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					Sept. 13th – Dec. 3rd

2062 Mitchell Drive | Oswego, IL 60543 | 630.554.1772 |
                 2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Fall 2011 Registration Information
*Please note that once a class is full we will not permit any
 more students to register for that class. There are no exceptions
 as we like for our students to learn in the best environment we
 can provide and give them the personal attention they deserve.
Registration Dates and Times:
Monday, August 1st – Thursday, August 4th, 2011
Times – 9 am to 8 pm
Monday, August 8th – Thursday, August 11th
Times – 9 am to 8 pm
**Registration is open to all current students and new students
**Students may register after this date, however, classes fill quickly, and availability may be limited.

2011 Calendar of Events

August                                                      November
11     Last Day of Summer Term                              7     Spring Recital Term Registration Begins
                                                            23-27 Thanksgiving Break No Classes
8      Fall Open House at SDA 6-8 pm                        December
12     Fall Term Begins                                     3      Fall term ends
17     Nutcracker Auditions for 2011 Season
                                                            3-4    Nutcracker Ballet Performance, Oswego East
                                                            10     Breakfast w/ Santa Location TBA
28      Spooktacular Halloween Party 6:30-9 p
                                                            2       Spring Term Begins

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

        SDAIAL                   Check out these fantastic
       S E                       fall events at Storm!!

Fall Open House
• Sept. 8th 6-8 pm
• Meet and greet with your teachers!
• Come and join us for food, free dance classes, Door prizes and more! Meet your teachers, and tour the studio.
  Pick up the latest storm gear, shoes, and Diva Dancewear before class starts the next week!
• Free Master Class schedule:
  6-6:45 Inter./ Adv. Jazz , Junior Hip Hop, Mini Jazz and Poms
  6:45-7:15 Jr. Musical Theatre, Inter/ Adv Lyrical Contemporary
  7:15-8 Adv. Hip Hop, Beg. Jazz

8th Annual Halloween Spooktacular!
Join us for some spooky (and some not so spooky) fun as we celebrate at Storm! Costume contests, games,
prizes, food, and of course, no night would be complete without or famous haunted house!
Date: Friday, October 28th 6:30-9 pm
Cost: 6.00 per person, or 25.00 per family
Costume Judging is at 7:30 pm
Not Scary Haunted House is 7-7:30 pm
Spooky Haunted House starts at 7:30 pm
Food and Games all evening!

Nutcracker Ballet!
8th Annual Nutcracker Ballet will be held at Oswego East High School
this December! Don’t miss this family holiday tradition!
Show Dates: Saturday, Dec. 3rd 2 pm
Sunday, December 4th 5 pm
Tickets will be available online at

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

MUSE Workshop
                                                     Due to the overwhelming success of our spring
                                                     MUSE Workshop, we are going to be offering a
                                                     Summer Intensive with the MUSE Faculty. This is
                                                     optional, but as always with the Muse Workshops,
                                                     and amazing opportunity for our dancers to continue
                                                     to learn and grow. Jessica and Matthew will be
                                                     teaching, as well as “So You Think You Can Dance
                                                     Star” Nathan Trasoras.
                                                     You can begin registering for this workshop next
                                                     week, up to the week of the workshop. I will ask for
                                                     pre-registration in the next two weeks though to let
                                                     us know that you will be attending. This workshop
                                                     is open to all dancers, so please invite your friends to
                                                     come and share this experience with us!
                                                     Mini - $60.00 (All Classes)
                                                     Jr/Adv - $135.00 (All Classes)
                                                     Per class - $25.00

Wednesday, August 10th                               Thursday, August 11th

 Time        Mini        Junior        Advanced      Time               Junior              Advanced
 9:00 –      Jazz –                                  12:30 – 2:30pm     Lyrical – Jessica   Contemp –
 10:00am     Matthew                                                                        Matthew

 10:00 –     Hip-Hop –                               2:30 – 4:00pm      Contemp –           Hip-Hop –
                                                                        Matthew             Nathan
 11:00am     Jessica
                                                     4:00 – 4:30pm      LUNCH               LUNCH
 11:00 –     BREAK
 11:30am                                             4:30 – 6:00pm      Hip-Hop –           Lyrical – Jessica
 11:30 –     Lyrical -
 12:30pm     Matthew
 12:30 –                 Jazz -        Jazz Funk -
 2:30pm                  Matthew       Jessica
 2:30 –                  Jazz Funk -   Contemp -
 4:00pm                  Jessica       Nathan
 4:00 –                  LUNCH         LUNCH
 4:30 –      Contemp -   Jazz -
 6:00pm      Nathan      Matthew
2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Dance Rouge Workshop
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Storm’s very own Charles Lawrence is excited to
                                                                                                                                                                                                   bring his own company Dance Rogue Intensive
                                                           ance                                                                  “
   D                                                                                                                                                                                               Workshops along with famed guest choreographer
                                                                                                                                    It is easy to fall into complacency and
                                                                                                                                      settle for what gets us the passing
                                                                                                                                     grade. Our challenge to students is:
                                                                                                                                      do not let your dance be obedient,
                                                                                                                                     belonging and accepted, but instead                           tWitch for a unique and challenging summer

    R                                                                                                                                                                             ”                intensive. 2-Day Workshop: August 20-21, 2011
                                                                                                                                       be uncontrollable, unanswerable,
                                                                                                                                            deviating, and renegade.

                                                                      oguoe                                                          Intensive Workshops

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Charles Lawrence
                                                                        .c m                                                                          m
                                                                                                                               hip hopm lyrical m jazz- contemporary
                                                                                                                                      -         -

                                                                                                     ian ILe
                                                                                                  Allswego,c                                                                                                                Charles Lawrence currently

           S                                               torm D                                    in O
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            works as the Creative
  Saturday & Sunday, August 20th-21st, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                 Director for a Chicago
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            social-media production
  Featurin                                                                                                                                                                                                                  company, Underscore Films,
 Special G
                                                              DR and SDA are excited to welcome special guest choreographer, tWitch,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            LLC (www.underscorefilms.
                                    tWitch | Hip Hop

