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					BBQ! BBQ! BBQ! That’s the news of the week. Our annual Pineville Fall Festival BBQ extravaganza is this
weekend Friday, October 16th from 5-10pm and Saturday, October 17th from 10am-10pm. Everyone
should have received their BBQ tickets by now so be sure to come get your BBQ at the Festival. We are
still in need of volunteers to help setup and operate this event. Please call me and offer a shift to work.
All proceeds benefit the Masonic Home for Children. Don’t forget to get your funnel cakes!

Congratulations to Kenny Walker and Rick Wasson for standing proficient on their First and Third
Degrees respectively. Large blocks of time are given by both the Brothers and coaches to become
proficient and it’s a pleasure to witness an exceptional examination. I’m excited that our Past Masters
have offered to conduct the Third Degree. I elected to switch the dates for the Master Mason and
Fellowcraft Degree to give both the candidates and Past Masters ample time to practice. The Fellowcraft
Degree is now on November 5th at 7:30pm. The Master Masons degree is on November 19th at 7:00pm
for Brothers Billy Winecoff and Karl Wise. We also have the pleasure of WB Mike (the Bike) Davis along
with other members of Chas Setzer Lodge joining in on this momentous degree. Thanks in advance to
the Past Masters and look forward to raising these two Brothers.

On the charity and fundraising front, Brother Marc Whitman has presented the first check from his Ebay
Store fundraiser for the new Lodge signage. Thank you Marc for your brilliant idea and fantastic success!
Brother Mitch Vickers presented the sign from the Golf fundraiser in which we contributed to help the
ARC Home for Children. JW Brian Kirby in conjunction with Kenny Barnett of Charles Setzer Lodge
collected over $200 to date and over $100 at our Stated to purchase Halloween candy for the MHFC. We
continue to take material donations for our troops in Afghanistan through the end of November to ship
by December.

The Waldhorn Lodge night was fantastic and I enjoyed seeing so many families. Thanks to Brother Rudy
Maier for ensuring our group had Rock Star status! The event started with reservations for 20 but
ballooned to 40 by night’s end. The pics tell it all.

DDGM Jack Thrower, Ed Albert, and I along with Masters and members from several other Lodges were
invited to Unique Lodge #85 for a First Degree with 7 candidates. It was an interesting and fabulous time
where the candidates definitely received their money’s worth. I hope Unique can join us soon at James
K. Polk.

Next month at our November 12th Stated is the 2010 Election of Officers. Please join us as we ballot and
congratulate our new 2010 Officers to their new respective positions. 2009 awards will be given at the
December Stated since I will be on vacation in Napa Valley during the November Stated.

Brothers, thank you for your kindness. Your hearts are overflowing with generosity for not only our
charities but for numerous causes that come our way and for many people that need our assistance.
Please keep WB James White and Brother Johnny Mac Satterfield in your hearts and prayers.

All the best,
WM Chris Minor

Sick and visitation:

WB James White is at Hospice
Bro. Johnny Mac Satterfield battles cancer
Bro. Jeff Todd is having surgery
WB Tom Stroozas’s wife has heart issues.
Bro. Bob Crider
Ollie Satterfield past away


October 14-15 -School in Instruction. Scottish Rite/ Phalanx lodge 7pm
October 16-17 -Pineville Fall Festival BBQ
October 29 -Practice for Fellowcraft Degree 6-7pm
November 3 -Practice for Fellowcraft Degree 6-7pm
November 5 -Fellowcraft Degree 7:30pm. Dinner at 6:30pm
November 10 –Practice for Master Mason Degree 6-7pm
November 12- Stated Communication 7:30pm. Dinner 6:30pm
November 14 Fall Family Portraits at Lodge 9am-6pm
November 17- Practice for Master Mason Degree 6-7pm
November 19- Past Masters Third Degree 7pm. Dinner 6pm

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