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         Criteria                      Level 3                  Level 2                   Level 1
PCR Cycle Sketch
Does the student                Student can identify     Student can identify      Student does not
understand the importance       temperature and effect   the temperature for       indicate temperature
of each temperature             of temperature for       each cycle, but cannot    or effect of
change of one cycle of          each step (including:    explain the effect of     temperature.
PCR? (Broad Broad Goal          denature, anneal and     the temperature
3; Specific Goal 1)             extend).                 correctly.
Does the student                Student can properly     Student can identify      Student does not
understand how primers          identify the             the primer annealing      identify primer
initiate DNA replication?       directionality of        sites, but does not       annealing sites.
(Broad Broad Goal 3;            primers and the          indicate the direction.
Specific Goal 1)                extension steps.
Does the student                Student shows proper     Student shows             Student shows
understand how the first        intermediates and        intermediate and final    intermediate and final
extension occurs and how        indicates final          products but either the   products but both
that leads to target DNA in     products.                intermediate or final     products are incorrect.
later cycles? (Broad Broad                               products are incorrect.
Goal 3; Specific Goal 1)
Does the student                Student can correctly    Student can identify      Student cannot
understand the idea of          identify the ratio of    the proper ratio in the   differentiate between
amplification of target         target to intermediate   first few cycles, but     target and
DNA? (Broad Broad Goal          and predict the ratio    cannot extend to 20       intermediate DNA.
3; Specific Goal 1)             after 20 cycles and      cycles OR cannot
                                how the DNA would        predict how the gel
                                appear on the gel.       would look.
PCR Exercise
Can the student state why       The student can state    The student             The student does not
PCR is an appropriate           why PCR is an            understands             understand the idea of
technique for                   appropriate technique    amplification but not   amplification.
amplification? (Broad           for amplification of a   the specificity of PCR.
Broad Goal 1; Specific          specific DNA
Goal 1)                         sequence.
Can the student identify        The student can          The student can           The student can
problems with components        identify problems with   identify the              identify problems but
of a PCR reaction and           components of a          components but is not     cannot use PCR
technically explain             reaction, and can        able to reason through    theory to explain the
unexpected higher               technically explain      higher level problems     problems.
molecular weight bands.         unexpected higher        such as explaining
(Broad Broad Goals 3,4;         molecular weight         higher molecular
Specific Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)   bands.                   weight bands.
Does the student                The student can          The student               The student does not
understand how DNA              identify the problem     understands DNA           understand theory of
migrates in an agarose gel?     with the buffer and      migration in light of     DNA migration based
(Broad Broad Goal 3;            can identify fragments   size OR charge but not    on size and charge.
Specific Goal 3, 4)             that are larger than     both.
Primer Design Exercise
Does the student             The primers are           The reaction might        The reaction would
understand the keys to a     designed to meet the      work, but there are       not work due to poor
quality primer? (Broad       criteria and the PCR      potential problems        primer design.
Goal 2; Specific Goals 1,    reaction should work      with primer design or
6)                           in theory.                structure.
Does the student             The 3’ primer is the      The primer is the         The primer is neither
understand the proper        reverse complement of     reverse or the            the complement nor
orientation/design of the    the sequence and          complement but not        the reverse and
reverse primer? (Broad       should work in the        both and therefore the    therefore the reaction
Goal 2, Specific Goal 1)     reaction.                 reaction will not work.   will not work.
Can the student use          The student has           The student can           The student does not
bioinformatics tools         developed primers         identify a problem        use bioinformatics to
including BLAST searches     using bioinformatics      with the primers using    check the primers or
to check primer quality      that meets the criteria   bioinformatics but        does not understand
and specificity? (Broad      and the student clearly   cannot analyze the        how the results
Goals 2, 5; Specific Goal    understands               bioinformatics results    elucidate specificity of
6)                           specificity of the        correctly or              the primers to the
                             primer.                   completely.               target DNA.
Gel Analysis Exercise
Can the student properly     The student eliminated    The student eliminated    The student did not
analyze the results of the   all appropriate           all appropriate           analyze the results
gel to identify cross-       suspects (and no          suspects and              properly and potential
reacting bands and make      additional ones).         additional ones such      suspects were
appropriate conclusions?                               as suspect #6.            released.
(Broad Goal 4; Specific
Goals 1, 2, 5)
Can the student identify     The student knows the     The student knows         The student does not
and design the next          importance of             that suspect #6 should    know to retest suspect
important experiment to      retesting suspect #6      be retested but does      #6.
test? (Broad Goals 2, 3;     with the appropriate      not include
Specific Goals 2, 5)         controls.                 appropriate controls.
Does the student             The student can           The student can           The student cannot
understand how DNA           identify the correctly    identify the sizes of     identify either band
migrates in a gel and how    sized fragment and        the band, but the sizes   OR can identify only
to use the ladder to         determine the sizes of    don’t influence their     one band.
determine fragments sizes?   all fragments.            decision.
(Broad Goal 4; Specific
Goals 3, 4)
Does the student             The student eliminated    The student did not       The students were not
understand the importance    the appropriate           eliminate the             able to eliminate
of positive and negative     suspects and stated       appropriate suspects      appropriate suspects
controls? (Broad Goals 2,    how +/- controls          OR did not state how      and state how +/-
3; Specific Goal 5)          influenced their          +/- controls influenced   controls influenced
                             decision including the    their decision.           their decision.
                             water control.

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