                                                              who will be teaching 2 level one and 2 level two Hip Hop classes, as well
                                                              as a special Mini Class for all of the up and coming “mini” dancing stars,
                                                              ages 8 and younger, who would like to be challenged by one of Hip-Hop’s
                                                                                        finest choreographers.                                                                                                              com), where I do a range
                                                             m Season 4 So You Think You Can Dance top 2 finalist
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            of services including
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            photography, videography,
                                                             m Played the role of Jason in Step Up 3D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and image consulting. I
                                                             m Lead role as Taz in Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming                                                                                                             began my academic career
                                                             m Danced in motion picture adaption of Hairspray                                                                                                               in the field of psychology;
                                                                                                                                                                                                   I received my undergraduate degree at Auburn
                                                                                                  Kathy King | Contemporary

                                                                                                                                                                                                   University, a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology
                              Charles Lawrence | Hip Hop

                                                                                                                                                                          Morgan Williams | Jazz

                                                                                                                                                                                                   from Southern Illinois University, and am currently
                                                                                                                                                                                                   working on my doctoral in the same field.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   I also have a strong background in dance and
    m Founder & Director of Dance                                     m Founder & Artistic Director of                                       m Top 25 finalist on So You Think
                                                                                                                                                                                                   performance; when I was in Springfield, IL where
      Rogue LLC
    m Nationally renowned choreog-
                                                                        Michigan Dance Project pro-
                                                                        fessional dance company.
                                                                                                                                               You Can Dance
                                                                                                                                             m Youngest member of inter-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   I grew up, I taught for 2 years at Footlights dance
    m Worked with Chris Brown &
                                                                      m Lectorer at East Michigan Uni-
                                                                        versity in Department of Music
                                                                                                                                               nationally touring company
                                                                                                                                               Eisenhower Dance Ensamble
                                                                                                                                                                                                   studio, and I have also held multiple workshops
      Justin Beiber                                                     & Dance
                                                                                                                                                                                                   at Hubbard Street Dance Studio in downtown
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Chicago. While I was at Auburn University and
 Here’s whats up at Storm’s                                                                                                     DR          ogue
                                                                                                                                                                                                   SIUC I not only taught, but also started up, weekly
            Two day intensive workshop pricing                                                        Price
                                                                                                                                       What is included in 2-Day
                                                                                                                                                                                                   hip hop classes for students and the local community
      Standard 2-Day Registration                                                                  $200                             mOne DR tshirt per registered student
                                                                                                                                                                                                   as well.
      1-Day Registration                                                                                                            m 9 intenstive classes in level 1 or 2 hip hop,
                                                                                                  $135                                lyrical, jazz & contemporary over the 2-Day

                                                                                                                                                                                                   I have 10 years of experience choreographing
      tWitch Package - all 4 regular classes                                                       $135
                                                                            Excludes Mini Class                                     mInstruction from DR’s professional and

                                                                                                                                                                                                   different types of show choirs that have been
                                                                                                                                     renouned faculty of choreographers.
      Mini Class with tWitch                                                                       $35
                                                                           For ages 8 and under
                                                                                                                                    mAudition classes are included (but not

                                                                                                                                                                                                   located on the east coast in Boston, MA all the way
      Walk-In Fee - per class                                                                                                        required) for participants to be eligible for
                                                                                                   $40                               awards & scholarships at the closing of the
                                                                                                                                     3-Day workshop.

      What else should I know?
      mHD quality DVDs of individual classes is       mDR’s Mini Class with tWitch is not included                                mOther registration options are available for
                                                                                                                                                                                                   out to the west coast in California while working
                                                                                                                                                                                                   with the ages between 12-18 years old. My style of
       available for $10 for later review and further  in registration & is available independantly                                students with scheduling conflicts. Inquire
       learning.                                       from event.                                                                 for more information!

                     Level One Intensives
          Ages 7-10*, or beginer to Intermediate levels
                                                                                                  Level Two Intensives
                                                                                            Ages 11+ *, or junior to advanced levels
                                                                                                                                                                                                   choreography is very unique because it combines a
                                                                                                                                      * Ages are a suggestion only.                                combination of dance styles from hip-hop, to “Bob
                                                            For registration and more info, please click & visit:                                                                                  Fosse” and even contemporary. I make sure that the
                                                                                            .          .
                                                                                                                                                                                                   choreography not only matches the style and theme
                                                                                                                                                                                                   of the show, but also is most creative and innovated
                                                                                                                                                                                                   in as many ways.

                      Space is limited | Click to Sign Up

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

             Last Call Competition
              Company Auditions
Storm is pleased to announce that we will again be offering our performance company option at our studio!
We will also be adding Hip Hop to the performance company list of options. Please call for details and a
private evaluation.

Future Stars
A new Mini Company for young, talented dancers ages 4-6 who would like to
explore competition, and learn about dance and the arts at a more challenging
level. The focus of Future Stars is still on fun, while helping the dancers achieve
technical growth throughout the season, form team bonds, and preparing
them for future more intensive competition dance. Dancers will take class
and rehearse two days per week (Tuesday/ Thursday), and attend 3-4 local

Future Stars Hip Hop
A Hip Hop performing company for dancers ages 4-7. This
group will encourage performance, foster confidence, style,
stage presence, and Fun! The dancers will dance two days per
week for one hour and 15 minutes. Dancers will focus on
learning a competition routine, break dancing, and hip hop
style and technique. They will attend 3-4 local competitions.

Super Stars Dance &
Hip Hop Company
For dancers ages 7-13 who wish to learn about competition,
grow technically as a dancer and performer, and be part
of a wonderful team. Dancers will dance two days a week
for 2 hours each day. They will focus on technical training, and learning
two competition routines. Dancers will attend 3-4 local competitions.
Complete information is available online, or by contacting Brook at

Dancers interested in auditioning for the intensive Storm Competition
Company must email Brook directly at for a
private audition. No auditions will be accepted after September 1st, 2011

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Music : Piano & Voice Lessons
Music not only teaches children a craft for life but it also helps them learn in other areas as well. It helps instill
in children self discipline, critical thinking, and confidence. It is also never too late to learn to play piano or sing
so adults are welcome as well. Through private lessons students will learn not only how to play piano or sing
they will also learn the theory behind the music they are playing. Each lesson is taught with a curriculum as well
as songs the students are interested in. It is a fun and educational environment that the students are sure to love!

