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2003- 2004
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                   Annual Report 2003-4

                              Table of Contents
Agenda of the 40th Annual General Meeting                                3
President‟s Report                                                       4
Captain‟s Report                                                         5
Treasurer‟s Report                                                       6
Report on Club Activities                                                7
  Introduction – 40 years of operation                                    7
  Rowing achievements in 2003-2004                                        8
  Rowing Community Involvement                                           10
  Boatshed and Equipment                                                 11
  Membership                                                             13
  Coaching                                                               13
  Social/Fundraising                                                     14
  Communcations                                                          14
Attachment A: Minutes of 39th Annual General Meeting                    15
Attachment B: 2003-04 Financial Statements                              19
  Balance Sheet                                                          19
  Profit and Loss                                                        20
  Notes (accompanying the Financial Statement)                           21
Attachment C: Statement of Club Affairs                                 25
Attachment D: Operation of the General Committee                        26
  Officers and Committee of the Club                                     26
  Sub Committees                                                         26
  Committee meeting attendance.                                          26
Attachment E: List of Members                                           27
Attachment F: Corporate Plan                                            30
  Objectives                                                             30
  Strategic Directions for 2003-04                                       31
  Proposed Areas for Actions for 2003/04 (Initial Steps)                 31
Attachment G: Action Plan                                               33
  Actions and Priorities                                                 33
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                    Annual Report 2003-4

Agenda of the 40th Annual General Meeting

   1. Apologies

   2. Confirm the minutes of the 39th Annual General Meeting

   3. Presentation of the 40th Annual Report

          a. President’s Report
          b. Captain’s Report
          c. Treasurer’s Report

   4. Election of Officers and Committee for 2004-2005

          a.   Patron
          b.   President
          c.   Senior Vice-President
          d.   two other Vice-Presidents
          e.   Captain
          f.   Vice-Captain
          g.   Secretary
          h.   Assistant Secretary
          i.   Honorary Treasurer
          j.   Honorary Auditor
          k.   Public Officer
          l.   Six general committee members

   5. Transact any business of which proper notice has been given under the
      rules of the Club:

   6. General business

          a. Presentation of fleet planning study – John Daley

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

President’s Report
Welcome to the Canberra Rowing Club Annual Report for its 40th year of operation.
Canberra RC, along with ANU Boat Club and the ACT Rowing Association were all
formed in the first year that Lake Burley Griffin was created. Ever since then, rowing,
and our Club in particular, has been arguably the top user of this wonderful facility.
In this 40th Annual Report we have attempted to include more information about our
Club‟s operations so that it is a better record of the activities of the Club and of
rowing in the ACT during the past year. I thank Alison Chinn, one of our Honorary
Life Members, for this initiative. As you can see, it has worked out well.
The Club‟s Committee has worked well during the year to make significant
improvements in the operation of the Club and what it has to offer. Particular areas of
the Club‟s operation that I wish to bring to attention are:
      Our membership has grown significantly faster than in previous years,
       increasing by approximately 20% in the past 12 months.
      There were significant additions and improvements to the fleet during the year
       that addressed needs across the membership.
      We had another successful Corporate Rowing program that introduced more
       than 64 people to rowing, brought together our members as a community,
       and also paid for a new coxed quad/four for our junior and novice rowers.
      We reintroduced training squads for the youth and open/elite level of rowers
       that has been very well received and is still growing.
      The Committee introduced a structured sub-committee arrangement to more
       effectively deal with the work of running the Club. Although there were
       teething problems, it was a worthwhile initiative.
      The Committee looked at its governance issues generally and passed two by-
       laws and commenced a review of the Club‟s constitution.
      We have participated strongly in regattas both here and interstate.
I wish to particularly thank our Captain, John Simson, for his tireless efforts with the
boats, boatshed and organisation of the Club generally, and Mark Kwiatkowski for
organising and running the coaching squads. I also take this opportunity to thank all
the members of the 2003-04 Committee for their efforts, support, professionalism and
Many thanks, one and all, I wish you health, happiness and fast rowing, and I look
forward to being part of an even better Canberra RC in the future.

Brendon Prout
Canberra Rowing Club.

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                           Annual Report 2003-4

Captain’s Report
With a club membership of approximately 220, I am happy to report that, in the main,
2003-2004 was a pretty good year for the Canberra Rowing Club. I will briefly touch
upon what I consider to be the highlights and important issues.
Youth Groups:                 Particularly pleasing is the steady progress being
     made by the newly activated youth group under the direction of our Head
     Coach, Mark Kwiatkowski. Our youth group has also expanded to include
     pupils from Telopea Park school and the Orana school returned this year after
     the great start Adair made last year. Thank you to all the coaches we have
ACTRA Point Score:          The club again won the ACTRA annual point score
    award for the men‟s competition, but failed to prevent Black Mountain RC from
    taking out the women‟s competition, despite us winning the ACT Women‟s
    Championship Eights. Next season the Club must aim for a clean sweep.
Representational Rowing: A highlight this year was the selection of Craig Jones
     as Australia‟s single sculls representative at the forthcoming Athens Olympics.
     Craig has consistently represented Australia in most classes of boats for some
     14 years and we all wish him well. Other Club members to represent Australia
     this year in non-Olympic events are Mitchell Punch, Sarah Cook. Tara Huntly
     and Sonia Mills. Congratulations to all and best wishes for a successful tour.
Club Fleet:                    The CRC fleet and accessories improved significantly
     in this financial year. Four good Concept 2 ergometers were acquired. Two, on
     the weight boats, with dual sets of riggers, were purchased and two good
     timber training pairs/doubles were gifted, one by Dr. David Coles and the other
     by Alex Leitch. To complement these very good quality boat acquisitions there
     have been significant refits to several boats. Oars, both rowing and sculling,
     were also acquired It should be emphasized though that the refits are not
     turning older boats into new boats, but simply extending their useful life.
Future Needs:                   Looking ahead, continued acquisitions and refits are
     necessary. Currently, the Bruce Hick (2x), Wahoo (2x/-) and Googong (2x/-)
     are undergoing refurbishment at the Sykes Geelong plant and will not be
     available until late July. But, with the significant number of young members
     now coming on, plus many very light masters‟ scullers, there is a need for a
     quality lightweight double. Similarly so with single sculls.
     In addition, the number of rowers competing at interstate regattas is now
     putting a strain on boat transport. This is currently being reviewed to ensure
     that sufficient boat transport is available to us in the ACT.
Conclusion: From a Boat Captain‟s point of view, I believe the year has been a
    successful one and I thank the Committee and all the Club‟s members for the
    co-operative effort throughout the year.

