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					Smart Guy Review by Marguerite Tuttle

Historical Perspective of Smart Guy’s Lineage

Smart Guy is from a long line of successful sires tracing back to Sir Hercules line of Eclipse,
Nearco (Italy).

Nearco sired Royal Charger who was sold to the Irish National Stud after a successful racing
career in 1946. Royal Charger’s early success as a sire gained the attention of American George
D. Widener, Jr. who purchased him and brought him to Lexington, KY in 1953. Royal Charger
sired over 55 stakes winner including Turn-To from his Irish crop.

Turn-To was imported to sale at the Keenland Sale as a yearling. He was purchased for $20,000
by Capt. Harry F. Guggenheim. After a successful racing career winning the Garden State
Futurity, the Saratoga Special, and the Flamingo Stakes, he was retired to Claiborne Farm. He
was later moved to Spendthrift Farm where he sired many successful progeny including Cyane.

Cyane was born in Kentucky in 1959, bred by Mrs. George L Harrison. He won the Futurity S.
and the Dwyer H. and was retired to stud at Jane DuPont Lunger’s Christiana Stable in
Maryland. Cyane got a fast start at stud when he produced Obeah out of his first foal crop,
earning over $380,000 and latter produced Champion filly, Go For Wand, the Zenyatta of her
day. Cyane sired Smarten out of the Quibu mare, Smartaire.

Smarten was foaled in Maryland in 1976. He raced under the Ryehill Farm banner with Woody
Stephens as the trainer, winning the Senatorial S., the City Of Miami H., the Illinois Derby-G3,
the Ohio Derby-G2, the Pennsylvania Derby-G3 the American Derby-G2, the Woodlawn S.-G3,
and the Marylander H.-G3 over a two year period. He retired to a fast start as a sire by siring
Champion filly, Classy N Smart from his first foal crop. Classy N Smart is in the Canadian Hall
of Fame and the dam of world renowned Kentucky sire, Smart Strike. Smarten went on to sire 49
stakes winners, including Smart Guy.

Smart Guy was foaled in Maryland in 1996 at Ryver Meadow Farm. He raced successfully
winning the Pennsylvania Derby-G3, the Northern Dancer S., the Francis ‘Jock’ LaBelle
Memorial S., and the Deputed Testamony S earning over $500,000.
Mating Analysis of Smart Guy’s Pedigree

       The Smarten – Cyane lines appear to be fairly well patterned in the crosses that work
well. The Smarten line is known for passing physical soundness, workman like temperaments,
and speed. They tend to be more along the late 2 year old, early three year old starters. The
Smarten lineage is also renowned for its exceptional quality as a strong broodmare sire line,
producing some of the broodmare greats such as Obeah, dam of Go For Wand and Classy N
Smart, producing Smart Strike and Dance Smartly.

Sir Hercules Line of Eclipse of Successful Broodmare Sire Crosses with Smarten Line

       While Smarten offers a great outcross, it appears that inbreeding the Smarten line on
Nearco through Nearctic and Nasrullah have had a good deal of success as a number of stakes
winners from this family have a double dose of Nearco.

         There has been much success when Nearctic was crossed with Smarten. Nearctic’s
broodmare sire line through Briartic produced G3 winner, Flashy N Smart. Neartic’s broodmare
sire line through Northern Dancer produced G1 Winner, Southern Arrow. When the Northern
Dancer cross was done in reverse, with Northern Dancer as the sire line, it worked as well,
producing Obeah’s G2 winner, Dance Spell. Among other Northern Dancer broodmare sire
lines that have worked with Smarten are Dixieland Band, producing G3 winner, Wised Up; Nice
Dancer producing listed winner, Greenspring Willy; Dancing Champ producing listed winner,
Run Smartly and winner, Dancing Smart; and Vice Regent producing listed winner, Wave Wise
and G3 placed, Miss Owens. Vice Regent’s son, Deputy Minister, and his sons provide a strong
potential for success based on the affinity of the Smarten sire line to Vice Regent and the fact
that when this cross was done with Smarten on the dam side and Deputy Minister on the sire
side, it produced Champion G1 winner, Go For Wand. The Deputy Minister line cross should
offer a good deal of success as a broodmare sire selection. Also to consider in this family is the
cross of Danzig with Smarten. When this was done in reverse, it produced G1 winner Dance