   Day               Time                         Day time lessons are great for home-schooled as well as adults!!
                                                  Half hour lessons are great for beginners
   Monday            2:00p - 7:00p
   Thursday          2:00p - 6:30p                Piano and Voice lessons need to be scheduled through
                                                  the Front Desk
   Saturday          9:00a - 2:00p

Class times: 7:00-7:45p
Stage Stars: A fun introduction into the world of the theatre.
Classes will encourage young actors to have fun onstage, develop
characters, act and sing out musical numbers, and much more. There will
be a small performance to showcase all the things learned. Open to ages
Little Mozarts: An introduction to music basics through
play and hands on rhythm work, a perfect first music class for
ages 4-6. Saturdays 9:00-9:30 am.

                                  Tahnee LaMon
                                  Tahnee has been studying voice and piano for 18 years and teaching for the
                                  past 3. A graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, IL, with a degree in
                                  Theatre Performance and Music.
                                  Tahnee has also been involved such shows as Urinetown the Musical, Cabaret,
                                  The Shape of Things and many more.
                                  With great enthusiasm and passion, Tahnee’s teaching style and curriculum
                                  makes every lesson fun and educational from start to finish and gets each
                                  student on their desired path to musical success. She works with both children
                                  and adults, to sharing her gift and instilling the love of music and theatre.

                                                                2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Nutcracker Ballet Auditions 2011
We are pleased to announce Nutcracker Ballet Auditions for our 2011 Holiday Performances. The Nutcracker
Ballet is a holiday tradition at Storm, and has brought the spirit of dance and Christmas to the area for the past
7 seasons. We can’t wait to share the magic with your family this season!
8th Annual Nutcracker Ballet Auditions will be held Saturday, September
17th. Don’t miss out on this wonderful family holiday tradition!. More
information available online at
Auditions: Saturday, September 17th 2011!
Ages 4-6: 1-2 pm
Ages 7-10: 2:15- 3:30 pm
Ages 11-18: 3:30-5 pm *Bring Pointe shoes if you have them.
Clara (Ages 10-13) 5-5:45 pm. Must fit a certain height/costume
requirements. Pointe shoes are suggested.
**Black Leotard, Pink Tights, and Ballet shoes are required for all females
Males: Black shorts or pants, white shirt, black dance shoes.
Tumblers welcome at auditions.
Auditions are open to any dancer, male or female, ages 4 to
18. Dancers do not need to attend Storm Dance Alliance to
audition. All dancers auditioning will be placed in the show.
Performance/Costume Rental Fee: $170.00 * 50.00 deposit
is due at the time of auditions
Performance Dates: Saturday, December 3rd at 2:00 pm &
Sunday, Dec 4th at 5 pm
Tickets available at
For more information, please email Brook Langkan at

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Dance Class Descriptions
Toddler & Pre-School Classes (18mths-4)
Parent Tot Class: Ages 18 months to 3 yrs. Explore creative movement and music with your young child.
Basics of creative movement and ballet, as well as rhythm and coordination are sure to be a wonderful first
dance experience!
                                       Bitty Ballet: (Ages 3-4) Allows our smallest students the chance to
                                       explore the world of dance. Plie, Chasse, Arabesque, and More!
                                       Princess Ballet: (Ages 3-4) A magical class for young dancers! Learn the
                                       basics of ballet, enjoy princess dress up, creative movement, and more, all
                                       to your favorite character music!
                                       Tiny Tots Jazz & Tumble: A fantastic class for little ones who would like
                                       to explore the world of dance as well as basic tumbling!

Kindergarten Classes
(Ages 4-6)
Beg Ballet & Jazz/Tap: Watch as your child begins to master the fundamentals of ballet, while exploring an
exciting new style. Classes are half ballet, half jazz or tap.
Dance Combo: Not sure what style of dance your little one
will enjoy most? Try our popular sampler class. Fundamentals of
ballet, jazz, and tap are covered in this class. Ballet and Tap shoes
Little Lyrical: Lyrical classes improve on the basics of ballet
infused with jazz, while exploring emotion and movement styles
that tell a story.
Tiny Divas/Lil’ Boys Hip Hop: Hip Hop Class for our
younger dancers! Explore this popular and fun style of
dance that will have your little guys moving and grooving
to fun, upbeat music they’re sure to love!
Pomettes: A fantastic class filled with pom pons, jazz, and
basic tumbling. Active and energizing!
Jazz n Tumble: Dancers work on strength, flexibility, and
tumbling skills. Forward and Backward Rolls, Cartwheels,
Handstands, Bridges, and more, all incorporated into a
fun jazz style dance routine!
Fairy Tale Ballet/Story Book Ballet: Enjoy ballet and
a story each week! Dancers will learn about how some of
their favorite fairytales were turned into famous ballets,
and enjoy using the music from these to create their own fairytale ballet!
Costumes/dress up will be used to complete the show! Dancers will perform their “storybook ballets” on
the last week of class for parents!

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Instructional Class Descriptions
Ballet: Our schools offer the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet, as well as Russian Method. The R.A.D. is based
in London, England and is the largest examining and teacher education organization for ballet in the
world and is offered in over 84 countries. The Instructional Level
classes offered begin with pre-primary ballet for children
aged 5 and older, primary for children aged 7 and older,
grade 1 ballet ages 8-10 and so on. The grades of ballet
do not follow the same ages as public school grades. Our
office staff can assist in selecting the proper class for a
beginning ballet student.
Jazz versus Hip Hop: Jazz style of dance is what is
seen in many Broadway type shows such as “Cats”, We
also teach competition style jazz. It is a more structured,
stage style of dance, which incorporates ballet technique.
Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in
music videos and commercials. Dance moves seen in
performances by artists such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake
and J Lo would be typical examples of Hip Hop.
Tap: Our schools offer basic tap fundamentals for children
younger than 6 years of age. The grade system does not start
children in tap until the age of 6, and encompasses a full
syllabus. Tap requires a great deal of coordination and can
be a challenging style of dance. Please see the office staff or
tap instructor for recommendation on which level of tap
is appropriate for your child. Children under the age of 6
study in our pre-school and kinder tap rhythms classes to
master basic steps, sounds, and movement.
Adult Classes: All our adult classes are ladies only, with the
exception of hip hop. They are geared for beginning recreational students. Adult classes are offered
in ballet, tap, and hip hop.
Musical Theatre: Our musical theatre program teaches broad way style stage dance and includes a basic vocal
component. Our music school provides a top quality voice instructor for those wishing to further their vocal
training. The musical theatre classes are open to students aged 6 through teen. Dancers will learn through skits,
theater games, and of course Singing and DANCING to the latest and greatest Broadway tunes! A studio