John Simson
Canberra Rowing Club

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                           Annual Report 2003-4

Treasurer’s Report
The Club had a busy year financially, with higher income than in any previous year,
and a small surplus available at the beginning of the year. The Committee chose to
concentrate its expenditures on the fleet, both buying boats and oars, and
refurbishing boats that are basically sound.
Specific initiatives and highlights this year were:
      The increased membership, bigger Corporate Rowing Program, and winning
       a $6,000 grant all assisted in giving us more opportunities to improve the
       Club‟s facilities.
      The expenditure on the fleet is recognised as unsustainable in future years
       without planning and effort. To that end a 5+ year projection has been
       developed by John Daley and is being considered by the Committee. It will
       result in specific proposals being put to the Club‟s general membership about
       the type of Club and the level of fees.
      Very little was spent on the boatshed during the year due to the focus on the
       fleet. The planning currently underway will get this back in balance and
       ensure that we invest appropriately in the boatshed maintenance and
      The Committee introduced an Elite Support Fund during the year. Its aim is to
       quarantine a proportion of membership fees to provide direct support to our
       Club members who require financial support to pursue elite level competition.
       The fund is modest ($10 from each senior membership each year) and is
       intended to be supplemented by private donations.
      We have attempted to keep running costs down by using email as much as
       possible, and encouraging electronic funds transfers. The Club even has its
       own email address now being Through the use of
       EFT, it has allowed me to let members pay by instalments without a
       significant increase in the administrative effort.
      A membership database was created from the old records and it now allows
       quick and reliable production of renewal notices and administrative reports. A
       list of members is now posted on the noticeboard at the beginning of each
       month. We also introduced new controls on provision of discounted
       membership fees, with all requests for discounts referred to the Committee for
Lastly, I would just like to thank all those who pay their membership fees and race
entry fees promptly – and curse those who don‟t.
Randal Lawrence
Honorary Treasurer
Canberra Rowing Club

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

Report on Club Activities
Introduction – 40 years of operation
Our Club was formed 40 years ago at a public meeting held at Lawley House, Barton
on 1 May 1964. The rules for the Club were adopted at a later meeting on 15 May
1964 and an inaugural General Committee elected of which office bearers were
President: Richard Luker, Vice President: Bill O‟Brien, Captain: Reg Libbis,
Secretary: Russ Barnett and Treasurer: Alwyn Druce.
The ACT Rowing Association had already been formed before the filling of Lake
Burley Griffin with Dick Luker as President and Bill O‟Brien as Secretary. The ANU
Boat Club was established in March 1964 with Pieter Ariens as President.
The Club first operated from the East Basin Pavilion (now the Boathouse
Restaurant), which had been made available to ACTRA on a temporary basis by the
Department of the Interior for use during selection trials for the Tokyo Olympics from
30 April 1964. This facility was shared with Burns Rowing Club, Telopea Park High
School Rowing Club and Canberra Grammar School Rowing Club.
In December 1964 clubs housed in the
East Basin Pavilion were relocated to
dreadful accommodation in the nissen
hut at Kingston Boat Harbour (no
electricity, water or toilets). Despite the
initial enthusiasm for a new sport on a
new lake, interest in rowing declined
through the 60s due to poor equipment
and facilities, including a treacherous
rowing course where swamping of racing
crews was commonplace.
To ensure the survival of the sport, club
regattas were moved permanently to the
Yarramundi Reach course from the
beginning of the 1970-71 rowing season.
It then became essential for Canberra
RC to get a boatshed on the western end of the Lake.
After negotiating the many obstacles presented by Canberra‟s planners, we were
granted a boatshed lease in 1971. Construction of the boatshed commenced shortly
after by Club builder and Vice President Reg Libbis with much of the work done by
Club members on weekends, in addition to intensive fund raising. Shortage of
funding delayed completion of this building until 1974 when we moved in the Club‟s
small fleet. At Yarralumla the Club grew rapidly in boats and members.
Highlights in our history include:
    First interstate win at Nagambie in 1973 in Maiden VIIIs;
    Acceptance of women members from July 1977;
    First interstate title – Men‟s Youth IV Championship of NSW in 1980;
    First interstate Premiership – NSW 2nd Grade Men‟s Premiership 1985;
    Major extension of the boatshed to include former courtyard area 1986;
    First national champion Sue Donoghoe in 1983;
    First world champion – James Galloway in 1986;
    First talent rowing talent identification program in Australia in 1987 in
       conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission;
    First Olympic Champion, Megan Still, 1996.

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

We hope to celebrate these and other achievements with current and former
members at a function later in 2004.

Rowing achievements in 2003-2004
Craig Jones and Mitchell Punch had AIS scholarships again this year and both were
selected to represent Australia.
ACTAS scholarships were held by Sarah Cook, Tara Huntly, Sonia Mills and Jaime
Fernandez. Sarah, Tara and Sonia have gone on to represent Australia in 2004, but
unfortunately, Jaime became ill and could not continue his bid for Olympic selection.
2004 Australian Representatives
A highlight for this year has been the selection of Canberra RC‟s Craig Jones as
Australia‟s single scull representative at the Athens Olympics. Craig has consistently
represented Australia in most classes of boats for some 14 years.
Other Club members representing Australia in the World Championships for Non-
Olympic boats and/or the Under 23‟s World Championships are Mitchell Punch,
Sarah Cook. Tara Huntly and Sonia Mills.
Club members Dr. David Coles (team doctor) and Kathy Finlay (physiotherapist) are
also part of the Australian representative squad this year.
2003 World Championships
Craig Jones and Mitchell Punch finished 4th in the men‟s quad scull at the World
Championship in Milan in August 2003.
At the World U23 Rowing Championships, Golden Gordon Marcks coached the
winning men‟s quad scull crew that included Tom Westgarth (CLRC) and Henry
Gundry (ANU) at the World U23 Championships. Kathy Finlay (physio) and David
Coles (doctor) were also members of the Australian team.
2003 Australian Championships
There were a number of strong performances from Canberra RC members at the
nationals in Tasmania in 2003. Those to come home with medals were Mitchell
Punch (1st in M4x & M2x), Craig Jones (1st in M4x) and Charles Lundy with Adrian
Webster (2nd in M4+). Jaime Fernandez, stroke of the Silver medal winning eight at
the Sydney Olympics, made his comeback in the M2-.
There were four Canberra RC members in the ACT Kings Cup Eight who finished in
a respectable fifth place and Sonia Mills represented Queensland in the women‟s
state single scull.
2004 Australian Championships
Results of Canberra RC members at the Championships were:
ISYW8+ 5th place – Yasmin Burraston, Sarah Cook, Tara Huntly
ISYM8+ 7th place – Ben Davis
ISM1X 4th place – Craig Jones
ISW8+ 4th place –
ISM8+ 5th place – Craig Jones, Charles Lundy, Nigel Collins, Mitchell Punch
Mitchell Punch -    U23M1X 1st; U23M2X 1st; OM4X 1st.
Kerry Knowler -     OW4X 4th.
Craig Jones -       OM1X 4th; OM2X 3rd; OM4X 2nd.
Tara Huntley -      U23W2X 3rd; U23W2- 2nd; U23W4- 1st
Sarah Cook -        U23W2X 3rd; U23W2- 2nd; U23W4- 1st

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                                 Annual Report 2003-4

Sonia Mills -         OW4X 4th.
NSW Championships
Sarah Cook and Tara Huntley were the most successful Canberra RC crew at the
NSW Championship held at SIRC in February 2004. Sarah and Tara are NSW
Champions in ChU23W2-, ChU21W2- and CHEW4- (rowing with SUBC and St
David Hawke teamed with Ben Cook (CGS) to finish 3rd in CHU19M2x.
Yasmin Burraston made the finals in CHU23W1x (7th), CHELwW1x (4th), CHWLx4X
(3rd) and CHELwW2x (5th)
Diana Egerton Warburton also competed in the final of CHEW1x (7th)
ACT Championships
Canberra RC won the Women‟s and Men‟s Championship Eights races. The Uriarra
Cup (men‟s open 8+) was recovered by the Club with a good win by: Craig Graham
(bow), David Hawke, Ben Davis, Mike Everly, Mitchell Punch, Craig Jones, David
Kennedy, Adrian Webster (stroke) and Camilla Mather (cox). The women‟s eight are
pictured below.

