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					BEN KING / industrial design portfolio.

1-2                                 SIGNAGE LIGHTING
                  A family of LED modules or signage applications.

3-4                                   PLUG & PLAY BULB
                        A project to develop a new LED bulb.

5-6                                       EQuate
                           A coving therapy lighting unit.

7-8                                WIGGLY CATERPILLAR
                          Batch production of a child’s toy.

9 - 10                           THE BONES CHAIR
                   A child’s chair designed for CNC manufacture.

11 - 12                      ALCOHOL BREATHALYZER
             A vending styled breathalyzer unit for bars and restaurants.

13 - 14                           PILL DISPENSER
          A prototyped design to organise tablets for people with dementia.

15 - 16                            ILLUMITRON
                   Design incrementations & project management.

17 - 18                            PENCIL GRIPPER
                               A focus on ergonomics.

19 - 20                           GRIDLIGHT V.2
                          High modularity, low tooling cost.

11 - 12                             GRAPHIC ART
                       Projects built on using planes of colour.
SIGNAGE LIGHTING / LED module range.

A family of five different LED modules for signage lighting solutions with multiple points
of sale. To make these successful multiple perspectives were taken in the design
process, considering; the manufacture, assembly, sales, installation and the end user.
PLUG & PLAY, BULB / Material technologies.
An LED bulb brief was an exciting opportunity, with the need to break from the stereotypical forms
and truly exploit LED capabilities.
The three final outcomes of the project exploited the great thermal properties of natural graphite
and ceramic to give three highly efficient designs. Ceramic that allowed direct LED and light weight
graphite were important to the potential ideas.

                                                                                                       (chip on heatsink)

                                                                                                       NATURAL GRAPHITE
                                                                                                       (bonded fin)
EQuate / A therapy coving light.

above / prototyped parallel beams of light, with gentle movement   above / the final coving unit.   above / high speed prototyping   above / ARC Lighting show 2009

A light producing gentle, abstract movement for hotels and restaurants. The project
benefited from high speed prototypes to develop the desired effect.

The final design was a winner of the RCL lighting competition and featured at the ARC
exhibition in London, which led to its development with Precision Lighting.
WIGGLY CATERPILLAR / Batch production.

Mahogany and Oak designed into a small batch of hand manufactured
children’s toys.

In the workshop with lathes, milling machines and hand tools gaining
hands on experience with materials.
THE BONES CHAIR / Designed for CNC manufacture.

A child’s chair completely manufactured with a CNC flat bed router. Made with layered
plywood shapes for both the visual and the tangible experience in mind.
The design won the resistant materials award, Bennett Memorial in 2006.
A team project when working for Source Pro Asia, developing an interactive breathalyzer for
bars and clubs. The breathalyzer was full of problem solving in designing a sensor panel, user
interaction and the program. The project included factory visits, sourcing and many design

A prototyped batch of 35 thoroughly tested the design which is now being manufactured in
South China.
TABLET DISPENSER / Designing for a specific persona.

above / assembly code                                                                 above / a PCB in development.

The tablet dispenser was designed with a specific persona in mind, an elderly
lady struggling with dementia who had to take up to 20 tablets in a day inspired
the project. The prototyped concept could organise tablets for up to two weeks.

The user is alerted when a tablet is needed to be taken and when the dispenser
is running low on tablets. A carer is able to fill and enter the dosage of multiple
tablets for there patient.
ILLUMITRON / LED architectural and commercial                                        lighting.

above / 8in Downlight                                                                            above / Attrax, track lighting.

Illumitron gave me the opportunity to over see a range of projects in there
development and manufacture. With both incremental changes and product
overhauls, often sourcing, factory visits and design evaluations were carried out.
PENCIL GRIPPER / Ergonomics in the forefront.

Pencil Gripper was a team project taking the view point of a persona with
arthritis to create an easier way to sharpen pencils. The core of the design is a
mechanism to hold and feed a pencil, allowing a user to comfortably twist the
large cap.
GRIDLIGHT V2 / Low cost, high modularity.

The uniqueness of the design is the high modularity and minimal tooling costs. The
stackable frames supports a large heat sink, increasing the possible brightness of the units.

Snap fitting inserts allow the latest styles in lighting to be mirrored. With thermoformed
reflectors and an aluminum extruded frame the design no longer needs the expensive
tooling of sheet metal housing.
                                                                         above / advertising project with the crown church London.
                                                                         Pictured drinks mats.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  above / flyer for a weekly children’s club

above / Design for a canvas print, design boutique, Tunbridge Wells.

                                                                                                                                     above / drawing from direct observation & cutting stencils

An interest in fine art drives both vector art and stencil art for the Design Boutique in
Tunbridge Wells, (Kent) as well as a personal hobby.
Having found a particular interest working in planes of colours, I enjoy working with
Adobe Illustrator, cutting stencils and drawing from direct observation. This has also
become a graphical style incorporated into many freelance projects.

GRAPHIC ART / Vectors & planes of colour.

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