Dragon Tales - PowerPoint by wulinqing


									                2009 Second Grade
Teachers: Patty Olvera and Susan Haninger
About the project
 The second graders were brainstorming ideas for the
 Chinese New Year when they discovered that most of them
 were born in the “Year of the Dragon”.
 They discovered that people born under the sign of the
 Dragon had been given the gifts of courage health, and
 gentleness. They are good leaders and sensitive to the
 needs of others. The children did other research about
 dragons. They learned that in Chinese mythology, dragons
 played an important role. Shen Long, called the “Good Luck
 Dragon” was the strongest of them all. He controlled the
 sun, moon, sea, sky and earth, but he was also very lazy.
 Shen Long had the ability to shrink himself into the size of a
 small mouse and hide in people’s homes throughout the
More about the project
 The second graders also listened to (and discussed) the
 story, D is for Dancing Dragon: A China Alphabet written
 by Carol Crane and illustrated by Zong-Zhou Wang,
 Sleeping Bear Press (2006). They discovered that dragons
 are believed to bring strength, wisdom, good fortune and
 long-life to the people. Dragons were powerful yet gentle
 creature that helped the farmers grow good crops by
 bringing rain when needed, sunlight to help plants grow
 strong healthy, and keep the farmers cool in the heat of the
 After reading stories and much discussion about the dragons,
 they were asked to write their own dragon story using
 information from the stories, prior knowledge and the use of
 their writing and English skills (nouns, verbs, adjectives) to
 create their very own “Dragon Tale”!
How to Raise a Dragon
        This is how you raise a dragon. First you have to
   find a dragon egg. Second, you have to wait for
   some days like 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 days and then it
   comes out of the egg. Then, after it comes out of the
   shell, you have to feed it, care for it, and you even
   get to keep it safe. When it grows up you have to
   train it. Then after that, everything will be fine!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
The Dragon Who Couldn’t Breathe Fire
          There once was a dragon, his name was Water, and because
     his name was Water, he couldn’t breathe fire, only water! Water
     was a nice dragon, not a mean one.
          Water lived in a neighborhood where there were a lot of fires.
     The fires were everywhere and no one could put them out—except
     Water. The only dragon who could help was Water, because he
     would breathe water on the fires instead of breathing fire and
     making more fires. Everyone in the neighborhood thought Water
     was a “Hero” because he put out the fires that the other dragons
     couldn’t put out! Yeah, Water!

 Second Grade
 Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
      Once upon a time, I was at home and I asked my mom if
  I could have a pet dragon. She said, “Okay” and then we had
  to go to the Dragon Store to buy a pet dragon. When I
  brought my new dragon home, I named her, Lilly. She was a
  nice girl, but she ate a lot of food.
      She was pretty and she had big wings, but she could only
  breathe fire and smoke, so I had to keep her outside so that
  she wouldn’t burn down my house!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
        I have a pet dragon and his name is Alex. He is
   big and red, but he has blue wings. Alex breathes
   fire, but only when he has a cold! Alex is invisible to
   everyone except for me. He doesn’t want other
   people to see him because he is shy. Alex is nice to
   me because he helps me with all of my tests.

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon

       My pet dragon’s name is D.J. He has red and blue
   skin and big, black wings. His wings are as big as a
   classroom! He also has two horns and the points on his
   horns are as sharp as a large needle! D.J. is not very nice
   because he causes destruction to many people.

