.

―I don‘t know you as well as I‘d like, Becker, but I know your type,‖ she said calmly. ―People like
you are afraid that if you show any tender emotions, it means you‘re weak.‖

―I‘m not weak!"

―No, you‘re not. That‘s the point.‖ She stilled him. ―Yes, some people might think that, but not
the ones who matter. You don‘t think that of anyone else, right?‖

He shook his head. ―No, of course not. But it‘s different for me. I have to be strong for the team.
They have to be able to trust me.‖ He huffed a frustrated sigh.

"And if people know you're in a loving relationship, that will somehow magically make you less
trustworthy?" She raised an eyebrow.

When she put it that way, it sounded absurd. But he still couldn't let go of the worry.

―Becker,‖ she said quietly, taking his hand. ―Jess told me about your history--about how many
people were lost. She said you‘ve tried to be stoic since then, and just play by the rules. She
told me how you almost left Matt and I stranded back with the tree creepers.‖

He squirmed in embarrassment.

―But shutting down like that won‘t actually keep anyone safe—no matter what your military
training told you. Think about it: if it hadn‘t been for you caring about her, would you have taken
those risks today to save Jess?‖

His breath caught in his chest. ―Probably not. No.‖

―You see?‖ She squeezed his hand. ―I'm sure that when you‘re alone with them, you give Abby
and Connor all the love you possibly can. They don't think that makes you weak, right?"

"Well, yeah. Right."

"So is there really anything wrong with other people knowing about that, too? Yes, it‘s unusual,
and I‘m sure there would be some schoolboy jokes about it all, but once people have got that
out of their systems, I think they‘ll actually respect you more for being honest about who you are
and what matters to you. It takes a very brave person indeed to show that kind of confidence,
and to be proud of whom they love.‖

He went quiet for a moment as he considered her words. The thought of facing others with
this—especially Lester, who would no doubt decline to hear anything about any of his staff‘s
personal lives at all—still made him nervous. But what Emily was saying made sense. ―You
might be right,‖ he finally admitted. ―Maybe I‘ll… maybe I‘ll at least talk to Abby and Connor
about it. Find out what they think.‖

―That sounds like a splendid plan to me.‖ She nodded, and patted his hand.

―Of course,‖ he said, growing serious again, ―I hope I even get that chance. With everything else
that‘s—" He was interrupted by the buzz and chirp of Emily‘s phone.

―Matt,‖ she said, after a glance at it. He nodded at her, and she took the call, still fascinated
enough by the device itself to be giddy about using it.

As she spoke with Matt, making arrangements to be picked up, Becker got up and wandered
around the flat. He‘d been here only once before, and had never really had a look at it. It
seemed un-Jess-like in some ways, and yet there were touches here and there that were
undoubtedly her. He paused at a framed photo on one wall: She was dressed as some sort of
anime character—though he‘d never have known which one—and looked utterly adorable.
Again, he had just a brief flash of what it might be like if he had made a different choice. It would

be so easy, he thought, to just take her up on her crush, and live a conventional life. Well, as
conventional as it might be with a girl who dressed like that on occasion.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he spied another photo on a shelf nearby: Abby and Connor,
not long after their return. Jess had apparently caught them in the bathroom, in the middle of
taking off Connor‘s Cretaceous-grown wiry scruff. Connor being Connor, he‘d got Abby‘s face
nearly as full of shaving foam as his own. They both looked ridiculous, and Abby looked slightly
exasperated. Yet she also had a look of deep love and adoration in her eyes as she gazed at
her mate. The look was familiar and comforting, not just because it reminded him of happier
times between the two of them, but because she‘d looked at him the same way, too. And so had

With a sharp surge in his chest, he knew: strange, difficult and sometimes painful as it was,
there was no going back, now. If they could somehow hold it together for just a couple more
days—assuming they weren‘t all sucked into some sort of anomaly-related black hole—it would
all be right again. It had to be. He could feel that the dam had broken today; all that was left now
was just hanging on until the floodwaters had passed.

Emily finished her call and came up behind him. ―Matt‘s on his way. He also said Abby wanted
you to know she and Connor were heading home, and getting takeaway.‖

He laughed just a little. Matt apparently did know already.

―I can see why,‖ she said, nodding at the photo.

―Why what?‖ He turned to look at her.

―Why you love them. If I were in your position, I‘d probably feel the same.‖ She smiled up at him
and laid a hand on his arm.

He returned the smile and patted her hand. ―Would you?‖

She nodded. ―Love is a rare gift, Becker. You‘ve been incredibly lucky to have found something
so precious in a life like this. You shouldn't be ashamed of how you feel.‖ She went quiet, and
leaned into him a little.

He put an arm around her shoulders, giving her the friendly comfort she sought, and considered
the pain she'd gone through. Married off to that wretched man, adrift in time… And now trying to
find her footing in a world so far advanced beyond her own, with a man who himself didn‘t quite
belong here, either. All things considered, perhaps it wasn‘t so strange and difficult after all to
merely be in love with two people with whom he at least shared a cultural history.

After a moment‘s cuddling, he pulled back a little. ―I should probably get going,‖ he said, giving
her another warm pat.

―Yes.‖ She sighed a little, seeming to miss his company already. ―I suppose the ARC is waiting
for your return.‖

―No.‖ He shook his head and smiled at her. ―My partners are.‖


Trusting Instinct (Abby)
POV: Abby

Pairing: A/B/C, Emily/Matt, a little Abby/Matt

Other Characters: Matt, Rex

Potential Squicks: None

While Connor’s off spying on Philip and Becker and Emily are minding Jess, Abby is down in the
menagerie, trying her best to soothe the terrified creatures.


The cold, leathery body quivered in her arms, but as much as she wanted to keep holding it,
there were other duties.

―I‘m sorry, Rex,‖ she said soothingly as she petted him. ―I can‘t keep you with me right now.‖
She tried to peel him away, and get him to go back inside his enclosure.

He didn‘t budge, gripping her shoulder tightly with his flexible toes and tiny claws, and chirping

―Really, mate, it‘s OK.‖ She rubbed a finger along his chin. Still, he trembled. She sighed
heavily. She understood his instinct to be as close to her—his protector—as possible. She
wished she could be with her own, but understood Jess needed him more at the moment.

―How are they?‖

―Hey?‖ She turned in surprise. Matt stood there, hands stuffed into his pockets, his voice low
and quiet.

―The creatures. Are they all OK?‖

―Mostly.‖ She chewed her lip anxiously. ―The mammoth won‘t stop pacing, but that‘s pretty
normal for him inside that box anyway. And the Dracorex‘s cell is going to need a big cleaning.
Poor thing couldn‘t stomach the stress.‖

―How‘s he?‖ Matt nodded at Rex.

―Not well, I‘m afraid. He and I have always been pretty close. He knows when his mum‘s upset,
and it upsets him, too.‖

Matt sighed. ―Well, I‘m sorry for that. For both of you.‖

Abby shrugged. ―It‘s done. We all lived through it. That‘s all that matters.‖

―Is it?‖

She said nothing, still stroking Rex‘s chin.

―May I?‖ Matt strode up to her, reaching a hand up.

She frowned at him, then realised he was reaching for Rex. ―Uh, yeah. I guess.‖

Matt came close, getting within Rex‘s line of sight, and stroked a couple of fingers down from
the base of his head, near his crest, between his wings and down to his tail. He repeated the
motion a few times. The trembling stopped. A few more times and Rex shifted, releasing his
death grip on Abby‘s shoulder. Finally, he chirruped calmly a few times, and pushed away from
her, sailing around the room for a moment before diving into his enclosure and settling on a pile
of sweet-smelling dried grass. Matt closed the door, smiling gently at the creature as he shuffled
around, nestling in.

Abby stood there in awe. ―How did you …?‖

―I‘ve spent the last eight months with these creatures,‖ Matt said calmly. ―Rex doesn‘t know me
as well as he does you, but we get on.‖

She let out a relieved breath. ―I suppose it helps that you‘re a lot calmer than I am right now.‖

He nodded. ―Yeah, probably. Is there anything I can do to help?‖

She folded her arms over her chest. ―I don‘t… I don‘t think so.‖

―All right.‖ He took a few steps back from her. ―So, there‘s something you should know.‖


―Connor. When he was booting up the Hub he checked the system logs. Philip did run the
destruct programme after all.‖

Her blood ran cold. She hadn‘t thought she could hate the man any more than she already did.
She‘d been wrong. ―I shouldn‘t be surprised, I imagine.‖

―For what it‘s worth, Connor seemed really upset with it. Took off right after. Said something
about finding out more information.‖

Abby set her jaw. ―You don‘t think he‘ll confront Philip?‖

―Not sure. I don‘t think he‘ll get himself into trouble, at least.‖

Abby rubbed her arms, still worried. Enough had gone wrong today that one more thing wouldn‘t
be unusual. And with the state of mind Connor would be in after finding that out...

―I should call him,‖ she said, pacing.

Matt shook his head. ―Not a good idea. I think that would just upset him more. I think he‘s still a
little angry at us anyway.‖

―Yeah, probably.‖ She closed her eyes for a moment, the grief and frustration of the day sinking

―But when he gets back, you should go home. See if you and Becker can maybe calm him down
a bit. We‘re all going to need our strength to decide what to do next.‖

―I don‘t know if we‘ll be able to. There‘s been a lot of damage done,‖ she said bitterly.

―I know. And I‘m sorry for that. I‘m sorry for asking you to hurt him like this.‖

―Are you?‖ She shot him a look.

―Yes, I am. Truly.‖ He took a hesitant step toward her. ―If there were anything I could do to make
this heal faster, I would, but I think the best thing is for you all to be together—for you two to be
there for him.‖

She scanned his face. Behind his outward, well-practiced stoicism, she thought she could finally
see a hint of something else; a bit of true understanding of what she‘d really gone through these
past weeks. Having Emily back probably helped, she thought with a small smile.

―You should go home, too,‖ she said quietly. ―You should be with Emily.‖

A hint of a tired smile crossed his face. ―You‘re right. And I will, though I think we‘ll probably be
watching Jess for a while, yet. I‘m not sure I could tear Emily away from her right now.‖

―Right!‖ Abby had to grin. The two had taken to each other from the moment they‘d met, and
Jess almost seemed more excited than Matt had been to have Emily back. It was a good thing,
she thought. Though they all loved Jess—and with the threat of losing her, had discovered
today just how much—she needed someone to dote on her the way Emily did. Knowing she
was in good hands made facing the rest of this mess that much easier.

But there was still a lot of mess to face. Abby ran a hand over her hair and sucked in a deep
breath, steeling herself for the next phase.

Matt watched her closely. ―We‘ll be OK, Abby. We all will. We‘ll find a way to fix this, and things
can go back to normal. We‘re already halfway there, now.‖ He took another step closer, and
reached for her hand.

She jumped for a moment, still on edge, but then she let him take it. And after a moment, she
bridged the last distance between them, and fell into his arms, quietly crying just a little in relief.
While they weren‘t the arms she wished she had around her at the moment, they were still
something, and the man who held her did, she now believed, genuinely care about her.

When she pulled back, she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, that Rex had fallen asleep,
finally calm enough to properly relax. And, she guessed, his instinct had probably told him that
his mum had calmed, too.