        The Nearco broodmare sire line through Nasrullah has produced some fabulous race
horses when crossed with Smarten. Nasrullah, through his grandson Big Bend as a broodmare
sire produced G3 winner, G. O’Keefe. Other success of the Nasrullah broodmare sire line has
come through Bold Ruler sons, Honest Pleasure, producing listed winner, Original Gray; and
Bold Ruckus, producing listed winner, Queen St West. Another Bold Ruler son of strong
interest as a possible broodmare sire line is Seattle Slew and his sons. This is suggested by the
affinity of Smarten to the Seattle Slew lines as shown when Smarten was in the broodmare sire
position with Seattle Slew as the sire line producing G1 winner, General Challenge, G1 winner,
Notable Career, G2 winner, Moon Catcher, G2 winner, Fast Catch and G2 winner, Looie Capote.
The Seattle Slew lines should be very successful when crossed with Smarten.
         The broodmare sire line of Native Dancer has proved successful through Dancers
Image, Restless Native and Raise A Native. The broodmare sire line of Dancers Image
produced listed winner, Smart Nuff. The broodmare sire line of Restless Native produced G3
winner Misgivings. The broodmare sire line of Raise A Native through Our Native and Mr.
Prospector and his sons, Two Punch and Silver Ghost should show considerable success. Our
Native was the broodmare sire of stakes winner, Older But Smarter when crossed with
Smarten’s son, Prenup. Mr. Prospector’s affinity for the Smarten line has been exhibited
primarily with Smarten in the broodmare sire position and Mr. Prospector in the sire line,
producing G1 winnner, Smart Strike. Crosses with Mr. Prospector’s son, Two Punch, in the
sire line have been successful, producing stakes winners Brig, He’s a Knockout, Jest Punching
and Two Smart. Crosses with Silver Ghost as the broodmare sire when bred to Smarten’s son,
Prenup, have produced G2 stakes placed, Whopping. These crosses have been reasonable
successful with relatively few crosses to date and should be expected to cross well with Smart

       The broodmare sire line of Tom Fool has had success through Le’Enjoleur and
Buckaroo. The Le’Enjoleur cross has produced stakes placed winner Jokers Farce and stakes
winner, Smartens Pride. The Buckaroo broodmare sire line has produced G1 winner Prenup.

        The Blandford broodmare sire line through Le Haar produced G3 winner, Smart Alec.
The Blanford broodmare sire line through Cohoes has produced G2 winner, Light Hearted and
black type winner, Veiled Look.

      The Swynford broodmare sire line through Vertex produced G1 winner, Smart N Slick
when crossed with Smarten.

         The Mahmoud broodmare sire line through Executioner produced G2 winner, Smart N

       The broodmare sire line of Phalaris has proved successful through Tibaldo producing
G1 placed Electric Blue.

Darley Arabian Line of Successful Broodmare Sire Crosses with Smarten Line

       The broodmare sire line of Noholme II through Nodouble has produced Canadian 3 year
old Champion, Classy ‘N Smart when crossed with Smarten. Classy ‘N Smart is most known as
the dam of G1 winner, Dance Smartly and G1 winner, Smart Strike.

        The broodmare sire line of Sweep through Thinking Cap produced several good stakes
horses including G3 winner Mo Bay. Mo Bay is also well known in the world of steeplechase as
a great steeplechase sire. This cross has also produced stakes winner Salem, G2 winner, Pumpkin
Moonshine and G3 winner, Tingle Stone.
      The broodmare sire line of Herbager through Grey Dawn II produced G2 winner,
Smarten Up

Godolphin Arabian Line of Successful Broodmare Sire Crosses with Smarten Line

The War Relic broodmare sire line has been successful through Tentam and Hagley. Tentam,
as a broodmare sire, produced G1 winner, Dance Teacher and stakes winner Smarter by the Day.
Hagley as a broodmare sire, produced stakes placed winners Eagle Mill, My Mafalda, and stakes
winner, Relatively Smart.

King Fergus Line of Eclipse of Successful Broodmare Sire Crosss with Smarten Line

       The Count Fleet broodmare sire line has been successful through One Count when
crossing with Cyane. This cross produced stakes winner Obeah who more importantly was the
dam of G2 winner, Dance Spell and Champion G1 winner, Go For Wand.

      The Key To The Mint broodmare sire line has been successful through the Smart Guy /
Barcelona cross that produced Secretintellegence, stakes winner of over 500,000.

Smart Guy Sire Summary

        In summary, many of the modern lines will cross well with Smart Guy as well as some of
the rare, less known lineages. Smart Guy is already developing some wonderful stallion
credentials. Since Smart Guy started his stallion career in 2001, he is off to a fast start as a
stallion by siring stakes winner of over $540,000, Secretintelligence, in his second foal crop.
With less than 2 dozen race age foals, and average earnings of nearly $70,000 per runner, not to
mention a mare improvement sire index rating of 135%, why not let him improve on your foal
crop as well. It is always better to breed to a producer than to a pedigree. Make the Smart move
for 2011, bred to Smart Guy!

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