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									      Page 2                                                                                                                                   Friday, December 5, 2003

    Report sparks student crusade                                                                                                                            SECURITY BRIEFS
    By Tim Green
    Enterprise Reporter                                                                                                                                      The Internet Isn’t Free
         With leaflets and a stapler                                                                                                                              A male faculty mem-
    in hand, one student pounded                                                                                                                             ber complained that an
    the pavements on Wednesday,                                                                                                                              unknown person or persons
    Dec. 3, covering the campus                                                                                                                              attempted to steal seven
    with 600 fliers determined to                                                                                                                            monitors from the Science
    get her anti-intolerance mes-                                                                                                                            and Tech Center located
    sage out there for all to see.                                                                                                                           in the Science Building, on
         Senior Katie Heimsch said                                                                                                                           Friday, November 21, at 11:
    she developed this campaign                                                                                                                              30 a.m. The staff member
    as a reaction to a report that                                                                                                                           tried to enter his office and
    appeared in the Oct. 31 issue                                                                                                                            noticed it was locked. Upon
    of The Rider News, which                                                                                                                                 entry, he noticed that seven
    described multiple acts of                                                                                                                               monitors were moved and
    intolerance toward Rider’s gay                                                                                                                           placed in box in another
    community. One such inci-                                                                                                                                area of the room. If anyone
    dent involved the statement                                                                                                                              has information or is aware
    “Kill the gays” scratched into a                                                                                                                         of some unusual activity,
    bathroom stall in the Fine Arts                                                                                                                          contact Security at x.5029
    building. “Kill the gays” was
    erased hours after the initial
                                                                                                                                      Photo by Allen Huang
    news story revealed that this                                                                                                                            A Little Early for Winter
    hate incident was reported to        A bulletin board on the second floor of the Fine Arts building is adorned with the fliers.
    a university-based intolerance       ing hall, the academic annex          Collegiate Press.                     direction with the project.                  During a patrol, Security
    website six months earlier but       and the Bart Luedeke Center                Heimsch said that it was         “I think Katie works espe-              observed a male resident
    never removed.                       (BLC). Heimsch also plans to          because of encouragement              cially hard at it because she           student exiting the lake in
         The message on the flier        hang 400 more fliers next week        from Deborah Cordonnier, her          wants to make a change, and             his underwear on Saturday,
    takes its cue from that deroga-      throughout the residence halls.       instructor in a Race, Class and       that is what the action project         Nov. 22, at 12:58 a.m. He
    tory statement and turns it          But her campaign doesn’t stop         Gender course, that she became        about,” Cordonnier said. “It’s          proceeded to flee the area
    into a message of anti-intoler-      with fliers.                          so motivated to hang the fliers.      used to teach students that on          but was apprehended. Upon
    ance. It reads: “KILL THE                 “I will also be covering the     Heimsch’s crusade to wipe out         some level they can make a              questioning, it was clear that
    IGNORANCE, In response to            location of where the kill the        intolerance has an academic           difference.”                            the student was under the
    a recent demonstration of hate,      gays incident took place with a       purpose also, serving as the               Heimsch said that she just         influence of alcohol. On the
    your community respectfully          bumper sticker that will not be       mandatory “action project” for        had to do this.                         matter of swimming, he said
    requests that you please not         removed,” said Heimsch. “I am         the course.                                “I was really struck by the        he jumped in the lake on a
    deface walls of any property on      authorized to put the bumper               “The      action    project      article about the kill the gays         dare and his friends stole his
    this or any campus, as it is both    sticker in that area. There will      requires us to take some kind of      incident,” she said. “I really          clothing while he was in the
    illegal and offensive.”              also be banners hung in Daly’s        “ism” such as racism or sexism,       don’t get angry very quickly            water.
         “Instead of writing an          and the BLC on Wednesday,             analyze it, and do something          except for when people are
2   article in response to The Rider     Dec. 10, that bear the same           about it,” said Heimsch. “It          so publicly ignorant as to              Run-by in Gee
    News, which these ignorant           message as my fliers.”                was interesting that the kill the     do something this offensive.                      A female resident
    students may or may not read,             The University fully sup-        gays incident happened while I        Although I was not personally           filed a complaint that three
    I decided to hang up fliers that     ports the project and approved        was in the class, because I took      targeted by this incident, I was        or four male suspects ran
    I knew everyone couldn’t miss,”      the distribution of the fliers. It    the event very seriously and          still very hurt that there are          past her as she came up the
    said Heimsch.                        even printed up the banners           decided to speak out against          students on this campus—my              stairs to her room in Gee
         These fliers are visible in     for free, according to Heimsch.       vandalism and hate crimes.”           peers—that are so hateful.”             on Saturday Nov. 22. The
    all of the academic buildings,       The 1,000 leaflets only                    Cordonnier said her stu-                                                 complainant noted that
    Moore Library, Daly’s din-           cost Heimsch $20 through              dent was headed in the right                                                  the one of the four was