Forgiveness (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: A/B/C

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

Episode 5x04, final scenes: The rest of the staff’s back, and cleanup carries on apace.
Meanwhile, Connor’s getting the Hub back up and running in the absence of Jess. As he’s
relaunching the system, he checks its logs, and discovers something awful: Philip actually did
run the ARC’s self-destruct programme; it only failed due to the bugs chewing through the
wiring. Crushed and angry, he heads to New Dawn, and finds Philip and April acting as if
nothing’s wrong, and instead, full of excitement about the project being launched the next day.

After they’ve left, he sneaks back into the control centre, and hunts through the project’s files.
To his horror, he finds out the truth: Helen and Philip did have a connection.

Returning to the ARC with his tail between his legs, Connor apologises to Matt and Abby, and
explains to them the imminent danger of New Dawn’s launch.

Now, all that remains is to regroup, and gather their strength for the last leg of this journey…


Connor was numb.

The day‘s horrors were nigh on uncountable: The chaos his anomaly had created. Jess nearly
dying. The major damage to the ARC. And of course, the betrayals: Matt, Abby… and Philip.

But worse than all of it was the crushing sense of dread; the feeling that as awful as this day
had been, it was all very, very far from over. Tomorrow, and the launch of New Dawn, loomed
over everything else.

Matt, bless and damn him, had managed to keep a cool head. Knowing his team were
exhausted, and incapable of doing more, he set an early meeting for the next day to decide
what to do next, and sent them home for the night while the rest of the ARC staff finished

So, silently, Connor and Abby made their way back to the flat, followed shortly by Becker, who
had left Jess in Emily and Matt‘s capable hands. They quickly worked their way through some
tasteless takeaway, and prepared for the night.

As the others cleared away the last bits of debris from the meal, Connor shuffled over to the
sofa, and sat down hard. On the coffee table in front of him was the most recent issue of
Prospero Today, an employee magazine full of titbits about promotions, new product

announcements and general company chitchat. On the cover was a big, shiny picture of Philip‘s
smiling face, and a headline: ―The Energy Crisis: Ominous or Opportunity?‖

So shattered was Connor that he didn‘t even notice the tears beginning to stream down his

He didn‘t know how long they held him while he wept, shaking uncontrollably with body-
wracking sobs. It could have been a few moments, it could have been days. Time was not
something he had the luxury of trying to understand, given the circumstances. But when he
finally stilled, the room was dark, but for shafts of white light coming from the rising half-moon.

Words seemed superfluous, not that Connor could have managed speaking anyway. Yet even
so, they still communicated, the gentle pets and caresses of his partners serving to soothe and
reassure him that he was, in fact, still loved. Slowly, the crushing humiliation and grief subsided,
and gave way to a feeling of quiet warmth as they cuddled him closely, a familiar body on each
side of him.

The stress of the day had made him very tired, and he considered whether they should all just
go to bed, and rest up for the next day‘s chaos, but in the back of his mind, another thought
nagged: There was a very, very good chance that they were all going to die tomorrow. Much as
his body craved sleep and as lovely as the cuddling was, he wanted—needed—more for what
might well be their last night.

He turned to Abby first, and was profoundly grateful that she let him touch her. Just as they
began kissing, Becker joined in, stroking strong hands down Connor‘s arms, and buzzing soft
kisses against his tear-dampened face. His impulse was to please them—to find a way for his
hands, mouth and body to give them what they should have had from him all this time—but they
were having none of that. Silently, they made it clear that he was only to relax, and let them

He thought they might be rough—he wanted it that way, actually. He felt that he needed the
edge and the pain as penance for what he‘d done. Maddeningly, though, they were gentle,
which was nearly more torturous than if they had beaten him in anger. Eventually, however, he
could no longer fight the feelings they were drawing from his body. The guilt faded, and the
pleasure took over.

It wasn‘t long before an untidy little pile of clothes lay on the floor, and they were all bare. Abby
and Becker, still in control, continued working Connor‘s body. They kissed his neck and chest,
suckled his hard nipples, fondled his surging cock and tightened balls. He, when not squirming
uncontrollably under the attention, reached for them as well, managing now and again to get a
hand somewhere, petting Abby‘s breasts or her slick and swollen cleft, and stroking Becker‘s

Then, as if choreographed, Abby slid down to the floor, getting between Connor‘s legs, and
Becker leaned over, kissing his way down Connor‘s trembling belly, following the sparse line of

hair toward his prize. Abby pushed apart his thighs, getting him to bring a knee up, and promptly
buried her face behind his balls.

He cried out sharply at the sudden swipe of her tongue across his hole, and then again, as
Becker descended on his cock. His eyes rolled back and fluttered closed, and he babbled,
murmuring soft curses as the two hot, wet mouths worked on his most sensitive places.

Just when Connor thought he could take no more, and could feel the first rush of release
beginning to build, they pulled back. He made a small noise of protest, but his disappointment
didn‘t last long. Becker sat up, slouching a little and leaning back into the cushions. He tugged
Connor‘s wrist, motioning for him to come closer, and guiding him into his lap. Abby climbed
back up next to them, watching raptly as they kissed and touched, occasionally rubbing her own
hand between her legs. Becker set his hands on Connor‘s hips and pushed.

Connor got the hint—not that he needed one. As he sank down, his body wet and relaxed from
Abby‘s tongue, he shuddered violently. It had been much too long since he‘d felt this, and a
strange mix of regret and delight conspired to push endless rushes through his body and mind.

Drawing out the pleasure, Becker moved gently, just rocking rather than thrusting, and
continued their kiss, reaching up to Connor‘s chest to toy with his nipples. Connor returned the
favour, raking his nails through the dense nest of soft hair padding Becker‘s pecs, and plucking
at his big, dark nipples in a way Connor knew he liked.

Abby, meanwhile, stroked and caressed them both, and leaned up to get in on the kiss. Just as
their three tongues were entangled, she suddenly stilled, and pulled back. She looked at them
each, a thoughtful expression on her face. Becker cocked his head, raising a curious eyebrow.
Finally, she chuckled softly and smiled naughtily at them. Pushing Connor back just a little, she
made her way between them. Becker looked confused for a moment, and then laughed a bit
himself as he figured out what she was doing.

Facing Connor, Abby clambered into his lap and wrapped her legs around his hips. With a
sudden thrill at the idea, Connor reached for her waist, steadying her as she eased into position.
Becker, from her other side, also slid his arms around her as she leaned back, bracing her
against his chest. A bit of wriggling, and then she was down, her warm, wet cunt swallowing the
length of Connor‘s cock. Her light weight also aided gravity somewhat, ensuring that Becker
was buried as much as possible in the depths of Connor‘s body. When they were all properly
settled in, they stayed like that for a moment, embracing and drinking in the joy of being so
closely connected.

Becker, at the bottom of the nested stack, picked up the thread again, strong enough not only to
support the other two but to guide their rhythm. As his hips moved—slowly, deliberately—his
hands began to roam again. Pushing aside Abby‘s hair, he began kissing the back of her neck,
and then slipped his hands around front, clutching at her breasts.

In his position, Connor had an up-close view of this, and he took Becker‘s caresses of her as an
offering. As Becker kneaded and squeezed the soft flesh, Connor bent his head, and reached
up a hand, sucking deeply on each nipple in turn and teasing the other with gentle tweaks.

The noises she made inspired Becker to add a little more. Moving one hand down to Abby‘s
rump, he reached underneath her to slip a couple of fingers into her back hole, conveniently
also stroking a little at Connor‘s cock as it moved inside her. Abby groaned heavily at this, and
her body twitched as her peak began to build.

Connor, on the receiving end of these surges and the front lines of Becker‘s thrusts, could feel
his own wave rising as well. And yet, something about the way all this was happening kept him
somewhat in check. Normally, he‘d have gone off already, but, as pleasurable as all this was,
there was something deeper going on—something quieter and more intense that the physical
pleasure merely built upon. His normal state of frantic excitability—the impulsive, chaotic nature
that guided so much of his actions—was calmed now, reined in by how important this actually
was for all of them under the circumstances. His body‘s signals became secondary to what the
rest of him was feeling.

In the face of this bliss, the day‘s terror—and that still yet to come—was all but forgotten. Guilt,
fear, self-loathing, uncertainty—they would all return, he knew. Deep in his subconscious, he
sensed that he was a condemned man, soon to face a destruction of his own making. Yet those
things, large as they might be when the sun came up again, were right now infinitesimally small
compared to the profound love that surrounded him. Tomorrow would come soon enough; this
moment—this one, perfect moment—was all that mattered to him now.

Abby, under so much attention, finally could no longer hang on. Her desperate gasps echoed in
Connor‘s ear as her body clutched at him. Almost at the same time, Becker, his face buried in
her neck, added his own low, growling noises, and his hips jerked up fast and strong as he
emptied inside Connor. Being between them as they both came, their dual reverb echoing
through his pelvis, finally lit the fuse for Connor.

He sucked in a ragged breath, letting it out in a long, almost-pathetic cry, and with a fresh rush
of tears he barely noticed, he released, clinging as tightly as he could to the two people he loved
more than anything else in the world.


It wasn‘t necessarily optimism that brightened his mood the next morning. Under the
circumstances, there really wasn‘t much hope to be had. Yet he was also at peace. Not
resigned to a terrible fate, but accepting of what may come, while also, for once, believing in his
ability to help change the dangerous course they were all on.

Though they undoubtedly faced a crisis like none of them had ever seen, they were facing it
together, and he was with them, completely, exactly where he belonged.


Our English Dead (Becker)
POV: Becker

Pairing: A/B/C

Other Characters: Minker

Potential Squicks: Graphic injury description, character death

5x05: After a morning meeting, it’s decided: The team’s going to try to stop Philip, and New
Dawn, by sabotaging the machine. But before they can execute the plan, there’s an anomaly
alert—and a bad one. A T-Rex is rampaging through London, and the media are on it. Thinking
quickly, Matt dispatches Abby, Becker and Emily to handle the creature call, and tells Connor to
keep Philip occupied while he heads to New Dawn to carry out their plan.

Things can’t ever go so easily for our team, however. Matt gets delayed on the journey, and
wrapped up in the hunt, and then: chaos. Hundreds of anomalies start opening up all over the
world: The convergence that Connor had predicted is coming true.

Jess goes to work trying to manage the chaos, putting Becker and Abby out in the field. Connor,
meanwhile, has delayed Philip only a little; they’re about to head to New Dawn to fire up the
infernal machine. Matt and Emily race to get there first.

Taking a shortcut, Philip and Connor run into an anomaly, and an incursion of a Kaprosuchus.
Connor’s car is flipped by the beast, and he’s trapped. Philip gets free, and is about to walk
away. Connor confronts him, telling him the whole story, and aims an EMD at his former mentor
… who has disabled the weapon. Leaving Connor there to be boarcroc food, he takes off.

Abby and Becker are having a delightful time managing an incursion—bonding quite well in the
process. But as they finish, Jess needs to split them up to deal with other jobs. Becker loses the
game of paper, scissors, stones, and heads off. As Abby’s about to leave, Connor finally gets
through to her on the phone, and begs for rescue. She hurries there, and saves her damsel in
distress, and they have a lovely little moment of reconciliation before heading off to New Dawn.

