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									   Ulster GAA Club & Volunteer Conference
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                                                                                                                         Ulster GAA
Club	 																																																																																							No.	Delegates			   Club & Volunteer Conference
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(Please	contact	us	if	you	would	like	more	delegates	to	attend)


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Dietary	Requirements		(If	required)

Please	indicate	which	workshops	you	would	like	to	participate	in	
(and	number	of	delegates)
                                                                                                                Enhancing the GAA Community
Enhancing	Your	Place.	Club	Planning,	Community	Enhancement	and	Club	Maith	                                          in Challenging Times
Securing	Sponsorship,	Branding,	Marketing	and	Fundraising	in	Recessionary	Times
CASC,	VAT,	and	Keeping	the	Books.	Saving	by	good	Accounting	in	the	GAA	Club
Recruiting,	Retaining,	Valuing	Volunteers	at	Club	Level
                                                                                                                Armagh City Hotel
                                Cheques	made	payable	to	‘Ulster	Council	GAA’.
                                       Post	along	with	booking	form.                                            Saturday 29th October 2011
                                                              www.ulster.gaa.ie                                 www.ulster.gaa.ie
 Ulster GAA Club & Volunteer Conference                                                       Ulster GAA Club & Volunteer Conference
The fifth Ulster GAA Club &                       The conference has undergone a
                                                                                              Time                                                    Personnel
Volunteer Conference will take place              make-over this year to provide club
                                                                                              8.45am     Registration & Stall Review Time
on Saturday 29th October in the                   volunteers with the best-ever package
                                                                                              9.30       Scór Opening and Video                       Ulster Scór Winner
Armagh City Hotel.                                including: conference entry,
                                                  conference pack, specially                  9.40       Welcome                                      Danny Murphy
This is Ulster GAA’s flagship non-                commissioned gift, refreshments             9.50       Address from the President Elect             Liam O’Neill
games event which is focused at                   throughout the day and a full lunch         10.00      Sponsor’s Address                            Noel Doran
                                                                                                                                                      (Editor, The Irish News)
supporting club, volunteer and                    for only £15 per delegate.
                                                                                              10.10      Ulster GAA Talks Back                        Panel TBC *
community development right across
                                                                                              11.00      Launch of Irish News Club Call               John Brolly
Ulster’s nine Counties. Ulster GAA                Clubs are urged to register early with                                                              Thomas Hawkins
supports over 250,000 volunteers                  the first 100 paid up registrations         11.15      Break & Stall Review
working in 580 constituent GAA clubs              eligible for 5 delegates for the price of   11.40      Workshops
and approximately 600 constituent                 4: That’s a carload of club delegates                  Enhancing Your Place.                        Killygarry GAA Cavan
educational units across the Province.            for £60!                                               Club Planning, Community Enhancement         John O’Neill
                                                                                                         and Club Maith
The theme of this year’s conference is            The target attendees of the                            Securing Sponsorship, Branding, Marketing    Brendan Mulgrew
“Enhancing the GAA Community in                   conference are all club officials, for                 and Fundraising in Recessionary Times        Niall Laird
Challenging Times” and it will provide            example Chairpersons, Secretaries,
                                                                                                         CASC, VAT, and Keeping the Books.            Fergal P McCormack
club volunteers with an opportunity               Development Officers, Youth Officers,                  Saving by good Accounting in the GAA Club    Paul McGrane
to hear from some of Ulster’s greatest            Cultural Officers and so on.
GAA enthusiasts and will also provide             However, County Officials and other                 Recruiting, Retaining, Valuing Volunteers       Jarlath Burns
                                                                                                      at Club Level                                   Lizanne Frawley
a platform for club volunteers to air             interested persons are also welcome         12.45pm Workshops Re-Run
their views.                                      to attend.
                                                                                              1.50       The GAA and Me                               TBC *
                                                                                              2.00       Investing in Volunteer Award to Ulster GAA   Sandra Adair
                                                                                                                                                      Danny Murphy
Club Maith Website	                                                                           2.15
                                                                                                         Club Maith Awards 2011
                                                                                                         Close of Conference & Lunch
                                                                                                                                                      Michael Hasson

The development of the website is ongoing
and currently includes the Club Maith                                                                * View www.ulster.gaa.ie for updates running order and guests.
tool-kit notes, sample policies, procedures,
Club plans, advice notes and a message
                                                                                                                   Email: conference.ulster@gaa.ie Tel: (028) 3752 1900
board for you to share information with other
Club volunteers elsewhere. If you require                                                                          or send the attached booking form to:
more information or want to access sample                                                                          Club & Volunteer Conference,
policies and procedures, then register for free
                                                                                                                   Ulster GAA, 8-10 Market Street, Armagh, BT61 7BX
as a member of the Ulster GAA Club Maith
website on www.ulster.gaa.ie/club-maith                                                                                          www.ulster.gaa.ie

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