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									                       The Arlington Campus Student Newspaper

                                                                                                                                                                            Volume 2 Issue 1
                                                                                                                                                                              SPRING 2011

          Proposed Budget Raises Tuition by 5.7%
                                                                                                                                                                           Building Community.

                                          and Virginia Tech among schools             addition to $1.5 million to increase       state general fund once gave as              “We’re in what’s called the
                                          with a higher percentage increase.          undergraduate and graduate finan-           much as $7,267 per student in 2008,     ‘quiet phase’ of the major money-
       Gregory Connolly
                                          William & Mary and James Madison            cial aid. The state will also con-         but the number has since declined       raising effort,” Stearns said. “Any
             Staff Writer
                                          University are two schools with a           tribute $3.5 million for financial aid,     to $4,797 for 2012.                     time a university does a capital cam-
     George Mason University Sen-         smaller increase.                           which should cover 25 to 30 percent                                                paign, it has to expand staff. The
ior Vice President Maurice Scher-                                                     of the overall cost facing students,            Scherrens spent part of the        rule of thumb is that you spend 20
rens and Provost for Academic                  Changes in the state budget            Scherrens said.                            forum discussing how Mason stacks       cents to get $1. This is our 20 cents.”
Affairs Peter Stearns co-hosted a          have forced Mason officials to make                                                      up against other Virginia universi-
budget forum in which they an-            difficult decisions — while some                    Scherrens said increasing pay        ties in terms of money received              Some of the other budget pri-
nounced they were submitting a            faculty and staff members haven’t            for faculty and staff who haven’t had       from the state. The numbers show        orities are as follows — $850,000 for
budget for 2011-2012 to the Board of      had pay raises in years, the amount         a raise in years is a high priority of     that Mason has at times received as     library materials, $3 million for en-
Visitors that calls for a 5.7 percent     of money the university receives            the university and of the Board of         much as 80 percent of what is re-       hancement and expansion of Sci-
in-state tuition increase.                from the state per student has              Visitors.                                  ceived by the other doctoral            ence, Technology, Engineering and
                                          steadily decreased since 2009.                                                         schools, but the number is typically    Mathematics, $4.15 million for op-
     The budget also outlines a 5                                                           Scherrens said it costs $15,000      between 75 and 80 percent.              erating and maintenance expenses
percent tuition increase for out-of-           “If we simply transmitted our          to educate a student over the course                                               for new buildings, $850,000 CISCO
state students. In-state students are     budget cuts we were suffering                of a school year.                               “Old Dominion is a great           technology initiative and $4.10 mil-
looking at a $432 increase in tuition,    [onto] students, the increase would                                                    school,” Scherrens said, “but being     lion new enrollment growth fund-
a $150 increase in fees and a $430 in-    be in the 10- to 12-percent range,”              “One of the real reasons that         in their company on this is not         ing.
crease in room and board. Out-of-         Stearns said. “Having said that, we         we’re struggling is the paradigm           where we want to be. As ODU
state students will face a $1,146         have faculty and staff who haven’t           shift in terms of who is paying for        knows and GMU has learned, and               “These items have been insti-
increase in tuition, a $150 increase      received a salary increase in four          higher education,” Scherrens said.         you have learned, we’re the last ones   tutional priorities and represent
in fees and a $430 increase in room       years. It’s [faculty and staff going         “Three or four years ago, the state        at the trough. There has never been     major drivers of the estimated $22
and board if the Board of Visitors        four years without a pay raise] a se-       was giving us $137 million per year.       the willpower or the interest in re-    million E&G (Education and Gen-
accepts this budget at its meeting        rious issue in humane treatment of          What we’re looking at in fiscal year        ducing the funding at the other         eral) budget increase,” according to
Wednesday.                                people and frankly in keeping with          2012 is $35 million less than that.”       schools to try to level the playing     the PowerPoint that was used at the
                                          our most talented folks here.”                                                         field a little bit.”                     forum.
     Mason’s proposed 5.7 percent                                                          Scherrens said this is the real-
increase is in the middle of the               The budget calls for compensa-         ity across the country and that he              The budget allocates $500,000
pack, with University of Virginia         tion improvements to employees in           hopes the decreases flatline. The           for an increase in development.

                                                                                                               Once Upon a Time in Mexico
                                                                                                                                                               exciting part of the day, as we were just about

                                                                                                                         Monica Sharp                          to enter when we heard shouts outside. The
                                                                                                                               Staff Writer                    guards quickly closed up shop and asked us to
                                                                                                               In March, 11 George Mason School of             exit. Back on the street, protestors were
                                                                                                          Public Policy students embarked on a journey         marching around the square calling for Pres-
                                                                                                          that would leave an indelible impression on          ident Calderon to resign. The protest was
                                                                                                          their lives. Led by Michal McElwain-Malur,           peaceful but was a good demonstration of the
                                                                                                          Director of External Programs and Dr. Robert         passion that Mexicans feel about politics and
                                                                                                          Rogowsky, Adjunct Professor of International         their country,” said student Erica Johnston.
                                                                                                          Trade, these students received a first-hand
                                                                                                          lesson in drug policy issues, as well as the gov-         “My favorite part of the visit was seeing
                                                                                                          ernmental structure of Mexico.                       the beautiful paintings of Diego Rivera, a leg-
                                                                                                                                                               endary communist artist who portrayed the
                                                                                                                Although the actual trip to Mexico City        hundred years of Mexico’s history in his paint-
                                                                                                          took place during spring break, the work re-         ings on the Palace walls. The paintings
                                                                                                          quired for this course was weighted just as          showed indigenous Indian life, the Spanish
                                                                                                          heavily as a traditional semester course, cul-       invasion, the American- Mexican war and the
                                                                                                          minating in a research paper due at the end of       church corruption. Rivera was explaining by
                                                                                                          the academic semester. Plus, the students            his paintings how Mexico would be finally
                                                                                                          were required to read up on Mexican policy           saved by socialism. All those portraits were
                                                                                                          and write book reviews before leaving on the         breathtaking,” said student Quadrat Andar.
                                                                                                                                                                    Michal McElwain Malur, who described
                                                                                                               During their trip, the students were            the Mexico City trip as “fabulous” offered
                                                                                                          asked to write reflections on what they               words of advice for anyone who has concerns
                                                                                                          learned and observed. Here are some of their         about studying abroad. “Studying abroad is an
                                                                                                          experiences:                                         investment in yourself and your education.
                                                                                                                                                               You grow, gain networking experience, and
                                                                                                                “At the (US) embassy, we had the chance        because the course offers just as many credits
                                                                                                          to discuss Mexico’s economy, political situa-        as a traditional course, you may even get to
                                                                                                          tion, and US-Mexican bilateral programs,             graduate sooner.”
                                                                                                          such as the Merida Initiative. It was a great ex-
                                                                                                          perience to visit an embassy and see our gov-             The School of Public Policy offers many
                                                                                                          ernment at work. Finally, we headed to a             study abroad opportunities throughout the
                                                                                                          dinner sponsored by the American Chamber             year, including summer and winter breaks.
                                                                                                          of Commerce in Mexico, where we were hon-            According to Malur, the schedule for the 2012
                                                                                                          ored to hear a speech by none other than Mex-        spring break trip will be posted sometime this
                                                                    PHOTO BY GEORGE MOCHARKO
                                                                                                          ico’s President — Felipe Calderon. President         summer, and spaces are still available for this
                                                                                                          Calderon spoke of the struggles Mexico faces         summer’s trips to South Africa, China, and
    A crowd of students, mainly from George Washington University and Georgetown gathers in                                                                    Oxford. For further study abroad informa-
    front of the White House in celebra on of Osama Bin Laden’s death on May 1. People began              in attracting investment in light of the ongo-
                                                                                                          ing drug wars,” said student David Salmon.           tion, visit the Academic & Professional Pro-
    gathering before President Barack Obama addressed the na on, explaining that Bin Laden had
    been killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan. The crowd outside the White House cheered, chanted and                                                             grams section found on SPP’s homepage
    sang the na onal anthem.                                                                                   “Visiting the Presidential Palace [an Ex-       http://www.policy.gmu.edu
                                                                                                          ecutive office building] was perhaps the most
2   The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011