                     Photo 1: Canberra RC – ACT OW8+ Champions
 (Bow) Vanessa Goodspeed , Amanda Brian, Elaine Bissaker, Kate Lundy, Diana Egerton-Warbuton,
                 Kerry Knowler, Sonia Mills, Adair Ferguson, (cox) Ann Whelan

The Club won many other Championship events at the regatta, but ANU beat us in a
very close finish to the 40th anniversary race between the two clubs in masters men‟s
Masters Racing
The Club‟s Masters have had a busy and in the main, successful year.
At the 2003 Australian Masters Rowing Championships held at Nagambie Victoria,
the ACT won the Women's Interstate 4x with a Canberra RC based crew of Sue
Donoghoe, Kathy Finlay, Anita Preiner and Margot Simington. The ACT men‟s‟ 8+
(another all Canberra RC crew) came third in the interstate event. There were 11 first
places for our Club crews and several more with composite crews. Sue Donoghoe
received 8 1st places, and Peter Macartney won 6.
A group of eight masters from our Club went to the FISA World Masters Rowing
Championships at Vichy, France during September 2003. Louis Res and Randal
Lawrence were backing up from attending the previous Championships in Racice,
Czech Republic. Joining at Vichy with many rowers form Sydney and some from
Perth, they had a great time with hot competition in a wonderful location.

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                               Annual Report 2003-4

The main season consisted of ACTRA hosting the very successful rowing element of
the Australian Masters Games in November 2003, a full and competitive local regatta
season, the ACT Championships, NSW Masters Championships and then finishing
off with some 65 rowers competing in the Australian Masters Championships at
Penrith at the end of May 2004. At Penrith, against unusually strong competition, the
Club boated some 80 crews over 3 days and won 8 gold, 13 silver, 10 bronze and 5
gold oars (mixed races). Margot Simington excelled by taking out 3 gold medals and
Barrie Denny was the pin-up of the regatta (he featured on the regatta poster).
Winter Time Trials
Sonia Mills was one our successful members in WTT in 2003. Sonia recorded the
fastest time for the women‟s 1x event (16.38 in race 3). Kerry Knowler along with
Taryn Langdon recorded the fastest time for the womens pairs (16.33 in race 4).
Jamie Fernandez scored the fasest time in the mens pairs with Dave Matthews
(14.23 in week 3). Charles Lundy, along with Ian Mongan had fastest time for men‟s
doubles (14.09 week 1).
ACT Premiership Competition
The club again won the ACTRA annual point score award for men, but failed to
prevent Black Mountain RC from taking out the women‟s award, despite us winning
the Women‟s Championship Eights. The Premiership was awarded to Canberra
Grammar School on the basis of aggregate points across all four categories, being
just 0.4 of a point in front of us.
Club                   Men’s         Women’s       Boys’      Girls’      Aggregate
Canberra                278.5          249.5          23                     551.0
Black Mountain          117.4          274.0           0         32          423.4
CGGS                       0           151.0           0        217          368.0
ANU                     100.0            34.0          0         21          155.0
Capital Lakes             31.0           85.0          0         57          173.0
Radford College           59.6           54.6         77         75          266.2
Daramalan                 86.0           26.0         79                     191.0
CGS                     116.9            11.5        423                     551.4
Lake Tuggeranong          42.5           33.0         20         13          108.5
ADFA                      27.5            6            0          0           33.5

Rowing Community Involvement
Brendon Prout as Chairman, Patrick Davoren as Secretary. Sad loss of treasurer
Greg Welsh in February. His daughter Suzanne was a member of Canberra RC from
October 1998 to November 2002. The ACT Rowing Association conducted the Greg
Welsh Memorial Regatta in April and at future ACT Championships ACTRA will
present a perpetual trophy in his honour to the winning Champions school girl eight.
Corporate Rowing
In between its normal rowing activities, the Master‟s group very successfully ran for
the second time now, the Annual Corporate Rowing Program. This year, thanks
largely to the efforts of Pat Davoren, Margaret Pentony, Kath Wellman, Louis Res
and Nick McDonald-Crowley, 8 crews participated in the 4 week program. It proved
to be very successful in all respects, and now appears to be a well established
feature in the Club‟s calendar. The winning corporate crew was Blackshaw Real

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                         Annual Report 2003-4

Estate, coached by John Strapps. The other 7 corporate crews were McCann‟s,
University of Canberra, Hospital, Parliament, Hewlett Packard, the Mothership and St
George Bank.

              Photo 2: One of the 2003 Corporate Rowing crews training

Boatshed and Equipment
The Club‟s fleet and accessories improved significantly in this financial year.
    The Boboyan, a good second hand Sykes 2x/- was purchased from ACTAS.
    The Megan Still, an excellent second hand Sykes 4x/- was purchased from
       the AIS.
    The Nick Macdonald-Crowley, a new 4x/+ was our first purchase from
       Johnston Racing of Adelaide.
    The Systole, a 2x/- and a resident of our boatshed for many years, was
       generously donated by David Coles.
    The Alex, a 2x was generously donated by Alex Leitch.
    Running gear refurbishments were made to the Reg Libbis, Patrick Davoren,
       Fleuro, Phil Pain.
    A major refurbishment by Sykes returned the John McKenna hull and running
       gear to as-new condition.
    Four very good second-hand Concept 2 model C ergometers replaced the old
       model B ones that had given us so much good service.
    One of our outboard motors was exchanged for a new one to ensure reliable
       coaching and safety performance.
    The tinnies had the cracks in their hulls welded to stop the leaks. Gentler
       handling of the boats at the shore should keep them in this condition.
    Oar purchases were made to equip the new boats and to give existing Club
       boats their own sets. This was not quite achieved during the year even
       though 18 sculls were bought and 8 sweep oars. These were a mixture of
       new and good second hand.
    Several sets of oars have been refurbished by Croker Oars during the year
       through the assistance of George Burnet‟s transport.