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Specialty Classes
Lyrical/Contemporary: A graceful form of dance that uses ballet and jazz technique, and improves the
dancer’s emotional execution and musicality.
Acrobatics: A fantastic form of dance that improves strength, flexibility, jumps, and tumbling. Great for dancers
and cheerleaders. Please see the front desk for a list of skill requirements for more advanced acrobatic levels.
Hip Hop: Bump, Freestyle, and Shake it to the latest music. A fast paced class everyone is sure to love! Improve
your style musicality, and confidence, all while having fun and getting a great cardio workout.
Beginning & Advanced Boys Hip Hop: Do your guys love music, movement, crazy tricks? This class is just
for them. We have added an advanced class for boys needing a challenge. Beg/Inter. & Adv Taught by our
instructor Charles Lawrence
Pre-Pointe: Prepares the dancer for Pointe shoes. Improves ankle/foot strength, and overall body placement.
Dancers are periodically evaluated for Pointe readiness by the instructor.
Poms: Perfect for a dancer getting ready for try-outs, or to improve technique. Fun and fast paced, dancers will
work on leaps, turns, etc, while learning dances with poms.
Modern Dance: A contemporary dance form that has its’ roots in ballet. Classes include center and floorwork
that incorporate the sense of gravity and weightlessness in the body. The movement vocabulary and range
of motion used is endless, and draws on each dancer’s personal expression and creativity. Improvisation and
creative exercises may be used.
Turns, Leaps, & Tricks (TLT): This is a wonderful addition to your class schedule for dancers looking to get
the edge on the latest (and the traditional) tricks in dance. Pirouettes, fouettes, needle turns, and more! Check
with the front desk for a skill requirement for each level.
Stretch and Technique: Looking to improve the technical portion of your dancing? We have classes for every
ability level. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, and of course, technique! Leaps, turns, jumps, etc. No
choreography is taught in this class. The results are amazing!
As times and trends change in the dance world, we work hard to bring you fresh new classes to keep you on the cutting
edge!! Check out our new additions!

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

NEW Classes
New Classes for Ages 6 and Under
Lil Boyz Hip Hop: Does your little guy love music, movement, crazy tricks? This class is just for him. Energetic
and Fun, No Girls Allowed!!
Baby I’m A Star Musical Theatre: A wonderful intro to musical theatre, the little ones chance to enjoy what
they love most! Sing and Dance to your favorite new and old broadway songs, dress up, and create a show!

New Classes for Ages 6 and Up
Home School Dance and Music Class: A wonderful new addition for children who are home schooled,
kindergarten through 6th grade. Children will spend part of the time in an energetic dance class and part of the
time in music education & the arts, including singing, acting, and music study. A fun and exciting class to add
to your curriculum, and a great way to meet and socialize with other children.
Floor Barre: Find your inner strength! Improve your body alignment & technique. Improve muscular
awareness, & prevent injury. This class is great for the dancer looking to greatly increase flexibility, and to
elongate and strengthen muscles, especially of the legs, feet,hips, and back. Strengthening exercises will also be
incorporated to help the dancer achieve power in movements.
Drama: Bring out your inner star! Work on the basics of acting, singing, and staging. Taught by Tahnee Lamon,
our fantastic vocal and music teacher. Auditioning skills and readings will also be emphasized.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

2011 Fall Semester Class Schedule
                   Pre-School Dance (Ages 2-4) Classes are 30 minutes in length
          Class               Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday        Saturday
        Bitty Ballet I
                                 —           9-9:30 a          —              —              —
  Info: Ages 2-3 / 30 min
       Bitty Ballet I/II
                            5:00-5:30 p         —              —           9-9:30 a          —
  Info: Ages 2-4 / 30 min
        Bitty Ballet II
                              9-9:30 a          —          4:45-5:15 p        —          9:15-9:45 a
  Info: Ages 3-4 / 30 min
      Princess Ballet
                                 —              —              —         10:15-10:45 a       —
  Info: Ages 3-4 / 30 min
        Tap n Tumble
                            10:15-10:45 a       —              —              —              —
  Info: Ages 3-4 / 45 min

                  Kindergarten Dance (Ages 5-6) Classes are 45 minutes in length
     **Advanced 4’s are allowed in Kindergarten Dance Classes, must get approval from Front Desk
          Class               Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday        Saturday

      Fairytale Ballet
                                 —          9:30-10:15 a       —              —              —
  Info: Ages 5-6 / 45 min

  Baby I’m A Star Musical
       Theatre / Jazz            —           12:15-1 p         —              —              —
  Info: Ages 5-6 / 45 min

     Beg Ballet w/ Tap
                                 —            1-1:45 p         —         9:30-10:15 a        —
  Info: Ages 5-6 / 45 min

      Dance Combo:
                            9:30-10:15 a
      Ballet, Jazz, Tap                         —           5:15-6 p          —          9:45-10:30 a
                            4:15-5:00 p
  Info: Ages 5-6 / 45 min

  Tiny Divas Beg Hip Hop
                                 —           10:15-11 a        —           6-6:45 p       9-9:45 a
  Info: Ages 4-6 / 45 min

                              1-1:45 p          —          4:30-5:15 p        —              —
  Info: Ages 4-6 / 45 min

   Little Mozarts Music
                                 —              —              —              —           9-9:30 a
  Info: Ages 4-6 / 30 min

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

2011 Fall Semester Class Schedule
Instructional Dance Classes Ages 6 and Up
**All new students ages 6 and up should have an evaluation for placement, please contact the front desk.