    Table of Contents                                                                                                                        Spring 2011

          3      ! ”The Unwritten Rules of the Office”: What you
                   need to know.
                 ! Mason Launches Center for Social Entrepeneurs
                                                                                                                    The Stylus
                                                                                                         An Arlington Campus Student Newspaper
                 ! Dr. Gillian Tett Managing Editor, Financial Times
                                                                                                                                      Spring 2011 Staff
                   Speaks to SPP
                 ! Former SPP student selected as SEIU delegate                                                                          George Mocharko

                                                                                                                                         Executive Editor
                 ! Dr. Alan Merten Leaves Mason as well as legacy                                                                          Sean Joyce

                 ! Mason Film Society focuses on environment                                                                             Managing Editor
                                                                                                                                          Derek Johnson

                                                                                                                                           Senior Editor

                                                                                                                                           Priya Abraham

                                                                                                                                          Copy Editors
                                                                                                                                         Gregory Connolly
                                                                                                                                           Monika Joshi
                    Founders Hall opens to students in January
                                                                                                                                          Dan Waxman

                                                                                                                                         Staff Writers
                Opinions                                                                                                                  Anne Abbott
                                                                                                                                          Ryan Dunn
                 ! Coach Larranaga leaves Mason                                                                                       Rebekah Hildebrandt
                 ! Atheists struggle for acceptance                                                                                    George Mocharko

                                                                                                                                         Monica Sharp
                                                                                                                                          Cody Smart
                 ! Pizza and Perspectives features                                                                                     Manu Srivastava
                   discussion on same-sex marriage.                                                                                    Silvia Villacampa
                 ! Pi Alpha Alpha honors achievers                                                                                        Photography
                 ! Admiral Thad Allen Speaks at                                                                                          Annabelle Ombac
                                                                                                                                            Olivia Bird

                                                                                                                          Print Layout, Design and Proofing
                   Commencement ceremony
                 ! GAPSA corner                                                                                                    George Mocharko

                                                                                                                                            Lori Cohen
                                                                                                                                            Maria Habib
                                                                                                                                          Kathryn Mangus

                                                                                                                          Special Thank You
                                                                                                        To Priya Abraham for organizing April 13 Panel Discussion:
                                                                                                                  “South Sudan: A Nation in the Making”

                                                                                                                                                                               Photo: Annabelle Ombac
                                                                               Photo: Annabelle Ombac

                                                                                                        From Left: Ryan Dunn, Derek Johnson, Monica Sharp,
                                                                                                        Manu Srivastava, Silvia Villacampa, George Mocharko,
                                                                                                        Sean Joyce, Cody Smart

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      Founders Hall on April 21.
                                                                                                                                             The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011                      3

              The Unwritten Rules of the Office: A
             Practical Guide to Business Etiquette
                                              “Professor Deitz was very hon-            “We have all seen these people      a single set of rules have yet to be           “Everyone can benefit from in-
                                         est and that’s something — from           before — they’re almost cliché,” said    universally accepted regarding elec-      corporating his tips into profes-
      Rebekah Hildebrandt
             Staff Writer                my perspective as a career profes-        Deitz.                                   tronic communication.                     sional behavior,” said Dodson.
                                         sional — students don’t get enough
      In early March, the workshop
                                         of. We can say this stuff over and              The key is not to become one              “[SPP Students have] the intel-          Deitz focused on how to han-
space inside the new student serv-
                                         over in less direct ways, but he can      of those people, and his seminar         lectual tools and skills necessary to     dle a wide variety of situations on
ices suite on the fifth floor of George
                                         say candidly ‘this is what I've expe-     provided ways to prevent that from       become policy analysts,” said Deitz,      the office etiquette spectrum —
Mason University’s Founders Hall
                                         rienced firsthand,’ and it is more ef-     being an option.                         but a solid understanding of busi-        everything from the most awkward
was christened when it hosted “The
                                         fective for students that way,” said                                               ness etiquette is crucial for success     and delicate to everyday dilemmas.
Unwritten Rules of the Office: A
                                         Bradshaw.                                       Professor Deitz had updated a      in the workplace. Professor Deitz
Practical Guide to Business Eti-
                                                                                   list of tips he had written in Sep-      hopes that his event and the Practi-           “[I] didn’t go up on the Mount
                                              Those who have taken a class         tember at the prompting of Master        cal Job Advice document help guide        and have these suggestions handed
                                         with Professor Deitz are familiar         of Public Policy Director and Pro-       the “habits and attitudes” that are       down to me. It’s free advice. Take it
     This seminar was presented by
                                         with his blunt style, and it was on       fessor Catherine E. Rudder, who was      equally essential whether students        for what it’s worth,” said Deitz.
SPP distinguished visiting professor
                                         full display at this event. He does       also in attendance at the seminar.       are just starting a first professional
and CIA Officer-in-Residence
                                         not believe we should be solemn                                                    job or are veterans of corporate and           Access the Rules of the Office
Robert L. Deitz, and the room was
                                         about office etiquette issues. He                Deitz passed out a handout          government bureaucracies.                 online: http://policy.gmu.edu/por-
packed with approximately 30 stu-
                                         shared anecdotes about former col-        called Practical Job Advice, which is                                              tals/0/pdfs/ractical_Job_Advice.pdf
dents eager to hear his frank advice.
                                         leagues and situations that seemed        available online through the career           Jessica Dodson, an MPP stu-
Turnout was terrific. “People were
                                         vaguely familiar to anyone who has        services website.                        dent who has taken a class with
taking more notes than they do in
                                         navigated office politics before.                                                    Deitz, said of the event, “Most peo-
class,” said Deitz.
                                                                                        The Practical Job Advice hand-      ple probably assume they have a
                                               The characters are universal —      out serves as a primer on the subject    good grasp of workplace etiquette.
     Professor Deitz was introduced
                                         the social butterfly who is forever        of business etiquette. It is catego-     After all, a good deal of it boils down
by Duane Bradshaw, Director for
                                         trying to get everyone in the office        rized into four sections, which re-      to common sense. I think Professor
Career Development and Alumni
                                         to sign this or that card or the intern   spectively cover work habits, dress,     Deitz did an excellent job of driving
Relations at the School of Public
                                         who has too many drinks at the hol-       etiquette, and e-stuff. The last sec-     home reminders that, once in
                                         iday party.                               tion is a growing area of concern as     awhile, we all need to hear.”