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                                  Annual Report 2003-4

Boat Condition Table
             Name                        Maker             Year    Condition
      1x     Bowser                      unknown           ????    poor
      1x     CRC 110                     Euro              c2000   good
      1x     CRC 65                      Euro              c2001   excellent
      1x     CRC 70                      Ausrowtec         c2001   excellent
      1x     CRC 75                      Euro              c2001   excellent
      1x     CRC 80                      Euro              c2001   excellent
      1x     CRC 85                      Euro              c2000   excellent
      1x     Davros                      unknown           ????    poor
      1x     Disrow                      Sykes             ????    good
      1x     Macca                       unknown           ????    poor
      1x     no name (blue dot)          ????              ????    fair
      1x     Screwloose                  unknown           ????    poor
      1x     White Trainer I             unknown           ????    fair
      1x     White Trainer II            unknown           ????    fair
      1x     White Trainer III           unknown           ????    fair
      1x     White Trainer IV            unknown           ????    fair
      2-     Race Weight                 Phillips          ????    fair
      2x     Cotter                                        1983    fair
      2x     The Alex                    Ninham            c1978   fair
      2x     Wahoo                       Sykes             1994    refurb
      2x/-   Ausrowtec                   Ausrowtec         1992    fair
      2x/-   Boboyan                     Sykes             c1997   excellent
      2x/-   Bruce Hick                  Sykes             1989    refurb
      2x/-   Corin                       S&B               1984    fair
      2x/-   Googong                     Sykes             2001    excellent
      2x/-   Jennifer Roberts            Ausrowtec         ????    good
      2x/-   Systole                     Carmody           ????    fair
      4-     Canberra Building Society   S&B               1989    fair
      4-     Tachycardia                 S&B               1988    good
      4+     Ian O‟Connor                S&B               1989    good
      4+     Phil Pain                   Euro              c1996   good
      4+     Rodney Palmer               Sykes             1976    fair
      4+     WE O‟Brien                  S&B               1978    sold
      4x/-   Fleuro                      S&B               1989    good
      4x/-   John McKenna                Sykes             1995    excellent
      4x/-   Megan Still                 Sykes             2001    excellent
      4x/-   Sue Donoghoe                Euro              1998    good
      4x/+   Nick Macdonald-Crowley      Johnston Racing   2004    excellent
      4x+    Martin Pitt                 Kirs              ????    fair
      4x+    Patrick Davoren             ????              1985    fair
      8+     James Galloway              S&B               1987    fair
      8+     Reg Libbis                  Euro              c1996   good
      8+     Roger Cross                 Sykes             1990    fair
      8+     Sandy Pearson               S&B               ????    fair
      8+     Southern Cross              Race 1            1996    good
      MB     Motorboat 1                 Quintex           ????    good
      MB     Motorboat 2                 ?????             ????    good

                                                                                       Page 12
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                              Annual Report 2003-4

              Name                       Maker            Year    Condition
       MB     Motorboat 3                ?????            ????    good

Although the boatshed is our major asset, little was done on it during the year. Some
plumbing repairs were done by John Jeffery, but no significant work was done to the
building structure. The boatshed was kept clean and tidy by a small band of helpers
who regularly attend to these matters, including John Simson, Dennis Dyer, Peter
Macartney, Barrie Denny and Irene Brewer.
The Club‟s boat trailer has remained in good condition this year and has given good

This year has seen a 25% net growth in the number of members. This includes 36
members moving on and 77 new members accepted.
The Committee increased the control over subscription discounting, with all discounts
now being presented to the Committee for approval prior to be offered. Discounted
subscriptions are not separately accounted for in our financial statement. The
Committee is only considering discounts in the case of hardship.
Members who are full time students are allowed by the Committee to pay
subscriptions at the Junior member level. This is in effect a discount, as the current
constitution does not allow for a Student category of membership. This discount is
not reflected in the accounts, as this has been longstanding practice and would be
misleading to start including it now.
No applications for paid life membership were made during the year and as a matter
of policy, the Committee would not have accepted such an application, as has been
the case for a number of years.
A list of members has been posted the Boatshed noticeboard at the start of each
month, including the start of June, as required by the Constitution. A list of financial
members is provided at Attachment E: List of Members.

             Year ending 2003 2004
       Honorary Life         4   6
       Paid Life             6   6
       Senior              137 145
       Junior/Student       18  44
       Associate             4   9
                     Total 169 210

Vale Brian Pedvin
It is sad to report the death of Brian Pedvin in December 2003. Brian was a
foundation Club member and was present at the Lawley House meeting that
established the Club. He was a Club Treasurer, coach and rower in the 1960s and
stuck around when Club was down to a membership of around 30 when based at the
igloo in the late 1960s. Of course, he is current members Mike Pedvin‟s father and
Rowan‟s grandfather.

The Club has a number of coaches working with our members, and members of
other clubs. Consistent with the Club‟s Action Plan, a structured coaching group was

                                                                                      Page 13
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                             Annual Report 2003-4

formed this year to provide organisation and consistency for younger members who
are below the elite level. This year we have established the role of Head Coach, held
by Mark Kwiatkowski. Also assisting with coaching has been Rowan Haigh, Alison
Chinn, Paul Cowan, Edwin Bien, Ann Charlton, Alex Leitch, Pat Davoren, Peter
Ferraris, Alan Borger, Adair Ferguson, Nigel Harding, Tom Trobe and Randal
Lawrence. Of course, some of our rowers have also been coached from ACTAS by
Gordon Marcks and Camilla Mather.
Particularly pleasing has been the steady progress made by the reactivated youth
group. This group of some 15 lads, and backed up by our elite/senior rowers, has
already demonstrated its potential by putting in good strong performances in local
regattas. They promise well for the future.
In a similar vein, Edwin Bien and Anne Charlton have been very active in the
fostering and developing of rowing with the girls. This group has now expanded to
approximately 14 and already the girls from the Telopea School have got wins under
their belt. Hence, combining these youth groups with the developing interest from
the Orana school (approximately 20 boys and girls), the Club is now beginning to re-
establish itself as truly a club where all age groups can indulge and excel in the sport
of rowing.

The Club held a very successful dinner combined with the Corporate Rowing function
during November 2003. There were 135 people at the function at the National Press

The Committee commenced to communicate with members via email more
extensively than in the past. This approach reduces costs for the Club and increases
immediacy. Recently the Committee has gone towards a shorter format for the Club‟s
newsletter to reduce the overhead of production so that an issue can be issued every
The Committee has also developed this more extensive annual report, and is in the
process of redesigning the Club‟s web site. The noticeboard at the boatshed is still
used extensively to communicate with Club members.

                                                                                    Page 14
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment A: Minutes of 39th Annual General Meeting

             Wednesday 30 July 2003

                    CGGS Aquatic Centre 6:50 pm
Present: R Haigh, R. Buchanan, A. Leitch, R. Lawrence, A. Whelan, A. Charlton, N.
Cannon, G. Dennett, K. Laffan, S. Laffan, E. Roffe, V. Goodspeed, P. Ferraris, A.
Chinn, K. Wellman, B. Hewitt, J. Simson, B. Dennis, D. Dyer, T. Wilkes, H. Snedden,
I. Brewer, M. Pentony, S. Linacre, M. Peedon, A. Preiner, L. Res, J. Daley, J.
Strapps, R. Moss, G. Humphries, A. Burnet, R. Hibberson, M. Englund, R. Edwards,
K. Collins, C. Colquhoun, P. Davoren, M. Kwiatkowski, B. Prout, A. Fry, R. Davis, C.
Official Proxies: P. Thomson, E. Bissaker, J. Harber.
Apologies: M. Burgess, P. Thomson, C. Bottrill, S. Haynes, B. Goodspeed, A.
Brian, J. Dyer, J. Harber, K. Finlay.