                              Instructional Dance Classes Ages 6 and Up
     Ballet Classes             Monday          Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday         Saturday
     Ballet Beginning
                                  —                —            5:15-6:15 p          —           9:00-10:00 a
 Ages 6-10 / 60 min / 1xWk
    Ballet Intermediate
                                  —            6:00- 7:00 p         —            6:00-7:00 p          —
  Ages 8-11/ 60 min/ 2xWk
   Ballet Advanced Junior
                              4:30-5:30 p          —                —            4:30-5:30 p          —
  Ages 9-11/ 75 min / 2xWk
 Ballet Advanced Pre-Teen
                              5:30-6:45 p          —                —            5:30-6:45 p          —
    Info: 75 min / 2xWk
  Ballet Advanced Senior
                                6:45-8 p           —                —            7:15-8:30 p
       75 min / 2xWk
 Ballet Technique for Teens
                                  —            7:00-8:00 p          —                —                —
 Ages 12-18 / 60 min / 1xWk
                                  —                —                —             5:30-6 p            —
     Ages 8-14 / 30 min
      Beg/ Inter. Pointe
                                8-8:30 p           —                —                —                —
    IAges 11-18 / 30 min
     Advanced Pointe
                                8-8:30 p           —                —                —                —
    Ages 12-18 / 30 min
   Ballet Variations, Turns
                                  —                —            6:15-7:00 p          —                —
     Ages 9+ / 45 min
     Junior Floor Barre
                                5:30-6 p           —                —                —                —
     Ages 7-11 / 30 min
  Pre-Teen/Sr. Floor Barre
                                  —                —                —            6:45-7:15 p          —
    Ages 10-18 / 30 min

      Jazz Classes              Monday          Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday         Saturday
           Jazz I
                                  —                —            4:30-5:15 p          —           10:00-11:00 a
     Ages 6-10 / 45 min
          Jazz II
                                  —            5:00-6:00 p          —            6:00-7:00 p          —
     Ages 8-11 / 60 min
        Jazz III/ IV
                                  —                —            5:15-6:15 p          —                —
     Ages 8-12 / 60 min
      Jazz Inter. Teen
                              6:15-7:00 p          —                —                —                —
    Ages 12-18 / 45 min
   Jazz Advanced Senior
                                  —                —            7:15-8:15 p          —                —
    Ages 12-1 )/ 60 min

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

2011 Fall Semester Class Schedule
                                            Stretch & Technique
           Class               Monday           Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Saturday
   Junior Stretch & Tech
                                  —               —         6:15-7:15 p      —            —
    Ages 7-11 / 60 min
  Teen / Sr. Stretch & Tech
                              7:00-8:00 p         —               —          —            —
    Ages 12-18 / 60 min
       Cheer Tech
                                  —             7:15-8 p          —          —            —
    Ages 11-18 / 45 min
  Mini Turns, Leaps, Tricks
                                  —               —               —          —       10:30-11:15 am
     Ages 5-7 / 45 min

                                             Modern & Lyrical
           Class               Monday          Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday     Saturday

      Junior Modern
                                  —           4:30-5:15 p         —          —            —
     Ages 6-11 / 45 min

 Pre-Teen / Senior Modern
                                  —               —               —          —        9:00-9:45 a
    Ages 11-18 / 45 min

      Jr. Beg Lyrical/
       Contemporary           6:00-6:45 p         —               —          —            —
     Ages 6-10 / 45 min
       Teen Lyrical/
      Contemporary                —               —          8-8:45 p        —            —
    Ages 11-18 / 45 min

           Class               Monday          Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday     Saturday

           Tap I
                                  —               —         4:30-5:15 p      —            —
     Ages 6-10 / 45 min

          Tap II/III
                                  —               —         5:15-6:00 p      —            —
     Ages 8-12 / 45 min

      Teen/Senior Tap
                                  —               —         6:00-6:45 p      —            —
     Ages 12+ / 45 min

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

2011 Fall Semester Class Schedule
                                                    Hip Hop
             Class                 Monday         Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday        Saturday
     Junior Beg Hip Hop
                                  4:30-5:15 p        —          5:15-6 p         —              —
     Ages 6-10 / 45 min
        Hip Hop II
                                      —          5:15-6:15 p       —             —           9:15-10 a
     Ages 8-12 / 60 min
        Hip Hop III
                                  5:15-6:15 p    6:15-7:15 p       —             —              —
     Ages 9-12 / 60 min
     Inter. Teen Hip Hop
                                  8:00-9:00 p        —             —         7:30-8:30 p        —
     Ages 12-18 / 60 min
  Advanced Teen Hip Hop
                                      —              —             —             —         10:30-11:45 a
    Ages 12-18 / 75 min
     Little Boyz Hip Hop
                                      —              —         4:30-5:15 p       —              —
      Ages 4-7 / 45 min
   Jr. Boys Only Hip Hop
                                      —              —             —         5:15-6:00 p        —
     Ages 7-11 / 45 min
                                      —              —             —             —         10:00-10:30 a
     Ages 7-18 / 30 min
       Adult Hip Hop
                                  7:00-7:45 p        —             —             —              —
    18 and Over / 45 min

             Class                 Monday         Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday        Saturday

        Acrobatics I
                                      —              —             —             —           9:15-10 a
     Ages 5-10 / 45 min

  Acrobatics Intermediate
  Backbend without assistance
   required, basic acro skills
                                      —              —         7:15-8:00 p       —              —
    Acrobatics Advanced
          45 min                      —              —         6:30-7:15 p       —              —
  *Back Walkover Required, Back
    Handspring Recommended

                                            Musical Theatre & Drama
             Class                 Monday         Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday        Saturday

        Drama I & II
                                  7:00-7:45 p        —             —             —              —
     Ages 7-15 / 45 min

   Junior Musical Theatre
                                      —              —         6:00-6:45 p       —              —
     Ages 7-15 / 45 min

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

Tuition Rates and Payment Options
There are two convenient ways to pay for tuition at Storm Dance Alliance.
Option 1: Monthly Tuition System (Autopay)
Our convenient monthly tuition system is an automated bank direct debit system which will accurately debit
your monthly tuition from your checking account, or credit card. (Visa or MasterCard are accepted). Enjoy
the ease of not having to bring in payments, wait in long lines, worry about late fees, or hassle with checks!
Just fill in the quick and easy form, pay your annual membership fee, and you’re ready to start dancing! Please
be advised that all monthly charges will be processed, even if you decide not to complete the term you have
registered for. Remaining funds may be available as credit.

