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									                              SAMPLE AFFIDAVIT

I,                          , the                                                     of the
       (Name)                                  (Title)

                                                         hereby certify as follows:
(County, Town, or Special District)

       1.     That
                    (Name of Entity)
              has established a Conservation Trust Fund pursuant to Article 21,
              29-21-101, CRS 1973 as amended.

       2.     That
                     (Name of Entity)
              wishes to qualify for distribution of Conservation Trust money under
              the provisions of CRS 29-21-201.

       3.     That the Governing Board of
                                               (Name of Entity)
              has duly authorized the making of this certification.


(Official Capacity)

              Dated this              day of                          ,

              at                               , Colorado.

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