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									         Shobdon Village News
                                             December 2008 - Issue No 97

Teetering crenellations reveal rot at Church
                                                                                         A woman’s Christmas
                                                                                         Have you done the Christmas shopping?
                                                                                         I mean the thinking, listing, driving, parking,
                                                                                         walking, pushing, barging, shoving, queuing,
                                                                                         paying, carting, stopping
                                                                                         for a cup of tea (whew)
                                                                                         and setting off again?
                                                                                         Did you have to do the wrapping,
                                                                                         sticky taping, tying, tagging, hiding
                                                                                         presents in the wardrobe
                                                                                         from the prying eyes of children
         Can of worms - David Corbett, Architect John Wheatley and the builders confer   and starting off again?
The situation at the church is immeasurably worse than anyone had                        And when you’d hardly started listing
imagined. Patches of damp and cracking plasterwork had alerted the                       Christmas cards, were you receiving
building committee to some possibly major hidden problem with the roof.                  them and panicking?
The PCC, underwritten by finds from SCPT, took the intelligent step of                   Then the buying cards, the signing,
using builders Beavan and Hodges to strip back the lead from the first of                the messaging, addressing,
the side aisles to give a much more accurate picture of what was going on.               stamping, rubber banding and
The news could hardly be worse. They dismantled teetering crenellations                  putting in the box?
(they could easily be rocked by hand), and went into the bowels of the                   What about the decorating -
building. It revealed much botched work from the past, but also serious                  outside inside lighting frosting,
wet rot in the main timbers, that threatened the integrity of the structure.             inside outside upstairs twinkling,
Huge sums could be involved, and the national side of English Heritage                   sparkling, flashing, red and silver?
has been approached for a high level of funding. Meanwhile, we need to                   Done. You’ve put your feet up. Oh!
roll back more lead, from Chancel and the other aisle to give an exact                   Not forgetting Christmas dinner?
picture of what needs to be done. Dark days.                                             I mean the planning, listing, driving, parking,
                                                                                         walking, pushing, barging, shoving, queuing,
Walk the new footpath to our Cemetery in the New Year                                    paying, super marketing again?
A new footpath is to link the war memorial with the Shobdon Cemetery.                    Christmas morning peeling, stirring,
It is a perilous walk for those wishing                                                  basting, mashing, steaming, baking,
to visit the graveyard from the                                                          roasting spuds and table laying?
village, given the volume of traffic we                                                  Think you’re done and peace on earth,
now have to endure daily thundering                                                      Lizzy speeching, Granny sleeping?
through our main street. This will                                                       Then who will do the clearing up?
bring a measure of safety and relief,                                                                                            MAC
and we again owe it to the generosity
of the Corbett family, who have made
the land available for community
                                                                      Tim Walker
use. Work is expected to start early
                                                                      We record, with great sadness, the sudden
in the new year.
                                                                      death of Tim Walker at the age of 64. Tim lived
Where did they come from ?                                            at Wildflower House, with his wife of nearly 35
The derelict site of the Birches                                      years Anne, but he had lived pretty well all his
Garage has a new user. Almost                                         life in the village, and had worked for Colonel
overnight, a number of caravans                                       Corbett in the Sun Valley enterprise, latterly
and van appeared on the forecourt.                                    as manager of the hatchery. Our thoughts are
They appear to be for sale. Good                                      very much with his widow and the family.
news for anyone looking for a                                         An appreciation of his life by Rev Stephen
second-hand caravan.                                                  Hollinghurst, for which we are very grateful,
                                                                      appears on page 10.
                                                          New business at the Birches?

                                  Village News Round
Ninety Years on                                                   Pembridge Remembers
At 11 a.m. on the 11th November 1918 the guns finally fell
silent on the Western Front, and the War to End All Wars
was finally concluded, at a huge cost in terms of death and
human suffering.
Every village and community made its own sacrifices of its
youth, and Shobdon was not spared. Their young names
are commemorated on our war memorial which stands
proudly at the entrance to the village : A.Lilwall, T.Williams,
A.Ingram, J.Vaughan, F.W.Fuller, G.N.C.Evans – and again
on a tablet on the wall of our church.
Every year, we stand in silent tribute before our war
memorial at 11 a.m. on the eleventh day of the eleventh
month, and we repeat those moving words of Laurence
Binyon ‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
we will remember them’. We remember their names, carved           On the previous Sunday, the Pembridge parade of some
as they are in the cold stone of the memorial, but not who        twenty ex-servicemen and members of the British Legion,
they were, or that they were like us now, flesh and blood,        had been commanded by a serving officer, Lt Sandy
with homes and families.                                          Arbuthnott RN, who is an instructor in fast-jet training at
                                                                  RAF Linton on Ouse, but whose home is in Shobdon.
It has long been a wish to do just that, and find out who they
were, and where and how they made their final sacrifice.
Gordon and Tula Ticehurst, relatively newly of Moor               Vandalism is here again
Meadow, after a move from Henley on Thames, have an               Do you know where your children are? Who are they with?
abiding interest in genealogy and family history, and have        What are they doing?
been quietly unravelling the mystery. We are most grateful        The current spate of vandalism is escalating. Damage has
for the hours of work that have produced the fascinating          again been done at the Bar Meadow Play area and the
account of their lives that we publish in this edition, and       village green. An intruder entered a house on The Birches
which will become a small booklet in due course.                  and was heard trying a locked gate at another premises.
Shobdon Remembers Them                                            Sheds have also been entered and a dustbin housing set
                                                                  alight at Uphampton. The police have been informed but
                                                                  your help is needed to catch the culprits.
                                                                  Problems at Uphampton too
                                                                  If it is not nailed down, it will be removed and burnt. Why?
                                                                  You tell me. Three weeks ago, that is what happened to
                                                                  the beehive that housed my dustbin outside my house at

The Reverend Robin Rogers led our annual Remembrance
Day service at the Shobdon War Memorial, and some
twelve villagers including Chairman of the Parish Council
Phil Sharpe, and Norah Morgan of the Shobdon PCC and              Secure all sheds, lock your front and back doors fit and
David Corbett, came to pay their respects. A minute’s             use door chains and ensure your vehicles are locked if
silence was observed and the national flag lowered and            unattended. “Smart Water” to encode property is available
raised again.                                                     from the local police or contact the Parish Clerk, 01568
                                                                  708446. Be aware. Linda Stokes