Becker’s job ends up being not quite so easy to manage, however.…


―Once more unto the breach, dear friends,‖ Becker muttered to himself as they exited Matt‘s
office and headed for their meeting with Lester. ―Or close up the wall with our English dead.‖

―Huh?‖ Connor turned, staring at him.

He smiled. ―Shakespeare, love.‖ He guided Connor along the corridor with a hand on his lower
back. It felt nice to be able to touch him so openly; now that all the team‘s secrets were on the
table, it was one less thing to worry and distract him. Which, given the day ahead, was critical.

Connor gaped, the hint of a confused smile playing at one corner of his mouth. ―Shakespeare?‖

Becker raised an eyebrow. ―What? You think I ignored all that stuff at Eton?‖

―Well, no. I guess I‘d never thought about it.‖ Connor shrugged.

―Even did a couple of plays, if you can believe that.‖

Abby chuckled a little and nudged him with a hip. ―I can, actually. Think you‘d look smashing in
a ruffly shirt and codpiece.‖

―Think so, hey?‖ Becker grinned down at her, ―If you ask nicely, I might dig out some of my old
photo albums from storage.‖

Abby‘s eyes went wide. ―Seriously? Ruffled shirt and all?‖

―And codpiece. Don‘t forget the codpiece,‖ Connor added.

―Yes, and codpiece. Though some of the CCF lads took the piss for months after that.‖

―Brilliant. I love it.‖ Abby slipped an arm around his waist. ―Can‘t wait to see.‖

―Well, let‘s get through this day, and I‘ll see what sorts of embarrassing photos I can come up
with.‖ He leaned into her touch, taking a great deal of comfort from it.

Three abreast in the corridor, he figured they must have looked a strange sight to the lab rats
and other miscellaneous ARC staff still puttering around the building. But under the
circumstances, he didn‘t actually care. They were all about to go put their lives on the line to try
to stop this catastrophe, and being able to show his partners at least a little affection before the
world came crashing down was far too important.

Even with the contact, Connor still fidgeted, however. Since yesterday‘s chaos, he‘d been
hanging his head, mumbling apologies whenever he could. Last night‘s intense lovemaking
went a long way, Becker thought, toward shoring things up again, but there were still hints of the
recent fractures.

He glanced up at Matt, striding ahead of the rest of them. It pained him to admit, but Matt had
been right. Not only in asking Abby to spy on Connor, but in asking her to keep all this from her
other partner, too. Even as angry as he was with the man right now—the lying, the deception,
the way he‘d made both Abby and Connor utterly miserable these last few weeks—had he
known earlier, his furious reaction would likely have ruined the whole plan. And, he thought
bitterly, probably the entire human race in the process.

As they approached Lester‘s office, he was reluctant to pull away from them. They‘d be split up
today, no doubt, and he wanted as much contact from them as possible to remember while he
was out in the field, fighting for all their lives.


As it turned out, he at least had Abby along for much of it. Settling into their familiar, instinctive
teamwork was nearly as comforting as holding her would have been. They‘d been on so many

missions together, and knew each other‘s body language so well, that they barely needed to
speak any longer. They walked in step, reacted the same, had each other‘s backs without
hesitation. Even when he had some of his best-trained soldiers on backup, he never felt quite so
safe as he did with her by his side. They protected him out of duty. She protected him out of

But sometimes, duty was enough.

When he‘d arrived, the delta team were struggling seal the anomaly—difficult to do what with
managing a Therocephalian incursion at the same time. They were getting by, but flagging as
they kept having to shoot at wave after wave of creatures coming through. Finally, they got the
locking mechanism fixed and sealed the thing, and then hunted through the building, making
one last pass to be sure they‘d got all the creatures rounded up to put back through.

He barely remembered being knocked down the stairs, smacking his head against the handrail
as he went, but as it was, the fall was the least of his worries. As he came to, the first thing he
saw was the creature‘s jaws, dripping venomous spittle, as it crept toward its prey.

―No!‖ He tried to kick out at it, but couldn‘t, quite. His body wasn‘t yet booted back up after
having been knocked unconscious. He pawed around, looking for his EMD, only to realise he
was laying on it. He squirmed, trying to wrench out of the awkward position, the old bite on his
leg throbbing, as if to remind him of how deadly these creatures could be. It was so close now,
close enough to smell the creature‘s fetid breath. For a brief, nauseating moment, he flashed on
a mental image of Connor and Abby, mourning his death.

Then the creature screamed, and collapsed atop him. Instantly, a second EMD bolt landed on
its back, ensuring it wouldn‘t be getting up anytime soon.

Becker looked up. At the top of the stairs stood Minker, who proudly saluted his captain with his
weapon. ―Though you could use a bit of backup,‖ he said slyly.

―You thought well. Thanks, mate.‖ He grinned, and heaved, shoving the catatonic beast off of
him. He turned to pick up his EMD, preparing to head back up the stairs. Then a sudden shout
and the sound of another blast made him turn back.

―Bastard!‖ Minker cried, firing again. But it was too late. Though the creature was now out, it had
managed to get its fangs into the back of Minker‘s calf, and tear away a good chunk of flesh,
leaving what remained to fester and foam with the poison it left behind.

―Minker! No!‖ Becker raced up the stairs, firing another shot at the blood-covered creature to
ensure it stayed down.

His soldier was crumpled into a trembling ball in a corner, barely able to move. ―Damn thing,‖ he
hissed through clenched teeth. ―Snuck up on me.‖

―C‘mon, let‘s get you out of here. We need to get that wound seen to, and we don‘t have much
time.‖ Becker reached for him, trying to pull him up.

―Ah! No!‖ Minker screamed, as the remaining piece of muscle in his calf began slipping away
from the bone.

―Mate, hang on. We can do this. It‘s just one flight of stairs. I‘ll get you down there. I promise. I‘ll
call out Allen. He shouldn‘t be far away. He can get here. Get you fixed.‖ He reached for his
earpiece, only to find it gone—lost somewhere in his fall down the stairs.

Minker shook his head. ―No, Becks. Don‘t. Last I heard he was fixing up a couple of schoolkids
who‘d got knocked about. He‘s 10 blocks away. He‘ll never be here in time, and those kids need
him more than I do.‖

―OK, maybe I can pack up that wound somehow. Get the poison out.‖

Minker grimaced, trying and failing not to cry from the pain. ―Not going to happen.‖

Becker stared at the wound. He knew Minker was right. The wound itself was huge and already
reeking with the rotten, corrosive smell of the poison going to work. Trying to draw it out from
that big an area would be impossible, even if he could find something to do it with.

He sank to the floor, pulling Minker half into his lap, cradling his head. ―Minker… Dave. I can‘t.
This can‘t be happening.‖

―It is. I‘m sorry.‖ Minker panted, his skin going cold and clammy.

―Sorry? What for! I should‘ve seen the creature, I should‘ve protected you from—―

Minker shook his head. ―No, Captain. I‘m your backup, remember? It‘s my job to see that you‘re
looked after.‖

―And you did. You did your job very well. Thank you.‖ Becker petted his head, pushing the dirty
blonde strands away from the man‘s clear, blue eyes.

He remembered looking into those eyes long ago, when a holiday weekend‘s leave was spent
lounging around in a seaside cottage in Southern Italy. It was just the two of them, mostly naked
the whole time, getting drunk, getting loud, getting sand in uncomfortable places. There wasn‘t
anything serious about it—not that he‘d been serious about anyone or anything back then—just
a couple of randy young soldiers, way too wound up from so much time fighting, and spending
that energy on each other.

A month after they‘d got back from their tour of duty, Minker had met Felice, she of the legs up
to heaven and the shiny black hair that skimmed so low Becker wondered how she‘d never sat
on it. Minker never looked back, and now they had two completely adorable kids, too. With their
father‘s piercing eyes and their mother‘s dusky skin, they looked like something a modelling
agency would have created in a genetics lab.

And now they‘d be fatherless.

He refused to cry. It wouldn‘t do, and Minker needed his strength for these last moments.

―Tell Felice I love her,‖ he murmured, the poison making him weak, now.

―Of course.‖ Becker nodded, petting his cheek.

―And tell Jordan to stop picking on his sister, because she‘ll start hitting him back someday—
and harder than he does.‖

Becker laughed a little. ―I‘ll tell him.‖

―And you be good to yours, too, hey? Abby and Connor. They love you, you know.‖

Becker blanched, suddenly missing them. ―I know. And I will.‖

A sad, faint smile painted Minker‘s flushed face. ―You‘re a good man, Becker. Don‘t ever forget
that.‖ He stilled, and his body went slack.


He‘d been there all of five minutes, cradling Minker‘s still-warm body, when the rest of the team
found them. There was another call, they said. A confused and angry Diplodocus careening
through a toy store. Though it broke his heart to do it, he left Minker where he lay, and headed
out to do his duty.


Order and Chaos (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: A/B/C

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

5x05: When we last left New Dawn, Matt had been captured by Philip’s goons and Abby and
Emily were covering Connor while he tried to sabotage the machine. April makes the mistake of
getting in Abby’s way, and ends up as Anurognathus food.

Unfortunately, Connor’s heroic effort isn’t enough: The machine starts up anyway, and its power
sucks him through the enormous anomaly it creates, much to Abby’s utter horror.

5x06: Connor’s landed in a desolate wasteland—the same place we’d seen Matt flashing back
to earlier. He’s weak, barely conscious, and under threat: A nasty-looking predator approaches,
but before it can get there, a dust storm arrives first.

Matt has managed to get free, and goes through the anomaly to try to find Connor, telling Abby
and Emily to stay behind. He finds him—horrified at where they are—but they’re surrounded by
predators. Not for long, though, as Abby has come through, firing away two-handed, clearing a
path. They end up below ground, in a bunker Matt finds. He explains to them the horror of
where they are—the world he knew.

Connor’s weak, his lungs full of toxic dust, and he tries to tell them to leave him behind, and get
back to the present to try to stop Philip. Abby, however, is having none of this, and whispers
something to him that gives him the courage to go on.

Finally, they make it back, but the delay has taken its toll. While they were gone, New Dawn,
was fully spun up, and though its super-anomaly has absorbed and closed all the others, it’s
now rapidly growing out of control. Philip flees the chaos, but as he does, a massive EM pulse
emerges from the machine, sweeping through the city and knocking out power and electronics,
including the ARC. No longer constrained, Connor’s anomaly opens….

Becker manages to get a call through to Jess, and Lester sends him to check on what’s
happening at New Dawn while they cool their heels, alone at the ARC. Or are they? Predators
have managed to come through Connor’s anomaly, and they stalk through the darkened ARC,
seeking prey.

Back at New Dawn, Connor, Matt and Abby find Philip, who’s outside, mortified at how truly
wrong things have gone, and how easily swindled he was by Helen. He volunteers to go down
with the ship to crash the machine. The others run off to find Emily and get the hell out of

They watch the building collapse, but Philip’s sacrifice has been for naught. The anomaly is self-
sustaining, now.

Becker arrives at New Dawn, and as they’re trying to figure out what to do next, he gets a text:
Jess telling him that there are predators loose in the ARC. Connor realises his anomaly has
opened, and says there’s a way to shut down the big one: merge the two. Quickly, they head

When they arrive, they find Jess cradling Lester: They’d been cornered in the armoury. They get
Lester patched up as well as possible and safely locked away, and then pack up Connor’s
anomaly for transport. While the boys work on this, the girls are back in the ops room, hunting
predators. While Abby’s working on a brilliant idea—using a low-frequency sound to confuse the
creatures—they’re attacked. Becker saves her, to her great delight, and then also takes down
another predator that’s frozen by the sound.