   Correction to apologies: Rodney Moss, not Marsh, Brian Hewitt, and Michael
   Pedvin, not Bevin.
   Motion proposed by Anne Charlton.
   Seconded by Anne Whelan.


   Captain’s Report:
       As tabled.
       The Captain further noted that it has been a fun but difficult year. The club
       has groups pulling in different directions. Not enough people helping out with
       club activities. Those that do help are doing a wonderful job. He believes
       that our fees are too low, and that private boats in the shed is an issue that
       we all need to decide on. We need to re-furbish existing boats and to buy
       some new ones. Primary task will be to fix existing boats. Sunday novice
       program: he doesn’t believe that it works; a structured program would be
       more effective. The Corporate Rowing Program was a wonderful effort by
       Charles Lundy. There have been fewer people racing this year than previous
       years: are there too may regattas for Masters? Boat maintenance: we all
       need to do our bit to keep boats in good running order. Otherwise, our fleet
       will deteriorate. Thanks for the good and bad times, now stepping down.
       The Vice President added that the Captain’s job is one of, if not the hardest in
       the committee. Tony has given as much time as he possibly could. It’s a job
       that deserves proper acknowledgement.

                                                                                   Page 15
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                          Annual Report 2003-4

      Nil business arising from Captain’s report.

   President’s Report:
      As tabled.
      The President added that it has been a good strong year for the club, not only
      from his perspective as President, but also from his ACTRA and ACT
      Chamber of Commerce connections. Particular thanks go to Treasurer and
      Secretary. Thanks also to individuals in helping him get his job done. He
      would like to compete more in the future and lead from the front. The
      increase in membership and decrease in participation is noted.
      Nil business arising from President’s report. Motion that it be accepted by
      Tony Wilkes, seconded by Brian Hewitt. Carried.

   Treasurer’s Report:
      As tabled.
      The Treasurer noted that her report was in the form of financial statements,
      rather than a written report. Special thanks to Penelope Thomson for her help
      with regatta fee collection and distribution. This year insurance caused a
      panic, with the club having difficulty finding an insurer. We have insured shed
      and tinnies, and money held in the shed. The Treasurer was not prepared to
      make comment on setting fees. There has been a problem with collecting
      fees on anniversary dates; this will be addressed in general business.
      Nil business arising from Treasurer’s report. Motion that it be accepted by
      Ray Buchanan, seconded by Charles Lundy. Carried.

   From the nominations received, the following officers and committee were
   appointed unopposed:
   President:                    Brendon Prout
   Senior Vice President:        Mark Kwiatkowski
   Captain:                      John Simson
   Vice-Captain:                 Anne Charlton
   Hon. Assistant Secretary:     Dennis Dyer
   General committee:            John Daley
                                 Michelle Englund
                                 Peter Ferraris
                                 Elaine Bissaker
                                 Tony Wilkes
                                 Alex Leitch.
   As there were no nominations for Hon. Treasurer, nominations were called for
   from the floor. Randal Lawrence, who had originally nominated as Hon
   Secretary, offered to fill the position of Hon Treasurer and nominations were then
   called for the position of Hon Secretary. Margaret Pentony was proposed and
   her proposal was unopposed. The following two officers were thus appointed.
   Hon Secretary:                Margaret Pentony
   Hon Treasurer:                Randal Lawrence.

                                                                                 Page 16
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                         Annual Report 2003-4

   In addition, the rules allow for two junior Vice Presidents. Two members were
   proposed and appointed unopposed:
   Junior Vice President:        Pat Davoren
   Junior Vice President:        Alison Chinn.

   Motion: “That all subscriptions shall be payable in advance and shall
   become due on 1 May each year.”
      Background: In 1998 the rules changed to bring membership due date from 1
      May to the anniversary date of members’ joining. That action was taken,
      even though a copy of the variation to Club rules was not submitted to the
      ACT Registrar General. Anniversary date collection has been found to be
      cumbersome and difficult; the one date for fees (ie. 1 May) is more practical.
      The outgoing Treasurer noted that fees will be collected on a pro-rata basis
      until all club members’ membership falls due on 1 May.
      Motion proposed by Tony Wilkes.
      Seconded by Alex Fry.
   Motion: “That Alison Chinn be elected as a Honorary Life Member of the
   Canberra Rowing Club Inc.”
      A brief biography of Alison’s achievements was published in the Annual
      Motion proposed by Brendon Prout.
      Seconded by Ray Buchanan.
   Motion: “That Sue Donoghoe be elected as a Honorary Life Member of the
   Canberra Rowing Club Inc.”
      A brief biography of Sue’s achievements was published in the Annual Report.
      Motion proposed by Dennis Dyer.
      Seconded by John Daley.

   Draft Corporate Plan 2003-2004, Canberra Rowing Club Inc.
   Mark Kwiatkowski gave an overview of the plan. He apologised for not
   distributing it more widely other than by email. This plan has been worked on and
   agreed to by the outgoing committee. The main problem is that the club is
   depending on fewer and fewer people to do the work. The club will function
   better if we all have a common understanding of what the club’s aims are. One of
   the big problems is that we are not getting many new junior members.
   Mark elaborated on the Vision and Values as set out in the plan, and addressed
   the strategic directions for 2003-2004. He said that we need to address our
   medium to long term needs for club facilities and equipment. He pointed out that
   the Action Plan addresses specific tasks. A question was asked as to the time

                                                                               Page 17
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

   frame to “sign off” on the plan. Mark said he would like it in place before next
   season, ie. October 2003.
   The President suggested that copies of the Plan be distributed to everyone who
   wants one, and be offered the opportunity to make comments or suggestions to
   the committee at its next meeting. Copies will be made available in the shed.
   Ray Buchanan suggested that schools that don’t have rowing programs might be
   a source of junior rowers.
   There being no further business, the AGM closed at 8:08 pm.