            Pre-School / Kinder Class Fall Tuition Rates **New Lower Rates!
               (Fall Term is 12 Weeks running September 12th – December 3rd, 2011)

        Length of Class             Times Per Week         4 Auto payments of:          Pay in Full
    30 Minutes (2-6 yrs of age)            Once                     $23.00                 $84.00

    45 Minutes (2-6 yrs of age)            Once                     $32.00                $120.00

               Instructional Class Fall Tuition Rates (Grade/Level I and Up)
               (Fall Term is 12 Weeks running September 12th – December 3rd, 2011)

       Length of Class             Times Per Week          4 Auto payments of:           Pay in Full
          30 Minutes                     Once                     $ 29.00                 $108.00
          45 Minutes                     Once                     $ 41.00                 $156.00
          60 Minutes                     Once                     $ 53.00                 $204.00
          60 Minutes                     Twice                    $ 95.00                 $372.96
          75 Minutes                     Once                     $ 66.00                 $252.00
          75 Minutes                     Twice                    $ 115.00                $453.60

Option 2: Payment in Full
Pay in full at the time of registration by cash, check or credit card. We currently accept Visa or MasterCard.
Fees: All students are assessed an annual membership fee of $20.00 per student, or $30.00 per family. All
students registering for the Spring Recital Term will also be assessed a $20.00 recital fee. These fees are payable
at registration.
Student and Family Discounts: 1st Child/Class: Full Price, 2nd Child/Class: 5% Discount, 3rd Child or
Class: 10% Discount, 4 or more children/classes: 15% off of all classes! Discounts do not apply to camps,
workshops, birthday parties or master classes.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

General Studio Policies and Procedures
Registration: All students are assessed an annual membership fee of $20.00 per student, or $30.00 per family.
Payment of Fees: Tuition must be paid in full or by automatic bank account debit or automatic credit card
payment. Tuition will be debited from your bank account on the 1st day of each month from September-
December or charged to your credit card the 1st day of each month. The month of September is non-
refundable. If you elect to drop a class after September, the autopay amount will still run, but will be issued as
credit on your Storm account. Credit card or bank debit payments are not accepted for in-person payment on a
monthly basis. Payment must be made by pre-authorized automatic monthly payment. All charges will appear
on your bank statement or credit card statement as being from Storm Dance Alliance.
NSF Payments: I hereby authorize the school to electronically debit my bank account for the amount of any
NSF paper check or auto-debit transactions plus a $20 NSF fee.
Withdrawal and Refunds: There is a two-month minimum for all music lessons. Withdrawal must be done in
person and will not be accepted over the phone. Withdrawal must be done at the school office and not with the
teacher. Withdrawal must occur within the first 7 days of the class. No withdrawals will be accepted after the
first week of classes. To withdraw from classes a parent or adult student must:
1. Inform school administration in person, and
2. Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the school office.
Storm Dance Alliance reserves the right to terminate lessons to any students without notice. In such a case a refund for
unused lessons will be given. In the case of a parent cancelling enrollment after the start of the session, the unused tuition
will be available as a credit. No refunds will be given for cancellation.
Extreme Weather or Unexpected Interruption of Classes: If the school must cancel classes due to extreme
weather or events beyond our control such as power outages, the missed lessons will either 1) be given a make-
up pass or 2) a scheduled class make-up date will be set.
Substitutions: The school reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is
ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If a teacher is ill and the school cannot arrange a substitute any missed
classes will be made up.
Dance Dress Code: Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn to all classes. Failure to wear required
dancewear to class could result in students being asked to sit out the class. Repeated failure to wear required
dancewear could result in termination of lessons. Students are not permitted to wear jeans or shoes worn on the
street or outdoors, to any dance class. For safety reasons dancers are not permitted to wear jewelry. Long hair
must be tied back. A Full Dress Code Sheet may be picked up at the front desk.
Missed Private Music Lessons and Make-up Lessons: Absolutely no make-up lessons will be given for music
lessons unless absence is due to serious illness and 24 hour notice has been given to the school office. Make-up
lessons for dance classes will be limited to 2 per teaching session, and must be used within that session. . No
refunds are given for missed lessons.
Dance Class Attendance and Lateness: The school reserves the right to have students who come late to class,
sit out the class. Repeated lateness may result in termination of lessons. A minimum attendance level will
be required. If a student misses more than 4 classes without written notices, the school reserves the right to
terminate lessons. Students missing more than 4 classes after January will not be allowed to participate in the
year-end dance recital, festivals or competitions.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

General Studio Policies and Procedures
Parent’s Responsibility to be Aware of Dates and Events: It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student
to be aware of all school activities, such as viewing days, recitals, extra classes, and dates the school is open or
closed. The school will post all such notices on the “What’s New” board or the bulletin board as well as sending
notices and emails home with the students. It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check these boards to
ensure they are informed. It is the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform the school of any
address or telephone number or email change.
Care of Students: The school is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents
with students under the age of 5 are to remain in the school during classes. Students are not to be left at the
school for excessive time before or after class.
Injuries: Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for
any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by
the students before, during or after class time.
Photo Release: The school is hereby granted permission to take photographs of the students to use in
brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials the school creates. Permission is
also hereby granted for the school to copyright such photographs in its name.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information

                                       Brook Langkan
                                       Brook has been sharing her love for dance with student for over 17 years.
                                       She has been owner/ director of Storm Dance Alliance for eight years,
                                       during which time, has instructed thousands of dancers, helping to guide
                                       them into successful dance careers, including college programs, teaching
                                       positions, choreographers, and work as professional dancers. Brook
                                       believes in the principles of providing Storm Dancers with a strong
                                       foundation in both technique and performance ability, thereby creating
                                       versatile, well trained dancers that are successful in any genre of dance.
                                       Brook has trained extensively in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap, as well as
                                       acrobatics, poms, and modern. She completed her dance training at
                                       Northern Illinois University in their award winning dance program.
                                       While there, Brook also completed her bachelor of science in Nursing.
                                        Brook has directed the Storm Dance Alliance Competition Company
                                        through seven successful seasons. As director, her Company has grown
                                        to over 150 talented members, and has won many regional and national
                                        titles. In 2010, Storm was awarded the FDC Studio Excellence Award
                                        for their top performance at Nationals. This prestigious award is given
to only one studio at nationals for earning the highest amount of overall points at nationals. In 2010, Brook
was also awarded the Rainbow and FDC Dedication to Dance Award for teachers. Her choreography has
won numerous regional and national awards, including several top petite and junior choreography awards, and
teen and senior top entertainer titles at competitions in the past seasons. Under her direction, the company has
traveled to compete and perform in Myrtle Beach, Walt Disney World , Dance Chicago, Branson, MO, and the
Wisconsin Dells. The company and its’ dancers have been invited to dance in Germany, New York, Las Vegas,
Australia, and more. Brook has also successfully implemented the new Poms Team and Performance Company
to the studio, offering a wonderful opportunity for dancers wanting to experience the joy of competition at a
less intense level. The studio also now offers a wonderful drama and music department, featuring piano, guitar,
vocal instructor, and a spring musical.
Under her direction, the studio has developed a beautiful annual Nutcracker performance, which over the past
seven years has grown to a cast of over 250 dancers. Each December, Storm Dance Alliance has entertained
dance lovers from the local and surrounding areas with its charming rendition of a classic holiday favorite.
Brook prides herself on providing a family friendly studio environment, and fulfilling dancers’ dreams of
performing by ensuring that they receive training from the best teachers the area has to offer. All instructors at
Storm are talented, professional dancers who have the ability to inspire excellence from all of their students. She
is extremely proud of the place that Storm has become, and strives for an even brighter future for the studio and
all of the dancers who call Storm home.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information