                               George Mason University Launches
                            Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship
                                   Greg Werkheiser Named Managing Director
                                               Paul Rogers, assistant profes-      its sixth year, that prepares 30 top     for Development and Entrepre-             Awards, a way to celebrate and in-
                                         sor of English will serve as faculty      undergraduate and graduate stu-          neurship jointly host Innovations         vest in campus and community
          James Greif
                                         director and Philip Auerswald, as-        dents from a national applicant          with Mason. Philip Auerswald is a         leaders whose research, outreach or
GMU Office of Media and PR
                                         sociate professor in the School of        pool for roles as future social entre-   co-founder of the journal, and            promising ideas represent the hope
     George Mason University an-
                                         Public Policy will serve as Senior        preneurs.                                serves as its co-editor.                  of the social innovation movement.
nounced the launch of the Mason
                                         Scholar, both helping to engage
Center for Social Entrepreneurship,
                                         scholars in the work of the center.       • The Accelerating Social Entrepre-      • AVAIL, a web-based portal in de-        • Innovation Speaker's Bureau, ac-
a university-wide, multi-discipli-
                                         Deans and faculty members in sev-         neurship Conference, the fourth in       velopment with Learn & Serve              cess for organizations worldwide to
nary initiative that seeks to position
                                         eral departments, including the           a series of national meetings, to be     America and technology company            compelling spokespersons on en-
Mason at the vanguard of the social
                                         School of Management, College of          held in the early fall of 2011. The      TRUiST to partner more effectively         trepreneurship and innovation
innovation movement.
                                         Humanities and Social Sciences, the       Corporation for National and Com-        the nation's 15 million university        topics.
                                         School of Public Policy, and New          munity Service cosponsored the last      students and faculty with commu-
      "The Mason Center for Social
                                         Century College have all been in-         ASE conference, which featured           nity organizations around social en-      • The Social Entrepreneur in Resi-
Entrepreneurship will foster lead-
                                         strumental in laying the ground-          panelists from the White House Of-       trepreneurship activities.                dence Program will welcome a
ers, research and strategies for tack-
                                         work for the center and will play a       fice of Social Innovation, Google                                                   leader to join in the Mason commu-
ling major social challenges of the
                                         vital role in its activities.             and Microsoft and drew partici-          • Social Innovation Professionals, a      nity's study and pursuit of ground-
21st Century," said Peter Stearns,
                                                                                   pants from 14 countries.                 consulting firm comprised of center        breaking ideas for social impact.
Mason Provost. "Mason — with its
                                              U.S. Senator Mark Warner, a                                                   staff and affiliated faculty and stu-
tagline, 'Where Innovation is Tradi-
                                         long-time supporter of the social         • Changemaker Campus Activities,         dents that provides social entrepre-            In its first year the center will
tion,' is a natural place to break new
                                         entrepreneurship movement, com-           including infusing entrepreneur-         neurship-focused counsel to public,       also grow its research program to pro-
ground in this ever-evolving field."
                                         mented, "The new center is ideally        ship pedagogy and practice               private, not-for-profit and academic       vide opportunities for faculty and stu-
                                         situated for its mission: it is located   throughout all academic depart-          institutions seeking to increase          dents at all levels to explore the issues
      Roger Stough, vice president
                                         on the campus of a university             ments, bringing social entrepre-         their social impact.                      and analysis critical to the advance-
for research and economic Develop-
                                         known for innovation, within sight        neurs from around the globe to                                                     ment of the field. For more informa-
ment, announced the appointment
                                         of our nation's capital, in the mid-      campus, supporting student organ-        • The Social Entrepreneurship             tion see www.masoninnovation.org.
of Greg Werkheiser as the center's
                                         dle of this region's world class in-      izations and hosting
inaugural managing director.
                                         formation technology corridor and         campus-wide events
Werkheiser, a lawyer, educator and
                                         surrounded by leading social sector       catalyzed by Mason's
social entrepreneur, is founding di-
                                         organizations."                           partnership     with
rector of The Phoenix Project. The
                                                                                   Ashoka and member-              The Stylus needs writers and
Virginia-headquartered organiza-
                                              The center results from a year-      ship in the AshokaU
tion engages in social entrepreneur-
                                         long planning process involving a         Consortium.
ship-focused      teaching,    tech-                                                                               editors for the 2011 – 2012
                                         dozen academic and administrative
nology and partnership-building.
                                         units and draws on leadership uni-        • "Innovations," a
Under Werkheiser's leadership, the
                                         versity wide. Programs in 2011 will       prominent     journal           Academic Year
Phoenix Project's team and pro-
                                         set the stage for the center's active     featuring cases au-
grams will align with the new cen-
                                         engagement in finding entrepre-            thored by experts in
                                         neurial solutions to urgent chal-         innovation; commen-
                                         lenges facing the region, the nation,     tary and research
     "Social entrepreneurs tackle
                                         and the world, combining legacy           from leading academ-            To get involved, please email
failed social systems — economic,
                                         Phoenix Project programs, current         ics; and essays from
educational, and environmental —
                                         Mason initiatives and emerging ef-        globally recognized
with business savvy and solutions
                                         forts, including:                         executives and politi-          arlcampuspub@gmail.com or
that stick," explained Werkheiser.
                                                                                   cal leaders. Harvard's
"The world needs their audacity and
                                              • The Social Innovation Pro-         Kennedy School of
we invite them to consider the cen-                                                                                gmochar2@gmu.edu
                                         gram, a six week academic and ex-         Government        and
ter at Mason as a second home."
                                         periential summer institute, now in       MIT's Legatum center
4        The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011

               Dr. Gillian Tett Offers an                                                                                                      Former SPP
              Anthrolopologist’s Take on                                                                                                 Student Selected as
                 Observing Finance
                                                                                                                                            Delegate for
                                                                                                                                         Political Exchange
                                                                                                                                               Sean Joyce
                                                                                                                                                  Staff Writer

                                                                                                                                              Anne Bailey, a School of
                                                                                                                                        Public Policy alumnus and gov-
                                                                                                                                        ernment relations operative for
                                                                                                                                        the Service Employees Interna-
                                                                                                                                        tional Union (SEIU), has been
                                                                                                                                        selected by The American
                                                                                                                                        Council of Young Political

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo: Couresy Anne Bailey
                                                                                                                                        Leaders (ACYPL) as a delegate
                                                                                                                                        to New Zealand for a 12-day po-
                                                                                                                                        litical exchange program begin-
                                                                                                                                        ning on June 9th. She will join

