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					        September 17, 2011                         The Original Green Collar™ Company
John R Harmon
President                                                 Exclusive Triple Nickel Warranty!
9033 SW Burnham St
Tigard, Oregon 97223
                                                                            Tuff-Enuff™Ask Us!
                                  Green is the new Black for YOUR business!
                       LEED’s* Friendly Solutions for surface cleaning and coatings removal.

Thank you for your interest and your inquiry concerning Eco-Blasting media and our exclusive All-Media Eco-
Blasting Equipment. Eco-Blasting includes air blasting using 5XL (baking soda), K2 (potassium sulfate),
MaxxStrip (magnesium sulfate) or corn cob. Eco-Blasting also includes Solu-Blasting (pressure washing with
dry media injection) using 5XL, K2 or MaxxStrip.
Eco-Blasting provides civilization with ecologically safe and friendly surface cleaning and coatings removal.
Soda-Blast.Com, LLC is proud to provide both you and the rest of our society the means to accomplish these
mandates economically as well as ecologically.

Green Collar™ Solutions for a Blue Collar World. Our Green Collar™ solutions allow you to apply our
ecologically sound and environmentally friendly Green Collar™ Solutions in both Blue Collar and White Collar
environments protecting the earth, corporate interests and their workers.
Soda-Blast.Com, LLC has pioneered a number of positive and forward moving innovative and technological
advancements in equipment and the application processes to allow us to offer your company and its customers
our Green Collar™ Eco-Blasting Solutions. These Green Collar™ Solutions may be a different approach to
solving an existing problem or the Solutions might be an entirely new way for you and your company to
increase your current revenue stream or add a second or third stream by doing something you had not even
considered prior to this moment.
In partnership with our vendors, the changes we have made within our company and in our media supply
infrastructure allow us to offer you better distribution of equipment and media across the United States. Better
distribution channels means less freight costs. (That means ―cheaper landed costs‖ per bag!) What this means to
you is that you initiate and pay for your order with us here in Portland, Oregon but we will ship your order
directly to you from the closest warehouse around the country such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston,
Tampa, Baltimore or whichever city/warehouse has the media or equipment we need to fill your individual
order. This flexibility allows us to fulfill your company’s needs “Just in Time”.
The following information is intended to give you an overview of these improvements to the Soda-Blast.Com,
LLC Sales/Distribution Network as it benefits you in your part of the country. As I stated, we have added
several new vendors and increased our shipping warehouses to 26 across the continental United States with 18
of those shipping blast media. These additional resources afford us multiple ways to fulfill your equipment and
media needs. We are also proud to offer your company innovative “Just in Time” Eco-Solutions based on Soda-
Blast.Com, LLC’s exclusive line of High Performance Green Collar™ All-Media Eco-Blasting Equipment.
Our Green Collar™ Sales Specialists are also Eco-Blasting technicians. They use their hands-on Eco-Blast
knowledge to assist you in tailoring a complete solution package that will work best for you and your company's
needs. They will help you with choices and options for the setup of your individualized blast solutions which
will include identifying/choosing the correct type of media for the type of projects that you will normally work
with using the blast pot that you currently own or that we will suggest best for your usage, the air sources, air
coolers, air dryers and whether or not you already have or will now need to go to Class D supplied breathing air
for your blast technician.

       The Tuff’est All-Media Blast Pot Made!
 Tuff Enuf™ to earn our Exclusive 5 Year Warranty!
                                       Complete Details @ www.Soda-Blast.Com/warranty.htm

We are proud to offer you our complete Green Collar™ All-Media Eco-Blasting package featuring Soda-
Blast.Com, LLC’s exclusive H250 Green Collar™ Series All-Media Eco-Blasting Pots and Support
Equipment which will include everything you need to begin Eco-Blasting. The H250 Green Collar™ Series
All-Media Eco-Blasting Pot was four years in design with hundreds of hours of actual field testing and use.

