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									Getting Started With Google Docs
Opening a Google Docs Account:

Go to:

Click on “Try Google Docs Now”

Click on “Get Started” in the upper right corner

Follow instructions for creating account. Enter your email address (does not have to be
gmail) and choose a password. Re-enter your password.

Insert your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)

Do the word verification

Go over terms of service and click on “I accept. Create my account.

When completed, drag URL onto Bookmarks Toolbar (or just Bookmark it) for easy

Creating Collections and Sharing Collections
Open Google Docs from your Bookmarks Toolbar

Click on “Create New”

Click on “Collection”

Label your Collection (this will be like your folder where you put all your work into):
Use the following format for labeling your collection:
Last name, first name, course, red/blue, period
Doe, John, US History, Red, Period 2

Click on your collection. A white arrow will appear to the right of your name in the left
column. Click on the arrow. Click on share. Slide over to Share.

In Sharing Settings, under “Add people”, enter my email address:
My email address for sharing Google docs is:
This allows me to see your work so that I can grade it, make suggestions, edit, write
comments…. Unclick “Notify people via email”. This is important. I do not want to get
an email every time a student puts something in his/her Google Docs collection! Points
will be deducted after September15 for violators.

Creating and Saving New Documents in Google Docs:
Open Google Docs from your Bookmarks Toolbar
Click on “Create New” in left column

Click on “Document”

Click on Untitlled Document box on top left

Enter a title (example: Hiroshima Essay)

If the assignment is a worksheet from the class website, open the assignment, select all,
and copy the entire worksheet. Go to Google Docs and paste it into a new document.
Give it a title.

When you are finished with a document, drag it into your collection.

Uploading Keynotes, Photos, and Other Work into Your Google Docs Collection
Open Google Docs from your Bookmarks Toolbar

Click on “Upload” in left column

Click on “Files”. Find file that you want to upload into your collection. This can be a
word processing document, a Keynote project, an image, or a video.

Click on “Start Upload”

When completed uploading, drag it into your collection.

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