                                                                                                                    Photo: Andy Brown
                                                                                                                                        six other young political and
                                                                                                                                        policy leaders from across the
                                                                                                                                        United States to study New
                                                                                                                                        Zealand’s political system, engage in dialogue on international is-
                                                                                                                                        sues, and forge professional relationships and friendships.
Dr. Gillian Tett spoke to members of George Mason University’s School of Public Policy in an
event planned by Mason’s Center for Emerging Market Policies.                                                                                The program is arranged by ACYPL and with funding from the
                                                                                                                                        Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department
                                         What people don’t say is often more             After speaking to British politi-              of State.
                                         important than what they do say in        cians in 2006, Tett noticed that
      George Mocharko
                                         terms of maintaining power struc-         there was a tendency to leave things                      “ACYPL has the unique mission of proving select young lead-
             Staff Writer
      Dr. Gillian Tett, Managing Ed-     tures over time,” said Tett. These        alone. “There was an extraordinary                   ers with an opportunity to travel internationally and engage first-
itor of The Financial Times, spoke at    “social silences,” as she labeled them    lack of curiosity about what was ac-                 hand in public diplomacy,” said ACYPL Chief Executive Officer
George        Mason      University’s    can make discerning the truth very        tually occurring inside the financial                 Linda Rotunno. “Our delegates have access to key leaders in the
Founders Hall auditorium on Fri-         tricky for a reporter.                    system,” said Tett. “This stuff is a bit              nations they visit. They engage in dialogue on sensitive issues, gain
day, April 15. Around 70 George                                                    complex. It is kind of dull and bor-                 a unique perspective on the country’s politics and its relations with
Mason faculty, students and mem-              “One of the great paradoxes          ing. Leave it to the experts and leave               the US, and, most importantly, forge professional relationships and
bers of the Arlington community          about 21st century life is that we are    it to the geeks.” This attitude lends                friendships that can last a lifetime.”
were in attendance for Tett’s lecture    becoming more interconnected              itself to more silence because the
sponsored by the George Mason’s          than ever before…in ways that we          more complex a system is, the less                        Bailey will join other delegates, each between the age of 25
Center for Emerging Market Poli-         don’t understand… At the very same        people care to know about how it                     and 40, in Washington, D.C. for briefings by the U. S. Department
cies (CEMP).                             time we also live in a time where         works.                                               of State and other New Zealand regional experts before flying to
                                         there is increasing cognitive and                                                              Wellington. The program will provide the delegates opportunities
     “[Tett] brings a unique per-        structural fragmentation,” said Tett.          “One thing that is very clear: If               to travel within the country and to interact with key national and
spective to the recent financial crisis                                             you ever want to hide something in                   local leaders, business representatives, and civic and community
from a more social perspective,” said         “People are trained to think in      plain sight…you simply need to en-                   groups.
Dr. Sonia Ketkar Associate Director      silos. They’re trained to focus on        sure that society as a whole labels
of CEMP. “She was one of the first        what is immediately under their           something as dull and technical and                       “I am honored to have been selected to participate in this
few to start investigating it almost a   noses.”                                   boring, to ensure that no one wants                  ACYPL exchange to New Zealand,” said Bailey. “This will be an ex-
year before the crisis began mani-                                                 to really talk about it,” offered Tett.               cellent opportunity for me to learn about the current political and
festing itself.”                              Most intriguing was how Dr.                                                               social dynamics in New Zealand as well as to help strengthen the
                                         Tett pulled experience from her               To summarize Tett’s main                         bilateral relationship.”
     Dean Edward Rhodes intro-           background in anthropology which          point, this puts the average Ameri-
duced Gillian Tett by addressing her     gives her unique insight as a re-         can in a precarious position. They                        ACYPL is a bi-partisan, not-for-profit international exchange
extensive professional résumé, in        porter. Tett offered her take on the       have to trust those in charge of the                 organization based in Washington, DC. recognized by the Con-
which she has not only a Ph.D. in        similarities between observing mar-       financial system of making the right                  gress as a pre-eminent catalyst for introducing rising political lead-
social anthropology from Cam-            riage ceremonies in Tajikistan and        decisions even if it becomes in-                     ers and policy makers to international affairs and to each other.
bridge University, but also speaks       investment banking conferences:           creasingly difficult to question
French, Russian and moderate             “You had a ritual which drew to-          them on what is actually happening.
Japanese and Persian in addition to      gether the scattered tribe into one
English.                                 place, and the tribe had all these rit-        “Credit—which comes from
                                         uals—formal and informal—which            the latin credere, meaning to be-
     Dr. Tett brings a unique per-       merely reinforce and create their         lieve—is fundamentally a social
spective to journalism drawing from      networks, but also to restate their       construct. And as we have discov-
her varied background in anthro-         ideology, or define a cognitive map        ered, finance without faith, without
pology and fieldwork in Tajikistan.       that knitted them together.”              some kind of trust is worth ab-
Her most recent book, “Fools Gold”                                                 solutely naught. Credit without
is an exploration of the underpin-            “You see a pattern akin to war-      trust simply doesn’t work,” said Tett.
nings of what caused the 2008            ring Afghan tribes,” she continued.
Great Recession.                                                                                                                        Congratulations
      Tett’s lecture at Mason was en-
titled “Silos in Finance: The Silences
that Contributed to the Financial
Crisis.” The title is important as she
                                                       “If you ever want to hide                                                        Class of
emphasized that it was the silences,                  something in plain sight…
or the things people weren’t saying
about what was happening in the fi-
nancial industry at the time that
were just as much to blame as what
was being reported prior to the fi-
nancial collapse.
                                                 you simply need to ensure that
                                            society as a whole labels something
                                              as dull and technical and boring.”
     “An anthropologist also doesn't                 -Gillian Tett, Financial Times
look just at what people say in pub-
lic, but also what they don’t say.
                                                                                                                                                           The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011                       5

   GMU President Dr. Alan Merten Stepping
   Down after 16 Years as Mason President
                                                helped propel Mason into becoming
                                                a     nationally-recognized   and
       Rebekah Hildebrandt

                                                                                                                     Photo Courtesy Mason SOM via Flickr
                                                acclaimed institution of higher
               Staff Writer
                                                education as well as enhance all
     In a five-sentence letter sent to           major aspects of our university,
the Board of Visitors on March 23,              including our growth, research
Dr. Alan G. Merten tendered his                 efforts, student life and economic
resignation as president of George              and cultural significance to the
Mason University effective June 30,              region and the Commonwealth of
2012. Merten, who has been the                  Virginia.”
institution's chief executive since
1996, said, “Serving as president of                  Merten and his wife Sally
Mason has been the greatest                     assured that they will complete their
privilege of my career and I am proud           final year by doing “all the things we
of what has been accomplished.”                 normally do, and continue to move
                                                the university ahead at the same
     After the Board of Visitors                speed.” They intend to remain in the
accepted     Merten’s    resignation,           Fairfax area after he steps down, but
Rector Ernst Volgenau issued a                  they have not announced any other
statement        citing      Mason's            future plans. In fact, the Mertens are
accomplishments under Merten's                  “still reflecting on that right now,”
leadership including “enhanced state            Walsch said.
funding, expansion of educational
activities in science, technology,                   The Board of Visitors will be
engineering and math, and new                   creating an ad hoc committee to
global opportunities, particularly in           recommend the composition of a
the area of mutually beneficial                  search committee to begin the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo: By MasonSOM , September 8 2008, Courtesy of Flickr
collaborative degrees.”                         process of hiring a new president as
                                                well as a timeline for the process.
      Merten said that several months           Walsch clarified that the search
prior, “Sally and I faced the reality           committee “will be comprised
that all good things eventually come            primarily of BOV members and
to an end. We know this transition              faculty. Dr. Merten will have no say
is, at times, going to be challenging           in who replaces him.”
for us and the Mason community.
We are confident that Mason’s                         Mason was named the nation’s
mission and objectives will be                  number one university to watch on
paramount as the university and we              U.S. News and World Report’s list of
move forward.”                                  “Up-and-Coming Schools” in 2008.
                                                Merten’s legacy includes many
     When asked about Merten's                  things, but most of all, the
legacy,   university    spokesperson            tremendous           growth         and
Daniel Walsch said, “Alan Merten has            transformation of George Mason into                                 During Dr. Alan Merten’s tenure as University president, George Mason has
made an enormous contribution to                the largest state college in Virginia by
the advancement of George Mason                 student population.
                                                                                                                    grown to more than 30,000 students, the largest student body in Virginia.
University.   As a result of his
leadership and advocacy, he has

   Mason Public Policy Film Society Kicks Off Season
                                                                                                             The inaugural screening of the                the Advancement of Science, Dr. Dann M. Sklarew, Associ-
                                                                                                        MPPFS was held in February at Founders             ate Professor at the Department of Environmental Science
                                                                                                        Hall auditorium. This Spring semester’s            and Policy, George Mason University, and Mr. Friedo Siele-
                                                                                                        theme for the film series is climate and            mann Counselor, Environment and Energy, Embassy of the
                                                                                                        energy. “[The Film Society is a] student-          Federal Republic of Germany.
                                                                                                        led initiative that sprung from the Proj-
                                                                                                        ect on Long-Term Governance,” said                      Jose Orozco, a student in the School of Public Policy,
                                                                                                        Dana Dolan, Ph.D. student.                         attended out of his personal interest in the topic and to sup-
                                                                                                                                                           port fellow student Gopalan.
                                                                                                             The Film Society kicked off their
                                                                                                        Spring 2011 film series with Energy                     “[Germany is] a country that has embraced and imple-
                                                                                                        Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change               mented changes in their country in regards to energy,”
                                                                                                        Course, a 2007 documentary on global               Orozco said.
                                                                                                        energy consumption, and the need for
                                                                                                        renewable energy such as solar and wind                  During the panel session, Mr. Sielemann from the Ger-
                                                                                                        power.                                             man embassy explained to the audience that in Germany,
                                                                                Photo By Olivia Bird

