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									Hamburg News

Medicine wharf                      Internet capital                      Hamburg Cruise Days                 Gateway to Japan
Like in shipbuilding, Northern      The latest sector profile on           Get close to the world‘s most       Due to its geographich position,
German life science co-operates     Hamburg‘s booming MITT indus-         prestiguous dream liners in the     excellent infrastructure, and fu-
to achieve internationally out-     try confirms the city‘s leading role   Port of Hamburg this summer at      ture-oriented industry landscape,
standing results. (p. 2)            in the business. (p. 2)               the Hamburg Cruise Days. (p. 3)     Hamburg attracts Japan. (p. 4)

   Newsflash                        Every second company to hire new staff
   One year Hamburg Wel-            Vacancies mainly in logistics, trade, transport, tempting, and consultancy
   come Center: Inaugurated
   one year ago, the Hamburg        Hamburg‘s Speicherstadt (pic-
   Welcome Center (HWC)             ture) is the largest and most
   has sucessfully established      cohesive warehouse district in
   itself as the central point      the world. The adjacent Kon-
   of helbp and contact for         torhaus area represents the
   all new citizens. Located at     first office district on the Eu-
   the Hamburg Chambers of          ropean continent. Both sites
   Commerce and operated            enjoy priority in Hamburg‘s
   by the Free and Hanseatic        attempts to have them registe-
   City, its friendly staff of
                                    red as UNESCO World Heritage
   eleven has handled some
                                    by 2014. To justify the applica-
   12,000 demands in the first
   twelve months.                   tion, an extensive presentation
   Nex to free general infor-       and evaluation of the areas will
   mation on housing, school,       commence in 2011, describing
   children, lifestyle and dai-     the tiniest details of every sing-
   ly life, foreign executives,     le building.
   scientists, self-employed        Last year, experts of the In-
   and their families highly        ternational Council on Monu-
   welcomed HWC‘s custom-           ments and Sites (ICOMOS)              added to the UNESCO World           Possible partners for the appli-
   tailored special service.        acknowledged the outstanding          Heritage within the next five to     cation of the Jewish graveyard
   Only available by prior ap-
                                    importance of both districts          ten years.                          in Altona include cities with a
   pointment, all legal aspects
                                    after an extensive visit of Spei-     The UNESCO application of           Jewish past like Prague, Ams-
   of the immigration can be
                                    cherstadt and the Kontorhaus          Hamburg‘s observatory and           terdam or the Caribbean island
   centrally handled here – the
   residency permit, the domi-      district in regard to their ar-       the city‘s Jewish cemetery will     Curaçao.
   cile registration, the issuing   chitecture and impact on urban        be pursued differently. Here,       Co-operation       partners    for
   of income tax cards, the         development.                          Hamburg is currently looking        Hamburg‘s observatory could
   change of address on dri-        Both areas were therefore ad-         for co-operation partners with      be similar facilities in La Plata,
   ving licences, and notarial      ded to the German tentative           a    fitting   cultural-historical   Nice, and Algier. To further the-
   certification.                    list, comprising all properties       background to increase the          se ideas, Hamburg will host a          considered of outstanding uni-        chance of inscription as world      symposium in autumn.
                                    versal value and worth to be          heritage.                 

Lufthansa Technik invests into a cabin innovation centre and overhaul hangar
60 million Euro for new facilities at the company‘s home base – annual report with excellent results
Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) has      tories and exhibition areas for       Euro will be invested into a        to 3.6 billion Euro. Pre-tax ear-
started the construction of a re-   newly development products.           new engine overhaul hangar,         nings for the 19 companies con-
search and development centre       The ten million Euro building         ready to start operations in ear-   solidated in the group climbed
in Hamburg for its Cabin Inno-      was designed by Renner Hain-          ly 2009 to meet the increasing      by 18.6 per cent to 287 million
vation business unit. Scheduled     ke Wirth Architekten GmbH,            demands. Last year, Lufthansa       Euro. Also, 456 new contracts
to be realised by December,         who also created LHT‘s mul-           Technik Group significantly in-      were signed with business vo-
the new building will feature       ti-awarded reception building         creased sales and profits. Total     lumes of 440 million Euro.