                                                                                      Page 18
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                               Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment B: 2003-04 Financial Statements
Balance Sheet
                               Notes      2003-4      2002-3
 Current Assets
   Cash at Bank                  2      $21,929     $27,608
   Accounts Receivable                   $1,705      $1,305
   Prepayments                   3       $1,557      $4,262
 Total Current Assets                   $25,191     $33,175
 Property & Equipment
   Boatshed                      4     $280,000    $280,000
   Equipment                           $181,097    $128,904
   Equipment Disposals                  ($1,200)        $0
 Total Property & Equipment            $459,897    $408,904
Total Assets                           $485,088    $442,079

 Current Liabilities
   Accounts Payable                       $578        $909
   Unearned Revenue              3      $19,443      $8,434
   Refundable Key Deposits       5       $1,520      $1,540
   Total Current Liabilities            $21,542     $10,883
Total Liabilities                       $21,542     $10,883

Net Assets                             $463,547    $431,196

   Retained Earnings                   $188,999    $188,999
   Current Year Earnings                $32,200
   Historical Balancing                $242,348    $242,197
Total Equity                           $463,547    $431,196

                                                                    Page 19
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                      Annual Report 2003-4

Profit and Loss
                                          Notes   2003-4        2002-3
   Membership Subscriptions                 3      $44,832     $40,920
   Corporate Rowing Program                        $16,420     $13,467
   Donations - Club                                 $2,970           -
   Donations - Elite Support Fund           6        $330            -
   Social Functions                         7       $7,620           -
   Tuition - Novice Program                         $3,160      $4,289
   Guests & Other Tuition                            $306       $1,630
   Grants                                   8       $6,000          $0
   Regatta Catering                                 $2,223      $1,475
   Sale of Goods                                        $0      $3,660
   Regatta Fees                            11      $11,898      $2,348
   Insurance - non-CRC Boats                9       $7,524      $5,310
   Sale of Boats                                                $1,000
   Miscellaneous Income                              ($427)     $2,414
Total Income                                      $102,855     $76,513
Cost of Sales
   Discounts given                         10         $280
Total Cost of Sales                                   $280          $0
Gross Profit                                      $102,575     $76,513

   ACTRA Regos & Affiliation                        $7,448      $4,605
   Admin- Bank fees and charges                      $289           $0
   Admin- General expenses                           $482           $0
   Admin- Printing & Stationery                      $149           $0
   Coaching                                            $90          $0
   Corporate Rowing Program                          $830       $5,503
   Depreciation Expense                     4      $10,828      $9,179
   Goods for resale                                     $0      $3,656
   Insurance - club                         9      $10,286     $12,169
   Insurance - non-CRC boats                9       $7,051
   Fuel & Oil for motorboats                        $1,368      $1,351
   Regattas- Catering                                  $65       $625
   Regattas- seat fees                     11       $9,508      $2,380
   Regattas- Other Costs                            $1,415          $0
   Repairs & Maintenance - boats                    $7,663      $4,124
   Repairs & Maintenance - shed                      $898
   Social functions                                 $7,197          $0
   Total Utilities, Rates, Taxes & Rent             $4,206      $4,266
   Value of Assets Sold                                         $1,410
   Other expenses                                    $862       $2,075
Total Expenses                                     $70,635     $51,343

Operating Profit                                   $31,940     $25,170
Other Income
   Interest Income                                   $260
Total Other Income                                   $260
Net Profit / (Loss)                                $32,200     $25,170

                                                                           Page 20
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                              Annual Report 2003-4

Notes (accompanying the Financial Statement)
Note 1 – Statement of Accounting Policies
These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Associations
Incorporations Act 1991 and the Constitution of Canberra Rowing Club Incorporated.
The financial statements have been prepared on an accrual basis and are in
accordance with historical cost convention except for certain assets which are at
Note 2 Cash
Cash position:
                                                   2003-4             2002-03
               Cash on hand                             $0                  $0
               Cash at bank                       $21,929              $27,608
               Total Cash                         $21,929              $27,608
Note 3 Prepayments & Unearned Income
Payments for ACTRA Registration of Club members for periods after 30 April are
regarded as „Prepayments‟. Membership subscriptions paid for periods after 30 April
are regarded as „Unearned Income‟.
Note 4 Non Current Assets
Non-current assets include the Boatshed, rowing boats and oars, motor boats,
ergometers and miscellaneous items.
The Boatshed, and its fixture and fittings, was revalued at 30 April 2000 to its
replacement cost of $280,000. The Committee obtained this valuation from members
who are professionals in the building industry. The land under the shed is a
community lease and therefore is not included in the value of assets controlled by
Canberra Rowing Club. The unimproved value of the land for rates purposes is
The valuation of all assets other than the Boatshed, was reviewed as at 1 April 2002
due to the implementation of fair value under accounting standard AASB 1041
Revaluation of Non-Current Assets. Fair value is determined by market selling price.
The Committee performed the valuation as the market for second hand boats and
oars is quite specialised. Additions after 1 April 2002 are valued at historical cost.
Depreciation rates used are:
    Boatshed                           nil
    Boats and oars                 6.66%
    All other items                  10%

                                                    $             $               $
Boats Shed, Fixtures & Fittings - at fair value                                  280,000

Rowing Boats – at fair/cost value                                157,034
Depreciation                                        (8,233)

                                                                                      Page 21
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

Oars – at fair/cost value                                         25,226
Depreciation                                        (1,303)

Other Equipment - at fair/value                                   18,844
Depreciation                                        (1,293)

Total Equipment before depn & disp                               201,104
Total Depreciation 2003-4                          (10,828)
Depreciation brought forward                        (9,179)
Total Equipment                                                                 181,097
Disposals                                                                         (1200)
Total Non-Current Assets                                                        459,897
Note 5 Deposit for Keys
Members can only receive a boatshed key if they pay a $20 refundable deposit. A
register is maintained by the Treasurer.
Note 6 Elite Support Fund
The Committee decided during the year to create an Elite Support Fund. The
purpose of this fund is to support Club members who are competing at the elite level
of rowing. The fund will be built up through putting aside $10 from each senior
members annual subscription. A sub-committee has the responsibility to identify and
recommend payments from the fund. Donations were solicited to start the fund.
Note 7 Social Functions
There was only one significant social function during the year, held in conjunction
with the Corporate Rowing dinner. This function was not intended to be a fund raiser.
Note 8 Grants
The Club received one grant during the year. This grant is from ACTRA and Rowing
Australia is to support “pre-elite” programs. It is intended to spend most of the money
on developing the youth squad in the Club.
Note 9 Insurance
The Club assists its members who own a boat by arranging bulk insurance at what
has continued to be a low price. The premiums for this insurance pass through the
Club‟s accounts. No fee is charged by the Club for this service.
The Club maintains the following insurance policies:
    Building, Contents and public liability
    Professional Indemnity
    Marine
    Trailer accident and 3rd party.
Note 10          Discounts
The Committee introduced a new policy during the year in relation to discounted
membership subscriptions. Discounts are now only given after being agreed to by the
Committee on a case-by-case basis. Discounts are now shown in the accounts as an

                                                                                   Page 22
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                          Annual Report 2003-4

Note 11       Regatta Fees
Regatta-by-regatta, the Club aims to net the seat fees received against the seat fees
paid. This has happened mostly this season and the discrepancy in income and
expenditure is due to the timing of receipts and payments. The Club does not make a
profit on seat fees, and usually makes a small loss.
Note 12
As a not-for-profit entity that has a turnover of less than $100,000 Canberra
Rowing Club continues not to opt into the GST system. This will be reviewed
from year to year.
Note 13       Related Party Transactions
A number of payments have been made to committee members. In each
case these payments were a reimbursement of expenses paid by committee
members on behalf of the Club.