Chaos managed there, the team leave Jess behind to babysit Lester, and pack up and head
back to New Dawn. The plan is to rig the 4x4 to drive the baby anomaly into the big one. Matt,
realising there’s just one chance to do this, kisses Emily goodbye, and, to the others’ shock,
drives off himself.

Things go boom. Big boom. The anomaly’s gone, but so is Matt. As they’re grieving for him,
Becker doing his best to comfort an anguished Emily, a miracle happens: he comes striding out
of the wreckage, smug smile and all.

After the world’s most exuberant group hug, they head back—Emily and Matt in a tight little unit,
followed by our trio: arm in arm in arm.

Once back at the ARC, Connor takes Abby aside, trying to get her to remember what she’d
whispered to him. After realising he’s not going to spit it out, she takes the reins—as usual—and

Our big happy family is all together, and start wondering: Is this it? Did closing down New Dawn
stop the anomalies for good? Alas, it’s not to be. A call from the minister informs Lester that a
train has disappeared from King’s Cross. Once again, the team suit up and head out.

As they’re leaving, Matt stops. A shadowy figure approaches him and it’s … him. Bloodied,
scruffy and looking quite foul-tempered, the other Matt tells him that he has to go back….

For our trio, however, all is right with the world. Very, very right.


After Connor‘s sixth Harry Potter joke, Becker would normally have been irritated enough to
snark back at him. But as it stood now, he was simply so gratified to have his partner beside him
on this mission at King‘s Cross that Connor could have told a hundred of them, and it would still
have been delightful.

Abby, too, seemed perfectly content to let him babble. Becker still smiled every time he glanced
down, seeing the shiny flash of metal on her left hand: the ring that usually hung from a cord
around Connor‘s neck.

He wished he‘d been there to see the whole thing, but he‘d seen enough. Connor had turned
back briefly, flashing a look at him as if to ask permission. And he‘d have given it, in spades.
Would, in fact, have smacked the lad silly had he not said yes. But he did, and they kissed, and
they now were as happy as they should be working alongside each other on the mission.

Which, thank goodness, didn‘t take long to resolve. A bit of shoving from a shockingly helpful
Scutosaurus got the train—and its bewildered passengers—back on track and through the
anomaly, and it closed shortly thereafter.

Job done, the team split up to help with final cleanup from the day‘s earlier calls. To his great
comfort, Minker‘s body had been taken care of already, courtesy of Allen and Roberts, and
they‘d notified the man‘s family. He wished he could have been there to comfort Felice and the
kids, but it was probably best. With as emotionally overwrought as he already was, he couldn‘t
have been calm enough to help them. He called her briefly to tell her he‘d stop by in a day or so
to talk, but otherwise, he left her, as he should, to be with her family.

And anyway, he had family of his own who needed attention.

The sun had fully set by the time they got back to the flat. For a moment, after they‘d closed the
door behind them, they all just stood there quietly, as if to not disturb the dark with their voices.
Then Abby, dropping her bag on the floor, moved toward them, and fell into their embrace.

It was so peaceful, so calm, so perfect, that for several minutes, they simply didn‘t move.
Though they were all filthy, flecked with minor wounds, hungry and, if they were honest, actually
a bit smelly, none of that mattered. Just being together, being close enough to feel each other‘s
heartbeats slow, was enough.

Finally, after some tender kisses, they parted. Showers and food were achieved in short order,
and they moved to the sofa to drain the last of much-needed glasses of wine. Abby sat between
them, leaning against Connor and propping her feet in Becker‘s lap. They both worked on her:
Connor kneading the kinks from her tight shoulders and Becker rubbing her feet and calves.

Abby lay back, enjoying the caresses, and idly fiddled with her ring. It was slightly too big for her
small hands, and she‘d wrapped a bit of thread around the inside of it to hold it on.

Connor noticed. ―I‘ll get you a proper one soon,‖ he said softly, reaching for her hand to still it.

Abby smiled back at him. ―No need. This will be fine for now. We can do up new ones for the
next part, yeah?‖

He leaned over and kissed her cheek. ―Of course. Whatever you want, love.‖

She sighed contentedly, settling back to let her boys go to work. After a few moments, she tilted
her head, and looked up at Connor, a slow, sly smile creeping across her face. ―I know what I
want right now, though.‖

He raised an eyebrow. ―And that would be?‖

She leaned up, whispering in his ear. He smiled big, and looked over at Becker.

Becker paused mid-massage, looking between the dual expressions of mischief. ―Uh oh. Do I
want to know?‖

Connor winked at him. ―Oh, I think you do. But I also think I‘m not going to tell you just yet.‖

Abby nodded. ―I think we‘d rather show you.‖ She stood up, extending a hand to him. ―C‘mon,
dear Captain. Time for bed.‖

What little clothing they‘d put on post-shower quickly made its way to the floor, and in moments,
he was sprawled out in the middle of the bed, in Abby‘s usual place, as they‘d asked. They
flanked him, each on their sides, and gently stroked his arms and chest.

―We really need to give you a proper apology,‖ Connor said, still a hint of sheepishness in his

Abby petted his cheek. ―We‘ve gone through hell these past weeks, and we‘ve made a lot of
bad decisions. Frankly, it‘s a miracle we‘re still alive, and even more a miracle that we‘re still
together. It all could have been so much worse.‖

―It could have, yes,‖ Becker agreed soberly. He figured the rest of the grief and emotional
exhaustion of the past few days would sink in eventually. For now, he was merely in awe that
they had survived. ―Thank goodness for miracles.‖

―But Becks?‖ Connor murmured. ―You‘re the reason for that. You‘re the miracle.‖

―Huh?‖ He frowned in confusion.

Abby kissed his shoulder. ―Had it not been for you being there for us—holding us together—we
would never have got through this. You‘ve saved our stupid arses more times than I can count,
in so many ways, and what you‘ve done for us this time probably saved the whole bloody world,

Becker flushed. ―Oh, I can‘t … I mean, everyone worked hard today to—―

―No.‖ Connor shut up him with a kiss. ―Yes, we all played a part today. But you? You never
stopped playing yours before, like we both did. You were always—always—there when we
needed you. As bad as things got, it never got so bad that we couldn‘t come back from it, and
you‘re the one to thank for that.‖

He stilled, taking in their words, but not yet believing them. After so many deaths, so many
failures, this was praise he couldn‘t accept. ―But I haven‘t … I mean, I‘ve failed to….‖ He heaved
a deep, steadying breath.

―Becker, love.‖ Abby nestled into his chest. ―I know you feel responsible for the people we‘ve all
lost. I know you still blame yourself for Sarah. And we know about Minker.‖

His breath caught in his chest.

―But without you,‖ she continued, ―I have no doubt in my mind that not only would Connor and I
have split up by now, but the entire team would probably be dead.‖

―Exactly,‖ Connor agreed. ―You are the bravest, most loyal and honourable man I know. I may
tease you sometimes, but really, you have no idea how much I look up to you and trust you. If I
had the power for it, I‘d give you a dozen medals for all the things you‘ve done. You‘re probably
the farthest thing from a failure that there is.‖

Face flushing deeply, he felt the tears welling up: unbidden, but uncontrollable. ―Um. Thank
you?‖ He managed to whisper brokenly.

―No. Thank you. A thousand times over.‖ Abby brushed away a tear that had trickled from his

―And to show you how grateful we are,‖ Connor raised up on an elbow and met his eyes, ―we‘re
going to give you a kiss for every day you‘ve saved us.‖

―From the very first day we met,‖ Abby added, stroking a stray lock of hair from his forehead. His
eyes fluttered closed, loosing a cascade down his cheeks.

―We love you Hilary Becker,‖ Connor leaned over, and kissed his closed, wet eyes. ―You‘re our

He wept quietly for a little while longer as they kissed him, their lips feathering across virtually
every inch of his skin, but soon, the intense mixture of grief and shame faded, replaced instead
by a profound sense of love and belonging.

As his mind calmed, his body responded, and in a short while, he was breathing heavily, his
nerves lit up by their touches. Kisses became more, and they licked and bit at his nipples, and
traded off stroking his cock. He reached for them as well, caressing and suckling whatever other
soft, warm skin happened to be nearby.

Slowly, they moved down his body, turning opposite his direction, and began a slippery, eager
dance of kisses around his cock. He groaned happily, and took in the lovely twin view of their
arses bobbing near his face. He took advantage of their positions, getting a nice handful of
Connor‘s balls and tugging gently on the damp, pink flesh that bloomed between Abby‘s thighs.

This encouraged them, and they worked harder at him, Abby diving down on his cock while
Connor pushed a hand behind his balls, fingertips grazing across Becker‘s hole. Groaning with
the pleasure, he brought a knee up, opening up for the touches. By the time Connor had got a
couple of slender, spit-slickened fingers inside him, he was writhing, echoing the motions on
Abby with his own hand, and fondling Connor a little roughly in his eagerness. It all felt so good
that he couldn‘t decide whether he wanted stuff his cock into Abby‘s hot, wet body, or whether
he wanted Connor‘s cock stuffed inside his.

He didn‘t have to choose.

Connor slid his fingers out, and looked back over his shoulder. Abby was still sucking steadily,
but also twitching her hips, whimpering around her mouthful as Becker‘s hand worked on her.
They both knew what she needed.

Connor met his eyes. ―Take her,‖ he said, his voice low and insistent.

―On it!‖ Becker grinned happily, mind filled with the anticipation of soon being buried in her
sweet tightness.

Abby leaned up, letting go with a wet pop, and eagerly turned around. Becker moved to pull her
atop him, but then Connor stilled them.

―No,‖ he said, smiling confidently. ―I‘m taking you, too.‖

Becker‘s breath hitched, and his cock surged. Unless they were playing rough, this kind of
control from Connor was very unusual. But not only was Becker not going to argue, he was
very, very excited by the idea.

At Connor‘s direction, they wriggled into position, all on their sides, facing the same way. Becker
pulled Abby close, nudging up against her pert rump. He groaned heavily as her body
enveloped him, and slid his hands around front, one teasing her breasts, the other playing at the
top of her cleft. After a moment to slick up, Connor was upon him, curling up against his back,
and slipping his very hard cock between Becker‘s cheeks. He instinctively found the mark and
pushed in, fingers gripping Becker‘s hips.

Becker fought against his urge to set the pace. He was aroused enough that his cock was
starting to demand that he fuck Abby silly. But he ignored it. That wasn‘t what Connor wanted,
and it wasn‘t what he wanted, either. Instead, he remained still while Connor got his bearings,
and then, relaxing in his partner‘s arms, he let Connor take the lead.

Connor started slow, pulling back and then sinking back in, but then quickened, and soon he
was at his full, frenetic speed. On the other side, Abby caught the rhythm, too, and found a way
to push back into him, sinking down to the root on each of Connor‘s downstrokes.

The tag-team effort as they both crashed into him like this pushed him fast and hard to the
edge. Nearly blinded by the intensity, he could do little more than mindlessly grope Abby,
hoping he was doing all he could to please her. Fortunately, it was enough, and in a moment,
she began wailing, her body spasming and milking him as she came.