Soda-Blast.Com, LLC H258-HO-LP All-Media Pot                    Airman PDS185S compressor is now EPA Tier 3
        Safety Corvette Yellow shown

             Each H250 Series pot is handcrafted with pride at our facility in Portland, Oregon.
                                        May we build one for you?
 The H250 Green Collar™ Series equipment package does not have hidden cost requirements. Our All-Media Eco-
Blasting pot package includes the compressors air aftercooling and moisture separating equipment which can be used
with any brand compressor. This is exactly the same All-Media Eco-Blasting pot package we currently ship to off-
shore drilling platforms and 7 other countries. The Eco-Blast.Com H250 Green Collar™ Series blast pot was
                                                 designed to be small enough to be maneuvered easily on walkways
                                                 and in tight spaces allowing you to get closer to the worksite and to
                                                 reduce the need to use the extended lengths of expensive, heavy blast
                                                 hose required to reach up or out to the work area. Those years of
                                                 development and hundreds of hours of operation have proven the
                                                 Eco-Blast.Com H250 Green Collar™ Series design will not only
                                                 economically use ALL Blast Media but will excel when using our
                                                 non-sparking, extremely effective 5XL sodium bicarbonate and
                                                 MaxxStrip as well as the low sparking Eco-Media.
   SCFM = Standardized Cubic Feet per Minute
   PSI = Pounds per Square Inch
   Note: Each blast pot mentioned can be operated using smaller compressor sizes and utilizing lower blast line
    pressures than is indicated. The numbers shown are meant to indicate each models optimum rated work

H250 Green Collar™ Series All-Media Eco-Blast Pot
   Each pressure vessel is individually inspected, hydro-pressure tested at 240 PSI and certified to operate continuously at
    185 PSI!! Each pressure vessel is then given its own individual, permanent serial number.
   Each serial number is affixed to the machine and is then recorded and kept on permanent record by the American
    Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) which can identify each vessel in future years.
   Certification for European (PED/CE) and Canadian standards are available when requested.
   Each H250 Series machine is mounted on our own specially designed 900 LB capacity, pneumatic tired, modular
    carriage assembly for strength, better balance and ease of movement. Other mounting options can be made available as
   185 CFM or 400 CFM Aftercoolers and 200 and 300 CFM Desiccant dryers are available for all applications.

                                                     H257 – H258 – H259 Green Collar™ Series All-Media
                                                     Eco-Blast Pots - EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT FEATURES:
                                                       5 year Vessel Warranty against defects in materials or
                                                          Exclusive: The H250 Series has the exclusive
                                                            capability to use ALL BLAST MEDIA and to do
                                                            so economically!
                                                          Exclusive: The H250 Series has a newly designed
                                                            media control valve with tungsten carbide
                                                            components to minimize wear when using harder,
                                                            harsher industrial sand and oxide type abrasives.
                                                          Exclusive: The H250 Series newly designed media
                                                            control valve clears 95% of all blockages without
                                                            needing to be disassembled!
                                                          Exclusive: The H250 Green Collar™ Series All-
        Media Eco-Blast pot requires no parts or changes to be made to convert from a soda blaster to a cob
        blaster or to a sand blast machine and back again!
                      There are “ZERO” minutes per media changeover!
     Exclusive: The H250 Green Collar™ Series pot can blast your surface with the media/air mixture
        exiting the hose and then be instantly switched to “Air Only” to blow off the work surface through
        the same blast line! What a time saver!
   Exclusive: The H250 Green Collar™ Series pot is the FIRST pot from anyone to offer Tuff-Enuff™
    polyurea coating that is 2x tougher than bedliner coatings material being used today!
   The H250 Series has a large tank capacity of 2.5 cubic feet averaging 45 minutes of blast time.
   The H250 Series dimensions are: 26‖W x 38‖D x 46‖H
   The H250 Series will to go through most residential and industrial doorways as well as catwalks, etc.
   The H250 Series has the largest maintenance/media fill port available (4") for ease of filling the pot and for
    maintenance access.
   Each H250 Series pressure vessel is hydraulically pressure tested to 240 PSI.
   The H250 Series is certified to operate at a 100% continuous duty cycle of 185 PSI.
   The H250 Series comes standard with 30 to 125 PSI production components but can be special ordered with
    the optional H259-XHO-LP Series 30 to 175 PSI ‖Xtreme‖ High Output Production Package" with extra
    large 1-1/4‖ piping capable of supporting the use of a ½‖ nozzle at 100 PSI and a 400 CFM compressor.
    That will ―Git er done!‖
   The H250 Series pressure vessel is TRIPLE powder coated with UV protection and uses 304 stainless steel
    piping and hardware.
     We also offer extreme endurance Polyurea coating for the pot which is 2X tougher than bed liners!
     The H250 Series can be special ordered powder coated or Shot with Tuff-Enuff™ polyurea coatings in the
      color of your choice to custom color match the H250 Series with YOUR company trucks and compressors.
      [Or the wife’s office curtains! : ^ ) ]