                                                                                 Page 23
Canberra Rowing Club Inc   Annual Report 2003-4

                                        Page 24
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                             Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment C: Statement of Club Affairs

            Canberra Rowing Club Incorporated
       Statement of Affairs 2003-2004 Financial Year

This is a statement as required by Section 73 of the ACT Associations Incorporation
Act 1991 (the Act) and the Associations Incorporation Regulations.
General Committee of Canberra Rowing Club Inc.
      President                Brendon Prout
      Senior Vice President    Mark Kwiatkowski
      Captain                  John Simson
      Vice Captain             Anne Charlton
      Honorary Secretary       Margaret Pentony
      Assistant Secretary      Vacant
      Treasurer                Randal Lawrence
      Committee                Elaine Bissaker
                               John Daley
                               Dennis Dyer
                               Michelle Englund
                               Peter Ferraris
                               Alex Leach
                               Tony Wilkes

The principal activities of the association are the promotion and encouragement of
bona fide amateur rowing and matters connected therewith.
The net profit of the association is $31,940.


Brendon Prout                                   Randal Lawrence
President                                       Honorary Treasurer

                                                                                  Page 25
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                       Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment D: Operation of the General Committee
Officers and Committee of the Club
      Patron:                   Kate Lundy
      President                 Brendon Prout
      Senior Vice President     Mark Kwiatkowski
      Vice Presidents           Patrick Davoren
                                Alison Chinn
      Captain                   John Simson
      Vice Captain              Anne Charlton
      Honorary Secretary        Margaret Pentony
      Assistant Secretary       Vacant
      Treasurer                 Randal Lawrence
      Auditor                   Dennis O‟Connor
      Public Officer            Ron Hibberson
      Committee                 Elaine Bissaker
                                John Daley
                                Dennis Dyer
                                Michelle Englund
                                Peter Ferraris
                                Alex Leach
                                Tony Wilkes

Sub Committees
      Flotilla and Shed         P Ferraris, R Lawrence, J Simson, T Wilkes,
      Membership                J Daley, M Kwiatkowski, R Lawrence, T Wilkes
      Regattas                  E Bissaker, D Dyer M Englund
      Coaching                  A Charlton, M Kwiatkowski
      Communications            A Charlton, A Chinn, B Prout
      Social/Fundraising        E Bissaker
      Representational          Anne Charlton, John Simson

Committee meeting attendance.
             Name                      Nr Attended
             Brendon Prout                   7
             Mark Kwiatkowski               11
             John Simson                    10
             Anne Charlton                   8
             Randal Lawrence                11
             Margaret Pentony               10
             Elaine Bissaker                 7
             John Daley                     11
             Dennis Dyer                    11
             Michelle Englund                8
             Alex Leach                      8
             Peter Ferraris                  6
             Tony Wilkes                    11

                                                                              Page 26
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                    Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment E: List of Members

                  Canberra Rowing Club Inc.
             List of Members as at 30 April 2004
Name                   Type              Name                    Type
Lauren Abbey           Junior            Graham Crocket          Senior
Felicity Antill        Senior            John Daley              Senior
Melissa Atkinson       Senior            Tim Davenport           Senior
Peter Beckman          Senior            Ben Davis               Student
Edwin Bien             Associate         Gail Davis              Senior
Elaine Bissaker        Senior            Henry Davis             Associate
Mike Body              Senior            Rob Davis               Senior
Dan Bolger             Senior            Pat Davoren             Life - honorary
Miranda Bone           Junior            William Deane           Senior
Myriam Bormans         Senior            Gai Dennett             Senior
Claudia Bottrill       Student           Barrie Denny            Senior
David Boughton         Senior            Jill Dobkin             Senior
Leon Bower             Life - honorary   Chris Doig              Senior
Irene Brewer           Senior            Sue Donoghoe            Life - honorary
Amanda Brian           Senior            Jenny Dunn              Junior
David Brown            Student           Amy Dunn                Junior
Ray Buchanan           Senior            Dennis Dyer             Senior
Mike Burgess           Senior            Julian Dyer             Senior
Belinda Burnet         Associate         Doug Edwards            Senior
Andrew Burnet          Senior            Robert Edwards          Senior
Jophiel Bushnell       Junior            Elise Egerton           Junior
Alan Butorac           Senior            Diana Egerton-Warburton Senior
David Butt             Life - paid       Kerry Ellis             Senior
Richard Carruthers     Senior            Michelle Englund        Senior
Anne Charlton          Senior            Nichola Farnan          Junior
Alison Chinn           Life - honorary   Janet Farnan            Senior
Courtney Christie      Senior            Adair Ferguson          Senior
Lynn Cirulis           Life - paid       Peter Ferraris          Senior
Trevor Clarke          Senior            Kathy Finlay            Senior
Cate Coddington        Senior            Louise Foster           Senior
David Coles            Life - paid       Alex Fry                Senior
Michael Colledge       Senior            Dale Gazzard            Senior
Nigel Collins          Senior            Suzanne Goddard         Senior
Kerry Collins          Senior            Vanessa Goodspeed       Senior
Cameron Colquhoun      Senior            Bruce Goodspeed         Senior
Narelle Connor         Senior            Craig Graham            Senior
Debbie Cook            Senior            Rohan Greenland         Senior
Jenny Cook             Senior            Melanie Gregory         Junior
Sarah Cook             Student           Rowan Haigh             Senior
Bruce Cooper           Senior            Michael Haralambous     Senior
Rob Creer              Senior            Jenny Harber            Senior
Frank Crews            Senior            Nigel Harding           Associate

                                                                          Page 27
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                        Annual Report 2003-4

Name                   Type                  Name                    Type
Ann Harrap             Senior                Sue Manley Wallace      Senior
Paul Haverfield        Senior                Peter McGrath           Senior
David Hawke            Junior                John McKenna            Life - honorary
Thomas Hayes           Senior                James McKinlay          Senior
Sonja Haynes           Senior                Karen McVicker          Senior
Greg Healy             Senior                Sonia Mills             Senior
Matthew Hellyer        Student               Loch Mitchell           Senior
Anita Helman           Junior                Ian Mongan              Student
Patrick Henault        Senior                Rodney Moss             Senior
Brian Hewitt           Senior                James Mostead           Junior
Ron Hibberson          Life - honorary       Anton Mozqueira         Junior
Bruce Hick             Senior                Richard Munnings        Senior
Warner Hieatt          Senior                Elizabeth Needham       Senior
Ben Hinchcliffe        Junior                Jeannette Neil          Associate
Graham Humphries       Senior                Jesse Neil              Associate
Tara Huntly            Junior                Finnian Nelson          Junior
John Jeffery           Senior                Rob Newell              Life - paid
Caitlin Johns          Senior                Darrell Ninham          Senior
Simone Jones           Senior                Greg Oakes              Senior
Sarah Jones            Junior                Scott Pagan             Senior
Craig Jones            Associate - Special   Robin Pagan             Junior
John Jones             Life - paid           Angus Pagett            Senior
Helen Joyce            Senior                Natalie Payne           Senior
Mariane Judd           Senior                Michael Pedvin          Senior
Lauren Kajewski        Junior                Rowan Pedvin            Junior
David Kennedy          Senior                Michael Peedom          Senior
Craig Kentwell         Senior                Margaret Pentony        Senior
Angus Kenyon           Junior                Caroline Pfahl          Senior
Wolfgang Klapper       Senior                Paul Philippa           Senior
Kerry Knowler          Senior                Kimberly Pierce         Senior
Stephanie Kratzel      Junior                Robin Poke              Senior
Mark Kwiatkowski       Senior                Anita Preiner           Senior
Karen Laffan           Senior                Andreas Preiner         Junior
Shannon Laffan         Senior                Geoff Prime             Senior
Laurie Laffan          Senior                Brendon Prout           Senior
Sandra Laffer          Senior                Raphaella Prowse-Harrex Junior
Phil Lansdown          Senior                Mitchell Punch          Associate - Special
Randal Lawrence        Senior                Karla Punch             Senior
Amy Lawrie             Junior                Louis Res               Senior
Alex Leitch            Senior                Beth Ritchie            Junior
Anna Levy              Junior                Ian Robertson           Senior
Susan Linacre          Senior                Elaine Roffe            Senior
William Lucas          Senior                Kate Roffey             Senior
Charles Lundy          Senior                Victoria Ryg-Cornejo    Junior
Peter Lundy            Senior                Roswitha Schaubmeier Senior
Kate Lundy             Senior                Sasha Schlegel          Junior
Peter Macartney        Senior                Ben Seale               Student
Sharyn Mackay          Senior                Jenny Seymour           Senior