Her noises inspired Connor, and he redoubled his efforts, burying his face in the back of
Becker‘s neck, his sharp, strong teeth bared, biting at the flesh there. He growled and bucked
and groaned, his breath hot against Becker‘s skin and his hard cock pounding over and over, in
just the right way. Just as he went off, Becker did, too, and their wild, happy cries harmonized
with the last of Abby‘s musical sighs.

They lay there quietly for a few moments after, still connected, still in bliss.

In his hazy, post-orgasm delirium, Becker recalled the strangest memory: as a child, his first go
on a full-sized roller coaster. The ride had been unpredictable, slightly nauseating and actually
terrifying, but he had loved every second of it, and all he could babble about when it was over
was wanting to get right back on, and do it again, riding the thing over and over until the park

His parents, keeping to their tight schedule of the day, didn‘t let him do that, and soon enough,
the rest of the duty of his life called. Shipped away to his posh school, he became focussed on
his studies, and on the early military training his father wanted for him. He was a good and
obedient son, and tried hard make his parents proud. He took his joy in success, even as he left
childhood behind when he wasn‘t even yet old enough to shave. He‘d never gone back to that
amusement park, never again had a spin on that coaster, and eventually, the desire to do so
faded in the face of his other goals.

Getting this job with the ARC team, however, had thrown a giant spanner in his thusfar ordered
life. Before he met these people, virtually every second of every day had had some predictable
plan to it. Even in the chaos of war, the necessary protocols of military life meant there was a
pattern to his days, and a sense of expectation that was actually comforting in its familiarity,
while death and chaos reigned outside of that bubble.

He had fought hard to keep this sense when he‘d joined the team, but these people weren‘t
soldiers. They weren‘t trained to obey, to subvert their will to the chain of command. They said
what they thought, did what they wanted, and generally behaved not that much differently from
the confused and agitated creatures they tried every day to manage.

He had resented and nearly despised them for this at first. But over the past two years of his
post, things had somehow changed. Not their behaviour, no. They were every bit as chaotic and
wild as the day they‘d met. But he had changed. He had wondered sometimes if maybe this was
a bad thing; if their wearing away of his stiff posture and quiet disdain had instead softened him,
and made him less competent at his job. But, as his partners had just assured him, that wasn‘t
actually the case at all. Letting go of his need for predictability had, in some way, actually made
him a better soldier, and letting himself love and care for the people he protected had made him
better at doing so.

As he relaxed, his body winding down from the moment‘s sheer bliss, he thought again: He was
order, they were chaos … and chaos had won.

For the first time in his life, he was perfectly happy to lose.


Epilogue: In Their Own Little World

You May Kiss the Bride (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Becker

Pairing: A/B/C, references to Jenny/Michael, Emily/Matt and a hint of Emily/Jess/Matt

Other Characters: Jess

Potential Squicks: None

It’s three months on from the destruction of New Dawn. A new CEO has taken over Prospero,
and he’s infused more money into the ARC project, affording them more field staff. Anomaly
calls are still happening, but they’re less frequent, and in combination with a bigger team, it
means a little more downtime for everyone.

For our team members, this means a long-awaited event. Abby and Connor are finally getting


Becker leaned against the doorway, champagne glass in hand, as he watched them dance on
the other side of the room.

The reception crowd was slowly petering out; all that remained now were some of the core team
and a few quite drunk family members and friends. Lester had left early, volunteering to manage
the beta team on a call that had come in a few hours ago. As he hadn‘t heard anything more,
Becker assumed the mission had been routine and dealt with quickly.

The ceremony had been beautiful, and though he wished he could have been standing beside
them somehow, at least being the best man felt good. They‘d flashed him quite a few significant
glances during some of the more important parts of the vows, making sure he knew they were
talking about him, too, and no-one had seemed to notice that he also wore a ring—one that
matched the ones they‘d exchanged.

Still, the day belonged to the two of them, as it should. Again, he marvelled at how perfect they
looked together: Connor was kitted out like an Edwardian dandy, complete with top hat, and
Abby had managed to still look like a tomboy thanks to the chunky boots and snug, white
tailcoat she wore along with her vintage dress. For his own part, he‘d gone far more sedate in a
well-tailored tux. Though Connor had teased him about it—asking if he‘d joined MI6 and wanted
a shaken martini—he had also been well impressed, and shown his appreciation in a nicely
intimate way in their dressing room before the ceremony. Abby, after she‘d seen him, promised
him something similar later, saying something about a wedding night of epic proportions.

For now, however, it was just the two of them, spinning around the dance floor, being giddy with
the pleasure of each other‘s company. Running on adrenaline and champagne, Connor was
especially excitable, and cheekily dipped Abby. She burst out in silly giggles, and then returned
the favour, much to the amusement of the similarly-tipsy assembly.

Becker himself had to laugh at their antics, but somehow, he still felt a little reserved.

―They‘re adorable.‖ A soft voice behind him caused him to turn.

He smiled at Jess, reaching up to drape an arm across her shoulders. ―They are,‖ he agreed,
and went back to watching them.

She went quiet for a moment, joining him in watching, and leaned into him a little. ―So, how
come you‘re hanging out here on your own and not with them?‖

He shrugged. ―Just didn‘t want to get in the way, I guess.‖

She frowned. ―I‘m sure they wouldn‘t think that.‖

―No, they wouldn‘t. But … you know. Mixed company.‖ He scanned the room. Jenny and
Michael were in their own little world on the dance floor. Emily was teaching Matt a few formal
steps. Duncan and Jack were off in a corner, animatedly arguing about something—video
games, he assumed. Most of the rest of the crowd was a lot less familiar to him, however.
Connor, for one, seemed to have a surprising number of relatives who‘d come out of the
woodwork, and Jack had dragged along a few of his obnoxious friends, who‘d spent most of the
evening making use of the open bar.

―Right.‖ Jess sighed. ―Does it bother you that you weren‘t more involved in the ceremony?‖

He shook his head. ―No, not really. I enjoy weddings for the most part, but to be honest, I‘ve
never thought that much about having one of my own. I kind of figured I‘d maybe get married
someday, but I‘ve never got that serious with anyone, so it never really occurred to me.‖

―But you‘re serious now, aren‘t you?‖

He smiled warmly as he watched the newlyweds kiss. ―I am, yes.‖ Connor broke the kiss, and
looked up, winking at him from across the room. ―We are.‖

―And that‘s enough for you?‖

―I think so. For now. I suppose the world might change enough someday to do things differently,
but I‘m OK with it either way. I know how they feel about me. It doesn‘t matter that we can‘t
really make it formal.‖ He saw something else cross her face and frowned a little in concern.
―You want something like this, though, don‘t you?‖

She caught a breath and fidgeted a little. ―I do. I can‘t help it. That‘s just the kind of girl I am.
Always wanted the pretty dress and the attention and the handsome husband waiting to carry
me across the threshold.‖

A wave of guilt washed over him, and he smiled sadly. ―I‘m sorry, Jess. I know … I wish I could
give that to you. But—―

―Becker, it‘s fine.‖ She patted his arm and shook her head. ―You don‘t have to worry about me.
It‘s not like I‘m going home alone tonight.‖ She smiled slyly and looked out across the room.

―Huh?‖ He followed her gaze. To his great surprise, Matt and Emily looked back at her,
favouring her with warm, entirely unmistakeable smiles. ―Oh!‖ He laughed just a little. ―Guess it‘s
contagious, hey?‖

―Guess so!‖ She giggled merrily. It was a nice sound.

Squeezing her shoulders, he leaned over, planting a kiss atop her head. ―I do love you, you
know that, right?‖

―Of course. I‘ve always known that. And really, if I can‘t have you, I‘m glad they do. It‘s nice to
know you‘re in good hands.‖ She flashed a naughty grin. ―And other parts.‖

―Cheeky!‖ He nudged her in mock protest.

She giggled, and nudged him back. ―Seriously, Becker. You three are stupidly perfect, but you
being out here on your own? Is just stupid. You should be with them right now. Not me.‖ She
peeled his arm off of her shoulders and shoved him a little. ―Go, you great idiot.‖

He rolled his eyes and pouted at her. But then he turned, looking back at Abby and Connor.
They didn‘t, he realised, look quite like a newlywed couple on a dance floor normally would.
Though clearly into each other, their body language wasn‘t closed off. Instead, they were angled
more toward him, and for every loving look they gave each other, at least one of them was
gazing at him the same way.

He downed the rest of his champagne and set the glass aside, steeling his courage. What
bloody kind of soldier was he if he couldn‘t be brave enough to face this? With a quick,
steadying breath, he strode across the room and approached them.

―Hi,‖ he said, a little shyly.

―Hi yourself.‖ Connor grinned.

―Mind if I cut in?‖

They stepped back, opening up for him. ―Please do,‖ Abby said warmly.

He fell into their embrace, an arm around each waist, and pulled them close. They swayed to
the music, instinctively falling into a rhythm. In the back of his mind, he acknowledged a few
surprised gasps and gossipy chatter echoing through the room as they danced, but at this
moment, it didn‘t matter. All that mattered was the two people in his arms, and the fact that they
wanted him there.

Emboldened by champagne and the moment, he leaned over, planting a warm kiss on Abby‘s
mouth. Not, he considered, that that was terribly controversial. Really, who cared if the best man
kissed the bride?

But then he kissed the groom.


              Appendices: Worlds Beyond
A few side-narrative fics that fit into various places in the timeline.

Secret Places (Abby/Connor)
POV: Abby

Pairing: Abby/Connor

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: Rimming

A moment from Abby and Connor’s time in the Cretaceous, after they’ve finally got together.


It had taken several weeks, but finally, it was done: The makeshift perimeter fence they‘d built
around their little hot spring was somewhat flimsy—it wouldn‘t keep out anything large—but
solid enough to deter or at least confuse any smaller predators trying to nose into their secret
little hideaway.

Though she still eyed possible entry points for any unwelcome visitors, Abby nonetheless
relaxed easily in the steamy, soothing water, extra happy now because she was not alone there.

He was feeling playful today. Giddy at being able to finally swim naked with her instead of
having to stay on solid ground, protecting them from attack, he splashed a bit, and dove,
goosing her naughtily under the water. She wriggled and shrieked—quietly, so not to attract
attention—and returned the play, his childish mood a little contagious.

After he‘d got out most of his squirminess, they moved to one shallow, slightly cooler corner of
the pool, and caressed each other gently.

―This is really nice,‖ she sighed happily as he ran his hands through her hair, lathering it up with
a handful of sap from a soapwort plant.

―It is,‖ he agreed, stroking foamy fingers across her head and shoulders. ―I‘d still love a proper
shower, but for now, I think this will do.‖ He leaned over to kiss her cheek. ―And the company‘s
good, in any case.‖

She smiled contentedly, gazing into his warm, brown eyes, seeing the sincerity of the love there.
It had been two weeks since they‘d finally got past the awkwardness that had kept them apart
for so long, and each day seemed to bring them closer together. They still bickered—the tension
of survival and missing home hadn‘t let them calm that much—but they were, most definitely,
together now, even if they hadn‘t said so in so many words. When they felt safe enough, and
the exhaustion of the day wasn‘t too much, they‘d spent many nights tucked back in their little
shelter, exploring and learning each other‘s bodies and needs.

