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					                    Homework Project Due Dates
                         Hylbom/Reed 2010-11
                              (subject to change)

September   9th     Frames assignment with own photo
                    (Traits of a Scholar Icons)
            14th    Create a Continent
             23rd   Brief Book Review #1 (summer reading)
            30th    Oobleck Spacecraft Design with Descriptive Essay

October     7th    California Puzzle Project (4th)
            21st   Fiction/Fantasy Book Project
                   (Travel Brochure, Cereal Box or Comic Strip)
            26-28th How-To Speech

November    4th   State Accordion Book (5th)
            4     California Regions Power Point (4th)
            10th Memorize State Names on map (5th)
            18th Brief Book Review #2
            16-18 Persuasive Speech

December    9th     State Floats (5th)
            14th    Explorer/Native American Poster (4th)
            16th    Brief Book Review #3

January             Begin Research Projects
            20th    Historical Fiction/Mystery Book Projects
                    (Game, Presentation, Art)
            27th    Memorize State Capitals (5th)

February    17th    Brief Book Review #4
            23rd    Science Fair Project (Required for all 4th and 5th graders)

March       24th Final Mission Report (4th)
            24th Final Colonial Report (5th)
            28-April 1 Outdoor Science School (5th)

April       14th Brief Book Review #5
            18th – 21st Poetry Recitations
            28th Food Webs

May         19th    Fairy Tale/Fable/Poem/Folk Tale Project
            25th    California Mission Project (4th), Return State Floats (5th)

June        2nd   Brief Book Review #6
             th  th
            6 – 9 Desktop Teaching

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