                                 Village News Round
News from the Bateman Arms                                       Eve. If you fancy a go please pop in and buy a ticket!
Well that was a wet summer! Nonetheless we squeezed in a         Our opening hours over the festive season:
few BBQ’s and evening events and when the sun shone the          Christmas Day - 12 to 3pm and 7pm to 1030pm
garden was the place to be!
                                                                 Boxing Day - 11am to 11pm
The summer pool league when very well under the guidance
of the Team Captain Andy and we have some new players -          New Years Eve – 12 to whenever!
including two excellent junior players in Stewart and Luke       New Years Day 6pm to 11pm
– in Jake and George to bring fresh blood to the team. We
remain in the 2nd Division for the Winter league and have
having some fun nights playing both home and away. And                                           It hard to imagine from
yes we are getting the table re-covered!                                                         within the depths of winter
                                                                                                 that in just a few months we
                                                                                                 will once again be preparing
                                                                                                 to host another food festival
                                                                                                 in the village. Over that
                                                                                                 time we have hosted over
                                                                                                 seven thousand people at
                                                                                                 our festival site up at the
                                                                                                 church and raised around 20
                                                                                                 thousand pounds for various
                                                                                                 local and national charities
                                                                 from Riding for the Disabled and Hereford hospital’s
                                                                 cancer unit to the village Primary School, ‘Sunshine Club’
                                                                 and church.
                                                                 We hope the 2009 event will be bigger than ever. It’s a
                                                                 tough economic climate for small independent producers
                                                                 and we will once again aim to offer them a relaxed family
The two darts team go from strength to strength and that’s       environment in which to sell their wares. That’s where you
thanks to the stalwart leadership from the two respective        come in. It’s time to put the dates of the festival in your
team Captain’s Greg and Sarah.                                   diaries (June 27th and 28th) and share it with as many
                                                                 people as you can. Why not book family or friends in for
We have also joined the Kington and District Quiz league.        a visit now? We are already working hard at selecting a
Richard and Zoey know some stuff, Paula is a mine of niff        wide variety of producers and artisans to attend as well as
naff and trivia, I’m the team handicap and Dave, the Team        planning plenty of 5th birthday surprises!
Captain, does the best he can with the four of us! So if you
                                                                 We have grand plans for the Saturday evening when we will
fancy joining us please do, we need all the help we can
                                                                 host a Grand Birthday Ball. The theme is the 1940’s and a
get! It’s home or away every Sunday – you don’t have to
                                                                 live big band should ensure the evening goes with a swing!
play every Sunday – and we have been to some lovely pubs
                                                                 There will be food and a bar and tickets are available now
around the area; although I’ll never find them again cos we
                                                                 and already going like hot cakes (free bottle of wine to any
always go in the dark!
                                                                 party that come in period dress!)
And finally we are forming a crib team for the next season       There is still time though for you to have your say on what
– no age limit and lack of ability to play is not a handicap!!   you would like to see at this year’s event. You can contact us
We have seasoned players and players new to the game and         directly at the email address below with any thoughts and
we have a pleasant time on Saturday or Sunday afternoons         suggestions of how we can make things better - we’d love
learning how and the etiquette to play. So if you fancy a        to hear from you. Similarly if you would like to volunteer
hand please join us                                              your services on one of our numerous volunteer rotas,
We have raised a considerable amount of money for a              again – please don’t be shy!
number of charities – air ambulance PDSA and Haven -             If you want to keep up to date with how the plans are
over the months through an assortment of activities and          going or reminisce about the fun we’ve had over the past
Bill and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the      half a decade through our photo gallery, take a look at
various regulars who organised, supported and contributed        our website ( which will be
to the fund raising. The Christmas charities are the Army        updated regularly as plans take shape. See you in June!
Benevolent Fund and SSAFA and we have a giant Teddy Bear         Terry Teale Festival Organiser Tel: 01568 708 725
called “Fred”up for raffle the draw being 6pm Christmas          Email:

The Village Hall
Committee members.
Chairman/ Parish Council representative             Mr Andrew Sheers          01568 708287
Secretary                                           Mrs Jackie Weight
Treasurer                                           Mr W. Stokes              01568 709293
Booking Clerk                                       Mrs A. Kent-Phillips      01568 708446
Trustee                                             Mrs S. Womersely
Trustee                                             Mr Glen Jones
Shobdon School representative                       Mrs Vicky Hancock
Shobdon PTA                                         Mr Steve Macdonald
Parishioner                                         Mrs Hazel Hinson
Shobdon Playgroup representative                           Fisher
                                                    Mrs Jo Fisher.

Since the last newsletter, the Village Hall Committee has        year for use of the Village Hall, so please do consider it for
been starting to plan a new calendar of events to be held in     your next party/event.
the Village Hall. This is starting with a Quiz Night on 6th
                                                                 Due to the increasing energy costs, it has been proposed
December, for which we must thank Phil and Jayne Sharp
                                                                 not to hold the village Christmas Lights competition this
for preparing and scoring the quiz. Other proposals so
                                                                 year. The Committee welcomes your feedback on this and
far, include a Whist Drive, a Bingo evening and a Pudding
                                                                 any other issues relating to the Village Hall.
and Pimms evening. However, we really want to organise
events that Shobdon’s residents would enjoy and support.         Jacqui Weight, Secretary, Village Hall Committee
So if you have any ideas or requests for individual or
                                                                 Shobdon Village Draw
regular events, or would be willing to help in organising
events, please contact the Village Hall Secretary, Jacqui        September2008
Weight (01568 708873) or any other member of the your            1st.prize £15  No 51            Leon Meredith
Committee.                                                       2nd.prize £10 No14              Jennifer Rowland
                                                                 3rd.prize £5   No48             Joff and Emma Roberts
Carpet Bowls continues to be popular and is held every
Wednesday in the Hall. New members (whatever your
                                                                 1st.prize £15  No91             Mike Evans
ability) are always welcome. For more details, contact Ann
                                                                 2ndprize £10 No87               Ann Wozencroft
                                                                 3rd prize £5   No96             Mr & Mrs L.J.Fletcher
As part of a larger project of building work to the school,      November 2008
the Village Hall facilities are currently being upgraded to      1st prize £15  No 163           Greg Taylor
refurbish the ladies and gent’s toilets, incorporating a fully   2nd prize £10 No 36             Zoe & Owen Whittall
upgraded disabled toilet. This work should be completed          3rd prize £5   No 3              Carol Stocker
during early December.
                                                                 Christmas Draw 2008
Bookings for use of the Village Hall can be made by              1st prize £100 No.98            Doug Perkins
contacting the Bookings Clerk, Ann Kent-Phillips (01568          2nd prize £50 No.128            Susan Morgan
708446). There has been no increase in hire charges this         3rd prize £25 No.78             Sarah Whittaker
                                                                 4th prize £15 No.100            Jean Wilkinson
                                                                 5th prize £10 No.75             Colin Wilkinson
Shobdon Poors Land Educational Foundation                        6th Prize £5   No.40            Fiona Carmichael
Charity No: 527130                                               Draw took place at the Parish Council meeting
A charity able to give some financial assistance towards         December 8th 2008
various educational expenses of boys and girls in Shobdon
Parish. Awarded annually to successful applicants in
October. Closing date for applications September 30th.
Application forms and further details can be obtained            Shobdon Village Trust
from the secretary. This year there was one application and      Charity No: 509058
Shobdon School received a grant for musical instruments.         Trustees: Mr C. Williams, Mr S. MacDonald and Mrs M.
Trustees:                                                        Carmichael. Secretary: Mrs Ann Kent-Phillips
Reverend Julie Read Shobdon P.C.C. Councillor Phillip            The objects of the Trust shall be for the general benefit of
Sharp Parish Council, Councillor Roger Phillips Hereford         the inhabitants of the Parish of Shobdon. Suggestions to
Council, Councillor Malcolm Williams Parish Council              benefit all may be sent to the secretary for consideration
Parishioners: Mrs Anne Wozencroft, Mrs Norah Morgan              by the Trustees. The Park and Stride car park has now
Secretary: Mrs Ann Kent-Phillips                                 been completed.
The Parish Council
The joint Village Stores/Parish
Council website is found by going
to                                           Chairman Mr Phil Sharp            01568 708887
The Annual meeting resulted                                           Mr Steve Macdonald                01568 708675
in no changes to the various
                                                                      Mr Chris Williams                 01568 708008
committees with Mr Phil Sharp
being returned as chairman.                                           Mr Mac Williams                   01568 708422
The Park and Stride car park                                          Mr Joff Roberts                   01568 708380
is now finished and a CCTV           Phil Sharp Chairman of the       Mr Bill Stokes                    01568 709293
camera and PIR light have been                   Parish Council
installed.                                                            Mr Andrew Sheers                  01568 708287
Vandalism is again on the increase with fencing broken                Parish clerk: Mrs. A. Kent-Phillips
in the Play Area, the litter bin at Hanbury Green broken
                                                                      5,The Birches, Shobdon, Leominster, HR6 9NG.
off and a dustbin shelter set on fire. Please keep your eyes
open and either ring the police on 0300 333 000 or the clerk          Telephone: 01568 708446
708446, should you see anything happening.                            e mail
Is anyone interested in becoming a youth leader and
reopening the youth club?
                                                                   Parish Council Committees
The updated reprint of the booklet “Shobdon Walks” is
underway and will eventually be for sale locally.                  Planning: Mr Macdonald.,Mr C. Williams, Mr A. Sheers
                                                                   and Mr W. Stokes.
Your Parish Council is actively engaged in trying to replace
                                                                   Maintenance: Mr W. Stokes, Mr J. Roberts
Playschool. This amenity is essential to keeping Shobdon
                                                                   Village Trust: Mr Macdonald, Mr C. Williams.
School open after 2010.
                                                                   Education Trust: Mr Sharp, Mr M. Williams.
Parishioners are invited to come at 7-45pm. Subjects raised        Airfield Management Committee: Mr A. Sheers, Mr
will not be discussed during the ensuing meeting but               W. Stokes.
may be included on the next agenda. The police usually             Village Hall: Mr A. Sheers
are in attendance half an hour before each meeting if any          Website co-ordinators: Mrs A. Kent-Phillips, Mr P.
parishioner needs to speak to them. this will be in private.       Sharp.
Ann Kent-Phillips Parish Clerk 01568 708446