                 H257-LP Green Collar™ blast pot package is $7,995.00
             H258-HO-LP Green Collar™ blast pot package is $8,995.00
    H259-XHO-LP Green Collar™ Xtreme Performance blast pot package is $10,995.00
            All three machine choices include soda, cob and sand capability
          and the 185 CFM aftercooler and two high flow moisture separators.
                       Note: The 400 CFM aftercooler can be substituted for an additional $500
                         Note: Price shown does not include shipping nor the air compressor.

             NOTE: You may be able to upgrade your current sand or soda only blast pot to the H250 Green
           Collar™ Series specially designed media chamber. This new standard of media control will mean less
                             media usage and less maintenance. Call for current kit pricing.

                              H2500 Green Collar™ Series Trailer Packages
The H250 Series can be ordered as an H2500T self contained trailer mounted unit featuring the Airman 185
compressor. The Airman 185 compressor is the quietest, most fuel efficient compressor available in the
marketplace. The Airman 185 compressor is now EPA Tier 3 and California CARB pollution certified.
The H2500T with the Airman 185 compressor and the Eco-Blast.Com H250 Series Blast Pot package now
include industry exclusives, our “Triple Nickel” Warranty! 5—5—5
5 year warranty on the H250 Series Blast Pot and 5 year – 5000 hour warranty on the Airman PDS185!
 The Ultimate Green Collar™ Trailer Package with DUAL AIR CHOICES: Soda BOSS™ or Blast BOSS™
Put the H258-HO-LP or the awesome H259-XHO-LP on our Ultra-High Performance BOSS™ trailer unit
custom outfitted to your specification. The Soda BOSS™ offers two air volume/pressure configurations with
just a flip of the switch! Choose 200 CFM/200 PSI or 250 CFM/150 PSI. The Blast BOSS™ package offers
either 300 CFM/200 PSI or 375 CFM/150 PSI also at the flip of a switch. Other options can include additional
37 or 50 gallon fuel cells, a 110 amp alternator and either a 6.2 KW or an 8KW generator. All those features
combined in one unit powered by the legendary John Deere diesel engine. Warranty and repair service is
available nationwide in any city large enough to have a national equipment rental outlet in it.
For Your Further Information:

         The K50 MiniPot can and will do any Eco-Blast job but more slowly than with the larger units.
         The K100 or the H250 Green Collar™ Series are the suggested models for production work. They both
          have remote operator controls at the nozzle to turn the blasting of the machine on or off.
         The K50 and K100 do not use cob or standard sand abrasives; only the H250 Series is designed to
          properly meter various grits of cob and water solubles as well as all standard industrial abrasives.
         The Airman 185 and DUS BOSS compressors will power any of the three blasters but are mainly used
          for the H250 Green Collar™ Series. The BOSS RX 70 CFM rotary vane compressor will power the
          K50 or the K100 at full pressure or the H250 with a #4 nozzle @80 PSI.
               o The K50 will need up to approx. a 7.5 HP compressor to provide up to 25 SCFM.
               o The K100 will need up to approx. a 15 HP compressor to provide 50 SCFM.
               o The H250 Green Collar™ Series can all be used with any compressor from 125 SCFM up to
                  400 SCFM or more.
               o The H258-HO-LP and H259 XHO use the air output more efficiently giving more work.
         The SCFM demand will vary depending on Tip size chosen for use and the pressure being blasted at.
               o Example: #- (1/8‖) nozzle @100 PSI = 26 SCFM air draw
               o Example: #4 (1/4‖) nozzle @100 PSI = 100 SCFM air draw
           o Example: #5 (5/16‖) nozzle@100 PSI = 140 SCFM air draw
           o Example: #6 (3/8‖) nozzle @100 PSI = 200 SCFM air draw
           o Example: #7 (7/16‖) nozzle @100 PSI = 255 SCFM air draw
           o Example: #8 (1/2‖) nozzle @100 PSI = 550 SCFM air draw
           o Example: #9 (5/8‖) nozzle @100 PSI = 550 SCFM air draw
      The model/air demand and equipment pricing is as follows:
           o K-50 = 7-25 SCFM @ 120 PSI (MSRP $435.00 w/o aftercooler includes UPS freight)
           o K100 = 10-50 SCFM @ 120 PSI (MSRP $2,495.00 w/o aftercooler plus trucking freight)
           o H257-LP = 50-250 SCFM @ 125 PSI (MSRP $7,995.00 includes 185 CFM aftercooler plus
           o H258-HO-LP = 50-350 SCFM @ 125 PSI (MSRP $8,995.00 includes 185 CFM aftercooler
                plus freight)
           o H259-XHO-LP = 50-475 SCFM @ 150 PSI (MSRP $10,995.00 includes 185 CFM aftercooler
                plus freight) (Add $500 for the 400 CFM aftercooler upgrade)
      Media is 24.00 per bag in 40, 49 or 54 bag pallets plus average shipping of approx $125 to $300 or so
       per pallet and pallets are shipped from the closest warehouse which has that inventory.
   Our ―5XL‖ pure sodium bicarbonate is now Specially Priced @ $25.00 per 50 lb.
    bag FREIGHT INCLUDED! There are 49 bags to a pallet and YES, our blasting
      soda is KOSHER! The delivered pallet price is $1,325.00 and that price which
     includes freight is good for 70% of all the continental US addresses. (Delivered
    media cost is subject to daily correction (hourly?) due to fuel surcharge increases)
Media usage: Soda
      The K50 will go approximately 20 minutes per 8 lb. filling.
      The K100 and H250 Series use approximately one (1) bag an hour, which is approximately 1 pound per
         o Freight on all the H250 Green Collar™ Series originates out of Portland, Oregon. Freight costs
             which include our company’s freight discount will average $250.00 to $400.00 depending on
             what part of the country you that you are in.
         o Freight on the K100 will be a bit less as it has a lighter shipping weight.
         o Freight on pallets of K2 and MaxxStrip media average $125.00 to $400.00 depending on
             destination and which originating warehouse can ship it.
    As I have indicated, the suggested and preferred production model for most companies is the H258-HO-
      LP Green Collar™ All-Media Eco-Blast pot.
    Any H250 Green Collar™ Series All-Media Eco-Blasting pot will handle "ALL" blast media and
      "ALL" grit sizes that can normally be used in any soda, cob or sandblasting type of operations.

   Choosing a Soda-Blast.Com H250 Green Collar™ Series All-Media Eco-Blast Pot
       insures your company will only need ONE pot to do the work of THREE!
                     AND it will use less media to do more work!
                                 IT IS ALSO A SAND POT!

As we stated above, SodaBlast.Com, LLC distributes the Airman PDS185S, the RX70 and BOSS compressors
NATIONWIDE. We offer them in our soda blasting equipment package because we have personally found them
to be extremely reliable. In fact, the Airman 185’s price includes an unheard of 5 year/5,000 hour warranty
at NO EXTRA COST! The Airman 185 CFM uses the proven reliability of the 4 cylinder Nissan industrial
diesel which Nissan also uses in their forklifts. The BOSS RX70 CFM screw compressor uses a 24 HP Honda
engine and has a 24 month warranty. The BOSS DUS Series offers a 2 year warranty and uses the bullet proof
John Deere diesel.
          The Airman PDS185S Eco-Compressors are 20% quieter and 13% more fuel efficient than any other
                         compressor brand in its class found in our market place.
The Airman PDS185 and the BOSS compressor can not only be used for mobile onsite work but also as a fixed,
stationary power source or for solid mounting on a trailer or in a truck. Call us; we can have your new
compressor fueled, serviced and fully operational and ready to put to work, delivered directly to you from the
warehouse closest to you. Call us directly for further information and to initiate your order.
Soda-Blast.Com, LLC’s Media Distribution:
As I stated above, we currently have 18 warehouses across the country from which to initiate shipment of media.
We normally service the west coast from San Diego, LA, Sacramento, Phoenix, Portland or Seattle depending
on inventory and whichever shipping source gives the cheapest cost for freight. Other warehouses include,
among others, Houston, Baton Rouge, Tampa, Chicago and Baltimore.
For Eco-Blasting media, we have 5XL sodium bicarbonate), K2 (potassium sulfate), MaxxStrip (magnesium
sulfate), or corn cob. We have three grit sizes of soda, three of potassium, three of magnesium and three of cob
in the sizes that you would normally blast with. For increased cutting effect, we can also provide Eco-Grit
crushed glass or garnet which is also used for water jet cutting and ultra-high pressure water blasting up to
38,000 PSI
I suggest you consider the K2, the 5XL soda, the MaxxStrip and corn cob all as being problem-solvers for
different types of surface cleaning or coatings removal. Our K2, 5XL soda and MaxxStrip are all water-soluble
            Our soluble media is Kosher and FDA authorized for use in food processing facilities.