                        Christina Gross
                         Christina Bedoe is a 2006 graduate from the University of Iowa with a B.F.A. in
                         dance with an emphasis in ballet, modern, choreography, and dance kinesiology. She
                         studied under esteemed instructors: Charlotte Adams- founding member of Tenth
                         Street Danceworks, Armando Duarte- member of Cinse Negro Dance Company,
                         Jennifer Kayle- founding member of Architectsdance, and George De La Pena and
                         Eloy Barragan- both former members of American Ballet Theatre. Christina also
                         had the exciting and unforgettable opportunity to take master classes from dance
                         companies such as Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane, Pilobolus, Alvin Ailey, Hubbard Street,
                         and Luna Negra dance theatre. Christina was a member of “Dancers in Company”, the
                         universities traveling dance troupe and she also danced a summer season with “Duarte
Dance Works” in 2005. In the spring of 2006 Christina had the amazing opportunity to be able to participate
in the American College Dance Festival where she was able to take classes from master teachers all over the
country as well as perform and have her own choreography adjudicated.
Christina has also had the wonderful opportunity to choreograph for the studio’s yearly production of the
“Nutcracker”, and the pleasure of being one of the competition company’s teachers and choreographers.
Christina’s routines have won many awards and high placements, truly showing her passion for dance, and her
dedication to her students.

                        Brittany Enoch
                       At just two years old, Brittany Enoch began her life long journey in the world of dance.
                       By the age of five, she was competing and training as a ballet, jazz, and tap dancer.
                       With each year, her love and passion continued to grow as she became acquainted with
                       more styles of dance, including lyrical, hip hop, modern, acrobatics, and contemporary.
                       In 2004, she became a member of Storm Dance Alliance’s competition team in its first
                       season. Under the direction of SDA and Brook Langkan, Brittany has received many
                       awards and recognitions for her talent. In addition to being a member of this award
                       winning team, she also performed in a junior production of Peter Pan, The Nutcracker
                       All Jazzed Up, and many performances of SDA’s The Nutcracker Ballet, where she was
                       featured as the Snow Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy. In 2005, Brittany also had the
opportunity to perform in Walt Disney World’s Magic Music Days.
While her love for performance remained, Brittany began to discover another true passion, teaching. From
ages11-13, she started student teaching, and by 14, Brittany began instructing her own classes. She uses her
first hand knowledge and experience gained from 14 years as a competitive dancer to provide her students with
the best training possible. She prepares them technically, physically, and mentally to be the best dancer they
can be. She instills her love and dedication for the sport and art of dance in her students through persistence,
encouragement, and example. Brittany has been choreographing award winning competition routines for SDA
for four years. Some of her acknowledgments include top overall scores at the regional and national levels,
costume awards, judges choice, and the 2010 Rainbow Connection Gold Group Challenge Junior 1st place title.
With over seven years of experience in teaching and choreography, and 18 years in the dance world, Brittany
can truly say she has found her life-long passion and purpose.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information


                       Leandra Groth
                       Leandra Groth began dancing at age four. By age eight she found herself intensely
                       training in various styles of dance. She spent seven years training and competing
                       with Ted Jackson’s Midwest Movement and achieved countless high score accolades
                       and titles. Also, Leandra has studied with some of the most prominent ballet
                       instructors in the Chicago land area, including Avnun Yakubov, Homer Bryant, and
                       Peff Modelski -of New York- along with some of the country’s leading hip hop and
                       jazz choreographers such as Brian Freidman, Tovaris Wilson, and Ray Leeper. Her
                       performances include Avnun Yakubov’s United States premier of the ballet “Bambi”,
                       and the opening performance for “Fat Joe” in Chicago. Having been teaching and
                       choreographing for the past three years, she has been assistant teaching/choreographing
throughout the United States and Canada as well since the age of 15. In 2009 Leandra toured with Co Dance
convention as a 2008 AT (Assistant Teacher). Most recently she was one of few choreographers/dancers who
created the dance on Oprah’s 24th season premier. At twenty years old with an associate’s degree from College
of DuPage, Leandra continues to teach/choreograph while building her career as a professional dancer.

                        Avnun Yakubov
                        Avnun Yakubov was born in Russia and received a Masters Degree in Choreography
                        and Arts Management from the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Leningrad.
                       Mr. Yakubov was the Artistic Director and Head Choreographer Alumnus of the
                       Moscow Ballet Theater in Russia from 1973-1993. From 1974-1988, he staged
                       numerous works in Italy, Austria, Turkey, and Greece. By invitation of the Italian
                       government in 1992, he choreographed and produced “An Evening with Strauss.”
He also choreographed different ballets for the Kirov Theater in Leningrad and the Vaganova Choreography
From 1993-1997, Mr. Yakubov appeared in the Chicago Festival Ballet’s “Nutcracker” as Herr Drosselmeyer
and served as Ballet Master and Choreographer for the Chicago Festival Ballet School. He served as a
choreography instructor for the Looking Glass Theater Company’s production of Bulgakov’s “Master and
“Margarita” and taught at the Lou Conte Studio.
Mr. Yakubov was the Ballet Master and Head Choreographer for the Faubourg Ballet Theater from 1995-2001.
In 1997-1998 he staged and choreographed Ravel’s “Bolero” and “Paquita” with Alexander Lunev (principal
dancer with the Kirov Ballet). In 1999-2000, he served as Ballet Master and choreographer at the Academy
of Dance Arts. There he staged and choreographed “New Ballet Divertissement” and “Paquita” with Roger
Van Fleteren (principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre) and Yumelia Garcia (principal dancer with
Milwaukee Ballet). From June 2001 till August 2007 Mr. Yakubov was a Founder and Artistic Director of “
Ballet Cultural Arts Center” and “Youth Ballet Theatre of Chicago - NFP”. Starting in September 2009 Mr.
Yakubov will continue his carrier with Golden’s School of Dance as Ballet Master Teacher. His classes will be
featured every Wednesday evening.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information


