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Before you buy backlinks you should read this special report to avoid getting banned from Google. The practice of buying backlinks to improve Google Page Rank can be a risky business of you make these 3 common mistakes

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Can You Buy Backlinks To Increase Page Rank?

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The 3 Things You Need T Look Out For Before You Buy Backlinks...
Not all backlinks are good links. There’s seems to be this misdirected belief amongst marketers that “the more links the better”. Although this is true to some extent, the fact remains that not all links are good links. Some back links will harm your site’s Page Rank more than help it. There’s no doubt that buying backlinks is the easiest way to buy your way to the top. It’s not cheap, but it can be an easy solution if you want to get a high Page Rank without spending hours building links manually. The danger is not just in buying links, but in getting carried away. We tend to get sucked into buying the most links for the cheapest prices. This is usually where things go wrong. Big time. Your site can and will get ‘demoted’ by Google. The infamous Google Sandbox is reserved for dumb-ass marketers that try and force their way into Google’s rankinging. This is what you need to be very careful of when you buy backlinks. To simplify the criteria I will give you 3 link buying sins you need to avoid at all costs. Avoid... Thousands of links coming from the same place. Unless you are Google will not like it if there are thousands of back links that point to your site from a single source. Especially if the source has a poor Page Rank. This is a common footprint for link exchanges or what is commonly known as Link Farms. Avoid them at all costs. Google can easily track these links and nullify them. Reciprocal links have pretty much lost all their value and the days of simply plugging into a link exchange script are over. In fact, nowadays it can actually harm your site. Avoid... Sites that publicly advertise the buying and selling of links. Most people will probably disagree with me on this, but if you just think about the real purpose of links then you will see that Google frowns upon this. They want to see natural links. Sooner or later they will sniff out artificial links like those that are publicly traded.
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Big link selling networks that advertise all over the internet are leaving themselves vulnerable to having their links traced and flagged by Google. Avoid... Backlinks are becoming big business. If you are going to dish out the cash and buy back links you need to make sure you get as much bang for your buck as possible. Try and avoid buying backlinks that charge you a monthly fee to maintain the link. Buy only permanent links. The only thing worse than not having a high Page Rank is losing your high Page Rank. Instead of paying $50 per month to maintain one PR7 link you can buy a new and permanent PR7 link every month for $50. Buying backlinks aren’t nearly as straight forward as getting out your credit card. It takes planning and research. The wrong links from the wrong place can hurt your site. People selling back links are only interested in selling links. They don’t care much about anything else. At the end of the day your site is your investment and you have to e careful whom you entrust with that asset.

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