It was all still new enough, however, that each touch still felt fresh, and having a chance to give

each other a wash like this was proving quite arousing. Soapy hands caressed sensitive places
longer than strictly necessary for cleaning, and freshly rinsed skin was kissed and suckled. By
the time she began scrubbing his back, they were both flushed and panting.

Her hands slid ever lower, dipping below the waist-high surface of the water, stroking over his
hips and across the smooth, firm muscles of his tight arse. On a whim, she stroked down the
centre, a couple of slippery fingers dipping just into the cleft.

―Oh!‖ He cried, back arching and hips angling up into her touch.

A violent surge of desire shot through her belly. Heart pounding, she leaned over to whisper in
his ear. ―Good?‖

He turned, looking at her over his shoulder. His mouth was wet and red, and his eyes were half-
lidded. Seemingly lost for words, he just nodded, cheeks flushing even deeper as if he were
embarrassed to ask for it.

She obliged, slipping, at first, just her middle finger further in, and finding his tight, twitching
hole. He gasped and shuddered at the first stroke across it, and reached out to brace himself
against the rocky wall of the pool.

―More?‖ She purred, excitement growing at his reaction.

He nodded again, and bent over a little, giving her better access.

She took a moment to get another dollop of the soapy sap, and then returned, with two fingers
this time, and her other hand steadying his hips. For a few moments, she just circled, fingertips
rubbing the surface skin, pressing a little at the opening. He heaved great sighs, letting the air
out in soft, almost pathetic noises of need.

Finally, he whispered brokenly, ―Please,‖ he begged, pushing back against her touch.

The first slip of her fingertip past the tight ring of muscle felt a little strange. It wasn‘t something
she‘d really done before, save a bit of curious exploration of her own body. But his reaction to it
pushed away any awkwardness, and she continued, being especially gentle with him in her
inexperience. Soon, her finger was buried deep, hugged closely by his body. Remembering her
knowledge of anatomy, she wriggled around a little, hunting… There. That must be it, she
thought as she grazed over a pulsing, resilient place inside.

―Abby!‖ He gasped sharply, and then groaned, confirming that she‘d hit the spot. Encouraged,
she continued, trying different touches and movements, and eventually working a second finger
in along with the first. In only a few moments, she found the motion that worked the best, and
kept on with it, thrusting and pushing, settling in with the rhythm of his rapidly rolling hips and
twitching body.

Sensing that he was becoming desperate, she reached around with her other hand, capturing
his cock and pumping it in the same rhythm. He shuddered, struggling to keep his voice down,
his knuckles gone white as he gripped the rocks in front of him.

The steady pulse of his body, and the delicious feeling of the hot hardness in her hand, made
her want more herself. But they‘d been trying to pace themselves, not wanting to exhaust their
small supply of condoms just yet, and said supply was back in the shelter anyway. Much as she
craved turning him around and letting him fuck her into the wall, she knew it wasn‘t safe, so she
kept on, taking some measure of satisfaction in pleasing him in this unusual way.

It didn‘t take long—he rarely did anyway. Soon, his cock swelled in her hand, and his body
tightened around her fingers. With a choked, barely contained cry, he came, bucking hard,
adding some thick trails to the warm water near her hand.

―Ohmygod,‖ he huffed weakly as he came down, sagging into the water. After he‘d stilled, she
gently pulled away, giving him a bit of space in which to compose himself. Finally, he turned
back around, a drunken, sheepish smile pasted across his face. ―Um. Thanks?‖ He giggled
shyly, not quite meeting her eyes.

―My pleasure,‖ she smiled warmly, quite happy with herself for getting such reactions from him.
―If you ever want more of that, you just have to ask.‖

He laughed, cheeks still flushed. ―Ah, a'ight then. I suspect I might.‖ He finally made proper eye
contact. ―So. What about you?‖

She shrugged. What she really wanted—his hard cock buried so deep she could feel it in her
ribs—wasn‘t a possibility, but she knew he‘d do what he could to please her otherwise.

―Hmmm….‖ He chewed his bottom lip, thinking. Then he got a sly grin on his face, and moved
toward her. ―C‘mere,‖ he said softly, taking her by the waist.

―Hey?‖ She raised an eyebrow in surprise as he began picking her up.

―Let‘s get you,‖ he murmured, ―right here.‖ He lifted her out of the water, and sat her up on the
edge of the pool, where a thick growth of soft moss covered the ground. Her feet dangled over
the edge, and the water lapped at her calves. ―Now then…‖ He settled between her thighs,
grinning naughtily, and descended on her.

The first touch was bliss. In their condom-avoiding experimentation, he‘d already done this a
few times before, but he was getting better at it with each go, and with how excited she already
was, it didn‘t matter that he was still sort of making it up as he went along. She watched him for
a few moments, petting his wet hair, and enjoying the way he smiled up at her between kisses
and licks, his mouth slick with her arousal. Soon, however, he got into the task in earnest,

bringing his hands in to open her up wide and stroke where ever his mouth wasn‘t busy. She
couldn‘t quite stay upright anymore at this, and lay back, propping a leg on his shoulder and
ignoring a small stone that dug into her hip.

His eagerness, as always, definitely made up for his lack of experience, and it wasn‘t long
before he had her worked up. But just as she was nearing release, he shifted positions a little,
moving down. She was confused for just a moment until she felt the first swipe of his

The shock of it made her squirm, and he stopped for a second, making a muffled noise that
asked her if she was OK. Words not quite coming to her, she reached for his head, pushing it
back down, encouraging him to continue.

He did, burying his face, tongue pushing and probing her tight back hole much the same as her
fingers had done with his. She giggled a little at the turnabout, and at the giddy feelings
fluttering through her body.

His mouth now busy with other things, he moved his hands back up, stroking and tugging gently
on the swollen folds, fingertips occasionally grazing across her hard clit. She bucked sharply
each time he did that, nearly dislodging him from his other task until he settled in with her
rhythm. Finally, he went beyond teasing. Pushing a couple of fingers down at the top of her
cleft, he began rubbing in fast, firm strokes along the hard shaft there, now and again rubbing
the tip of his thumb across the sensitive bud just below.

Through the dappled sunlight streaming in from the dense treetops overhead, she saw a few
passing shadows—pterosaurs, too large to penetrate the trees, but shouting raucous calls as
they wheeled. It only added to the sheer surreal experience of the moment. The concept of
geeky, boyish Connor Temple working her over, his tongue shoved up her arse, would have
been a notion so odd to her old self as to have made her sick with laughter. Yet here she was,
and here he was, doing exactly that, and every nerve in her body was quite damned happy
about that fact.

The peak took her hard, her whole pelvis reverbing with the throbbing waves and the strange,
almost ticklish feeling of Connor‘s tongue adding another little dimension to it. Likely due to his
own passion rebuilding, he let her rest for only a few seconds before starting again, bringing
another shuddering, breathless wave from her body. Finally, he let her come down, and helped
her back into the warm water, where they embraced closely.

She could feel his fresh erection nudging against her hip, and raised an eyebrow at him.

He wrinkled his nose and shrugged. ―Eh. We can save that for later.‖

―A‘ight,‖ she sighed contentedly, leaning against his chest. She again heard the cries of the
pterosaurs, and shivered a little, reminded of how perilous things really were for them here. But,

she soothed herself with the thought, at least they had each other, and what few barriers
remained between them were falling quickly. Though cut off from a path back to the modern
world, all roads between them were open, now. In the intimacy of each other‘s bodies, they had
found a safe place.


Homecoming (Abby/Becker/Connor)
POV: Connor

Pairing: A/B/C

Other Characters: None

Potential Squicks: None

A double drabble from Connor’s point of view at the end of Both Worlds. The first fic I wrote for
this trio.


He‘d long since given up trying to move on his own, his body slack, passively letting the
powerful thrusts behind him carry him forward into her.

She‘d come twice already, and, going by her ragged cries, was close to number three. He
wondered for a brief moment if he could really claim responsibility for all that pleasure, or if he
was merely a conduit—a pair of hips pinioned between the other two as they fucked through

Shortly, he stopped wondering. He stopped thinking at all. She convulsed again, calling his
name, and the cry took him back—back to the first time he‘d heard her say his name like that,
splayed out underneath him on a bed of ancient ferns. Vision swimming, fingers curling in her
hair, he burst, his own body twitching and gripping at the hard shaft buried deep inside him. The
chain reaction sparked its last fuse, and steely resolve finally broke, wet mouth growling against
the back of his neck as the pulses echoed his own.

They collapsed into a spent, inelegant heap, and he laughed a little in relief. He turned, looking
over his shoulder and grinning. ―I take it you missed us?‖


Any Port in a Storm (Matt/Officer Sam Leonard)
POV: Matt

Pairing: Matt/Sam, Abby/Connor

Other Characters: Captain Yates

Potential Squicks: Mention of tertiary character deaths.

While Abby and Connor are making use of the CO’s quarters on the sub, Matt finds himself in
need of a little human contact.


―Are you certain you‘re all right, sir?‖ Sam‘s face was haggard, his blue eyes bloodshot and dry,
but he still stood to attention, scanning his concussed captain for any signs of lingering

―I‘m quite fine, Leonard. I can handle things on the sail home. You lot get some rest. You‘ve
certainly earned it.‖ Captain Yates patted Sam on the shoulder. ―It‘s been a long night for all of
us, but at least I had some sleep—so to speak!‖ He laughed a little.

―If you‘re certain, sir. Thank you very much.‖ Sam dipped his head.

―And for that matter," the captain continued, "why don‘t you take the CO‘s quarters? A bit more
space should help you feel better.‖

Matt glanced over at Connor and Abby, who were off to one side, barely hiding their eager
closeness. He nudged Sam. ―If it‘s OK with you, captain, we‘ll let these two take the room. Sam
and I can take the regular bunks.‖ He tried to make a face to get Sam to understand his point.

He did, after following Matt‘s eyeline. ―Oh, yes. Yes, we‘ll be fine. Prefer my own bunk anyway.‖
Sam smiled, cheeks flushing a little as he watched the way Abby leaned into Connor.

Connor, for his part, seemed quite pleased with this idea. ―CO‘s quarters, hey? You get room
service there?‖ He grinned, and Abby rolled her eyes.

―Afraid not, son, but there‘s a kettle in there, at least.‖ Captain Yates nodded and smiled.

―Works for me. Shall we, Abby?‖ He gallantly offered her an arm.

―Lead on, sailor!‖ She nudged him with a hip, and the two sauntered off.

Matt couldn‘t help smiling. He‘d asked a lot of Abby so far, and suspected he‘d be asking more
of her before this job was through. A little bonding time for her and Connor wouldn‘t be a bad

thing, and it might even help her pull some information from him.

Sam nodded to his captain again. ―Sir, thank you. And please don‘t hesitate to ask if you need
to be relieved.‖

―I will. Now go, or I‘ll drag you there myself.‖

―Aye, sir.‖ Sam grinned big, and headed down the narrow corridor, Matt on his heels.

As soon as Sam sat on his bunk, the tension drained out of him. The terror of their adventure—
and the enormous responsibility dropped in his lap—had wound him up tight, but now the
exhaustion suddenly set in. He sagged, rubbing a hand over his sweat-dampened, blond hair.

Matt was tired, too, but, true to his nature, more serene. He sat on the bunk opposite, watching
the young officer trembling a little as the stress finally left his body. ―Y‘OK there, Sam?‖ He
asked gently.