                                                                                                             Sasi Gopalan, president of the Film           there isn’t the same debate over whether climate change ex-
                                                                                                        Society, personally and graciously wel-            ists or not, because the government treats it as an accepted
                                                                                                        comed attendees who made their way                 fact. What you will find in German political debates over
                                                                                                        into the brand new auditorium. 65 stu-             climate change is how to deal with the future problems it
                                                                                                        dents, faculty, and others were in atten-          may cause, and the need to address the country’s energy
                                                                                                        dance for the first movie screening and             consumption. This comes in stark contrast to the United
   From left: Friedo Sielemann Counselor, Environment and Energy,                                      discussion panel. “We were very pleased             States where debates still occur from skeptics.
   German Embassy ; Dr. Gabrielle Dreyfus, NOAA and Science &                                          with the turnout and the response we
   Technology Policy Fellow with the AAAS; Dr. Dann M. Sklarew,                                        got,” said Gopalan. “We are happy that                   Although the Film Society will choose a theme for each
   George Mason University, and Lazaro Sandoval, moderator.                                            people are noticing us and actually look-           semester, it hopes to also respond to current events and stu-
                                                                                                       ing forward to such events.”                        dent interest by remaining flexible in the films they choose.
                     Silvia Villacampa                                                                                                                     By the evening of this first screening, plans were already tak-
                              Staff Writer                            The program was followed by popcorn and soda in the                                  ing shape to bring a film the following month related to the
        Documentary film can be a powerful educational tool.       auditorium lobby along with a chance to meet the panelists                               democratic uprising in Egypt. The 2011 MPPFS Film Series
   The Mason Public Policy Film Society (MPPFS) delivered         and organizers from the film society.                                                     featured “Energy Crossroads,” FRONTLINE Special Report:
   on its promise to bring a stimulating evening of film and                                                                                                Egypt, Revolution in Cairo” and “Green Dragon.” For more
   discussion to the Arlington GMU campus community, and              Lazaro Sandoval served as the panel moderator with a                                 information or to join the film society, contact Ian Stanford,
   successfully launched its film series for the semester with a   panel comprised of Dr. Gabrielle Dreyfus, with National                                  ianstanford21@gmail.com or Lazaro Sandoval lsan-
   question and answer session made up of an expert panel.        Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Science &                                    dov2@gmu.edu
                                                                  Technology Policy Fellow with the American Association for
6      The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011

                                          Students Start Semester
                                       in Brand-New Founders Hall
                                                     the basement of
                                                     Arlington Origi-
                Monica Sharp
                                                     nal Building to
                    Staff Writer

         Those traveling down Fairfax drive are      having locations
    sure to notice the new building that offers      in Founders Hall
    social, academic and networking opportu-         that makes them
    nities to the staff and students of George       more appealing
    Mason University’s Arlington campus. That        and welcoming
    building is Founders Hall.                       to students.

         Founders Hall was designed by the                Found on
    Smith Group of Washington DC, and con-           the first floor,
    structed by the Manhattan Construction           the position of
    Company. Those overseeing this project           the new book-
    were: Karen Pirhalla, owner; Allen Daytner,      store is a perfect
    University Project Manager; Jerry Hansen,        way to begin
    Project Inspector; and Bob Endebrock, the        your day. Upon
    University Construction Manager.                 realizing you left
                                                     your pen at
          Founders Hall, standing seven stories      home, you can
    tall, at 256,000 square feet, is now home to     stop by the
    the School of Public Policy, the multi-level     bookstore and
    Arlington Campus library, the campus             then visit Ein-
    bookstore, Einstein Bagels and various stu-      stein Bagels next
    dent and staff support offices. Not to men-      door for a quick
    tion many other snazzy upscale features.         breakfast before
                                                     class. The book-
         The idea for Founders Hall became real      store is now two-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo By Olivia Bird
    in 2003, when the project was first author-      levels,         the
    ized and the Smith Group began working           ground        floor
    diligently on its design. Construction for the   being for text-
    building didn’t begin until December of          books and the
    2007, and Founders Hall opened its doors         top for Mason
    officially in January of 2011.                   gear, gifts and of-
                                                     fice     supplies.                                                         positioned upfront, library staff can see al-         What’s next for the campus? In the fu-
          Here’s a fun fact: Ever wonder why         This set up will definitely ease traffic con-                              most everything that occurs. In addition to      ture, the Arlington Original Building, a for-
    Founders Hall sits so far back from the curb?    gestion during the beginning and end of the                                the extra space, there are also bathrooms lo-    mer department store, will be demolished
    “The building was planned so that the class-     semester. When interviewed, an anony-                                      cated on both floors of the library. A defi-     and a new building will replace it. It is ob-
    room halls of Founders would align with the      mous bookstore employee stated that she                                    nite necessity for students was the              vious that this campus is well on its way to
    classroom halls of Hazel Hall,” said Allen       liked the fact that she can see the sunlight                               installation of the many power outlets           becoming an academic powerhouse and will
    Daytner who a bit of insight to that ques-       (as opposed to the basement location of the                                throughout the library, making marathon          finally have the building to match.
    tion. “The goal was for the new Founders         bookstore in Arlington Original Building)                                  studying possible. With the exception of a
    and existing Hazel Hall to act as one build-     and she likes how Founders Hall connects                                   couple outer walls, the new library is almost         Founders Hall can also be found on so-
    ing and not two separate buildings. Thus, it     everything (both Public Policy and Law                                     all glass-enclosed.                              cial media website Foursquare, where you
    is set-back,” Daytner said.                      schools).                                                                                                                   can “check-in” to this location on your social
                                                                                                                                     Beneath Founders Hall is the 160,000        media account.
         Why was Founders Hall constructed?               Many changes can be seen in the li-                                   square foot parking structure. Parking in
    Allen Daytner says that the building was         brary as well. The new campus library                                      this garage is limited to Mason staff and stu-
    planned to fulfill a need for additional space   boasts two floors, and more space than pre-                                dents only, and as always, permits can be
    on the Arlington campus.                         viously held in Arlington Original reserved                                purchased from Parking Services.
                                                     for more computers, study rooms and space
         Amongst the many additions brought          for more books. Jessica Montfort, Access                                        The overall student reaction to
    by Founders Hall, inarguably the biggest         Services Supervisor of the Arlington Cam-                                  Founders Hall has been mostly warm.
    changes are the campus library and book-         pus Library believes that the setup causes it                              Founders Hall is only the beginning of the
    store. Both have upgraded from being in          to be more manageable. Since the desk is                                   facelift that GMU-Arlington will undergo.

                                                                                                                                                Heard Around Campus:
                                                                                                                                                 Student Reactions
                                                                                                                                                  To Founders Hall
                                                                                                                                    “It’s modern. I love the library and it looks like a real, respectable school. There are a lot
                                                                                                                                    of places to sit and study.”