    ‘PENN’                                                                                                           students already do anyway
                                                                                                                     would not be beneficial, such
                                                                                                                                                             carrying a handgun along
                                                                                                                                                             with CD’s and DVD’s.

      FROM PAGE             1                                                                                        as junior Kate Devlin.
                                                                                                                          “I always thought Napster
                                                                                                                                                             The suspects wore all black
                                                                                                                                                             jeans and sweatshirts along
                                                                                                                     was cool, but I’m paying                with bandanas. Security
                                                                                                                     enough for the technology fee           and LPD responded
    the subscription has ended, so                                                                                   as it is; I don’t want to pay           immediately and could find
    does the rental period for any                                                                                   more,” she said.                        no trace of the suspects.
    and all songs downloaded.                                                                                             According to Friedman-             They are actively pursuing
    Songs may also be permanently                                                                                    Krupnick, if students really            leads and anyone that has
    downloaded with the ability to                                                                                   would like to see a legal music         information should contact
    burn to CDs for 99 cents per                                      Photo courtesy of limewire.com and kazaa.com   downloading program put in              Security at x. 5029 or LPD
    track, paid for by the individual                                                                                place at Rider University, or           at 896-1111.
                                      Lime Wire and Kazaa are two extremely popular peer to peer
    student.                                                                                                         anything else for that mat-
                                      music trading sites.
         According to Spanier, it is                                                                                 ter, they should seek out               Lighting up in Conover
                                      ly been presented to us so there “Everyone here downloads
    his hope that other educational                                                                                  the Student Government                           When a female
                                      are no plans right now to make music all the time,” he said.
    institutions will follow in Penn                                                                                 Association (SGA) to make a             student returned to her
                                      any kind of deals of our own,” “Even if it made our technol-
    State’s footsteps in ensuring                                                                                    proposal.                               room after Thanksgiving
                                      she said. “I think it has to do ogy fee a little more expensive,
    “honesty, integrity and respect                                                                                       “Students should realize the       Break on Sunday, Nov. 30,
                                      also with how much money it room and board is already high
    for individual achievement” in                                                                                   kind of resource they have in           at 7:50 p.m., she noticed
                                      would cost and institutional enough that another hundred
    terms of people’s intellectual                                                                                   student government,” she said.          that the poster on her door
                                      priorities. I can’t see students dollars or so a year wouldn’t
    properties.                                                                                                      “Right now the University’s             had been set on fire. The
                                      wanting a higher technology make much of a difference
         However, at this time,                                                                                      financial priorities are else-          glaze on the door melted
                                      fee just to download music, but and it would let us continue
    Rider University’s administra-                                                                                   where so if students would like         and a bit of the wood was
                                      if it’s something the student doing what we’re doing with-
    tion has not addressed the                                                                                       to see something like this in           burning, causing $100
                                      body really makes clear that out breaking the law in the
    issue and has no plans to sign                                                                                   place, they should make it clear        worth of damage. If anyone
                                      they want it can be addressed.” process.”
    a music sharing deal of its own,                                                                                 to SGA that this is the kind of         has any information please
                                           Many students would                 However, others feel that
    said Jan Friedman-Krupnick,                                                                                      proposal they need to be draft-         contact Security at x.5029.
                                      jump at the chance to be able the $130 technology fee is
    assistant vice president of                                                                                      ing. It will then be addressed on
                                      to download music legally already high enough and that
    Student Affairs.                                                                                                 the administrative level.”              Information provided by Captain John
                                      on campus, said junior Chris additional costs for something
         “The issue hasn’t even real-                                                                                                                        Hanusi of Rider Security

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