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         EPF-Info 9 September 2000
  President Arnulf Wahlström, Grimsrödhögda 25, N-1786 Halden, Norway Tel.#47-69-
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                           1. Benchpress open 2000 Kajaani
                           2. New prices for B-Tests
                           3. Correct timetable Mens world 2000
                           4. other Business
European Benchpress Championships in Kajaani, Finland.
The organisation of the European Benchpress Championships in Kajaani,
Finland was of a very high standard. This championship can be a model of
how an organiser should prepare and run a European championship.
Experienced and hard working people headed by Kyösti Kaupponen and Janne
Toivanen did in all respect prepare all technical details and run the whole
competition without mistakes. Making the best condition for lifters and
officials where highlighted all the time. The transport was timely organised,
the hotel was of high standard and the competition venue was a concert hall
close to the hotel with high quality scene, soft seats and good load speaking
system. The lifting was accompanied by a big score board, spectacular light
beams and the loaders were quick and did not do any mistake throughout the
whole competition. The championship was completed by a friendly banquet
with a lot of good eating and drinking.
Also the city of Kajaani supported the competition by giving about DM 7000in
cash to the organiser and provided free venue plus other support. With a sport
that does not attract too many spectators it is more or less impossible to
organise a good European championships without a good support from the
Speaking to the Major of the city he assured me that this championship they
considered as good PR for the city and they were happy to co-operate.
It was also a high standard of the lifting, as all together 16 European
Championships Records were broken. EPF has decided to test all record
breakers in 2000 in all categories even if not drawn by lot to the doping
control. Unfortunately Simone Hahn from Germany was not tested. As I was
responsible for the doping control I did not personally call Hahn for control as
she was already sitting in the doping control room when I looked for her. I
then assumed the doping controller did call her or she had requested a control
herself. However, she was only accompanying another German lifter I was told
much later. So due to that misunderstanding she was not tested and I must
apologise to her for this. However, she or her coach did not contact me to
require any test so I was not aware of the situation before long after the
competition was ended.
I hope leaders remember all useful details at this championship when they
perhaps will be a part of an organising committee in their own country for
future European championships. The standard we experienced in Kajaani is the
standard we like to see at our future championships and EPF are happy to
express a big THANK YOU to the organiser – you should all be proud of this
perfect organised championships!
                                    Arnulf Wahlstrøm (EPF Pres.)
I can agree to all Arnulf wrote about these championships. Heiner

New Prices for B-Test in Doping. When I received today the bills for the
two B-Test from Riesa, it was a big surprise. One test kost 812,-- DM. So I
phoned there why it is so expensive. I was told that the prices are now since
one year like that. I was also told that in London a B-Test is near 2000 DM. So
from now on if a lifter wishes a B-Test they must pay 850 in advance to the
EPF account.
In the timetable of the mens open 2000 was a small mistake, as Mike
Armstrong retired from all his offices, and I not know if he will sent out the
August Info I will print the correct timetable here.
                    Provisonal Timetable Men´s open 2000
Opening ceremony Wednesday 15th of November 12.00 hours
Day and date                 weigh in time      classes   start competition
Wednesd. to 12.30                   -52.0 kg         13.00 hours
                   13.00 to 14.30               -56.0 kg         15.00 hours
                   15.00 to 16.30               -60.0 kg         17.00 hours
Thursday 16.11 11.00 to 12.30                   -67.5 kg         13.00 hours
                   15.00 to 16.30               -75.0 kg         17.00 hours
Friday      17.11. 11.00 to 12.30               -82.5 kg         13.00 hours
                   15.00 to 16.30               -90.0 kg         17.00 hours
Saturday to 12.30                   -100.0 kg        13.00 hours
                   15.00 to 16.30               -110.0 kg        17.00 hours
Sunday 19.11. 10.00 to 11.30                   -125.0 kg         12.00 hours
                   13.00 to 14.30               125.0+ kg        15.00 hours
 Also the new approvallist I will publish here
The following list of apparel and equipment has been approved by the IPF
Technical Committee for use at IPF sanctioned competitions.
Effective Agust 15th, 2000 After cheking payments Courtesy of John
Stephenson, IPF Technical Committee Chairman
INZER:             "Z-Suit", "Champion Suit", "Longevity Suit", "Iron Wraps"
                   "Blast Shirt", "Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HD)","High Perfor-
                   mance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HPHD)" , "Extra High
                   Performance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (EHPHD)
TITAN:             Squat Suits, "Centurion Suits" , "Red Devil" wraps
                   “Signature Gold” wraps
ER EQUIPMENT: Bench/Squat Racks
IVANKO: P/L bars and discs, LEOKO: P/L bars and discs
NIPPYO: P/L bars and discs, P/L equipment and accessories
Argentina: Sopresa Y 1/2 , All nations : at the moment only P2, Power Plus,
Teta Poland and Power-House Japan..
From here all out until payment arrived. Each Logo 500 $US each Year.
All others then the above named LOGOS are out.
All following parts are no more legal foor IPF competitions
CRAIN: All Crain Gear at the moment not legal as there was no payment
until today, It was to pay 4500,-- $US
ELITe: All Elite Gear at the moment not legal as there was no payment until
today, It was to pay 3000,-- $US
MARATHON : All Marathon Gear at the moment not legal as there was no
payment until today, It was to pay 3000,-- $US
All Force Brute Gear at the moment not legal as there was no payment until
today, It was to pay 1500,-- $US
All gear out now will be illegal end of 2000. But is must be bought before
15th of August 2000. All these illegel gear you can ask the producers to
refund you. They all know that they must pay the license-fee, but they did
Heiner Köberich, Gaston Parage IPF
Other business: ist now aproaching the last part of the year, so then next month
if we see uns on competitions you can pay the EPF Membership-fee for 2000
ist 450,-- DM.

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