state-of-the-art testing labora-    at the base. Further 50 million       revenues grew by 4.6 per cent
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Hamburg News
 Shortcuts                        Hamburg to host Lions Club Convention as first German city
 Excellent strategy               As the first German city, Ham-       ted by Bangkok, followed by          Lions Club International‘s an-
 The Hamburg aviation clus-       burg will host the 96th Annual      Minneapolis, Sydney, Seattle,        nual convention is the foremost
 ter belongs to the twelve        Lions Clubs International Con-      and Pusan. So far, the meeting       international event of the year,
 best applicants in the inter-    vention from July 5 - 9, 2013.      has only been taken place twice      when Lions and their families
 branch excellence cluster        At the meeting of the Lions         in Europe, and never so far in       from over 100 countries uni-
 competition of the German
                                  Board of Directors, the Hanse-      Germany. The decision to host        te for a week of business and
 government. It had joined
                                  atic City left behind its compe-    the event in 2013 in Hamburg         fellowship and fun. Highlights
 the competition with the
 strategy to set up a centre
                                  titors Canada (Montréal) and        not only brings along world-         of the many activities sche-
 of competence for “New           Hawai‘i. Hamburg‘s application      wide recognition in the compe-       duled during the convention
 Flying“ developing pro-
        ,                         was initiated and pursued by        tition of locations, but also will   include three inspiring plenary
 ducts, processes, and solu-      Hamburg Marketing GmbHand           also spur the local economy.         sessions, motivational guest
 tions to make flying more         Hamburg Messe und Congress          First estimates foresee 200,000      speakers and workshops, a
 economic, environmentally        GmbH with support of the local      additional overnight stays and       festive International Parade of
 friendly, safer, and more        Lions district and the Hamburg      spendings of up to 50 million        Nations, and the exciting exhibi-
 flexible. Hamburg’s ap-           Tourismus Board. This year, the     Euro by the participants in ho-      tions and shows.
 plication comprises more         Lions Convention will be hos-       tels, restaurants, and shops.
 than 80 individual products
 with a total volume of 450
 million Euro.                      Industry with huge investments
                                  Eurogate to expand its container terminal
 Giant bascule bridge
 Europe‘s largest dipterous       Hamburg is a booming busi-          AG will invest 40
 bascule bridge will be           ness location where global          million Euro into
 erected in the Port of Ham-      players make their fortunes.        two new production
 burg. Boasting a span of         Philips, the world‘s oldest pro-    lines at its Haus-
 100 metres, the hydraulic        ducer of x-ray tubes, will invest   bruch site. New jobs
 brigde will feature separa-      here 26 million Euro into the       will be generated in
 te lanes for trains and cars.    extension of its production         production and re-
 Construction of the 72 mil-      line. With 3,000 employees,         search.
 lion Euro building is sche-      Hamburg is the largest site of      The growing container                2.9 million TEU, will signifi-
 duled to start next year just
                                  the international technology        trade also forces Eurogate to        cantly expand its terminal in
 a few metres away from
                                  group and home to German            invest to meet future demands.       Waltershof and thus create 200
 the current bridge across
 the Rethe river, which it will
                                  headquarters. Having achieved       Europe´s leading container ter-      new jobs. In the Port of Ham-
 then replace.                    double-digit returns on sales       minal and logistics group,which      burg, container handling conti-    for the first time last year, the    increased last year‘s container      nues to rise by 11.1 per cent in
                                  Hamburg tape producer tesa          volumes by 14.6 per cent to          the first quarter 2008.
 Help for Asia
 Launched in 2005, the
 Hamburg foundation Asia
 Bridge successfully con-
                                  Peak performances of the Hamburg Metropolitan Area
 tributed to a better life in
 Asia. In total, 100,000 Euro
                                  Hamburg is Germany‘s internet capital
 have been granted to ten         When the Hamburg Chamber            prising 2,483 companies. Se-         cess took off with the develop-
 development projects bea-
                                  of Commerce recently pub-           cond-strongest segment of the        ment of one of the world‘s first
 ring reference to Hamburg.
                                  lished its latest sector profile     sector with 25 per cent are data     multi-channel applications for
 Mainly located in Sri Lanka,
 they ranged from a pilot
                                  of the MITT industry, it only       processing services, offered by      content distribution via inter-
 project on micro credits to      confirmed the reputation Ham-        2,115 companies. 23 per cent of      net, intranet, mobile, PDA, iTV
 drying fruit, and fish with       burg has gained in the past         all companies, i. e. 1,936 firms,     and other consumer electronic
 the help of solar cells.         years. The media metropolis         focus on software develop-           devices. And the path is prepa-     on the banks of Alster and Elbe     ment and consultancy, while          red dor further growth. As in-
                                  is also Germany‘s Internet ca-      hardware is handled by 1,529         siders predict, multimedia pro-
 Favourite skin care              pital. Here, the integration of     enterprises (18 %). Further 257      ducts and services will account
 Europeans value the skin         the media with the information      companies (3 %) are telecom-         for 50 per cent of the global
 and beauty brand NIVEA.          and communications industry         munications specials, 115 of         MITT market by late 2010.