                                                                  Shobdon WI
                                                                  Would you like to see Shobdon W.I. open again ?
                                                                  Come to a coffee morning at the Village Hall on 10th Jan
                                                                  2009 at 11 a.m. if you are interested.
                                                                  Your response will be my answer. Lyn Stokes
                                                                  Sponsored Bike Riders Raise boost funds for
                                                                  On September 13th - a beautiful sunny day Morag and
                                                                  I cycled 60 miles and visited 10 Churches and Chapels
                                                                  between Shobdon and Kings Pyon, raising about £ 150
                                                                  for Shobdon, and other, Historic Churches through the
                                                                  generous sponsorship of our friends in the Village. We
                                                                  understand that our organist,Andrew Gilliat did likewise.
                                                                  We thank all those who contributed towards this cause
                                                                  Richard Morley
                                                                  Shobdon Visitor Centre
                                                                  We are now closed for the winter, and hope to open in
                                                                  March 2009. I would like to thank the Corbett family, Pearl
                                                                  Lake caravaners, walkers, trips, and the Croft Ambrey
                                                                  running club for all their support. Hope to see you all again
                                                                  in 2009. Best wishes from Pam Jones and the family.

Herefordshire Councillor’s Report
Highway Improvements                                             over 8% more new outpatients.
The footway from the War Memorial to the Cemetery as             In the Accident and Emergency
requested by the community will be built this winter. The        Department 98% of patients
project was originally planned for last year but the repairs     were treated in less than 4 hours
to roads following the Summer 2007 floods meant that it          (national target 98%) with 62%
was delayed till now and after the nesting season. The land      within 2 hours.
is been given by the Corbett Family and part of the cost is      There is a national target that by
coming from Kingspan as part of an agreement for one of          December 2008, 90% of admitted
their planning permissions to improve highway safety.            and 95% of non admitted patients
Designs are being drawn up for the pedestrian crossing           should be treated within 18 weeks.
across the main road between Moor Meadow and the                 At Hereford Hospital there has be strong progress made
Playground. I shall take the latest designs to the Parish        this year with 95% and 99% of admitted and non admitted
Council for their comment.                                       patients being treated within the target time.
Shobdon School                                                   The monitoring of infections ( MRSA and Clostridium
The recent annual report on the school from the Council’s        Difficile) show good tolerance levels. While the finances
Schools Team highlight that personal development and             are slightly behind budget the patient satisfaction levels
well being of pupils is a particular strength. The Quality of    on hospital food, disturbance at night and awareness
teaching and learning, curriculum and other activities also      of planned discharge date have resulted in some action
received the highest of grades. With equally high praise for     plans.
effective leadership and management means we can be well         The Three Counties Cancer Care Network has now
proud of our primary school and encourage prospective            established a project board to take forward the development
parents to visit and send their children there.                  of satellite radiotherapy at Hereford Hospital working to
Hereford County Hospital                                         open in 2012. There are plans also to establish a bowel
The Councils Scrutiny Committee recently monitored               cancer screening centre at the County Hospital as well.
the activities of Hereford Hospital. Patient numbers have        Roger Phillips
increased this year with over 17% more Daycases and              01432260046 / 01544340269 or Email: rjphillips@

Sustainable Shobdon
Pupils from Wigmore School have been looking at the              Students have been able to develop and enhance the
subject of sustainability in a whole new way. On 13th            woodland and stream areas by installing bat boxes and
October the Year 7 pupils from the school attended an            planting native aquatic plants and trees such as rowan,
exciting educational production, ‘SPeAR – The Experience’,       alder and wild cherry. The pupils have also purchased
at Hereford’s Courtyard Theatre.                                 monitoring equipment to keep an eye on the weather and
                                                                 the life cycle of the “mini-beasts” that have made their
‘SPeAR – The Experience’ is a theatrical performance
                                                                 homes at the school.
bringing into life in dynamic fashion the choices we all face
in making sure our planet has a future and provides ideas        Kingspan takes its environmental responsibilities seriously
for thinking and acting differently. It is hoped that engaging   on site as well as in the community, and has been keeping
young people in this way will leave a strong impression of       ahead of the game on CO2 emissions, keeping its impact
the consequences of their actions upon the world.                on the environment to a bare minimum through its climate
The show, which is in its second year, took place between        change action plan.
October 13 and 16 at the Courtyard and all Year 7 pupils         Earlier this year for instance, a combined heat and power
in the Herefordshire area were invited to attend the             (CHP) system was installed at Kingspan’s plant, allowing
performance free of charge. Kingspan Insulation was              the whole site to benefit from energy generated by a much
instrumental in the creation of ‘SPeAR - The Experience’,        more efficient system. It is expected that this will lead to a
providing most of the funding for the show both years.           big reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions.
Amanda Townsend, Science Teacher at Wigmore School,              While company policies are important, what each individual
thought it was a fantastic way to extend what the children       does can make just as much impact. Making small changes
had been learning in school.                                     in your everyday life both in the workplace and at home
                                                                 can all add up.
For example, pupils at Wigmore have been improving
the school grounds and encouraging biodiversity using            Simple things like unplugging chargers when not in use, or
funding of just over £3,000 from the Kingspan Insulation         switching TVs and computers off rather than putting them
Community Trust.                                                 on standby can make a real impact. Everyone can do their
                                                                 bit so together let’s make a difference!
Sue and Penny making magic with RDA
You pass the sign The Sue Adams Riding Stables on the
road by the War Memorial, but unless you have a particular
interest in horses, it does not really engage your attention.
It has been there however, since 1989, when Sue set up her
business in the stables behind the Ox House, and is such
an integral part of village life, that belatedly SVN headed
down there for a closer look.

                                                                 The children come every Tuesday – they suffer from
                                                                 autism, cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome and all sorts of
                                                                 physical disabilities, with victims of accidents, strokes,
                                                                 blindness, ADHD and behaviour problems, and they find
                                                                 relief and even joy in riding and being with horses. Sue
                                                                 can tell how horses think; she has, after all, been around
                                                                 them for a lifetime. They mirror human behaviour. So, they
                                                                 have to choose their horses carefully. Some comfort, others
                                                                 challenge, but the children are taught to ride and to do
                                                                 what they are able to do, and get the benefit of exercise and
                                                                 enjoyment. The affect on them is amazing, and is so good
                                                                 for balance, co-ordination and self-discipline.