                                                                                                                                    “I think that the new building is beautiful. In the future, I’d like to see all of George
                                                                                                                                    Mason’s graduate school programs at the Arlington campus.”
                                                                                                     Photo By George Mocharko

                                                                                                                                    “From the street view, the top half of the building looks like a typical county jail. My
                                                                                                                                    guess is that less/smaller windows equal less energy usage and meant to make it harder
                                                                                                                                    for graduate students not to “escape”, i.e. dropout, as in the case of county jails. From in-
                                                                                                                                    side my classrooms, I find no justification for all the technologies that are put there. For

         What is the Meditation Space?
                                                                                                                                    example, in room 322 there are two projectors, two 46 inch flat screen TVs, speakers,
                                                                                                                                    cameras, microphones, and computers. It may be because of the nature of my class and
                                                                                                                                    the way my professor conducts it, however I cannot think of a type of class that requires
                                                                                                                                    the use of half of these things.”
        Tucked away on the second floor of Founders Hall, is the quiet meditation area. This is a
    place so still and serene that if it isn’t sought out, it can be passed by without notice. However,                              “The classrooms are like prison walls because there are no windows. It feels closed in.”
    incongruent with its name, those seeking solace in the quiet meditation area can sometimes
    forget it. Across from student lockers, at any given moment even the most centered yogi would                                   “Aesthetically, the new building is beautiful and I love the amount of space for studying
    find themselves in the center of chaos as the clamoring of students heading to class invades                                    on each floor. I am disappointed in the lack of planning in the classrooms such as the
    their zone. Once the students have returned to class, the area is again peaceful and whoever is                                 wipe-boards. (The wipe-boards) Aren’t conducive to lectures and there are not enough
    using this space can resume their downward dog pose—for an additional 10 seconds. Someone                                       outlets for the number of students in each class.”
    needing final preparation for class will surely begin to rummage through their papers in the
    conjoining quiet study area. Anyone who’s trying to achieve focus knows how unsettling that
    sound can be. Pair that with the vending machines less than 20 feet away and the reason for
    being in the quiet meditation area will be ruined. The beauty of the space is no match for the
    interruptions during the peak hours of the day.
                                                                                                                                           The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011                                      7

   Opinion                                                                                                                               The letters, columns and views expressed on this page are solely those of the writers.
                                                                                                                                         They do not reflect the views of The Stylus or its staff, unless otherwise noted.

             Coach Larranaga                                                                                                               Faith Abuse
                                                                                                                                                                       Of course, the Pope is joined by a choir
                                                                                                                        Cody Smart
          Leaves GMU for Miami                                                                                            Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                   of politicians in promoting hate against
                                                                                                                                                                   atheists. Newt Gingrich is basing his entire
                                                                                                              According to a 2007 Gallop poll, athe-               2012 presidential campaign on preventing
                                                                                                         ists are the least electable minority for                 the “secular atheist” from destroying
         Rebekah Hildebrandt
                                                                                                         higher office. This irrational stigma at-                   “Judeo-Christian society.”
                  Staff Writer
                                                                                                         tached to atheists and non-theists is in part
     During a press conference on April 22,
                                                                                                         due to the weaponization of religious faith                   Gingrich personifies faith abuse in its
Tom O'Connor, assistant vice president and di-
                                                                                                         in American politics. Among a long list of                plainest form. Newt, a recent convert to
rector of athletics, announced that Mason’s
                                                                                                         faith abuses, one is that faith is used to dis-           Catholicism, has divorced his wife to marry
head basketball coach Jim Larranaga had ac-
                                                                                                         criminate against atheists in American so-                a mistress — twice. He hopes his new-
cepted the head coach position at the Univer-
                                                                                                         ciety.                                                    found faith will wash him politically white
sity of Miami — effectuating his immediate
resignation. Larranaga's contract was not up                                                                                                                       as snow. Yet, he simultaneously attacks the
                                                                                                              Atheists are discriminated against in                morality of atheists. The Newt swindle
until 2016, and many Patriot fans had every
                                                                                                         official — that is to say officially secular —                proves what you can get away with in this
confidence that he would not only stay until
                                                                                                         documents. Eight states officially discrimi-                country if you wear the cloak of faith.
then, but would finish his coaching career in
                                                                                                         nate against atheists. The Texas constitu-
Fairfax. The optimism was merited — Lar-
                                                                                                         tion demands that a person is "excluded                        Some officials are even more blatant in
ranaga reportedly twice rejected offers of the
                                                                                                         from holding office" if he does not "ac-                    using faith as political coercion. Recently,
head coach position at his alma mater, Provi-
                                                                                                         knowledge the existence of a Supreme                      Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said
dence College, and made several public state-
                                                                                                         Being." The Arkansas constitution states                  those who are not “saved” Christians are
ments citing his desire to retire wearing the
                                                                                                         "No person who denies the being of a God                  “not my brothers and sisters.” He proudly
green and gold.                                                                            File Photo    shall hold any office in the civil depart-                  displays preference for a specific sectarian
                                                                                                         ments of this State.” Maryland, Massachu-                 religious group over every other citizen, and
     A contingent of inside and outside ob-               Theories have been rampant around cam-         setts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South                he boasts about it. Imagine what Jefferson
servers alike blame O'Connor for Larranaga's        pus as to whether the real reason for him leav-      Carolina and Tennessee also have laws re-                 would have to say about a governor like
departure, and O'Connor's send-off at the press     ing was the breakdown of salary negotiations         stricting atheists from holding office.                     that.
conference did not exactly reassure them. O'-       — representing a larger ego battle with O'Con-
Connor said, “After continuing discussions with     nor or Larranaga simply feeling undervalued —             America’s most prominent past presi-                     This faith hypocrisy sometimes com-
me and the university, Coach Larranaga has de-      or whether it had anything to do with the recent     dents would be absolutely unelectable                     pels voters to elect terrible leaders at the ex-
cided to pursue the opportunity at Miami.”          news of President Alan Merten's resignation.         today. Imagine a 2012 presidential candi-                 pense of good, but godless, leaders. There
This statement begs the question of how much        Some have wondered whether an incoming               date who said, as Thomas Jefferson did,                    are too many terrific potential non-theist
O'Connor was willing to do to retain Larranaga      president would provide the same level of sup-       “History, I believe, furnishes no example of              candidates to avoid voting for any of them.
in those talks. Additionally, reports have sur-     port for the basketball program that Merten has      a priest-ridden people maintaining a free                 Ninety-three percent of the members of the
faced that after Virginia Commonwealth Uni-         (it is widely assumed that Merten played a key       civil government.” Jefferson and James                     National Academy of Sciences are atheists.
versity's appearance in the Final Four this year,   role in getting Larranaga to stay on after the       Madison were deists with deep suspicion of                Pete Stark of California is the only openly
second-year VCU head coach Shaka Smart will         Final Four appearance in 2006) or whether            organized religion. Abraham Lincoln never                 non-theistic congressman, but he couldn’t
be making approximately $500,000 more per           there was a lack of commitment for keeping the       even joined a congregation. Today they                    be the only godless representative. Because
year in his base salary than Larranaga would        assistant coaches compensated well that might        would all lose in the primaries. Where                    members of Congress are generally well ed-
have if he had stayed with Mason.                   have offended Larranaga. He could have just as       there once was a healthy suspicion of                     ucated, it’s near certain that more congress-
                                                    easily been frustrated by the lack of resources      theocracy — a time when everyone had                      people privately lack belief than admit it.
     O'Connor had only light praise for the man     promised to him five years earlier, or perhaps       read Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason” —                     But a congressman cannot reveal his lack of
who has been the face of Mason basketball for       he was just ready for a new challenge after re-      some Americans have forgotten the tyranny                 faith for fear that those who have their
14 years. “[Larranaga’s] accomplishments both       building Mason's program and he liked the idea       of theocracy in non-secular government.                   morality written in stone will question the
on and off the court over the past 14 years are     of doing that somewhere else — although that
numerous and reflective of an outstanding ca-                                                                                                                      morality of Humanism.
                                                    would not explain why he chose Miami to do so.             Unjustified discrimination of atheists
reer in Fairfax. We thank him for his contribu-
                                                                                                         isn’t limited to politics. Major institutions                   Some voters — and not only Republi-
tions and are appreciative that he leaves Mason          Larranaga is Mason's and the Colonial Ath-      are openly discriminatory. The Boy Scouts                 cans — mistakenly assume that having any
with the program in great shape heading into        letic Association (CAA) conference's all-time        deny non-believers membership and say                     faith at all is better than having no faith at
the future. As they embark on the next chapter      leader in men's basketball victories. He             atheists are “not appropriate role model(s).”             all. It compels some to vote for a candidate
of his career at Miami, we wish coach Larranaga     achieved the team's first national ranking, as       The military has over 8,000 complaints of                 merely because the candidate “has faith”
and his wife Liz the best.”                         well as six NCAA Tournament appearances. He          discrimination from atheists, revealed in                 and waves it around for everybody to see.
                                                    was the first coach at a mid-major school to take    the suit Hall vs. U.S. Military. Hall says he             As if faith — the definition of believing
     In response to an interview question about     his team to the Final Four in 27 years, and the      was denied promotion because of his athe-                 things without evidence — was a desirable
whether he would have stayed at Mason if the        first CAA team ever to advance to the national       ism alone, and when recovering from an                    political attribute in itself.
compensation package had been better, Lar-          semifinals.                                          IED attack Hall was asked by peers if he
ranaga told The Junkies on 106.7FM The Fan on
                                                                                                         “believed in Jesus yet.” There is undeniable                  If you’re an atheist, speak up about your
April 26, “Money has never been a great moti-           Mason had no official statement on behalf        discrimination even in the child custody                  Humanist values. Take the advice of
vating factor for me in any of my decisions. I      of president Merten regarding Larranaga's de-        courts. In a law article by Eugene Volokh,                Richard Dawkins’ Out Campaign and come
like money. I know my wife likes money, and         parture “other than to wish him well,” said uni-     posted on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, one                     out as an atheist. Doing so will more accu-
my sons always remind me that I’m not exactly       versity spokesperson Daniel Walsch. However,         court admits, “Where it appears that the re-              rately reflect the number of godless Amer-
the best businessman and I need to involve          Larranaga and his wife Liz were two of only          ligious training of the children will cease               icans and increase the awareness of
them. . . . Money is great, it allows you to do     seven people whom Merten publicly thanked by         upon placement in a given custodial set-                  non-theists as a competitive voting demo-
some tangible things, but the things that are       name in his March 23 letter to the Mason com-        ting, courts lean in favor of the religious-              graphic. Moreover, it’s the perfect opportu-
most important to me are really intangible. I’m     munity tendering his resignation as president.       minded contestant.”                                       nity to demonstrate how superior policies
excited about a new challenge — the ACC.”
                                                                                                                                                                   are when based in the tradition of the En-
                                                         With former Georgia Tech head coach Paul             Widespread hatred and discrimination                 lightenment rather than in the tradition of
    Larranaga did not respond directly to ei-       Hewitt’s hiring as head coach at Mason soon          in politics is one consequence of an un-                  Abraham.
ther of the two subsequent questions posed to       after Larranaga’s departure (the official an-        founded fear of “evil atheists.” In a recent
him about any reported rift between himself         nouncement of Hewitt’s acceptance was made           visit to Britain, the Pope perpetuated this                     I submit a modest proposal to defeat
and the athletic department. Instead, Lar-          on April 30), Patriot fans scarcely had time to      attack by outrageously comparing non-the-                 the exploitation of faith in politics: Judge
ranaga complimented how much he has en-             dust themselves off after the stunning news          ists to Hitler and Stalin, ordering his flock              politicians by their fruits alone. Since
joyed coaching at Mason, leaving the rest up for    about Larranaga leaving for Miami before be-         to “reflect on the sobering lessons of athe-               “Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad
speculation.                                        ginning to size up his replacement. How He-          ist extremism of the 20th century.” The                   tree bears bad fruit.” Your vote should be in-
                                                    witt will perform is less than clear—Hewitt was      Pope seems to be suggesting that the crime                fluenced by political fruits alone — not
     Larranaga's unexpected departure echoes        fired by Georgia Tech after 11 years with a less-    of Hitler and Stalin and Mao was too much                 professed faith. Vote for politicians for their
the dramatic leaving of another basketball su-      than-stellar 190-162 record. What is clear is that   Humanism. To confuse Humanism with                        good ideas, and let claims of faith neither
perstar who famously took his talents to South      Patriot fans are hungry for encore appearances       Hitlerism, while the Vatican itself was                   earn your vote nor blunt your outrage. Faith
Beach, enraging his loyal fans and betraying the    in the NCAA tournament. Given the pressure           founded by Mussolini and an ally of the                   has enjoyed undue influence in our politics
city that made him. The news of Larranaga's         Hewitt is under to get the team there, the ques-     Furhur , seems to expose a sinister re-writ-              for far too long. It’s time to put faith abuse
move shocked the Mason community and —              tions that plagued Larranaga’s exodus will re-       ing of history by the Pope in order to smear              securely — and finally — in the past.
while there are no reports of anyone burning        main, especially if Hewitt does not enjoy the        non-belief.
Coach Larranaga’s effigy or shredding jerseys       full support of the administration and athletic
the way LeBron fans did when he left Cleveland      department during his tenure.
— there is no less confusion about the coach’s
underlying motivation.
8         The Stylus, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011