                                                                             Page 28
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                Annual Report 2003-4

Name                   Type          Name                    Type
Margot Simington       Senior        Matt Walter             Junior
John Simson            Senior        George Wason            Senior
Jill Small             Senior        Tom Watkins             Junior
Heather Snedden        Senior        Adrian Webster          Associate
Peter Stolz            Life - paid   Kath Wellman            Senior
John Strapps           Senior        Ann Whelan              Senior
Alexander Tandl        Junior        Kerry Wightman          Senior
Hayley Tapper          Junior        Sarah Wilkes            Junior
Caitlin Taylor         Junior        Tony Wilkes             Senior
Jessica Thoms          Junior        Jacqui Wilkinson        Senior
Penelope Thomson       Senior        Terry Willkins          Senior
Tom Trobe              Junior        Catherine Wood          Senior
Simon Tulloh           Senior        Bob Wylie               Senior
Robyn Tulloh           Senior        Lisa Ylisalo            Junior
Judi Walsh             Senior        Houda Younan            Senior

                                                                     Page 29
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                         Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment F: Corporate Plan

                    CORPORATE PLAN 2003-04
                      Canberra Rowing Club
The following is a summary of the Canberra Rowing Club Corporate Plan.

To be both the premier club within the ACT and a leading Club within
Australian Rowing, achieving high and continuing success in all areas of
competition, with a broad and committed membership strongly linked to,
supporting and supported by, the ACT Community.

To achieve the Club’s Vision within 5 years.

To achieve, and consistent with this Vision and Goal the Canberra Rowing Club
Committee will, together will all members, pursue the following primary policy

Provide for and sustain a strong and committed membership.

Progressively improve all club facilities and equipment by:
   Developing and managing the assets of the club as effectively as possible
   Maintaining and enhancing the rowing club shed, facilities and surrounds
   Acquiring an boats and equipment in accord with an optimum fleet plan and
    maintaining these assets in peak condition.

Provide for and sustain a strong and committed coaching pool.

Function as a cohesive group representing the full membership.

                                                                                 Page 30
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

Recognise individual requirements of members of the club.
Encourage and facilitate the development of members to their full potential.

Strategic Directions for 2003-04
To commence development towards achieving the Club‟s vision, and based on an
assessment of the club‟s current membership profile, agreed values, strengths,
weaknesses and needs, the following strategic directions are proposed for 2003/04:
   1.      The development and implementation of an improved organisational
           framework that:
            reflects club values;
            recognises, and meets, the club‟s diverse membership interest;
            enables and reinforces a positive club culture of members‟
               commitment and success; and
            recognises the importance of and seeks to improve linkages and
               involvement with the local ACT Rowing Community and ACTRA.
   2.      The establishing of an achievable activity program for the year that
            a comprehensive competition program both with and outside ACT for
              all members
            a social program of interest to members, including in rowing and other
   3.      The continuation of medium to long term planning, in particular focusing
            fleet acquisition
            building/extension options
            management policies (including developing further details for
               coaching, recruitment and boat use).

Proposed Areas for Actions for 2003/04 (Initial Steps)
Membership and Coaches (Priority Area)
       Establish (formalise) Principal Squads and appoint Coaches/Coordinators
       Establish Selection Committee (accountable to Committee), suggested:
           o comprising Captain, Vice Captain and one non coaching committee
           o meetings attended by principal squad coaches;
       Membership duties:
          o to be developed but implemented through squad coordination
       Recruitment Program:
           o Addressing the anomalies evident in the membership profile, including
               consider possible associated issues of facilities equipment and fee
       Selection Committee identify principal rowing activities & goals for 2003/04 for
        each squad:
           o   Eg       Competitive:
                       Juniors - ACT Comps, ACT and NSW Under age
                        Championships, etc

                                                                                   Page 31
Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

                      Seniors/Elite – ACT, NSW and Vic State Championships
                      Masters – ACT Comps, Masters Championships
                      (All groups ACT Champs, Other special events, eg Head of
                       Yarra, Riverview, Country Regattas, etc)
      Fleet Purchase plan for 2003-04
      Allocation of Equipment Policy to be settled along following principles:
          o   Priority based on:
                   Squads/Selected crews with defined goals;
                   Junior and higher competency/competition
      Commence development of longer term fleet acquisition plan
      Commence development of longer term Building Program including Boat
      Review of Membership Fees
      Review of Private Boat Policy – objective: set clear equitable rules that cater
       for where needed but minimise unnecessary demand
Priorities and details of Actions for 2003/04 to be determined in accordance
with an agreed Actions Plan.

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Canberra Rowing Club Inc                                            Annual Report 2003-4

Attachment G: Action Plan

                          Actions Plan 2003/04
                         Canberra Rowing Club
The following is a summary of the Action Plan. A full copy is available on request.

Actions and Priorities
The initial actions and priorities proposed under this Action Plan respond to the
Corporate Plan‟s strategic directions for 2003/04 and identified proposed areas for
action. Accordingly, this Plan needs to be read together with, and in the context of
the Corporate Plan. Within this context the following priority Tasks and supporting
detail actions are proposed for 2003/04:
Task No 1 –   development and implementation of an improved organisational
              framework, with specific focus on rowing activities;
              a) Action 1 – establish/formalize principal squads and appoint
              b) Action 2 – commence general review of membership policies, in
                 particular recruitment policies, how to redress junior imbalance and
                 broader membership commitments and equipment use policy;
Task No 2 –   establishment of appropriate and formal activity program for the year;
              a) Action 3 – Selection Committee to identify principal goals and
                 activities for 2003/04
Task No 3 –   complete short term facilities and equipment planning, and commence
              longer term equipment and facility needs and use policy
              a) Action 4 – develop fleet acquisition and other facilities plan for
              b) Action 5 - commencement of comprehensive longer term
                 equipment and facility needs policy, building program and
                 membership fees policy (including covering the issue of private

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