 This was once again pro-         is tight and unique. No other       them (1%) produce equipment          The industry is supported by
 ven by this year’s results       location boasts such a varied,      and parts.                           the initiative Hamburg@work,
 of Reader’s Digest’s “Euro-      qualified and powerful buiness       Adding the city‘s numerous           founded in 1997 by HWF Ham-
 pean Trusted Brands Study”  ,    mix of media, advertising, IT,      media companyies, Hamburg‘s          burg Business Development
 which is conducted annual-
                                  telecommunication, and enter-       entire MITT landscape compri-        Corporation.
 ly since 2000. With 24,000
                                  tainment.                           ses 20,858 companies. Many of        Its business network “Online-
 readers in 16 European
 countries participating, this
                                  According to the city‘s com-        them are pioneers, and invent                   ,
                                                                                                           Kapitäne“ comprising 2,500
 study represents the largest     mercial register, nearly one-       new cross media concepts and         members from 650 compa-
 consumer study in Europe.        third of all Hamburg-based          products like Core Media AG.         nies, is the largest network of                    8,435 IT enterprises are active     Founded in 1996 as a spin-off        its kind in Germany.
                                  in the field of multimedia com-      of Hamburg University, its suc-
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Hamburg News
Hamburg to host the UEFA Cup final in May 2010                                                               Shortcuts
Elbe metropolis confirms its leading international role as City of Sports                                    Awards
Hamburg will host the UEFA          tant games. It had hosted the      burger SV was chosen on the          At the Mercury Excellence
Cup final in May 2010.The UEFA       group-stage games at the 1974      basis of capacity, facilities,       Awards ceremony in New
Excecutive Committee recently       World Cup and the semi-final of     security system and traffic ac-       York, the Hamburg agency
confirmed the selection of the       the 1988 UEFA European Cham-       cess. Further important factors      was honoured with two sil-
                                                                                                            ver medals.They were gran-
HSH Nordbank stadium, which         pionship, where West Germany       were the city‘s varied acco-
                                                                                                            ted for the editorial work of
thus left behind its domestic ri-   lost 2-1 to the Netherlands.       mondation facilities and Ham-
                                                                                                            two B2B magazines: “flow“    ,
val Gelsenkirchen and the fierce     Now selected for the UEFA          burg Airport‘s domestic and          published by Europcar AG
international competitors from      Cup final, Hamburg – The City       international route network.                      ,
                                                                                                            and “HiLiTe“ the consumer
Bucarest, Dublin, London (Emi-      of Sports once again confir-        Last but not least the decision      voice of Hauni Maschinen-
rates stadium), and Barcelona       med its capability to acquire      was made possible by a new           bau AG.
(Olympia stadium).                  international sports event and     fiscal law introduced earlier
Seating 51,680, the HSH Nord-       to host them in quality and sty-   this year. Its guarantees that vi-
bank Arena opened in 2000           le. During the application pro-    siting players will not be taxed     Junior scientist
on the site of Hamburg‘s old        cess, the Hamburg Ministry of      during their stay in the country.    Dr. Claudia Friedrich, sci-
Volksparkstadion. Two years         Education and Sport, the local     Quarrels over these tax worries      entific officer in the field of
ago, it was the setting for mat-    sports club Hamburger SV, and      had cost Hamburg the favou-          biological psychology and
ches at the FIFA World Cup          the Hamburg Marketing GmbH         rable decision by UEFA in 2006.      neuropsychology at Ham-
                                                                                                            burg University, was awar-
2006. Before the new buil-          had joined their forces and        The last UEFA Cup final played
                                                                                                            ded a 850,000 Euro grant
ding, the former Volkspark-         intensively used their networ-     in Germany had taken place in
                                                                                                            by the European Research
stadion boasted a long tradi-       king contacts.                     Dortmund in 2001.                    Council for her research
tion of internationally impor-      The home stadium of the Ham-                       project. Supported by these
                                                                                                            means, Dr. Claudia Fried-

Meet the ‘big tubs‘ at the Hamburg Cruise Days 2008                                                         rich is now able to analyse
                                                                                                            the language acquisition
Michael Batz sets the harbour in scene as a “Blue Port“ – maritime attractions                              of young children over the
                                                                                                            next five years.