                                      Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society
                                      Recognizes Mason Achievers
                                                                     both Arlington graduate schools to jointly gain recognition by               MPA graduate student Michelle Attreed, an inductee at
                                                                     a national honor society. There are 134 Pi Alpha Alpha chapters         the 2011 ceremony, appreciated the honor of entering the Pi
                          Ryan Dunn
                                                                     nationwide with more than 30,000 members.                               Alpha Alpha honor society.
                            Staff Writer

     On April 8, the George Mason Pi Alpha Alpha honor so-                To achieve this recognition, a candidate for master's de-               "Like most who choose to pursue graduate degrees, there
ciety met in an annual ceremony to honor the scholastic              gree must have maintained a GPA of at least 3.7, nationally             are many sacrifices that have to be made," Attreed said. "How-
achievements of graduate students in the school for Masters in       and have completed at least 50 percent of the required course           ever, this achievement made it ever more worthwhile and for
Public Policy and Masters in Public Administration.                  work (a minimum of 18 semester hours or 27 quarter hours) to            me helped to set the example for my children that excellence
                                                                     eligible to be inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha.                            can be achieved through hard work and determination."
     This year there were 27 graduate students who achieved
the honor of being inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha, six from the             Mason Professor Jim Burroughs became a full-time, act-                   Every year George Mason University Pi Alpha Alpha ad-
Masters School of Public Policy, and twenty from the Masters         ing MPA director in 2000. At that time Burroughs noted only             visors invite students who are in the top 20 percent of their
in Public Administration program.                                    one or two would be named as the honor graduate with the                class to join the honor society. Students have to be well into the
                                                                     Outstanding MPA student award. There were situations where              program to be invited so that their academic records have de-
      The George Mason University Pi Alpha Alpha chapter was         a student would graduate with a 4.0 GPA, but another student            veloped. The annual ceremony is now held at Mason Hall to
first established in 1999, and it has been faithfully maintained     with a 4.0 would get the outstanding MPA award. “It didn't              make the event more formal and allow students to bring fam-
by school faculty members such as graduate student coordi-           seem right that we didn't have a means to recognize more than           ily, coworkers or bosses to the event.
nator Ann Ludwick.                                                   one or two individuals each year. I personally knew a dozen
                                                                     students who deserved recognition,” Burroughs said.                          “Even in a world of grade inflation with a talented student
     “The George Mason University Graduate Schools of Pub-                                                                                   body, there are those who go above and beyond the norm Bur-
lic Policy and Masters in Public Administration do not have               Having been inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha in 1997 at Vir-           roughs said. Having known most of the MPA students in PAA
graduate honors such as cum laude for students, so the recog-        gina Tech, Burroughs started conversation with other faculty            over the years, they are the ones who always go above and be-
nition achievable through the Pi Alpha Alpha program pro-            members about getting our own chapter. “We rushed things                yond on papers and projects. Their research, writing, think-
vide a beneficial outlet,” says Ludwick.                             along and help our first induction 10 years ago...I think we had        ing and speaking are first rate. As they have given so much
                                                                     about 10 or 12 students at the first event.”                            extra of themselves, they should be recognized and PAA pro-
    Ludwick works with the School of Public Administration,                                                                                  vides that vehicle for recognition.”
notes the annual ceremony is an opportunity for students from