Media Name         Chemical Composition       Mohs Hardness      Grit screen size      Bulk Density           PH
5XL Soda           Sodium bicarbonate         2.5                60/80, 120            65 lbs per cubic ft.   8.6
SofStrip Soda      Sodium bicarbonate         2.5                40/60                 65 lbs per cubic ft.   8.6
K2                 Potassium sulfate          3.0                14/20,40/60, 60/80    85 lbs per cubic ft.   7.0
MaxxStrip          Magnesium sulfate          3.5                20/40, 40/60, 60/80   90 lbs per cubic ft.   7.0
Cob                Processed Corn Cob         4.5                14/20, 20/40, 30/80   23 lbs per cubic ft.   7.0
Eco-Grit           Recycled crushed glass     5.5                30, 50, 70, 105       80 lbs per cubic ft.   7.0

    Our most popular soda is the 5XL (our premium soda). The 5XL premium grade soda is a larger, more
    consistently shaped soda particle that does more work per bag and is more cost effective than maintenance
    grit soda.
     5XL soda (#5.5) is a 2.5 Mohs hardness, 70 mesh, 180 micron particle while maintenance grit (#5) is an
         80/120 mesh at approximately 140 microns.
     The K2 is one-half step harder than soda at 3.0 on the Mohs scale. K2 is available in two grit sizes.
     MaxxStrip is one-half step harder than the K2 at 3.5 on the Mohs scale and is available in 20/40, 40/60
         and 60/80 grit sizes.
     Both the K2 and MaxxStrip are heavier particles with more mass than soda and produce more work
         more quickly than either grit of soda while creating less blast dust.
     Eco-Grit is recycled, crushed, screened consumer glass such as pickle jars, etc. It is a snow-flake type
         crystal that gives a good cut, is controllable and mild to full profile.
     5XL soda is 8.2 ph
     Cob, K2, MaxxStrip and Eco-Grit are 7.0 ph.
All our media is packaged in 50 lb. bags but bulk bags are available.
Our water soluble Eco-Media, including our extra large particle Premium 5XL soda is 49 bag pallets, the K2 is
54 bag pallets and the Eco-Grit is 60 bag pallets. The cobs pallet pricing is for a 2,000 lb pallet with forty 50 lb
bags. MaxxStrip is pallet priced at 40 bags per pallet.
5XL soda = $25.00 per 50 lb. bag (49 bag pallets) This price INCLUDES FREIGHT!!!!
SofStrip XL = $24.00 per 50 lb. bag (40 bag pallets) PLUS FREIGHT
MaxxStrip = $25.00 per 50 lb. bag (40 bag pallets) PLUS FREIGHT
K2 = $25.00 per 55 lb. bag (54 bag pallets) PLUS FREIGHT
ECO-GRIT = $12.50 PER BAG, 750.00 PER (60 bag pallet) PLUS FREIGHT
3060 cob = $18.75 per 50 lb. bag ($750 for 40 bag pallets) PLUS FREIGHT
Single bags of water soluble media are $37.50 per bag. Single bag orders and less than full pallet orders will
have an additional Shipping & Handling Charges added to their cost.
The following information will direct you to our ONLINE DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS.