There are really two parts to this story. One is Sue herself,
a cheerful, no-nonsense sort of person, who just gets on
with things – not unusual in the world of horses. She loves
horses, being with them , riding them, training them,
and they have been her life always. ‘They are,’ she says’
inherently honest. She quoted Churchill ‘The best thing for
the inside of a man is the outside of a horse’. She has her
own Lippizaner, of which, she says, she is inordinately fond.
She runs a successful commercial riding school, giving
lessons in horsemanship to all who wish, and catering for
all levels, from first time out up to competition level. It is
BHS approved, and indeed won the prestigious BHS Riding
School of the year in 2000, and she employs three part-
                                                                 RDA has 26 riders at the moment, mainly from Leominster,
time instructors and a yard man, who has been with her
                                                                 and 24 helpers, with four instructors, and although all
for twenty years. She lives in Pembridge and has two boys
                                                                 give their services free, the riders pay a donation towards
of her own, two foster children and three step children, and
                                                                 their riding just for the use of the horses. RDA is a charity,
now ten grandchildren, some of whom ride.
                                                                 and is funded totally from charitable giving, and Sue
The other part is her involvement with Riding for the            acknowledges gratefully support from Kington Lions, Pearl
Disabled. Penny Corbett built the indoor school for the          Lake, the Dilwyn Show, our own Food and Drink Festival,
RDA, but Sue came with her riding school to make the             and many individual donations.
operation viable and very much with RDA in mind, so
                                                                 It’s a wonderful thing. Many of these children live their
much so that she is now Chief National Examiner for
                                                                 time in a twilight world, and one has the feeling that, at
instructors for RDA. Penny is very much the moving spirit
                                                                 least on Tuesday afternoons, some real sunshine comes
and organises it, but Sue, with a wonderful band of helpers,
                                                                 into their lives.
makes it all work.

                                                                 Heartstart School and all our children will be embarking
School News                                                      on age-related programmes in the near future.
                                                                 Those of you who have visited the school or Village Hall
As Christmas draws near it is time to reflect on all that
has been happening in school during the Autumn Term.             recently will have noticed the builders are in! We are busy
It is exciting recount the many activities our children          on a series of improvements to the toilet facilities and
have enjoyed and also the varied opportunities that the          staffroom that will bring benefits to all. So please bear with
community has had to be involved in school life. We have         us during the disruption!
been thrilled to be able to give every child in school the       We would like to thank all those who continue to support
opportunity to go swimming this term, and it has given so        the school with their fund-raising, in particular the Friends
much confidence to our youngest children and enabled all         of Shobdon School, all the readers who come in regularly
the children to progress.                                        and those of you who have dropped in scores of Morrisons
Class 3 have enriched their curriculum by studying a             vouchers.
Shakespeare play and going to see an adaptation of Romeo         We will be running a Christmas card recycling scheme in
and Juliet at the Music Hall, Shrewsbury. This undoubtedly       the New Year if you would like to drop yours in.
gave them a real love of Shakespeare!                            The children and Staff of Shobdon School wish you all a
Class 2 have been busy learning about the Romans and             Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.
greatly enjoyed their workshop experience from the
Herefordshire Museum Service. They were involved in
activities ranging from archaeological digs and grinding         Thought for Christmastide
herbs to learning how to wear a toga!                            By John Andrew
The visit Class 1 made to the village monument was a             What a world we live in – there seems to be nothing but
fitting culmination to their work about the importance           disaster, famine, loss of jobs, recession, war, blockades,
of Remembrance Day. They certainly understand the                and terrorism in the news at the moment. Not surprising,
importance of wearing a poppy with pride. In October it          then, that most of us feel worried and insecure. And this
was a great honour for myself, Mrs Weale and Miss Davies         is Christmas, a time of good will, and peace among men?
to receive an award on behalf of the school from the British     When we are thinking of presents, and food? Think back
Legion for the work we do in school to support the poppy         with me.
                                                                 The first Christmas was in Israel, and happened in a very
                                                                 small hamlet just outside Jerusalem, its capital. The country
                                                                 was under the rule of the Roman empire which imposed its
                                                                 law by force, using armies of highly trained soldiers skilled
                                                                 in close fighting. Israel was divided under two governors,
                                                                 who could decree death, punishment and torture as he
                                                                 felt it was needed. To ensure that proper control could be
                                                                 maintained, a census was ordered, so that the governors
                                                                 could know how many men there were, and where they
                                                                 lived; each man had to register at the place of birth.