                  Pizza and Perspectives                                                                                                                                 GAPSA
                                                     minded the packed classroom that the strat-              explained, “but it’s not binding in Virginia.”
                                                     egy which is chosen will affect how quickly —            The implications of this are serious. On top of            Corner
                Cody Smart
                                                     and to what extent — equality is achieved.               the indignity of being treated as a second-class
                   Staff Writer
                                                                                                              citizen, she explained that only one parent can
     The March 22nd Pizza and Perspectives                Next to speak was Brian Moulton, JD and             be the legal parent for their child, and that                   Tiffany Thacker
was off to a quick start. “Same-sex marriage is      Chief Legislative Counsel of the Human Rights            there is no security — as there is in hetero re-        Director of Arlington Campus Relations
going to be a legal reality in all 50 states,” de-   Campaign. Moulton emphasized that “mar-                  lationships — in case of breakups or death.
clared Gabriel Hudson, a George Mason pro-                                                                                                                             The past year has been an exciting
                                                     riage is a hybrid concept, both state and reli-                                                              one for Mason’s Graduate and Profes-
fessor and doctoral candidate. “It’s not a           gious.” It’s wise to focus on the civil side of the            To Oakley, the titles of marriage and wife
question of if, but when and how.” Gabe, as he                                                                                                                    sional Student Association. For those un-
                                                     issue, he explained, and how we privilege rela-          are important. “I didn’t grow up dreaming to
was referred to at the event, was the first of                                                                                                                    familiar with GAPSA and what we do —
                                                     tionships with specific rights. Hospital visita-         be ‘domestic-partnered,’” she explained, “so I
three speakers to talk to a classroom full of                                                                                                                     we are the representative body that pro-
                                                     tion rights and fair child custody treatment,            use the term wife.” Kate agreed with the other
professors and students about same sex mar-                                                                                                                       vides a voice for all Mason’s graduate and
                                                     for example, are important rights that may               panelists that the core issue is not religious
riage in the U.S.: Legislative, Cultural, and                                                                                                                     professional students to the university.
                                                     precede the official title “marriage.”                   marriage, but civil marriage with equal rights.
Practical Implications.                                                                                                                                           We work to unite Mason’s graduate stu-
                                                                                                              She doesn’t need a church’s approval, she said,
                                                                                                                                                                  dents and provide a forum through which
                                                          As the legal expert of the panel, Brian             “I just want my rights.”
      To Hudson, evidence for inevitability was                                                                                                                   students are able to address issues, advo-
                                                     then gave a brilliant summary of strategies dif-
clear. According to polls, “Very recently was the                                                                                                                 cate for the greater good, grow profes-
                                                     ferent states have taken toward equality. “For                On some issues, like the extent to which
first year fathers would like their daughters to     example,” he began, “Iowa and Connecticut                religious liberty should be considered valid in     sionally and socialize with one another.
marry a gay man than an atheist,” said Hudson.       achieved it through litigation. New Hamp-                private-sector discrimination, the experts did-
It may not be very practical, he laughed, but it     shire and D.C., on the other hand, achieved it           n’t necessarily agree.                                    GAPSA has been successful on sev-
does demonstrate that acceptance of LGBT is          through legislative processes and no prompt-                                                                 eral fronts over its two years of existence.
growing. The question is how equality is             ing from the courts.”                                         Being able to enjoy free pizza and soda        One of our greatest achievements so far
achieved. As the public policy expert of the                                                                  while discussing important issues with engag-       has been securing the Graduate Student
panel, he saw three ways of getting there:                Final speaker Cathryn “Kate” Oakley,                ing experts makes the Pizza and Perspectives        Center on the Fairfax campus — a 1,082
courts, politics or death (of the old way of         President of Mason’s GALLA (LBTG Student                 series just one way George Mason helps to cre-      square foot space that is open 24 hours a
thinking along with generations.) He was             Alliance), gave guidance through stirring tes-           ate campus community.                               day and is used as a space for studying
being funny, but he wasn’t joking. He re-            timony. “I’ve been married for three years,” she                                                             and graduate student events. GAPSA has
                                                                                                                                                                  also worked with the university to ad-

     Deepwater Horizon Incident Commander
                                                                                                                                                                  vance initiatives that are important to
                                                                                                                                                                  graduate and professional students at
                                                                                                                                                                  Mason, including an allotment of seventy

  Adm. Thad Allen Delivers Commencement Address
                                                                                                                                                                  apartments at Mason Vale for graduate
                                                                                                                                                                  students on the Fairfax campus, doubling
                                                                                                                                                                  of the Graduate Student Travel Fund, and
                                                                                                                                                                  a subsidized health care plan for full-time
                                                                                                                                                                  Ph.D. and MFA graduate assistants at
       Thad Allen, a retired U.S. Coast           mander until June 2010, punctuating a
  Guard admiral who served as the Na-             39 year career.
  tional Incident Commander following
                                                                                                                                                                       Over the next year, we will be ex-
  the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill,                Admiral Allen also served as the
                                                                                                                                                                  panding our current initiatives and
  delivered the 2011 commencement ad-             principal federal officer in the responses
                                                                                                                                                                  adding several new ones. We will be im-
  dress to the George Mason community.            and recovery operations for Hurricanes
                                                                                                                                                                  plementing committees that will mirror
  The Commencement was held Saturday,             Katrina and Rita in 2005.
                                                                                                                                                                  the National Association of Graduate-
  May 21 and was Mason’s 44th Com-
                                                                                                                                                                  Professional Student committees so
  mencement ceremony.                                  Allen also serves as one of George
                                                                                                                                                                  Mason students will be able to advocate
                                                  Washington University’s Distinguished
                                                                                                                                                                  for graduate student concerns on both a
       Admiral Allen received an honorary         Professors of Practice, teaching a course
                                                                                                                                                                  local and national level. These commit-
  doctorate in humane letters, having             called “Leadership in Complex Organi-
                                                                                                                                                                  tees will focus on important graduate stu-
  overseen all response efforts to stop the        zations.”
                                                                                                                                                                  dent issues, including legislative, social
  oil flow in what turned out to be the
                                                                                                                                                                  justice, employment and international
  worst oil disaster in U.S. history.                  Allen has a master's degree in Man-
                                                                                                                                                                  student concerns. We are also working to
                                                  agement from the MIT Sloan School of
                                                                                                                                                                  include more social events that appeal to
        Admiral Allen also coordinated            Management and a Master of Public Ad-
                                                                                                                                                                  the different demographics that make up
  with government organizations from the          ministration degree from George Wash-
                                                                                                                                                                  our graduate student body at Mason.
  state to federal level in addition to the ef-   ington University.
  forts of British Petroleum. He finished
                                                                                                                                                                       If you are interested in getting in-
  his tenure as the commandant of the U.S.
                                                                                                                                                                  volved with GAPSA either through vacant
  Coast Guard in May 2010, and continued
                                                                                                                                                                  positions or on one of the committees,
  to serve as the National Incident Com-                                                         File Photo
                                                                                                                                                                  contact tthacker@masonlive.gmu.edu.

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