Five days, seven dream boats:       will dock at the Hamburg           inaugurate meeting of the gla-
some of the world’s largest and     Cruise Center on July 30 on        mourous “big tubs“with a ce-
most elegant cruise ships will      her journey across the Atlantic.   remonial “Light Up“ Pressing
                                                                                              .             International lawyers
call at the Port of Hamburg to      The world‘s largest trainig sail   a button onboard MS Queen            The Association of Foreign
celebrate the Hamburg Cruise        ship SS Sedov and Hamburg‘s        Mary 2, his illuminations will       Lawyers in Germany (AAV)
                                                                                                            recently celebrated its co-
Days from July 30 to August.        museum freighter MS Cap San        stretch from Altona‘s fish mar-
                                                                                                            ming of age with guests
Visitors will be to experience      Diego will offer mini-cruises on   ket to HafenCity‘s cruise center,
                                                                                                            from politics, business,
MS Astor and MS Colum-              the Elbe river.                    where fireworks will explode          and the media. Founded 18
bus at close and to admire          Visitors will also surely be       in the sky. Furthermore, theat-      years ago in Hamburg, it
the elegance of MS Deutsch-         stunned by the illumination        re performances and special          today counts 54 members
land and the fun spirit of MS       of the festival. Michael Batz,     exhibition at HafenCity and a        from 35 countries.
AIDAaura at close from the          who gained world acclaim for       varied show programme at se-
quai. The fleet of luxury liners     his Blue Goals created for FIFA    lected sites along the Elbe river
will be led by Hamburg’s dar-       WM 2006, will set the harbour      will entertain the visitors.         Green buses
ling MS Queen Mary 2, which         in scene as a “Blue Port“ and             Since 2003, Europe‘s lar-
                                                                                                            gest fleet of hydrogen bu-
                                                                                                            ses has been in service in
Hamburg Lifestyle is increasingly in demand internationally                                                 Hamburg. Next year, a new
                                                                                                            chapter of green urban bus
TOM TAILOR continues its successful expansion with market entry in France                                   transport will commence
                                                                                                            with a new generation of
Founded in Hamburg in 1962,         Diversified as the fashion is      flected by last year‘s figures.      city buses. Their advanced
TOM TAILOR AG is one of the         the distribution, comprising       In 2007, sales climbed by 20.6       hybrid technology will re-
world’s fastest growing fa-         6,150 points of sale in 35 coun-   per cent to 261 million Euro,        duce energy consumption
shion companies. In 1979 TOM        tries. They globally include       while earnings before inte-          by 25 per cent by replacing
TAILOR unveiled its own first       767 shop-in-shops (GER: 641),      rest, taxes, depreciation, and       a heavy central engine by
sportswear collection. Pro-         159 franchise stores (GER: 32),    amortisation rose by 33 per          individual propulsion right
pelled by its success, further      and 29 retail stores (GER: 23).    cent to 36 million Euro. Out         at the wheel. The energy
diversifications followed.          Since 2006 present with shops      of TOM TAILOR‘s global staff         used for braking will be
Today, TOM TAILOR encom-            in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi und Du-       of 560, 400 of them work in          converted in electricity and
passes an entire lifestyle          bai, TOM TAILOR continued its      Hamburg. They include 100            stored in batteries.
realm: MEN CASUAL, WO-              international expansion by last    designers, who create a new
MEN CASUAL, KIDS, Denim             year‘s market entry into Ireland   collection every month. Boas-
                                                                                                            Cherry Blossom Festival
Male, and Denim Female. In          and this year‘s step to France.    ting 40 to 120 pieces each
                                                                                                            Hamburg will celebrate its
addition, 13 licencens lines,       In addition, a joint venture was   plus inumerous accessories,          annual Cherry Blossom
including belts and bags, bed       signed to conquer the promi-       TOM TAILOR‘s lifestyle world         Festival on May 30 with
linens, watches, shoes, and         sing Russian market.               creates trend after trend – and      amazing fireworks explo-
perfums, provide the right ac-      The global demand for TOM          thus new revenues.                   ding over the Alster lake.
cessories.                          TAILOR‘s lifestyle world is re-
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Hamburg News
Boom town Hamburg: Japan‘s gateway to Continental Europe
High-ranking CEO lunch at the German Embassy in Tokyo deepened bilateral business contacts
Hamburg‘s geographic posi-                                                                                         More than 100 Japanese
tion close to Eastern Europe‘s                                                                                     companies have established
emerging markets makes the                                                                                         main or branch offices in Ham-
city an even more attractive lo-                                                                                   burg, including Sharp, Olym-
gistics hub for Japanese com-                                                                                      pus, Panasonic and CASIO
panies. This was unanimously                                                                                       with European headquarters.