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
       I have a dragon named Seth. He is faster than the
   wind and scarier than a scary movie. He is friendlier to
   your friends than he is to you and eats lava for dinner.
   Seth is bright red with pointed spikes on his body and tail
   and he has a mustache to make him look scarier.
   Seth is an awesome soccer player and he has many
   animal friends, like Bananas, the monkey—he is also an
   awesome soccer player. Seth is fun to play with!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
        “Good morning and Hello,” I said. My dragon said, “Good
   Morning, Olivia! How are you today?” “ I need you to pay the rent
   for me,” I said. “I can’t pay the rent for you, go get someone else to
   pay it for you,” said my dragon.
        “You are magic and I command you to give me the money to
   pay my rent,” I shouted. “You’ll have to find another friend to help
   you because I can only give you one hundred dollars!” “Okay, I’ll
   take whatever you can give me,” I said.
        Well, my pet dragon gave me the money and I told him that he
   was a really good friend and then he disappeared! I surprised my
   parents with the money and gave it to them, but I never told them
   where it came from! The End!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon!
          My pet dragon is a protector and he helps people all around the
    world, especially in China where there are a lot of people to help. His
    name is Shilong and he was born in China. He has to stay outside my
    house because he is too big to be in it. His favorite food is sushi and
    he loves to eat birthday cake!
          He is blue and purple and he shoots orange flames that glow red
    when they come out of his nose. One time, Shilong was in my house,
    during my birthday party and he tried to light the birthday candles with
    his nose, but he blew so hard that he went through the dining room
    floor. When I found him, in my basement, he wasn’t hurt and all he
    wanted was a big piece of my birthday cake!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
  Dracko the Dragon
         Once upon a time there was a boy in China who saw a giant
   dragon in the street. He told his neighbors that the dragon had
   giant, pointy horns and giant, sharp teeth. He had a huge nose,
   giant wings, and a big, gold chain that hung around his neck. The
   dragon’s name was Dracko and he said that he was mighty and
   powerful and he would hurt anyone that would come near him.
   Dracko said that he lived in a nearby cave and that he only left the
   cave when he was hungry and wanted food.
         The boy warned the people in the village about the huge
   dragon, but no one would listen to him. The boy was terrified and
   he tried to stay away from Dracko. The boy warned the people in
   the village three more times, but still no one would listen to him.
   So, the boy left the village and ran away from Dracko and no one
   knows whatever happened to the boy or to Dracko!

Mary Clare
Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
The Dragon of Terror
        Once there was a big, mean dragon named Jason.
   Nobody ever went to his cave because they were afraid
   that they would be killed! Once he tried to destroy a
   whole city not because he wanted to hurt the people in
   the city, but because he wanted to get rid of the evil king.
   When the evil king finally died, Jason, the dragon, came
   out of his cave and everyone realized that he was a good
   dragon and not really scary!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Give a Dragon a Bath!
         This is how you give a dragon a bath: First you have to
    put him in a swimming pool. Second, you get a big brush
    and go down the back of him with the brush and a lot of
    soap. Then you have to find a picture of a rain cloud
    because whenever he looks at the picture, it rains and the
    rain washes away all of the soap suds. After the suds are
    gone, you will see a clean, shiny, red dragon with black
    spines. Lastly, put him in a really hot place so that he can
    dry up!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Give a Dragon a Bath!
         Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lexi and she
   had a pet dragon. One day, Lexi tried to give her dragon a
   bath, so she put him in the bathtub. Next, she put soap all over
   him. She had to SCRUB, SCRUB, and SCRUB, him to get him
   to be clean and shiny. Then, after she gave him a bath and
   dried him off, Lexi had to go to the store. She wanted to take
   her pet dragon to the store with her, but he was missing. Where
   had the dragon gone? Lexi looked everywhere for him and she
   finally found him—outside rolling around in the snow! He was so
   wet and dirty that she had to bring him back inside and give him
   another bath!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
      My pet dragon, Wally, likes me. He likes to
  play with me and take walks with me. He sort
  of looks like a dinosaur, but he really is a
  dragon. Wally is fun to be around and he can
  transform into anything that he wants to be.
  Wally is a good pet!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Catch a Dragon
           The first thing that you have to do to catch a dragon is get a cage
     and some rope and tie the cage to a big rock. Put the cage outside a
     cave and when the dragon comes out, cut the rope and it will trap the
     dragon in the cage.
           Another thing you could do would be to make a girl dragon and
     stick it outside the cave of a boy dragon. When the boy dragon sees
     the pretty girl dragon, he will come out of his cave to talk to the girl.
     When the boy dragon comes out of the cave, throw a rope on him and
     then pull him into the cage. Nail the cage shut or the dragon might fly
     away. Once you have him in the cage, you can make him your pet!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Catch a Dragon