                         Rachel Lange
                         Rachel Lange has been dancing since the age of 2 years old. Throughout her youth
                         she trained at various different studios and companies and danced competitively
                         throughout her life. Since the age of 14, Rachel has been teaching dance to children
                         of all ages. Her love for children has flourished by working with younger children in
                         dance classes, and also by being a Nanny for numerous families. She has attended
                         many competitions and conventions throughout the world, where she has danced
                         under many prestigious artists who have all helped her to excel in her dance career. She
                         has also danced for professional sporting events and festivals throughout the United
                         States. Rachel has had the great experience of coaching a Pom Team for several years,
                         and has worked on production numbers for different teams. Rachel will graduate from
Northern Illinois University in December 2010 with a minor in dance with a double major in English and
Political Science. Rachel has been blessed with the opportunity to share the joy of dance with individuals of all
ages, by teaching dance continuously for the last 7 years of her life. She is grateful for the opportunity to share
her dance experience and joy for dance with the Storm Dance Alliance Team. Since, joining the Storm Team in
March of 2010, Rachel is striving to share her love of dance with the other dancers; while also emphasizing the
importance of technique and structured training.

                         Charles Lawrence
                         My name is Charles Lawrence and I currently work as the Creative Director for
                         a Chicago social-media production company, Underscore Films, LLC (www.
               , where I do a range of services including photography,
                         videography, and image consulting. I began my academic career in the field of
                         psychology; I received my undergraduate degree at Auburn University, a master’s degree
                         in Forensic Psychology from Southern Illinois University, and am currently working on
                         my doctoral in the same field.
                       I also have a strong background in dance and performance; when I was in Springfield,
                       IL where I grew up, I taught for 2 years at Footlights dance studio, and I have also held
multiple workshops at Hubbard Street Dance Studio in downtown Chicago. While I was at Auburn University
and SIUC I not only taught, but also started up, weekly hip hop classes for students and the local community as
I have 10 years of experience choreographing different types of show choirs that have been located on the east
coast in Boston, MA all the way out to the west coast in California while working with the ages between 12-18
years old. My style of choreography is very unique because it combines a combination of dance styles from hip-
hop, to “Bob Fosse” and even contemporary. I make sure that the choreography not only matches the style and
theme of the show, but also is most creative and innovated in as many ways.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information


                        Ashlyn Sweet
                        Ashlyn Sweet started dancing at the age of seven. Through out the years she has been
                        studying all kinds of different styles of dance, her favorite being Pointe. A recent
                        graduate of Oswego East High School, Ashlyn also spent four years training and
                        competing for Storm Dance Alliance winning countless high scoring awards and
                        titles. While competing, she studied for a year with one of the most prominent ballet
                        instructors in the Chicago land area, Avnun Yakubov. In 2008 Ashlyn had a lead role
                        as the Snow Queen and a lead role as the Gentue Princess in 2009 in the Storm Dance
                        Alliance annual Nutcracker performance. In the fall of 2010 she will be attending pivot
                        point cosmetology school, while teaching young energized dancers.

                        Hayley Loufek
                        At the age of 2, Hayley began dancing and never looked back. Trained in jazz, tap,
                        lyrical, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary, Hayley has had the privilege of working with
                        top choreographers as Mia Michaels and Brian Friedman. In 2006, Hayley became a
                        full time member of the Storm Dance Alliance Competition Company, where she has
                        competed and won countless awards. As a veteran in dance recitals and Storm’s holiday
                        tradition, The Nutcracker, Hayley has also attends dance conventions, such as The Pulse
                        and Showstoppers. With her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and talent, Hayley has
                        turned her focus onto teaching young, new students the art of dance with the same
                        positive attitude and passion that she has.

                       Tahnee LaMon
                       Tahnee has been studying voice and piano for 18 years and teaching for the
                       past 3. A graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, IL, with a degree in
                       Theatre Performance and Music.
                       Tahnee has also been involved such shows as Urinetown the Musical, Cabaret,
                       The Shape of Things and many more.
                        With great enthusiasm and passion, Tahnee’s teaching style and curriculum makes every
                        lesson fun and educational from start to finish and gets each student on their desired
path to musical success. She works with both children and adults, to sharing her gift and instilling the love of
music and theatre.

2011 Fall Schedule & Information


                        Zada Cheeks
                        A native of Aurora, IL, Zada began his dance training at the age of 10. He became a
                        member of “Especially Tap Chicago” and “BAM!” before graduating from West Aurora
                        High School. Since then, Mr. Cheeks has also preformed with dance companies such
                        as: Chicago Dance Crash, Civic Ballet of Chicago, Corpo Dance company, Inaside
                        Chicago Dance, and River North Chicago Dance Company. He has toured nationally
                        and internationally to China, Spain, and Venezuela. In addition, Zada also teaches
                        at many dance studios around the Chicago land area, as well as workshops helping
                        students express their feelings through dance.

                        Kelley Jo
                       Kelley Jo joined Storm Dance Alliance in its first year as a member of the Competition
                       Company. Being apart of a National Award Winning Company, she has also been
                       recognized and received many individual awards. Kelley Jo has been privelaged of
                       working with Top Choreographers such as, Brian Friedman, Blake Mcgrath, Tyce
                       Diorio, and many more. She has danced in many perfomances of SDA’s Nutcracker
                       Ballet, Dance Chicago, and Walt Disney World’s Magic Music Days. Under the
                       instruction of Brook Langkan, Kelley Jo began teaching at SDA; where she found her
                       true passion. As much as Kelley Jo loves to dances, she found that teaching and sharing
                       her love with others was most rewarding. Since dancing at SDA, Kelley has gone on
                       to choreograph many award winning numbers. Many of her recognitions include Top
High Scores at Regional and National levels, Judges Choice Awards, and Most Entertaining Awards.
As a mom, Kelley Jo prides herself on being a family-person, and sharing her values of hard work, dedication,
and drive with every student she works with.


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