agreed by all participants of the                                                                                  Together, they provide some
CEO lunch in Tokyo (picture),                                                                                      7,000 in-house jobs and many
where the Hamburg Ambas-                                                                                           more at services providers,
sadors Seinosuke Kuraku and                                                                                        mostly in logistics, as Japane-
Nikolaus Boltze deepened their                                                                                     se companies use Hamburg as
contacts and exchanged infor-             topics, talks in Tokyo presented      For Japan, Hamburg is the          a logistics centre to access the
mation.The high-ranking mee-              Hamburg as an attractive busi-       second most important busi-         markets of northern, central
ting was hosted by the German             ness location.                       ness location in Germany.           and eastern Europe. Olympus
ambassador       Hans-Joachim                                                                                      and NYK Line joined the Lo-
Daerr and the Chairman of the                                                                                      gistics Initiative Hamburg as
Board of Management of HWF                   Up-to-date                                                            members. Both companies
and HMG, Heinrich Lieser, and                                                                                      are also looking for new staff.
                                             Capital of rain? A prejudice! Germany‘s National Meteoro-
crowned by the presence of                                                                                         While NYK Line has already
                                             logical Service “Deutscher Wetterdienst“ (DWD) does away
the Japanese Cherry Blossom                                                                                        begun augmenting the work-
                                             with a well-known prejudice: In Hamburg, it rains significant-
Queen and Hamburg‘s Cherry                   ly less than in Southern Germany. While Munich receives               force at its German headquar-
Blossom Princess.                            an annual rainfall of 972,8 l/sqm and Freiburg/Breisgau still         ters, Olympus is still looking for
                                             946,5 l/sqm , Hamburg only reports 763,5 l/sqm. Thus,                 71 new employees. Furthermo-
Asia‘s gateway to Europe                     Germany‘s wettest thus not the Elbe metropolis, but Wup-              re, even companies not yet re-
Heinrich Lieser visited Japan                pertal with 1.154,1 l/sqm. DWD‘s survey covers Germany‘s              presented in Hamburg consider
last month. While meetings in                50 largest cities.                     
                                                                                                                   establishing branches there.
Yokohama focussed on port                                                                                

                                          Early learning by immersion: English for babies, Chinese for toddlers
News-Bits                                 34 public day care centres offer bilingual training in many languages
Showcasing the sea: On June               Hamburg is a multicultural me-       acquisition and the diversity of    Portuguese, Polish, and Tur-
25, the International Maritime Mu-        tropolis. People of 185 natio-       language, its asks that “every      kish. Afterwards, 15 grammar
seum will open its gates at Hafen-        nalities live here. Their infants    European should speak at least      schools and one comprehensi-
City. The breath-taking show pre-         and toddlers have the chance         two European languages next         ve school continue the bilingu-
sents Peter Tamm‘s vast collection        to join the city‘s pre-school pro-   to his mother tongue“   .           al approach.
of ship models, maritime art, mili-       grammes to foster early langu-       In Hamburg public day centres,      In addition, the International
taria, and construction plans in a        age acquisition: 34 public day       the portofolio of languages is      School in Hamburg pays the
lovingly restored port warehouse.         care centres are meanwhile           as varied as the youngsters‘        tuition of the English speaking   bilingual. Here, children learn a    background. English, French,        community, while the Lycée
                                          new language by “immersion“      ,   Greek, Italian, Polish, Portugue-   Français prepares its pupils
Microsoft chose Hamburg as lo-            i. e. by living and experiencing     se, Spanish, Russian, and Tur-      from 43 nationalities for the bi-
cation for its new global image           the target language in their         kish are most often taught, but     national graduation “AbiBac“    .
campaign. Here, eight locations           daily life.                          also Japanese, Chinese, and         Last but not least, the Ham-
known throughout the world were           By enforcing a bilingual educa-      Farsi (Persian).                    burg Metropolitan Area boasts
set in scene by the Hamburg photo-        tion already in early age, Ham-      The bilingual education conti-      a dedicated school for youngs-
grapher Tom Nagy to promote the           burg is pioneering an approach       nues in school. Already since       ters from the land of the rising
global computer company. Nagy             highly supported by the Euro-        2003, seven primary schools         sun – the Japanese School in
previously also worked for Sony           pean Commission. In its action       offer bilingual education in        Halstenbek.
and BMW.                                  plan to promote the language         German plus Italian, Spanish,

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