I must mention the work our school does to support so            Mary and Joseph lived and worked in Nazareth, about forty
many good causes. Already this year we have collected            miles north of Bethlehem, where Joseph was born. Despite
money for UNICEF with our Jars of Grace Appeal, at our           the fact that Mary was bout 38 months pregnant, they had
lovely Harvest service in Shobdon Church and we were             to make this trip to register on the day of the census. They
very active for the Children in Need Appeal. At Christmas        were poor, and this census probably cost them two weeks
we are supporting the CLIC Sargent Charity for Children          wages each. She had to be carried on a donkey for about a
with Cancer, this being of particular importance to all of us    week – uncomfortable and hazardous for the mum-to-be.
in Shobdon School. The understanding our children have           When they arrived, and looked for somewhere to stay, they
of the needs of others is a real indication of the whole ethos   found that all the pubs and B&Bs were full – even if they
of the school and its core values.                               could have afforded it - and their relatives were also full
Our ‘Big Breakfast for Book Week’ was very well supported        up. Out of kindness, one publican said they could sleep
by the community. It was a real tribute to the hard work of      in the stable. And that’s where Jesus was born, the animals
all the staff to do something a little bit different!            providing the only extra warmth that night.
Our older pupils had the opportunity to take part in a           So, to a down-and-out family, in an alien village, under
countrywide initiative called ‘Crucial Crew’, which gave         military rule, Jesus was born. God came to be with man in
them the skills and knowledge to deal with emergency             the poorest and meanest time and place. If this gift was to
situations. I am pleased to say that as a result of hard work    be given today, where would it be? Would you offer Mary
and training our school has now been recognised as a             and Joseph a place in your barn or shed, or even your house
                                                                 this Christmas, or would the celebrations crowd Him out?
                                                                   go to Leominster or Kington when you need to add credit.
Post Office News                                                    Bulk deals now available
                                                                   Aware of everyone’s desire to get great value for money, we
                                                                   have started to bring in special deals on some bulk purchase
                                                                   items. We recently had Bold washing powder 90wash packs
                                                                   usual price £24.99, we were selling at £15.99. Comfort 5ltr
                                                                   at £5.99 instead of £9.99. These are outstanding prices
                                                                   but can only be whilst stocks last. When we can get these
                                                                   great deals we will bring them into the shop, so keep an
                                                                   eye out when you come in but also on the web site www.
                                                          We will be looking at other bulk buy
                                                                   products including washing tablets, dishwasher tabs, coffee
                                                                   So whether buying for home or a small business, it’s makes
                                                                   sense – and if you have specific products you would like us
                                                                   to look out for, just let us know.
                                                                   New Lottery terminal installed
With Christmas racing headlong towards us we all start to          An all new Lottery terminal has been installed, which is
feel the pressure and the world goes mad for a little while.       quicker, easier and can produce “FastPay” cards, which
Then we get to Christmas day and it’s like hitting the eye         means you no longer have to keep your paper play slips,
of a storm – all goes quiet for a little time. With all that is    but can have a small lottery slip, in a plastic wallet, which
happening in the world right now I wish you a safe and             is scanned and prints those numbers you regularly use!
peaceful Christmas.                                                Unfortunately it doesn’t guarantee that million pound
I write this article at a time when I have just heard the sad      jackpot!
news of Tim Walkers sudden death, all our sympathy’s and           More Awards for your shop and post office
thoughts go to Ann and the family. This is a time of year          We were delighted this year to be recognised once again in
when many reflect on what has gone and what may be to              recent National Awards. In July we were runner up in two
come, and hearing the news of Tim reminds me of how                categories at the Retail Industry Awards, and in November
fragile our time here is and how important it is to make the       we were winners in one category and runner up in another
most of what we have. As I write this I have the vision of         at the IAA Awards. Both are prestigious National Awards, so
Tim’s smile and good humour at the front of my mind. We            it is fantastic recognition for the good work of all our staff,
will miss him.                                                     and shows that when competing with some of the bigger
We were saved                                                      shops, us small village shops still have more to offer!!
Times they are changing! With the world tightening its belt
and our rural way of life coming under further pressure it
was with relief that we heard that our Post Office branch has
not been included in the recent round of closures, which
has seen 2,500 branches across the country disappear. In
our immediate area, Pembridge & Wigmore will be lost,
whilst being replaced by an outreach service. Increasingly
we see local services going, and it is vital that we all do what
we can to retain the likes of Village schools, shops and Post
Offices. Without them our way of life is under threat and
will make living in the country that much harder.
We will continue in our small part, continue to look to
improve what we have to offer, inform and advise and
support our local community. What’s’ important for us, is
that you help us; by telling us the things we do well and          With Christmas fast approaching it is always a time of
maybe not so well. All that we do is always open to change,        reflection – should I have spent that much!, A time to take
as long as it is viable and is compatible with the business        stock – I’m sure I had more beer in than that! And a time
we have.                                                           to say thanks!
Top up your meter keys with us                                     From all the Staff at the Shop, from Aileen and myself, may
There have been changes recently – many households have            we thank you for your custom and support this year. We
NPower meter keys that previously we were unable to top            look forward to seeing and serving you in 2009. May we
up for you. Now we can! Electricity keys, Quantum gas              wish Health, Wealth and Happiness. Merry Christmas
cards can be topped up with credit at the shop counter with        Martin Lovell
the Post Office PayStation terminal. You no longer have to
                                                                 just a few days before he died, and theirs was a great
Tim Walker 1944 - 2008                                           partnership in so many ways. They’d had recent holidays in
This is an edited version of an appreciation by                  Sweden and the States and were still making plans for the
Prebendary Stephen Hollinghurst                                  future, still enjoying their twice-yearly trips to Gozo, and
                                                                 were intending to go to India together in 2009 to spend
Tim was born on October 5th 1944 his parents, Peter and
                                                                 time working with Anne’s charity there - helping amputees
Patsy, were farming in Suffolk when Tim arrived on the
                                                                 and children with walking difficulties and disabilities.
scene, but soon after the war ended they all moved to
                                                                 Travelling wasn’t easy for Tim, and he was often in great
Garden House Shobdon and then into Shobdon Court. As
                                                                 pain and discomfort, but he always made the best of things
you probably know, Peter’s claim to fame was as a gentleman
                                                                 and just got on with what he and Anne wanted to do. He
racing driver with the legendary post-war Jaguar Team. He
                                                                 was absolutely devoted to Anne, as she was to him, and he
raced alongside Stirling Moss, and won Le Mans in 1951.
                                                                 was endlessly proud and supportive of everything she did
Tim, meanwhile, was sent to a number of public schools           and achieved.
to be educated completing his schooling at Bradfield, near       Although Tim was always good company and good fun to
Reading. On leaving school, Tim went to work for Sun             be with, there was also a solitary, self-sufficient side to his
Valley - then a brand new company - and started at the           character. He was quite comfortable in his own company
bottom of the ladder, but he was to work his way up through      and never minded being quiet and alone. On the other
every department in his 23 years in the business until he        hand, especially in his younger days, he’d loved fishing,
finally arrived as Hatchery Manager here at Shobdon.             shooting and, above all, a pint in the pub with friends.
Tim and Nessa were married in 1966, and their daughter           Tim could - and did - mix well with anyone and everyone
Catherine arrived later that year, but sadly the marriage        and was as comfortable with colleagues from the hatchery
ended, albeit amicably, just a few years later.                  and friends from the village as he was with the great and
It was in 1973 that Tim married Anne, a colleague at Sun         the good. He treated everyone with equal respect and
Valley, and they made a new start together in a little cottage   deference and was a warm, charismatic and accepting man
near Bartestree before moving to what is now Shobdon             - finding genuine interest in everyone he met. Again there’s
                                                                 a charming little story to illustrate the point - he once met
                                                                 Princess Margaret when she was visiting Shobdon Church
                                                                 with Sir Thomas Dunne, but then he taught her to feather-
                                                                 sex chickens during a spur-of-the-moment tour of the
                                                                 At work, Tim was a wonderful boss - although he absolutely
                                                                 hated paperwork and admin. - and Anne tells me he was
                                                                 not a tidy person - which could be the understatement of
                                                                 the century! He never fell out with people and could take
                                                                 everything in his stride. He proved his abilities as a natural
                                                                 communicator when he appeared on the BBC’s Antiques
                                                                 Road Show when the programme came to Leominster a
                                                                 few years ago. He presented a remarkable (and immense)
                                                                 Chinese cabinet to the experts for their perusal but rather
                                                                 stole the scene and was, by common consent, a natural in
Court Mews when Tim took over management of the                  front of the cameras.
Hatchery, before moving on again to Wildflower House in
                                                                 Tim was a wonderful father, husband and brother, and a
                                                                 faithful friend. One of those closest to him said last week,
In 1985 Tim left Sun Valley. It was at about this time that      as the news of his sudden and premature death spread
his health started to give him problems. He struggled with       around a shocked community, that “there was nothing not
undiagnosed diabetes for some years, which led to further        to love about Tim” - and that’s absolutely right.
health issues as time went on. Eventually, he had to have                                                         Anne…’I
                                                                 Another friend wrote this in a brief note to Anne…’I am
his right leg amputated, but there’s a little story about this   completely devastated and my heart goes out to you in your
that says a great deal about how Tim always dealt with           terrible and so unexpected loss. Tim was different to other
such setbacks… Anne relates how she went to visit Tim            men and I am proud and privileged to have known him and
immediately following the amputation in the Nuffield             to have considered him a friend. Suffering agonies with his
Hospital in Hereford. She went into his room and was             own problems over many years he never complained, whilst
horrified to see a note at the head of his bed reading not       his kindness and consideration for others knew no bounds’.
“Nil By Mouth” but “One Foot In The Grave”. She couldn’t
                                                                 That sums up brilliantly the Tim we all knew and loved,
believe that anyone could be so callous and unprofessional
                                                                 the Tim we are all privileged to have known, the Tim we
and demanded to know who had put the notice there…of
                                                                 will always miss terribly, but will always remember with
course, it was Tim himself!
                                                                 fondness, appreciation and gratitude.
Tim and Anne celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary
  Shobdon Aero
Club Café and Bar
  Open to the public
     9am - 5pm
    7 days a week
 Tel: 01568 708783
                         Roast Sunday Lunches,
                       Breakfast, Lunches, Snacks,
                           Home made cakes,
                          Seasonal bar snacks.
                        Bar Open 5pm Till Close

                                                          Pickles                                      Jellies
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                                                          Sauces                                         Jam
        General Chiropody / Podiatric Treatment
     Ground Floor Clinic • Easy Parking • Home Visits
                                                                 COUNTRY PRESERVES
          LESLEY RUNACUS B.Sc (Hons), M.Ch.S                         Telephone: 01568 708362
                 Podiatrist/Chiropodist                     e-mail:
                   HPC Registered
                                                        Homemade with produce mostly from our own garden
       Clinics in Leominster and Ludlow                                 Hampers made to order
                Tel: 01568 780580
                                                        Telephone for a free Leaflet & Price List to order goods

                    Bill and Diana
                                                        The Bateman Arms
          Welcome you to a 17th Century Inn of
        character and charm for home cooked and
                  locally sourced food.
          Traditional and Contemporary Beers
                Open all day and everyday
             Food served Tuesday to Sunday
            Telephone: 01568 708374


       Stokes & Son
     AGRICULTURAL AND                                  MANUFACTURING QUALITY FEED
        Bellwood, Shobdon,                              FOR LIVESTOCK WORLDWIDE
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     Quality, Qualified, Experienced Care for
           Children aged 3 to 14 years

            After School to 5.30pm
          Holidays 8.30am till 5.30pm

     Also, Early Worm Club available during
       term time only, 8.00am till School

     If you are interested please call Jane
          Summers on 07815 978 727

                      GWYN DAVIES
               Unit 1, Ledicot Lane, Shobdon,
             Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 9LT