Sam looked up, flashing a quick smile. ―I am, I think. Might‘ve shaved a few years off my life
with all that, but at least I‘m alive.‖ A shadow passed over his face. As part of their cleanup
efforts while the captain was coming round, the team had bundled up the torn corpses of the
two other crewmembers, packing them away carefully to be retrieved on shore, and handed
back to their families. As much as any other military man, Sam was trained to accept and
manage death, but Matt could tell he‘d not yet handled it in such a close fashion.

―I‘m sorry we lost your mates,‖ Matt said carefully. ―I wish we could have done more to save

Sam shrugged numbly. ―Wasn‘t much we could do, I guess. Just too much else going on.‖ He
lay back on his bunk, staring at the underside of the one above, no doubt thinking of the man
who used to occupy it.

―That‘s kind of how it is sometimes, yeah.‖ Matt stayed seated, still watching Sam for signs of
further distress.

Sam reached over to the wall beside him, plucking a photo from its moorings there. It was a
picture of a lovely young woman with long, dark hair and dark eyes. She looked like Emily—
enough to have been a descendant—and a sharp pang of loss shot through Matt‘s chest.

―Who‘s that?‖ Matt nodded at the photo.

Sam‘s eyes flicked over. ―Amelia. My girlfriend.‖ He smiled, tracing her face with his fingertips.
―Well, former girlfriend, I guess.‖

―Couldn‘t handle you being deployed?‖ Matt frowned.

Sam shook his head. ―No. Nothing like that. She‘s … gone. I lost her six months ago.‖ His eyes
glistened. ―She was with a humanitarian aid team in Darfur. Got caught in a firefight.‖

Matt‘s breath hitched. ―Oh. I‘m so sorry to hear that.‖

Sam smiled thinly. ―Thanks. I think what got me the most is that I couldn‘t go back for her
funeral. Was busy on this bucket and they couldn‘t get me leave.‖ He rubbed the back of his
hand across his nose, and put the photo back where it belonged. ―Four years we were together,
and I didn‘t even get a proper goodbye.‖

Matt sighed heavily, though he tried to hide it. It seemed preposterous in the face of this
revelation to miss Emily as much as he did. Rather than years, they'd had only a matter of days
together—and nothing intimate—and he had, actually, been able to say goodbye to her as she
left to go back to her time, her life, her … husband. He‘d also been able to say goodbye to his
father, though it seemed as though doing so had happened a lifetime ago. ―This life doesn‘t
really let us grieve, does it?‖ He finally said.

―No.‖ Sam shook his head, and looked over, meeting Matt‘s eyes. ―Have you lost someone,

Matt shrugged. ―Yes. Not like… not like you. But yes. I don‘t actually know if she‘s alive or dead.
Well, technically, Emily would be dead by now, but…‖

―By now?‖ Sam looked confused.

Matt knew he had said too much. ―Sorry, can‘t say more.‖

Sam‘s eyes narrowed in thought—he was far too clever for this. ―Time,‖ he said calmly. ―It‘s
about your time travel thing, right? That anomathingy… and the creatures.‖

Matt nodded.

Sam still looked bewildered. ―I won‘t pretend to understand. But I guess that‘s your job, hey?‖

Matt laughed lightly. ―Yeah. My job.‖ Aside from trying to prevent the end of the world, he

Sam went quiet for a moment as he pondered the idea. Then, from the room on the level above
them, a faint shriek, followed by a girlish giggle, filtered down. He smiled knowingly. ―Those two
seem happy enough.‖

Matt returned the smile. ―They are, yeah. Mostly. The job can get rough on them sometimes, but

they‘ve survived an awful lot and still came through it. They're far tougher than they look—Abby
especially.‖ Matt hoped he was right, and swallowed back the wave of worry.

―I can see that. What I wouldn‘t give to meet a girl like her.‖ He cocked an eyebrow. ―I hope that
lad knows how lucky he is.‖

Matt laughed, as a distinctly-Connor groan echoed in. ―I suspect he does right now, at least.‖

―Undoubtedly!‖ Sam flushed a little, and squirmed.

Matt could read in the young man‘s face that he‘d got quite the mental picture of what was
actually going on in the other room. Clearing his throat, he ran a hand over his face, and lay
down in his bunk. ―Well, anyway. We ought to get some rest, I suppose.‖

Sam coughed, and squirmed again. ―Yes, definitely.‖

―G‘night, Sam. Sleep well.‖ Matt nodded at him as he pulled the curtains across his bunk.

―Yeah, you too.‖ Sam pulled his curtains—not quite closed—and turned on his side, facing

For several minutes, Matt lay there, eyes closed and breathing evenly, trying to still his mind
well enough to drop off. But even his most-practiced sleep-inducing techniques weren‘t working
this time. Images of Emily kept racing through his mind, as well as worry about whether he‘d be
able to finish his mission with the least damage to everyone involved. He was restless, upset,
and more than anything else, lonely.

The faint-but-unmistakable sounds coming from the CO‘s quarters above didn‘t help. As Sam
had said, Connor was indeed lucky. Not because Abby was smart, strong and beautiful—though
she was—but because she was loyal, and desperately in love with him. She struggled with this
from time to time, Matt had guessed. Echoes of some long-ago pain made her hard and
uncertain, and going by what Becker had told him about the pair, resistant to Connor‘s
advances for far longer than was reasonable. Yet though she might not fully admit it in so many
words, Matt knew she‘d die for Connor, and that thought gnawed at him like a hungry rodent.

It wasn‘t that he wanted her for himself; the idea had occurred, but only briefly. It was more that
he wanted what they had. His mission aside, he wondered for a moment if maybe the reason he
was pushing her so hard to find out what Connor was doing for Philip was because he resented
their relationship. Perhaps he wanted her to break—to put her feelings aside and follow his
orders—not just to save the world, but to save him from having to watch the way the couple fit
together so perfectly.

When Matt was 15, his father had caught him snogging Darcy Maguire, the daughter of the
medic in their little section of the underground city. He‘d got quite the earful that day: lectures

about staying strong and keeping up with his studies, and not following his instincts like some
base creature. Instincts, however, took him over anyway, and he soon learned how to hide what
he was doing while holding to his father‘s path in the rest of his life. He still remembered how
soft her skin was when he touched it, and how her hands felt on his body. He remembered the
afternoon they‘d stolen away to a corner of the food warehouse, and gave in to what they‘d only
played at before.

And he remembered the ruin of her body when they brought it back from the surface, her
curiosity and wild spirit having driven her to explore on her own.

Twenty years had gone by since then, 10 of it spent in this time. There had been others—quick,
furtive fucks with forgettable girls from a bar, or nameless blokes at the park … even one of
Becker‘s team once last year. None of it meant anything. It was purely mechanical—just
something he justified as a way to keep his body healthy.

But then Emily came through that anomaly. He‘d always laughed at the idea of love at first sight,
chalking it up to a fantasy created by schoolgirls who‘d seen too many Disney movies. Then it
happened to him. To them. In a matter of days, he‘d gone from frustrated-but-fascinated with
this strange, wilful woman from another time, to feeling like what little emotion he allowed
himself had been stripped from his body when she left. With her went every tender feeling he
had, and now, there was nothing else—nothing but watching other people have what he never

Abby‘s noises were getting more frantic, now, and a little louder as she undoubtedly was having
trouble controlling her volume in her bliss. Connor‘s voice, too, blended in, their harmonic cries
ringing through the metal that surrounded them like some sort of odd church bells.

Then another voice joined the choir—just as faint, and much more muffled, but closer.

Turning on his side, Matt tentatively pulled aside the curtain near his head. The space was dark,
but ambient lighting illuminated enough: Sam‘s silhouette, and a smidgen of his naked back,
showed from the bunk opposite. He was still curled up, facing away, but his body rocked in a
telltale way, his arm moving in rhythm. And his sighs echoed back from the wall.

Frustration quickly gave way to another feeling. If he was smart, Matt told himself, he‘d ignore
this—leave the young sailor to his private moment, and deal with his own problem later. But with
the way he felt right now, ignoring it was simply not possible.

With a stealth learned from years of survival, he got up and crept over to the other stack of
bunks. He crouched down, and slipped a hand through the small gap in the curtains, laying it on
Sam‘s bare hip.

Sam froze. ―Uh?‖ His noise of surprise was choked and uncomfortable.

Matt‘s heart pounded, and for a moment, he thought he might flee, running back to the safety of
his own bunk while mumbling frantic apologies. But then Sam reached for his hand.

Without a word—without even a sound but the harshness of their laboured breathing—Sam
pulled Matt‘s hand down to his crotch.

The first contact sent a flood of fire through Matt. The heat and hardness filled his hand as he
curled his fingers around it, and he swallowed dryly. It was so alive, so real, this private, pulsing
part of another person. Touching it felt almost alien, and yet thoroughly grounded in an instinct
for contact that went back to the dawn of their species.

Sam‘s hips jerked involuntarily, and his hand, atop Matt‘s, trembled. Slowly, Matt began to

At first it seemed that Sam was wound up enough that it wouldn‘t take long, but then, with a
steadying breath, he stilled Matt‘s hand and turned. Wriggling back toward the wall, he reached
for Matt‘s shirtsleeve, pulling him into the bunk, a needy look on his fresh face.

Matt smiled gently, and went willingly, crawling in to lie alongside the young sailor on the narrow
bed. Sam‘s trousers had long since been relegated to the end of the bed, and he reached for
Matt‘s belt. A bit of wrestling and the fumbling of four hands soon got Matt‘s trousers out of the
way, and then they were belly-to-belly, cocks brushing against each other.

Sam breathed raggedly, his eyes wide as he mentally adjusted to the situation. Matt could tell
this was something new for him—an experience he‘d likely not yet had, despite the close,
single-sex quarters he‘d lived in for so long. But there was also no denying he wanted it,
especially given the eager way he reached down and took Matt‘s cock to hand.

The touch felt very good, and despite a fleeting thought of pushing for something a little more
elaborate from the lad, Matt accepted that this was how things would be with this one. Worming
his own hand between them, he resumed his rhythmic stroking, now and again pausing for other
caresses across Sam‘s belly, thighs and balls. Sam quickened at each touch, and pumped his
own hand in an ungainly, but satisfying rhythm.

There was, of course, a definite goal in mind, but Sam didn‘t seem intent on getting there just
yet, so Matt went with it, letting the young man set the pace, and simply enjoying the contact for
what it was—a meeting of needs, and an oasis of comfort in a chaotic life.

Still, the attention eventually took its toll, and all too soon, they were both flushed and panting,
hands roaming across damp skin, hips rolling in building rhythms. Sam‘s eyelids fluttered, and
he chewed his lower lip, hissing out breaths as a way to keep from making the noises he
otherwise would have.

As they pleased each other, the cries from above faded from their conscious minds, becoming

instead a soft, background soundtrack to their similar activities. But then, suddenly, a delirious
shout of joy—Connor‘s—rose above the white noise. Sam‘s hips jerked hard, and, wild-eyed, he
reached up, pulling Matt‘s head toward him for a deep, frantic kiss.

Matt nearly fought back against the hot, slippery tongue that stabbed into his mouth. His mind
raced—this was not how something like this was supposed to go. It was just comforting contact,
tension relief, something purely physical. It was intimate, of course, but it was not supposed to
include something as close as a kiss. And certainly not one like this.