       A dragon is very fast so, if you want to catch a
   dragon, this story will give you the information. First,
   you have to see one. Second, you have to set a
   trap. Then, the dragon will get into the base of the
   trap that you have made. Finally, you operate the
   trap and catch the dragon! Make a good trap and
   that’s how you catch a dragon!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
      My pet dragon is named Roman. He is
  very good at hiding and he likes to go out at
  night. He likes to get into a lot of trouble by
  messing everything up. He likes to play in the
  dirt and he doesn’t like to get cleaned up.
  Roman, my dragon, is really lazy, but he really
  is fun to have around!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Awesome, Cool, Pet Dragon!
         Once upon a time there was a dragon named
   Bob. He was shy when he was around people. A
   little girl, named Isabella, found Bob hiding behind a
   big group of trees. He was frightened, but she took
   him home and trained him. They really liked each
   other and they became very good friends!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Raise a Dragon
        It is really hard to raise a dragon. I have a baby dragon and her
   name is Sunshine. She is very small, only about three inches tall, but she
   goes wherever I go. One day I couldn’t find her and I looked everywhere
   for her. I looked all around the mountains that were around my house.
   Finally, I climbed up the highest mountain and found her!
        “Sunshine,” I called. She finally came out from her hiding place in the
   mountain and told me that she wanted to stay on the mountain, grow up
   and have a family. I knew that she would be close by, so I left her up on
   the mountain.
        Thirteen years later, I went up the mountain to visit her and guess
   what I saw—she had a husband and a lot of babies! There were eleven
   babies in all and they were so small and cute. Sunshine asked me to help
   her take care of all of the babies and I said that I would help her. The End!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Give a Dragon a Bath
        Once upon a time, my dragon needed a bath. I
   didn’t know how to give it a bath, so I just tried my
   best. I used toothpaste for the soap and I used my
   toothbrush to scrub his back. Then, I used my
   mom’s big, blue, fluffy towel to dry him off. When he
   finished his bath, he was still a little sticky! I decided
   that the next time I give him a bath; I will use human
   soap to get him clean!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
 Draco the Destroyer
            Once, in another galaxy, on the planet, Exom, there was a dragon named Amy. She laid an egg
    in the darkest volcano on Exom. The father dragon was hunting while Amy cared for the baby egg.
    The father was named Pyro because his eyes looked fierce and fiery.
            While the egg was hatching, Pyro was hunting and Amy was sitting outside of the volcano.
    When the egg finally hatched, Baby Draco looked everywhere for his parents, but he couldn’t find
    them. All Baby Draco could find was a Volcanist. When the Volcanist saw Baby Draco staring at him,
    the Volcanist said, “Hi, I am Michael. I can see that your parents are gone, so I’ll take care of you!”
    Baby Draco was extremely happy and he roared with happiness.Time passed and their days were
    spent hunting, eating, and growing. The years flew by and Baby Draco grew up. Draco and Michael
    spent a lot of time together playing and flying.
             While Draco and Michael flew, Michael said, “Draco, could you do me a favor? Could you fight
    the village that kicked me out many years ago?” “Mmmm...,”said Draco as he swooped down over the
    village. With some roars and some bites, Draco started destroying the village. The mayor of the
    village came out and yelled, “Go away!” and the fight was on!
            After some fire-breathing and some bites, the mayor screamed, “Away with you!” One last blast
    of fire from his nostrils and Draco blasted away with the village in ruins and his good friend, Michael,

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Catch a Dragon
        First, I set a trap deep in the woods. Then, the
   dragon goes into the trap and I get him. The dragon said
   his name was Ben and that he didn’t want to be captured.
   I set the trap outside my house, but he tried to escape
   many times. Then, his family was worried about him so; I
   tried to catch them, too! Ben the dragon escaped and I
   never saw him again!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
My Pet Dragon
      My pet dragon is named Elizabeth. I like to
  give her a bath when she is dirty. Elizabeth
  likes to be my friend. She likes to play with
  me. She plays jump rope with me.

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
How to Catch a Dragon

       Once upon a time there was a dragon that lived in a
   cave. One day a big girl named Ginevra tried to catch the
   dragon. I used my imagination to picture what a dragon
   would look like so; when I saw the dragon, it was as big
   as the one I imagined! One night, I set out a big trap to
   capture the dragon, but the next morning the trap was still
   empty. You know, I never caught that dragon!

Second Grade
Trinity Catholic School
One day Reiley brought his cool
dragon puppet!
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