                                                                 18th Jan            Rev Judith Chapman
Church News
St John the Evangelist Parish Church, Shobdon
                                                                 1st Feb
                                                                 15th Feb
                                                                                     Mr Jon Barry
                                                                                     Mrs June Smith
Sunday, December 7th      Evensong 6pm                           1st March           Reverend Mary Jolly
Sunday, December 14th     Holy Communion 9.30am                  15th March          Mrs June Smith
Sunday, December 21st     Carol service 11am                     29th March          Rev Sam Stone – Holy Communion
Christmas Day             Holy Communion 10am                    Regular Events
Sunday, December 28th     Holy Communion 11am, group             Holy Communion at 10.30 a.m. on the first Sunday of every
service                                                          month conducted by the Reverend Robin Rogers. Please
Service times at other group churches:                           note – no Service in January, so the first service in the new
Christmas Eve Crib service at Pembridge and Lyonshall            year will be on the 5th February 2009
4pm                                                              Coffee and Chat 10.30 a.m. – 12 noon every third
Midnight Communion at Pembridge and Lyonshall                    Thursday of the month – come and meet old friends and
11.30pm                                                          make new – everyone welcome. If you need transporty,
Holy Communion at Staunton 9pm                                   please ring 01568 708836.
Christmas Day Holy Communion at Byton at 9am                     Our recent Coffee Morning and Mini-bazaar raised just
               Family Service at Pembridge, 11.15am              over £190. We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to our loyal
               Family service at Lyonshall 10am                  Shobdon folk, as well as everyone who supported us from the
Our Rector, Julie Read                                           circuit and even further afield, with Elizabeth (Ammonds)
With great gladness, we heard at the end of November that        Yensen visiting and assisting from Kidderminster. Special
Julie Read will be back with us as our priest after Christmas.   thanks to Liz and also to first-time helper, Alisha Stanley,
We must all pray that God’s healing and strengthening            aged ten, from Shobdon, who coped so admirably selling
hand continues to be with her in her ministry. Let’s give        tickets for “Sweets in the Bottle” and for the raffle. Well
help when it’s asked.                                            done, Alisha.
Tanzania Appeal. The churches in Herefordshire have
links with the churches in Tanzania, an extraordinarily
poor country. We are helping to provide a training centre                Don’t Panic!
for animal farming, and also a training centre for young
people from poor backgrounds, HIV/Aids orphans, and the                  we are here to help
young unemployed. If you can afford to help, please send
a cheque made payable to “Hereford Diocesan Board of
Finance” with a note that it is for the credit of the Tanzania
appeal to: Mr G Powell, The Diocesan Office, The Palace,
Hereford HR4 9BL. Fuller details of this appeal are in the
Spotlight. The Club continues to be well supported with
twenty or so children coming to meetings week by week.
This term started in the middle of September, when
newcomers were welcomed, and the second week we had
a marvellous barbecue in Norah Morgan’s garden. The
first meeting of the Club next term is on Wednesday, 14
January, and formal notices confirming this will be sent out              Training & Tuition
                                                                          Henry James puts the jargon into
by the school.                                                            plain English.
Prayer group. The group continues to meet in the Methodist
                                                                          Computer Support
Chapel at 11am on the first and third Tuesday each month.                 Get the most from your computer
Group meetings are entirely informal, some people praying
                                                                          Website & Database Design
silently, some out loud, but all the prayers are confidential.            Inspire visitors, impress clients
If you would like to know more, if you would like to join,
                                                                          We can help you with:
or if there is something or someone for whom you would                    Broadband setup • Email issues • Digital cameras
particularly like prayer, please speak in confidence to Julie             Printers • iPods • Networking • Latest gadgets

Read (01544 388998), or John Andrews (708277).
The Chapel Shobdon
Services continue at 11 a.m. fortnightly as follows for the
next quarter :
21st Dec - Reverend Judith Chapman – Carol Service
                                                                        Tel: 01544 388002          Email:
4th Jan         Reverend Sam Stone                                      Mob: 07799 275401          Web:

The Men on the Shobdon War Memorial
Written and researched by Tula and Gordon Ticehurst
I am sure most of you will have seen the War Memorial in          appears to be a pretty accurate Roll of Honour that was
Shobdon on the corner of Ledicott Lane and perhaps, in            amended as the names of the casualties were announced.
passing, looked at the names inscribed on it. But who were
                                                                  A E Lilwall
these men who gave their lives, what is their story?
                                                                  Arthur Edward Lilwall was the youngest son of William
                                                                  and Charlotte Lilwall being born in 1896. He had a brother,
                                                                  Ernest, born in 1893, and at the time of the 1901 census
                                                                  they lived in Ledicott Lane. William (who gave his age as
                                                                  52) was recorded as being a cattleman on a farm though
                                                                  by the time Arthur died in 1915 Charlotte was a widow.
                                                                  Arthur won a scholarship to Lucton School for 4 years
                                                                  after leaving Shobdon School, where he was under a Mr
                                                                  C.E.Lewis. After his schooling he went to Monmouth and
                                                                  on the outbreak of war he enlisted in Pontypool, Monmouth
                                                                  into the 2nd Battalion of the Monmouthshire Regiment as
                                                                  Private 2915.
                                                                  His death was announced in the Hereford Times on the
                                                                  3rd July 1915 under the heading: “Shobdon Volunteer
                                                                  Death fromWounds.” The report goes on to state that he
                                                                  died on the 24th June 1915 at a hospital in France from
                                                                  wounds sustained in the fighting in the neighbourhood of
                                                                  Ypres.( He is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, which is
                                                                  about 20 miles south of Boulogne, where there were major
With every passing year the danger is that the memory
                                                                  hospitals treating the war wounded). The newspaper report
of them fades and with the best will in the world they are
                                                                  also states that Mrs Lilwall, who was an invalid, lived at
forgotten. With this in mind I determined to do some
                                                                  New Cottages, Shobdon with her other son (Ernest). When
research and see what I could find out about them.
                                                                  Arthur first went out to France he was a regimental cook
The names are:
                                                                  and had been in the trenches for a month when he received
    A.Lilwall            T.Williams
                                                                  his fatal wound, he was 19.
    A.Ingram             J.Vaughan
    F.W.Fuller           G.H.C.Evans                              During April and May 1915, what became known as the
                                                                  2nd Battle of Ypres took place. It was during this battle on
They are all casualties of the First World War, though
                                                                  the 22nd April, that the Germans first used Chlorine Gas
how many men from Shobdon, served during that war, to
                                                                  as an attack weapon. The early part of June is described as a
return home safely, is not known. It is thought that 17 men
                                                                  period of static warfare where the army suffered “average”
from Shobdon went off to fight in the Second World War,
                                                                  losses of 300 men a day from sniping and shellfire. It is not
though thankfully, they all returned unharmed.
                                                                  known when exactly Arthur was wounded.
The memorial itself would probably have been erected              T.W. Williams
anything up to 5 years after the end of the war. It is likely     Thomas William Williams was born in Leinthall Starkes
that the impetus for its erection would have come from the        in 1896 and at the time of the 1901 census was staying
villagers itself. A local committee would have been formed        with his Uncle Elias Williams, Aunt Mary Williams and
from the village worthies with perhaps the vicar playing a        various other relatives.Not a lot is known about him but he
leading role. They would take on the role of raising funds,       enlisted in 1914, in Hereford, into the 5th Battalion, Kings
deciding on its location, and most importantly, gathering         Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) with the army no. 10732
the list of names to be inscribed on it. Very few records still   His death was announced in the Hereford Times on the 4th
exist of these committees and this often presents problems        March 1916 but no report of the circumstances was given.
when any alterations to the memorial or its location are          Records show that he was “Killed in Action” on the 11th
mooted. Rarely is it known just who “owns” the memorial.          February 1916 and that his name is recorded on the Menin
Similarly, the inclusion of the names on the memorial was         Gate, Ypres. This means that his is one of the thousands of
not an exact science, though with such a small community          servicemen who have no known grave. At the time of his
as Shobdon it is probably more correct than many. Families        death he was a Lance Corporal.
moved around a remarkable amount at that time, so a family
that may have been resident in Shobdon at the beginning           Again it is not know where exactly he died, but at that time
of the war, may well have moved some way away by the end          the Germans were conducting diversionary attacks around
and been forgotten. Fortunately Shobdon Church has what           the Ypres Salient to draw attention away from the area of
                                                                  their main assault at the time, Verdun.
A. Ingram                                                      G.H.C. Evans
Arthur Ingram was born in Lower Harpton in 1894. His           George Harold Crossley Evans was born in 1896 in
parents ran the Bateman Arms in Shobdon. After leaving         Cheltenham, son of Percy and Emily Hester and lived in
Shobdon school he won a Pierrepoint scholarship to Lucton      Nash Cottage, Easthampton. Known as Harold, he was one
School. Following that he was apprenticed to Messrs Parker     of 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls, though one, Janetta, died
& Son in Kington and then with Messrs Cook & Son, St           in infancy.
Pauls Churchyard, London.
On the outbreak of war he enlisted in the 15th (County
of London) Battalion (the Civil Service Rifles) as Private,
No.2779. According to an announcement in the Hereford
Times of the 15th July 1916, his parents were advised on
the 26th June 1916 that he was dangerously ill in Etaples,
France. He died the next day, the 27th. The cause of his
death was given as an abscess of the head, probably caused
by a bullet wound he received over the left eye on the
previous Christmas Eve. What action he was involved in at
the time is not known. He was 22 years of age and is buried
at Etaples Military Cemetery, France.
J. Vaughan
John Vaughan was born in Stapleton, Hereford in 1883. In
the 1901 census he and his family were living in Ledicott
Cottages, Shobdon. He enlisted into the Herefordshire
Regiment, subsequently transferring via the Kings
Shropshire Light Infantry into the 11th Battalion of the
Border Regiment as a Private No. 27879. At the time of
him enlisting he was a Farm Labourer at Lady Court Farm,
The Herefordshire Times announced on the 24th March
that he had been wounded, but didn’t say where, (though it
is likely to be somewhere on the Somme) and on the 31st
March that he had been killed. He is commemorated on
the Thiepval Memorial on the Somme, this again meaning
that he has no known grave.
F. W. Fuller                                                                                                 G.H.C. Evans
Frederick William Fuller was born in 1898 in Port Talbot,
Glamorgan and enlisted into the 1st Battalion of the           He enlisted in October 1914 in Leominster and was
Herefordshire Regiment as a Private No. 236995. The 1901       originally posted to the Army Service Corps, being
census shows the family living at Hill Croome, near Upton      transferred to the1st/5th Battalion of the West Yorkshire
on Severn, Worcester. They then lived in Shobdon before        Regiment (the Prince of Wales Own) as Private No. 54374,
moving again to Tarrington, which is where they resided at     in Sept 1917. His service record shows that in November
the time his death was confirmed.                              he was suffering from Trench Foot and did not rejoin
His story is quite interesting in that he was taken prisoner   the Regiment until February 1918. He was reported
by the Turks in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) sometime        missing, presumed dead, on the 25th April 1918 and he is
in April 1917, during what is known as the battle of Gaza. A   commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial, he was 23.
further twist in his story came to me a short while ago from   At this time the Germans had launched their 2nd big
Istanbul. A Turkish historian had come across a letter from    offensive of 1918, now known as The Battle of the Lys,
Private Fuller’s mother. She had written on the 1st August     which is in the area of the Ypres Salient .On the day he was
1917 to her son, via the Ottoman Red Cross Society, asking     killed the Germans achieved their last major success of the
after his welfare and details of the camp at which he was      battle, capturing Mount Kemmel.
being held. She was concerned, as she had not had a reply      I am indebted to Rowena Williams for providing me
to her letter dated the 14th April.                            with the fine photo of Harold and much of the above
The irony of this is that Private Fuller had, unfortunately,   information. Harold was her Great Uncle. Rowena’s Aunt
died on the 11th June whilst in enemy hands, probably of       still lives in Shobdon.
illness, so he never received the letter.                      That is, at least, part of the story of the men of Shobdon
He was 20 when he died and is buried in the Baghdad            who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914/18 I hope
(North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq.                               that this short biography of them helps to preserve their
                                                               memory, we owe them so much.
                                                                  For weekly reports on the progress of the Club, please read
Carpet Bowls                                                      the Eardisland news in tht Hereford Times.
Shobdon carpet bowls have started the 2008/09 league
                                                                  New members are always welcome. Please contact me on
games with enthusiasm combined with more skill than we
                                                                  708887. Phil Sharp
had last year. Other teams are having a bit more respect
for the team and several close fought matches have already
taken place. Once we have mastered the “tricks” and “mind
games” some members use when they are losing, we will
                                                                  Shobdon Airfield
be at the top.                                                    December usually heralds the onset of cold, clear, but
Wednesday at 7.30 pm is bowls night and if anyone wishes          unreliable weather and the need to have a pair of gloves
to join in, please come along and have some fun. AKP              handy for your morning, pre-flight check, of the aircraft,
                                                                  when you must touch their freezing cold metal structures.

