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									                                        Beth Hunt & Bruce Mitford



Participants must read the following carefully:

All arrangements and services organized by Mount Joy Wilderness Adventures
on behalf of the participants, are made on the sole condition that the owners and
staff shall not be held responsible for risks occasioned through acts, including
negligence of any company and/or persons engaged in carrying out the
arrangements and services described here. Such risks may include, but are not
limited to, natural disaster, delays, forces of nature, isolation from help, difficult
evacuation, loss or damage to property, human error, equipment failure, and
accidents involving injury, including death.

It is understood that you, the participant, on the trip will be partaking At Your Own
Risk, and that due to the wilderness setting and isolation certain risks to life and
limb are beyond human control and some are inherent in the activities.

You, the participant, are in good health and capable of performing the activities
required to participate in a trip of this nature, and also agree to follow any safety
and other rules set down by the company/staff.

I ______________________________________ (The participant) and my heirs
and executors hereby release Mount Joy Wilderness Adventures, and its owners
and staff from any liability, however caused, in connection with taking part in the
activity and assuming the risks and conditions mentioned above, and that all
information on the application form is accurate.

Signature _________________________________ date___________________

(Signature indicates that the above waiver has been read and agreed to.)

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