We have 14 videos on www.YouTube.Com thus far generating over 39,000 viewings. The link is Or just type in a search for our user name: ―EcoSodaBlaster‖.
We have videos on car stripping, log home and stone surface preparation and graffiti removal. More are to be
The viewing instructions for additional videos we host on our own website are below.
We have added ―Streaming Video‖ to our website so you can see actual product demonstrations as well as
before/after still pictures of blasted materials in various industries. Choose either Real Player or Windows Media
Player as your viewer, then choose the speed for your dial-up modem or your cable connection speed, then
choose the demonstration you wish to view. Let it begin to load. This could take up to several minutes
depending on web server traffic and the speed of your internet connection.
        We do not support the Quicktime format.
Real Player:
When it is playing, if you ―hover‖ your cursor over the Real Player screen, it will open a hidden menu bar that
will allow you to ―2X‖ your screen size if you wish to. Just remember the larger screen may be fuzzier to look
Windows Media Player:
When you choose a Windows media, Explorer should open up into its normal screen. It will ask you if you wish
to view the video in separate screen. Tell it yes, it will open a small window in the lower left corner of your
screen. It will automatically start playing the video as it downloads enough file to begin viewing. You can make
the viewing window bigger by "detaching the player" from the screen. The detach button is the only button over
the horizontal bar just to the right side of the square. You can “Hover” your mouse cursor over it to identify it.
Again, if you make the screen too large the image will get very grainy.
You can see videos of some of representative projects using soda and cob blasting methods by going to the
following URLs on one of our several primary websites. Just Copy the URL and Paste it into your web browser.

       Cob Blasting stain off a log home:
           o Soda Blasting paint off metal (5XL soda, MaxxStrip and K2):
           o Soda Blasting cabinet with dust collector:
           o Solu-Blasting paint off metal, concrete, etc (MaxxStrip):
           o Go to:

       Graffiti removal paint off concrete with MaxxStrip (Two projects):
           o Paint off fiberglass with 5XL soda (Corvette)
           o Paint and decal removal with MaxxClean pressure wash system
           o Go to: cob_soda_blast_cabinet_video.htm
Graffiti removal at Rocky Butte Park, Portland, Oregon. A National Historic Register Site.
―Before‖ and ―After‖ pictures of graffiti removal from stonework, cement and glass using MaxxStrip.
Go to:
You will also find more blasting information including MSDS sheets and pictures on one of our sister websites: -- --
The following information is to illustrate other uses for our equipment and blast media.
                                            - MOLD REMEDIATION -
They are saying that MOLD is the next asbestos for the service industries. We are being contacted almost daily
by restoration companies across the country whose insurance adjustors, industrial hygienists or contractors are
instructing them that SODIUM BICARBONATE is being spec'd in as the proper cleanup method. This method
is generally preferred over dry ice blasting because soda blasting typically leaves a smoother finish while only
removing an average of 2% of the surface to accomplish the mold and spoor removal. The reasons are on our
                                                   -- NEW ITEM! --
We are also pleased to inform you that we have entirely self-contained Soda Blasting Cabinets available for
immediate delivery. They have a work surface of 24‖ x 42‖ and have all the premium features you would expect
including a two-stage dust collector. These cabinets will also operate off your existing shop air compressor
using as little as 10 SCFM of air volume. Normal air draw is 10 SCFM to 50 SCFM. Custom size enclosures
and built in turntables are also available, call for quote.
Picture and detailed information is at:
Video is at:
                                                    -- NEW ITEM! --
Wheel Locks just like the ones the Police use to immobilize illegally parked cars. You can now get them for all
your mobile equipment and vehicles. This is cheap insurance to keep your companies compressors, mixers
trucks, trailers, etc. from getting stolen off job-sites. These locks won’t hurt or mar wheel surfaces. Multiple
locks can be Keyed-alike so the locks are Easy on – Easy off!
The above information should be a good starting point but it is not intended to be all inclusive. As you develop
your own specific questions, please email or call us and either myself or one of our equipment specialists will
answer each of them for you.
Thank you for your interest, I look forward to speaking with you.


John R Harmon
Soda-Blast.Com, LLC.
The Original Green Collar™ Company
9033 SW Burnham St
Tigard, Oregon 97223 (Portland, OR)
Office/Voice Mail: 503-653-5571
Office/Fax: 503-718-7336
Green is the new Black for YOUR Business and we are making our competitors GREEN with envy!