But Sam, bless his inexperience, didn‘t know those rules. He needed far more than just
someone else‘s hands giving him release, and he was fulfilling that need. A need Matt quickly
realized he, too, had. With a shudder rushing through him, he put his free hand to Sam‘s face,
and returned the kiss.

In mere seconds, the intensity overwhelmed them both. Sam went first, fucking Matt‘s hand at a
furious speed as he released, and then Matt, too, gave in to his body‘s demands, emptying out
over Sam‘s fingers and onto his taut belly. They rocked together, their cries swallowed up in
each other‘s mouths, inaudible to the no-doubt recovering pair above them.

Sam didn‘t seem to want to let go, reaching in for small, tender kisses even after Matt had fallen
away a little. But he finally laid back, wet eyes blinking rapidly, mouth still swollen and quivering.
A sock was pulled out of a laundry bag and put into mop duty, and then silently, they composed
themselves and dressed again.

Matt tried to ignore the look of disappointment on Sam‘s face when he got up to return to his
own bunk. The kiss had been enough. Staying in the young man‘s arms and falling asleep there
was entirely out of the question. But he was relaxed, finally, and in just a few moments, the hum
of the engines acted as a lullaby, and he faded out.

It seemed like only minutes after he‘d nodded off that the captain announced they were pulling
into dock. Sam got up to help guide the boat into place, and Matt helped Connor and Abby
gather the team‘s kit to bring back to the surface.

They had time for only a few goodbyes, the captain telling Matt he was welcome back aboard
anytime, and Sam thanking him—a little too eagerly, Matt thought—for all his help. Matt could
feel those piercing, blue eyes staring at him as he made his way back down the dock and he
shook his head, trying to forget them.


His vision went blurry as he read the headline on the paper Abby had handed him. Mad, they
said. Emily. His Emily. He wondered why Abby had given him this—why she‘d want to give him
this kind of grief when she knew he couldn‘t just summon up an anomaly to go retrieve the
woman he loved from a life locked away. But then he remembered the red-rimmed eyes, the

shaky voice, the barely hidden anguish and frustration Abby carried. It was revenge, he knew.
His demands were breaking Abby‘s heart, and, true to her nature, she was fighting back by
breaking his in return.


Past, Present, Future (Emily/Jess/Matt)
POV: Jess

Pairing: Emily/Jess/Matt, A/B/C and a little Becker/Jess

Other Characters: Emily, Matt

Potential Squicks: None

It didn’t seem right to me to leave Jess all alone. So here’s a preview of my next round
of fics!


It all seemed right, now, Jess thought. Their little team, all together, doing what they did best. As
she managed their latest mission, she joked with Connor, took direction from Abby and Matt,
helped Emily with certain 21st-century issues … and tried so very hard not to flirt with Becker.

It was moot, now, she realised. The way he looked at her, talked to her, touched her had none
of the spark and fire she wanted so badly. When he smiled at her, it was open and friendly, not
something fraught with heat and tension. He cared for her—she knew that, now—but he was, as
they say, just not into her.

Abby and Connor, on the other hand.…

She still had to smile and laugh a bit at it. She wasn‘t so naïve as to not understand. It wasn‘t a
concept with which she was unfamiliar. But it also wasn‘t something she‘d ever dealt with
before. It still astonished her that Connor was not only perfectly fine with Becker having a go at
his girlfriend—fiancée, she corrected herself—but with Becker having a go at him, too. Abby‘s
position, however, she throughly understood. Connor wasn‘t quite her type, but she could
definitely see the appeal of having a couple of attractive blokes around.

―Jess? You still there?‖

―Yeah, Matt. Sorry. What can I do for you?‖

The job, as it always would, took over her brain again.


As the team finished up their mission, Lester left early, going home to nurse his injury by finding
the bottom of a whisky bottle, no doubt. She bade him a fond farewell—even getting away with
a gentle kiss on his cheek—and wandered around the ops area, randomly chatting with the
team over their coms as they journeyed back.

She was mostly alone here, now. Few of the other ARC staff aside from necessary security
personnel had returned after the day‘s chaos. Not that she could blame them. She‘d only barely

managed to convince Sasha to come back and relieve her for the evening so she could go
home herself.

Her heels made a harsh clacking sound on the floor, echoing as she paced the empty room.
She‘d never thought so much about their noise before today. She caught herself looking around
nervously, expecting those … things … to pop out at any moment and.…


She gasped sharply, turning around. ―Oh! Emily!‖

Emily frowned at her. ―Are you all right? I didn‘t mean to sneak up on you.‖

Jess shivered, but shook her head. ―No! No. It‘s fine. Just still a little jumpy.‖ She sucked in a
stuttered breath.

―Ah, I see!‖ Emily strode up to her, taking her hands and smiling warmly. ―We all are, I imagine.
But the rest of us are a lot more used to this. You‘ve had quite a lot of frightening experiences
this week, haven‘t you?‖

Jess looked at the floor. She could still feel a bit of a sting where the bug had bitten her. And
she only now noticed that the edge of her skirt was stained dark—with Lester‘s blood. Now that
the mission was over, she was slipping out of control mode and it all hit her at once. Her eyes
welled up.

―Oh, Jess,‖ Emily said softly, and pulled her close. ―I‘m so sorry.‖

Jess tried to keep some measure of composure, but she couldn‘t help crying just a little, face
buried in the soft fabric of Emily‘s jacket as the kind woman soothingly stroked her hair. After a
few moments, she pulled back, rubbing weakly at her eyes. ―Thank you,‖ she said quietly.

―Of course.‖ Emily smiled, still petting her arm.

―Hey. Everything OK?‖ Matt called as he came in from the corridor, a note of concern on his

Emily reached for him as he approached. ―Yes, we‘re fine.‖

―Bad day, Jess?‖ He smiled in wry understanding, and slipped an arm around Emily‘s waist.

Jess nodded, returning the smile, and feeling somewhat safer just for having the two of them

―Well, luckily it‘s almost over, and we can all go home soon.‖ He patted her shoulder, and the
two stepped off behind her to return their black boxes to the charging station.

She watched them for a moment, happy for them both to have found each other, and admiring
the easy, natural way they touched and spoke.

A chorus of naughty giggles caught her attention and she looked back toward the corridor.
Abby, Becker and Connor strode in, thick as thieves, laughing at some private joke. She
glanced up, meeting Becker‘s eyes. He smiled kindly at her as he strode past. ―Hey, Jess.‖

―Hey.‖ Somehow, she couldn‘t quite return his smile this time. As he put away the trio‘s black
boxes, he chatted idly with Matt and Emily.

Abby and Connor, meanwhile, were locked in their own tight little cluster at the top of the stairs,
Abby fiddling nervously with the shiny ring on her finger—the one that used to hang from a cord
around Connor‘s neck. Connor nuzzled her closely, entirely oblivious to the rest of the room.
With one exception.

―Oi, Becks!‖ Connor called over. ―We hitting the locker room here, or just going home?‖

Becker smiled significantly at his lover. ―Home sounds good to me. You two go on ahead and I‘ll
be there as soon as I have the armoury secured.‖

―Got it.‖ Connor nodded.

―You up for cooking or are we doing takeaway?‖ Abby asked as he returned to them.

―Depends on whether you can stand my curry breath,‖ Becker winked and gave her a gentle
goose as the three strode away.

Jess sighed inwardly. On the one hand, it was a relief to see them all relaxed and happy, after
what they‘d been through. And now that their relationship was no longer a big secret—at least
among the core team—their open affection was nice as well. And for her, too. Keeping their trail
covered had been no small task, considering how easily they often slipped up.

Yet, she thought, she might actually miss doing so. Being the keeper of their secret had made
her feel special somehow—as if she were in some small way part of their tight little family. Now
that her services would no longer be required, she wondered whether they‘d need or want her
around in any other way, or if she‘d just be forgotten as they burrowed into each other.

Once again, her eyes welled up, and she turned back, striding over to the Hub where Emily and
Matt stood chatting between themselves.

―Oh, food.‖ Emily sighed. ―There‘s an idea.‖

―Oh, yeah.‖ Matt agreed. ―Did we finish off that Chinese from the other day?‖

―I threw it out. It was starting to smell off.‖ Emily wrinkled her nose.

―Oh, why? I was looking forward to more of that fried rice.‖

―You really are such a bachelor, you know that?‖

―Well, it‘s not like you‘re exactly fond of cooking!‖ He teased gently.

―Hey! Don‘t blame me! I always had a cook to do that. I never learnt!‖

―Not even when you were playing anomaly hopscotch?‖

She shook her head. ―No. Charlotte did most of the cooking for our group. I was more a …
hunter, actually.‖ She flushed and grinned.

―So, what you‘re saying is that we‘re doing takeaway again, right?‖

She smirked. ―Apparently. Get me home and then the mighty huntress will do what she can to
track down a chip shop.‖

Matt laughed.

―You know, Emily,‖ Jess spoke up. The two turned, as if just realising she was standing there.

―Hm?‖ Emily smiled at her.

―I‘m actually a decent cook, myself. If you like, I can give you some cooking lessons someday.‖
She grinned cheekily at Matt. ―And you, too, bachelor boy.‖

Emily brightened. ―That would be lovely, thank you, Jess.‖

―Yes, thank you! You might well save us both from starvation.‖ Matt smiled and patted her arm
tenderly. ―You really do take care of all of us so well, you know. I don‘t know where the team
would be without you,‖ he said sincerely.

Jess flushed. It wasn‘t really in Matt‘s nature to be so openly kind, and the compliment was
more meaningful in its sincerity. She tried to blow it off anyway. ―You‘re welcome. Just doing my
job.‖ She shrugged and smiled.

―So what about you, then?‖ Emily asked.


―Plans for the evening? Just going home?‖

―Oh, yeah.‖ Jess hadn‘t really thought that far ahead, but now that she did, her mood darkened
a little more. Everyone else was going home with someone. She‘d be going home alone. Much
as she loved her posh flat—funded by the parents who seemed to be more inclined to giving
their daughter money than affection—it was hollow and cold. The few days she‘d had Abby and
Connor living with her were bliss, but then they were gone, almost without even telling her, off
feathering their own little nest with Becker.

Emily must have seen the dark look on her face. ―Just on your own, then?‖

Jess shrugged. ―Guess so, yeah.‖

Emily glanced over at Matt, and they exchanged an understanding look.

―Well, unless you‘re set on that,‖ Emily sidled up to her, ―you could come back and have a meal
with us.‖

―Oh, no,‖ Jess protested, waving her off. ―I wouldn‘t want to, you know, impose.‖ Given how tight
the two were, she suspected she‘d be a third wheel—which was exactly not how she wanted to
spend the evening.

―Y‘sure?‖ Matt frowned at her a little. ―After the day you‘ve had?‖

―Oh, I‘ll be fine, honestly.‖ Jess waved him off.

Emily lay a hand on hers. There was still a spot on her jacket that was damp from tears. ―Jess,‖
she said quietly. ―Don‘t. You‘re not fine. And I wouldn‘t be happy knowing you were alone
tonight, OK?‖

Jess hitched a breath. She opened her mouth to protest further, but the energy to do so left her,
and she closed up again.

―Besides,‖ Emily grinned slyly, ―maybe you can start those cooking lessons tonight, hey?‖



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