Cricket                                                           Light aircraft today are flown from comfortable heated
                                                                  cabins away from exposure to the elements. One is
Not a lot to say at this time of year but a few notes . After a   reminded of the dawn patrols in France, which ended 90
very successful season during which we only lost one match        years ago this year, when the RFC aircrew would, before
the team finished top of the league and gained promotion to       first light, shiver despite their fur lined Sidcot flying suits
League Div. 2 for next season. Congratulations to Captain         and prepare their fragile machines for flight. They would
Ben Probert and all the players involved.                         climb briskly in the cold stable air to heights where they
                                                                  should have been on oxygen and freeze in their open
Thanks also to Groundsmen Adam Price, Ian Probert, Ian
                                                                  cockpits while the pilot steadied his machine to allow the
Lawrence and evreyone who helped keep the ground in
                                                                  observer to change plates in his camera as he took pictures
such good condition, it looked a picture all season.
                                                                  of the battle lines below.
A special thank you to Shirley Haines and her team of             How pampered we are compared to those days. We recently
painters for painting the outside of the Pavillion, it looks      enjoyed the reminiscences of Peter Cowin, a WW2 Spitfire
really smart.                                                     pilot who, prior to getting his “full” wings did a full tour as
We intend holding a Dinner Dance but this will now be             an air gunner with Bomber Command, on Wellingtons. He
held over until the New Year.                                     told of a chocolate bar which he had managed to put in the
                                                                  pocket of his flying suit to get some kind of sustenance on
We would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone       a seven hour flight to bomb Turin. On trying to eat it on
who has helped and supported us throughout this year,             the return trip it had frozen as solid as a brick, indicating
particularily our Landlords Corbett Farms Ltd. and wish           just how useless any flying suit is at 15000 feet in the winter
you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous            without heating!
New Year. Terry Teale
                                                                  In both wars these men were aged 18, 19 or sometimes
                                                                  a little more, but much was expected of them. It still is I
Eardisland Bowling Club                                           fear.
Eardisland Bowling Club had one of its most successful            As we climb into our heated cockpits or air-conditioned
seasons in recent years, winning seventeen of its matches         airliner cabins we should consider our young men in Basra
against other clubs and losing only eleven. The men               or Helmand in plastic tents in freezing dawn temperatures.
enjoyed a good run in the Hereford Times Cup, losing to           Whether RAF or Para, they deserve some of our thoughts
the very strong Ross team in the semifinal of this county         this Christmas – as they have always done. May you have a
competition.                                                      happy, warm, Yuletide and healthy 2009. Bob Bowden
Star amongst the Shobdon bowlers was undoubtedly Gill
Williams, who won the Ladies’ Singles, was on the winning
team of the Ladies’ two woods and was also runner up in           Herefordshire Nature Trust
the Ladies’ Tuesday League.                                       Aymestrey Branch
                                                                  Aymestrey Village Hall, at 7.30 p.m, on the last Thursday
Phil Sharp won the Mens’ Tuesday League, while Phil
                                                                  of each month.
Lynne was runner up in the same competition. Dave Bray
                                                                  Jan 29: Herefordshire Farming. Past and Future by Robert
was runner up in the Open Competition and was, together
                                                                  Williams & Stephen Ware.
with Phil Lynne, on the losing side in the Triples Final.
                                                                  Feb 26: The Magic of Celtic Islands. by Tony Hamblin
Linda Lynne and Jayne Sharp both battled bravely but
                                                                  March 26: Herefordshire Ferns by Clive Jermy
failed to get a trophy this season, something I am sure they
will try to remedy in 2009.                                       April 30: The life of lichens by Clifford Smith.
                                                                  The cost is £1.00 for members and £1.50 for non members.
At the recent AGM, Phil Lynne was elected Chairman, Phil
                                                                  Robert Morley
Sharp club vice-captain, Gill Williams Ladies Captain and
Jayne Sharp onto the Committee.
Sunshine Club                                                   Neighbourhood
Just think! Three and a half months ago,
we were up at the Church at Pam’s jam
and cream scone emporium (none better)
                                                                If you need to contact anyone with regard to Neighbourhood
in August. And now look at us, freezing
                                                                Watch, the full list of representatives, and the areas they
in a crunch. We had a good meeting, Pam               Meg Cox   cover, is as follows:
and Ray are very generous to us.
The September meeting was not very well attended. I             Mr P. Sharp 708887
expect a lot of members were on holiday. I was able to          Ledicot to Methodist Chapel
tell the club that we had received a very generous cheque       Mr M. Evans 708540
from the Shobdon Food Festival for which we were                Chapel to Shop,inc Hanbury Green
immensely grateful. We put it aside for good use later.         Mrs M. Morris 708591
In early October we had an afternoon trip to the Elan           The Grove, Canterbury Rd, Hillhampton Ln.
Valley. I expect most people from Shobdon have been             Mr M. Lovell 708338
there and know that it is a wonderful place to visit and        Moor Meadow
right on our doorstep. We were probably a little early for      Mr G. Ticehurst 708435
the most spectacular Autumn leaf colours but it was very        The Birches, Pearl Lake
beautiful nevertheless. We drove all round the reservoirs       Mrs A. Kent-Phillips 708446
which were full to bursting and pouring and spraying over       The West Parish outreaches
the dams most dramatically. We had tea in the Elan café.        Mr M. Williams 708422
It was a lovely outing and it only cost £5.00 each. I enjoyed   The East Parish outreaches
it. We all enjoyed it. You could enjoy it.                      Mr J. Roberts 709191
We had our regular meeting in October. Our November             CSO Donna Jones met all the reps to discuss village matters
meeting was a very interesting one. Caroline Jones (she         earlier in the summer and to talk about the SmartWater
of the flower arranging and open garden fame) gave              scheme, details of which can be found at the Village stores.
us a demonstration of unusual Christmas greenery                She has also attended Parish Council Meetings, when
arrangements, including candle holders, little self             possible, and is usually available beforehand to chat over
contained table arrangements and one spectacular display        any problems with any parishioner from 7.30 pm onwards.
with flowers under water (don’t ask). And at that meeting       Please remember we come under the Kington Police area,
Veronica from Age Concern gave us a lot of information          not Leominster. See below for the list of important phone
about ways to save money. We who are pensioners should          numbers.
really take advantage of any discounts and help available       West Mercia Constabulary                   08457 444888
and Age Concern has so many useful leaflets and so much         Crimestoppers                              0800 555111
expertise.                                                      Victim Support                             01432 347208
Next Friday the 12th of December (but a week or two ago         Childline                                  0800 1111
when you are reading this) we are going to The White            Domestic Violence Helpline                 0800 7831359
Swan at Eardisland for The Sunshine Club Christmas              National Drugs Helpline                    0800776600
lunch. Do you remember the cheque? We will all be               Herefordshire Road Safety Hotline          01432 364582
having a delicious lunch thanks to the Shobdon Food             All incidents should be reported on 08457 444888 for an
Festival and we will raise our glasses to them. Margaret        appropriate and timely resource to be allocated.
(always looking for new members) Cox -01568708160
                                                                CSO Donna Jones (mobile number)           0790 602340
                                                                Answerphone                               01432 346711

Editor’s Final Word
Another edition of SVN hits the presses, and finally comes through your letter box, and it does so with every good wish
for Christmas and the New Year from all of us at SVN - our contributors, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude (
I hear them groaning when the usual email goes out warning them that publication is due in a few weeks) and without
whom we would neither have news, nor this newsletter- our publisher James Weymouth at Stansbatch, our loyal printer
Orphans Press from Leominster, and me, the editor. Here’s hoping that 2009 is not the stinker that everyone in the papers
seems to be expecting, and that the good moments far outnumber the bad. Simon Arbuthnott

Nature Notes                                                      Foreign news
Otters are back                                                   Food for Thought by Charlie Lynch-Staunton
Did you hear the report from the Farne Islands on the
  id                                                              I had been asked to open an office in Mosul. As the crow
radio the other day that otter numbers had soared?                flies it is only 43 miles from my where I work in the Iraq’s
Hundreds of tracks of otter feet could be seen where only         Kurdistan Region but the route I was taking, via Amman,
30 years ago the animal was on the verge of extinction.           Baghdad and Kirkuk took me three days and still I was
The decline in numbers affected otter populations all over        not there. The final leg however, was by helicopter and
the UK and was caused by pollution of water courses and           sitting opposite me, as we swung low across the desert,
habitat destruction especially in the draining of wetlands.
I saw an otter a couple of years ago, crossing a nearby field.
I was particularly struck by its thick and long muscular tail.
Friends by the Arrow in Eardisland regularly see them ,
sometimes playing with their young, and quite often they
find the remains of fish, usually salmon, caught by the
otters and left on the riverbank. The otters start by eating
the gills and have either left the fish for a second sitting or
were frightened off by something. One such salmon was
fully two feet six in length. Otters will communicate with
each other by loud whistling, very like a human whistle.

                                                                  was my ‘protection officer’ (personal body guard) a huge,
                                                                  powerfully built and thankfully well armed Fijian. This
                                                                  rugby player of national repute was a devout man of few
                                                                  words but had a staggering appetite.
                                                                  Throughout our time in Mosul he would not let me out of
                                                                  his sight. Only at night when he slept in the next door room
                                                                  with the emergency radio channel open and a weapon by
                                                                  his side were we separated. Otherwise he was my shadow
                                                                  while I gathered information, planned, held meetings and
                                                                  sent progress reports to Baghdad. He went where I went for
Otters are related to weasels, polecats and badgers. They         the 34 days we spent together including breakfast, lunch
have webbed paws, long slim bodies and relatively short           and supper – 102 substantial and lengthy meals. At the
limbs, with strong claws on their feet. Their soft underfur       start of each he would lead the two of us in prayer, thanking
is protected by an outer layer of long guard hair which           the Lord for our families, his (the Lord’s) protection, the
traps air underneath them and helps to keep them warm.            gift of life and the food before us – and in front of him
They live near water courses, using the waterways to travel       there was always a huge amount . He loved his food. He
and hunt. In addition to fish, they will eat frogs, birds and     enjoyed eating like no other man. Furthermore much of
small mammals. An otter will travel long distances in             what he talked about also concerned food; the feast on the
search of food and they regularly mark their territory by         occasion of the first wild boar he killed as a 12 year old,
leaving their droppings in a prominent place, typically on        the best way to cook this or that, when to crop mangos
a bankside boulder or rock. If you chance upon any likely         and how a healthy diet of plentiful fish and fruit from Fiji’s
otter droppings, you will find that they smell extraordinarily    waters and forests was the foundation of a race whose size
fragrant. Trust me! Caroline Weymouth                             and strength is well known and of which he was indeed a
                                                                  perfect example.
                                                                  What he kept from me until the day we left Mosul was that
                                                                  his great grandfather Chief Nawa Wablavu had, in 1867,
                                                                  eaten an Englishman the Reverend Thomas Baker – boots
                                                                  and all. When I asked him why he had never told me what
                                                                  I now discover to be well documented piece of Fiji’s history
                                                                  he said quietly, as he chewed determinedly on a mouthful
                                                                  of his third steak of the day “I just didn’t want to worry you.”
                                                                  To you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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