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									Some Design Ideas for Your Next Tattoo

it can be hard for girls to come up with cute tattoo design ideas. Is it going to be something personal? Is
it going to be something girly? Maybe a little masculine? All of these have to be taken into considering
before you find yourself in the chair and hear the needle buzzing. So before you commit to an idea,
here are a few cute tattoo designs for girls that you may have overlooked.
The first one is not so much a design, but rather a location idea. Right behind the ear can be a cute
location for girls if it is done right. Obviously it is a small area, so the tattoo can not be that big. And
depending on your hairstyle it is going to be relatively exposed, so you want to make sure it is
something that you are okay with the world seeing. In this area I would suggest a design that is longer
than wider. And I would not make it too much longer than your ear. This way people know it is there,
but you have control over whether or not people get a full glimpse of it.
On the more of the design side of things is the idea of a quote. Quotes, especially famous ones or ones
that mean something to you on a more personal level are always cute tattoo designs for girls. Whether
it be something inspirational or something you just like reading, now you can take it anywhere you go.
And depending on the location of the tattoo, they can serve as words of wisdom to anyone who gets a
chance to read them.
Band logos and names are becoming a very popular tattoo option as well. Most bands these days, and
even bands from past generations, have logos that people often get tattooed. A few of the more popular
ones I have seen are The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, HIM, and Alkaline Trio. This is a cool way to
show people the kind of person you by your taste in music. And on a cool side note, a lot of bands
encourage their fans to send pictures of their band inspired tattoos and often times post them on their
websites. So not only do you get a cool tattoo, but it could potentially be put on the internet for
everyone to see.
Also make sure you are doing your research before you commit to getting any kind of tattoo. It is a life
long commitment and one you should never regret or a decision you make in haste.
Lillian E. is the founder of Tattoo Designs for Girls and hopes that her experience will guide all you
ladies out there find the perfect tattoo designs for girls!
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