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MPT Guide and Forms : short MSWord document that contains
 1. a basic outline of the features of the MPT approach
 2. a step by step guide through the stages of the MPT process
 3. links to MSWord online forms relevant to each stage

 MPT Manual : 23 page pdf guide to Using and Administering the Forms.
                                                Contents                                    Pages
Introduction                                                                               1 -    2
Assumptions and biases in the MPT forms                                                           3
MPT Process - Goals                                                                               3
Influences on AT use                                                                       3 -    4
Summary of advantages of MPT Process                                                              4
Procedures for Using the MPT Assessment Instruments                                        4 -    5
Administering Specific MPT Assessment Instruments                                          6 - 22
     Form 1. Initial Worksheet for the Matching Person & Technology Process                      6
     Form 2. History of Support Use                                                              7
     Form 3. Survey of Technology Use (SOTU)                                                     7
     WHAT ATD PA SECTION DO YOU WANT TO USE?                                                     9
     Form 4. Assistive Technology Device Predisposition Assessment (ATD PA)                      9
     The ATD PA Overall Recommendations Form (Form 4-R)                                  14 - 15
     Form 5. Educational Technology Device Predisposition Assessment (ET PA)             15 - 20
     Form 6. Workplace Technology Device Predisposition Assessment (WT PA)               20 - 21
     Form 7. Health Care Technology Predisposition Assessment (HCT PA)                   21 - 22
Computerised scoring by the IMPT and US data protection regulations                              23

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MPT Multimedia Training Program , please note:

   1. You cannot return to the MPT_Tools Menu from the Multimedia Training Program. To return here:
      exit the Multimedia Program  run MPT_Tools.exe again
   2. The Multimedia Program uses a lot of memory. If it does not run smoothly: exit  close all other applications 
      try again.
   3. You need to have QuickTime installed to run the Multimedia Program. Windows Minimum Requirements for
           A Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer
           At least 128MB of RAM
           Windows 2000/XP
   4. There is a copy of Quicktime on the CD here
      \AutoPlay\Docs\Project Data\QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe
      or download the latest version for Apple or Microsoft from the internet here
   5. Some “background” applications will cause the Multimedia Program to crash or freeze. Known problems:
      Pawsense; RSIGuard. If the Multimedia Program freezes or crashes, stop background applications and try

(Information on the contents of the Multimedia Training Program is in a separate file.)

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 Assistive Technology Workbook :
A copy of the online AT self-study materials hosted by the American Psychological Association website, based on
“Assistive Technology: Matching Device and Consumer for Successful Rehabilitation”, ed. Marcia Scherer. Pub
American Psychological Association (APA); 1st edition (January 15, 2002).

   “This web site provides supplementary materials and activities to the users of the book. For each chapter, an
   overview and acronym references are first offered, followed by key concepts/terms and their short definition. In
   addition, review questions and follow-up activities give readers opportunities to reflect and expand their learning.
   Finally, related web sites are provided in the "web links" section.”

MPT and ICF / ISO Standards : 19 page pdf file.
Pages 1 – 15: Powerpoint presentation illustrating cross-referencing of MPT ATDPA items with ICF codes.
Pages 16 – 19: Copy of article “Compatibility with the World Health Organizations’ International Classification
of Functioning, Disability and Health and the ISO9999 Standards”

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